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Hi, I had a few questions about EBS before implementing it to my fan-game.
1-What is the latest release of EBS ? The only one which can be found on Pokecommunity is the 2015 version, is it the latest ? Is there any new version planned ?
2-Can you use EBS without the animated sprites ? For example, I made some alternative forms of Pokemons (essentially recolorations) and I'm too lazy to make them "compatible" with EBS and since I'm not willing to get every sprites animated but 3 or 4 it is not an option for me to make all the sprites static (it would take too much time). So is there a way to use the compatible pokemon essentials sprites with EBS (I mean the ones which are used by default bu pokemon essential ? Or can you implement the whole script besides the one who actually changes the battlers ?
3-Are regular essentials attack animations compatible with EBS ?

Thanks in advance !
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1. I am not sure what the latest version is, but you can grab the last release before the project was discontinued here.
To my knowledge there is going to be a port of EBS to Pokemon Essentials v18 when it is released. Although I am unsure if this will just be a port of the last version of EBS or if anything new will be added.

2. You can use static sprites instead of animated ones, simply replace the animated sprites in your graphics folder with the non-animated version you wish to use.

3. They should be, by default the camera might move during the attack animation, but you should still be able to use any attacking animation you want.
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