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Seen 1 Hour Ago
Posted December 13th, 2019
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11.5 Years
Just started play. I noticed that the "Introduction" music continues to play after the player sets up their character. Nothing game breaking or anything. Just odd to hear it while walking around the house.

Edit: Maybe have your mom say something after she heals your pokemon, as soon as the healing jingle got done I instinctively hit A expecting her to say something along the lines of "You are fully rested, good luck on your journey" but instead just healed my pokemon again.

Edit2: All BMG stops playing when I reach the second town.

Edit3: I activated the Mystery Gift option from Peridot in the Mystery Gift building, saved my game and shut it off so I could see if there are any gifts I can get but when I started it back up I got this error.
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