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Part One: The Orientation


It's late in the evening. The sun has begun to fall, clouds have begun to blanket the sky, and the hustle and bustle of the city has begun to die down.

Inside the fourteenth floor of Tocker Corporations, an impressive skyscraper that sits in the outer circle of Lumiose City, sits four new hires. They sit in semi-comfortable chairs close to a tropical plant in the corner of the room. All of them are currently waiting for the deliberations of their superiors to finally end, and to start calling them in for their orientation.

The room that they sit in is a cool grey room, quite large in size for only having four people waiting inside. On one side is grey brick walling, with white lights shining down. On the other is all window, showing the beautiful cityscape of Lumiose City. In the distance, Lumiose Tower can be seen, shining like a beacon in the sunset.

On the far end of the room, opposite the chairs and seats, is a white double door. Those doors are guarded by two burly men in security uniforms. They both are chatting with each other while eyeing the people waiting for their names to be called. One could even be heard snickering. On the opposite side of that door is the elevator that the new hires were escorted into as they were hired.

"Hey, Marcus, we got some hotties here today. Nice catch for Gerald, huh?" A guard with a five o'clock shadow and a diamond tattoo on his face remarked to his partner. "Man, keep your voice down. You're already in deep muk with HR already," the other guard snapped. His skin is dark, a clean look about his face, and wearing shades. The relaxed guard sighed. "You need to live it up a little. These new hires are gonna be here for a looong time," he smirked, eyeballing the girls again. "Diego... shut the psyduck up." Marcus smacked him in the head, not hard enough to make sound, but just enough to hurt him.

Above the guards and the double doors is a big, blue screen, with a message that reads,





Thank you for your patience, your orientation will soon commence.

Welcome to Tocker Corporations.


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Helene Sarget ♣ Part 1 . 1 ♣ Lumiose Streets
"Hi there, Weaver! It's been a while, uh?"
"Oh look who it is! What's the destination?"
"Outer Circle, East section, roughly in the direction of Anistar."
"Sure about that? That's $40..." the young Lumi Cab driver stated, grinning.
"That's too much! Are you trying to scam me again? Can't you just help a sweet girl? I'm not swimming in money like some of your other customers. ...yet."
"Sweet girl? Don't make me laugh Helene."
At that point the girl grabbed a Pokéball and showed it proudly to the boy. "I ain't got all day, you know."
Weaver's grin turned into a loud laughter as he released his Pokémon, ready to fight. It was now a fully evolved Krookodile!
"I know what's in there. It's your tiny Steenee. Let's see how fast I knock her out."

Weaver was perhaps the driver that Helene had met the most times during her adventures with Lumi Cab. Sooner or later, a rainy day would always come and ruin the girl's plans - or, it was just too late in the night to walk or skate home alone in safety. And that's where the taxi comes in: "better poor than hurt" they say, right? Maybe? Not really.
But Weaver wasn't really that 'professional'. Always trying to change standard fares, always talkative, always up for a Pokémon fight to settle their arguments.

A fully evolved Tsareena came out of Helene's Pokéball. "Your boy's sooo scary. I'm flying away to Unova" she replied sarcastically. The fight actually came down to the wire - Krookodile was a very strong battler with some tricks up his sleeve - but type advantage decided the outcome. "No need to be so fierce. $30 for a ride?" asked Weaver. "I win, I decide. $20 because I feel generous."
"Oh come on Helene... $20 it is, but just for you." The girl smirked as she got in the car.
"What're you up to today?" asked the driver.
"Doing a full-time job interview!"
"So that's why you're so elegant today... makes it even funnier when you talk to me. Is that your real work attire?"
"To be blunt, I hope not. You boys don't know what it's like. Besides, it's the last time we'll meet for a while."
"Really? How much is 'a while'?"
The answer struggled to come out of Helene's mouth, as if she couldn't speak anymore. "Years."
Tough nut to crack you are, Helene tought the driver. And now I've learned... I wasn't fast enough. Some final greetings and a kiss on the cheek later, Helene was finally inside the imposing building that acted as her destination, while Weaver was speeding away.

As she was filling out her paperwork and reading her handbook, a sense of uneasiness built up slowly inside of Helene. On one hand, she was used to that feeling - it would always come up when her life was approaching a big turn. But on the other, she could really feel that something was off about that place. As if she was an Absol in disguise...
Some of the people who came to apply for a work place, like her, started to leave the building without submitting anything. The personnel suddendly became more upset and intruding, at least in her mind; her heels now started to feel like clamps attached to her ankles; her breaths were closer to each other.

That's what happens when you follow your heart and not your head. Your head doesn't like sudden changes and sometimes just needs to rest for a while, while your heart is always eager to try new things and make new accomplishments each day (just like defeating Weaver in that thrilling battle). Knowing this, Helene rushed through her documentation and submitted it before everyone else. Only then, she tried to calm herself down.
Of course, that was easier said than done, especially without anyone's help. Her inner turmoil of contrasting emotions continued for a while - happiness, pride, worry, fear, longing, satisfaction, unsatisfaction - as the other new hires handed in their own paperwork.
She could be seen fidgeting with her stuff from time to time, while looking at the ceiling or at the other people in the room. The ones who stayed were all about her age (or less), one boy and two girls, and only one of them seemed to be nearly as nervous as Helene.

A few hours had already passed since when Helene entered the place, when she and the other hires were brought to a different location. Her newly found interest waned just as quickly when she found out it was another waiting room of sort. It must have been made for more than just four occupants, so there was a wide choice of places to seat. Helene chose one in the corner, near a little plant, and put his stuff on the seat next to her. By now she was calmer, but also more disillusioned and emotionless.

Available Pokémon
Camille ♀
Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Play Rough, Acrobatics
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Four Prestigious Employees in a Room

In a manner, waiting in the room wasn't all that bad. Tylor had read horror stories online about companies that purposefully kept new employees waiting in what was essentially a hot box. He imagined if one was sweating profusely by the time they were called in for their interview, then they were more likely to show weakness and crack before any staff. He had set his briefcase to the side of his chair for now, every so often awkwardly moving in his seat as he did his best to ensure his legs wouldn't numb up. Tylor couldn't help but glance down at his watch every so often, wondering when exactly the first person would be called in. Every so often he looked over at the other three females here. Why was it all women? Back at his last job he had at least a few guy coworkers he could hang around with while he performed his duties. He hoped he wouldn't have to go through another week long training session regarding sexual harrassment. Though judging by the way the guards were talking, he just might be roped into such a class no matter how perfect he tried to look. As long as he didn't look at them he would be fine! .... Right?

Time didn't flow in that room, at least for Helene. At least, she could finally look outside and get a beautiful view of Lumiose as... the sun was setting down? That surely didn't help. Helene had already gone through most of her snacks in the previous room but tried her best to control herself and her hunger. The seats weren't as bad as she expected, though. She found the best position for her in a couple of minutes, took a sip of water, and took a better look at the other three hires - especially the girl with red hair. Helene considered talking to her, but decided to wait instead. She still wasn't at ease enough to make proper introductions.

Emerald eyes looked around as she watched the other occupants in the room, nervous and fidgety. If she was hired here, this would be her first time taking a full-time job! Her last one was only a part-time and at a flower shop, nothing compared to this corporation! Filling out the paper was easy, but she's heard that the interview is the hardest part, one wrong word could cause the to turn you away on the spot. Asuka glanced to her bag, where Kira's pokeball was at. least they allowed her to bring a pokemon with her, even though its the only one she has at the moment. If only he stayed, then.... She shook her head, riding herself of the dark memories, she casted those away for a reason.
She lifted her head and took in the apperance of each person before stopping at a tall female with mahogany hair and hazel colored eyes. From Asuak's percpective, she looked just as nervous, but she didn't want to jump to comclusions, so she kept the comment to herself. Although, having friends in a new company wouldn't be too bad, and this seems like a good place to start.
Asuka took a deep breath and stood up from her seat, ignoring the looks she gained before stopping a couple feet from where the woman was. She took another breath and let it out, here goes nothing. She sat down, keeping a chair distance form the woman before slightly turning her body towards the woman and turning her head towards her, bowing her head slightly. "Um...Hello. My name is Asuka Fujioka, it's nice to meet you, miss."

A wide grin stretched across Ariana's lips. She was glad that she wasn't the only person here today as a new hire. She wasn't all that worried or shy or anything of that sort at the thought of being in some place new surrounded by those with vast amounts of experience. Rather, she didn't really much care for the fact of being the only one who would be in such a situation. Deciding that she had sat in the corner and observed the others long enough, the Sinnoh-native hopped out of her chair and made her way over to the small, social gathering.

"Like, hey everyone! It's really nice to meet ya all!" Ariana began, her loud voice bouncing off the walls as she greeted her new, fellow-employees. "Ah'm sure the feelin' is mutual! Ah'm so excited 'bout all this that I can hardly keep myself sittin'! N-Not that this is my first job or anythin', but... ya know how it is, first day jitters? Well, like whatever! So, what do ya guys think it's gonna be like here?!"

At that point, Helene had started fiddling with her boots. They went from being fine, to being a mild annoyance, to hurt for real! Hopefully, by loosening their laces, they would have felt more comfortable. As she was busy looking at the ground, the girl heard someone calling her and lifted her head. Bad, because she wasn't quite her normal, more confident self yet. Good, because she could share her feelings with others and kill some time.

First, it was the red haired girl she saw before. She appeared a bit nervous, but still gentle and polite. Helene lifted her head and couldn't help but look quite stressed out, but greeted Asuka nonetheless and tried to introduce herself. But shortly after, a much louder and... stranger voice woke Helene up for real.

"Yes...? Hello there" she said, turning her head forward to face the blonde girl who was standing up in front of her. Helene still hoped to share her concerns with the other hires, and see whether or not they felt the same, but it was clear that a certain person in the room didn't have any. "You read the handbook, didn't you" Helene continued. "It's going to be an amazing underground facility with parks, gyms, great offices that you actually cannot escape for a long time. There's something off about it, right?"

Ariana's eyes seemed to brighten. Truth be told, she hadn't even bothered to give the handbook so much as a second glance past the cover. The blonde figured she was lucky that someone amongst this group had apparently given it a thorough read.

"Well... Ah ain't all that thrilled 'bout the no leavin' part, but at the very least it seems like they have a lot of stuff to keep us entertained!" Ariana exclaimed. "It won't be too different from the kinda stuff that daddy had back home!"

"I guess so" mumbled Helene, still doubtful about Ariana's reply. "Speaking of which... here's my million dollar question. What brought you all here today?" Helene tried to stay in control of the conversation.

Ariana sighed, "Daddy said that Ah needed to get out there and get some... real world experience. He said that Ah couldn't just rely on him and his money all the time and Ah needed to make my own business contacts... or somethin' like that... All Ah know is he cancelled all my credit cards! He didn't even leave me with one, can ya believe that? He just gave me enough money to send me out here and that was that!"

"Now that's a complete 180° turn" muttered Helene. "I'm mostly searching for a highly respectable job to match my studies. Think of it as a race to prove myself... As you can see, I can't deny I have second thoughts about this. But, at least, since you were 'forced' here, you don't have to worry. And if your father picked this place to send his daughter to work... then it shouldn't be so bad."

"I needed a new job." Tylor said from his corner. He glanced over at the security goons again, then back at the ladies. "Stuff didn't work out at the last office, so I'm here now. As for not leaving the office, that's becoming a trend in some businesses. The more home like you make an office, the more energetic workers will become. I hear it's some kind of new thing all the way from Johto."

"Oh hello!" There was a hint of sarcasm in Helene's voice as she greeted the only male of their group, who had kept competely quiet until now. The girl still refused to move from her seat, and so didn't hear everything clearly. "One more reason why they're not lying, I guess" commented Helene, turning her head again and staring in the direction of the boy. She still looked worn out, but her state of mind was slightly improving as the chatting continued.

Asuka watched as her future fellow employees conversed, wanting to jump in, but didn't want to interrupt their conversation. Then she noticed that nobody but herself introduced themselves, she decided to be the one to ask.

"Um.... I came here to look for a job away from.... my relatives. The last one didn't work out, so I came here, hoping to find a job and not be pestered by my relatives." She looked down at the though of her relatives. Ever since his disapperance, they kept coming, wanting her to be a powerful trainer like her brother, but her fear of battles prevented her. She was doing fine at the flower shop, but they came and wouldn't leave her alone until she moved here, hopefully a place they wouldn't find her. "Also, I never got your names, if its okay with introducing yourselves. We are going to be co-workers after all."

"Oh, right! Ah guess Ah should be givin' out my name, huh?!" Ariana exclaimed in surprise. "My name is Ariana Raynes! It's so totally nice to meet ya all!"

"Tylor." The male began, "It's not going to be too bad. I mean, we have company servers anyways. You can always send out email out. I didn't see any rules about that." He glanced back toward the guarded door again, "... Does anyone know when we're going to be called? It seems like someone should have by now."

"Right! I'm Helene Sarget, nice to meet you" she introduced herself again to the other hires. After all, Ariana and Tylor never got her name. The girl then looked around the room, following Tylor's hint, and finally noticed a large blue screen with a bunch of instructions. That doesn't look to be of any help. It only says to keep waiting. Of course, Helene didn't bother to stand up and read the instructions, but remained seated on her chair. Plus, as she was feeling slightly cramped, she stretched out her legs, her boots barely dodging Ariana's. The other girl being right there was not going to deny Helene some more comfort... and luckily, she didn't even seem to notice.
She then tried to pinpoint the position of the guards in the room. "Opinions on those guys?" she then asked. This may be an actual fun topic.

"Well... I don't really know what to say about them..." commented Asuka, glancing at the guards Helene mentioned and taking in their apperance. For some reason, something told her to stay clear of them, and also the blue screen with intructions also said tha same thing.

"Ah'm sure they're just there for some security or somethin' of the sort, right?" Ariana mused, going out of her way to flash one of the guards a smile and wave. Unfortunately for the blonde, she was not responded to with a smile back... or anything for that matter. In fact, he continued to simply stand in one spot and stare ahead, as if none of the small group was even there. "They ain't much for conversation, though..."

Tylor leaned back in his chair, his hand ildly playing with the strap that rested on his bag, "You shouldn't bother them anyways. I wouldn't risk being fired right off the bat." He pointed out. He had come this far, and he wasn't just going to lose an easy opportunity like this. He saw the rules as more of a means of weeding out those wanted to cause trouble, or couldn't be bothered to read instructions.

"Guess you're right. Don't bother them and they won't bother us. Well, I hope so, because they don't look very... nice" whispered Helene, this time being careful not to be heard by the two guards. "Now, for how long..."
Helene's umpteenth question was interrupted by the sound of a door unlocking. As if she called it upon herself, something big was likely to happen soon... but thanks to the conversation she kept up with the other hires, she felt ready for whatever Tocker Corporations had in store for her. Now the question is, how long would that feeling last?


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Sitting in a lavish red office, a room seemingly alien to the rest of the building's general structure and design, a large man sits behind a wooden desk. The man is heavy set, but muscularly heavy. His face seemed to be chiseled, his eyebrows neatly groomed and his hair shortly cut. His eyes are sharp and full of purpose, and his teeth are perfectly white. His suit is comprised of various shades of red, even his button-up shirt underneath his suit jacket. On his left hand, he wears a gold ring on his middle finger. It is clear he takes close care of his appearance and keeps up with physical training on a regular basis.

Across the man's desk are four folders, each containing thoroughly detailed information about the four new hires. Only one of which is opened before him, studying the contents labelled, "Helene Sarget."

"Mr. Okumura, preparations for the living quarters have been made. You may now begin calling in the new hires," a soft, womanly voice spoke out. A grin cracked across his handsome face, and he replied with a gruff voice, "Excellent. Inform the guards in the waiting room. Call in Helene Sarget first. Make sure she hands those papers to the guards."

"Certainly, sir," the voice replied.

With a sigh of relief, he was finally ready to get these last interviews underway. Just as he finished sighing, he reached his right hand beneath the breast of his jacket, and pulled out a Pokeball. It shined in the dying glow of the sunset, a gleam in his eye as he held the Pokeball aloft. Immediately, he tossed the device up and behind him, releasing a creature of great size.



Back in the waiting room, both the guards were waiting patiently for any news, as they both felt it was almost time for them to be bringing in the hires.

"Marcus, Diego, it's time," a soft, womanly voice broke out in the ears of the two security guards. Both quickly press the device in their ear, Diego replying with, "Understood. Our orders?"

"Be ready, I'm about to call the first employee. Diego, I'd like you to retrieve the employees. Marcus, you stay behind and monitor the others until the last one goes through. Understand?" Marcus sighed, but was given a harsh look by his partner. "You got it, boss lady. None of these newbies will get past me." "... Good. And remember, for god's sake, behave yourself."

She ended the transmission abruptly, making Marcus red with agitation. "Hey, if you cleaned up your act, she wouldn't heat on you so hard." He snapped at Marcus' face, getting his attention and getting a wry chuckle. "Yeah... but I gotta admit, I love the boss lady giving me a hard time."

Diego just looked at Marcus with disdain. "Just... ugh."

The screen above the door has just changed messages, with a voice that spoke out from the speakers in each corner of the waiting room.

"Helene Sarget, please step towards the door, and a security guard will escort you to the office." Now the screen above just flashes Helene's name in red.


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Orientation Interview: Helene Sarget

One last look to the other hires, one last fiddling with her backpack, and Helene finally stood up in the waiting room. She definitely took her time to get to the guards, but this time tried to look as composed and as calm as she could. Well, in her mind she was moving so damn sloppily... she was tired, after all - yet no one ever seemed to notice.
When she arrived to the door, she knew that she had to do just as she was told if she wanted to get that job. So, she just handed the papers to the guard, muttering "Here you are", and waited for directions.

Diego, the guard with the clean shave and sunglasses snatched the papers from her grasp. "Real good. Alright then, follow me." Marcus opened the door, and bowed with an emphasized bow. "Good luck, miss," he suavely remarked to Helene. Diego ushered Helene through the door, being rushed through while Marcus closed the door behind them, with what sounded like an electronic lock.

Beyond the double door that Helene waited for was a long, white hallway, with only what seemed to be four other along the right side. On the opposite wall were various paintings of different landmarks across the Kalos region. However, upon closer inspection of the first three doors, they seemed to have previous name plates on them, but were removed some time ago. Each of them instead had signs on them that all read, "Security Clearance Level One Only Allowed."

As they passed, Diego mentioned to Helene, "Please mind the signs, as there are various entry ways that are restricted and forbidden to entry-level employees, and we cannot be responsible for your safety, should you disobey these signs and warnings." Diego spoke matter of factly, clearly having to have said this a number of times before.

At the end of the hallway was an ornate red door, with a nameplate on it that read, "Tocker Corporations Manager: Maxim Okumura."

The guard seemed to be quite detached, but it was to be expected. After all, that was his job. Helene still listened to his directions and read most of the signs, occasionally mumbling "Alright", "Understood" or any other word of approval she could come up with. The red door at the end, of course, was the most interesting part of the hallway for her, if not for the mere fact that it was made to look more important. That was the only room where she was even allowed!
The girl, at that point, could only brace herself and get ready to meet the manager. What an important sounding name, uh?

Diego placed his hand on the door, and showed Helene through the doorway, while taking a peek to see Maxim's lavish office. From the doorway, a large, spacious room could be seen. A large sculpture of a dragon stood on the left, while a large screen was attached to the wall opposite the scultpure. A large window was at the back of the room, looking out at the western side of Lumiose City.

"Sir, Helene Sarget is here for her orientation interview," Diego exclaimed. "Right... you're dismissed, Diego. Shut the door tight behind you." Without a moment of hesitation, Diego slipped out of the room, closing the door swiftly. "Yeesh... that guy always seems like a real force of nature." Diego sighed, and walked back down the hall to the waiting area.

Helene's view, admittedly, shifted immediately to the desk and who was sitting there. She barely noticed the window, the statue, or anything else for that matter. The only thing that stood out was the fact that... the whole office was essentially, red. The walls, the floor, the manager's clothes... it was a big change from the part of the building she'd been in all this time. She started to slowly walk in, her heels being the only distinct noise in the room. The pressure on the girl was getting harder to keep in check, but the small conversation she had with the other hires reassured her: no deceits, no lies, just a standard job interview.

Maxim sat at his desk at the end of the room, accompanied by a large, glowing Pokemon. It stood at his side, giving off an aura of intensity and heat. "Come, Miss Sarget. Take a seat," he gestured, a chair sitting just in front of his desk. He gave her a look that seemed welcoming, but had a grin akin to a shark's smile.

The closer Helene came to the seat, the more heat she was feeling. Of course, the cause was the manager's Pokémon, a... Magmortar, most likely. The Fire type, who caught Helene's attention, looked imposing and quite alert, but there was no way of avoiding it. Given how high the stakes were at that point, the girl sat down as she was told to, with a slight bow of her head. She even tried to force herself to do a slight smile - just enough to look passable, and to hide the anxiety.

Maxim caught her noticing his Pokemon, and said, "My apologies. This office can get a bit cold, so... my Magmortar here keeps the office nice and hot. Now...." Maxim opened Helene's folder once again, and took out a pen, filing through her paperwork and making notes here and there. Notes that Helene couldn't see.

"I see" whispered Helene, taking another look at the Magmortar. She then waited for the interview to continue, as the manager scribbled something in silence. The manager himself was... almost a condensed version of all she'd seen so far in Tocker. He appeared to be wealthy, to care about his appearance, but there was just something - maybe his expression? - that rubbed her the wrong way. She tried her best to hide those feelings and look serious, as the words of her future co-workers echoed one more time in her head. She could only wonder what they would have done in her place...

Maxim looked Helene in the eyes, and quickly asked her, "First, what are your aspirations for joining Tocker Corporations?"

"I am applying here because I am looking for a well paid job that matches my schooling and my interests. A workplace here not only will satisfy those conditions, but also let me contribute from behind the scenes to a very renowned company." Helene had tried to sit in front of a mirror and repeat that sentence, but this time it came out a bit different. In fact, the "behind the scenes" part wasn't there at first. But, all in all, that response seemed alright, and Helene was able to deliver it with a serious, steady voice.

Maxim sat in silence, then nodded and wrote down another note. He looked over to his Pokemon, still staring off. "I see. Now, release your Pokemon. Your Pokemon will be inspected, and be verified as a work appropriate Pokemon."

"Alright." Helene was a little surprised about the sudden change of topic, but reached for Camille's Poké Ball regardless. Seconds later, a Tsareena was standing proud beside the girl's chair - much to her own relief, Just having Tsareena looking over her shoulder made the new hire more confident, more at ease in that office. Many times before, ever since she was a Bounsweet, Camille kept Helene with her head above water, either by just motivating her or by calming her down with her scent. On the other hand, the Grass type considered Helene a worthy trainer with an attitude rivaling hers, but that she could still get along with.

Of course, Tsareena immediately noticed the Magmortar behind the manager, and started staring at it carefully. She had already fought a hard battle that day and really didn't want to have a go at it again - but with a type disadvantage. This time it was Helene who had to reassure Camille: "They want to just inspect you. You can handle that!" I think.

Another grin crept across Maxim's face, noticing the girl and her Pokemon's connection. Magmortar, however, immediately fixed his gaze at the the Tsareena. His small, black eyes staring straight into the Grass-type with a burning, analyzing look.

"Interesting Pokemon, Miss Sarget. When and where did you capture this Pokemon?" Maxim asked her, curiosly.

Totally normal question, Tsareena is from Alola after all thought Helene.
"So, my parents have always been interested in exotic Pokémon, such as this. In fact, I didn't capture this Pokémon because if was gifted to me by them when it was still an egg. It happened about... four years ago, right as I started studying in Lumiose."
Camille and Helene quickly exchanged looks one more time. "Being raised from an egg doesn't make her any less flamboyant, it seems."

Maxim wrote down this new information, surely knowing it'll be required. "So I see. That will work just fine. Now..." The man placed his pen on the desk, crossed his arms and stared down the young woman. "Do you have any questions about your new accomodations? Of course, you will have one week to get accustomed to your new lifestyle." His eyes looked over Helene as he waited for a response. His Magmortar still sharply stared at the Tsareena.

"Thanks, good to know."
The girl remained silent for a moment, thinking about what to ask and how to word it. She glanced at Camille once again - it was evident how much the two had bonded by then, and... admittedly, how much Helene needed Camille. "Ok, I have two questions: first, is there a limit to how many items I can take inside my accomodation? Provided they are compliant with the rules in the handbook, of course. And second, will Tsareena be able to work beside me most of the time or will we need to be separated?"
There was a certain rule she didn't mention anything about - being able to lift heavy objects. Helene was barely able to lift roughly 50 lbs objects, but doing that often would have been very hard without Camille's help. In doubt, the girl remained quiet. No need to risk her workplace for that.

Maxim chuckled at the first question, replying with, "Oh, no need for you to take anything. Once you signed the contract in your first interview, you agreed to have your home visited, and all of your possessions, furniture, and all else brought to the Living Facility. And also, once we're done here, you'll be immediately taken to said facility. As for your Pokemon, it was clearly stated that your Pokemon will be allowed alongside you. However, from time to time, your Pokemon will be needed for assistance in other parts of Tocker Corporations. Yours will be less so, since you seem to have an... attachment to you."

A glimmer shined in his eye, he could see she didn't read the handbook wholly and completely. "Any other questions?"

"Thanks for clarifying that, and for your kind words." replied Helene, as Camille nodded beside her. Of course she was talking about how the manager seemed to praise their connection. "No, I don't have any more doubts" she continued, waiting for directions. The interview appeared to have almost ended at that point.
She noticed the manager's glare and prayed it was not a bad sign. Was it about the questions? She read the handbook quite quickly, yes, but she thought she had most of it down. Getting bad looks from people wasn't that rare for Helene, but when Manager Mr. Okumura does that, it's a different story.

"Alright then. That ends the interview process of your orientation." Maxim pressed a button attached to a speaker device. "Security, please take Miss Sarget to the Living Facility." A deep voice echoed out with, "Right away, Mr. Okumura."

Maxim looked down Helene one last time, and said to her, "Return your Pokemon for now. Once you're introduced to your new coworkers and are all assembled, you will be able to socialize, and... explore your new surroundings." He smiled, as soon as he heard the door to his office open. Two impressive security guards walked through the door, waiting for Helene to approach.

The girl stood up in the room again, greeting the manager, bowing to him one last time, and finally returning Camille to her Pokéball - not before trainer and pokémon quickly hugged each other in exultation. Once she'd picked up her backpack from beside her chair, Helene walked steadily towards the two guards. No going back now, she thought. I've been officially hired!

As Helene was escorted through the door, she would be taken back through the same hallway, walked through the waiting room and entering the elevator she had taken originally. However, one of the two security guards entered a key card, and entered a code. This elevator would go down, down, down, deep beneath Tocker Corporations proud skyscraper. Deep beneath the ground, to the Living Facility.

As Maxim filed away Helene Sarget's file, and a good amount of silence filled the room, a voice echoed through his office. "Bring in the next hire. The data has been fully recorded and saved."

Maxim replied, "Good. The sooner, the better."

Maxim pressed another button, and called out, "Asuka Fujioka, please approach the door."


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Orientation Interview: Asuka Fujioka

In the waiting room, Helene Sargett could be seen being escorted by two burly security guards, taken to the same elevator they took to the waiting room. As the elevator doors closed, Asuka's name was called from the intercom overhead, echoing through the room.

Diego sighed, and stepped up towards Asuka, holding out his hand expectantly as he said, "Papers, please."

Asuka flinched at his voice, but complied and handed the guard her papers as she stood up, glancing at Helene's direction for a second before looking back at the guard. 'Did Helene get the job? I hope so...'

Diego grabbed the papers from her hand, and took Asuka by the arm, leading her to the double door. As Diego took Asuka, he looked over to Marcus and said, "Keep an eye on the room, alright?" Marcus nodded with a grin, eyeballing the blonde in the lobby. "Come on, now," Diego called to Asuka.

Said girl slightly nodded her head and followed the guard, glancing back at the waiting group before shaking her head and lookin ahead, nervous about her interview. 'Alright Asuka, stay calm, you can do this... you can... can I?'

Diego reluctantly kept pulling the new hire along the corridor, past the white doors with removed name plates, past the various paintings of Kalos scenery to the magnificent red door. Diego gave the door three hearty knocks before opening the door. "Mr. Okumura, Asuka Fujioka is here for her interview."

At the far end of the room, Maxim was reading through another open folder, raising his head to see another lovely young woman. A grin flashed once more, and he replied, "Excellent. Send her in." Diego nodded, and shut the door behind Asuka. "Come, have a seat." Maxim gestured to the leather seat before his large desk. His Magmortar, sitting behind him, began to stare at the woman with it's beady, black eyes.

Asuka slowly walked towards the leather seat, intimidated by the Magmortar and his master. She sat down and placed her bag on her lap, playing with the strap nervously. She looked around, noticing that almost everything, no, everything had red, even it it was just a speck, there was red everywhere, even his Pokemon. She wished she could bring out Kira, but rules are rules, and she had to follow them if she wanted this job. 'Is this how Helene felt? Nervous and pressured?'

"Hm... quiet, I see." Maxim pondered this aloud as he wrote into his own notes in the folder. "So tell me, Miss Fujioka, why should we hire you for this position?" He raised his head, his sharp eyes pointed at her, almost matching his Magmortar's glare.

'Is he asking for reasons?' Asuka blinked before taking a deep breath and stratening her back, staring back into this man's eyes, keeping her voice steady and clear. "To be honest... this my very first job since my last one was only a part-time, but I want to work here to learn how to manage a real job. I've heard alot of compliments about the Tocker Corporations and I wanted to see if they were true, especially the advantages your company gives to employees who work under you. I don't have previous work experience for this job, but I can assure you that I will do my upmost best to work hard and help this company flourish." 'Did I say it right? Were my reasons good enough? Oh god... they probably weren't! Um...' Asuka kept her composure, but mentally, she was slapping herself for not coming up with better reasons. She prepared for this, she was ready, and she wouldn't let her condition mess this up. "I have a weak immune system, but I can handle things a normal human being can. I trained my body to carry and handle the needed weight. I won't let my condition stop me from working. I hope you will give me a chance to work here, but I will respect whatever decision you come to." She stared, willing her body to not give in to pressure. She needed this, she needed to learn to live in the outside world.

Maxim wrote down her statements and reactions in the folder, up until she had finished. 'Definitely need to keep an eye on this one,' he thought to himself. Setting the pen down, he crossed his arms and gave Asuka a silent stare. It felt like hours, but only minutes passed them by. "I see. Well, As you know, Miss Fujioka," he paused, cracking his fingers. "We do not shy away any who may have any physical or mental difficulties. For now, how about I see your Pokemon?"

"Right away sir." Asuka opened her bag and pulled out a heal ball, pressing the button and relaxing her hand, the ball opening with a 'whack' as a bright light zommed out and landed beside her, dispersing to reveal a Kirlia, her Kira. She felt much calmer now knowing her most trusted friend was here. 'Hello Miss. Is there anything you need?' Asuka shook her head, "At the moment, no Kira. But this man wishes to meet you." She gestured towards the man across from her, the Kirlia turning her body to face the man and bowing, even though the man couldn't hear her, she still spoke as if he could. 'Ah, hello. Nice to meet you sir, I'm Kira.'

'At least Kira is here, i'm not alone now.' Asuka let out a relieved sigh as she saw Kira bow towards the man, smiling when she heard her partner introduce herself, even though only she could hear her due to her telepathic ability and the bond that connects the two.

Maxim raised an eyebrow at the sight of Asuka speaking to her Kirlia, slowly realizing the closeness between Pokemon and trainer. Meanwhile, Magmortar's beady eyes were now fixed on the petite Psychic-type. "Well, I don't see this everyday," Maxim said with a chuckle. "Have you had this Pokemon since birth?"

"Kira? No, she was given to me at a young age, and was my second Pokemon. But she is the closest friend and family I have right now. She was given to me to help me if my weak immune system gave me problems, but also to keep me company and to be a friend... in that place." Asuka's eyes clouded a bit, remembering her past memories with her relatives, before shaking her head and clearing her mind. "She was trained Heal Pulse for my immune system and I was told she had the hidden ability, Telepathy, which made her the perfect Pokemon to help me."

'If you need anything, like you said, I am here to help Asuka.' Asuka looked at Kira and pat her head, "I'm good right now, don't worry Kira." She kept her hand on her partner's head and turned to look at her possible-future-boss, "She's been there for me every step of the way, so in a way, she's been there my whole life, but at the same time, she hasn't."

With a final jot of his black pen, Maxim closed the folder, and slipped it under his desk. Once he closed the drawer, he looked at her Kirlia, then back at Asuka. "Very interesting, indeed... well then. You're now fully employed with Tocker Corporations." He gave her a flash of a smile, and pressed a button on his desk, calling back the same burly security staff from before. "You will be starting your job one week after today, to get accommodated with your new living arrangements. And, since you signed this contract," he explained, as he pulled out a very detailed contract, with Asuka's signature written at the bottom.

"Since you signed this contract, you agreed to have any and all belongings to you taken by our Living Arrangements Staff, and brought to your new home." He quickly slid the document back into his desk, just as the two men stopped behind where Asuka was sitting. "For now, Miss Fujioka, I ask that you return your Pokemon until you and your new coworkers all meet up in the Living Arrangements. Boys, please show her to the elevator once she has returned her Pokemon."

"T-Thank you so much... you won't regret it!" Asuka couldn't believe it, she was accepted, she will learn things she never did before, and its all in her new home! 'Asuka, are you happy? Your pulse has raised.' Said girl turned to her partner and smiled, petting her once more before carefully bringing out her pokeball. "Yeah, I'm very happy. Thanks for coming out Kira, I'll see you soon." 'Call me if you need anything Asuka.' The girl nodded and pushed the button, returning her partner to her pokeball before pocketing the device, standing up and turning towards the guards. Before moving towards the guards, she turned her head back and bowed, smiling, "Thank you, sir." She then turned her head and looked towards the guards, knowing that she was going to start a new life here, away from 'them.'

The security escorted Asuka out of the room through the same red door. Down the hall, past the two remaining members left in the waiting area before she walked into the elevator. And just like Helene, Asuka travelled down, deep beneath the Tocker Corporation's base, under the Earth.

"The bosses are really going to like this one, eh, Mag?" Maxim said to himself as he pulled out a cigar. The Blast Pokemon puffed in response, a billowing cloud puffed from it's mouth. "Hungry?" After Maxim lit the cigar, he pulled out what looked like a Rattata shaped treat, and tossed it behind him, the Magmortar catching it with an open claw. The two sat in content silence before the same voice from before called out. "Maxim, the data has been collected. Hurry up with your break, and call the next person."

Maxim deeply inhaled, and took a long exhale of smoke, aimed at the dragon statue. "You got it, sir." He kept the cigar lit in his hand, while watching his Pokemon chow down. "Maaaaaag..." The Blast burped, a burst of fire erupted from it's gullet, making Maxim laugh with delight.

An ear splitting static erupted through the room, causing both of them to cover their ears. "MAXIM, THE NEXT HIREE."

The static ceased, leaving both Maxim and Magmortar with pained eardrums. "Alright, alright...." He pressed the intercom button, calling out with, "Tyler Duren, step up to the double door. Your orientation interview is now."


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Orientation Interview: Tyler Duren

Tyler took in a deep breath, hearing his name being called now. He had to make a good first impression. He had done this once before, and last time he had gained a job because of it. This time he was a bit wiser. He grabbed his briefcase, then made his way to the double doors. Opening his case up, he grabbed the required papers, handing them over to the guard, "Here you to, sir." He stated respectfully, closing the case once more.

Diego sighed, and turned to his partner. "Marcus, you take this one down." "Heh, alright. That hallway is one hell of a walk. Come on, now." Marcus snatched the papers from Tyler's hand, then opened the double doors, both of them walking through. Diego, with a sigh, muttered, "Psyduckin' heat from that Magmortar pisses me off...."

Marcus led Tyler through the hallway, passing four white doors, all of which had their nameplates removed. On the other side of those doors, paintings of Kalos' scenery were hung. Tyler had seen such paintings at his old office. They had been set in the large office area they had, as well as in the restrooms. The majority of the ones they had there contained 'softer' colors on their surfaces. That of blues and greens that could subconsciously calm flaired nerves. Of course, they were all replicas, bought cheaply at the store.

Marcus, instead of knocking on the ornate door, opened his way in. "Hey, Maxie, got your next victim right here!" The smell of cigar smoke permeated the room. Maxim was finishing his cigar, crushing it in his hand as he glared at Marcus. "What the hell are you doing, barging in here? Not only that, but shouting in my office?!" Maxim's voice rung through Marcus, making him slip behind Tyler, and bolt out the door.

Having realized he just lost his temper, he clicked a button of a small remote, turning on a very strong unit that not only cooled the room, but carried out the smell of smoke. "Come, have a seat. You'll have to forgive Marcus, he's a... bit of an idiot." Maxim grinded his teeth with his last words, but relaxed back into his chair.

Tyler had remained silent, his heart pounding as he saw what occurred. Truth be told, he had seen such acts at his old office as well. No doubt Marcus was a higher ranking employee in the company. If he made a mistake, then it was up to the boss to correct him. He waited as the other man left, before turning his attention to Maxim. He gave the man a nod, moving over to his desk, holding his hand out over it. "Hello, Mr. Okumura. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

Maxim stood up, standing almost as tall as his Magmortar in it's squatting position. He took Tyler's hand into his own, and gave Tyler a strong, firm handshake. "Nice to meet you as well. I like your attitude," he grinned, as he sat back down. The Magmortar that sat behind him began to stare at Tyler, once again, focusing it's beady stare.

Okay, a good start. Tyler was feeling more confident now. He had to be confident! He made his way back to his seat, sitting down and setting his briefcase next to his chair. "Thank you, Mr. Okumura." Now... for the elevator speech he had been practicing. "When I saw Tocker's advertisement online, I didn't want to waste any time in handing over my resume. Being able to manufacture a Great Ball that has a reduced time by two seconds is a great feat of engineering. Along with the pokeball your company developed that boasted a higher catch rate than its competitiors. I'm very certain that Tocker has more features coming out in the future. It makes sense to join your company now, and to learn what I can so that I can become an integral part of the processes at work." Practicing in the mirror always helped.

"Ahh, I see you've done your homework. I'm actually a bit impressed...." Maxim wasn't impressed. He could tell this one was gonna be a grade A brown noser. Maxim crossed his feet, and wrote down some information in the folder that contained Tyler's information. His hand began to shake slightly, as his well needed smoke was interrupted. Still, he held his composure, and reminded himself he would personally reprimand Marcus once these interviews are over.

"So... what were you doing before you decided to apply for this position?" He asked Tyler this as he kept his pen in his right hand, ready to write.

"Well, my previous job I gained from an internship." Tyler started to say, "I did well enough in school that I undertook a postion at Santalune Accountants. It was mostly working with more experienced accountants and ensuring that I was filling out forms correctly. The ones they use in school are a few years behind in terms of the design, so it took me a while to get caught up. My boss liked my attitude, and hired me on once I graduated. I've worked with income statements, balance sheets, and I have experience in finding discrepencies in them. Most of my work was on the computer, knowing how to use programs to make my work go faster. I was taught to save my company as much time as possible." He replied.

Maxim quickly jotted and wrote with haste, but his handwriting was surprisingly neat, despite his appearance and attitude. "Interesting... interesting indeed," he muttered, finishing and setting down the pen. He looked at Tyler, and gave him a hard stare. He was sizing him up, both he and his Magmortar. "Well, with that, let's have a look at your Pokemon," he said, his hand out and gesturing the young man to introduce what Pokemon he brought with him.

Tyler nodded. He opened his briefcase once more, reaching into a pocket inside and pulling out his pokeball. He tossed it on the ground next to him, a flash of white light revealing the form of his Weavile. Yuun stood tall, wasting no time in giving Maxim a respectful bow. "Weave." Was all the Weavile said to the boss, possibly a pokemon's way of greeting him. With that out of the way he remainted at an attentive stance, glancing over at the Magmortar, but otherwise not wanting to move too much and draw away attention from Tyler.

"If you don't mind sir." The young man said, reaching into his briefcase for his other pocket, pulling out a two pages that were stapled together, "At my old work they required physicals of all employees, including any pokemon that worked alongside us." He explained. He got up, walking over to hand it to Maxim, "Since the ad did discuss pokemon partners, I went ahead and redid his physical, just so time isn't wasted on the company's end." He explained. It had bee common place for quite a while to have human employees undergo physicals. For office jobs it wasn't required as often, but still good to do in case something was found by a doctor. It was more recently that some companies extended such paperwork for pokemon as well, more so in case they offered pokemon related insurance. Such physicals natrually differed between the species, but for a Weavile Yuun had scored highly on his endurance and physical health compared to the average Weavile.

Tyler moved back to his seat to sit once more.

Maxim raised an eyebrow, slightly amused at how in depth this hiree was. He flipped through the stapled forms that Tyler handed him, trying to keep down the grin that was trying to crack through his facade. "Ahem. Very nice, indeed." He slipped the stapled forms into the back of the folder, then continued to write more information, eyeing the Weavile as he wrote. The Magmortar eyed Weavile, turning his head away and blowing a puff of Smog.

"Well then, this was a very productive interview. I say you are now Tocker employee material," he declared, after closing the folder and sliding it away into the desk drawer. "Now, before you're escorted, do you have any questions?"

Tyler gave Maxim a nod, a smile on his face as he heard the decision. "When can Yuun and I get started?" He asked, gathering his briefcase and getting up, holding out his hand toward Maxim, "We won't let you down, sir."

"Well, you will start one week from today. Once you and your new coworkers get acquainted and used to your surroundings, you will start your new job." He immediately pressed the button, and sure enough, two impressive security guards appeared from the ornate door. "Return your Pokemon, and go with them. They'll show you to the Living Arrangements."

Tyler nodded. With another opening of his briefcase he returned Yuun, and made his way out along with the security guards.

"Oh, and fellas," Maxim called as they started to take Tyler out of the room. "Tell Marcus I said hello. Understand?" They both nodded, and proceeded to escort Tyler.

Maxim, as soon as the door closed behind them, stood up and punched the wall behind him. Magmortar didn’t flinch, but only watched as Maxim let out his fit of anger.

Immediately, Maxim went back to his desk, pulled out a cigar and lit it. He took a deep inhale, and slowly let out a long, heavy puff. As the smoke exited his lips, his anger quickly died down. “Ahh… that’s the good stuff.” Maxim turned off the air conditioning unit, letting the smoke set in. Even Magmortar inhaled some of the smoke in the air.

“Maxim, get ahold of yourself. The data has been retrieved, and you’re almost done,” a voice called. “After that, you’re done for the day.” Maxim’s ears perked up at the sound of that. “That’s what I like to hear. Alright….” Max sat back down, taking another inhale of his beloved cigar. “Mmmaaaaag….” “Right you are, partner. Right you are.”

After a few minutes, Maxim once again turned on the unit that sucked away the smell of smoke and cooling down the room. “Now then, onto the finale,” he muttered, as he pressed the button with much force. “Arianna Raynes, please step up to the security guards. Your orientation interview is now.”


The security guards continued through the hallway, Tyler walking between them. “Hey, Pete, you wanna do the honors?” One of the guards looked towards his partner. The second guard cracked his knuckles, chuckled with, “About time.”

As they both went through the double doors, only one of the guards walked Tyler to the elevator, but left it open for Tyler to watch. Pete, the other guard, turned to Marcus. “Marcus… what the psyduck, man?” Diego whispered as he stepped to the side. “Uh, hey, Pete… what’s sha-”


Pete struck Marcus in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. Grinning, he then kicked Marcus in the stomach. “Boss Maxim says hello,” he cheekily said to Marcus, before he kicked him again in the stomach.

“Bl-Blugh… und.. understood… bro.” Marcus glared up at Pete. Matted brown hair, brown eyes and a toothy grin stretched across his face. “Nice to see you too, Marcus.” He walked off, and met with the other security guard.

Tylor had patiently gone along with the guards, entering the elevator as he expected to be taken down while the other guard said his piece to the guy that had messed up. More than likely the guard would have realized his mistake, and would either get a verbal warning, or face a punishment from some kind of department. Tylor flinched a bit as a punch was thrown, the accountant’s grip on his briefcase tightening. He locked his jaw, not wanting to say anything either. It wasn’t exactly harassment, was it? What was he to know? It wasn’t his place to question anything the company did. Not if he wanted a job here at least.

With that, the other security guard slid his keycard, entered the code into the elevator pinpad, and descended down into the depths underneath the building.

All that was left was Ariana.


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Helene Sarget ♣ Part 1 . 2 ♣ Lumiose, Western Sector
Before joining Tocker Corporations, Helene had found the time to visit Coumarine one last time. She rarely met her family this way, but this one last time she felt, at least, more confident to confront them. Everything went as planned, really - they all talked about Helene’s new job, of which she didn’t share many details, in front of an abundant, delicious lunch. The girl then found some time to meet her Coumarine friends and enjoy some time in her hometown. By the time she came back to Lumiose, she had one additional baggage full of things - gifts, clothing, books, anything that she wanted to bring in the new home with her.
Most of her roommates and classmates organized another party in Lumiose as well, to celebrate Helene’s new job… although the majority of them wasn’t told where Helene would have ended up shortly after. Only the girl’s closest friends really knew that if she succeeded, she wouldn’t have been around for years - and to those concerns, Helene responded by saying, she would have done her best to at least communicate with them once again. Or even escape if things got out of hand… never say never!

This was her effort to prepare herself in advance. She’d already had a taste of things to come when she first got to know about Tocker, and had her theories confirmed when she was eventually told how their Living Facility worked. Despite her attempts to plan every next move of hers, she couldn’t quite grasp what “ten years underground”, as she used to say, really meant.
The last day before her final interview, she’d packed nearly everything she could into a various set of boxes and suitcases, only leaving out a handful of clothes and, obviously, all the furniture. She wasn’t as afraid of leaving something out, as she was afraid of having packed too much stuff - and therefore having the Tocker staff not bringing some of her possessions inside her new home.

The day of Helene’s last interview, two Tocker employees reached her shared apartment, located in Western Lumiose. On the doorstep stood Susan, one of Helene’s roommates, who only had some morning lessons to attend to and was spending the rest of the day at home.
The place wasn’t very new and modern anymore, but still cozy and large enough for four people. It was supposed to house a family with kids, but it was equally apt for a group of students with their Pokémon.

Being a shared apartment, Tocker couldn’t take any of the furniture, unless it belonged specifically to Helene. It also meant the company had to provide Helene with new appliances - after all, not even the furniture at Helene’s Coumarine home was available to take - but, at least, this meant less work for the moving team.
Susan directed the two men towards her room, which she had shared with Helene for years. There were in fact two beds, one with just a sweatshirt on top and one covered with various bags: nearly all of Helene’s possessions, ready to be taken away. Susan could only wonder who would have taken her place as the fourth roommate - after all, apartments like that one were quite sought-after by incoming students or young people trying to build their future in Lumiose.
The girl offered to help the two employees with their job, but they refused and left her a little baffled. Telling them what was Helene’s stuff and what was not was already enough.

Beside Helene’s bed, one could find the largest boxes and suitcases, which mostly contained clothes and shoes… usually boots, to be precise. She packed in there almost every clothing item she had, with the few that remained now hung inside her wardrobe in her Coumarine home - or being worn by Helene herself, of course.
The day before, Helene was admittedly surprised not to have filled more bags of clothes… but that’s because she used to borrow items from her friends to complete her fancier outfits - the ones she couldn’t afford to have without external help.

Once that was dealt with, the two men eagerly looked around the room for more things to load into their moving van. The more things they could get, the less things Tocker needed to provide Helene, and therefore the better they would have done their job - according to their superiors, at least. Susan eventually pointed them towards a small office chair, which Helene had actually bought herself in place of the… normal chair that was part of the apartment’s standard furniture. She could see why her previous roommate made that choice, and deep inside wanted to lie and keep that chair for herself, but that wouldn’t have been fair towards Helene. One more run in the elevator and the small chair was gone.
Susan was reminded of the times where Camille, Helene’s then Steenee, used to have her trainer spin her on that chair, and get down all dizzy. For some reason unknown to man, that Pokémon really liked it, even if it would mean hitting various things with her leaves afterwards and have Helene fix everything. Yet there was something charming about that little fella. About how she was so confident, spreading her scent everywhere, smiling and dancing all the time only to fall into Helene’s arms as if she was testing her trust. Not even she and Chris, her Vanillite, seemed to have such a strong bond.

Finally, the Tocker employees started to take what was lying on Helene’s bed, all of which was organized inside her few backpacks. They contained accessories, jewels, books, gifts… including a small parting gift from Susan herself.
One bag in particular contained Helene’s skating gear - after all, it was mostly Susan who had persuaded the other girl and have her begin skating. Whereas Helene had never tried it before, and had spent her first year in Lumiose walking and using public transport only (even Gogoats if needed), Susan used to skate since she was much younger, as she came from Snowbelle City.
The two girls would often spend what little free time they had trying to learn tricks from each other (Helene favoured speed while Susan favoured figure skating): once, as the weather was terrible for two weeks in a row, they even tried to wear skates in their apartment’s entrance room - also known as the “Pokèmon room” - when no one else was around. Of course, that experiment ended up just like with Steenee spinning (except on an even bigger scale), but it allowed the two girls to bond even more.

Now, Helene had always been selfish. Susan couldn’t deny that: even worse, she and the other roommates often used to argue with the Coumarine girl. But… after living in the same apartment for a couple months, they all got to know each other better. In fact, Susan always prided herself of knowing a vulnerable side of her friend that was normally hidden - the Helene trying to prove herself, trying to get approval, trying not to miss out on anything, trying to make genuinely good friendships.
The red haired girl was - that also couldn’t be denied - quite good at getting her friends do what she wanted. Rest assured, she’d do her best to give something in return, even if it was just some of her time. But as time passed by, Susan was only more and more happy to help Helene out.

All these thoughts crossed Susan’s mind as the two men finished their work, greeted the girl, and left, their truck quickly heading towards Eastern Lumiose. Susan checked the fridge, trying to come up with something to cook for dinner, then got back to her studying.

Give me one more year.

Available Pokémon (Helene)
Camille ♀
Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Play Rough, Acrobatics
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A Under-Dwelling Move

The elevator ride down was completely filled to the brim with silent for Tylor. After the show he had just witnessed, he didn’t dare risk speaking up and asking about something. Being punched in the gut wasn’t on his ‘to do’ list today. It was very clear what his current schedule was to be. Keep his head down, shut up, and survive long enough so that he could begin working. When his elevator reached the bottom floor he figured that this was his stop. He made his way out, glancing about at first as he saw that no one was waiting for him there. It was an entire floor that looked rather empty. The elevator soon headed back up, and he was left alone for now. Huge windows were set to the side of the hallway, and Tylor couldn’t help but walk over to peer out of them. What could be down here anyways? With how long the ride had been he figured that they were long underground by this point.

Out on the surface there had been numerous buildings and other signs of city life set all around the building he was in. Now, though, he could see hundreds of trees down here. Tylor had to do a double take, just to make sure he wasn’t mentally tripping. No, there were trees out there, and it looked more like a forest than some sort of dug up cavern. Tylor took a step away from the windows, now very much confused by the scenery. There had been no psychics around that could have teleported them elsewhere… but at the same time he didn’t dare wish to ask his question to anyone in the staff. He didn’t want to get punched in the gut.

Tylor did see that there were several apartments set up along the hall. Each one had a doorway and a nameplate in front of it. There was but a brief swelling of pride when Tylor saw that his was labeled as the first. He made his way inside, glancing about at the bare necessities that lined the room. There was a carpet, a few chairs set around a dining room, curtains, a sofa… well, to be honest it was far more than Tylor really bothered to get. He did spend little time at home, after all, mainly trying to get ahead in work by arriving early and leaving late. He could see that there were some cases set off to the side. He opened one up, seeing that some of his provisions from home had been brought over already.

The man threw his pokeball out, releasing Yuun into the room. The Weavile stood at attention at first, but quickly relaxed when he saw where he was. “Alright, see if you can get some of this stuff ready.” He said to his pokemon. The human was already busy pulling out some clothes. “Try not to scratch anything up too much.” He cautioned the dark-type.

Yuun gave him a nod, starting to open up another case and pulling out other items. The two worked in tandem, with Tylor having to direct Yuun every so often in where he wanted some of his stuff. Thankfully it looked like a few of Yuun’s ‘toys’ had been brought along too. Tylor had to buy some when the Weavile had accidentally slashed into a chair while practicing his claw strikes. They were very durable items, such as small rubber targets that Yuun could jab at, or sharper metal stones that the Weavile could sharpen his claws with.

It would probably take a few hours today for Tylor to get everything the way he wanted. After all, the more easily accessible certain items were, the faster he could start his work day.


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Helene Sarget ♣ Part 1 . 3 ♣ Living Facility

Helene kept quiet during the descent, not showing any excitement for getting her job - that’s because the guard was still accompanying her. But once the elevator door opened into the Living Facility, she was left alone, with just a couple of directions. The girl headed towards her flat without paying attention to her surroundings, walking through another neverending white hallway.
Faster… faster… faster.

It would have been easy to lose perception of time underground, and that was sort of what was happening with Helene. Her mind was set on reaching her flat, and didn’t have time to count the minutes. Until, at last, a recognizable nameplate appeared beside the girl.
My home!

Once the sturdy door opened, Helene was greeted with some kind of ambient light, shining on the entrance area of the flat - which was provided with a couple of hangers. The girl left her leather jacket there before taking some more steps into the room and turning on the living area lights. At first glance the apartment looked modern, quite spacious and well equipped, but that wasn’t Helene’s priority.

Hazel eyes moved erratically, scanning the living room and quickly finding the sofa that Tocker provided. Helene almost flied towards it and sat right in the middle, all of her inhibitions and worries gone in an instant. Finally, she took a better look at her new home, standing on the white leathery couch just like a queen on her throne.

On her left, the reflections hinted at the presence of a giant window. It seemed to make up the entirety of that side of the flat, and appeared to have a section that acted as a door, too. It had to lead to a terrace of some sort, but Helene couldn’t see it from there. Turning her head clockwise, she could then see a small white coffee table standing on top of a small carpet. All items that the company employees had gathered themselves, and that were actually quite sturdy and good looking. Behind them, slightly on the right, were the doors that led to the bedroom and the bathroom.

A small voice in the girl’s head caught her attention, after being buried for quite a while by the enthusiasm of having got the job. Helene looked once again down at her boots. Why was she always thinking about them, especially after a day like this? one could ask. The new employee asked herself that very question, too, and finally came up with an answer.
For the past hours, those boots were mostly a nuisance: Helene had to force herself to endure the (admittedly, slight) pain and walk in the correct way, even in front of Maxim. But they represented something more: they were the bird of ill omen, always following the girl with their distinct noise to remind her at every step, she could have failed anytime. And failure, in the mind of Helene, really was a big deal.

The last, and only time she wore the boots was at a party the week before, and they didn’t cause many problems to Helene. In hindsight, they weren’t the only cause for the pain and the anxiety the girl had felt. But, it has to be remarked, they were the perfect scapegoat.

Better to get this over with. She brought her hand to the laces. And to think she was so happy when she bought them, just two weeks before! The boots only reached just over her ankles and were mostly black. The heel was, very obviously, high - more so than she was used to - but made her look very elegant. The red details, including a small ribbon on each side, were the coup de grace that made Helene fall in love.
She bowed forward, and whispered as she was talking to the boots. “This is a war, and I will win.” She then left the boots on, determined to get used to them, and continued to look around the room. Evidently, she’d just changed her mind.

Where had she stopped before? Oh, right. The girl turned her head towards the entrance, which she didn’t even try to examine when she entered the flat. Helene could see a small, but well organized kitchen area, with all the necessary appliances and many cabinets to store food. Before that stood a wooden dining table with four chairs and, perched on a metal support, a large TV screen. Just nearby, amassed in an otherwise empty area, were all of Helene’s items.

After some more minutes spent on the sofa, resting her muscles and thinking about what to do, the girl stood up again and slowly reached her stuff, pleasantly noticing that everything she’d left in the shared apartment for the Moving Team to pick up was actually there. Even the skates were taken in, hinting at the fact that there could have a place somewhere in the facility where Helene could use them. She took a mental note to find that place as soon as possible as she tried to find a different bag amongst the rest.

It took her quite a while, but she retrieved all the necessary items and started exploring the two rooms left. The bathroom was clean and well laid out, but as Helene expected, she had to bring her own towels. The bedroom was, at first glance, like any other: a bed, a wardrobe, a window, a table with some shelves on top of it.

Only later on, Helene realized that there were a couple of surprises in store for her. First, a small colorful package was sitting on the table in plain view: probably a gift from someone. The girl left it alone, her attention caught by another detail. The office chair in front of the table didn’t quite match with the general style of the new home… because it was actually taken from her previous flat.

Susan… you want me to remember you more than I want you to remember me, isn’t that right? She chuckled, taking one more look outside the door that led into the living room. All of her items were still there, on the ground or on the sofa, patiently waiting for their owner to find them a new place… maybe tomorrow. Once she was ready to sleep, Helene quickly slid under the blankets and dreamed about being a princess.

Available Pokémon
Camille ♀
Trop Kick, High Jump Kick, Aromatherapy, Synthesis, Play Rough, Acrobatics
Queenly Majesty

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Asuka Fujioka

The way down was silent, Asuka didn’t make any noise, but her excitement was seen in her eyes. She wanted to cheer, but the bodyguard was with her, so she held it in, waiting until she was alone to let it out. It took awhile, but minutes later, the elevator came to a halt. The bodyguard let her outside the elevator, told her where her living quarters were, the directions, and then went back into the elevator, which took him back up, leaving her with her thoughts.

Asuka walked down the hallway, looking ahead, not paying attention to her surroundings. She wanted to hurry to her room and chat with Kira, to cheer for finally finding a place far from there. She stopped when she got to her door and saw the nameplate, her full name engraved on the plate.

‘So this is my room…’ The vermillion women grabbed the doorknob and slowly turned it, the gears of the door moving in tandem as she opened the door, revealing the interior. She hesitantly walked inside and closed the door behind her, leaving her alone in a completely different environment. The moment the door was closed, her partner, Kira, popped out of her pokeball and stood at her side, taking in the new setting.

“Is this the apartment they supplied you with, miss?” inquired the Emotion pokemon, looking around the room, almost as if she was judging it. The pokemon noticed large window across from them that took up a majority of the wall. She tiptoed towards it and saw what looked like a forest filled with all kinds of wildlife. She looked closer and noticed something about the plants. “For some reason, those plants make me uneasy…”

Asuka took in where each furniture was at the moment. THere was a shelf with books leaning back on the same wall the door was, across from it was a blue couch with a small tabletop infront and across from the two was a longer, white table with a tv perched above using a wall-stand. Close to the tv was the kitchen with different types of appliances and a bit across from the kitchen, in front of the large window, was a small dining table with four plastic chairs. She looked to her left, where there was a door next to the TV, to the right, where the couch and shelf were, and then across from her, where the dining table, the large window, and Kira were. She noticed that in the middle of the room was some storage boxes with her name labeled on them.

“Alright, time to clean this place up and move stuff around.” commented Asuka as she went over to one of the storage boxes nearby and opening it. She looked over to Kira who was still staring out the large window. “Is something wrong Kira?”

Kira hear her mistress voice and shook her head slightly, turning and walking over to her. “No worries mistress. I am alright. Did you need something?”

“I need your help opening these boxes and arranging the items. It’s time to clean and decorate the place.” Asuka looked towards the other door. She had a feeling that was the bedroom, but first, she had to do something.

After about an hour of cleaning, she sat down on the couch and placed a hand on her neck. Kira was by the dining table, placing a small, but tall vase with a live plant on the table using her psychic.

“Everything looks good, now let’s see the bedroom.” Asuka mumbled as she stood up and walked over to the second door and opening the door, looking inside. The bedroom was small, but the bed, shelf, and chair she requested they take was all in here. One of the bed’s sides was touching the wall with the other side, with the long drawer, was facing the parallel wall, where there was a white desk leaning on the wall with a large window on its right and the shelf on its left. Behind the head of the bed, where the pillows are, is what looks to be a shelf, but there is a cover over the books, so the actual shelf has a drawer inside so she can pull it out and grab whatever she needs from the shelf. The shelf parallel to the smaller shelf was her personal shelf, being smaller in width, but longer in length. Beside the book shelf was a small basket, with a brown door beside said basket., Asuak believing that it must lead to the bathroom. She noticed that the door leading to the living room was in between her personal shelf and the bathroom door, leaving enough room for both doors to open at least half-way.

“Kira, If you want, you can rest now. I’m going to organize my stuff and clean the bedroom and bathroom.” Asuka assured as she grabbed another storage box, bringing it into the bedroom. Kira shook her head and followed her master, “it’s alright mistress, I’ll be happy to help.”

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