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Welcome to the badge list! Badges are small awards you can earn around PokéCommunity for getting involved in various activities, participating in discussions, and releasing creative content like ROM hacks, artwork, and fanfics! Once you have a badge or two, you can attach them to your posts to show off how cool you are from the flair editor! You can see a rundown and more information about badges in the original announcement.

There are currently 28 badges. This thread will be updated with any newly created badges. Please note that badge distribution is done at the discretion of PC's staff team.

Active Attendee
This member is part of many clubs! Keep having fun!

Art Enthusiast
This member participates frequently in art threads, from gushing about other's art to talking about art in general!

Artist Pro
This user regularly shares their art with PokéCommunity!

Brilliant Actor
This member has achieved fame as an amazing roleplayer!

Champion's Sigil
Handed out to true Champions in Pokémon Gaming Central!

Club Owner
This member has opened many clubs for PokéCommunity to enjoy!

Community Supporter
Thank you for donating to support your community!

cool cat
this purr-fect person sure loves cats nya~ :3c

Dedicated Developer
This member has released their own game!

Frontier Symbol
When users demonstrate consistently high activity within Pokémon Gaming Central over a long period of time.

Glorious Casteliacone
A mystical ice cream cone granted to those who make fun posts throughout PokéTrivia! It'd be wise not to eat it, though...

Helpful Hacker
This member answers questions and helps other members make their games.

hot mess express
All drama revolves around me. I AM teh QUEEN!

Internet and Things
Given to tech enthusiasts of all kinds who show high activity in Internet & Technology. Let's all stay connected. :)

Lovely Luvdisc
This member spread the luv on Valentine's Day by sending a Luvdisc message!

Master Critic
This member takes time and effort to make wonderful critiques for the artists of PC.

Master of Imagination
This member is an amazing roleplay game master!

Master of Insanity
A roleplayer who managed to finish roleplays. Is this even possible?

Previous Gens Contributor
Given to those who make consistent, quality contributions to the Previous Generations forum.

Pro Greeter
This member makes PC a warm and welcoming place by befriending lots of new people!

Resource Releaser
This member has released scripts/guides/tools/etc which help other members make their games.

The Collector
This user can help with anything you need to know about collecting Pokémon cards.

The Traveller
Given to those who make consistent, quality journals in the Travel Journals forum.

Trade Enthusiast
This member's passion for trading has been recognized in the halls of Trade Corner.

Trade Shop Whizz
This member has assisted traders through their skills as a Trade Shop owner.

Trainer Cards
When users demonstrate consistently high activity within Pokémon General over a long period of time.

Trainer School Graduate
Handed out to top Graduates of Pokémon General!

Thanks for being a cool part of the PokéCommunity Discord Server!

Enjoy collecting badges, and thanks for being a part of the PokéCommunity!