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Raise Pokemon as you post!

Welcome PC Trainers!

You may have noticed that Virtual Pokémon Pet has expanded to have its own section. VPP started on PC back in 2018 and slowly grew to what you see now. I have been able to expand it even more with the help of several members of the staff. I've got my Right Hand Lady Fairy and my Left Hand Man Meadow to help me out. So what does that mean now? Well, now we have our own little hideaway where you can still get your Pokémon and do everything you were able to do in the one little thread.

So come celebrate with us!

We even have an event taking place for our opening where you can get the following:

Shiny Gigantamax Pikachu! 200 Points! 2x Alcremie Berries!

From August 20th to September 3rd and all you need to do to claim it is post in the Obtain Your Pokémon thread and then you can add it to your new stats thread. Each Trainer will be able to have their own thread to keep track of their stats and make it as fancy as they would like.

If you have any questions doesn't hesitate to ask your VPP Staff: Caite-chan, Fairy or Meadow.

Thanks & credit to Kitty for the CSS!
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