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Were VGC tournaments men only? I guess I just don't understand the importance of this, I feel like I am missing some information so if someone could fill me in, that would be great.

Edit: So I read the article and I do get it. It's crazy to me how anyone would give a muk about women having their own tournament, who cares?! If women find it fun playing in a tournament that only allows other women, I think that's great. This paragraph here tells you everything you need to know in my opinion:

"Yet this isn’t always obvious to people in gaming spaces. The current reality is, women need not only the encouragement, but the place to play at all. Romine explains that women face excessive gatekeeping, sexist harassment, sexual harassment, and also avoid attending tournaments out of fear that they’ll be the only woman there.5 It’s a dangerous, perpetuating cycle. The assertion that every woman in eSports has been the victim of at least one instance of sexism is repeated often. Even professional Fortnite player Madison “Maddiesuun” Mann tells lifestyle website Shondaland, “A lot of female gamers get driven away.”6 And Natalie Denk, co-founder of “League of Girls” and a research associate at the Center for Applied Game Research of the Donau University Krems says in all her time working with women in eSports she hasn’t met a single one who hasn’t experienced sexism in some way.7"

I could see it being an issue where a woman wants to go to a tournament and is surrounded by psyducking neckbeards who don't know how to act around women harassing them and how it would put women off from attending such events. Make more of these tournaments and if it keeps upsetting these ineffectual men, then isn't that just a bonus?