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Posted May 29th, 2021
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I actually liked Pokemon X and Y. Really enjoyed the stunning visuals, such as the overworld and battle visuals. Really enjoyed the nice-looking routes and the fact that there was virtually every single Pokemon present in those games. However, two main things were obviously ruining the experience of the game, the lackluster story and the difficulty of the game. Since script editing for 3ds games is still in development, I decided to make the battles harder. And I hope they are in this hack.

All gym leaders are now double battles
All E4 members are double battles
The Champion has a revamped team and is a double battle
From gym 3 onwards, gym leaders will use mega evolution
E4 members will now use mega evolution
Gym Leaders, E4, and Champion have updated AI
Gigalith and Torkoal have sand stream and drought respectively

To Add:
More Pokemon
Editing other trainers (Team Flare, Battle Maison, Route Trainers, etc)
Possibly changing the starting Pokemon or their abilities
Making the mega stones more accessible
After testing for a while, might have to improve some gyms
Whatever your feedback is



How to install:
1. You must own your own copy of Pokemon Y and be able to emulate on Citra
2. Open the Mod Location Folder of your ROM via Citra
3. Paste the romfs folder and the other BIN files into the Mod Location Folder
4. Enjoy!

Version 1.1:
Updated Ramos team
Updated final Lysandre fight (have not tested for difficulty)



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Posted July 4th, 2021
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Nice to see more X and Y hacks around. Good luck with future development!
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