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Started by Eleanor November 2nd, 2021 11:57 PM
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✒️ Character Creation Monthly Event ✒️

It’s Eleanor again, somewhat late but still here for another Character Creation prompt! That means… we are giving you a prompt to build a character around - which you can then share in this thread. It’s fun, it’s inspiring, and it can be done even if you don’t have time to actually play as this character in a full story or roleplay.

The inspiration for this month comes from a certain kind of dynamic that is crucial in a certain style of roleplays, but that doesn’t necessarily get showcased much in other places. It’s not romance, for sure, but it’s not quite like a typical friendship either… and it’s hard to argue that the two characters involved aren’t exactly on the same level.

How would your character handle this relationship, and what would they contribute to it? What sort of situations did they experience along this journey? How do they feel about their life?

This month's prompt is… “pets."


If you're feeling a bit stuck and aren't sure where to begin, here's an optional template similar to what we often use for RPs!
🍀 Name:
🍀 Age:
🍀 Gender:
🍀 Appearance:
🍀 Personality:
🍀 History:

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I'm currently trying to create some interesting characters for the magical girl series I'm currently working on, so hopefully doing this will help me with that.

Name: Prystie

Age: Approximately 1 Week

Gender: Female

Appearance: Small, pink cat-like creature with wings, allowing her to fly close to the protagonist at all times.

Personality: Can be rebellious at times, wanting to explore the world around her while the protagonist is focused on saving the world, though she always comes through for the protagonist when she needs her to.

History: Soon after discovering her magical powers, the protagonist used her powers to create a magical companion to assist her in saving the world. This companion, who she named Prystie, has some magical powers of her own that she inherited from her creator. During the story, Prystie is tasked with assisting the protagonist in fighting against the evil forces trying to destroy the world. While Prystie is usually helpful in this, she occasionally causes problems for the protagonist by going off on her own and taking in the world around her. Having only been created recently, she is curious about the world around her and wishes to explore it. Prystie and the protagonist have their disagreements during their quest to save the world, but over time the two of them come to understand each other and eventually become fully committed to helping each other achieve their goals.