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Fanfiction of the Month (info and listing)

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Old September 4th, 2005 (11:35 AM). Edited November 2nd, 2007 by Careful With That Axe, Pichu!.
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Fanfiction of the Month Info

Since I have a hard time keeping up with a fanfic every week, I decided that I just choose one fanfic per month. This would be much easier for me, also, it would be a more valuable award as there could only be one featured fanfiction per month.

Requirements? The requirements are just the same as the fanfiction of the week requirements. The length would vary though since there are some great fanfictions are less than a page long. But if you want info, you could go to this thread: Fanfiction of the Week

How could your fanfic get featured? Well, your story has to stand out out of all the other fanfictions. If you just started in the whole writing biz, this thread would help you: Pokemon Fanfiction Writing Guide v.2.0

And if you're curious as to what kind of fanfictions could make it to the list, go here: Analysis of a Good Fanfiction

If your fanfiction obtains the title "Fanfiction of the Month", your story would be placed in the list, and the title of the thread will recieve a "Fanfiction of the Month (month)" title.

Also, take note that the fanfictions that have been listed in the Fanfiction of the Week thread can also be listed in the Fanfiction of the Month thread. However, they could only be listed again once.

Good Luck to the Authors


Fanfiction of the Month Listing
as of the month of September 2005

Month of September: "Who Shot Brendan Birch?" by Breezy
Month of October: "Guilty" by Dragonfree
Month of November: "Dust to Deceit" by Dilasc
Month of December: "Hoenn Mirror World" by Strawberry Delcatty

Month of January: "Darkness in my Heart" by Ratiosu
Month of February: "Pressure" by Quackerdrill
Month of March: "The Ties that Bind" by Saffire Persian
Month of April: "Midsummer Nights: DREAM" by Kazeto Tamashii
Month of May: "Metamorphosis" by Saffire Persian
Month of June: "Without Regreat" by ~Ozy~
Month of July: "11:59" by Negrek
Month of August: "An Awakening" by Quakerdrill
Month of September: "Possession" by katiekitten
Month of October: "Written in the Stars" by Lord_Maikadal

Month of July: "Stir of the Thunderstorm" by silverfrost
Month of August: "Anamnesis" by Saffire Persian
Month of September: ---
Month of October: "Never in the Wrong Time or Wrong Place" by ‎Grovyle42(Griff4815)

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