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Old December 18th, 2005 (9:39 AM).
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Help Recruitment Thread

This thread is for Members who need help with their Hack, but have no interest in starting/joining and Hacking Inc.

If you are working on/want to start a hack and need help on certain aspects (such a Scripting, Mapping, etc.), post your help requests here by filling out these points of information.

This thread is for posting HELP REQUESTS ONLY!
If you are willing to help a member with their hack, send them a Private Message or eMail.

Needed Information:
!Hack Name:

!Hack of:

Additional Information about the Hack:

!Finished %:

!Current Team:

!Your Hacking skills:

!What is needed:

!Additional Contact possiblities:

Additional Information:

Please try to fill out all of the points marked with !.
Also, please post your request only once.
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Relevant Advertising!

Old December 19th, 2005 (4:20 PM). Edited January 10th, 2006 by Pokemon Master XD.
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Pokémon Master
    Join Date: Dec 2005
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    Hack company: Hacksys

    !Hack Name: Pokemon Showdown: Master Quest

    !Hack of: Pokemon Ruby

    Additional Information about the Hack: New stuff involved, such as a pokemon center in Littleroot.

    !Finished %: 80

    !Current Team: Me, Rukario SBO, Mag_Farmer

    !Your Hacking skills: Growing everyday... About 4-10

    !What is needed: Script editing, offset adding, map adding, (Expert hacker), trainer/sprite/in-battle/prof. Birch editing, title screen editing, person-on-map adding, 2 extra map editors, and trainer pokemon editing.

    !Additional Contact possiblities: E-mail [email protected], PM me, or IM me at joshat12yrs on YIM.

    Additional Information: We need new maps...
    Heh, 4 more months until my name can be changed to Pikablu. '

    Old December 20th, 2005 (8:25 AM). Edited January 17th, 2006 by Kaeru_ike.
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    Teruki - Miku - Bou - Kanon
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      Nature: Lonely
      Posts: 194
      !Hack Name: Pokon Diamond Advance

      !Hack of: Pokon Fire Red

      Additional Information about the Hack: A new version of the Pokon Pirate game Pokon Diamond

      !Finished %:00

      !Current Team: Nerosoft

      !Your Hacking skills: Not a HEX editor but i have the tools i need

      !What is needed: only someone who can fix the title screen for me!

      !Additional Contact possiblities: MSN or E-mail: [email protected](both MSN and e-mail

      Additional Information: Im starting on this hack when i have gotten help from somebody. I will edit: Text, Sprite, Maps, Tiles and all that stuff

      Screenshot that i want somebody to put in the old title:
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      Old December 21st, 2005 (4:07 PM).
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        Join Date: Aug 2005
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        !Hack Namecannot tell owner won't let me)

        !Hack of:fire red

        Additional Information about the Hack:

        !Finished %:9.4

        !Current Team:none so far

        !Your Hacking skills:mapping, spriting

        !What is needed:2 scripters, 1mapper(we have 2), 1 spriter, as many people as possible to edit tiles and the title screen stufflike that

        !Additional Contact possiblities: yahoo thats what we use

        Additional Information:i'll give you 2 cookies
        Twitter | GitHub | Tumblr | YouTube
        Old December 27th, 2005 (11:03 AM). Edited December 30th, 2005 by Icy42.
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          Hack Name: Pokemon: Frozen Light

          Hack of: Saphire

          Additional Information about the Hack: N/A

          Finished %: 0.01%

          Current Team: Mag_Farmer (spriter)

          Your Hacking skills: Simple Spriting (I'm not very good)

          What is needed:
          a very advanced hexeditor user

          Additional Contact possiblities:
          [email protected]

          Additional Information:
          I wanted to create a ROM-hack called Pokemon Frozen Light. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use a hex-editor and have Zero patience for using about 50 different tools. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me...

          I can help Dee Hunter and Stellix with spriting.

          Here is my best sprite:

          For sprite requests, PM me or e-mail me at [email protected]
          Old January 1st, 2006 (4:52 PM).
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            Join Date: Dec 2005
            Location: Orlando
            Age: 25
            Nature: Quirky
            Posts: 128
            !Hack Name: Pokemon Rising Legend

            !Hack of: Ruby

            Additional Information about the Hack: Hack is of a boy rising in the ranks to become a legend and uses his first pokemon a legendary pokemon to become a legend.

            !Finished %:1 the legendary pokemon installed

            !Current Team: We will call it Germie Corp the site is called that and i cant change it.....

            !Your Hacking skills: Kinda a good mapper but terrible scripter and spriter

            !What is needed: Scripter,Spriter,Mapper...i can help with alittle of mapping

            !Additional Contact possiblities:[email protected],[email protected],[email protected]

            Additional Information:the site is up for use and i added the legendary pokemon for starters please email or pm me i need your help......
            Old January 22nd, 2006 (1:22 PM).
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              Introduction:Hi all, Im making a hack, i really need help, i havnt got a team so this thread is about making one. i have quite alot of hacking experience... joined pc quite a while ago, but not that long and ive been hacking for about a year. ive made 4 hacks, two of ruby, pokemon stone and pokemon Shadow edition, a hack of fire red, pokemon XD. and a hack of emerald, Pokemon Chronicles of Ash. thats wat im making currently. ive completed 2 of my 4 hacks and gave 1 of them(pokemon stone) to my friend to complete. I also have helped with afew hacks... but ive never ever hacked r/b/y/g/s/c... they dont really appeal to me. so onto my form of making a team

              Hack Name:
              Pokemon: Chronicles OF Ash

              Hack of:Pokemon: Emerald (U)

              Additional Information about the Hack:
              basically the hack is about u being ash, (or misty if u choose a girl) and you play the whole role of ash. it does have kanto, johto and hoenn. i have figured out how to put them in... so its based on the series... and so far its quite cool.

              Finished %: 0.9%

              Current Team: One Of my real life friends... dont rly kno his pc name tho... ill find out soon.

              Your Hacking skills:mapping, Spriting, Hex, text. basically everything(basically lol)

              What is needed: Everything, mappers spriters hex, text stuff like editing title screen and stuff. emerald title screen is harder to edit than ruby 0_o

              Additional Contact possiblities: if u have msn messenger it wud be gr8... if not.. then speaking thru pc wud be better my msn messenger is[email protected]

              Additional Information: knowing how to do scratch sprites is a plus :D ty

              MY webby
              Old January 23rd, 2006 (9:09 AM).
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                !Hack Name: Pokon Phoenix

                !Hack of: Pokon Ruby

                Additional Information about the Hack:New starter pokon,All Pokon are catchable,
                The Mart will cost less

                !Finished 0%:

                !Current Team:JJX

                !Your Hacking skills:We both are newbies

                !What is needed:An expert hacker who wants to help us with the script editing,graphics editing
                Pokon editing,well actually everything to make a hack

                !Additional Contact possiblities: [email protected](Jinx) or [email protected](Jax)

                Additional Information:We're gonna need new maps

                PS:We're complete newbies,know almost nothing about the hacking world,don't know how to
                edit a script...U guys maybe pro's,,but we're far from pro's.
                We'll take all the help that is given.

                Old January 25th, 2006 (2:41 AM). Edited January 25th, 2006 by manson_30.
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                the nooyest noob of all!
                  Join Date: Dec 2005
                  Location: rochdale a place that will be killed sooner that u think
                  Age: 27
                  Nature: Timid
                  Posts: 37
                  Hack Name:pokemon Berserker

                  Hack of:leaf green

                  Additional Information about the Hack:harder EXP gain(hopefully) new starters ( again i hope )

                  Finished %:unknown bout 10-15%

                  Current Team:me DEC shaneypoo17 and mr smithy

                  Your Hacking skills:bacic mapping and overworld spriting and changing atack of pokemon but growin EVERY day

                  What is needed:spriters,
                  somone who can change in battle GFX,
                  scriper or two
                  hopefully a title screen editer
                  and ppl how wish to be traner in teh game

                  Additional Contact possiblities:MSN messinger
                  [email protected]

                  Additional Information:sorry for all the help but iam a noob :'(

                  thansk plz PM for relpy (i will cheack this as many times as posible)
                  Old January 26th, 2006 (5:00 PM).
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                    Join Date: Aug 2005
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                    Posts: 8
                    !Hack Name: Pokon (Untitled, I am trying to think an excellent name)

                    !Hack of: Pokon Ruby

                    Additional Information about the Hack: New Region, some new pok, maybe new starters, the routes are now areas, new guardians pok, and 2 types gym leaders.

                    !Finished %: 0.10% (I think...)

                    !Current Team: None

                    !Your Hacking skills: Spriting (OMG! I am very good at this XD) and Mapping.

                    !What is needed: Pokon Add/Substitute, Music Add/Substitute, Map Locations fixer (I did a new map, but the locations are the same u.u), Script/Event Manage, Title Screen change.

                    !Additional Contact possiblities: by MSN Messenger ([email protected])

                    Additional Information: I need a good title for my Pokon hack...x.x
                    Old January 28th, 2006 (12:32 PM). Edited October 1st, 2006 by Zeno_the_dark_one.
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                    Snorlax obsesed
                      Join Date: Jan 2006
                      Nature: Lax
                      Posts: 14
                      hack name:Pokemon : heroes and legends
                      Hack of Sapphire

                      info:you are a 10 year old new pokemon trainer and you start in Reiko town onlyyou wake up to the news that your parent's close friend Prof. Vince had been robbed of the 3 starter pokemon he would give out so when you stop by to see him he gives you one of two newly discovered pokemon to go rescue his first few pokemon that were stolen .As for Neo Lightning they were mostly just random people but shady character told them they could be powerful.they studied rocket footage day and night to find what rocket did right and wha they did wrong. they are now an elite force dedicated to theivery, secrecy and world domination.

                      new stuff

                      new trainer
                      new region
                      1-4 new pokemon
                      new team: neo lightining

                      hack skill: mapping, basic spriting(only changing a base sprites)

                      needs:scripter, scratch spriter

                      sry for changing but old computer crashed
                      Old January 31st, 2006 (1:45 AM).
                        Posts: n/a
                        no 1

                        hack name Pokemon Tangerine
                        hack of pokemon ruby
                        % completed 2%
                        My own team HAYDENHACK!
                        my skills are basic hex editing, sprite editing, and some small other stuff.
                        I REALLY NEED Better hex, offsets, pallate editing, event editor/script.
                        Email is [email protected]

                        no 2

                        Pokemon election
                        ruby hack
                        same team
                        you know the skills
                        same as before but mostly hex.

                        Please help
                        Old January 31st, 2006 (7:37 PM). Edited January 31st, 2006 by Zustin.
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                          alot of help needed

                          !Hack Name: Pokemon - back to the stone age

                          !Hack of: Ruby

                          !Finished %: 1%

                          !Current Team: Dont now if im that good to be in a team but if i am ill be in one ~peace~

                          !Your Hacking skills:i only now how to do the map and stater pokemon

                          Additional Information about the Hack:

                          Some one to make pokemon Sprites that wood be from the stone age and put them in the game for me and to make and chang the tittle sceen to a cool new look that says Pokemon - back to the stone age and
                          to make a new trainers that wood be from the stone age but one trainer is not from the stone age and has abra cuz he is sent thare in a time machine
                          and ya instad of a moveing truck i need it to start out with him fighting with with team Team Magma and a he gets pushed in to a machine but so does Team Magma bose and thay both get sent to defrent parts of the stone age
                          MY Hacking skills: im not going to lie im new at this the only thing i can kinda do is the map im 1% done i got the 1st town done alrady but the sec. town is all mest up i need team to up

                          but evey senc i 1st played pokenon witch was blue and the gold iv been loaded with i deas to make a pokemon game i never new that you cold hack it and do that so it looks like my old drems might come true after all im hoping any waz cuz like a said i packed with i-deas for pokemon hacks to make but i just need some help cuz im a noob and the 1st one i want to make is Pokemon - back to the stone age

                          !Hack Name: Pokemon - back to the stone age

                          !Hack of: Ruby

                          !What is needed:

                          1. we need Some one to make pokemon Sprites that wood be from the stone age and put them in the game
                 make a new trainers that wood be from the stone age but one trainer is not from the stone age and has abra
                          3. instad of a moveing truck i need it to start out with him fighting with with team Team Magma and a he gets pushed in to a machine but so does Team Magma bose and thay both get sent to defrent parts of the stone age
                          4.and some one to do a little bit of the map and i do a little bit two just need some one to get me started
                          5.o and some one to add me and those/ and U that help to the credit sceen

                          !Additional Contact possiblities
                          plz just pm me/
                          Old February 1st, 2006 (8:52 PM). Edited June 5th, 2006 by Hiroki.
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                            Join Date: Feb 2005
                            Location: Canada
                            Age: 25
                            Nature: Calm
                            Posts: 191
                            !Hack Name: Pokemon: Tough Battle Version

                            !Hack of:

                            Additional Information about the Hack:
                            Battle your way across Johto against Tough Pokemon Masters. Beat Magikarp Master Lance and other people.

                            !Finished %:
                            50% (Minor help needed)

                            !Current Team:
                            Just me

                            !Your Hacking skills:
                            Trainer Pokemon Editor, Spriter

                            !What is needed:
                            Pokemon Trainer Name Editor, Title Screen Editor, Map Changer, Pokemon Starter Changer, Ending Credit changer, Wild Pokemon Changer, Text Changer

                            !Additional Contact possiblities:
                            PM, MSN, Y!, GTalk

                            Additional Information:

                            HELP WANTED ASAP.
                            Old February 6th, 2006 (2:49 PM).
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                            Rukario Fan
                              Join Date: Jan 2006
                              Location: Where AM I? Dunno.
                              Nature: Quirky
                              Posts: 196
                              !Hack Name: Pokemon [EVOLUTION]

                              !Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

                              Additional Information about the Hack: It will be in a new region, and will star Eevee (with several new evolutions). New Pokemon, lots of the oldies, and yeah.

                              !Finished %: 00.00

                              !Current Team: Me

                              !Your Hacking skills: Sprite customizing (but not inserting), map appearance modification

                              !What is needed: Sprite inserter, scripter, event modifier, title screen modifier, ending credit modifier, wild pokemon changer, Pokedex information changer, somebody that can make Oak give you an Eevee only and your rival an Eevee then modifiy it's evolution according to yours, text changer, pokemon cry editor, mapper, basically everything but actually making the sprites, and the stats for the Pokemon (I can't insert them)...

                              !Additional Contact possiblities: PM, e-mail me at [email protected] and put Pokemon [EVOLUTION] in the subject

                              Additional Information---errr... none?

                              Any help would be appreaciated, 'tis my first hack.
                              Old February 9th, 2006 (6:17 PM).
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                              Beginning Hacker
                                Join Date: Jan 2006
                                Location: nonya buisness
                                Nature: Lax
                                Posts: 20
                                !Hack Name: PKMN Aftermath

                                !Hack of: PKMN sapphire

                                Additional Information about the Hack: includes johto PKMN

                                !Finished %: 1%

                                !Current Team: none

                                !Your Hacking skills: some spriting and text

                                !What is needed:a better spriter and a mapper

                                !Additional Contact possiblities: PM me

                                Additional Information: one of my first hacks a really need some help plz

                                some pics at bottom
                                Attached Images
                                File Type: png new hero.PNG‎ (3.1 KB, 37 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                File Type: png new house.PNG‎ (11.3 KB, 26 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                File Type: png new areas.PNG‎ (7.3 KB, 24 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                File Type: png johto pkmn.PNG‎ (6.3 KB, 28 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                File Type: png new characters.PNG‎ (3.6 KB, 26 views) (Save to Dropbox)
                                My hack(s): PKMN Neon Green + PKMN

                                Name: SHERDER
                                Adopt one yourself! @Pokon Orphanage[/center]
                                Old February 12th, 2006 (1:15 PM).
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                                Flannery's #1 Obsessor
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                                  Location: Lucy's Lap
                                  Age: 28
                                  Nature: Naughty
                                  Posts: 2,502
                                  !Hack Name: Yellow Sun, Gold Bee, Silver Mercury

                                  !Hack of: Fire Red/Leaf Green

                                  Additional Information about the Hack: Remake of Yellow,Gold and Silver into Fire Red Style.

                                  !Finished %: ???

                                  !Current Team: Only me

                                  !Your Hacking skills: Spriting Mainly

                                  !What is needed: Spriters, and Someone to modify the game itself.

                                  !Additional Contact possiblities: MSN: [email protected], AIM: Gohanks SSJ2

                                  Additional Information: I really wanna do this, so i need help lol.
                                  **Formely Known As Kakashi Hatake**

                                  **Flannery is my Goddess, I'm her #1 Obsessor**
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                                  Pairings: Ichigo x Shihouin Yoruichi, Genis X Presea, Aang X Katara, Toph X Sokka, Kratos X Raine
                                  My Trainer Card
                                  Old February 12th, 2006 (2:06 PM).
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                                    Join Date: Jul 2005
                                    Location: Las Vegas, NV
                                    Age: 24
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Naughty
                                    Posts: 341
                                    !Hack Name: Not sure yet

                                    !Hack of:
                                    Pokémon Ruby

                                    Additional Information about the Hack:
                                    I started a new hack, still sort of planning

                                    !Finished %:

                                    !Current Team:
                                    Only me

                                    !Your Hacking skills:
                                    I would rate myself 5/10

                                    !What is needed:
                                    Scripter and Spriter

                                    !Additional Contact possiblities:
                                    MSN: [email protected]
                                    Yahoo!: Chris_h_12
                                    AIM: ChristianZHood
                                    G-Talk: [email protected]

                                    Additional Information:
                                    If you want to help me add me to any of the ways to contact me.
                                    Old February 26th, 2006 (6:46 AM).
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                                      Join Date: Dec 2005
                                      Location: Sacramento
                                      Age: 25
                                      Nature: Adamant
                                      Posts: 22
                                      *Pokemon Space*

                                      Hack of : Emerald

                                      Its about Hundred of years of Team Aqua and Magma,the elite four start to work on a project call DNA,but the the project divides into three.So thats where you come in you save the space station from the DNA project

                                      0.5% finished


                                      Hacking Skills: mostly mapping

                                      Needed:all over help
                                      Old March 4th, 2006 (1:12 PM).
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                                      Game Creator
                                        Join Date: Mar 2006
                                        Location: Butte, MT
                                        Age: 28
                                        Nature: Hasty
                                        Posts: 6
                                        Hack NameKM : Masters Edition
                                        Hack ofokemon Emerald
                                        Additional Information about the Hack: Much harder, better graphics, catch all pokemon, 5 differnt regions plus many islands and side quests, six leagues.
                                        Finished %: 0
                                        Current Team: no one but me so far
                                        Your Hacking skills:Hex, graphics, map hacking, text hacking.
                                        What is needed:
                                        Art Designer:
                                        GBA Coder:
                                        Map Desnger:
                                        Storyline Creator:
                                        Sprite Hacker:
                                        Any one of use:
                                        Additional Contact possiblities: [email protected]

                                        Additional Information:For people who want to submit their stories may mail them to me. If we choose your story you become part of the team.

                                        Pokemon: Master Edition

                                        Im here to tell the board about a new game I had in mind. One that is supierior to other hacks of Pokemon. This game is supposed to be much much harder that other editions. This game will also be updated to a current pokemon. Promo pokemon from the movies will be in this game is what I meant to say. Imagine a game that has not only two differnt regions but five.
                                        Pokemon will be able to level up to 500 and stats max up to not only 999 but
                                        9,999. Plenty of new moves will be created along with many new trainers will be created. More to come!
                                        Whaaa..... Man hand me tha gun. STAMP!!
                                        Old March 8th, 2006 (11:53 PM).
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                                        Comic coming soon...
                                          Join Date: Oct 2005
                                          Location: UK
                                          Age: 26
                                          Nature: Bold
                                          Posts: 1,475
                                          Intro: I am an English hacker and i dsidn't really know anything about ROM hacking untill i came onto PC...anyway, most of my Prodjects failed for a start, but then i found this thread, people willing to help ME?! Well...that would be Cool!

                                          Hack Name: Pokemon El Liva
                                          Hack of: Pokemon Ruby (U)
                                          Additional Info: Um...I have an Idea that I want a Group of Dragon Starters, Dratini, Bagon & Trapinch, and that The Gyms are a lot harder...and possibly some new Gym leaders (YOU PEOPLE THAT HELP!)
                                          Finished %: 0.8%
                                          Current Team: Only Me...(sniff!)...
                                          My Hacking Skills: Storylining...Sprite Revamping...Wild Pokemon Editing...
                                          What is Needed: Someone good with Hex, Scripter, Mapper, Trainer and New Pokemon Spriter, Trainer Battle Editor...(I know thats a lot of Staff...)...
                                          Additional Contact: PM Me!!!
                                          Additional Info: This is my First Public Hack apart from the One in my Sig...which is El Liva! & If i DO get help It would be sooooo greatly Appreciated...THANKS...
                                          Now you could remember me...

                                          Then Again...

                                          ...its been a while
                                          Old March 10th, 2006 (3:04 PM). Edited March 11th, 2006 by DarkGreg.
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                                          I think it would be class if people wanted to help me.

                                          Hack name: Pokemon Devolution
                                          Hack of: Pokemon Ruby
                                          Additional info about hack: You need to train your Pokemon and the Gym leaders are harder
                                          Finished: Roughly 0%
                                          Current team: Me
                                          My hacking skills: Mapping and Storyline editing
                                          What is needed: Hex editer, Scripter, Good Spriter
                                          Additional contact: PM and my E-Mail address: [email protected]
                                          Additional info: I hope this will be a good hack.
                                          Old March 10th, 2006 (5:09 PM).
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                                          Pokemon Junkie Extraordinaire
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                                            Age: 28
                                            Nature: Adamant
                                            Posts: 321
                                            !Hack Name: Pokemon Crimson, Indigo and Jade

                                            !Hack of: Preferably Fire Red & Leaf Green, unless I/someone else can de-activate time on Emerald

                                            Additional Information about the Hack: All new storyline (very different from prior games), 130+ new Pokemon, the whole shabang

                                            !Finished %: 0.000

                                            !Current Team: Me

                                            !Your Hacking skills: Spriting (that's about all, I'm green at this)

                                            !What is needed: Maps, Hex Editing, Scripting, just about everything...

                                            !Additional Contact possiblities: PM, AIM (MajinNecro69), E-Mail ([email protected])

                                            Additional Information: This will be a project worthy of undertaking.
                                            Old March 10th, 2006 (7:01 PM).
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                                            Hungry Hungry Hippo
                                              Join Date: Nov 2005
                                              Gender: Male
                                              Nature: Relaxed
                                              Posts: 53
                                              !Hack Name: (no name yet! sorry)

                                              !Hack of: Pokemon spaahire

                                              Additional Information about the Hack: I have not made a thread for this hack yet, because i want to know that i will have peole helping me with it so i dont just get bored with it and just stop the hack entirly

                                              !Finished %: about 5%

                                              !Current Team: me (magma_boi) and shinycollector

                                              !Your Hacking skills: i can sprite, map, edit text, (some) tileset changes... but i prefer to map and sprite!

                                              !What is needed: 1 or 2 Mappers, and 1 (advanced) spriter

                                              !Additional Contact possiblities: My msn addy is [email protected]

                                              Additional Information: Mappers need too be dedicated, you cant just quit half way through the hack! please and thank you!
                                              I'm Too Lazy To have A Signature.
                                              Old March 16th, 2006 (11:24 AM).
                                              Louiemoo Louiemoo is offline
                                                Join Date: Mar 2006
                                                Nature: Naive
                                                Posts: 16
                                                Okay, im no newbie to the pokemon games in any way shape or form and im very interested in making a hack. HOWEVER my hacking skills, it must be said, are pitiful. I can make half-decent maps using elitemap but thats about it. My main interests are storylines, so im interested in getting a team together to help me out. SO:

                                                !Hack Name: Pokemon Skyline

                                                !Hack of: Pokemon FireRed

                                                Additional Information about the Hack: New maps, new characters, new starters, new rivals, new storyline, new region (possible access to old regions undecided), NO new pokemon, night/day mode

                                                !Finished %: 0

                                                !Current Team: Zilch. Zero. SQUAT. Help ?

                                                !Your Hacking skills: Poor. very poor.

                                                !What is needed: Scripter, spriter, map editor, hex editor, battle editor...basically everything.

                                                !Additional Contact possiblities: email or add me: [email protected]

                                                Additional Information: add or email me for added info.

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