EX: Great City... Street-Tales

Started by Adept-eX January 31st, 2006 8:52 PM
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"Because there are many tales in between the skycrappers and in the streets... this histories will be telled"

Hi to everybody... finally I announce my set called "EX: Great City... Street-Tales"... This set will talk about the pokemons and people which live everyday in a big city... a city with a great conspiration...
The central theme are the live of pokemon left, the main strategy is card than help in double battle... the team work and the combos is the key here...
each card have a small Textbox (yeah... how the old cards ;) ) with the info, history, thougth or explain of the card... (that do more interesting each card)

This proyect is open for any volunteer... in fact I want share ideas... And in this thread I will submmit any resource, blank or art for the use of everybody

That is all... When I can I will submmit any fake do it for me... For now I will put the colorless blanks...

See ya guys ;)

Today I finshed the first art for the set :D... the art is actually in Deviantart and I will use it for do two cards (Clefairy and a Trainer Card) and maybe for a banner... I hope than like you guys... ;)
Here is the http://www.deviantart.com/view/28641486/

Today I finished three new blanks... the special "rainbow type"
I hope than like to you

I'm striking back xD! Well guys, then of a good time without faking I have a couple of good news.
1)First I redesigned the rainbow type, the look is more similar to the Crystal Type Pokemons, so now is more colorful and less darker... better check it out here ->
2)Also I uploaded the new design of the Dual Cards (but this aren't the Dark or Metal mix or Delta)... The design also is based in the Crystal types3)the both types looks mix in a kind of shatterd Crystal.4)With this first duals card I do it too the Trainer Cards
And for finish the news here are two cards made for the set: Clefairy and The Burning Energy

PD: I have to attach the Burning Energy because my PB resized it

Actually I decided remove ALL my resources of this forum... but don't worry... I'm thinking upload again but in another place... surely in my deviantart or in a own page... but that will be only if you want collab with this proyect, if there are motivation or interesing the I won't upload it, because I need feedback for continue
My set don't will be removed... but please, I beg you than rate, comment and feedback my work... I don't anger with the critiques, even this glad me if that help me to improve :)

That is all for now

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-By Adept-eX (me): "GreatCity: Rain" http://www.deviantart.com/view/28641486/


-011 Clefairy: http://www.pokecommunity.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=31600&stc=1&d=1143744158
-??? Burning Energy: http://www.pokecommunity.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=31575&stc=1&d=1143674364


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Chile... although actually I'm lost in my mind xDDD
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Thanks for the comments guy :)
and yeah... I submmited these blanks for the public use... in fact I want see the kind of card can be created with those blanks ;)... I want do the set "EX: Great City" with many fakers... I want see each style... the set is about the team work ^^
Actually I'm doing anothers blanks...

And yeah... I like very much the curve in the illustration border in your blanks Cascade so I decided do some similar in my blanks... that looks cool :cool: ...

Today I will submmit the blanks with the types water, fire, psychic and grass

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im sorry, i cannot be part of the prodcution of this set.. im really busy with something... EXTREMELY extremely new and awesome and cool and blah blah blah... not even my own twin (blennix) knows what im doing hehehehehe!

also, this is totally off topic but i have to say this! I DO NOT WANT ANY OF MY CARDS PRINTED AT ALL WITH OUT MY CONCENT AND PERMISSION! as i do not know what will be done with these cards and i can get into seriouse trouble! PLEASE! or i may have to remove you friends list and cease to continue making fakes.!

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Whoa there! Are you famous around the country or something?
Because Im sure even if people print cards with your name on them, nothings really going to happen unless they attempt to sell the cards and/or try to obtain a profit. But by all means I do not participate in that kind of activity, all I show is my family, and they ain't gonna do crap about it. But if your not okay with it then I will stop printing the cards.
Sorry to stress you =O It will not happen again.

I'm sure what your working on is going to be cool.
Well for now I'm off.


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Chile... although actually I'm lost in my mind xDDD
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Well... The card use in the blanks of Great City looks awesome... Nya! I so happy for the result with my blanks :)
Well... but "harrybitzo" also have reason... Is preferible put a original art or at least a photomontage...

And Today I submmit the Shining cards... The next ones are the EX cards

Great Chikorita

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Your new cards are cool!!!

Anyway, I have seen some errors on the cards Here they are:

On the Burning Energy card:

The texts seems kinda broken, they should say:

Burning Energy provides 3 (F) energy.

When you attach this card from your hand to 1 of your Pokemon,
Put 3 damage counters on that Pokemon. If the Pokemon Burning Energy is attached to attacks, You may discard all energy cards attached to that Pokemon (including this one). If you do, all Defending Pokemon are now Burned and put a damage counter on each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon (if any).

On the Clefairy Card:

Illus. Text is not good. Right Font and size, but the placement is wrong.
(You should move it down a little bit)

Energy Placements: The First Energy Symbol Should start in the first circle if it has 3 energy costs.

Power: The texts looks kinda broken too...

Ig Clefairy is in your Bench and your Active Pokemon is a Basic Pokemon with 40 HP or less and has 2 or more damage counters than Clefairy, you may switch Clefairy with your active Pokemon.

The Attack Effect: Broken...

If Clefairy has any (W), (G), or (P) energy cards attached to it, you may discard one of those energy cards and remove up to 3 damage counters from 1 of your Pokemon

Notes: Bold and Underlined texts above are the ones suggested.

Other than that, Good! ^_^

Hope that helps!

Burning Energy = 9/10 (Good Effect)
Clefairy = 9/10 (Good Effect too ^_^)

Keep it up!

PS: Hope you post more cards soon!