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    this is a fic I made a loooooong time ago, and for those of you who might wanna read it (or re-read) yes, I am aware of the bad grammar and that most of stuff like the Nidoking evolving too fast is crap, but i dont wanna redo it, so you'll just have to live with it =P Anyways, I'll post a few chapters for now, and if i get positive feedback from people i'll post some more no need in posting something people dont read...

    Chapter 1.
    The Adventure Begins.

    It all started in Denmark, a little country in Scandinavia. Svenstrup was the father of two pokémon trainers called Pelle and Tauriel; he only saw them when they were on short visits home because they always were around to collect badges in other countries. Tauriel, the older of the two kids, already had 6 badges and Pelle only had 3. Then one day when his kids were home for a visit they gave him a little round gift, inside the package was a Pokéball.

    "Now dad. We want to see you in a pokémonbattle before you get too old. Now let's step outside and see what you're made of, if it gets too confusing for you just ask me for advice." Tauriel grinned as she said these words to her dad who looked puzzled. "You will fight Pelle; he's the weaker one of us. If you fought against my pokémon you would simply loose the battle as easy as nothing." As Tauriel finished this sentence Pelle threw himself at her. "You can fight dad, I’m not a bad trainer!" Esholm, Svenstrups wife came out of the house and wiped off her hands in a towel. "Now behave kids! Pelle, instead of fighting your sister prove to her that you are a good trainer and beat your dad so we can get this over with." Svenstrup gave Esholm a sarcastic smile and made a little battle arena on the ground. "Are you ready dad? I will kick your butt now. Go Pokéball." Pelle threw his pokéball in the air and out came a Pineco; Svenstrup followed his example and shouted, "Go Pokéball." From the red and white ball came out a very little Pokémon called Nidoran. It was the male form of its kind.

    Svenstrup had of course been paying some attention to his kids when they were home on visits, telling their stories about their battles and wins, so he knew just what to do "Nidoran use your tackle." The little pokémon obeyed Svenstrup and began running towards Pineco with fury and speed. "Pineco, avoid the attack by using your dig and then knock it out." Pineco started to spin dangerously around and Nidoran had to stop its attack not to get hurt. Dirt and grass flew up to all sides and suddenly Pineco had vanished into a hole that now was in the ground. "You’re going to take the dishes for a month for making that hole in our beautiful lawn," Esholm looked at Pelle with her hands fisted on her hips and he swallowed a lump in his throat. Meanwhile Nidoran was looking around very nervously, then suddenly out of nowhere Pineco came flying out from under the ground and hit Nidoran in the stomach. Nidoran was thrown up in the air and crashed to the ground. It was lying on the ground as if it was knocked out. "Hmm, I didn't expect a win so I guess its okay. Just come back to your pokéball Nidoran." But just as he said these words something happened.

    A bright light was shining from Nidoran. "What!! You told me it was a level 5 Pokémon, Tauriel, not a level 15." Pelle looked confused over at his older sister who looked just as puzzled as he did. "I didn’t know that, my new pokédex said it was a level 5 pokémon, there must be something wrong with it." She gave the pokédex a quiet whack on the side. They all gazed at the small pokémon laying there on the ground shining brightly, as the light grew brighter none of them could bear looking at it and when the light disappeared the turned to see a furious Nidorino. Svenstrup didn't need much time to think. "Errrrr... Whatever your name is (I need to get one of those pokédex's) use your quick attack." Tauriel laughed at Svenstrup, "It's called Nidorino, dad. And it's not good to use quick attack against a Pineco, try using poison sting."

    "Okay, thanks Tauriel. Nidorino use your poison sting and let's win this battle." Nidorino fired off some weird looking pins (in Svenstrups eyes they looked weird since he hadn’t seen them before). They hit Pineco with fierce and Pineco fell to the ground. It had fainted. Svenstrup had won his first pokébattle over his more experienced son. He felt warmth go through his body, he felt happy. This was what he wanted to do, all his life he had been searching for excitement. He knew he wanted to be pokémontrainer from this day on. Just like his son and daughter. That night he kissed Esholm (who was very unhappy he left) goodbye and started his pokémon journey.

    His adventure went smooth and he won a couple of battles and of course lost a few. But where were he to go? The nearest gym would be the one in Denmark; it was located in the city of Brøndby. As Svenstrup lived in the part of Denmark called Jutland he had to cross a small island called Fyn. On that particular little island he met a trainer he would have some trouble with, his name was Lightning5.

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