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    Chapter one: The lost Sandshrew

    Red sat on the red leather couch, looking out of the window at the bright sunny day outside. It was 5:00, and he could see Green outside. You could spot his stupid spiked hair from a mile away. He was talking pretty loudly;

    "Yeah, so when I went to Saffron with my grandfather, that's when the Alakazam attacked me. It's eyes glowed blue and it tried to make me implode, but my mind power was stronger then his and-"

    Red rolled his eyes. Green was probably chatting up that new girl, Blue. She was really pretty, but ever so naivè. She always fell for Green's stories of amazing adventures with his grandfather, Professor Oak. Red always got embarrassed when they met, but she didn't seem to notice. Green was so confident - no, in fact, that wasn't the word - COCKY was the word he was looking for. Since his grandfather was a famous professor he practically got away with murder. The amount of times he'd heard "I warn you, my grandfather's proffessor Oak" was uncountable. For instance, he shoplifts reguarly from the PokèMart and the owner turns a blind eye to it. The last time someone stood up to Green, his grandfather pulled some strings, and the guy was fired!

    But it wasn't like his grandfather was a bad guy. His grandfather was nice, if not a little overworked. But, Green could be very manipulative if he wanted. Red couldn't wait till Green left Pallet town and went out into the real world, where his grandfather wasn't there to clean up after him. Red smiled just at the thought of it.

    "Red! You're drifting!" the policewoman said. Red snapped from his daydreaming and looked at the stern face of the policewoman. She had light blue hair and was glaring at him.

    "Uh, yeah, sorry" Red muttered, blushing.

    "So, you say that the Sandshrew in question was gone in the morning?" the officer asked Red's mother.

    "Yes," Red's mother said through tears, "we used to call him Sandy"

    The officer rolled her eyes, and sighed, and then scribbled something on her clipboard.

    "Can you think of a motive for this?" the officer asked.

    "Ahem, look round" Red coughed. The officer looked round, and saw the room was full of certificates, medals, and there were five trophy cases, stuffed with trophies.

    "That Sandshrew had won every single PokèRace in Kanto, he was the fastest Pokemon on this side of the planet. We were thinking of going over to Jhoto, but we didn't have the money. That Sandshrew was also a very rare shiny Pokèmon, it was Emerald Green!" Red's father said gruffly.

    "Sandy...!" Red's mom cried.

    "Were there any signs of breaking and entering?" the officer said.

    "No, but we think Sandy was in our backgarden when the event took place. He usually went outside to look for worms, and he used to try and grab the digglets that usually popped up outside our yard" Red's father smiled.

    "Do you suspect anybody?" the officer asked.

    "No, thats why we called you!" Red said in frustration.

    "Now, the last thing I need is an attitude from you," the officer said, and then turned to Red's parents, "I'll call you if anything comes up"

    The officer then left, and Red could hear her tutting and muttering outside, untill she got into her police cruiser and drove off.

    "Red! Will you be a bit more respectful to the police in the future! They're just trying to help!" Red's father fussed.

    "Sandy..." Red's mom wailed.

    "It's ok, Rebecca..." Red's father murmered, and went over to her to comfort her.

    "Can I go no now?" Red asked, but got no reply, so he just got up and left. He went out into the warm Pallet town sun. He looked round. All the houses were spaced out in blocks of four, exactly the same distance apart. There was a PokèMart to the west of the small town. That had only been added recently, upgrading Pallet to "town" status. There was a closed down post office in the east of the town. That was about as exciting as Pallet town got, except for the laboratory to the very south. That was amazing, lots of exciting things happened there. A couple of amazing Pokèmon had escaped from there, and they reguarly heard explosions coming from the place, but unfortunately it was completely cut off from the rest of Pallet town. The few times that Proffessor Oak ventured out of his office, he was very breif. He wasn't the kind of man that engaged in small talk, but he was a pleasent man nonetheless. Still, that didn't stop Red from disliking Pallet town.

    "Oh my gosh! So what did you do then?" Red heard a soft voice say.

    "Well, of course, I ran at the guy. I couldn't let him steal that diamond, or kill that starving orphan, so I just ran at him and..."

    Green's complete lie was interrupted by Red's sjirachiing. He couldn't help it, Green's lie was hilarious.

    "Oh! Hi Red!" Blue called.

    "What're you laughing at, Red?" Green demanded.

    "It's obvious that you're lying! I've lived here all my life, and the only time you've left Pallet town was when you were six, and that was to go to Cerulean city!" Red accused.

    "Oh be quiet, you've spent half of your life petting that stupid Sandshrew" Green was very jealous of all the attention that Red's Sandshrew once got, and he took every oppurtunity to put it down or insult it, or insult everybody else for "gawking at the silly sandrat".

    "You're just jealous" Red said calmly.

    "Jealous!? Of what? Your stupid sandrat that everyone gawks over?" Snap, Red thought.

    "Yeah, exactly" Red said.

    "Tut, at least I can train Pokèmon" Green said, and then laughed. Red went very red. It was true, he couldn't train Pokèmon, he had no intrest in becoming a trainer at all.

    "Y...yeah I can" Red stammered, but he could hear Blue giggling at him.

    "Ha ha ha, you're pathetic. Why're you going so red if you can train Pokèmon?" Green asked.

    "I'm...I'm just hot thats all," Red said, and then thought of something to shut him up, "fine then! We'll have our Pokèmon fight eachother!"

    "You mean have a battle?" Green said smartly.

    "Yeah..thats what I meant" Red said.

    "Fine. Six pm today. Be there" Green challenged, and then walked off with Blue, who did say goodbye to Red. Then, Red realised what he had just got himself into. He didn't have a Pokèmon, and he didn't know the first thing about battling! He'd seen a program about how official battles should go and remembered some stuff. He knew that both trainers had to have agreed to battle, and must register the battle on there Pokèdex, some kind of machine you get after becoming a trainer. He didn't have one of them! Both trainers had to agree which kind of battle it would be, and there were some others as well. He had no idea what to do!

    'Ok, calm down,' Red thought, 'you first need a Pokèmon' Now, Red knew the bare basics about Pokèmon. When approached they would defend thereselves to avoid being captured, although this usually changed when captured. Red knew that Pokèmon were found in reserves, forests, long grass, lakes, rivers, the sea and in trees. Red looked round Pallet town. He was a two hour hike from the sea. Then he clicked - there was a very large tree just outside the Pokèmart. He turned back round and walked back into his house. He walked through the living room, where he could see his tall, dark haired father holding his petite blonde mother, who was still crying over Sandy. Red went into the kitchen, and got out a black binbag. He aired it out, and then went back into the living room.

    "Watcha doing, son?" his father asked.

    "Goin out to try and find, err, Sandy" Red said, not wanting to tell him he was going to climb a tree to find a Pokèmon to battle Green with so he could impress this pretty girl that just moved down the road. Going over it in his head, it did sound pretty stupid.

    "You go on, son. You go on" his father encouraged.

    Red rolled his eyes, and then walked out of his house holding his binbag, ready to capture his first Pokèmon. He heard Blue giggling in the distance, and quickly held the binbag behind his back. He didn't want Blue and Green to see him with a binbag, else he'd have to tell an awkward lie to cover up the fact that he was going to catch a Pokèmon, and his first one at that. He realised they were a distance away, and he began walking towards the tree. He wandered what Pokèmon he would find. He didn't have experience with a wide range of Pokèmon, mainly just Sandy and the diglet that woke him up in the middle of the night. But - catching a Diglett would be impossible. They were incredibly fast, and they would just tunnel under whatever Red put over there heads. And they also had a nasty bite, he remembered getting bitten after trying to play with them when he was a kid. Red could just imagine defeating Green now - that look on Green's face, that look of adoration on Blue's face - it would just be perfect.

    He was knocked out of his dream-like state by a man rushing past him, dressed in all black. He had a red letter on the back of his shirt, but Red didn't see it because the man was running to fast. Then, two men ran past, this time dressed in blue.

    "Come back here, traitor! Surrender yourself and you might not get killed!" one of the two men shouted, but the man carried on running. The two men ran straight past Red, chasing after the other man. Red just stood there, wandering what the heck was going on, but soon they had run out of fight. Red had no idea what to think of it. Maybe it was a burglar being chased, or something, Red thought, and stuck with that idea. Red continued walking towards the PokèMart, and soon found it. It was only a small building, but it had loads of stuff inside it. Then he saw the tree. It was brilliant for climbing, Red remembered climbing it when he was waiting for his parents to purchase things at the PokèMart when he was younger. So, armed with a binbag, he got a foothold on one of the branches, and pulled himself up. He began climbing up the tree, and very soon he was quite high up, and getting a little dizzy.

    As a kid, he didn't climb up very far, as he was always afraid of falling. Red wasn't any different now. As he climbed up the branches, he just kept looking down, he couldn't look away else he'd start to get dizzy. A few more branches up, and he could see over all of Pallet town.

    'Oh my god,' Red thought, 'what if Blue and Green see me!?'

    Of course, this was stupid, since by now Blue and Green were over by Proffessor Oak's lab, but Red kept thinking it nonetheless.

    'Ok, I am WAY to high' Red thought, and started to put his foot down - onto the branch below. His palms were very sweaty, but he kept a firm grip on the binbag. He had gotten two branches down, when suddenly-


    Red was startled by the sudden squawk, and lost his foothold on the branch below. His foot dropped into thin air, and then he fell backwards. He breifly saw the source of the noise, a short stout bird, with brown feathers on its back and a white puffed up chest, but the Pokèmon then flew away.

    "God damn it!" Red growled.
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      Chapter two: The reluctant Rattata

      Red groaned in agony. His back was hurting quite a lot. He checked the back of his head for blood, and was relieved to not find any. He heard the Pidgey squawking in the distance as it glided away. Red got up, staggering a little, and then felt a sharp pain in the back of his leg. Man - he'd been so stupid! He was just glad he wasn't hurt. He could just imagine what Green would say when his mother said 'Sorry, Red can't come out, he fell out of a tree' - he cringed at the thought. Red looked round, and saw his bin bag on the ground behind him. He picked it up, and then looked back at the tree. He decided he better not risk going back up - if he fell out the tree again, he didn't know what would happen.

      He glanced at his watch - 5:15, 45 minutes till the big event, and he didn't even have a Pokémon! He started to panic a little - he had to review his options again. He could climb the tree again, and risk falling. He could ask his parents to drive him to the beach, but that would probably take a while - and then he clicked (again)! He just had to go to Route One -it was a direct route to Viridian City, and it was basically a field with a path cut into it. He'd definitely find a Pokémon there!

      He turned from the tree and began walking back - he wouldn't have to go all the way back to his house, since the turning to Route One was about halfway between the PokéMart and his house. He'd been walking for five minutes when he heard it -



      He looked down at his dark green shirt, and saw the white and green Pidgey crap on his shirt.

      "Blecuh!" Red exclaimed and tried to wipe it off with the elbow of his jacket, but that only made him more messy. Things weren't quite looking up for him. Now, he needed to change before he got to Route One, or face taunting and embarrassment in front of Green and Blue. He began briskly walking back to his house.

      About ten minutes later, he arrived at his house, panting. It was getting very hot outside and he was in a rush. When he got into his house he saw his Dad on the phone and he saw his Mom asleep on the sofa in the living room. He climbed the stairs up to his room and took off his jacket and his shirt. He changed to a light blue shirt, and then put his red and white jacket back on. He hurried downstairs and was out the door quickly. He looked at his watch - 5:27! Red scowled, and then started jogging towards Route One. He'd only gotten two streets down when he stopped - he really couldn't jog all the way to Route One, so he'd have to just walk quickly. He considered just forgetting the entire thing, but then he thought of Blue - with her deep brown eyes, her long flowing brown hair, her cute ass - he just couldn't let an opportunity to show up Green and impress her up so easily. He walked past a house and heard loud laughing.

      "Who would be stupid enough to throw a rock at a load of Beedrills! Ha ha ha!", but Red didn't pay enough attention to it. It was probably Blue's dad - he was really fat, and was always in front of the TV, much like Red was on normal days. But of course- this definitely wasn't a normal day. Red's quick walking soon descending to normal walking, and soon it was a slow gait. When he thought he could go on no more, he finally arrived at Route One. He fell to the ground, panting hard. He looked at his watch - 5:40! He didn't have any time to waste. He got up, spat on the ground, and then got his bin bag ready. He needed to catch something - anything would do, as long as he turned up at the battle with a Pokémon! He looked round for a Pokémon, staring at the grass for even the smallest twitch or movement, that signified a Pokémon.

      "Spear" something clucked behind him. He turned round and saw a little brown bird Pokémon with bright red wings. It made another high pitched clucking sound. Red stared at it for a minute. It kept hopping forward and making another high pitched clucking noise at Red, apparently trying to scare him off. Red waited a second, and the thing stood its ground. Red slowly got his bin bag ready, and was about to leap when-

      "Spear" something clucked behind him. He turned and saw another one, this one flapping its wings, revealing a pale underbelly. It flapped its wings aggressively, clucking and hissing at him. It then hopped forward at Red, and Red actually backed off.

      What the heck am I doing, Red thought, it only comes up to my knee! He got his bin bag ready and was about to leap at the Spearow, when he felt a sharp pain in his neck. He turned round, and got was pecked in the nose by the other Spearow!

      "Ouch!" Red said, holding his nose. Then he was knocked forward by a sudden blow to his head. He turned round, and saw that the Spearow had tackled him! Both of the Spearow flew up to Red's head, and began pecking him violently.
      "Get away from me!" Red shouted, swatting at them with his free hand, but he kept missing them. They pecked him in the face and neck, so he dropped his bin bag and covered his face, one of the Spearow then tackled him hard in the chest, knocking him to the ground, and then they both flew away.

      "Speeearow!" they both shrieked, and then flew away into the distance. Red lay on the ground and watched the two Pokémon fly away, until he couldn't see their red wings any more.

      Red got up, and brushed all the dust that had been kicked up when he fell off of him. He tutted.

      "I hate Pokémon" he muttered to himself. He looked at his watch - 5:43! Red stepped off of the gravel path and into the knee-high grass that was on either side of the route, but nothing came out. He then heard a soft cooing noise behind him.

      He turned round, and saw another one of those birds that he saw in the tree, except this one was smaller. This one wouldn't even come up to Red's knees, and he decided it was perfect to be caught. The Pokémon was bobbing its head at the ground, looking for worms. Red slowly bent down to pick up the bin bag, and managed to grab it. As he lifted it up, the bin bag rustled, and the Pidgey immediately came to a full stop. It stood dead still, and turned its head left, away from Red. Red then held his breath and prayed that the Pidgey would just go back to scavenging. The Pidgey was about to turn and look at Red, but, fortunately for Red, it saw a particularly large worm, and swooped in to try and grab it.

      Red sighed, and then began creeping towards it. He took one step forward. The Pidgey grabbed a worm and then swallowed it whole. Red took another step forward. The Pidgey began pecking at the ground to expose some more worms. Red took another step forward. The Pidgey began digging at the mud with its pink feet, kicking up some dirt. Red took another step forward. He couldn't believe it! He was close enough to touch it!

      Red bit his lip, closed his eyes, and then leaped at the Pidgey, holding his black bin bag out. The Pidgey turned and saw Red just in time. It ran and fluttered as quick as it could, sending feathers everywhere, before taking off into the air. Red landed on the ground headfirst, but he wasn't going to let the Pidgey get away. He got up and jumped into the air, trying to just snag the Pidgey in the bag, but the Pidgey was just out of reach, so Red just fell to the ground again.

      Red heard a lot of laughing behind him. He got up and turned to see a bunch of kids, dressed in bur-berry caps, tracksuit bottoms and white "Viridian city Pokémon Racing" tops, and they were all laughing loudly at Red. Red normally didn't approach groups of trainers from Viridian City, since they were older then him, but this time he was really angry.
      "What the heck is so funny!?" Red demanded, and they just laughed harder. Red felt himself go red in the face, but one of them stood forward.

      "Nah, nah come on he's only thirteen, give him a chance", he said to the rest of his gang, "listen kid, to catch a Pokémon you need one of these"

      The guy handed him a red and white sphere with a button on the front. "It's called a Pokéball. Try throwing one of these at a Pokémon"

      The guy then went back to the others. They all wandered off back in the direction of Pallet Town. Red then felt like hitting himself. Of course! These were the things that he saw on the TV! He felt like such an idiot for trying to catch one with a bin bag! He looked at his watch - 5:47! Thirteen minutes till the big battle - he NEEDED a Pokémon!
      Red looked round, but he couldn't see any more Pidgey (and thankfully no more Spearow). Red picked up a pebble and threw it into the grass, intending to scare out some Pokémon, but nothing. He walked further down Route One, looking everywhere. Not looking where he was going, he stepped right into a hole. He pulled his foot out, tutting at more of his bad luck, and then carried on searching for Pokémon.

      "Tata!" something screeched behind him. He turned to see a little purple rat-thing. It had a purple back and a white underbelly and large front teeth that looked quite menacing. It had a tail that curled into a circle at the end, and it had glaring red eyes.

      It took Red a minute to stop staring at it and reach for the Pokéball in his pocket, but it was to late. The Rattata ran at him, and leaped at his groin, and opened its mouth and...

      "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Red screamed. The Rattata then leaped off of Red, and started to scurry away. But even through his excruciating pain, Red wasn't going to let this one get away. He took the Pokéball out of his pocket and then weakly threw it at the Rattata. The Rattata didn't see it coming, and it hit his back. The Pokéball then automatically opened, and a Red light engulfed Rattata. The red light was then sucked back into the Pokéball, and the Pokéball closed.

      Red looked at the Pokéball, and then the realisation came to him. He'd caught a Pokémon! He leaped up, temporarily forgetting the pain in his groin, and cheered. Wait till Green saw this! The look on his face would be great! Red picked up the Pokéball, and was surprised to find it wasn't even any heavier. He threw the Pokéball up into the air, and when it came back down he tried to catch it, but he missed, and the Pokéball landed on the ground, and opened, and in a flash of red light, the Pokémon was on the ground in front of Red. Red quickly covered up his groin, but instead of attacking him, the Pokémon just stood there. Then Red realised something - it couldn't attack him! He owned it!
      Red kneeled down so he was at its level. It glared menacingly at him, but Red tried to put on a smile.

      "Hey c'mon - it's gonna be ok! Now, what's your name?" Red asked.

      "Rattata" the Rattata spat.

      "Are you a guy?" Red asked, and the Rattata then tackled him in the stomach. It wasn't hard, but it was enough to knock Red off of his balance. "I'll take that as a 'no' then" Red said, and crouched by Rattata again.

      "Ok, look, for the near future me and you are gonna be together, so I think we should at least try and get along. Now in about," -Red glanced at his watch- "Ten minutes you're gonna have to fight. Judging from what I've seen so far, you can fight! Use that thing you did on me, and we should be fine. But I think we should train a little first"

      "Tata" Rattata sighed, and Red took that as him giving in. Red looked round, looking for a Pokémon to have Rattata train with, but didn't see any. But, he did spot a fence.

      "Go and show me what you can do on that fence" Red ordered. The Rattata took a giant leap over to the fence, and its sharp claws came out of its paws. It began slashing and scratching at the fence aggressively, and bits of bark went everywhere. The Rattata carried on slashing and slashing.

      "Ok" Red said, but Rattata didn't hear him. Her slashing sounded like swords colliding.

      "Err...OK!" Red shouted, and the Rattata turned to him. Red saw that there were many many marks in the fence.
      "Show me another move" Red said, and the Rattata began biting the fence everywhere. It used its two front teeth to gnaw away at the fence, and jumped on top of the fence and gnawed at the top of it, and then jumped behind the fence and bit it, and soon was just jumping everywhere biting the fence in every possible area, untill he'd bit a large peice off of the top of it.

      "Ok that's enough!" Red said, and the Rattata stopped.

      "Rattata!" the Rattata growled.

      "What else can you do?" Red asked, and the Rattata gave the fence a quick tackle.

      "Anything else?"

      "Rattata!" the Rattata grunted. She couldn't do anything else.

      "Ok, we better go back into Pallet Town. Heh, once we're finished with him he'll be crying!"


      "This route definetly wasn't this long when I came!" Red panted to himself as he walked down Route One. His newly acquired Rattata was in her PokéBall, since Red thought the walk might make her tired, and he wanted her to be in best shape for the battle with Green. He couldn't wait to beat Green - but what would he do with Rattata after the battle? Red thought he would most likely set her free - but what if Green challenged him again? Or if Blue asked to see her or something? What would he do!? Perhaps he could let Rattata go on the condition that whenever Red called or something, she had to come back. Oh hang on - that wouldn't work. He couldn't shout up Route One. He could just go get her again everytime he needed her. Oh wait - that would definetly not work, he'd never find her again. He could let her go free but have her come back to him every day, but she'd probably just run free and he'd never see her again. Maybe he could just keep her in her Pokéball-

      He felt a wriggling in his pocket. He realised it was his Pokéball, and took it out. It was wriggling! He threw it to the floor, and it opened, and in a burst of red light, Rattata was there. She seemed to be hissing and snarling at something.
      "We're not there yet!" Red exclaimed, but Rattata didn't listen. All her the thin hairs on her back were standing on end, her sharp front teeth were bared, and all her claws were showing. She kept turning round in circles, hissing at something.

      "What's wrong!?" Red asked, but then he heard something, a plumetting noise some distance away.

      "What i-"


      A huge explosion sent Red toppling to his feet, and then Rattata scurried away as fast as her little legs could carry her.
      "Wait for me!" Red shouted after her. Adrenaline pumped through Red's body as he jumped to his feet and ran away, terrified of being hit by whatever had just landed. He saw a purple streak dart to the left, and Red followed her. He heard another crashing sound, although this time further off, and then another huge explosion. Red staggered and fell into the grass. He decided against getting up again, and lay low, waiting for all this chaos to stop. He heard commotion all around him, bird Pokèmon were flying away as fast as they could in terror, Rattata were running everywhere, retreating into burrows from all over the route.

      As for Red's Rattata, well, she had tried to scurry away, but was soon scared for her life. She was looking for one of her family burrows to get into, but she couldn't find one anywhere, she was randomly running in any direction, and then she saw Red.

      Rattata ran up to Red, and quickly pushed herself under his arms. Red smiled - maybe Rattata liked him. Red could feel the thin purple hairs against his arm, Rattata was trembling in fear. They heard another bomb go off, but this time it was way further off, and the ground only vibrated a little.

      Still, Red and Rattata lay curled up for another five minutes, just in case any more explosions went off - and after that, Red decided it was safe to get back up. He looked round, and saw the area was barren of any Pokèmon - they were all scared off by the explosions. Red looked down at Rattata.

      "It's ok, you can come out now" Red said in a calm, soothing voice. Rattata come out of the patch of long grass, and looked round as if expecting more explosions. When Rattata realised none were coming, she crouched down, uncurled her tail and then curled it back up, and then pounced at a nearby stick, snapping it up in her jaw and aggressively swinging it round.

      "Save that energy for the battle!" Red said, and then got her Pokèball out. Red tapped her with it, and in a flash of red light she was withdrawn.

      Red looked at his watch - 5:58! Two minutes!

      Red dashed as fast as he possibly could towards Pallet town. After a few minutes of running, he finally arrived at the ‘Route one’ sign, and he stopped to catch his breath for a minute. Heck, if anything at least he was getting a bit fitter. He couldn’t wait to see the look on Green’s face when he sent out Rattata - and the look on his face when Red defeated him! Red smiled at the thought of it. Of course, what Red didn’t consider was the fact that Green had access to several hundred Pokèmon, and his grandfather was a world-renowned Pokèmon professor. Red assumed that Green didn’t expect Red to have a Pokèmon and wasn’t prepared for this battle.

      Red realised he hadn’t organised a meeting place - what if he didn’t find Green? He’d be humiliated - Green would think he backed out! Red cringed at the thought. He thought about going over to his house, when he heard voices.

      “…so I give him piece of my mind. I told him that my awesome Pokemon Battling skills were not to be taken lightly, and that no Hypno could hypnotise me to use them against the police, and then I gave him a taste of my kung fu skills”

      “Oh Green, you’re so brave”

      Red instantly knew it was Green and Blue. He patted his pocket to make sure the Pokèball was still there, and then put on a fake smile as Green and Blue turning into Red’s viewpoint. Red instantly felt a pang of jealously. Look how close they were! Red glared at Green, but then quickly fake smiled again - he was good at it, he always used to put it on for his mom when he was young so he could go and play with the junior trainers.

      “Red, I didn’t expect you to show up!” Green said, and smiled, showing all his pearly white teeth. “Here to tell me you haven’t got a Pokèmon?”

      Red laughed. “You wish - I have my Pokèmon right here” Red got out his Pokèball. Red expected Green to now get embarrassed and reveal he hasn’t got a Pokèmon - Red was wrong.

      “Great - now let’s get this battle started. It’ll be a one on one of course, whoever’s Pokèmon faints first wins!” Green drew a Pokèball from under his denim jacket.

      So there the two stood, under the red evening sky, clutching there prized Pokèballs, both waiting for the other to begin.

      “Fine, I’ll start. Go Ponyta!” Green shouted, and lunged forward, throwing forth an odd black Pokèball. Out came a Pony-like animal, standing at about four foot high. It neighed and stamped its solid black hoof on the ground. It was a crème colour, and its most amazing feature was its mane - it was made up of dazzling orange-red fire. It was quite a beautiful Pokèmon, and Red could tell how proud Green was at owning him - he knew it was a him now, because he had a completely different look in his eyes to Rattata.

      “Are you just gonna stand there gawking or are you gonna send out a Pokèmon?” Green asked smoothly.

      Red came out of his dreamlike state and then looked down at his Pokèball. “Make me proud” he muttered, and then tried to imitate Green in throwing his Pokèball.

      “Go Rattata!” he said, but with less confidence then Green. Out came his purple Pokèmon, who looked round quickly, and then focused on Ponyta - and glared at him. She had found her target. Ponyta bent down slightly, and got ready to pounce. Rattata crouched down and uncurled her tail and then curled it up again.

      “Ponyta - tackle!” Green barked. Ponyta sprang forward at Rattata, surprising her, and when she instinctively turned round to run away, the Ponyta landed, and galloped after her. Of course, Ponyta was much quicker, three strides he was in front of Rattata. Ponyta then crouched down, and shoulder barged Rattata, hard, sending Rattata flying five feet into a wooden fence. Rattata groaned in pain.

      “Come on Rattata - bite!”

      The Rattata shook off the dizziness acquired from the tackle attack, and ran at Ponyta.
      “Ponyta, get away from the little rat - don’t just stand there!” Green ordered. Ponyta began to gallop away, but Rattata then leaped at Ponyta, and bit her two front sharp teeth into his leg. Ponyta fell to the ground in mid-bound, Rattata clamping her powerful jaws around his leg. Ponyta fell to the ground with a crash.

      “Ponyyyyta!” Ponyta neighed in surprise. Rattata kept a firm hold on Ponyta, disabling him, so he couldn’t get up. Green growled in anger.

      “Ponyta - ember!” Green shouted. Ponyta’s firey mane flared, and a ripple went through it. Ponyta opened its mouth and red-hot embers were spat out. It looked like Ponyta had spat out some red powder, but it was apparent that it wasn’t powder when the grass next to Rattata flared up, almost scorching her, but Rattata leaped back in surprise. Ponyta had a chance to get up, but Green and Red could see the red mark on Ponyta’s leg. Red smiled - he might just have a chance.

      “Make a ring of embers!” Green said, with a sly smile. Ripples flew through Ponyta’s mane of fire, and he fired embers everywhere - scorching hot embers were sent everywhere.

      “Rattata, run!” Red shouted. Rattata ran, but suddenly fire sprung up and Rattata skidded to a stop, and turned and ran in another direction. Soon, the grass in every direction burst into flames. Rattata couldn’t run through the flames without fainting, and jumping was too risky. Soon, a ring of fire was around Rattata, and sparks spat out were making the circle quickly burn closer and closer to Rattata. Rattata looked at Red as if asking him what to do. Red had to think quickly, else he’d lose!

      “Ok, err…” Red trailed off. It seemed he’d have to accept defeat - Green had outsmarted him and his Ponyta was stronger then Rattata. If only Rattata was a water type or a ground type or a flying type. Rattata seemed to be stuck. Green smiled smugly. Red glared at him. He couldn’t lose now!

      “Ok, Rattata, just jump!” Red called. It was the only thing he could do. Rattata would get hurt anyway - it was the only option he had. Rattata took a few paces back, and then ran at the ring of fire as fast as her legs could carry her. Just before she hit the flames, she made a huge leap. Red jumped up and cheered as she sailed over the flames.

      “Ha ha ha! Well done, Rattata, well done!” Red shouted, but upon closer inspection he noticed Rattata had not got away unmarked. There was a red blotchy patch on her underbelly - she’d been scorched. Rattata did a little forward roll as she landed, and fell flat on her stomach. She tried to get up, but collapsed again. Red bit his lip. Maybe he should recall her?

      Just then, Rattata pushed herself and got up. She was a persistent little Pokèmon, and wanted to fight it out till the end.

      Red smiled, and was about to call out a command, but Green was first to respond. “Ponyta, gallop!” Ponyta snapped out of the dream-like stance he had taken whilst Rattata tried to escape from the ring of fire. Ponyta reared up on its hind legs, and then began to gallop at Rattata.

      “Rattata, go under its legs!” Red called, and Rattata complied. She dived under Ponyta’s legs just before he had a chance to bent down and attack.

      “Ok, now use a scratch attack!” Red called. Rattata took a few steps back, and then leaped onto Ponyta’s back leg. She then scurried up onto his back, carefully avoiding the firey mane, and began scratching. She slashed and scratched as fast as she could, and Ponyta neighed in discomfort.

      “Ponyta, run around, try and get that little mouse off of you!” Green shouted through clenced teeth. Ponyta ran around and round, but Rattata held on, slashing and scratching like crazy. But, Ponyta randomly jolted to the right, and Rattata’s back legs lost grip, and Rattata tumbled off Ponyta.

      “Quick, use another ember!” Green commanded, and Ponyta’s mane rippled, and he spat out more red hot embers.

      “Roll out of the way and hurry!” Red shouted, but it was too late. The hot embers landed on Rattata’s back, and although she quickly shook them off, they had done enough. Rattata took a few more steps and then collapsed. She closed her eyes, and Red realised she’d fainted.

      “Ha! Looks like I win then! Nice on though Red, you put up a better fight then I anticipated. Still, I was bound to win in the end. I am after all much more talented, experienced, better-looking…”

      “Ok, I get the point” Red muttered.

      “Come on Blue, I’ll walk you home” Green said.

      “Well done Red. You did better then I thought” Blue said, and then winked at him before turning round and walking away with Green.

      Red smiled. Perhaps he did have a chance with Blue after all.
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      Old May 2nd, 2006 (1:47 PM).
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        The problem with this fic isn't so much the story, it's too early in to tell anything along those lines yet. You should update only when a chapter's finished. Also, that red font is a bit eye-searing in such a large concentration.
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        Old May 2nd, 2006 (8:05 PM).
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          I like it.. Can you please continue?
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          Old May 4th, 2006 (5:07 AM).
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            Originally Posted by Kijuna
            The problem with this fic isn't so much the story, it's too early in to tell anything along those lines yet. You should update only when a chapter's finished. Also, that red font is a bit eye-searing in such a large concentration.
            Ok, I've changed the colour. About the chapters - I'll keep that in mind when I update in the future.
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            Old November 7th, 2006 (1:24 PM).
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              Ahem... my only real problem with this fic at the moment is that the plot seems to be moving a tad slow at the moment, and that you repeat words to often- a thesaurus should help with that. On my personal scale: 7 out of 10, same as my current rating for my own fic. Keep going, and don't give up.

              x x x x

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              Old November 11th, 2006 (6:27 AM).
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                Wow. I'd normally never read a fic like this, but it was pretty good.

                [PM me for my e-mail!]

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