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Old May 16th, 2006 (11:30 AM).
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As you may know already, Pokemon Daisuki Club is a Japanese Official Fan Club for our beloved Pokemon. It has many reactivities with which you can spend your time, as well as Manga to read. There's also a fuction which let's you create your character. You can make Pokemon Money and then buy items whcih you can use fro your member card. Anyone here also interested in Daisuki Club?
I also have a question. Apart from the Team Rocket questions and the question once a week and the games, is there any other way to make money? Cause I'm out of money and I wanna buy the Team Magma uniform (my **** ed luck... >.> I had two Torchic on the game where you get items >.>)
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Old May 17th, 2006 (2:52 PM).
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Uhh...the link says the file is missing. At least that's what it says for me. o__O About your question, I'm not too sure which game you're talking about (if you're even talking about a game o.o), but the only ways I can think of to get money in a game is by beating other trainers or winning prize money at certain events. I'm rather confused on what you're asking. XD;

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Old May 18th, 2006 (3:19 AM).
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Oh that sounds fun and interesting but the link don't work.

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