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I Need Rom Editing Help Please

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Old May 29th, 2006 (11:49 AM).
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Hey guys i just got back into rom editing and its been a long time since ive done it so alot of the elite map stuf and advanced map was new to me, however i catch on easily, i was wondering thhough i found a text editor and a mart editor that were in german, its cool cause it work but it messsed up my game, for the text editor , text now lays over it self and run of the screen and for marts i can now by any item ever made in the mart for no price, CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME so i can get an ENGLISH VERSION of the text and mart editor, i do not want a link to a seach engine if you can help me by sending me a link to a download i would very much appriciate it, or if you could email it to me

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uuum.... you should probably ask this in the ROM Hacking and Emulation forum... since it doesn't really have to do with Pokemon.

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