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Old March 7th, 2007 (9:15 AM).
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Where do you think is the best place to level up your rescue team?
I'm having a bit of trouble with the levels after the main story. But I'm also curious to know how everyone else does. (So this isn't just a simple question!)

I find the Dojo a good place, but is there better?

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Old March 7th, 2007 (1:58 PM).
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I usually go to Western cave and train because there are alot of floors and once you hit the 40th floor there are high level Pokemon which gives you alot of EXP points

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Old March 10th, 2007 (3:58 AM).
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Western Cave and the Dojo are the best places to train IMO. (Prefered: Western Cave)
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Old March 15th, 2007 (4:10 AM).
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If they are weak~The dojo place. Any others..probably still the dojo place~The only one I bother to go to x3

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Old April 5th, 2007 (4:26 AM).
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i train in dugeons and not in the dojo
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Old April 13th, 2007 (7:35 AM).
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I don't know the best place to train on rescue team but i do on pkm Diamond and Pearl, I managed to level up 10 lv 1-19 pokemon in an hour or so!

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Old April 13th, 2007 (5:29 PM).
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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I don't know the best place to train on rescue team but i do on pkm Diamond and Pearl, I managed to level up 10 lv 1-19 pokemon in an hour or so!
1. This could qualify as spam

2. We aren't talking about D/P here. There's a different section for that.

Moving on...

Lessee, did I already Okay, then...

My preferred spot for training is in the dungeons where you encounter the "uber" Legendaries (Magma Cavern, Western Cave, etc). The points really rack up once you get to the lower floors.
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