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    How do I make new formes in the og, NDS D/P

    Hi! So, I'm extremely new to rom hacking, and I've been gathering some tutorials here to make a ROM Hack for me and my group of friends. It's nothing too special, I just wanted to put Diamond and Pearl on the same level as Pokémon Platinum. So far the tutorials I've gathered seem to cover most...
  2. E

    I need someplace for me to remember my desired HG/SS/Diamond teams ._.

    Because I hate having to search my posts in DLTMSA every so often just to find the teams I've thought up. So, anyways... Keep in mind I'm not trying to get the BEST teams for competitive battling or anything, and also keep in mind the translations for the Diamond team's nicks aren't the best...
  3. L

    Change of Pokemon Lineup (Pokemon Diamond Update #4)

    Hey guys. Well I am back with a update of Pokemon Diamond. I am bit further towards the game. I captured 3 Pokemon. They are: Pachirisu Level 8 (It was Level 7, but it got leveled up) Buizel Level 7 Shellos Level 7 (In Box 1) And I switched Shinx, Psyduck, and Magickarp to use Pachirisu...
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    Pokemon Diamond Update #3

    Hey guys. Back again with another update about Diamond. Well I DID IT! I beat Roark! Man, I thought I wasn't going to win, but he was pretty easy. He brought out Geodude Level 12, Onix Level 12, and Cranidos Level 14. And I used Psyduck all the way through. Beat Geodude and Onix all in one shot...
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    Pokemon Diamond Update #2

    Hello again. Well just a few minutes ago I been playing some Diamond and I thought I will share some stats with of what I got done so far. Monferno Level 17 Shinx Level 10 Starly Level 10 Magickarp Level 12 Onix Level 11 Psyduck Level 7 In minutes time: Monferno, Magickarp, Onix, and Psyduck...
  6. L

    Pokemon Diamond Update

    Hello, I am back once again. This time I am going to list the Pokemon I caught so far in the game. Chimchar ----> Monferno(Level 14) Starly(Level 8) Onix(Level 9)* Shinx(Level 5) Bidoof(Level 5) Zubat(Level 5) Geodude(Level 6) *In Bold = The newest Pokemon I captured Yeah right now I got...
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    Pokemon Diamond Renewed My Interest

    Hello again, I am back with my rambling. This time I want to talk about Pokemon Diamond. As you can see I been playing the game and I got a few things I want to say about it. First off, I really LOVE IT! I am starting to get better at it each time I play. So far I got four Pokemon. The...