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pokemon fire red

  1. -Dragonsden-

    FireRed hack: Pokémon Team Rocket Edition: Dragonsden Version (complete Kanto and Sevii included, Johto and DLC coming soon)

    Note: Firstly done in Spanish, has been translated by a small work team and me (Dragonsden). "Fire Red: Rocket Edition" created by Colonelsalt is a different game. Discord: https://discord.com/invite/RZbwgYTk6R Twitther: https://twitter.com/Dragonsden95 The main goals of this ROM hack are...
  2. Typomeme

    [Pokemon Fire Red] Blocks of Title Screen

    Hello guys, I'am working on making my own titlescreen of Pokemon Fire Red. But when I start the game, there's undesire blocks appear on my titlescreen. I've replacing the fire image and charizard with transparent image, but there's still 4 blocks appear. Anyone can help me to fix this, please...
  3. P

    FireRed hack: Sword and Shield Ultimate GBA English Version (Complete v3.1.4)

    Hi Everyone! I've been obsessed with the idea of GBA demakes for later games for a little while now. I stumbled across PCL.g and Jean star's Sword and Shield GBA game. There are a few versions of this game floating around online. The regular version and an ultimate version. The regular version...
  4. Charlpx

    [FireRed] Questions About Move Tutors

    Hello everybody! I'm adding new Move Tutors to my hack rom and I'd like to know if it is possible to make the Tutors teach more than 1 move. Like, if you press "No" at the first move suggested, another dialogue box pops up, suggesting another move. Also, if it's possible to make them teach the...
  5. T

    5th Gen Pokemon BW- Have you Played It?

    It looks pretty entertaining with all the twists and stuff. What do y'all think?
  6. P

    [Graphics] i have messed up very badly and hex maniac advance won't let me import over it

    I was trying to edit the battle text box in FireRed using Hex Maniac Advance, but something went horribly wrong at some point (somehow), and now it looks like this: Worth noting that the top right pieces of a text box aren't even part of the tileset. I tried grabbing a clean ROM of FireRed to...
  7. N

    Seeking Assistance: Memory Allocations for HP and EXP in Pokémon FireRed Version 1.1 GBA

    Hi Everyone, I'm exploring the memory of Pokémon FireRed Version 1.1 to understand how the game stores HP (Hit Points) and EXP (Experience Points) values. I've been using the Bizhawk emulator for RAM search and noticed that memory address 0018 changes when opponents attack. However, I'm...
  8. P

    FireRed hack: Fire Red for SF2000

    Hey! SF2000 retro handheld has trouble running GBA games and with FR&LG just having poor perfomance in wild battles, I decided to look into that and figure out why it lags only in wild pokemon encounters when Gen III works without problems. Turns out that the battle transition for wild...
  9. O

    Script: Couple of Scripts I reworked for ease of use and modding.

    Hey there, I made some easy to replace Scripts so that editing would become simpler for the newer people here! Just a heads up, the flags that are recommended for use are 1200 and 1300 flags, since those aren't in use. Just replace the XX in the script, and remember to keep track of what flag...