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random pokemon

  1. pokemon fan person

    generation 1 pokemon!!! (by a random pokemon generator)

    drowzee abra chansey alakazam dratini seadra horsea primeape rhydon machamp porygon flareon rhyhorn slowpoke ditto muk poliwrath nidoran ninetales also i like how it generated seadra and then right after, horsea
  2. pokemon fan person

    random not fully evolved pokemon for no reason

    scorbunny, mienfoo, wooper, luxio, oshawott, silicobra, machop, wailmer, sealeo, nidorino, ferroseed, darumaka
  3. pokemon fan person

    random names of pokemon for no reason

    dracozolt runerigus dragonite celebi garchomp lugia probopass slowking boldore nihilego parasect umbreon cresselia arcanine chimchar celesteela