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[Gen 9] Cold Scarlet

  • This is a travel journal for my Pokemon Scarlet - Ice types only playthrough I'm doing atm.

    I've got a rough team planned out, but may or may not deviate from this as the game progresses:
    -Alolan Sandslash (starter)

    ---Session 1---

    I briefly tinker around with the character creator to make something less boring than the default templates =P


    After I'm through the intro I immediately turn off autosave as soon as I can. I progress the 'story' until I get to pick a starter. Taking no detours and not doing any exploration just yet.
    I of course tell Nemona I don't want to be friends. Which works for now, but it'll be forced on me soon enough. Ugh. It's a pity I can't leave without fighting her...

    I of course pick the grass cat. Even if it's temporary, the other starters just don't compare!
    I win against the Water Duck and continue on until the game's catching tutorial. I catch the Lechonk as I need something to trade away so that I can trade in my Ice type 'starter' anyway.


    I continue on till I get to the Miraidon Koraidon detour. I'll come back for all the items later, once I've traded in my Ice type starter. After getting carried out of the cave like a piece of luggage by Koraidon I head for the Lighthouse and have a battle with Arven. I go up the lighthouse for some views as Nemona blabbers on. Pity I couldn't just ditch her...

    After going down the lighthouse I dash along the path straight towards Los Platos, ignoring the trainers and wild Pokemon, though I did keep an eye out for any potential shinies and I catch an Igglybuff so I can send over a Pokemon holding an Ice stone alongside the egg. Kanto Sandshrew evolves at level 22, so I'll be using the Ice stone on my Alolan one at level 22 as well. I highly doubt I'll find an Ice Stone until much later in the playthrough so I'm just trading one in.

    I take the Pokemon Center 101 class from Nemona and the clerk.
    Box access and Poke Portal are now unlocked, so... it's time to trade in my Ice type 'starter' =D
    After a short jog the egg hatches and I have my first Ice type for this playthrough =3


    I then save and quit for a bit so that I can shove my Pokemon Violet Living Dex into my Scarlet boxes through Pokemon Home =D I really needed the box space in Violet lol
    Well not quite 'living' just yet due to the Scarlet exclusive legedaries, but I'll be getting them during this playthrough so...

    Upon loading back into the game I put Alolan Sandshrew into the front and use the nearest trainer on the way back to the start for switch training as my newly hatched Alolan Sandshrew is level 1. Beating the trainer's Lechonk gets me to level 4. I then go to the other ignored trainer and slowly Scratch it's Tarountula down with Alolan Sandshrew, which took like 5 turns lol. It gave Sandshrew enough Exp to level up to level 5, which is starter level so its now time to ditch the Grass cat. Into the boxes the kitty goes. :sadwick:

    Trading in Alolan Sandshrew as the 'starter' because it's exclusive to Violet. I could use Alolan Vulpix, but I've already used that line before whereas I've never used Alolan Sandshrew on a playthrough. Which is basically the theme for my Ice types only team: dual types that are part Ice type that I've preferably never used on a playthrough before (except Mamoswine), that are actually catchable before postgame (so no Iron Bundle :sadwick:)...

    Anyway... first session done. Backtracking for items and doing some training next session =3

    ---Session 2---

    I double all the way back to Cabo Poco through Poco Path to search for items. I battle a wild Azurill and two Lechonk on the way over for some experience to reach level 6 and Sandshrew learns Powder Snow.
    I try to go down and enter the Houndour cave, but the game won't let me. Later then, I guess.
    I fight some more wild Pokemon once back in South Province Area 1 until I reach level 7, and then level 8.

    I fight Youngster Luka and defeat his Chewtle with 2 scratches. I continue exploring.
    I fight Alberto the Worker. I defeat his Shinx with 3 scratches. I get a Thunder Wave TM as a prize from a league rep.
    Next I fight Carlota the Student. Two Scratches deals with her Bounsweet.
    Pere the Student. I defeat the first Pokemon easily, but get 1 hit by the Houndour that comes next... four times weaknesses huh? xD
    Let's try and make that our only defeat though. Been years since I saw a Whited Out message lol

    I need the Experience though so... I fight Iker the Courier next. Two scratches win against his Rookidee. Sandshrew reaches level 9 and I have it learn Rollout.
    Hiker Paula's Slakoth is easily dealt with after some Scratching.
    Hiker Lucia. I Rollout till her Rolycoly is gone.
    Ruben the Janitor. A long battle due to Gulpin's Yawn, but a 3rd scratch deals with it once Sandshrew wakes up.
    I fight a couple Lechonk to reach level 10. I use the two Exp. Candy XS I found and fight a couple more wild Pokemon to reach level 11.

    Apparently I have a Metal Claw TM. I teach it to Sandshrew and heal up. I use my Rare Candy that I found to get Sandshrew to level 12. I forget Mist to learn Fury Cutter.
    I go and face Pere the Student again, hoping my Sandshrew is a high enough level now that it can conquer that Houndour. I use the 1 X. Sp. Def I have on turn 1 against the Azurill before cutting it down with Metal Claw. I click Rollout against the Houndour and it misses. Houndour Howls, fortunately. Rollout lands the next turn and I beat the Houndour.

    Back to the city gate to fight Nemona. Three Scratches to deal with Quaxly. And another two scratches to remove her Tera Pawmi from the screen. I get shoved into the City so I explore it for items next. I buy a Muscle Band for Alolan Sandshrew, seems the most useful item atm. I also contemplate getting a Power item, but don't have the cash. Meh, probably don't need it, never used those things before.

    I trigger the Team Star fight earlier than intended while still searching around for items. I Metal Claw the Shroodle.
    I then get the Tera Orb and defeat the second grunt's Yungoos with a Tera boosted Metal Claw.

    I finish exploring the city and then head up to Naranja Academy... that name just sounds wrong to me lol Violet player here =P
    I explore around outside and head towards the front door. The battle junky nuisance is back when I step inside... well let's just get this early game stuff over with shall we.
    I explore the school as much as possible right now and take all the classes I can while I'm here.

    After starting all three paths with Arven, Nemona and Penniopeia I get a call from Jacq... I can already go to Kitakami? =O
    Might actually be worth it for a quick Swinub tbh... first things first though... I go on to the rooftops now that I have Koraidon. Ice Fang TM, that might actually be good for both Sandslash and my Swinub. Oh wait Sandshrew can't learn it. :sadwick:

    Back to school first for a couple more classes. Afterward I talk to Briar to unlock Kitakami. I save and quit for now.


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  • ---Session 3---

    I decide I want to finish the area I came from first, South Province Area 1. I left the rightmost area unattended, caught a Flamigo for my team there in my Violet playthrough.

    I beat some Student's Squawkabilly with a couple Rollouts.
    Which leaves me with Alejandro the Black Belt, who claims to be the strongest Trainer here. I wonder if it's a good idea to challenge him with a single Pokemon that's x 4 weak to Fire and Fighting... but then remember that you can run from Trainer battles nowadays so I decide to scope it out. 3 Pokemon, 1st is level 11. Might be doable.
    I pop an X. Defense just in case. Oh right, I can Tera now. I do so on the next turn and Metal Claw the Rockruff and Lechonk away. Makuhita fakes me out, but 1 Metal Claw on the next turn later and it's gone.
    I feel like if I had waited with challenging that Trainer with a Houndour I could've been without any fainted Pokemon so far. *shrugs*
    Well whatever.

    I head back to the Academy after healing at a Pokemon Center and then try to go to Kitakami to see what level the Pokemon there are.
    I save before talking to Briar just in case. The levels on the wild Pokemon seem okay, like level 9-10.
    I fight Kazuaki the Festival Boy and a Metal Claw on each of his Geodude nets me a win.

    I continue exploring the outskirts of the town for items and trainers. I fight Mayu the Festival Girl next. 1 rollout dispatches her Surskit and two more Rollouts deal with Chingling. Next up... Shinsaku the Ruffian.
    A Scratch followed by two Fury Cutters defeats his Wooper. Ekans is next. Two Metal Claws deal with it, though it does Paralyze my Sandshrew.
    I get teleported back to the road while trying to pick up items near the river, so I scan the rice paddies instead as it's the last area left before heading into town. I fight a couple wild Pokemon to level my Sandshrew up to level 15, where it wants to learn Rapid Spin. I replace Scratch with it.

    Time to head into town. Nemona clone I mean Carmine ropes me into a battle of course. 3 Pokemon, first is Poochyena. A single Fury Cutter and it's gone. Next is Vulpix. I Tera just in case, to get rid of my x 4 Fire Weakness and then Rollout. Two Rollouts and Vulpix is defeated. That Ember did a lot of damage still. Poltchageist can't take the 3rd Rollout turn and is gone in 1 hit.

    I heal up at the 'Pokemon Center' and check the TM machine to see what I need to make another Ice Fang. Cubchoo fur, yea not getting that any time soon lol
    I explore around town for items and talk to Perrin. Since I transferred in my living Dex I can talk to her again straight away. She wants to battle me. Idk what level her team is, but I doubt I'm ready for it with my level 15 Sandshrew xD
    Even if I was I'd have to beat Bloodmoon Ursaluna too.... nah I'm gonna pass for now. Later.

    I find a Kitakami Ogre Clan member in the cave behind town. I save and then talk to her to see what the levels are. Level 75? Oh heck no I'm outta here. I try to run from the trainer to see if it's really a thing. It is. I reload anyway though.
    Seems like a bad idea to try and explore this place fully at the current time. Limited exploration it is. Gonna try and progress until the Festival I guess.

    I explore the Apple Hills and fight Kousei the Festival Boy's Kricketot and Fomantis team by Rolling Out on them like an Autobot.
    Kaname the Delinquent is next. Three Rollouts and the Spinarak and Rockruff are defeated.
    Kaya the Delinquent. A Pooch and an acorn... two Fury Cutter's deal with them.
    Tatsurou the Festival Boy. I defeat Bellsprout with a single Metal Claw.
    Minami the Festival Girl. Two Applins, two knives Fury Cutters and I win.
    I watch some rich folk brag about stuff and look down on people. I save before talking to them just in case. Level 65 Persian. Why is this DLC so weird? The regular Pokemon are level appropriate, but then stuff like this is fixed to a high level.
    I reload ofc.

    Back to town and I head to the river to try and pick up the items I couldn't earlier.
    Makoto the Festival Boy. 2 Rapid Spins deal with his Poliwag and 2 Rollouts deal with his Volbeat.
    After finishing my exploration near the river I head beack to the community center to progress the story a bit.
    After a bunch of talking... I get my Selfie-Stick Roto-Stick... and then later on battle Kieran.
    A Metal Claw deals with Sentret and a Rollout deals with Yanma... after it initially misses.

    Clavell calls me afterward to say I can go to the 2nd DLC =O
    I doubt the leveling will be any better so no thank you. I fly back to the sign that I already unlocked as a Fast Travel location.
    After the talking I fly back to town and head the other way now.

    I explore the area on the other side of the river for items and trainers.
    I fight Kensaku the Festival Boy. Kanto Sandshrew huh... mine's better you know :sneaky:
    I get Sand Attacked and it starts Rolling Out after that so I'm forced to Tera so that I can tank the Rollouts better. My sandshrew missed 5 Metal Claws in a row... ffs. seriously? I got Sand Attacked freaking once, game! I use an X Accuracy to end this bs. Naturally the thing Sand attacks in response. Sorry, but I ain't missing now =P
    Good riddance. I run back to town to replenish my Tera.

    Kento the Ruffian. Houndour... well that's unfortunate. Hopefully the Tera to get rid of the x 4 Fire weakness will be enough. Ember still did a little over half. Two Rollout turns and Houndour goes down. Pawniard next, which takes 2 more Rollout turns to get rid of.
    Naturally I run back again for another heal and Tera Orb recharge.

    I talk to Jacq and get the egg. Might as well hatch it while I have an empty party, even if I'm never gonna use it... what if it happens to be shiny? =P
    I find my first Swinub while searching the area. I Rapid Spin it and then start chucking Balls. It goes in on the second Poke Ball. I name her Ellie.
    Which reminds me, I never named my Sandshrew. I rename him to SantaSlash.... first name to come to mind... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    I fight Rio the Delinquent next, who also has a Swinub. One Metal Claw and it faints.
    Shizune the Festival Girl. Vulpix. I Tera my Sandshrew ofc course. A Rollout doesn't kill it. I didn't see what move the Vulpix uses, but she faints my Sandshrew.
    Swinub, go. Oh Incinerate... well I'm boned then lol
    Second time whited out =\

    I check my TM's and teach Sandshrew Dig over Rollout. Should be able to faint it in 1 hit with this.
    I also teach Swinub Bulldoze over Mud-Slap. My egg hatches running back to that trainer. It's a Piplup. It's the best Sinnoh starter ofc, but of no use to me now =\ and also not shiny =\
    I Tera my Sandshrew just in case and then use Dig on the Vulpix. I wanna see that axe cleave through the ground and smash that vile Vulpix who dared to melt my Ice types! Jk Vulpix, I still luv u =3
    Yep one Dig and it's down =D

    Minato the Festival Boy. Corphish. First Fury Cutter misses, but the next 3 land and it's gone.
    Backpacker Kosuke. Metal Claw doesn't kill and Mud-Slap instantly makes my Sansdshrew miss, because that bs always works on players and never on the NPC's. I switch to Swinub, but Ice Shard misses due to the Mud-Slap on switching in. Second Ice Shard lands and faints the Grubbin. Ugh accuracy drops and evasion are the worst. I switch back to Sandshrew as the Geodude comes in. It's Alolan so I use Dig for that x 4 hit and it faints.

    I accidentally step on a Leavanny and it won't let me flee. It's higher level, but can't really hurt me so I just Fury Cutter it until it faints. I forgot how annoyingly easy it was to step on small mons in this DLC.
    And another one, cutiefly this time. I Metal Claw it gone. Good experience at least I guess? I walk into a Leavanny on purpose for the Exp. I decline teaching Sandshrew Swift.
    I see and ignore an Ogre Clan trainer and defeat another Leavanny on the way out of this area.
    Sandshrew is level 22 now so I go ahead and evolve it =D
    I let it learn Icicle Spear over Rapid Spin. Might need to consider giving it a Loaded Dice once I can get those. Could be good damage.

    Back to the path I go. Tomo the Courier. Squawkabilly goes down to Icicle Spear. The next one as well. the Staravia afterward as well, despite all 3 having Intimidate lol
    I explore Kitakami Hall and double back once the area rolls over to Oni Mountain. I lunge off a cliff into the Sandshrew/Swinub pit and then explore the hills here back to Kitakami Hall.
    I do the story bit with the next sign. Oh right, a trip to Dreaded Den is next. Kinda thought it was Festival Time.

    I need a break. Pretty long session. Save and quit time =3


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  • ---Session 4---

    Up Oni Mountain I go. Hiker Miyu. A fellow Alola Sandshrew =O
    I just use Dig to deal with it. Two Pokemon, probably Alola Vulpix then. Yep. Metal Claw deletes is =\
    I explore the mountain, dodging Salandits and Growlithes all over the place, until I reach Infernal Pass. I ignore this path for now and head up to Dreaded Den. I do the bit with Kieran here and also fight him.
    Poliwag. I Tera and use Metal Claw despite being not very effective. I mean... Tera + STAB.... Another Metal Claw for Furret. Yanma, Rollout would've been nice for it I guess, but Icicle Spear should still do the job. Yep.

    I fly back to town after being peeped on by Ogerpon. After a visit to Kieran's grandparents I get myself a nice outfit that's far better than that lame school outfit =D
    Gonna need to get my hair redone though, not digging this haircut at all.
    Ah yes, Nemona 2.0 Carmine wants to fight. I use Dig on the Morpeko. Two Fury Cutters deal with Mightyena. Another Fury Cutter for Poltchageist. And one more for Swadloon. I decline to teach Ellie Mist.

    I weirdly enough like Carmine more than Nemona for some reason :unsure:
    I fast travel to Kitakami Hall.

    I do the Festival and stomp on Carmine's Ogre Oustin' record with a score of 6.959 :sneaky:
    I obtain the Teal Mask and afterward talk to Kieran to end the Festival.
    I go to the old geezer and show him the Teal Mask. I sit through the backstory for Ogerpon and the lousy three. I talk to Kieran afterward to trigger the next signpost we need to check. I fly back to Kitakami Hall and buy a Fezandipiti mask.
    Time to tap out of the DLC for now.

    I fly back to Mesagoza, Paldea. First stop, a hairstyling salon. I switch to the Half-Up Bun style from the DLC. I head next door to buy a new backpack. Next I buy a bunch of tablecloths at the picnic store next door for the picnic dude in Kitakami later on.
    I check Chansey Supply. No nature mints yet, wonder when they unlock. I buy some gloves, shoes and socks at the other stores. I then change my mind and buy a cap and glasses and swap out my Fezandipiti mask.
    I check what Tera type my Swinub has... Ice. Would've preferred Ground tbh. Oh well, nothing that can't be fixed later on.

    I fly to Mesagoza East, about time I make some progress =P
    Arven calls me as I leave Mesagoza. I head out the gate afterward. This area is probably gonna take me a while to navigate.

    First trainer I come across. Miguel the Student. Crabrawler. Only level 12 so Metal Claw deals with it.
    Martina the Student. I fury Cutter her Arrokuda gone.
    Backpacker Samuel. Icicle Spear defeats his Starly. I'm like way overleveled atm due to my Kitakami expedition xD
    Alicia the Musician. An Igglybuff. Poor thing gets a Metal Claw.
    Arnau the Poke Maniac. Larvitar avoids my first Metal Claw, but can't dodge my second one.

    An unexpected lucky break! A random raid den I check for LP has a Snom, one of my intended Pokemon! Given how all my targeted Pokemon are in an area still quite a ways away (all near the area stretching from Zapapico all the way North to Glaseado Mountain), I'm definitely not turning this down. Flying Tera Snom on the team!


    I inspect my team and to my surprise see that my Sandslash has an Itemfinder Mark? Wth! I didn't even know hatched Pokemon could have Marks to begin with! =D


    I heal up at the Pokemon Center. The League Rep wants me to get 1 more win for a prize. I remember picking up a Soothe Bell somewhere and give it to my Snom. My boi will be a Frosmoth in no time! =D
    Another call from Arven after which I battle the trainer just past the PC, who brags about being oh so dang mighty. Severino the Office Worker. A Metal Claw and Icicle Spear beat mister Mighty.
    Back to the League Rep for a... Shell Bell. Hmm... not sure if that's gonna be helpful.

    Benjamin the Student. Fury Cutter on Sunkern and Metal Claw on Bonsly.
    Laura the Artist. I impale her Vivillon on an Icicle Spear.
    Noelia the Musician. I Dig a hole for her Toxel.
    Andrea the Model. A Metal Claw for the Floette.
    Irene the Artist. A Metal Claw for the Fairy pupper.
    I switch Ellie into the lead after the battle. Should probably let someone aside from Sandslash into the lead too =P

    Clara the Student. Hoppip. An Ice Shard deals with it. Barboach. Ice Shard doesn't even do half. I get hit for more than half by Water Pulse. Switching SantaSlash in I guess, lol. Icicle Spear 1 hits the Barboach. Salandit is next... might be a problem. Should be fine if I outspeed... and I do. 1 Dig and it's gone.

    I try putting Snom in the lead to stroll through the wild a bit. It struggles to fight a Yungoos 1 level lower than it so I have Swinub finish it off. I Tera on a wild Rookidee to see if Snom can defeat it that way. Two Icy Winds beat it.
    I do a Picnic. My Picnic bugs out. I see no table. I don't see the sandwich I make. Yet I end up making one somehow. lol
    I try to play with a ball with Snom, but it's invisible too. I wash it instead.

    After the picnic I fight Adrian the Office Worker. Litleo. I switch to Ellie the Swinub and Bulldoze it gone in two hits.
    I fight a wild Skiddo afterward with Snom and Icy Wind it down in 2 hits.
    A Klawf charges me while I grab my Switch charger. I switch to SantaSlash and Metal Claw it to punish it.

    Cristina the Student. Gastly. Two Icy Winds deal with it. Snom takes a Payback. Murkrow is next. No idea if it has a Flying type move, but I switch in Ellie. Ice Shard nearly faints it. One more then =P

    A Klawf drops down on me while exploring. Swinub Bulldozes it a couple times.
    Amaia the Student. Happiny, which I Icy Wind. I get Sweet Kissed and switch to Swinub. A Bulldoze faints it.
    I arrive at the Poke Center outside Artazon. I heal up and save.

    ---Session 5---

    I try another picnic. Nope, still bugged. I wash Snom and then I double back to explore more.
    Rayan the Student. Diglett. I Tera Snom and use Icy Wind. Luxio is next so I swap to Swinub. I need 2 Bulldozes due to Intimidate.
    Nora the Student. Luvdisc. It takes Snom 3 Struggle Bugs to defeat it.
    Lorena the Student. Hatenna. Couple Struggle Bugs deal with it.
    Alain the Student. Barboach Mud-Slaps me and I Icy Wind. Barboach Rests and I need 3 more Icy Winds. No misses somehow.
    Snom levels ups and evolves due to it being night time.


    I explore all the way up to the bridge leading South to the green area on the map.
    Hiker Marina. Icy Wind deletes Toedscool. I end up down below somewhere with no way back up so I fly to the Mesagoza gate outside and search the nearby area for ladders. Forgot to check them earlier. I can only grab a couple items, but still.

    Back to where I was before I jumped down. Ricard the Janitor. Grimer. Two Icy Winds defeat it.
    Marius the Worker. Voltorb. Two Icy Winds deal with it. Magnemite comes in so I switch to Swinub. 1 Bulldoze does the job.
    I arrive at the grassy area around Artazon.

    I explore around the hills here. Isabella the Waitress. Psyduck. Two Struggle Bugs faint it.
    I'm at the Poke Center on the other side of Artazon now. I heal up and explore the hills North of it.
    I then enter Artazon and explore it.

    I rename Frosmoth to CryoRakk and enter the Gym. The Battle Junky is here ofc... leave me be already you nuisance. Oh, no fight? Great!
    I go to the Sunflora Hide & Seek gym test. One Sunflora wants to battle me. His mistake lol

    Grass Gym Leader, Brassius. Petilil goes down to an Icy Wind. Smoliv goes down to an Icy Wind. I switch to SantaSlash for the Sudowoodo as it's my only mon that can take a Rock hit if I Tera it. Two Metal Claws and it's gone.
    Brassius the Edgy Artist stomped. The battle junky calls me afterward. I switch SantaSlash into the lead.


    I head back for Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan. 1 Metal Claw sends it running. The Klawf eats a spice and gets a pink aura after Arven shows up. 1 Metal Claw sends it into the Yellow. It attacks Arvens Shellder instead of me. Another Metal Claw and it faints. Probably could've defeated it in 1 hit had I recharged my Tera Orb after the gym xD
    We chill in the cave for a bit and eat some Sandwiches and my Koraidon can now dash. I fly back to Poco Path Lighthouse afterward.


    I explore the houndour cave from much earlier for items and get everything but a TM that I can't reach. After exiting I explore the hills around here for items as well. Tailwind TM. Could come in handy.

    I fly back to Artazon and save at the PC on the hill leading down and North.


    Victory Road (1/8 Badges):

    -Brassius Defeated

    Path of Legends (1/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated

    Starfall Street (0/5 Squads):


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  • ---Session 6---

    Time to head in the direction of Levincia... not sure if I'm gonna do the Fire Team Star base just yet.
    Salvador the Janitor. Meareanie. Don't really have anything for it so I just keep Icy Winding it until it faints.
    I check Frosmoth's moves to see what it can relearn. Feather Dance might be good. hmm... for now I just have it relearn Infestation so that it actually has 4 moves.

    Next I check SantaSlash's moves. Gyro Ball would be nice if Sandslash were slower. My nature boosts Speed too. Metal Burst could be good, but too reliant on my opponent. Iron Head. Yeah. I replace Metal Claw with Iron Head, more Power + 100% Accuracy.
    I stare at Icicle Crash for a while. For now I'll pass. If I can find an Accuracy boosting item I might replace Icicile Spear with it.
    The only other move of interest is Swords Dance. I replace Fury Cutter with it. Fury Cutter is nice once it gets going, but often takes too long to get going imo. Kinda need to keep Dig around for pesky Fire types as Swinub is too frail and slow atm.

    I notice my Sandslash has Slush Rush. Really need to consider who I have put up weather then. Would highly prefer to set it up automatically via Snow Warning, but... I used Abomasnow not long ago in BDSP. Vanilluxe is not in this game, neither is Aurorus. Leaves Alolan Ninetales. Could potentially go fetch one... I've already used it before though. Might need to settle for manual set up instead, in which case Snowscape on either Froslass or Frosmoth seems like the obvious play. Would not be opposed to an Alolan Ninetales though.
    I'll leave that decision for later. Don't have to settle on it right now.

    Swinub can't relearn anything good. I check my TM's. Stomping Tantrum. Hm... I kinda like the Speed drop from Bulldoze, but don't really need it badly atm. I replace Bulldoze with Stomping Tantrum due to having more Power.
    What else. Oh right, Ice Fang. Much better for this line than Powder Snow is at any rate. Replacing that too =3
    Ice Shard I need to keep. Priority might come in handy. Could potentially teach it Dig. Not a fan of 2 turn moves though, and Sandslash already knows it. I look up Mamoswine's speed and notice it's faster than I thought. Could teach it Body Slam or Substitute... Flail ain't a bad move though.

    I check TM's for SantaSlash. Agility. Tempting. But with Slush Rush an investment into weather and keeping Swords Dance seems better.
    X-Scissor. Good coverage against Psychic types and Dark types. I kinda want that, but... why bother when I have a Bug type on my team? Let's just leave them to Frosmoth =P

    Frosmoth TM's... Acrobatics... Frosmoth's Special Attack is like twice it's Attack though. Would be nice otherwise. Air Slash though. Only 95% accurate, but.... it's Tera is Flying so this will be good for me. Can have it deal with Fighting types. Reflect, Light Screen and Tailwind also have my attention. It gets Calm Mind too. Oh my. Choices choices.
    Bug Buzz? Oh that's 100% getting learned right now. I replace Struggle Bug with it... hmm... no... Infestation can be useful, but the damage tends to take a while. I'll just remove that.
    Don't need both Powder Snow and Icy Wind so I replace Powder Snow with Air Slash for that Tera STAB. Reflect and Light Screen seem useful, but I'm pretty sure Froslass can learn those too. So I opt to teach Frosmoth Tailwind instead. I replace Struggle Bug with it.

    Well that took longer than I would've liked to decide on some moves lol
    I've started finding Mints in the wild for a while now. No good ones yet though.
    Eleonor the Cook. Slowpoke. One Bug Buzz faints it.
    I heal at the Pokemon Center. I need to beat 2 more trainers for the League Rep's reward. Time to go back and explore the hills =P

    Xavier the Student. Kirlia. Bug Buzz and it's gone. Noibat. Icy Wind faints it. Can't wait to get Ice Beam. Frosmoth is gonna be unstoppable =D
    Zangoose. Lacking anyone with a Fighting move I just opt for Bug Buzz. Strongest STAB move Frosmoth has. Zangoose outspeeds and Metal Claws me. I'm not gonna live another one of those. Might already be too low to try and rely on my Flying Tera.
    I switch to SantaSlash who tanks the Metal Claw excellently. I shoot back with Iron Head and win the battle.
    Frosmoth wants to learn Aurora Beam. Hmm... it's 100% accurate and has higher Power, but that Speed drop from Icy Wind is kinda nice. I did teach it Tailwind though. Fine, I replace Icy Wind.

    I end up at the beach. Monica the Student. Shellos. It just barely lives my Bug Buzz on what has to be like 1 or 2 HP. It fires back with Ancient Power. That's x 4 effective on me, but luckily it's a Shellos and Non-STAB so it does a little less than half lol
    One more Bugg Buzz for the win.

    I come across some Crabrawler, which when evolved would make for a strong team member. Already used one before though, in Alola. and... looking at my planned team... no I'm not picking it over any of them. I cross the watery beach to the other side.
    Felix the Student. Sunflora. Aurora Beam for the win.
    Saul the Waiter. Riolu. Air Slash. Prize money please.
    I pass on teaching Swinub Endure. Up the hill I go.

    Cabbie Pablo. Squawkabilly can't take the Aurora Beam.
    Laia the Dragon Tamer. I feel bad for poor Applin but Aurora Beam it anyway =P
    Petra the Student. Flittle. Bug Buzzes it off. Azumarill, so I switch to SantaSlash. It lives an Iron Head on a sliver, so I need another one.

    I heal at the PC and talk to the league Rep and he gives me Loaded Dice. Oh that's definitely going to SantaSlash. It's why I kept Icicle Spear. I give the Muscle Band to Swinub. Could give the Quick Claw or Shell Bell to Frosmoth. Doesn't really need either tbh, but I'll give it the Shell Bell for now I guess.

    I take the path from the PC towards the Fire Team Star base and get a call on the way. Director Clavell with an outdated sense of what's hip shows up and calls himself "Clive" once more, denying it when called out on it.
    Regardless of whether I do the Fire base now or not, I should at least defeat the guard I guess. I pick a fight with the guard and my Frosmoth is only 2 levels higher. I use my Tera as I'm x 4 weak to his Houndour's Fire attacks. Air Slash sends it into red HP. I tank his fire attack really well now and fire off another Air Slash for the win =D

    After some more talking I double back and head the other way. Probably better to go beat the Electric Gym first and then come back, I got 2 mons with a x 4 weakness to fire lol
    Oh a road block. Well I'm going to Levincia via the beach then. First gotta heal at the PC and then off to the beach I go.
    I notice a slope into the river where I can just jump across before getting to the beach. Works for me, across I go!

    I head right after crossing to go to the beach anyway =P
    Anas the Student. Lokix. U-turn does half my HP =O Rufflet huh. Well my Bug Buzz still does half. I Tera and use Aurora Beam. Rufflet goes down and Lokix comes back in. Two Shell Bell heals so far. I Bug Buzz again after Lokix uses U-turn but has nowhere to go!

    Cristian the Office Worker. Klefki. I swap to SantaSlash, which tanks Fairy Wind excellently and responds with an Iron Head.
    Frosmoth wanst to learn Snowscape. I pass for now.
    Backpacker Arturo. An Aurora Beam for a dead Sandile.
    Beatriz the Student. Alomomola. I tank it's Aqua Jet and fire back with Bug Buzz.
    I heal up at the PC here and double back.

    Cabbie Omar. Varoom, so I swap to SantaSlash. One Dig settles it.
    Lina the Student. Cubchoo. A fellow connoiseur I see. :cool: One Bug Buzz puts it down.
    I arrive back at Levincia and heal up at the PC and get a Stomping Tantrum TM from the League Rep.
    I switch Ellie into the lead as it's lagging behind a bit.

    I explore Levincia and buy all the tablecloths at the picnic store. I buy a Never-Melt Ice and Wide Lens at Delibird Presents.
    Hmm... could Wide-Lens Icicle Crash now... would that be better than 5 guaranteed Icicle spears, however? :unsure:
    I head north of town and get a call from Arven about the next Titan.

    Ernesto the Student. Oinkologne. I use Stomping Tantrum and don't do much damage so I switch to Frosmoth. Bug Buzz removes it.
    I switch Swinub back in and then switch out again on the next Oinkologne. Two Bug Buzzes remove it.
    Efren the Worker. Stonjourner. Stomping Tantrum does not do a lot. It Rock Tombs me for over half my HP. Switching to SantaSlash. Wish I could bring Frosmoth in safely. Stonjourner has like no Sp. Def iirc. Oh well an Iron Head finishes it.
    I navigate back and heal at the PC. End of session.
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  • ---Session 7---

    I head back North of Levincia. Dario the Poke Maniac. Gyarados... well that's unfortunate lol Switching to Frosmoth. I need 2 Aurora Beams to defeat it.
    Hiker Angela. Her Paldean Wooper goes down to a Stomping Tantrum.
    Herminio the Black Belt. Hariyama. Hm... I try Stomping Tantrum, but it does not do a lot. Knock Off does over half. I try to switch to Frosmoth, but get Whirlwinded... lol
    Swinub of course. Could've at least given me Sandslash. And again... seriously? Fine. Stomping Tantrum. Whirlwind me please. It does... lmao. Frosmoth's Air Slash finishes it.
    Found a Dawn Stone in this area at some point too.

    Esther the Student. Ice Fang on Sunflora. It lives, but gets Frozen. Haven't seen my Pokemon get a Freeze in a long time lol
    Another one to finish it off. Donphan. Ice Fang does not do a lot and I take a lot of damage from it's Bulldoze so I switch to Frosmoth.
    Aurora Beam deals with Donphan. Masquerain comes in. 'Oh no, I get Intimidated'.... if only Frosmoth cared about that. Aurora Beam kills it.

    I go down a pit and follow a tunnel and once outside... Oliver the Worker. Varoom. Stomping Tantrum kills it.
    Lea the Student. Snover. Ice Fang does not do a lot, but neither does Snover's Leafage. 3 Ice Fangs do the job.
    Cristobal the Worker. Hypno, poisons me with Poison Gas. Stomping Tantrum does about 1/3rd. I switch to Frosmoth. Bug Buzz ends it.

    I'm surrounded by a horde of Pokemon after the battle and an annoying Sableye faints Swinub.
    I exit the tunnel elsewhere and come across Marta the Dragon Tamer. Appletun. It Protects. You can't keep that up forever. Ice Fang somehow misses. Lemme guess... Protect? Yep. Ice Fang connects, but it lives in the Red. Ice Shard faints it.
    I explore the area, but decline entering the forest area right now. Afterwards I run back through the tunnel.

    Judith the Student. Finizen. Stomping Tantrum gets it into yellow. It dives. Gotta waste a turn. I Flail afterward, but it lives on a sliver. Ice Shard to finish it off. I heal at a new PC not long after.

    Veronica the Student. Greedent. Long battle. Lost count of the Stomping Tantrums and Ice Fangs as Swinub. Switched to Sandslash instead. A couple Swords Dances followed by Icicle Spear and the ugly nuisance gets deleted. Gumshoos, another Icicle Spear.
    Lidia the Musician. Delelele Woop. Two Ice Fangs faint it.
    Hiker Celia. Naclstack. Stomping Tantrum, only half? =O Another Stomping Tantrum faints it. Hariyama is next so I go into Frosmoth. I get Faked Out, but get to move anyway. Air Slash x 2 and it's down. Flareon is next. I go SantaSlash and hope I outspeed. I do. Dig 1 hits Flareon.

    Lorenzo the Student. Finneon. Two Stomping Tantrums. Qwilfish. A switch to frosmoth and a Tera Air Slash.
    Swinub evolves into Piloswine at last! I have it remember Ancient Power straight away and forget Flail.
    I heal at the nearby Zapapico PC. The League Rep gives me a Punching Glove.
    I check my inventory and give Frosmoth a Wise Glasses.


    Gerard the Student. Stomping Tantrum defeats the Lycanroc. Scyther Double Hits and Wing Attacks me and I ancient Power it.
    Backpacker Lander. Impidimp. Stomping Tantrum.
    My Ellie evolves into a Mamoswine =D
    Aitana the Student. I Ice Fang the Lilligant and then the Vespiquen.
    Eva the Dragon Tamer. Hydrapple can't take an Ice Shard.


    I fly back to Zapapico and heal up and explore the town. I run through the tunnel next to it a bunch of times as Snorunt can spawn here.
    I see one eventually. Male. Nope.
    I give up for now. Should be able to more easily find one not long from now. I run through the tunnel and jump down.
    Jorge the Student. Komala, level 18? =O Well Stomping Tantrum punts it then lol

    I get forced to knock out some wild Tauros as they just won't HECKING LEAVE ME BE. Tried to flee initially, but got stuck in a chain of encountering them the second when I exit the battle lol

    Mercedes the Student. Rellor. Ancient Power. Next please.
    Abel the Worker. Greedent. Stomping Tantrum. Greedent lives in red and uses Body Press on me. I finish it with Ice Shard.
    Valentin the Student. Bramblin. Ice Fang.
    I end up on the other side of the Team Star blockade. I cross the bridge to the PC to heal.

    I then go to the nearby island of sorts a bit north of here by leaping across the river on Koraidon's back.
    I duke it out with a wild Tera Electric Tauros. Frosmoth wants to learn Aurora Veil. Once I have a better mon to set up snow that should be very good. I forget Tailwind.
    Rosario the Student. Oricorio, Baile Style, the fire one. I do have a level advantage and haven't had Mamoswine forget Ancient Power yet. Mamoswine has much better attack, but like... that's still x 4 effective. Yep, it kills. Houndoom comes in next. Stomping Tantrum faints it.

    Ramon the Student. Rufflet. Ice Shard. Drednaw. Stomping Tantum faints it. Drednaw reminds me that I would kinda like Freeze-Dry on someone for Water types.
    Done here. Nighttime.
    Might wanna check that tunnel for more Snorunt spawns. Found 4 before daytime. All male, of course. Where's a Frosslad counterpart when you need one? =P

    I fly to the PC near Tagtree Thicket and go straight for the Team Star base. I fight the kid. Mamoswine deals with his Gulpin and Shroodle with a couple Stomping Tantrums. Forgot to heal at the PC. Need to replenish my PP before taking on the base =3
    I check my bag... like 30 Ethers... might as well use one on Stomping Tantrum.

    Team Star base: Poison Squad. My Pokemon kick butt and I got 8 out of 10 minutes left lol
    Atticus fight. Skuntank, level 32. A Stomping Tantrum faints it before it can do anything. Revavroom is next. Stomping Tantrum faints it.
    Muk. You know it: Stomping Tantrum =P The Navi Starmobile, only level 32 too ? =O
    It Flame Charges me, but does little damage. Stomping Tantrum. Spin Out sends me into Yellow. I wonder if I can live another hit or if I should heal. It's in Yellow so Ice Shard probably won't faint it yet. I heal with a Hyper Potion. Spin Out, 40 damage? Would've live that, I had 45 HP. Oh well. One more Stomping Tantrum to finish it off.
    Time for some cutscenes and dialogues.


    Afterward I explore the base and then Tagtree Thicket for items.
    Malak the Student. Mimikyu. Ice Shard to break the Disguise. Ice Fang then finished it off next turn.
    Pol the Courier. Pelipper. Ice Fang. Protect. Second Protect fails. Pelipper lives in red, but gets Frozen. Ice Shard finishes it.
    Unai the Student. Jumpluff... you poor thing. Ice Shard is probably enough at x 4 damage. Yep. I decline to teach Ellie Amnesia. Umbreon.
    Stomping Tantrum does a little over half. One more. Pupitar. Stomping Tantrum.

    I fly to the PC to heal and end my session here.

    ---Session 8---

    I open the PokeDex and sit through all the rewards unlocking, all the way up to the reward for 390 dex entries. It nets me another Dawn Stone... pity I haven't found a female Snorunt yet.
    I then do the same for the Kitakami Dex. All but 1 Dex reward. Never sent the legendaries in apparently. Not a big problem, need to catch my own Koraidon anyway for the main dex.

    I fly to the tower near the Steel titan. Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan. Not sure who to put in front. Orthworm can have Earth Eater, so Mamoswine is not gonna be much use. I'll just try Sandslash. I chase it around a bit and then fight it. 4 Icicle spear hits... like 1/4th?
    Iron Head does roughly the same without a Tera boost. Two more Iron Heads and the first fight is over.
    I chase it down for part 2. I Tera and hit it with Iron Head. 1/5th? It faints Arven's Toedscool. I Swords Dance and it Headbutts me. Another Swords Dance and Headbutt. I use Iron Head and it's down into the red HP. It uses Sandstorm. Another Iron Head finishes it.
    Sandwich time. Koraidon can jump higher now.


    I fly to Levincia and head to the Gym. Battle Junky stalker is here, of course. No battle again... are the gyms she battles you at fixed ones? =O Fixed as in the gym building itself.

    Anyway... Gym Test time. Gotta help out that silly looking streamer. At least this Gym Test itself is one of the better ones I guess.
    Gotta find Mr. Walksabout.. aka my other stalker, Clavell. The Where's Waldo sections are a bit easy, but I still like the test itself. Why the battles in between though? Oh well. First Gym Trainer. Luxio. Stomping Tantrum.
    Second Where's Waldo followed by second Gym Trainer. Tynamo. An Ice Fang faints it. Flaaffy. Stomping Tantrum.
    Third Where's Waldo. I'd have liked more Where's Waldo and less gym trainer fights, but oh well. Gym test passed.

    Electric Gym Leader, Iono. Wish she had a more likeable character. Also buy some clothes that fit =P Well whatever.
    Wattrel. Ice Fang. Bellibolt. Stomping Tantrum. Luxio... still goes down to Stomping Tantrum despite the Intimidate.
    Mismagius. I Tera Mamoswine and use Ice Fang. Which is enough lol
    Hassel comes talk to me afterward. New classes unlocked.


    I fly to the PC nearest the Fire base. I have a chat with Clavell and then ring the doorbell.
    Team Star base: Fire Squad. 8 and a half minute left and done.
    Mela fight. Torkoal. Stomping Tantrum. Schedar Starmobile. It Screeches. I Stomping Tantrum which sends it into Yellow. I think I'll live a hit with the level difference. Overheat sends me to 55/139 HP. A second stomping Tantrum ends it.


    After the dialogues I explore the base for items. I then fly back to Zapapico. I first check the tunnel again. Snorunt straight away and it's even a Female Snorunt =O
    I catch her in a Quick Ball and name her Yuki. I catch it at level 36 however. I only got 2 badges atm. Does that mean I need like 2 more badges for it to always obey me? Not sure how that disobedience stuff works. I've only ever seen it on pseudos I caught without having enough badges.
    Anyway... I use the Dawn Stone on it and evolve it into Froslass =3
    She wants to learn Hex so I have her forget Bite. I check the moves she can relearn and then TM's. Hmmm... nothing I really insist on her learning.


    I fly to Chansey Supply in Levincia. No mints yet. Really need to change Froslass' nature. Mamoswine has Impish, which is solid. It's not gonna be using it's Sp. Attack anyway. Sandslash has Sassy, which is good for it, especially with Slush Rush. Frosmoth has Gentle, one defense for the other. Not the best, but not hinder-some.
    Froslass also has Impish however... and her best attacks are special. Guess I'll just use one of my mints to stop her nature from hindering her better attack for now. I use a Lax Mint. One Defense at the cost of the other. *shrugs* Better than hindering her Sp. Attack, at least.

    I put her in the lead and fly to Zapapico again. Gonna see if she'll obey me or not on a trainer I guess =P
    Sara the Musician. Toxtricity. Frost Breath deals almost half. It poisons me. I click Frost Breath and I get the message "Yuki Pretended not to notice". Guess I have my answer then. Need 2 more badges for her to listen to me. I switch to Mamoswine, but the punker confuses me. Luckily Mamoswine hits it anyway with Stomping Tantrum.

    I see a wild Sneasel. I'm not sure if I want this one as there's a wild Tera one not far from here iirc. I might keep it if it has a Dark Tera. It does. On the plus side it's level 35, so 1 more Gym badge and it should listen to me.
    I run back to the PC and bench both for now. I find the Tera Sneasel. Fighting Tera. Sneasel can actually learn a bunch of Fighting type moves too. Seems more worth it to get this one instead of the other one. Level 41 though. Gonna need to beat 3 gyms for it to listen to me.
    It also was higher level than my Pokemon. Might need to change my route soon. I'll be using the Fighting Tera one at any rate, once I can.


    Teo the Student. Blaze Tauros. I dig and it Headbuts. It unfortunately only takes half. Raging Bull. Sandslash barely lives. Another Dig beats it.

    I explore the cave. Mihai the Student. Hariyama. Stomping Tantrum does half. It uses a move that fails. Focus Punch? I Stomping Tantrum again for the win.
    Triana the Student. Gothorita. Stomping Tantrum sends it into Red HP. Fake Tears. Stomping Tantrum faints it.
    I navigate the tunnels until I come out of them near Medali. I turn back and talk to the League Rep and heal at the PC. Need to beat 2 more trainers in here.

    I follow the tunnel upwards instead and find an Ice Stone. Would've had to wait to evolve my Sandshrew until now had I not traded that Ice Stone in. Good call, if you ask me.

    Hiker Helena. Gastrodon. Stomping Tantrum. I take a Body Slam and Stomping Tantrum again. Another Gastrodon. Same attacks from both sides lol
    Sandra the Student. Blissey. Stomping Tantrum and it's gone.
    Hiker Leire. Crabominable. Stomping Tantrum, like 40%? *shrugs and does another one* It slammed on turn 1 and missed an Ice hammer after that =P Third Stomping Tantrum defeats it. I opt against teaching Blizzard to Frosmoth. It would work well with Snow, but a lot of fights don't really need it to be set up. Ice Beam is really strong and is accurate regardless of weather.

    The tunnel ends and I'm on Glaseado Mountain. I go back to get an... Expert Belt from the League Rep and heal at the PC.

    Back through the tunnel towards Zapapico and up the hill I go.
    Denis the Student. Morgrem. Stomping Tantrum faints it. Kilowattrel. Ice Fang faints it.
    Sayid the Black Belt. Medicham. Stomping Tantrum sends it into red and it lands a High Jump Kick. Ice Shard defeats it.
    Tania the Artist. Lumineon. Stomping Tantrum sends it into red HP. Another one. Froslass comes in. I send SantaSlash in. Iron Head defeats Froslass.

    Carolina the Artist. Florges. Stomping Tantrum deals about 60% so one more =3
    Bruxish is next. I switch to Frosmoth. Bug Buzz faints it. Grimmsnarl. I get Sucker Punched which almost kills me (I live on 2 HP) due to Bruxish's Screech. Bugg Buzz sends Grimmsnarl into Yellow. I switch to SantaSlash. It Sucker Punches me again, but Iron Head kills it.
    Abraham the Student. Cacturne. Ice Fang. Wugtrio. Stomping Tantrum after it's Water Pulse misses.

    I explore the green area mainly and opt against climbing Glaseado Mountain into the snow area just yet. I follow a Muddy passage downward.
    Frosmoth is lagging behind a bit and I put it into the lead.
    Mark the Student. Arcanine. Nobody on my team is gonna like that, so switching isn't an option. I go Tera Flying with Frosmoth and Flame Wheel still does 50 out of 120 HP. I Air Slash. Arcanine uses Take Down and I Air Slash again. Coalossal comes in. I switch to Mamoswine and use Stomping Tantrum. Copperajah is next. Stomping Tantrum deals with it.

    Silvia the Student. Toedscruel. An Aurora Beam deals with it.
    Luisa the Dragon Tamer. Arctibax. Aurora Beam sends it into red HP. Another one finishes it.
    I find a Tera Ursaring where I thought a Frigibax was. Awww... :sadwick:
    Roger the Black Belt. Primeape. I Tera just to be safe and Air Slash it.

    I make my descent from the mountains. Andre the Courier. Corviknight.... well dang. I mis-click and use Aurora Veil... It taunts me. lmao, appropriate.
    Aurora Beam. It attacks me and I barely live. Aurora Beam finishes it.

    I make it to the Medali PC and heal up and talk to the League Rep. Need to beat 5 more trainers.
    I also catch a Ditto that was disguised as an Electrode. I run back towards the tunnel.
    Hiker Mar. Mudsdale. Aurora Beam defeats it.
    I run back towards Medali again picking up some more items and I heal up at the PC.
    End of session.


    Victory Road (2/8 Badges):

    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated

    Path of Legends (2/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated

    Starfall Street (2/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated


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  • ---Session 9---

    I explore around Medali first and then head up the hill to the gate to Area Zero.
    Isaac the Scientist. Magneton, but it's only level 30 so I just Bug Buzz twice.
    Backpacker Kevin. Girafarig.... level 17? =o Bug Buzz.
    Felipe the Scientist. Gulpin. Aurora Beam. Magnemite. Aurora Beam crits, but lives due to Sturdy. It Paralyzes me and ofc I instantly get Para haxed. Aurora Beam lands next turn. I end up jumping down before finishing this area for some items on Cascarraffa's walls. I explore the bottom area now that I'm here.

    I fly back to Medali. I save and quit the game as a lot of NPC's are glitching in and out of existence. I don't recall having this issue as bad in Violet... well anyway....
    After loading back in I head back into the hills again. I finish off exploring this area and jump down to the highest part of Cascaraffa. I get roped into delivering a geezer's wallet.
    I finish exploring the place and fly back to Medali. Time to explore the area around it.

    Sheila the Musician. Pawmo. Air Slash.
    Coral the Student. Dedenne. Aurora Beam.
    Salma the Model. Drifblim. Aurora Beam. Turns into a Zorua and faints. The real Drifblim I guess? Yeah. Aurora Beam faints it.
    Tomas the Janitor. Swalot. Aurora Beam. It lives on a sliver and I launch another Aurora Beam.
    Emilio the Student. Tauros. Air Slash.
    Elsa the Waitress. Persian. Aurora Beam.
    Alfonso the Courier. Altaria. Aurora Beam. Gogoat. Aurora Beam. Drednaw. Bug Buzz.

    Ander the Waiter. Bergmite. Bug Buzz.
    Daniel the Office Worker. Sneasel. Bug Buzz. Zangoose. Bug Buzz.
    I find a Snowscape TM. I've finished exploring the area around Medali, basically turning back at every river I come across.
    I fly back to the Medali PC and heal and also get an Amulet Coin from the League Rep.
    I head for the Gym and put SantaSlash in the lead.

    Once inside my stalker calls me and just 'happens to be nearby'... uh-huh... sure you were...
    Nemona forces me into a fight despite my attempt to decline it. Ugh... such a pest.
    Rockruff. Iron Head. Pawmi. Dig.... how does that not mess up the sidewalk? lol
    Quaxwell. Dig is neutral so... Dig. NoMona goes Tera, but it doesn't help her at all.
    Nemona wants me to get 'way way stronger'. With that creepy battle junky look on her face. Ew.

    Gym Test time. I fight the nearby gym challenger. Gisela the Student. Ursaring. Iron Head deals with it.
    Adara the Student. Gumshoos. Iron Head. Greedent. Iron Head. I pay no attention and when I look back my Sandslash has fainted and Greedent is in the Yellow.... Counter I guess? Probably. Frosmoth goes in and Bug Buzzes the creepy rodent gone.
    I go to the PC to heal.

    Santiago the Student. Dunsparce. Iron Head.
    I head into the Treasure Eatery and order the Grilled rice balls with a medium serving in Extra crispy Fire Blast style. Oh and a Lemon to garnish it. All the poor people sitting down to eat are forced to disap00f out of existence as I complete the Gym Test and talk to the waiter again just for a Pokemon fight. Time to bore Larry with his duties.

    Normal Gym Leader: Larry. Komala. I go for the Iron Head. Dudunsparce. Dunno what this knows, but I Tera early and go for a Swords Dance. Glare. I'm still faster and use Iron Head. Staraptor is next. I click Icicle Spear, forgetting about the incoming Tera for a sec.
    It uses Facade and does a little bit of damage. Icicle spear still faints it.
    Geeta comes introduce herself afterward. I go heal at the PC.


    I head back inside the Treasure Eatery for the free Normal Tera change. I change Froslass' Tera from Ice to Normal. This is mainly a defensive Tera tbh. Not sure if she learns any good Normal moves, but the Normal Tera should help her against other Ghosties.
    I fly to the Desert-side PC in Cascaraffe afterward. I save and end my session here.

    ---Progress Overview---

    Team Members on Team: 3/6
    Team Members caught: 5/6

    Victory Road (3/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated

    Path of Legends (2/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated

    Starfall Street (2/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated


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  • Been a busy week so I mainly did some smaller sessions.

    ---Session 10---

    I explore the Desert. Luis the Student. Basculin, level 20. Iron Head should suffice. Pawniard. Iron Head suffices again.
    Arven calls me about the nearby Titan. Yeah.... I know, Arven....

    Raquel the Student. Shellos. Iron Head. Naclstack. Iron Head. It lives... probably Sturdy. One more Iron Head. Seviper. Iron Head.
    Ismael the Student. Clauncher. Iron Head.
    Claudia the Musician. Deerling. Iron Head. Wigglytuff. Iron Head.
    Belen the Student. Capsakid. Icicle Spear. Oricorio, the Psychic one. Icicle Spear.

    I follow the grass covered ramp up to the cave and then turn back. Arven calls me along the way.
    Isabel the Student. Sinistea. Icicle Spear.
    Youngster Hernan. Stunky. Iron Head.

    Back in the Desert. Youngster Beltran. Buizel. Iron Head.
    Fabio the Black Belt. Hawlucha. Icicle Spear.
    Renardo the Scientist. Grimer. Iron Head.
    Gregorio the Poke Maniac. Dratini. Icicle Spear.
    Seems to be it for the Desert.

    Great Tusk, the Quaking Earth Titan. Great Tusk uses Rapid Spin. I lead with Frosmoth and Tera right away. I use Aurora Beam, which is enough to send it running.
    I fly back to the PC to replenish my Tera as I already checked every Raid Den around here. I talk to the League Rep while here. Earthquake TM. I feel like Mamoswine will learn that soon enough and opt to not waste the TM. Back to the Titan.


    I Tera and have Frosmoth use Aurora Beam again. It uses Stomping Tantrum on me :sneaky:
    It's down into the Yellow. One more Aurora Beam for the win then.... after it Stomping Tantrums Arven's Scovillain.
    Some dialogue and Sandwich time later my Koraidon powers up again: Glide unlocked.

    ---Session 11---

    I head in the direction of Porto Marinada and yeet myself of the cliff. I explore the area directly above it and then the town itself, except for the auction hall. Leaving that for last.
    I head back up the hill and heal at the PC.

    Gonna explore the area leading back in the direction of Medali.
    Joaquin the Courier. Rufflet. Aurora Beam.
    Abril the Student. Seviper. Aurora Beam.
    I come across the dumbo that I need to chase to give him his wallet for the lamest Gym challenge of all. He talks to some flowers and dashes off again.

    Yassin the Student. Sandygast. Aurora Beam. Masquerain. Aurora Beam.
    Juan the Scientist. Flaaffy. Aurora Beam.
    Collonade Hollow. Mikel the Poke Maniac. Charcadet. Air Slash. Spiritomb. Bug Buzz.
    Aurora the Student. Cetoddle. Bug Buzz.
    I double back when I reach the bridge on the other side.

    Found 3 stakes in this area so far. One outside this place in a dead end. One inside. Another in Cascaraffe.

    I cross the bridge North. Can't swim yet, but can still explore this area up to the lake.
    Leandro the Student. Mismagius. Level 53... I wonder if I should Tera... probably should've. It Power Gems me. I Tera SantaSlash and Iron Head.

    I revive and heal Frosmoth and faint some wild Pokemon for a level up.
    Valentina the Cook. Arboliva. Bug Buzz. It lives in red HP and fires back with Leaf Storm. Bug Buzz 2; Buggy Buggaloo.
    Ricardo the Student. Tsareena. Aurora Beam. Not enough. Another one. Florges. It shoots a Moonblast and I return fire with Aurora Beam. I live in Red HP and switch to Santaslash. It tanks the Moonblast and faints Florges with Iron head.

    Maria the Student. Ursaring. Iron Head. Just shy of half. Icicle Spear to be safe. 3 hits is enough. Ampharos. Icicle Spear. 4 hits for half HP. Cotton Guard. Ugh, please no. Icicle Spear again. 4 hits just barely don't faint it due to a crit. Mamoswine finishes it with Ice Shard.

    I get a call by Arven again while roaming this area.

    Vicente the Student. Gengar, level 53... not what I wanna see when my mons are at a lower level lol
    I Tera Sandslash and click Iron Head. Not enough. Shadow Ball and ofc it gets the Sp. Def drop. I switch to Frosmoth and it goes down to Shadow Balls. I send Mamoswine in and that dang Gengar uses Destiny Bond and takes my Mamoswine down with it.
    Leaves my red HP Sandslash. I use a Max Potion. I max revive my Frosmoth. I try to click Dig, but Barraskewda somehow outspeeds suddenly. I Max Revive Santslash. Max Potion on Frosmoth. And another.. and another. I keep using Max Potions until it gets a Crit and faints my Frosmoth.
    I send SantaSlash back in. I use an X defense. It crits again... wth? Get that hax outta here! And another... accompanied with a Defense drop from Liquidation. This dude is straight up hacking. I Max Revive Frosmoth and go back to it as Sandslash gets knocked out.
    Max Revive on Sandslash. Max Revive on Mamoswine. Frosmoth goes down again. Back to Sandslash. I try another X Defense. It uses Bite. I Revive Frosmoth. Double Edge. I Hyper Potion Sandslash. Double Edge again. I use another X Defense. Hyper Potion. Double Edge crits and I Swords Dance. Hyper Potion. Bite Crit. Hyper Potion. No crit this time so I use an X Speed. Barraskewda faints itself to a Double Edge at last. The crit hax and stat drop hax were real. If you're gonna hax I'm just gonna item spam =P
    Final Pokemon, Braviary. Icicle Spear. 2 hits is enough.

    Jan the Waiter. Raichu. Thunderbolt. It crits. Ofc it crits. I live and click Dig and faint it.
    I check back with the League Rep at the tower I found... nope 1 trainer short. Done here though.
    I fly to the PC near Porto Marinada and heal. I talk to the League Rep here and get a Focus Sash.
    I explore the ramp down towards the beach.

    Aina the Waitress. Kirlia. It traces Slush Rush and I punish it with an Iron Head.
    I arrive back in town and enter the Auction Hall. I fight the over-eager assistant, Gym Trainer Hugo.
    Floatzel. Iron Head. Clauncher. Iron Head.

    I return Kofu's Wallet and do the Auction thingy for the Gym Test. Lamest Gym Test ever.
    I do another auction for the Rotom Catalog. Nothing else interesting.
    I fly back to Cascaraffa and heal up at the PC. I head for the Gym.

    ---Session 12---

    Water Gym Leader: Kofu. After a chat with Hassel & Rika it's time to fight the geezer who forgets wallets for a living.
    Well anything is better than another Nemona encounter, I guess.
    Veluza. I Tera straight away and Iron Head it. Wugtrio, the abomination. Iron Head is better than three heads :sneaky:
    It's Gooey lowers my Speed though. Crabominable. Should still be faster... Crabominable is slow as a brick. Iron Head. Not enough to faint it, but I get a flinch on the AI for once. Second Iron Head faints it.


    The badge makes Pokemon up to level 40 obey me so... time to add Froslass to the team. Caught it at level 36 so should obey me now right... like... the rest of my team was caught below level 20 and they never disobeyed me at all despite almost always being higher level than the badge limit =P
    Gonna need another Gym Badge for Weavile though.

    Oh no the battle junky is here.... Oh good, no battle.

    I look up when you get Freeze-Dry. Doesn't come as an TM apparantly :sadwick:
    Well dang. From my Team the only ones who can get it are Swinub and Frigibax, as Egg Moves, and both of those are better of with physical attacks. Wanted to put it onto Froslass, but guess that's not happening. Alolan Ninetales gets it though... perhaps I should keep Froslass until I do the second DLC and then swap it for Alolan Ninetales. Don't really need auto setup Snow until then either. Well whatever.

    I give Froslass my Never-Melt Ice and put her in the lead as she has some catching up to do. I fly to Dalizapa Passage, and then run all the way up to where the snow area starts.

    I explore Glaseado Mountain.
    Edgar the Courier. Delibird. Frost Breath faints it.
    I then fight a couple wild Banette near Montenevera for experience.
    I step inside town boundaries to unlock the fast travel and then head back where I came from.

    I find an Ice Beam TM and a black stake in the water areas going down off the side. Frosmoth wants to learn Quiver Dance after beating up a Lokix that charged me. Don't mind if I do! I have it forget Aurora Veil.
    I fly back up to the town. I heal to replenish my Tera and also check the TM machine for what I need to gather for a second Ice Beam TM. I want to teach it to both Frosmoth and Froslass.
    5 Cryogonal Pearl, 3 Shelder Pearl, 3 Delibird Parcel. The Shelder Pearl is gonna be tricky atm, but the rest is here on the mountain.

    I explore the town, but not the Gym and dash off to the path I was on earlier. I faint a Delibird and get 3 Delibird Parcel straight away.
    I find an Icy Rock as a sparkly item. Good, saves me having to find one. Need Snowscape on Froslass first though.
    Marcos the Black Belt. Pawmot Frost Breath. Thunder Wave. Spark. Frost Breath.
    I knock out a Cryogonal for 2 Cryogonal Ice. Another one for 3 Cryogonal Ice.
    I teach Froslass Snowscape and arrive at the PC near the Ice gym. I get a Blizzard TM from the League Rep. I heal up of course.
    End of session I guess.

    ---Progress Overview---

    Team Members on Team: 4/6
    Team Members caught: 5/6

    Victory Road (4/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated

    Path of Legends (3/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated
    -Great Tusk Defeated

    Starfall Street (2/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated


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  • ---Session 13---

    I leave the Ice Gym behind me and head back out. I find a wild Tera Froslass. Ghost? Meh, I'm more interested in out of pocket picks for Teras for the sake of coverage or defensive advantage. It's 5 levels over my Froslass. I Tera my Froslass and fire off three Hexes to faint it.
    Anna the Dragon Tamer. Dragonair. Frost Breath misses and Dragonair starts spamming Agility. Next Frost Breath lands and down it goes.
    I end up back at the Ice Gym, so I go back a bit and follow the other path.

    Martin the Courier. Tauros. Frost Breath sends it into Yellow. One more to finish it. I find a Modest Mint while exploring. Should be great for Froslass and Frosmoth.
    Julia the Musician. Toxtricity. Two Frost Breaths deal with it.
    Hiker Nancy. Sandaconda. Frost Breath.
    I briefly leave the snow area to climb a tower to unlock a fast travel point here.

    Back onto the Mountain I go!
    Ellie wants to learn Earthquake. I have it forget Ancient Power.
    Further up the mountain I find a Tera Frigibax. Level 40? Can I already use that or do I need another badge.... it does say 'up to level' every time it increases. Dark Tera though. Not that thrilled about that. A couple Icy Winds breaks it's Tera and I can start chucking balls. It's snowing so most of it's attacks are missing lol
    I catch it. I had a nickname in mind that I liked for this one, but seem to have forgotten it :sadwick:
    Edit: Oh... I remember... I was gonna call it BaxtreetBoy... one problem... it's a girl so... BaxtreetGirl...? Eh fine with me.


    I run up and down the Mountain a bunch of times to scan for items. I only explore the right side of the river and then fly back to Montenevera. I heal up and head for the Gym. I want to beat the Gym so that I can use my remaining two team members =3
    I give Froslass the Icy Rock to hold. I teach Froslass Ice Beam and have it forget Icy Wind. I also teach it Blizzard over Icy Wind. Kinda wish I had a Shadow Ball TM.

    I enter the gym and of course my stalker is here. I try to decline the fight and she runs off because she needs to swap her Pokemon.
    Gym Test time. First battle. Gym Trainer Tas. Shuppet & Greavard. I just use Hex and Icicle Spear.
    Gym Trainer Lani. Misdreavus & Haunter. Same moves.
    Gym Trainer MC Sledge. Drifblim & Sableye. Same moves yet again. Hex doesn't kill the Sableye though. I repeat the moves on Sableye.
    The rapping granny shows up. I try tellin Ryme I'm here for a Rap battle for a change. Nope. Figured as much.

    Ghost Gym Leader: Ryme. Mimikyu & Banette. I Tera Froslass and Hex Banette. Sandslash Icicle Spears Mimikyu. Both go down.
    Toxtricity and Houndstone. Hex on the lizard and Icicle Spear on the doggo. Toxtricity just barely lives and gets cheered on by the crowd.
    I forgot to set up snow, but it started snowing after the first turn anyway lol
    She gives me a Shadow Ball TM. That's going onto Froslass straight away =P


    Well there's a Nemona battle first. *Sigh*
    Was hoping Geeta would talk her out of it. Lycanroc. It's snowing so I click Blizzard. It just barely lives. I Tera so that Accelerock is no longer super-effective. Goomy comes in. Ice Beam as the snow ended. Pawmo. I switch to Mamoswine and Earthquake it. Quaquaval. Hmm... Frosmoth I guess. I Air Slash it. It lives in red HP. Not sure what move it used, but another Air Slash ends it.
    I teach Froslass Shadow Ball afterward.

    ---Session 14---

    Pokemon up to level 45 will obey me now so I can add Frigibax and Sneasel to my team now.
    One problem... kind need the item for evolving Sneasel. It shows up at Delibird Presents at some point so I fly to the major cities to see if they have it yet. Levincia. Nope, but I buy a Black Glasses & Black Belt, potentially for Sneasel.
    I find it in Mesagoza. I buy 2. Might be a good held item as well after evolving. Not nighttime atm though.
    Cascaraffa... I buy a Dragon Fang and a Leftovers. I then sell a whole bunch of treasure items at the Poke Mart.
    I head to the local Chansey Supply. I buy 26 Protein & 26 Carbos for Frigibax. Weavile... same I guess? Nope 120k short.
    What else can I sell. Selling off a bunch of medicine I don't need gets me to 50k. I sell off all my regular Poke Balls and some Battle Item I don't recall ever using. I sell off a bunch of evo stones and held items I've got excessive amounts of. 160k total now.

    Well Frigibax and Sneasel got bad natures. Can't buy Mints yet. Will need to try and make it into something less hindering...
    Oh night time. I have Sneasel hold the Razor Claw and use a Rare Candy on it. Weavile is here =3
    Weavile has a -Attack nature & Frigibax has a -Speed nature...
    I use a Hasty Mint on Weavile and a Gentle Mint on Frigibax. It will have to do for now. I fly back to the town on Glaseado Mountain.


    I check Baxcalibur's moves and... Ground seems like a solid choice for a Tera, but I already have a Ground type. Dark is kinda meh though, just Bite & Crunch. Maybe a defensive Tera then? Steel/Fairy/Electric/Poison seem like okay candidates. Steel type it is. Might bait some NPC's into using a Fire move on me to boost me up + it can learn Iron Head.
    Froslass' Tera is fine, as is Frosmoth's and Weavile's. Really need a different Tera on Mamoswine though. Either Ground or Normal I guess, looking at it's moves. Sandslash. Could maybe swap it to Dark or Fighting, but Steel Tera seems fine for it tbh.

    Now to look at their moves to see if I can change anything and what held item to give them.
    Froslass. It can learn Thunderbolt via TM. Yes please. I have it forget Blizzard. Perhaps Tera Electric could be good then.
    Sandslash. Poison Jab? that's actually pretty tempting. Pity Poison is only super effective on Grass and Fairy, both of which I can already deal with. I think I'd rather teach it Brick Break. I go back and forth for quite a while, but eventually do go for Brick Break. Just wanted to replace Dig, but couldn't really find any moves that I actually needed tbh.
    Mamoswine... nothing I really want right now.
    Frosmoth. Just needs Ice Beam and it's set.

    Weavile. Ice Shard is redundant on such a fast Pokemon. Avalanche will probably always be 60 power as Weavile is just too fast. Is Ice Punch really it's best Ice STAB I can get atm? Gonna need to go knock out some Meditite and Cubchoo though. I think I saw Meditite at some point, but can't remember where. Cubchoo should be easy.
    Oh. Ice Spinner. Higher Power + requires Cetoddle & Bergmite so I can just do this here on Glaseado. I have it relearn Assurance over Icy Wind just to have a Dark type STAB.

    Frigibax. It knows Freeze-Dry, but it's got better Attack so let's yeet that. Icicle Spear, nice, but I'm already doing that with Sandslash and don't want 2 Pokemon with Loaded Dice. I feel like Baxcalibur is better off being as versatile as it can be, so I'll have to replace that too. Dragon Claw, solid move. Should keep it for now. Crunch, with it's Dark Tera, is also solid until I swap it's Tera anyway. What can it relearn... oh Ice Fang? Better than Freeze-Dry for it. Don't really see any interesting TM's.

    I head out of town and beat up some Cetoddle and Bergmite. Afterward I craft an Ice Spinner TM at the PC and teach it to Weavile over Ice Shard. I heal up and end my session parked at the Northern exit out of town.
    Spent a lot of time on what feels like utility stuff xD

    Team Members on Team: 6/6

    Victory Road (5/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated
    -Ryme Defeated

    Path of Legends (3/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated
    -Great Tusk Defeated

    Starfall Street (2/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated


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  • ---Session 15---

    I give Froslass the Amulet Coin instead of the Icy Rock. I need the money more atm and so far haven't really used Snowscape. I do consider the Icy Rock it's item though.
    I see the Assault Vest in my inventory and wonder if it would be good for Sandslash. It could use the Sp. Def... but I'd be unable to Swords Dance. Frigibax and Mamoswine are my only mons with all offense moves. Don't think Baxcalibur's gonna need it. Could be okay on Mamoswine. I end up giving the Expert Belt to Mamoswine. I switch the Muscle Band to Frigibax. I give Weavile a Razor Claw to hold... not sure if that's gonna be worth it, but we'll see I guess. I stare at Frosmoth for a while and wonder if I should give it a Never-Melt Ice... pass for now I guess.

    Time to actually exit the town.
    Eduardo the Student. Polteageist. Shadow Ball. Dudunsparce. Ice Beam sends it into Yellow HP. One more then.
    Hiker Manuela. Camerupt. Shadow Ball does about half and I get Yawned. Another Shadow Ball. Froslass falls asleep so I switch to Weavile. Veluza. Assurance. Dedenne. Ice Spinner.
    Frigibax evolves into an Arctibax after the fight.


    I follow the path to the split and take the right path.
    Sebastian the Black Belt. Lucario. Shadow Ball sends it into Red HP. I get Bone Rushed down into Yellow HP after 5 hits. Shadow Ball again.
    Backpacker Markel. Mabosstiff. I Tera and use Ice Beam, it lives in red HP. Payback. One more Ice Beam then. Vaporeon comes in. Shadow Ball. Not even half =O
    Aqua Ring. I use Thunderbolt and it faints. Weavile. Thunderbolt, less than half. Ice Beam. It lives in red. One more Ice Beam.
    I end up down at the PC near the Fairy base. I heal up.

    I head towards the Team Star base and get a scene with out of date Clavell again. It placed me near the base so I might as well just fight the guard now at least. Pokemon Trainer Harrington. Morgrem. Snowscape. Morgem uses Dark Pulse which does way too much. I switch to Sandslash. Morgrem is faster than Sandslash despite Slush Rush? =O
    Anyway Iron Head faints it. Hattrem. Icicle Spear defeats it.

    Team Star base: Fairy Crew. I beat 30 Fairy types in 90 seconds out of 10 minutes.
    Fairy Team Boss. I Tera on the first turn and use Swords Dance on Sandslash. Azumarill uses Charm. I switch to Froslass. Aqua Tail misses. I use Snowscape. Back to Sandslash. Charm again huh. Swords Dance of course. Charm. Swords Dance. Aqua Tail. I use Iron Head and it only goes into Yellow. Charm - Swords Dance - Aqua Tail. Time to heal.
    Next Aqua Tail misses. I use the opportunity to use an X Defense and X Sp. Defense taking another Charm and Aqua Tail. X Speed is next. Aqua Tail. Swords Dance. Aqua Tail. Swords Dance. Charm. Swords Dance. Charm. Swords Dance. Aqua Tail. Kinda wanna heal, but need to get rid of this nuisance. Dachsbun is next. I heal up and tank a Crunch. Iron Head, bye bread doggo. Wigglytuff. Iron Head. Ruchbach Starmobile - Iron Head.
    Weird battle lol


    Some cutscenes and talking later - I'm free once more, and I explore the surrounding area. Should heal first though. I put Froslass back in the lead.
    I fight Desiree the Artist on the way over to the PC. Gothitelle. Shadow Ball. It lives in Yellow HP so I need one more.
    I heal up and start exploring the area.

    Ester the Office Worker. Medicham. Shadow Ball.
    Tatiana the Musician. Wigglytuff. Snowscape - Charm. Ice Beam - Play Rough. Ice Beam - Play Rough, but it misses. One more Ice Beam ftw.
    Grumpig. Shadow ball - Calm Mind. Shadow Ball. Kricketune. Shadow Ball crits and it somehow still lives. Swords Dance. Thunderbolt finishes it off.

    I faint a Shelder and Cloyster near the water's edge for their materials. Forgot how many I needed lol
    Jimena the Student. Scovillain. Ice Beam - Crunch. Ice Beam. Hatterene is next. Shadow Ball - Calm Mind. Shadow Ball.
    Stefan the Student. Grimmsnarl. Ice Beam - Nasty Plot. Ice Beam.
    Jordi the Poke Maniac. Larvesta. Shadow Ball. Eelektrik. Shadow Ball. Not enough. One more then.
    I end up pulling out a stake all the way near the Western edge of the snow mountain.
    I fly back to the PC near the Team Star base for a Leaf Storm prize from the League Rep.
    I head back to the Team Star base to explore it for a couple more items and a fast travel location at the lighthouse.
    Back to Montenevera.

    ---Session 16---

    I follow the path down to the split and take the other path this time.
    Valeria the Student. Tauros Aqua Breed. Or not.... Illusion Zoroark. Two Thunderbolts faint it. Mismagius. Shadow Ball. Tauros Aqua Breed. Thunderbolt.
    Xabier the Courier. Staraptor. Ice Beam.

    I arrive at a new PC so I heal up =)
    Three ways to go... hmm... I go left first I guess.
    Roberto the Scientist. Jolteon. Shadow Ball sends it into yellow. Another one faints it.
    This path leads to a grassy area.

    Vidal the Student. Toxicroak. It lives on like 1 HP and poisons me. One more Ice Beam faints it. Clawitzer. Thunderbolt for the win.
    Given the levels here I switch Weavile into the lead so it can maybe do some catching up.
    Backpacker Nil. Leafeon. Ice Spinner. Farigiraf. Assurance.
    Hiker Estela. Whiscash. Ice Spinner.

    I ignore the bridge, as it leads to the area near Medali that I've already been to, and get some sandwich recipes all the way at the bottom of the slope and find a Swords Dance TM. I teach it to Weavile instead of Hone Claws.
    Ivan the Office Worker. Floatzel. Assurance crits, but it still lives. It's Liquidation nearly faints my Weavile, but this trainer is suddenly in the level 50's again. One more Assurance settles it.

    I explore my way back up and towards the PC I came from.
    Elisabet the Dragon Tamer. Altaria. Ice Spinner.
    I explore around the area more and come back up to the PC from the third side.

    Time to go down a different slope then.
    Ignacio the Scientist. Magnezone. I Tera Weavile and Brick Break. Hypno is next. Assurance. Muk is the last mon. Ice Spinner gets it into Yellow and Weavile avoids it's attack. One more Ice Spinner to finish it.
    I follow the slope down and end up at the PC near the Fairy base.

    I head back towards the lake to explore an area I skipped earlier.
    Jose the Student. Spidops. Ice Spinner. I need another as it lives in yellow. Honchkrow. Ice Spinner.
    I explore up to the bridge and go back, focusing only on this side.
    I fly back to Montenevera afterward. Gonna explore the mountain on the other side of the river.

    After that I fly back to a PC to try and explore the Western most area of the mountain around the lake.
    Well that's it for the icy mountain I think. Time to check the Ice Gym. Jacq gives me a Lucky Egg.
    Gym test time: snow slope run. I slide down a mountain on the easiest timer challenge ever, had like half the time left. Either make it longer or shorten the timer, GF.

    Ice Gym Leader: Grusha. Gonna show this punk who's the real Ice type specialist around here... :fufu:
    Frosmoth. I lead with Weavile still. A crit Brick Break sends it into Yellow HP. Was expecting it to set up tailwind or the like. Nope, Bug Buzz. Weavile lives on 12 HP and one more Brick Break faints it.
    I switch to Sandslash as Beartic comes in. I Tera and click Iron Head. Next please. Cetitan, you get an Iron Head too.
    I switch to Froslass as the Altaria comes in. I need that Amulet Coin money boost =P
    I click Snowscape as Grusha Teras his Altaria to Ice. Hurricane... it hits and of course it gets the confusion. Well I'll just switch back to Sandslash I guess. Second Hurricane misses. Iron Head and Altaria is a goner.
    Pffft, you call yourself an Ice Gym Leader? :sneaky:


    Grusha gives me an Ice Spinner TM and a ranting Hassel shows up afterward. Anything's better than Nemona though.
    Might wanna teach Arctibax Ice Spinner... hmmm... idk, maybe later. Not using her just yet.

    Hmm... where to go next. Wanted to go to the Fighting Team Star base next, but... I'd like to upgrade Koraidon to the max first for easier exploration.
    Can't get to the False Dragon Titan though, Koraidon can't swim yet. Guess I'll fly back to the desert then. Arven called me on the ramp out of there leading North.

    I head back there and cross the tunnel I turned back in last time I was here. I save and end my session on the other end.

    Team Members on Team: 6/6

    Victory Road (6/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated
    -Ryme Defeated
    -Grusha Defeated

    Path of Legends (3/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated
    -Great Tusk Defeated

    Starfall Street (3/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated
    -Fairy Squad Defeated


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  • ---Session 17---

    I start exploring the area and find another tunnel. I head through.
    Alejandra the Dragon Tamer. Dreepy. Ice Spinner.
    Jon the Black Belt. Meditite. Assurance. Detect. Assurance again.
    I follow this path until I reach a PC near the Dark Team Star crew and turn around.

    Jasmin the Student. Teddiursa. Brick Break. Tinkatink. Brick Break.
    Backpacker Mateo. Eevee. Brick Break :sadwick:
    Candina the Model. Oinkologne - Brick Break. Luxio. Ice Spinner.
    Enrique the Student. Pineco - Ice Spinner. Protect. Ice Spinner, Pineco lives on Sturdy. Ice Spinner. Nymble. Ice Spinner.
    I come across another PC and heal up.

    Mireia the Musician. Meowth. Brick Break.
    Maya the Student. Fomantis. Ice Spinner.
    I continue up the path until the cutscene with Titan Bombirdier triggers.

    Bombirdier, the Open Sky Titan. Ice Spinner is enough to send it feeding and get me into phase 2.
    Ice Spinner one hits it again. Sandwich time. Swimming Koraidon unlocked.


    I explore the little area with the lake nearby and then fly to the PC near the Dark crew base. There was a path into the hills I ignored there. I head over and navigate my way up.
    Nuria the Student. Dunsparce. Brick Break.
    Adam the Courier. Cufant. Brick Break.
    I end up down the hill somewhere with no way back up and I fly back to the PC near Cascaraffe.

    Might as well do the Dark Team Star base while I'm here. I put Arctibax in the front.
    Alfredo the Student. Magikarp. Crunch. Arrokuda. Dragon Claw.
    Clavell comes over for a chat. I fight the Team Star Grunt at the gate next. Murkrow. Ice Fang.

    Team Star: Dark Crew. I ring the doorbell and charge in. Their levels are far lower than mine so I just keep my party order as is.
    Arctibax, Mamoswine & Frosmoth make short work of the 30 mons to beat. 9 minutes left on the clock.
    Giacomo fight. Pawniard. Dragon Claw. Segin Starmobile. Dragon Claw. deals a little over half... I know I got intimidated, but that still feels like too little damage given the level difference.
    Cutscene and dialogue time.


    I explore the Dark crew base for items afterward. I explore the area in between the two PC's after that and then head back up the hill I was on earlier. I find a bunch of items and a couple stakes.
    Done here for now I think. Time to fly to the lake. I get a TM from the League Rep at the tower I fly to.
    I lunge of the cliff and glide towards the false Dragon Titan island.
    Cabbie Oscar. Copperajah. It's higher level than Arctibax so I switch to Mamoswine. It uses Dig. I Earthquake and bury it, never to resurface. :eek:

    I switch Froslass into the lead and talk to the Titan Tatsugiri to start the fight.

    Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan. Thunderbolt. Water Pulse and it confuses. Thunderbolt lands. Yuki snaps out of confusion and the 3rd Thunderbolt sends Dondozo scurrying off.
    I swap Sandslash into the lead before chasing after it.
    Dondozo, the False Dragon Titan - Part 2. I Tera Sandslash and click Swords Dance. Iron Head deals about 40% damage next turn. I click Brick Break, which almost finishes off Dondozo. Guess that's the better option despite double stab on Iron Head lol
    One more Brick Break seals the win against Dondozo.

    Tatsugiri, the False Dragon Titan. I Tera and click Icicle Spear. Did not realize your Tera gets recharged in between these 2 fights lol
    4 hits, but not a lot of damage. Brick Break. Not spectacular either. I Swords Dance and get taunted. Icicle Spear again finishes this.
    Sandwich time - climbing Koraidon unlocked. Mabosstiff is all better <3


    I explore the island I'm on and find a stake and some items. Time to go island hopping!
    There's two small islands north of here so I'll check those first.
    Next is a slightly bigger island to the south-west and then two islands close together to the south east of that.
    The smaller island to the West is next, after which I go to the nearby bigger island at the edge of the lake.
    Aimar the Student. Scizor. I use Snowscape and Scizor uses Iron Defense. Shadow Ball - Iron Defense. Again. Shadow Ball - X-Scissor. Another Shadow Ball finishes it. Slowking comes in. Shadow Ball - Psych Up. Shadow Ball.

    I glide over to the island north of here.
    Yaiza the Model. Cryogonal. Shadow Ball. That doesn't do much so I switch to Sandslash. It Reflects, but it doesn't help it. Cloyster comes in. Iron Head flinches it. Brick Break almost faints it and Reflect wears off. Brick Break. Frosmoth. Iron Head.
    I finish exploring the island and save at the little bridge leading North.

    Team Members on Team: 6/6

    Victory Road (6/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated
    -Ryme Defeated
    -Grusha Defeated

    Path of Legends (5/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated
    -Great Tusk Defeated
    -Bombirdier Defeated
    -Dondozo & Tatsugiri Defeated

    Starfall Street (4/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated
    -Fairy Squad Defeated
    -Dark Squad Defeated


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  • ---Session 18---

    I cross the bridge and explore the grassy section. I end up finding the Gracia stones and a Big Nugget in their center. Back up the hill for those ruins.
    Leticia the Dragon Tamer. Noibat. Ice Beam. Haxorus. Ice Beam.
    I go up the hill and into the different colored grass area.

    I explore around the area and find Ting-Lu's shrine.
    Natalia the Student. Dachsbun. Ice Fang. Dachsbun gets Frozen. Ice Fang. Still Frozen. Ice Fang.
    Irma the Cook. Breloom. Ice Fang sends it into red HP and it flinches. Ice Fang. Toedscruel. Ice Fang. Amoonguss. Ice Fang into yellow HP. It spores me. It absorbs light for Solar Beam. BaxtreetGirl wakes up and Ice Fangs it gone, but gets poisoned from Effect Spore.

    After exploring this area I head for the northern area of Casseroya Lake. Last unexplored area here.
    Dolores the Student. Chansey. Dragon Claw.
    My Arctibax evolves into Baxcalibur after beating up a wild Tatsugiri. I pass on learning Glaive Rush. Sounds too dangerous.


    Hiker Luna. Garganacl. Dragon Claw does less than half. Rock Slide does more than half. I Tera and use Crunch. It lives in red HP and uses Earthquake. One more Crunch for the win.
    Looks like I'm done here. I fly to Porto Marinada. Time to check the islands near here. I go for the ones to the North first.
    Jaume the Poke Maniac. Dragonair. Dragon Claw.

    After finishing checking the islands here I head for the ones to the south of Porto Marinada.
    After that I fly to the desert to check the high mountains one by one.
    Elias the Black Belt. Breloom. Ice Fang. Heracross. Ice Fang, lives on a Sash. Swords Dance. I just Ice Fang again.

    I fly to Colonnade Hollow next. There's still the area on top of here, so I climb on to it.
    Hiker Fatima. Girafarig. Crunch.
    Virginia the Dragon Tamer. Gabite. Dragon Claw.
    After exploring the area I search the southern area of Lake Casseroya again. Explored this area before being able to climb.
    I find the final spike for Ting-Lu here.

    I fly back to the Gracia Stones as it's my nearest fast travel. I head over to the shrine again and save before I touch it to open it.
    Seems I forgot to recharge my Tera. I use Crunch and then Dragon Claw to see how much damage I deal to it, after which I need to heal already. Dragon Claw and heal again. Another Dragon Claw gets it into the red. Heal again and then a Crunch. Defense Drop.
    Better start chucking balls and keep healing then I guess.
    It takes forever, but eventually it goes into a Timer Ball.
    Ting-Lu caught.


    I fly to Montenevera to heal up and buy more Timer Balls. Or not, can't buy them yet lol
    I check Chansey Supply to see if they got Mints now. They do =O
    I buy 1 Modest Mint and then use both on Frosmoth and Froslass. I use my Jolly Mint on Weavile. Sandslash looks good as is. Could potentially put Adamant on both, but with Slush Rush Sandslash will be my second speedy boi.
    I buy 2 Adamant Mints and use them on Baxcalibur and Mamoswine.

    I fly to the Glaseado Mountain Watchtower so that I can start my descent into the area near the Fighting Crew base next session.

    ---Session 19---

    I make my way down the path and explore around for a while. I come across a new PC and heal before going to the area past it.
    Naia the Student. Lurantis - Ice Fang.
    Backpacker Julio. Flareon - Dragon Claw.
    Aleix the Student. Lokix - Dragon Claw, after tanking a First Impression. Talonflame - Dragon Claw.
    Pedro the Student. Oranguru - Crunch. Glalie - Dragon Claw.
    I end up at the transition to the Bamboo area so I turn around for now. I wanna explore the grassy/hilly area first.

    Guillermo the Poke Maniac. Pupitar - Ice Fang. Slowbro - Crunch. Not enough so one more then. Eelektross - Ice Fang, not enough. So one more Ice Fang.
    I end up back at the PC and heal. 1 trainer short for the League Rep.

    Victoria the Student. Tsareena - Ice Fang.
    Paloma the Dragon Tamer. Noivern - Icicle Spear faints it in 2 hits despite the Ice resist berry =P
    Diana the Dragon Tamer. Goodra - Dragon Claw.
    Gema the Dragon Tamer. Dragalge - Dragon Claw.

    With a fast travel now unlocked here I opt to yeet off the cliff and search the islands in the sea north of here.
    Susana the Office Worker. Wugtrio - Dragon Claw.
    After exploring the islands I fly back to the watchtower.
    I climb up to the hills and start exploring and get rudely interrupted and teleported by a rotom phone call by penniopeia and clive.
    Got too close to the edge I guess. Ugh.

    After the chatter I fight the guard and turn around for the PC afterward.
    Croagunk - Ice Fang. Primeape - Dragon Claw.

    I go back to exploring the hills and then make my way around the team star base.
    Alexia the Model. Salazzle - Dragon Claw. Gothitelle - Crunch. Tsareena - Ice Fang. Frosmoth - Dragon Claw.
    Fernando the Black Belt. Toxicroak - Dragon Claw. Tauros - Dragon Claw, it lives and uses Thrash. Dragon Claw finishes it off. Gallade, it Protects. Next Dragon Claw lands and kills it.

    I jump down into the bamboo area and start exploring.
    Ana Maria the Student. Gengar uses Sucker Punch and faints to Crunch. Bronzong - Crunch.
    Blanca the Artist. Bruxish - Crunch. Florges - Ice Fang.
    Ali the Student. Bellibolt - Dragon Claw. It just barely lives and shoots a Weather Ball back. Ice Fang finishes it after I get Sucker Punched.
    Lola the Cook. Arboliva - Ice Fang.
    Baxcalibur wants to learn Icicle Crash so I have it forget Ice Fang. Weavile learned Night Slash not long ago as well.

    I head back to the PC and get an Outrage TM from the League Rep. Might be a good move for Baxcalibur. Not a fan of the lock-in though... opponent could switch in a Fairy type.
    I heal up and fly to the previous PC to get a Stone Edge TM from the League Rep.
    Back to the PC near the Fighting base. Time to challenge it.

    Team Star: Fighting Crew. I put Baxcalibur, Frosmoth and Froslass in the first three spots and ring the doorbell.
    I beat the required 30 Pokemon with 8 minutes 5 seconds left. Could've been faster had they not been so spread out.
    Eri fight. Toxicroak - Dragon Claw. Passimian - Dragon Claw, it lives in Yellow and Close Combats me. Dragon Claw finishes it.
    Annihilape is next and I switch to Frosmoth. I Tera and click Air Slash. It's Fire Punch does very little. Lucario comes in. I Quiver Dance and tank a Dragon Pulse. I do this once more. Then I Air Slash the Lucario gone.
    Caph Starmobile. Air Slash one hits it. Frosmoth with a Tera type is an absolute savage.


    Some cutscenes and dialogue later.... I start exploring their base for items.
    After which I explore the hill area to the South East.
    Was expecting to find a stake here but nope. Need 2 more I think.
    I yeet off the cliff for the TM in a cave inside a cliff south of here and explore the little river bank I couldn't reach earlier.
    I then fly to the Glaseado Mountain Watchtower.

    I follow the Mountain path leading south west, should be the last unexplored area here.
    Alma the Student. Banette - Crunch. Glaceon - Dragon Claw.
    Jana the Student. Espeon - Crunch. Umbreon - Dragon Claw.
    I find a missing stake on a branching path upward.
    Max the Student. Skuntank - Dragon Claw. Grafaiai - Dragon Claw.

    After following the path all the way over to the grassy area I've already been to, I turn around and run back to take a branching path that goes to a lower level. I follow it to a dead end.
    I run and glide over to the desert area of East Province (Area Three). Last stake's gotta be on some high up place here, I guess ?
    I start searching high up places. I eventually find the stake on a high up cliff near the lighthouse.
    After scanning the remaining the hilltops of the desert area I fly back to Fury Falls. Time to see if I can catch Chi-yu.

    I heal up first and then climb up the waterfalls to the shrine. I save and quit in front of it. Ting-Lu took really long to catch and this has already been a long session.

    Team: Fully Assembled!

    Legendaries caught:


    Victory Road (6/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated
    -Ryme Defeated
    -Grusha Defeated

    Path of Legends (5/5 Titans):
    -Klawf Defeated
    -Orthworm Defeated
    -Great Tusk Defeated
    -Bombirdier Defeated
    -Dondozo & Tatsugiri Defeated

    Starfall Street (5/5 Squads):
    -Poison Squad Defeated
    -Fire Squad Defeated
    -Fairy Squad Defeated
    -Dark Squad Defeated
    -Fighting Squad Defeated


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  • ---Session 20---

    First attempt. Dragon Claw kills it so I need to reload.

    Second attempt. I crunch Chi-Yu and get the Defense drop. Probably not living another then. It Swaggers me. It's definitely not living another then. Switching to Froslass. Shadow Ball should be okay? Yeah that didn't do much lol. Chi-Yu bounces, forcing me to Snowscape.
    It lands Bounce and I Shadow Ball again. Sp. Defense drop... well that's unfortunate. Probably not gonna live another hit now. It lands bounce after I heal up Froslass, and it gets the paralysis. It uses Ruination. Thunderbolt perhaps? - nope I'm paralyzed. It swaggers me and gets another para hax. Full Restore time then :sneaky:
    It bounces again, of course. And gets the paralysis of course. Ugh. Another bounce. More para hax. Full Restore :sneaky:
    Swagger. Yuki lands thunderbolt and it faints... apparently that was already too much damage... sigh. Why's it so hard to keep this thing alive? xD

    Third attempt. Crunch. No Defense drop, good. Second Crunch crits, but it's still in the yellow. I switch to Yuki. It barely lives Shadow Ball and uses Ruination. It keeps Swaggering Froslass until she hits itself and can't tank the Bounce. It then keeps Lava Plumeing on my Baxcalibur until it's Attack is maxed, while I revive my Froslass and heal both up.
    A whole lot of Bounce shenanigans and switching between Froslass and Baxcalibur later... I get a crit catch with a Timer Ball.
    Chi-Yu caught.


    Yuki wants to learn Blizzard and as her damage output is often lackluster I replace Ice Beam with it.
    I fly to the nearest PC to heal. I craft an Ice Beam TM for Frosmoth while here or I'll just forget about it again. I have it forget Aurora Beam.

    I fly to Zapapico afterward. Gonna check the hills starting just North of here and then head South.
    Javier the Worker. Rotom - Crunch. Why are the opponents in an area I can't reach without climbing so low level? =O
    I come across a purple stake and pull it out. Wo-Chien, I guess.
    Mario the Office Worker. Murkrow - Icicle Spear. Croagunk - Dragon Claw. Houndoom - Dragon Claw.
    I turn around when the area transfers to the Canyon area.

    I glide to some nearby hill tops in the still grassy area to explore them for items.
    Rebeca the Dragon Tamer. Skrelp - Dragon Claw. Poison Point poisons Baxcalibur. Swablu - Dragon Claw. Goomy - Dragon Claw.... nope Protect. Again, Dragon Claw.
    I then check an island in the river and some islands in the eastern sea.
    Yago the Office Worker. Veluza - Crunch.

    I fly back to a PC and resume checking hilltops for missed stuff.
    After that I head to the Canyon area. Lots of high up places with hiding spots here.... might be here a while.
    I find another purple hued black stake.... and a while later another one.
    Eventually all that's left is the big mountain in the South Eastern edge of this area. I circle around it multiple times for stuff on ledges as I climb to the top.

    Once on top I circle around the edges and then head inward. No trainers or stakes huh? Well I'll follow the plateaus down then. Oh, a trainer on the way down lol.
    Hiker Nerea. Sudowoodo - Dragon Claw. Sneasel - Dragon Claw. Lycanroc - Dragon Claw.
    Done here I think. I fly and glide over the river and land on the beach.
    Sofia the Waitress. Indeedee - Crunch. Azumarill - Misclicked Crunch but I kill it anyway lol. Gulpin - Crunch.
    I come across a PC and heal.

    Time to check the nearby island south east of here.
    Naiara the Model. Finneon - Dragon Claw.
    I fly back to the PC and check in with the League Rep and he gives me an Eviolite.
    Time to get off the beach by running up the ramp.

    I explore the grassy area first and then the march next.
    Ainhoa the Model. Snom - Dragon Claw.
    Iban the Poke Maniac. Iban? The bank acount number? =O Anyway... Bagon - Dragon Claw.
    After stepping on far too many smol mons I follow the hills inland.
    Federico the Poke Maniac. Deino - Dragon Claw.

    Antoni the Black Belt. Mankey - Dragon Claw.
    Elia the Student. Ralts - Crunch.
    Adriana the Student. - Shellder - Crunch. Nacli - Crunch.
    I find another stake. I plunge down to the level the shrine is on and explore some islands in the little lakes I couldn't reach when I was here long ago. Then I climb back up the hill and head for new territory.

    Vega the Student. Flamigo - Icicle Spear.
    I come across another stake.
    Roman the Black Belt. Charcadet - Dragon Claw. Heracross - Dragon Claw.
    Rodrigo the Student. Drowzee - Crunch. Girafarig - Crunch.
    I spy another stake down below. I grab it and climb back up.
    I explore around more and save the spirally mountain for last, on top of which I find another stake.
    How many is that? 6? 7? I didn't pay attention. Don't have them all yet anyway.

    I fly to the lighthouse and explore the small hilly area behind it.
    I then explore the area around Cabo Poco and I check the 2 little islands, after which I also pop into the cave you go through with Koraidon at the start for the TM I couldn't reach back then.
    I fly back to Cabo Poco and talk to mom for some sandwich recipes.

    After that I head back north into the hills. I head West and zigzag my way up the cliffs from plateau to plateau.
    I find another stake up on a hill. Oh... apparently that was the last one. I'll head there later, let's finish exploring these hills.

    Backpacker Jaime. Oricorio, Sensu - Crunch. Slowking - Crunch. Staravia - Icicle Spear.
    Isona the Student. Petilil - Crunch. Skiploom - Icicle Spear.
    Pascal the Student. Cacnea - Icicle Spear.
    The path West opens up and then becomes hilly again so I left that area for later. Also ran across a natural bridge that lead to the area around the Bug gym so I also turned back there. I'll explore those areas later.

    After finishing my exploration of this section of the hills I fly back to the beach. I heal up and dash and climb over to Wo-Chien's shrine.

    I use Crunch - Dragon Claw - Crunch to whittle it's health down to red. This thing's got Foul Play so I switch to Frosmoth. That still does too much lol. I heal both Baxcalibur and Frosmoth.
    Oh it's got Giga Drain... well this is gonna be annoying then probably. Another heal. Need to switch to Baxcalibur again though, so it can Crunch it down again. I use two X Defenses on Baxcalibur to better tank Foul Play.
    Wo-Chien suddenly becomes a crit machine with Foul Play scoring 4 crits in a row forcing me to heal over & over... I also run out of Timer Balls... wish I could buy them.
    I get a Defense drop on a Crunch... seems to be out of Giga Drains though. It eventually crits my Baxcalibur to fainting.
    It then proceeds to get caught by the very next Ultra Ball I chuck at it... refusing to go in until you faint one of my mons huh? Stingy.
    Wo-Chien caught.


    I fly to the nearest PC to heal. Then I fly to the lighthouse and save and quit here.
    Been a long session full of backtrack exploration.

    ---Session 21---

    Time to wrap up the Path of Legends and potentially Starfall Street as well (gonna depend on whether or not my team struggles with Arven, not really expecting any problems but I don't remember their Pokemon's levels).

    I approach the lighthouse and trigger the dialogues and cutscenes with Arven.
    I switch Weavile into the lead and head outside afterward.
    He starts with Greedent. Level 58? I think I should be fine. I Tera Weavile and click Brick Break. Should be enough to one hit? Nope. Lives with a sliver of red HP. I Swords Dance and it uses Psychic Fangs... dang it, should've just killed it. Well whatever.
    Frosmoth finishes it off with a Bug Buzz. Scovillain comes in. Bug Buzz buzzes it off. Garganacl comes in, so I switch to Mamoswine which deletes it with an Earthquake. Toedscruel. Ice is x 4 effective... I wonder if Ice Shard would be enough? I'll just try Ice Fang, which faints it. Cloyster comes in so I switch to Baxcalibur.
    Dragon Claw sends it into Yellow HP. Bax tanks the Liquidation and finishes it off with another Dragon Claw. Mabosstiff is the last one standing. Arven Teras it, of course. I use Icicle Crash, which crits and sends it into red hp despite the Intimidate. Mabosstiff's attack misses. A Dragon Claw to finish it off.

    After some more dialogue the Path of Legends Complete message shows.


    It's night time so I heal at the nearest PC and then head for the academy.
    Clavell finally reveals himself despite me calling him Clavell the entire time... =P
    He leads with Oranguru, which Yawns my Weavile after Swords Dancing... lame. I Night Slash it gone and let it fall asleep.
    Gyarados comes in. Should be fine for Froslass. Yep, one Thunder Bolt is enough. Polteageist is next. Shadow Ball sends it into red HP and it Shell Smashes. I Tera Froslass into Normal and click Shadow Ball again. It's faster and uses Shadow Ball first. Hah, why do you think I put Tera Normal on my Froslass? =P
    Abomasnow is next. Oh sweet, now I don't have to find an opening to set up snow =D Might as well go for Blizzard. It lives in Yellow HP and uses Aurora Veil. Well Blizzard probably won't be enough now... nope. It uses Wood Hammer and faints itself though xD
    Amoonguss is next. I'll just stay in and Blizzard it. A little over half. It Toxics Froslass. I click Blizzard again and it's gone.
    Skeledirge is next. I switch into Mamoswine. Really wish my Mamoswine had Thick Fat now, but I think it's still faster so... Yeah, after the Tera on Skeledirge I get to Earthquake it, but it's not enough due to Aurora Veil. I get one hit by Torch Song. After that turn the snowstorm ends and so does Aurora Veil. Stingy.
    I send Baxcalibur in and it ends the fight with Dragon Claw.

    Some more dialogue where Tyme scolds Clavell later I check my party and see that it's been healed up. I step inside and get the dialogue with the Blueberry Academy dude. Afterward I head for the Schoolyard. Penniopeia challenges me to a fight after a bit of dialogue.

    Time to face her eeveelution squad. Umbreon is first. I try to Swords Dance and get Baby-doll eyed first... Brick Break after another one deals a bit over half. Umbreon uses Quick Attack and I Brick Break again. Not interested in another lengthy chain of baby-doll eyes vs Swords Dance like with that Azumarill.
    Flareon is next and Weavile is at -2 Attack so I switch to Mamoswine. Earthquake faints it. Vaporeon is next so I switch to Frosmoth.
    I Quiver Dance and it uses Hydro Pump. If that were me I'd miss it, but ofc it lands it. I Bug Buzz it after it Baby-doll eyes me. Another Bug Buzz faints it.
    Jolteon. Bug Buzz just straight up deletes it. Leafeon. Oof, I feel bad for it already... yep Bug Buzz deleted it.
    Sylveon - Fairy Tera if I recall correctly? I Tera Frosmoth as well and click Air Slash. It crits and lives in yellow HP. Frosmoth lives the Moonblast in yellow HP as well. I just Air Slash again to finish it.

    Dialogue & cut-scene time... after which I get shoehorned into my room. I go to the Director's Office for some more chatter... and get shoved back into my room lol
    Might as well do the teacher interactions while I'm here. I head over to Jacq first who gives me some rewards for dex completion milestones. Ah right, this is where you get False Swipe lol
    I talk to Saguaro next, then Raifort, then Miriam, then Dendra after checking out the courtyard.
    Back to the entrance hall for another chat with Miriam. Seems to be it for now.
    Could take some classes, but I haven't seen the completed message for Starfall Street yet so... do I need to go back out? I don't remember.

    I step outside and Penny calls me. I run over to where she wants to meet afterward. After some dialogue I get the Starfall Street Complete message.


    I head back to the academy and go inside again. Time to take some classes and stop slacking off from my studies!
    I take 1 Biology class and then have to take the midterm. I get 4 out of 5 questions correct. Must've misremembered something. Been a while since the last classes lol.
    I just keep taking Biology classes until it's time for the... oh, I can't do the final exam yet? awww...

    Well in that case I'll just try and do up to the midterms. Time for a Math class followed by a midterm =3
    4 out of 5 correct? what. I look it up and I seem to have misread the first question lol. Gonna need to pay better attention I guess.

    Next up a History class and then it's midterm. Might actually flunk this one as I don't remember anything from the previous classes lmao
    5 out of 5 questions 0.0
    Well... on to... Battle Studies apparently. One class followed by a midterm. 5 out of 5 correct.
    Next up a Home Ec class followed by it's midterm. 5 out of 5 correct.

    Which leaves the classes I haven't started at all yet. I'll do Art first I guess. I take the classes up until the midterm. 5 out of 5 correct.
    Languages is next and last. I take the classes up to the midterm again. I score a 5 out of 5 again.

    That was the last midterm so time for something else. I talk to Cyrano. I guess I'll do the opening fight outside. Not gonna go into the terrarium yet though. I just want access to it's PokeDex for more rewards =3

    Pokemon Trainer Lacey. Plusle & Minun. Oh my, level 70 ? That's my highest mons' level lol
    I Swords Dance and Quiver Dance with Weavile & Frosmoth. Ah they're gonna boost each other up with Volt Absorb huh. I heal Weavile as it got Paralyzed and have Frosmoth use Bug Buzz, with just barely doesn't faint Plusle. Frosmoth faints. I send in Mamoswine.
    I have Weavile faint Plusle with Night Slash and use Mamoswine's turn to heal up weavile.
    Excadrill comes in so I Tera Weavile and have it Brick Break it. Mamoswine uses Stomping Tantrum on Minun, which somehow lives and keeps using Discharge this entire time lol
    It goes for Swift and I just use the same moves I did last turn.

    Definitely too soon for this. Why did the game already let me go here so long ago? xD
    Luckily my Pokemon were high enough level to deal with it.

    I rudely get forced into some crummy school outfit again. Ugh. I fly back to Paldea to Los Platos and press buttons until I find the one that opens up the clothing change menu. Let's get rid of this school outfit straight away =D

    I head over towards the area in between the two hilly areas I saw before when I was hunting Wo-Chien's stakes while exploring.
    I check my PokeDex... awww.... that wasn't enough to get the Terrarium PokeDex added. Oh well. More exploration next session.
    I save and quit at the ramp down into the area in between the 2 hilly areas.


    Legendaries caught:


    Victory Road (6/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated
    -Ryme Defeated
    -Grusha Defeated

    Path of Legends: Complete

    Starfall Street: Complete


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  • ---Session 22---

    I take a couple steps forward after starting my session and a walking red ball catches my attention up ahead:


    Tossed a Heal Ball at it, not sure what I wanted to catch it in, and it Crit caught it straight away. *shrugs*
    First shiny of the playthrough and I don't have a shiny charm. Also didn't have this shiny yet so it's fine with me.


    I follow the area along the river westward first.
    Patricia the Student. Skwovet - Crunch.
    Youngster Yulen. Tadbulb - Crunch. Bax gets Paralyzed by Static. Eevee is next so I switch to Weavile. Brick Break after Baby doll eyes.
    I turn around when the ground stops being grassy and head back.

    I run up the ramp and go right at the split.
    Marc the Student. Greavard. Forgot to cure the paralysis, but Crunch faints it.
    I talk to the nearby League Rep for a Rocky Helmet and then climb the tower for a fast travel location.
    I run back and take the other path of the split.

    I pass on going up the mountain too far right now and instead take the plateaus down.
    Matias the Poke Maniac. Axew - Dragon Claw.
    Iago the Black Belt. Falinks - Dragon Claw.

    I hop across the river and explore the green part of the map here for items and find a Stake for Chien-Pao.
    Hiker Carla. Numel - Dragon Claw.
    I ignore another path to the non-green part on the map here and keep following the other path.
    Backpacker Asier. Foongus - Icicle Crash.
    I arrive back at the PC near the bombirdier titan. I check some nearby plateaus to see if I checked those. I did, but I see a stake high up on the left on one I wouldn't have been able to reach back then.

    Back to the path. I follow it in the direction of the cave that leads up to the Psychic Gym city.
    Youngster Tristan. Salandit - Crunch.
    I follow the side area here.
    Cabbie Oriol. Corvisquire - Crunch. Squawkabilly - Icicle Spear.

    I jump down and pass on entering the cave for now. I head back in the direction of where the Youngster was.
    Leo the Student. Pincurchin - Dragon Claw.
    Nicolas the Scientist. Ditto - Dragon Claw.

    I follow the hills down, off the side leading down.
    Maren the Student. Pikachu - Dragon Claw. Misdreavus - Crunch.
    Ahmed the Courier. Wingull - Crunch.
    I head into the cave besides him. Should lead back to that area I skipped if I recall correctly.
    I find a stake inside. I explore the passage fully and exit in the area I skipped.

    I explore the lower passage first and end up back at the place I turned around at a while ago. I then go back and head up the nearby hill.
    Armando the Black Belt. Croagunk - Dragon Claw.

    I run back and go through the tunnel to explore the path downward... and then upward again after checking a small cave.
    Backpacker Pau. Gogoat - Icicle Spear.
    Alan the Student. Veluza - Crunch. Beartic - Dragon Claw.
    I yeet off the path to explore two little islands down below and then climb back up.
    Jacobo the Black Belt. Passimian - Icicle Spear. Primeape - Icicle Spear.
    Another entrance to Alfornado Cavern.

    I enter the cave.
    Alexis the Student. Rabsca - Crunch.
    Eloisa the Student. Hattrem - Dragon Claw. Gardevoir - Crunch.
    Joel the Courier. Mudsdale - Icicle Crash.
    Hiker Daniela. Hippowdon - Icicle Spear. Lycanroc - Dragon Claw.
    This is the path out to the top so I head back down again.

    Backpacker Aitor. Luxray - Icicle Spear.
    Yolanda the Student. Krokorok - Icicle Spear. Lurantis - Icicle Spear.
    Youngster Adan. Venomoth - Icicle Spear. Forretress - Crunch, lives on Sturdy and uses Curse. Icicle Spear.
    I end up at the other entrance that I skipped a while back. Time go back in then.

    Domingo the Scientist. Electrode - Dragon Claw.
    Tamara the Dragon Tamer. Shelgon - Icicle Spear. Sliggoo - Icicle Spear. Haxorus - Icicle Spear.
    Well that seems to be it for the cave. Time to go to the exit leading up top.

    I step outside and head for the PC.
    Izan the Courier. Revavroom - Dragon Claw.
    I talk to the League Rep for a Flare Blitz TM and then heal up at the PC.
    I explore Alfornada itself and find multiple items around town.

    I head out the other side and explore the side between the hill upward and the cliff.
    I double back to the PC and then explore the other side around town back to the hill again.

    I follow the path up the hill.
    Eric the Worker. Raichu - Dragon Claw. Eelektross - Dragon Claw. Luxray - Dragon Claw.
    Once at the top I go up and down a couple times on the Eastern side to explore all the little plateaus.
    I climb back up and head back East afterward to explore that area.
    I find a stake on a side area near the tilted/flood tower. Which was apparently the last one... are there no stakes in the Bug Gym's area? =O

    Gotta finish exploring the area though.
    Hiker Rocio. Brambleghast - Crunch.
    Andres the Student. Sawsbuck - Icicle Spear. Pyroar - Dragon Claw. Golduck - Dragon Claw.
    Paul the Student. Eiscue - Icicle Spear, just to be able to damage it. It snowscapes of course. It's in yellow HP though, so I Icicle Spear again.

    I head back to the PC to heal next. I head towards the gym and save and quit outside of the building.

    ---Session 23---

    I step inside and of course my annoying stalker is here. Where can I file for a restraining order? :sadwick:
    Ugh, of course the junky wants to fight. Let me refuse already game. *sighs* I try clicking Run... nope, can't escape. BLEGH.
    Anyway... Lycanroc, so I Tera Weavile and Brick Break it. Sliggoo - Ice Spinner. Pawmot - Ice Spinner. Quaquaval - Brick Break.
    It lives with a sliver of health. Aqua Step sends me into yellow. A Night Slash finishes it.
    Can't help but wonder... is it possible to progress while throwing the fights against Nemona? Perhaps she'd leave me alone then! =D

    Time for the Gym Test. Emotional Spectrum Practice. Time for some QTE dance dance revolution.... can you even fail this test?
    Gym Trainer Emily? Not gonna lie, I completely forgot there were trainers in this gym. Gothorita - Night Slash. Kirlia - Night Slash.
    DDR - Part 2: The Re-QTE-ining!
    Gym Trainer Rafael. Grumpig - Night Slash. Medicham - Night Slash. Indeedee - Night Slash.
    Gym Test complete. I head back inside and talk to the Gym Staffer.

    Psychic Gym Leader: Tulip. Farigiraf. oh level 44? Well this will be an easy win then. Night Slash.
    Gardevoir - Night Slash. Espathra - Night Slash, after taking a Quick Attack. 3 crits in a row? That Razor Claw seems to be working pretty good, though I don't really need the crits here lol
    Florges, which will Tera. Night Slash incoming afterward. Crit again. lol


    Rika and Poppy come over for a chat afterward.
    Also there's new Classes available. They can wait. I heal up at the PC and check the mart for Timer Balls. Still not? Do you really need 8 badges for Timer balls ? Pfft.
    I then fly to the closest fast travel point I have to Chien-Pao, which ends up being a PC.
    I put Sandslash in the lead. Not sure who's the best option here. Need to be able to live Chien-Pao's attacks, but also keep it alive lol

    I save in front of the shrine and go for attempt #1. Well dang... Iron Head is probably gonna faint it. Brick Break isn't STAB, but x 4 effective so most likely will faint it as well. Guess I'll have to hope Icicle Spea-... oh.. it's faster and 1 hits Sandslash. Well problem solved I guess xD
    Guess I'll send in Baxcalibur again for this. Dragon Claw... well if that ain't 1 HP it lived on it's 2 HP lol.
    I throw an Ultra Ball expecting it to take a while before it will even consider being caught... nope. Not a crit catch, but it gets caught on the very first ball anyway.
    Chien-Pao caught.

    Forgot to take a screenshot where it asks to name it, so a shot of my box will have to do. On the plus side it shows my party's current levels.


    Kinda tempted to replace Weavile with it tbh, but it's ability is gonna hinder me in the 2nd DLC unless I make my team hold Clear Amulets.
    Which could still work, but Chien-Pao is kinda squishy so it might still not be the best for double battles. Eh, we'll see when we get there I guess.

    I fly back to the PC and heal. I head down the hill and switch Mamoswine into the lead, being my lowest level mon along with Weavile.
    I save and quit on top of the bridge leading to the area around the town with the Bug Gym.


    Legendaries caught:


    Victory Road (7/8 Badges):
    -Brassius Defeated
    -Iono Defeated
    -Larry Defeated
    -Kofu Defeated
    -Ryme Defeated
    -Grusha Defeated
    -Tulip Defeated

    Path of Legends: Complete

    Starfall Street: Complete


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  • ---Session 24---

    I cross the bridge and start exploring the area, starting with the grassy area.
    Neizan the Student. Venonat - Ice Fang.
    Aroa the Student. Shuppet - Ice Fang.
    Yeray the Student. Fletchling - Ice Fang.
    Esteban the Black Belt. Riolu - Ice Shard.
    Elena the Student. Mareep - Ice Shard

    The area switches and becomes more muddy and the grass dryer.
    Simon the Poke Maniac. Gible - Ice Shard.
    Alessandro the Student. Shroomish - Ice Fang.
    Raul the Student. Maschiff - Ice Shard.
    Angelines the Cook. Combee - Ice Shard. Smoliv - Ice Fang.
    Angel the Courier. Psyduck - Stomping Tantrum. Mudbray - Ice Shard. Maschiff - Ice Shard.
    Youngster Roi. Kricketot - Ice Shard.
    I arrive back at the Mesagoza gate and come across a girl camping with an Eevee. I have respect for her good taste in Pokemon. =P

    Back for more exploration.
    Noa the Student. Scatterbug - Ice Shard. Drifloon - Ice Shard.
    Sergio the Office Worker. Wooper - Ice Shard.
    I heal up at a PC and climb a watch tower and then jump down again.

    Youngster Aday. Scatterbug - Ice Shard.
    Manuel the Student. Spewpa - Ice Fang.
    I arrive at the Cortondo PC and click through the League Rep's reward... thanks for whatever that was I guess? =P
    I explore the town and then go back to checking the Olive tree fields around it.

    David the Office Worker. Phanpy - Ice Shard.
    Alba the Waitress. Pichu - Stomping Tantrum.
    I finish exploring this area which leaves the green grassy area on the other side near Mesagoza.

    Carlos the Student. Tadbulb - Ice Shard.
    Backpacker Alex. Growlithe - Stomping Tantrum. Sableye - Ice Shard.
    I fly back to Cortondo and heal at the PC before heading for the Gym.

    Probably gonna find my stalker inside again... yep. Ugh, loathesome creature. At least she doesn't force me into a battle again I guess.
    Gym test time: the Olive Roll. Don't really need to battle the gym trainers, but I do it anyway.
    Gym Trainer Esmeralda. Kricketune - Ice Fang.
    Gym Trainer Antonio. Venonat - Ice Shard.
    Gym Test passed.

    Bug Gym Leader: Katy. Nymble - Ice Shard. Tarountula - Ice Shard. Teddiursa - Ice Shard after it Teras.


    The stalker and Geeta come talk to me afterward.
    First though... gonna do another Olive Roll for that tablecloth =P
    It takes 3 attempts due to that one annoying part where the olive can fly out of bounds, but I beat it in 1 minute 32 seconds, which is enough for the tablecloth.
    I fly to Cascarafa and check the picnic store. I buy the tablecloths and then leave again.

    I fly to Mesagoza. I stock up on Timer Balls now that I can finally buy them.
    I take the tunnel towards the Pokemon League.
    Jaxon the Student. Meowth - Ice Shard. Nope Fake Out. Ice Shard now though.
    Cabbie Paco. Krookodile - Ice Fang. Ceruledge - Earthquake. Bronzong - Earthquake.
    I heal up at the PC and loop around the building for a TM before approaching the entrance.

    After a chat with Geeta I save and quit in front of the building.

    ---Session 25---

    I talk to the dude and head inside for the stupid quiz thingy.
    I piss off Rika and get told to leave by answering the question of what brings me here with 'just for funsies' xD
    I couldn't resist =P
    I pass the the dumb quiz next time around so it's time for the Elite Four.

    Elite Four, Rika. Whiscash - Night Slash. It lives on a sliver without a sash. It's Earth Power does little to me so I Swords Dance. It uses Muddy Water. Ugh. Second Night Slash finishes it. Camerupt comes in so I switch to Froslass because of the accuracy.
    Snowscape and it Yawns me. Fine with me... might Yawn me again if I switch though. Guess I'll Blizzard. It lives and uses Fire Blast. I switch Baxcalibur in, thanks for the attack boost Camerupt =D
    Dragon Claw faints the Camerupt. Donphan is next and I stay in. I go for Icicle Spear and 2 hits faint it. Dugtrio is next and one Icicle Spear hit knocks it out. Clodsire which Teras into Ground type. Icicle Spear knocks it out in 2 hits.
    No auto heal after battle, but they let me manually heal at least. I heal my team and wake up Froslass.

    A little brat tries to talk smack to me... oh I'm gonna enjoy watching Weavile demolish you. :devilish:
    Elite Four, Poppy. Copperajah. I Tera Weavile and use Brick Break to bop it out of here. Corviknight - Ice Spinner and it lives in yellow after a crit. It uses Iron Defense. Another Ice Spinner should suffice though.... It does.
    Bronzong is next. Kinda wanna Swords Dance on it, but it might know Hypnosis or go for a Psychic attack. Night Slash crits and faints it.
    Magnezone - Brick Break and it lives on Sturdy. It uses Light Screen =O Was expecting it to Paralyze me. I Brick Break again to shatter the Light Screen =P
    Tinkaton, which should Tera into Steel, so I click Brick Break. Weavile didn't even need a Swords Dance for that team I guess. Don't need to heal as Weavile never got hit =D

    Normal Gym Leader - Larry. *cough* I mean... Elite Four, Larry. Tropius. Seems like a safe mon to use Swords Dance on? It goes for Sunny Day. I use Ice Spinner to delete Tropius. Staraptor is next. I don't think it will outspeed me with the level difference, the Intimidate kinda sucks though. Oh well... Ice Spinner still deleted it.
    Altaria - Ice Spinner. Oricorio, the Electric one. Ice Spinner sends it off as the Sunlight fades. Flamigo is next. Being x 4 weak to Fighting I Tera just in case, while going for Ice Spinner. Doesn't matter, Ice Spinner deleted it. No need to heal again lol
    I swap Baxcalibur into the lead before challenging the next one.

    Elite Four, Hassel. Noivern - Icicle Spear. One hit is enough. Flapple - One Icicle Spear hit is enough once more.
    Dragalge - Deleted by two Icicle Spear hits. Haxorus - Dragon Claw. Baxcalibur huh. Mine's better... and apparantly bigger too :sneaky:
    It Teras into Dragon type and Dragon Claw deletes it.
    After some chatter I'm free to go fight the Champion. I put Froslass into the lead.


    Top Champion, Geeta. Espathra. I Snowscape and it goes for what Espathra does best: Lumina Crash. I Shadow Ball and faint it.
    Kingambit comes in so I switch to Weavile. I Tera and click Brick Break. Gogoat is next. Ice Spinner removes it. Veluza - Night Slash.
    The snow stops and Avalugg comes in. I switch to Frosmoth. Bug Buzz 1 hits it. Glimmora is next so back to Weavile.
    Tera Rock if I remember correct, so... Brick Break it is. It lives with just a sliver of health. It Dazzling Gleams me, but does less than half. I just Brick Break again.

    I'm escorted back to the entrance and that loathsome stalker shows up again. I keep answering No for every question she asks until the question stops changing slightly and I've reached GF's scummy dialogue loop. I say yes only to end it. Blegh. Forcing me to be 'rivals' with such a vile creature. Learn some proper RPG mechanics and story telling already, GF.
    I zone out while watching something on Youtube and tell Nemona I don't want to be Rivals for 10 minutes before finally clicking yes just to be able to finish the game. Ugh. Horrible game design.


    I get forced into meeting her for a battle. Revolting. I'll have to fight her in order to be able to finish the game, unfortunately. But the miscreant can wait.

    I fly to the academy so that I can finish off the classes instead. I see Tyme in the hall and talk to her.
    I take the 6th Biology class and then the final. 4 out of 5 correct. Well it's a pass at least. Must've been that everstone - evolution stone question.
    Time for multiple Math classes and the final. 4 out of 5 correct. Dunno which one I messed up, but it's math and I ain't doing it again if I passed xD

    Next up a bunch of Battle Studies classes and the final. The last lessons were about come pvp related garbage that I'll never use and already forgot. Somehow got 5 out of 5 despite the two pvp questions. *shrugs*
    Time for some Home Ec classes and it's final. 5 out of 5 correct.
    Next up... Art Class I guess? Should be easy enough. 5 out of 5 correct on the final =3

    I'll leave the last two courses for next session. The classes are generally short, but doing so many in a row does add up lol

    ---Session 26---

    History is next with some more classes and it's final. 5 out of 5 correct.
    Which means the last one left is Languages. After some more classes I take the final and get 5 out of 5 correct despite guessing on the Pikachu ones due to not paying attention to it during the classes =P


    Time for some teacher interactions then. I talk to Raifort in the hall.... twice. She introduces me to the Treasures of Ruin and their stakes... yeah, about that... I kinda already went and caught them all :woop:
    I talk to her again... and she goes full geek mode for each of the treasures of ruin that I caught. I get a Nasty Plot TM for my efforts.

    Off to the Cafeteria for an interaction with Saguaro. Tyme's here too apparently so I interact with her as well. I head to the Schoolyard for another interaction with her and help her deal with her stalker... which merely wants to ask a question. Can you help me with my battle junky stalker now, please Tyme? :plead:
    She gives me 50 Rock Ter Shards =O Not sure I have anyone who can make use of that, but it would save on Tera shard grinding if one of them can.

    Can't seem to find any more Saguaro interactions atm so I head to the Director's Office for an interaction with Clavell. He asks me what Cheugy means and I got no idea so I just pick the middle option I guess =P
    For the next interaction he asks me what teacher I like most, which is obviously the nurse.
    Next chat he asks for what the popular hairstyle is. Idk, idc about appearance... kinda wanna answer Giant Pompadours just to troll him for that Clive thing he did xD
    I randomly pick two block cut as the answer. I tell him I don't mind being pals with Penny in the next convo and he gives me a Big Nugget.

    To the Nurse's Office! Miriam tells me she's passed the exam and she'll be a teacher next school year. She gives me 10 Max Revives.
    Still no sight of Saguaro on the menu... oh well... I'll go to the teacher's lounge for that l... oh Saguaro's here lol
    I talk to him and then talk to Salvatore. After which I head to the Schoolyard for another conversation with him and we heal up a wild Pawmi. The Biology lab is next it seems for a chat about Pawmi not wanting to talk. Back to the Staff Room where I get a Galarian Meowth for reminding him that he can keep the Pawmi.

    Of to Home Ec for a chat with Dendra. Next stop, the Nurse's Office. Poor Miriam has to try her Sandwich next, oof. Then I have a chat with Dendra in the School Store about her Sandwich making motives and she gives me 10 bottles of Protein. Fitting lol

    Back to Home Ec for Saguaro, who wants a Sweet Herba Mystica. Well that's going to have to wait lol
    Should get some from the tablecloth guy. Which leaves just Hassel, I think.
    Off to the Art class room, then the Schoolyard, the Entrance Hall and then back to the Art Room to inspire some confidence in the sobbing little crybaby to stay a teacher. He gives me 50 Dragon Tera Shards. Probably won't be using those.

    Just Saguaro and his Herba Mystica request left; so time to leave.
    Time to fight that appalling stalker so I can wrap up the main story.

    Champion Nemona. Lycanroc. I Tera Froslass and use Snowscape. It uses Stealth Rock. Froslass shoots a Shadow Ball, takes a Stone Edge and faints it with another Shadow Ball. Pawmot comes in so I switch into Mamoswine. It uses Close Combat and outspeeds, but Mamoswine lives in yellow and Earthquakes the rodent gone. Orthworm is next so I switch to Weavile.
    Brick Break without the Tera isn't enough and apparently the earthworm has Body Press. Weavile faints. I send in Baxcalibur, it somehow barely lives Crunch and hits back with Iron Tail. Dudunsparce is next and I stay in.
    Dragon Claw sends it into yellow and it's Dragon Rush misses. Another Dragon Claw faints it. Goodra is next and Dragon Claw faints it.
    Kinda wanna switch because of that Defense drop from Iron Tail, but am forced to stay in. She Teras her Quaquaval.
    Baxcalibur is faster and Dragon Claw does over half. Baxcalibur faints to whatever move Quaquaval used. I switch Froslass back in and Thunderbolt finishes it off.

    The battle junky goes full on creepy stalker mode again and I end up in my academy room. Victory Road Complete.


    Arven calls me and wants us to meet at the Zero Gate. I fly to Medali and head over to the Zero Gate, my intent being to save outside the building, but the chatter triggers earlier. :sadwick:
    After a bunch of chatter with Penny, Arven, the battle junky and Sada I regain control of my character and save and quit near the elevator down.
    The Way Home started.


    Legendaries caught:


    Victory Road: Complete

    Path of Legends: Complete

    Starfall Street: Complete


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  • ---Session 27---

    I step into the elevator and it's time for more talking.
    I regain control of my character for a brief moment and run down the walkway to the edge to trigger the next sequence.
    We land in Area Zero after a cutscene. Some chatter later we start our jog down to the first research facility. I ignore exploring the area for now, better to do that when I can do so with Koraidon. I'll only grab items on the route while on the way down.
    As we arrive at the first station me and the Battle Junky fight a Glimmora. Easy peasy. Should change my lead though, Froslass can't 1 hit the Pokemon here.

    I switch Mamoswine into the lead and enter the facility. I disable the first lock.
    Outside and onward I go, to the second research facility. As we approach me and Penny fight an Iron B-... oh right, this is Scarlet. Scream Tail goes down to 2 Ice Fangs and a Dark Pulse from Umbreon. Didn't want to Earthquake on my eevee fam rofl
    Inside I go for the second lock. Done.
    Back outside and onward! Or should I say, downward ?

    We arrive at the 3rd research station and Arven and me fight a Great Tusk. Ice Fang - Stomping Tantrum - Play Rough.
    Afterward we head inside and I disable the third lock.

    Onward and downward, spelunking time! No Pokemon fight at the research station this time so I just head in and disable the last lock when I can.
    Time to go outside and downward again.

    We arrive at the bottom and at the Zero Lab. I open the door after some more chatter. A bunch of Past Paradoxes come charging out. Two Ice Fangs deal with Great Tusk. Same with Brute Bonnet. Flutter Mane goes down 1st turn to an Ice Fang - Crunch combo.
    I head inside the Zero Lab afterward and talk to the robot Sada. I save before talking to her again in front of the elevator.

    We chat for a bit in the elevator and I eventually place the Scarlet Book on the pedestal to trigger the final fight.
    AI Sada fight. Slither Wing - Ice Fang. It Low Sweep's me and crits and then AI Sada lowers my Mamoswine's Speed with banter? lol k.
    I use Ice Shard, but it's not enough and Mamoswine goes down. I send in Frosmoth and Tera it. Air Slash defeats Slither Wing.
    Flutter Mane. Not sure what this has. Ah Thunderbolt. I use Ice Beam, which is not enough and I'm not living another Thunderbolt. I switch to Baxcalibur. It hits me with Power Gem twice before going down. I switch to Sandslash for Scream Tail. Iron Head sends it into red HP... awww. Oh I get the flinch for once lol Another Iron Head finishes it off.
    Brute Bonnet. Kinda wanna Swords Dance, but idk wth this thing knows. Icicle Spear faints it in 4 hits.
    Sandy Shocks. 4 more Icicle Spear hits and it's gone.
    Roaring Moon. What's this thing again, Dark/Dragon? It's got a Booster Energy to heighten it's attack. And yet Sandslash lives the Earthquake in yellow HP and impales it with 4 Icicle Spears for the win.

    Could've gone better, but only 1 of my Pokemon fainted lol
    Paradise Protection Protocol aka the Koraidon/Miraidon slapdown. Can you even lose this fight? :unsure:
    I send in Koraidon. Koraidon, the Guardian of Paradise uses Taunt. Fitting =P I use Collision Course and it doesn't do much as expected.
    We both use Flamethrower, to little effect. I mean I can't Tera Blast yet right? No Tera option atm.
    Collision Course did more so I'll just keep using it. It uses Bulk Up.
    It Giga Impacts me and Koraidon toughs it out as I Collision Course again while it can't move. Still no Tera option.
    More Collision Course. Ah finally I can Tera. I Tera and use Tera Blast to end the fight.

    AI Sada says here goodbyes and it's Credits time after the cutscene.


    I get called to the Director's Office. I obtain the Master Ball and get sent on a Gym inspection mission by Geeta due to her being lazy.
    They just recycled the gym thing they did in SwSh... but now it's not got a silly story with a bad hair duo and Pokemon dynamaxing, but just a gym leader re-fight. *shrugs*

    ---Session 28---

    I put Froslass in front again for some extra money. I stop by Brassius first.
    Lilligant. Froslass uses Snowscape and Lilligant uses Light Screen so I switch to Sandslash afterward as Lilligant uses Quiver Dance.
    Icicle Spear faints it. Tsareena - Icicle Spear. Breloom - Icicle Spear after tanking a Mach Punch.... expected that to do more tbh =O
    Arboliva comes in and the Snowstorm ends. Icicle Spear faints it. Sudowoodo again. Icicle Spear deals with it too.

    Next up; Iono. Kilowattrel. Snowscape. It goes for Tailwind. It's Discharge misses and it goes down to Blizzard. I switch to Mamoswine.
    Electrode - Earthquake, after it sets up Electric Terrain. Bellibolt - Earthquake, after it hits me with Water Pulse. Tailwind ends as Luxray comes in. Earthquake faints it despite the Intimidate.
    I switch back to Froslass for the Mismagius. The Snowstorm has ended, but not much point in putting it back up. I Tera Froslass and use Blizzard hoping it won't miss. It does, but Mismagius uses Shadow Ball so whatever. Some Shadow Ball - Charge Beam back and forth later it goes down.

    Grusha is next. Snowscape and it uses Tailwind. It Blizzards me and I use Shadow Ball. We repeat the last turn. And once more.
    Weavile huh. I switch to my own Weavile and Tera it to Brick Break the other Weavile. Imposters must be broken! The snow stops.
    Cetitan is next. I Brick Break and it lives, just barely. It uses Bounce. I swap to Baxcalibur. Dragon Claw finishes it.
    Back to Weavile for Beartic. Brick Break. Altaria comes in. Doubt I can faint it in 1 hit after the Tera, but I go for Night Slash.
    Under half HP in damage. It uses Hurricane and doesn't faint Weavile, but gets the confusion. Back to Baxcalibur. It hurricanes again, but misses. Dragon Claw faints it.

    Ryme. It's already snowing so I Tera Froslass and use Blizzard. Frosmoth uses Ice Beam. Mimikyu Play Roughs and goes down. Banette lives and uses Phantom Force. I use the same moves again. Houndstone goes down. Banette uses Phantom Force... on Froslass. What a waste lol.
    Blizzard + Ice Beam again and Banette and Spiritomb go down. It stops snowing so Shadow Ball + Ice Beam it is on the Toxtricity.

    Larry. Oinkologne. Snowscape. It uses Iron Head. Blizzard - Iron Head. Blizzard. Dudunsparce is next so I switch to Weavile.
    I Tera and Brick Break. Braviary - Ice Spinner. Komala - Brick Break. Staraptor - Brick Break, probably won't be enough due to Intimidate.
    It lives in Yellow and Brave Birds. Weavile faints, but it goes down to ReKoil recoil damage :cool:

    Kofu. Veluza. I Snowscape and it uses Night Slash... It won't let me Snowstorm... is it because of the natural sandstorm? =O Shadow Ball then.
    Wugtrio, so I switch to Baxcalibur and Dragon Claw. It's Gooey lowers Bax's speed. Clawitzer, that's a slow Pokemon anyway. Dragon Claw faints it with a crit.
    I go back to Froslass for Pelipper. It's Drizzle fails as well, must be the sandstorm then. Thunderbolt faints it. Crabominable is next so I switch to Frosmoth.
    I Tera and go for Bug Buzz. It lives in yellow HP and Close Combats me. Another Bug Buzz ends this.
    Would've been an easier fight without that annoying weather preventing sandstorm... oh well.

    Katy. Still the most likeable of the Paldean gym leaders to me tbh. Anyway... Lokix. It tries to Sucker Punch on my Snowscape. Heh.
    I Blizzard and avoid the second Sucker Punch. Forretress, so I switch to Frosmoth, Tera and then use Air Slash. It lives on Sturdy, of course. Frosmoth avoids it's attack. Bug Buzz finishes it off. Heracross - Air Slash... misses and I get a crit Stone Edge in my face. Unfortunate. Baxcalibur Dragon Claws the evil moth-fainting-beetle gone. Justice!
    Spidops - Dragon Claw. nope Spidops protects itself and lowers my speed. It goes for Silk Trap again... double protect huh. Third Dragon Claw... connects. Goodbye Spidops.
    Ursaring is next and I switch to Sandslash. I forget about the incoming Tera for a second and click Brick Break... oops. It uses High Horsepower. 5 Icicle Spear hits later it faints.

    Tulip. Farigiraf. Snowscape - Crunch. Blizzard - Crunch, but it misses. Blizzard. Espathra and so I switch to Weavile. Night Slash.
    Gallade huh. Night Slash sends it into red. Well Weavile is dead then. Close Combat. Yeah. I send Frosmoth in to faint it with a Bug Buzz.
    Gardevoir - Bug Buzz and it lives in red HP. Mystical Fire does not kill Frosmoth though. Bug Buzz faints Gardevoir.
    I switch back to Froslass for Florges. We both Tera and I use Shadow Ball. It goes for Charm. Shadow Ball - Moonblast. Shadow Ball.

    Geeta calls me afterward. I go to a Delibird Presents first before meeting with her. I buy 24 Bottle Caps and go to Montenevera.
    I use all 27 of my Bottle Caps to hyper train my team and then fly to Naranja Academy to meet Geeta. I get a King's Rock for my efforts.
    I'm forced to rest apparently.

    The battle junky stalker barges in as I try to leave. I get an explanation of the Academy Ace Tournament and then save in front of the clerk.

    Legendaries caught:

    Base game: Complete


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  • ---Session 29---

    Time for the Academy Ace Tournament. First opponent... Arven.
    Greedent. Snowscape - Earthquake =O Well that barely did anything lol Blizzard sends it into red hp and the next Earthquake misses. Blizzard finishes it off.
    Scovillain - Blizzard. Garganacl. I switch to Mamoswine. Earthquake deletes it. The snow stops and Toedscruel comes in. Ice Fang.
    Cloyster, so back to Froslass. Thunderbolt. Mabosstiff comes in and I switch to Frosmoth. I Tera just in case and click Bug Buzz.

    Second opponent... Jacq.
    Arcanine. I Tera Froslass and use Snowscape. It uses Flare Blitz. Still does way too much imo, almost half. Shadow Ball sends it into yellow HP. Close Combat? What are you doing with that, fire doggo =O Froslass lives on 4 HP and finishes it off with Shadow Ball.
    Mudsdale is next so I switch to Sandslash. Icicle Spear faints it in 3 hits despite Stamina due to a crit on the second hit.
    Slowbro is next... Weavile, I guess? Night Slash crits and faints it. Lurantis - Ice Spinner.
    Swalot is next so time for Mamoswine to Earthquake it gone. Or not. Protect. Earthquake faints it next turn.
    Farigiraf so I switch to Weavile. Night Slash. It lives on a sliver. Thunderbolt does not do much so I finish it with Night Slash.

    Third opponent... Dendra.
    Falinks. Snowscape - Smart Strike. Blizzard destroys Falinks. Hawlucha - Blizzard. Tauros... which one... Aqua Breed. Thunderbolt faints it.
    Blaze Breed Tauros is next. Shadow Ball sends it into Yellow and Froslass avoids the Raging Bull. Another Shadow Ball faints it.
    Medicham. Snowscape to set the snow back up. Zen Headbutt crits Froslass into yellow HP. Shadow Ball faints it.
    Hariyama. Blizzard crits and does slightly under half. Another Blizzard and the second Heavy Slam faints Froslass. I Tera Frosmoth just in case and have it Air Slash for the win. Almost had a Froslass sweep lol

    Fourth opponent... Geeta.
    Espathra. Snowscape - Lumina Crash. Shadow Ball. Kingambit so I go to Weavile and Tera Brick Break it gone. Gogoat - Ice Spinner.
    Veluza - Night Slash. Avalugg so I switch to my Special Attacker, Frosmoth. Bug Buzz removes it from play.
    Glimmora so back to Weavile. Brick Break after she goes Tera.


    And then I get an error and the game crashes. Now I gotta redo it. *sighs*
    Already didn't have much time today :sadwick:
    I ain't doing a commentary on the rerun lol

    I get a call from Jacq afterward about the higher level raid dens they want me to clear.

    ---Session 30---

    I fly to the Zero Gate and leap off the cliff. It's high time I explore Area Zero properly and go catch Koraidon.
    On the plus side at least there aren't any trainers down here. Too many dang trainers in this game lol

    I come across a shiny Jumpluff while exploring. Good thing I saved before encountering it as the dang thing uses Memento as I try to catch it the first time =\
    I look up how to block it and teach Froslass Substitute. Jumpluff Giga Drains my first sub away eventually and I go for a new one. Luckily Froslass is faster as it used Memento again, but it failed!
    Interestingly it seems to be able to heal off of my sub somehow xD
    I eventually get it in a crit catch Heal Ball. Sweet =D


    Second shiny of the playthrough =D
    Coincidentally I also caught a shiny while exploring Area Zero during my Violet playthrough... but that was just a Golduck and I already caught one earlier in the same game =P

    Some time later while still exploring I manage to lose grip on my switch for a sec and it falls down on the floor :sadwick:
    It doesn't seem to have taken any damage, but it's bound to not be beneficial D=
    It was on the side with the screen as well, wouldn't be surprised if the sticks start acting up. D=
    *is still kicking himself*

    It takes a while, but I eventually finish exploring the place and it's time to fight and catch Koraidon. Two Shadow Balls put it in yellow HP and I get the Sp. Def drop. Not gonna be able to safely hit it anymore then. Time to start chucking balls while hiding behind my sub. All it's been doing so far is spam Bulk Up. It goes in eventually on a crit catch with the Repeat Ball.


    I forgot to take a screenshot of it going in, so went with a screen of my box.
    I head to the academy for my shiny charm. Or not... I'm missing Miraidon... did I never transfer it? =O
    Well I can fix that by trading it over lol
    Gotta leave school first apparently, can't trade here.

    One trade to myself later I go back in and talk to Jacq. I get a Shiny Charm and Clavell gives me a certificate.


    There's a couple new interactions here it seems so I head to the Schoolyard to talk to the battle junky... two hours of battling?! Well at least I don't have to actually fight her.

    Off to the cafeteria for two more interactions. Let's get the garbage with battle junky over with first....
    No fair! Why does that guy get to walk away from her battle invite? Are you rubbing it in our faces GF? "Haha, you can't escape your fights with the battle junky due to our sadistic dialogue loops, but this guy can!" 😠

    *cough* Anyway... Arven interaction. Afterward it's to the director's office for another one. Then the Entrance Hall.
    Penny's here too though... and we spy on her Team Star friends.
    Next is a stop at the School Store for the battle junky and then Penny as well.
    The Art room is next for another spy on former Team Star leaders with Penny session.

    Classroom 1-A for the battle junky's final interaction? She takes me to her room... are we doing another Pokemon battle or something? please no. Ugh, I'm forced to pledge being a rival once more. That might actually be worse.
    Classroom 2-G for Arven. And I get dragged to a dorm room again. Is that all I get for these? Access to more rooms I'll never go back to?
    Classroom 1-D. Penny gonna do the same I guess. Well at least there's eeveelutions here. Always a plus. =P

    Well that's it for Paldea, except for that 5 star Raid Den thing. Time to head back to Kitakami... next session.

    Legendaries caught:

    Base game: Complete


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  • ---Session 31---

    I first beat up a Surskit outbreak hoping for a shiny along the way... nope. Oh well.
    I fly to Mossui Town. I first go and fight Perrin. Noctowl. Oh dangit. Forgot to reteach Froslass Snowscape lol
    Thunderbolt - Hypnosis. Of course it lands Hypnosis. I don't think I've ever hit the dang move, but hey; I ain't got those NPC hax.
    I switch to Frosmoth and Noctowl's Dream Eater fails. Ha! Serves you right. Ice Beam. Leafeon comes in and Ice Beam ends it. I'm sowwy fam :sadwick:

    Perrin dashes of to wait for me after our chat. I wake up Froslass and head to the cave behind town.
    Raikiri of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Raichu. It uses Light Screen as I Shadow Ball. I switch to Mamoswine. It tries to Thunder Wave me :sneaky:
    It's got Grass Knot, but it's not enough to faint Mamoswine so Earthquake ends the rodent. Probopass. Should outspeed that so I Earthquake it and it lives on Sturdy. It uses Flash Cannon. Weavile goes in to Break it's Bricks.
    Vikavolt. I Tera Weavile and use Ice Spinner. It's probably gonna go for a Bug move if it lives. Oh my... only roughly half? =O
    Yep, Bug Buzz. I click Night Slash hoping for a crit. Nope. Thunder faints Weavile.
    Baxcalibur finally faints the beetle with Dragon Claw. I take it these people have competitive like teams as well? Lame. GF needs to remove that junk from the games already. Anyway... Luxray. Dragon Claw - Electric Terrain. Dragon Claw.

    I fly back to town to heal up. I fight a nearby 4 star Ground Tera Raid for the shards. Fairly easy win against Ribombee.
    I use some Exp candies to have Baxcalibur and Mamoswine catch up to the rest of my team a bit.

    I go to the other Kitakami Ogre Clan Trainer I already found.
    Masamune of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Grimmsnarl. I Tera Froslass and use Snowscape after it uses Reflect. Blizzard - False Surrender. Light Screen - Blizzard. Seems we're speed tied. Blizzard - ... well it got Frozen. Thunderbolt to finish it off.
    Gardevoir so I switch to Sandslash. Ah dangit, the Snowstorm ends. Iron Head - Aura Sphere. When the heck did Gardevoir get that? =O
    Anyway Sandslash faints. Frosmoth survives the Mystical Fire and uses Bug Buzz... not enough. Okay these are definitely competitive trained Pokemon. Blegh.
    I switch to Baxcalibur, which gets a Sp. Attack drop from Mystical Fire as well as an Attack raise from Thermal Exchange. 1 Icicle Spear finishes off the Gardevoir.
    Ribombee. Quiver Dance - Icicle Spear. 4 hits finish it off. Clefable. Icicle Spear... only 2 hits and the thing eats a Sitrus Berry. Icicle Crash crits and faints it.

    I fly back to town. I heal at the PC and go talk to the snobby rich folk west of town. I try to back out of the dialogue to change my team order, but... she forces me to fight lol
    O'Nare of the Glitterati. Persian. Thunderbolt - Screech. Thunderbolt.
    I travel on to the entrance to the Wistful Fields afterward. I'm not gonna chase them right now.


    Yoshiaki the Festival Boy. Seedot. Who the heck keeps a level 60 Seedot? .... Snowscape - Sunny Day. lol I just Snowscape again and Seedot's move fails. Blizzard. Sudowoodo so I switch to Sandslash. Iron Head. Lotad - Icicle Spear.
    Kazuki the Festival Boy. Mankey - Shadow Ball.

    Yoshiyuki the Poke Maniac. Tauros - Shadow Ball. It just barely lives and Swaggers me. Naturally she hits herself. It swaggers again. Good call on not switching I guess. Another self hit. Swagger again? Really? Clodsire so I switch to Mamoswine to Earthquake it gone.
    Mutsumi the Delinquent. Mightyena - Thunderbolt. Yawn. Thunderbolt. Froslass falls asleep and I switch to Frosmoth. Gligar - Ice Beam.
    Mikiya the Ruffian. Koffing - Shadow Ball. Slugma - Shadow Ball.

    Kunitsuna of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Carbink. Snowscape - Smack Down. Blizzard - Moonblast, which misses. Blizzard - Moonblast. Blizzard.
    Golem. I switch to Sandslash and use Iron Head. It flinches. Iron Head finishes it off. Mamoswine. I Tera Sandslash and use Iron Head. It outspeeds and uses Earthquake, but doesn't faint Sandslash.
    Froslass so I switch to Weavile. It lives Night Slash on a sliver of health and Thunder Waves me. It uses Blizzard and Night Slash finishes it.

    I explore the dead end and head back and climb up the mountain. I explore Infernal Pass which is the part of the mountain I left for later last time.
    At the split I head for the Crystal Pool first. After exploring the area I head into the cave and explore it.

    Kotetsu of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Heracross. Snowscape - Megahorn. Was expecting another Stone Edge or whatever that other Heracross used. Blizzard - Megahorn. Shadow Ball. Kommo-o and Froslass is out of Blizzards so... Sandslash time. 4 Icicle Spear hits faint it.
    Conkeldurr is next so I switch to Frosmoth. I Tera Frosmoth and click Air Slash. The snow stops as Gallade comes in. It's Psycho Cut crits, because of course it does. Frosmoth faints and I send Weavile in. Nightslash just barely doesn't faint it so Sacred Sword faints Weavile. Baxcalibur faints the evil slicer with a Dragon Claw.

    Further down the rabbit hole I go as I explore the rest of the cave. I recognize where I exit so I fly back up to the Crystal Pool and head back down, going the other way at the split. The path ends with a dead end with a cave entrance. More spelunking!
    Yoshino the Festival Girl. Goomy - Icicle Spear.
    Bit of annoying cave to navigate with how windy it is and how easily Koraidon latches onto wall when trying to jump over a wild Pokemon.
    At some point I exit it out a side path and explore the little hilly area near the festival hall before heading back into the cave.
    I end up where you fight Fezandipiti later on, so time to fly back.

    From the Crystal Pool I glide towards the waterfall and search the high up plateaus near it. Then I go down and explore the area west of the lake in Kitakami Wilds. Afterward I go down into Paradise Barrens. I save and quit.

    ---Session 32---

    I explore the area and come across a shiny Nosepass... funny.. I was actually wondering what it would look like and if I'd be able to spot it if it was too subtle a while ago when I saw a large group of them all spread out on my screen... not much later I see a golden Nosepass... yeah that sticks out lol


    Satoru the Festival Boy. Nosepass. Shadow Ball. It lives on Sturdy and Locks On to me. Shadow Ball finishes it. Nuzleaf is next so I switch to Frosmoth as Froslass is still out of Blizzards. Ice Beam after getting Sucker Punched.
    I use 3 PP Ups on Froslass' Blizzard afterward.

    Nanami the Festival Girl. Vullaby - Thunderbolt.
    Hokuto the Black Belt. Timburr - Shadow Ball. Gurdurr - Shadow Ball.

    Kanemitsu of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Ninetales with Drought. I Tera Froslass and cancel that Drought with Snowscape. It Will-o-Wisps me. Shadow Ball - Flamethrower. Shadow Ball - Flamethrower. Thunderbolt for that last sliver of HP.
    Shiftry so I switch to Weavile. Ice Spinner deletes it. Chandelure - Night Slash is luckily enough. Lilligant - Ice Spinner.

    After finishing my exploration of this area I interact with the signpost to trigger the interaction with Kieran, who wants to fight me because why have meaningful dialogue when you can just battle spam. ugh.
    Anyway, Kieran fight. Yanma - Thunderbolt. Furret so I switch to Weavile. I Tera Weavile and click Brick Break. Poliwrath - Brick Break sends it into Yellow and it launches Brick Break back. I faint it with another Brick Break. Dipplin - Ice Spinner.

    Afterward I go beat down a Grubbin outbreak not far from here to improve the shiny odds for today =3
    Once that is concluded I run back to Kitakami Wilds and navigate the lake and area beyond it. I ignore going down into Timeless Woods for now and head to the area in between it and Fellhorn Gorge, though I don't go to the latter just yet.

    Down into Timeless Woods I go. I ignore Perrin for now.... or not... got too close I guess. I help her Growlithe beat an Ariados and then explore the Timeless Woods. I head back to Perrin afterward. Time to survey the forest and snap some photos!
    10 photos later Perrin angers the Bloodmoon Ursaluna by not turning off the flash on her camera. What a newb. =P

    I can't remember what this thing knows so I'll just try and Tera Weavile and go for Brick Break. Only 1/5th? Dang. It Calm Minds and I Swords Dance next turn as it Calm Minds again. Brick Break sends it into yellow and it uses Blood Moon to laser Weavile.
    I send Froslass in and use Snowscape. It Calm Minds yet again? =O Blizzard barely does anything and Froslass gets bopped by Blood Moon.
    Sandslash's Icicle Spear just barely doesn't finish it. Baxcalibur's Icicle Spear finishes it off. I toss a Luxury Ball and catch it.

    I fly back to Mossui Town to heal up and finish off Perrin's quest. She gives me a Choice Scarf and the HA Hisui Growlithe. Neither will see any use, move limiting items are trash. I head into the Community Center to call it a night to progress the story.

    I go meet the more likeable version of Nemona after waking up. After the chat I fly to the Crystal Pool and I fight a Milotic with Carmine. I Swords Dance & Aura Wheel sends Milotic into yellow HP already lol. Brick Break without the Tera finishes it off.
    I head back to town and talk to the old geezer... and then fly to Loyalty Plaza. So much hecking back and forth in this.

    I talk to Kieran and he loses his marbles and then we fight. Yanmega - Ice Spinner. Poliwrath is next so I switch to Froslass. Thunderbolt sends it into yellow hp and it Hydro Pumps Froslass. Another Thunderbolt faints it.
    I switch to Sandslash for Gligar and Icicle Spear deals with it. Cramorant - Icicle Spear. Dipplin - Icicle Spear.

    The Lousy 3 resurrect afterwards and they run off. I fly to Kitakami Hall to progress the story and then head to the Dreaded Den. I arrive to find the lousy 3 bullying Ogerpon. The monkey challenges me to a fight and I Night Slash it away in 1 hit. The cowards run off when reinforcements arrive... like I even needed them =P
    I return the Teal Mask to Ogerpon and she starts following me around.

    I fly to Mossui Town and it triggers the next event of us arriving at town from the other way. I talk to some randos and get the clues needed so I can go fight the lousy three. Afterward I fly to Wisteria Pond and save & quit.


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  • ---Session 33---

    The Titanic Munkidori. Night Slash, deals about 1/3rd ? Another one then as it boosts itself up. Weavile lives the Sludge Wave and poor Morpeko gets bopped by the monkey. Ogerpon cheers us on, but 1 Night Slash would've been enough already at this point.


    The Titanic Okidogi. I swapped my lead to Froslass before the battle. Snowscape. Missed it's move. Morpeko Thunder Waves it and I Blizzard. It attacks Morpeko and it just barely lives. Shadow Ball - Aura Wheel - Close Combat.
    Carmine sends in Mightyena and I Shadow Ball again. Was really hoping for a Sp. Def drop tbh. Nope. It crunches me and Ogerpon cheers us on. I'll Blizzard while the snow is still up. The abominable dog eats a berry and faints Mightyena. Snowstorm ends so back to Shadow Ball. Sinistcha does the same and we beat it.


    Liking Carmine more and more as this goes on tbh. Then again anything is better than Nemona.
    I fly to the Crystal Pool and then glide around the side of the mountain towards Fezandipiti. I come across a trainer high up here while snagging some items.

    Munechika of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Ambipom. Snowscape as it Thiefs me and nabs my Amulet Coin. I switch to Sandslash. Thief again. It lives my Brick Break with a sliver of HP and Fire Punches. Brick Breaks it gone. Greedent comes in and I stay. It's probably got counter or something. 5 Icicle Spears deal about half. I live it''s Earthquake and Brick Break, which send it into Yellow and it eats it's berry and then Cheek Puches itself to full HP. Scummy.
    I Tera Weavile and Brick Break the abomination of a Pokemon back into Yellow HP as it Body Slams me in return. Brick Breaks frees my screen of it's appearance =D
    Snorlax. Probably not bopping that in 1 hit. Brick Break - Heavy Slam. It lives in yellow and I live in red hp. Brick Break faints it.
    Maushold, another Normal type huh. Brick Break faints it in 1 hit.

    I chase the bird through a cave and fight it. Poison/Fairy so Sandslash should be good here. Ah dang, forgot to recharge my Tera on a raid den.

    The Titanic Fezandipiti. Swords Dance and Morpeko avoids it's attack and Thunder Waves it. Iron Head deals almost half. Dazzling Gleam - Aura Wheel.
    Aura Wheel - Iron Head - Flinch :sneaky:
    Aura Wheel - Iron Head and it's over.


    Kieran wants us to return to the village, but... I'm now near an area I haven't explored yet so they can wait =P
    I jump down and start exploring Fellhorn Gorge.
    Airi the Dragon Tamer. Dratini. Snowscape - Rain Dance. lol Snowstorm - Outrage. Blizzard. Jangmo-o - Blizzard.

    Hasebe of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Politoed sets up rain with Drizzle. I just Snowscape it away :sneaky:
    It uses Surf. Thunderbolt - Surf. Thunderbolt. Drednaw is next and I switch to Sandslash.
    Brick Break - Shell Smash. Snow is still up so Sandslash outspeeds and Brick Break finishes it. Basculegion comes in and I switch to Weavile. The snow has ended.
    Nigh Slash faints it and Ludicolo is next. Ice Spinner - Rain Dance. It now outspeeds so it's got to have Rain Dish. It doesn't pack enough punch to faint a fragile Weavile though lol. Another Ice Spinner ends it.

    After exploring the area I jump down and beat up a Timburr outbreak before exploring the eastern shore of the river, the last area that needs exploring.
    Kazuhiro the Office Worker. Indeedee. Thunderbolt - Psychic Terrain. Thunderbolt. Greedent comes in and I switch to Baxcalibur. It somehow lives Icicle Crash on a sliver of HP. Super Fang cuts Bax's HP in half and I Dragon Claw the abomination gone.

    I come across a 5 star Fairy Tera Basculegion raid so I beat it down with Sandslash.
    Once I'm done exploring the area I fly back to town to trigger the next story part. After Ogerpon gets welcomed by the village I heal up my Pokemon.
    I tackle a 5 star Psychic Tera Dusknoir raid just outside of town afterward... wait do the raids here even count for that thing in the base game?
    Weavile just barely didn't beat it. Needed 1 more turn due to fainting twice due to it knowing a Fighting type move. Figured I'd try Bax... no boosting move, but Dusknoir likes using Fire Punch lol I Tera really late so that it boosts me back up after the buff clear. Easy win.

    Should probably just go wrap up the story in case the dens here don't count. I come across 5 Star Poison Tera Shiftry raid on the way though. Mamoswine wins it fairly easily. Should be 3/10 5 star Raid Dens if they count.

    Dreaded Den really needs a Fast Travel point lol
    Kieran wants to get his butt kicked again... fine with me lol
    Shiftry. Fake Out, of course. It lives Icicle Crash on a sliver... ah Focus Sash. Dark Pulse. Dragon claw ends it.
    Poliwrath so I switch to Froslass. Thunderbolt sends it into yellow and it eats a Sitrus Berry and Belly Drums. Thunderbolt faints it.
    Probopass so I switch to Weavile. No point in going Tera, it's probably got Sturdy anyway... and it does. It eats a Berry and Body Presses poor Weavile gone. Froslass comes in to finish it with Shadow Ball.
    Yanmega and so I switch to Sandslash. Icicle Spear. Gliscor is next. Icicle Spear. It eats a berry to reduce ice damage... but that only works for the 1st hit... pity that I used a multi hit attack and I got Loaded Dice on this guy huh? :sneaky:
    Dipplin - Icicle Spear.

    I have to prove myself to Ogerpon... The Fire Mask is first. Dragon Claw knocks it to about 30% of it's HP. Grassy Terrain. One more Dragon Claw.
    The Water Mask is next. Dragon Claw - Low Kick - Dragon Claw.
    The... Rock(?) Mask is next in line. Dragon Claw still deals about half. Ivy Cudgel knock Bax out T^T
    Mamoswine Earthquakes it gone.
    The final mask, the Grass one. I Tera Mamoswine into Ice to get rid of the grass weakness and Ice Fang it, after tanking the Ivy Cudgel first.
    I toss a Friend Ball at it as I think this is a Guaranteed catch. Seems so.


    Kieran runs off crying.
    I exit the community center to meet up with Carmine. I talk to her to trigger the final fight of the DLC.
    Ah right I need to have Ogerpon on my team for this. I switch Weavile out temporarily.

    Carmine fight. Mightyena. Dragon Claw ends it despite Intimidate. Ninetales - Dragon Claw, lives in red and uses Flamethrower. Thanks for the boost =D
    One more Dragon Claw. Leavanny - Icicle Crash. Morpeko - Dragon Claw, lives on a Sash so that it can Nuzzle... oh Lash Out ? =O
    Dragon Claw again. Sinistcha - Icicle Crash.

    Back to town. I heal up and then walk up to the group to finish off the DLC. 'To Be Continued...'
    After it ends I fly to Kitakami Hall. I need some Clear Mochi, but that's for another session.
    Also gonna need to go capture those lousy three.

    ---Session 34---

    Apparently I already have 3 Fresh Start Mochi... thought they were called Clear Mochi... well whatever. Should only need 1 more. A single game of Ogre Oustin' might be enough then. Or not. 10 games later and not even a single one. Change of plans then. I'll just send either a Fresh Start Mochi over to this game or one of my mons over to Violet so that I can use one on it.

    I talk to the bald dude at the hall... apparently there's another money waster here like the dojo was ? I give 100.000 and move on. I need the money I have for vitamins lol. I somehow completely missed this last time I played through this though =O
    I talk to the chair maker dude outside the festival place for some new chairs and free herba mystica! =D

    I fly to Wisteria Pond. Let's do the legendary round up first. I pull a Kingambit out of my boxes and teach it False Swipe just to make catching this thing easier.
    Munkidori literally can't hurt Kingambit and after two False Swipes it's on 1 HP. =P
    I toss Heal Balls until Timer Balls are more effective. It goes in on the 3rd Timer Ball. Munkidori caught.


    Off to Paradise Barrens. I put Froslass in the lead and send Kingambit back to the boxes. Time to try and catch this freakish doggo again.
    Snowstorm - Crunch. Thunderbolt crits and leaves it in red HP =O It Poison Jabs. Dusk Ball - Crunch. It keeps spamming Superpower as I chuck more Dusk Balls and use an X Defense. It goes for Brutal Swing. I stop paying attention to it's moves, but it eventually gets a Poison via Toxic Chain. Time for a Full Restore. And it Toxic Chain poisons me straight away again lol
    Whatever, it's daytime now. Time for Timer balls and I'll have to heal now and then.
    Forced to use another X Defense due to some Defense drops from Crunch. And so on... until it Stuggles itself to death. A fitting end for the thing, but it's still a legendary that I need to catch so...

    Attempt 2. No crit on Thunderbolt and it does too little, but too much to hit it again with it so I send Frosmoth in for Two Bug Buzzes, which goes down to 2 Superpowers and a Poison Jab. Froslass goes back in and I Full Restore it. Ball chucking while staying alive time.
    It goes in on the first Timer Ball I chuck at it. Toxic Chain is such an annoying ability =\
    Okidogi caught.


    Back to town for a free heal.

    I fly to Fellhorn Gorge and glide and climb up to where the birb is. Not sure who to use to fight this. Let's try Sandslash first I guess for that Poison immunity.
    Brick Break is non Stab and also resisted. Oh wow that does almost nothing lol Swagger misses. Brick Break - Beat Up. Brick Break - Flatter. Brick Break - Flatter. Brick Break - Swagger, which misses. Brick Break - Roost. Oh no. Might actually need a False Swiper then.
    I try Icicle Spear. Faints it, no real surprise there.

    2nd Attempt: Kingambit, as I already taught it False Swipe. Fezandipiti doesn't seem to have a Fairy move so it should be fine....
    ... actually, lets see if one of my party members can learn it... 3 of them can. I teach it to Sandslash, I'll just have it relearn Iron Head afterward I guess.
    Swords Dance - Beat Up. Swords Dance - Flatter. False Swipe is not enough to send it into red HP just yet, but it Swaggers me. False Swipe - Swagger. I start chucking balls now as it keeps Flattering and Swaggering me. It roosts eventually and I use an X Defense in case Sandslash hits itself in confusion. A lengthy back and forth later it eventually goes in on a Timer Ball.
    Fezandipiti caught.


    I fly to Kitakami Hall to talk to the Kitakami Ogre Clan dude. He gives me a bunch of rewards, the only one potentially of use being the Ability Capsules. He then wants to fight me.
    Eh, let's do that next time.

    Legendaries caught:

    Base game: Complete

    The Teal Mask: Complete


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  • ---Session 35---

    Muramasa of the Kitakami Ogre Clan. Gengar. Well I'm obviously going Tera with Froslass then =P It Will-o-Wisps. It lives Sahdow Ball on a Focus Sash and it's Cursed Body disable Shadow Ball. Blegh, more competitive-like rubbish. Sludge Bomb - Thunderbolt.
    Kingambit, so... Weavile I guess? Can't Tera it anymore though. Ah it's got a Fighting resist berry huh. We Brick Break each other and Weavile faints. Hopefully Sandslash is faster... it is. Brick Break deals with Kingambit.
    Crawdaunt so I switch to Frosmoth. Bug Buzz faints it. Dusclops so I stay in. Ice Beam, deals only about 1/3rd, but Freezes it solid. The hax are on my side for once huh? Another Ice Beam as it stays frozen. And again. And one more for that final sliver of HP. lol
    Trevenant - Ice Beam.

    Oooh he gives me an Ability Patch. Score. That's going on Mamoswine. First I gotta heal up though. Mamoswine's Snow Cloak is now Thick Fat. Now to check the rest of my team to see if I wanna use one of those Ability Capsules... Froslass only has Snow Cloak. HA is Cursed Body, but I'll pass on that. Weavile also only has one regular ability. It's HA Pickpocket is gonna be of no use to me.
    Alolan Sandslash already has it's best ability: Slush Rush. Baxcalibur can get Ice Body as it's HA. Would be okay if going for a bulky one I guess. Thermal Exchange seems better though as it also prevents a Burn in addition to the attack raise if hit by a Fire type move.
    Frosmoth. Shield Dust is okay, it already stopped Fake Out earlier on. But it's HA Ice Scales seems better. Gonna need another Ability Patch for that though. Guess those Ability Capsules are useless for this team then.

    There's an Annihilape outbreak? Did not even know those were a thing lol
    Must be bugged. Only 1 Annihilape and the rest are Mankeys and Primeapes lol
    Oh... it's probably because of daytime. nvm.

    Back to Paldea to chase the rich folk. I don't remember which of the waterfalls they go to so I check Fury Falls first and find them almost straight away.
    Next to the remote place so I fly to Wo-Chien's shrine and run over. Looks like I remembered correctly. Searched for this place quite a while last time I did this.

    Back to Kitakami for the next one. Apple Hills. I find them again. She wants to fight again. Two Thunderbolts deal with her Persian.
    And back to Paldea again for the encounter on the island in Casseroya Lake.
    Glaseado Mountain is next... not sure I remember where that one is. I check the peak first. Nope. Glaseado's Grasp? nope. hmmm... was it just out in the snowfields on the northern side of the mountain then? I eventually find them. With Glaseado Mountain's size they really should give a better hint.

    Ah yes the crater edge one... took me forever to find last time, I roughly remember where that is.
    O'Nare wants to fight yet again. Is it just Persian again? No, Arboliva. Snowscape - Leech Seed. Blizzard. Persian - Blizzard.

    I then go and beat down a Pawmi outbreak. I fly to Montenevera afterward. I sell off all my treasures at the Poke Mart so I can buy vitamins. I end up with 2.5 million PokeDollar. Surely that's enough to vitamin 3 Pokemon. Let's see... what do I want...
    ... Mamoswine... Carbos & Protein I guess? Whatever is left over will go into HP I guess.
    ... Sandslash... also Carbos & Protein, with the remainder into Sp. Def I guess.
    ... Frosmoth... Calcium & Iron I guess? It's speed isn't particularly good, and unlike Sandslash it doesn't have Slush Rush.
    ... Froslass... think I might be better off going full survivability/utility on her as her damage is not on par with the rest of the team, so... Iron & Zinc it is.

    I use my 3 Fresh Start Mochi on Mamoswine, Frosmoth & Sandslash. Then I use the Vitamins on them.
    Time to trade a Pokemon in from Violet holding a Fresh Start Mochi. I yoink the Fresh Start Mochi off the Pokemon and send it back.
    I use it on Froslass and vitamin it up.

    Now then... that just leaves the 10 5 star Tera Raids thing. Hopefully the 3 from Kitakami count.
    I beat down that outbreak earlier as I've come across shinies multiple times as I went Raid Den hopping around Paldea =3

    Ground type Dondozo 5 star Tera Raid. Bax runs out of time taking it down, but has no trouble at all staying alive.
    It doesn't refill your Tera after a failed attempt it seems. Tried again with Sandslash, but was never offered a Tera.
    Sandslash just barely manages to knock it out in time on the next attempt due to an annoyingly timed buff clear.

    It takes a while, but I eventually find a Flying type Florges 5 star Tera Raid. Froslass would be a nice choice here if Florges wasn't a Special tank. I try Mamoswine, but it just lacks survivability and can't boost it's attacks. Guess I'll try Sandslash again, which beats it pretty easily.

    Psychic type Hippowdon 5 Star Tera Raid. I'll try Weavile, but I'm expecting it to be too frail. It's Yawning is annoying.
    I teach Bax Swords Dance. One more turn and I would've won that. Had it actually given me the ability to Tera somewhat on time, and I would've won that. Stingy game being stingy.

    Okay, not doing this one. The dang game won't let me Tera until the raid is almost over out of some artificial difficulty inflation.
    I come across a shiny Marill while checking more Raid Dens =3


    Electric Tera Pincurchin 5 Star Raid. Pffft.. why does this stupid thing get Surf and Rain Dance. Mamoswine still nearly won too lmao
    Guess I'll try with Bax after teaching it Earthquake. Got it pretty easy now.

    Dragon Type 5 Star Tinkaton Tera Raid. Let's just try Sandslash I guess.
    I come across a shiny Dunsparce while Raid Den hopping. I still have one in Shield so I can evolve this one if I want... *shrugs*


    Psychic Tera type 5 star Arboliva raid. Bax should be able to handle this. Oh it's got charm. Nvm then. This is just gonna result in Swords Dance vs Charm spam. Maybe Frosmoth? Quiver Dance takes too many turns to get strong with a buff clear added, but Frosmoth manages to beat the olive tree. 2 left, I think?
    Or not... Jacq calls me after this one already =O

    Black Tera Raids unlocked... doubt any of my Pokemon can handle a 6 star raid unless it's a favorable match-up tbh.
    The Raid dens instantly get swapped to accommodate the update for the 6 star dens =O

    6 star Ghost Tera Toedscruel raid. It Spores straight away. Pretty much expected that tbh. I try to scout a bit, but all it spams is Spore and Hex. It's not doing a lot of damage to me though. I fly to Levincia to buy some Safety Goggles.
    Pretty easy 6 star raid... favorable matchup though.

    I fly to a PC to heal and to sell of unneeded Poke Balls and various other things. I sell off enough to be able to pay the old geezer in Kitakami what he needs. Ugh why do I need to do this in steps of 100.000, just let me pay the 900k at once T^T
    All that for an emote and a new Jinbei ? Well at least it reminds me to go pick up the white Jinbei at Carmine's place.

    I look at the Flashy one, but still like the White one more.
    I equip it and check out Kitakami's 6 Star raid. Electric Tera Sinistcha, doubt I'll win that one, but I'll check it out. Well apparently Safety Goggles Baxcalibur beats this too :cool:

    I fly back to Paldea to Porto Marinada and sell off a whole bunch of stuff for Cash and LP.
    I then head to the market and buy a whole bunch of sandwich ingredients, after which I fly off to the Zero Gate for a nice picnic =3
    After I reteach Sandslash False Swipe that is.

    I look up a recipe for a Fairy type shiny sandwich and look up what shiny Scream Tail and Flutter Mane look like. Naturally I save before making the sandwich so that I can reset my herba mystica if they don't show up.

    I end up seeing something green poking it's head out of a wall so without saving I dash for it to trigger a fight with it.
    I end up catching the shiny Flutter Mane... I contemplate resetting anyway to try for a 2 shinies on 1 sandwich, but Flutter Mane is apparently bugged and doesn't seem to spawn during day time... so I just take it.


    I then make a Psychic type shiny sandwich and find a purple tail poking out of wall fairly early into the sandwich. I manage to trigger a fight with it by shoving Koraidon's face into the wall and sending out my party lead, which results in Scream Tail popping out of the wall. I toss a bunch of Heall Balls and eventually get a crit catch. It turns out to have a Mark.


    I fly to Casseroya lake in an attempt to not waste the remaining 19 minutes of my sandwich, but no shiny Veluza's to be seen. Lots of Slowpoke/Slowbro around and I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a shiny one with how similar it is. Oh well.
    It's a pity the game didn't give me a 2 shinies for 1 sandwich deal :sadwick:

    I fly back to the Zero Gate and end the session. 6 Herba Mystica left, so 3 more shiny sandwich hunts... and two more possibilities at a 2 for 1 deal with a Dark sandwich (Brute Bonnet & Roaring Moon) or a Fighting sandwich (Slither Wing & Great Tusk).
    Been a long productive sessions though... time to save and quit for the day.

    ---Session 36---

    I start by beating down a Froslass outbreak down... during which a shiny Froslass shows up. I'm definitely catching it. I ask myself if I wanna replace my current Froslass with it though. I got plenty of Exp Candy so having it catch up is not an issue. Putting Vitamins on it might be more of a hassle if I don't have enough. I opt for 'If I can catch it in a Love Ball - I'll try to use it on my team after finishing my little Paradox shiny hunt spree.' I save before encountering and after a couple reloads I catch it in a Love Ball. Well that's settled then.


    I ponder if it still counts as beating an outbreak, given that I reloaded multiple times while it was still ongoing. *shrugs* We'll see I guess.
    Back to Zero Gate and time to look up how to make a Dark type shiny sandwich.

    I get Brute Bonnet fairly fast and then waste the remaining 20 minutes on Roaring Moon hoping for a 2 for 1 deal... nope. Didn't see all that many of them in the first place. Gonna be a nuisance it seems. Back to Zero Gate for another Dark Shiny Sandwich I guess.


    Opted for another Dark sandwich over a Dragon sandwich because there were Sneasel and Weavile spawning... would not be opposed to a shiny one showing up :fufu:
    Well no Shiny Roaring Moon or Sneasel... but... this little fella showed up:


    Sableye is one of the shinies on my to do list so... I can't pass up on it by reloading. Unfortunately that does mean I only got 1 shiny sandwich left.

    I head to the academy and talk to Saguaro. He gives me a Slowpoke cup for the shaker of Sweet Herba Mystica. I check my inventory afterward... it actually used up my Sweet Herba Mystica. Heck no! I can't spare it atm; I'm reloading and doing that some other time lol
    Good thing I saved before talking to him.

    Back to the Zero Gate after the reload. Could try Roaring Moon again, but... if a shiny Sneasel/Weavile were to show up during that I'd just take it.
    And I could still potentially score a 2 for 1 deal for shiny Paradoxes with a Fighting sandwich so... Roaring Moon will have to come some other time xD

    I make a Fighting shiny Sandwich. Gonna go hunt me a moth that likes to walk! Not sure where to go, but I'll just jump down and see where they pop up most. When I explored Area Zero they showed up all over the heckin place, but usually by their lonesome.

    Dud sandwich, no shinies at all. I reload and try again =3
    Nothing, yet again T^T
    Third try is the charm... two dud sandwiches and then I see 2 shiny Slither Wings next to each other 0.0


    16 minutes left on the Sandwich so I run and glide and plummet into the hole to enter the caves where Great Tusk dwells.
    8 minutes left and I encounter one =D


    Can't think of any other Fighting type I wanna hunt right now so I just keep running up and down the slopes in the cave in case Great Tusk wants to double down too like Slither Wing did... nope. Wasn't expecting it, but hey you never know =P


    Out of Herba Mystica, though I mainly just wanted to put the gift ones to good use =D

    Time to get my brand new shiny Froslass up to snuff, for the second DLC =D
    Next session I guess, it's late already.

    Legendaries caught:

    Base game: Complete

    The Teal Mask: Complete


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  • ---Session 37---

    Let's see if I have a mint to change her nature first. She's got a Jolly Nature. The plus speed is nice, but that's the wrong attacking stat =P
    I have a couple Timid Mints so I use one on Froslass. Don't think I have enough vitamins to buff both her defenses, but... apparently that mochi stuff does the same thing by the same amount of EV's? Might as well use some then. Plenty of Zinc & the Sp. def mochi. Not enough Defense mochi & Iron though, need to go buy 6 Iron. I got enough money for it.

    Bit of a pity I didn't find the shiny Froslass before I Vitamined and Hyper Trained my other Froslass. Oh well... gonna need to sell a bunch of stuff for bottle caps. Hmm... wait I got a couple from raids didn't I? Need to check first. While searching my bag for Bottle Caps I come across the Icy Rock and have Froslass hold it. 2 Bottle caps. So I need 80.000 for 4 more.... not a lot I can sell anymore tbh. I check my materials and scrounge together 23 k for a total of 60.000 in LP. I buy 3 Bottle Caps with LP and use my cash for the last one. 5k left... I'm nearly broke lol

    Off to Montenevera for the Hyper training dude. She's not level 50 yet though... so I shove all my Exp Candy S down her throat and it gets her to 52. Good enough to start hyper training =P
    I Hyper Train all her stats. All my Exp. Candy M gets her up to level 73 and she wants to learn Aurora Veil, Shadow Ball and Blizzard. I teach her all three. She already knows Snowstorm. Might replace Shadow Ball with something else, but the other 3 moves are staying.
    20 Exp. Candy L's followed by 16 Rare Candies and my shiny Froslass is at the same level the other Froslass was at... level 100 =D

    Currently the only one, but Sandslash is only 1,5 level behind.... might as well candy them all up to 100 I guess? My lowest levels are level 92, which are Mamoswine and Baxcalibur. Yeah I'll just Exp. Candy L and Rare Candy them all to 100.
    I rename the shiny Froslass that replaces Yuki the Froslass to; YukiNi... original, huh? =P

    I do some item swaps... Baxcalibur gets to hold the Clear Amulet. Weavile gets the Black Glasses. Already gave Froslass her Icy Rock.
    Hmmm actually Clear Amulet would be better for Frosmoth if it had it's HA... but it doesn't yet.
    Could give Mamoswine a Never-Melt Ice or Soft Sand... It's holding an Expert Belt though, which is pretty good too. I'll just leave it be for now. I change Baxcalibur's item to a Life Orb. I reteach Sandslash Iron Head and have it forget False Swipe.
    I have Mamoswine learn Rock Slide instead of Ice Shard. Priority is nice, but it's just so weak =\
    I also teach it High Horsepower over Stomping Tantrum. I look up if she can get Icicle Crash. Egg move, from Sandslash =O
    I have her forget Ice Fang and reteach Sandslash Icicle crash and go for a picnic with Mamoswine temporarily holding a Mirror Herb.

    After tweedling my thumbs for a while Mamoswine knows Icicle Crash. I reteach Sandslash Icicle Spear and give Mamoswine my Wide Lens.
    Kinda want Throat Chop on Weavile, but the TM seems to be in the second DLC.
    I teach Froslass Thunderbolt instead of Shadow Ball. Ghost is only good against Ghost and Psychic after all, both of which I have other mons for. Water I can't really hit super effectively so I'll go for an Electric Tera on her. Could also teach her Substitute or Double Team, but the coverage is more appealing atm.

    I go grind for some Cetoddle and Frigibax materials and some LP from checking Tera Dens... but alas, upon returning I see that Baxcalibur does not seem to get Ice Spinner :sadwick:
    Kinda wanted to replace Icicle Crash with it, but oh well. It will have to do then.

    Gonna need to go beat a whole bunch of Electric Tera dens for shards now. I already clear the first one against a Flamigo before realizing I should go beat an outbreak... which I do afterward on a Murkrow outbreak.
    I hunt down every Electric Tera Den I can find afterward; beating a Qwilfish, a Luxio, Hattrem, Mareanie, Hawlucha... no more electric tera raids. Need 13 more shards.

    Gonna try today's 6 star raid first... Bug Tera Goodra. Hm... Well I managed to beat it with Frosmoth after a lengthy fight.
    No Electric Tera Raids in Kitakami D=
    I check out it's 6 star raid... Kommo-o, Normal type. Both of my Pokemon with Fighting moves are x 4 weak to Fighting... there's no way I'm beating that... unless I train up my Koraidon... too broke for that atm xD

    I look up wild Electric Tera Pokemon... off to Alfornada for the Electric Tera Dragonair nearby. No Tera Shards... do I need to catch it?
    Nope... nothing again on Tera Electric Jolteon after catching it. Could've sworn I'd gotten Tera Shards off of wild Tera Pokemon before. Well whatever.

    I go to Medali to change Mamoswine's Tera to Rock. I fly back to Kitakami to get my PokeDex completion certificate from Jacq. He also gives me a Glimmering Charm... which increases the Tera Shard drops from raids... wish I'd remembered this earlier on lmao


    I fly off to Blueberry Academy. Not much time left, but... maybe I can rush to unlock the cafeteria ? I enter the Terrarium.
    After a lot of chatter I get the Blueberry PokeDex so I sit through the reward unlocking. Ah another Ability Patch. Nice. Using that on Frosmoth straight away. I give it the Clear Amulet to hold afterward.

    I talk to Perrin, wondering if I can already unlock the new exclusive Paradoxes. Seems so. I ignore exploring and only talk to the people on the way over to that 'class' the game wants you to attend. Not the trainers though =P
    I need to show the dude an Alolan Form Pokemon... "well you see... I started with this Ice type Sandslash so..." - yep, it counts =D
    I get introduced to BBQ's and BP. I fly back to the entrance to check if the cafeteria is unlocked now. It is. I go there to check the price. 150 BP. Well it can wait. Let's see if I can find and catch one of the two legendary Scarlet Paradoxes.

    I fly back to the Zero Gate in Paldea and plunge down. I start climbing waterfalls looking for Gouging Fire. Might be tricky to catch. I Tera Mamoswine to be able to tank it's hits better and a single Icicle Crash sends it into red HP. Ball tossing time.
    It goes in on a Timer Ball eventually.
    Gouging Fire caught.


    I find Raging Bolt not much later, but knock it out on the first attempt. I reteach Sandslash False Swipe. It goes in on the third ball I toss, an Ultra Ball.
    Raging Bolt caught.


    I fly to a PC to heal and then fly back to Blueberry Academy's Terrarium. Gonna explore the Savanna Biome... next time =3

    ---Session 38---

    No nearby outbreaks so I fly to Kitakami for one. First I beat an Electic Tera Mightyena raid near the point I fly to though. 9 shards from that =O
    I beat down a Houndour outbreak and then check out Kitakami's 6 star raid... Chandelure with Rock Tera. I try with Mamoswine, but it's Will-o-Wisps just never ever miss... Weavile and Sandslash are too squishy for this. Bax might be able to do it, but I'll need to mess with it's moveset again and can't be arsed.

    I check Paldea's 6 star Tera raid which is... Ice type Orthworm. Probably got Earth eater so no Mamoswine... Weavile is too squishy. Guess I'll have to pass as well.
    I check the only Electric Tera raid in Paldea, 4 star Raichu. Should be easy enough. Won it in 1 turn.
    Off to Medali to change Froslass' Tera to Electric.

    I fly back to Blueberry Academy and I explore the Savanna Biome, doing some BBQs while I go along.
    Kanade the Student. Chansey & Tauros. Snowscape - Brick Break. Chansey faints and Tauros uses Close Combat, which crits, but does not faint Sandslash =O
    Aurora Veil - Brick Break. Was expecting it to faint it... but Sandslash lives another Close Combat and Brick Breaks it gone.
    Once I have 150 BP I head to the entrance and then the cafeteria. I get the Academy Special for 150 BP. Might as well roll through this DLC with this active as much as possible :fufu:

    Back to the Savanna Biome.
    Sarah the Student. Krokorok & Sandile. Snowscape - Icicle.. Crash... oops. Forgot to reteach it Icicle Spear. Krokorok faints. Aurora Veil - Icicle Crash, misses. Krookodile & Sandile keep spamming accuracy lowering moves. Froslass uses Blizzard and deletes them both as I switch Frosmoth in for Sandslash.

    Imani the Student. Dodrio & Exeggutor. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Exeggutor uses Sleep Powder on Sandslash. Blizzard should be enough? Yep, it is.
    Tsukasa the Student. Smeargle & Girafarig. Snowscape - Brick Break. Smeargle lives on a Focus Sash. Girafarig uses Shadow Ball. Smeargle uses Endeavor on Sandslash. I missed it but one of them somehow fainted Sandslash. Blizzard knocks out Smeargle and brings Girafarig into yellow HP. Another Blizzard ends it.

    Yoshiki the Student. Zebstrika & Araquanid. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Zebstrika faints. Araquanid uses Bubble Beam on Froslass. Icicle Spear - Thunderbolt.
    I come across a shiny Chansey and manage to catch it =3


    I beat up a wild Tera Pokemon for a BBQ after my meal powers expire and then go and replenish them =3
    I check my party right before buying it and see that Mamoswine and Sandslash have earned the Gourmand Mark. Weavile has the Partner Mark.
    And back to the Savanna biome I go =P

    And.... I'm greeted by a shiny Dodrio straight away lol
    I catch it, but it takes a while and I see a shiny Rhyhorn run past while Dodrio is being a stubborn meanie... shiny Rhyhorn is long gone by the time it finally goes in... stingy. :sadwick:


    Kashif of the League Club. Krookodile & Mandibuzz. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Krookodile faints and Mandibuzz uses Foul Play. Kleavor comes out. Aurora Veil - Iron Head. I miss their moves. Icicle Spear on Mandibuzz & then Blizzard faints both of them. Rhyperior. Icicle Spear - Blizzard and it's down. Krookodile's Intimidate be danged =P

    Yuchen the Student. Blitzle & Rotom. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Rotom faints. Blitzle uses Flame Charge. Vibrava comes in. Icicle Spear finishes off Blitzle & Blizzard faints Vibrava.

    I come across a shiny Litleo later =D
    And... some time later, around the time the meal powers expire, I come across another one lol


    Sophie of the League Club. Blissey and Farigiraf. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Farigiraf lives and Trick Rooms. Next turn Blissey Protects and Blizzard faints Farigiraf. Araquanid comes in. Thunderbolt doesn't faint Araquanid, but Brick Break faints Blissey. Araquanid uses Protect. Sandslash faints the Rabsca that came in with Icicle Spear. Araquanid faints Froslass on the next turn, but Sandslash faints it.

    Time to restock on the meal powers at the cafeteria =3
    I heal up at the rest area and talk to Perrin. She gives me a Sport Ball.

    Michael the Student. Vibrava & Shieldon. Snowscape - Brick Break. Icicle Spear faints Vibrava on the next turn.
    Kev the Student. Scizor & Scyther. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Scyther faints. Scizor Bullet Punches again and goes down to Brick Break & Thunderbolt.

    Armin the Student. Vibrava & Mandibuzz. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Vibrava uses Bulldoze and gets Icicle Speared on the next turn.
    Riley the student. Rabsca & Alcremie. Snowscape - Iron Head. Protect... lame. Iron Head faints Alcremie next turn and Blizzard sends Rabsca into yellow hp. Sandslash faints Rabsca with Icicle Spear.

    I talk to the guidance counselor for this area. I get BP and a Throat Chop TM, neat! More BP and a Double-Edge TM.
    Chloe the Student. Girafarig & Magmar. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Girafarig faints. Brick Break faints Magmar next turn.

    The meal powers wear off again. No shiny this time. I'm near the Central Plaza though. I heal up and talk to Synchro Machine person and do the little test thingy. And then one more... gotta knock out some Pokemon this time. I did this with my shiny Froslass, of course.
    I leave Carmine be for now. Wanna finish off the trainers here.

    I zoom around the Savanna for a while and find the missed trainer near the starting rest area... lol
    Darius the Student. Vullaby & Doduo. Thunderbolt & Icicle Spear for an easy win.
    Back to the Guidance Counselor for the final reward. More BP and an Expanding Force TM.

    I fly back to the Central Plaza and make a random TM for the BBQ. I then teach Throat Chop to Weavile and have it forget Night Slash.
    I then talk to Carmine and Ms. Stopwatch. Carmine wants to fight.
    Toucannon & Mightyena. Snowscape - Icicle Spear. Toucannon faints. Mightyena Super Fangs Sandslash. Scrafty comes in. Another Intimidater huh. Brick Break - Blizzard and Scrafty just barely lives. Mightyena gets frozen and immediately thaws out lol
    Scrafty Brick Breaks my Sandslash gone. I have Froslass finish both of them off with Blizzard so that Frosmoth can get a free Quiver Dance. Sinistcha. Blizzard & Ice Beam finish it after she Teras into a Grass type.

    I watch Kieran be an edgelord and then Drayton kidnaps us to the club room. I do the little BP spending introduction.
    Drayton gives me a Catching Charm... can't help but wonder if I could've caught Dodrio faster with it and also snagged that Rhyhorn... :sadwick:

    I'm forced to go to my dorm room with Carmine after the dialogues.
    And after some dialogue with Carmine it's off to the cafeteria to talk to Drayton. After I get roped into joining the BB League it's off to the entrance. I talk to the clerk and Kieran gets me into the league.
    Kinda funny how he's acting all high and mighty and saying that he doesn't lose. You've yet to win against me dumbo, you forgot about that huh? =P

    Anyway I go to the cafeteria and save and end my session... though I'll need to beat down an outbreak again next time... *shrugs*

    Shinies caught while exploring the Savanna area:

    Legendaries caught:
    -Gouging Fire
    -Raging Bolt

    Base game: Complete

    The Teal Mask: Complete


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