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[Gen 6] In Norman's footsteps (Normal Types AS playthrough)

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    ---Session 1---

    I still have a freshly reset Alpha Sapphire game with next to no progress so I might as well put it to use.
    All I did was name my character and pick it's gender, so I load in in the back of the moving van.

    I step outside and head inside the house to set the clock and stare at the TV for a couple seconds.
    I go next door and introduce myself to May. After I run out of the house again and run onto Route 101 to help a Pokemon Professor out with a little poochyena problem. I choose Mudkip, not that it matters much. It's getting benched ASAP.
    Water Gun - Tackle - Water Gun and Poochyena is down.

    We go to the lab and I get given Mudkip to keep. Not gonna be using it for very long. Let's see... I don't have balls yet right. Nope. Gonna speed over to May then. I fight a Wurmple on the way over to Oldale Town and Mudkip reaches level 6.
    A Poke Mart Clerk gives me some 'super helpful advice' upon arrival. He gives me a bunch of Potions.

    After a quick heal at the Pokemon Center I run to Route 103. I approach May and we fight.
    Pokemon Trainer May. Treecko. Pound - Tackle. Pound - Tackle. Pound - Tackle.
    Ah early game fights.... Mudkip levels up to level 7.

    I run back to Littleroot Town and head to the lab. Birch gives me the PokeDex and May gives me Poke Balls.
    I talk to everyone in Littleroot Town afterward. As I leave town 'mom' comes outside for a little chat.

    Once I'm back on Route 101 May comes after me and gives me the PokeNav Plus.
    A little further down the path she introduces me to shaking spots/rustling grass or whatever it's called. Poochyena. I fight and catch it.

    I head into the PC, talk to the people, heal my Mudkip and shove Poochyena into a Box. I then Save my game and close it.
    One of the Pokemon I want to use is not available in AS, so I made some preparations.
    I open Bank and send a Ditto and a Zangoose into AS. Gonna go breed Zangoose when I got the Daycare available, which won't be for a while.

    I load back into AS. I talk to everyone in town and buy 10 Poke Balls.
    I go back to Route 101 and find what I'm hoping for immediately. I catch the Zigzagoon. I then want to DexNav it for a bit, but it keeps failing. I find another Zigzagoon outside of DexNav and catch it. I name it ZiggyZags. I check both of them. ZiggyZags is Lonely natured and the other Modest. Lonely will do just fine.

    DexNav finally creates me a Zigzagoon. Let's see... it's catch or faint to increase the counter right... yep level 3 now.
    Unfortunately I don't yet have Repels so this might be tricky. I keep DexNavving for Zigzagoons and fainting them to get it's search level up to 30. I catch a bunch of Zigzagoon with Egg moves along the way.
    It's HA isn't going to be very useful during the playthrough. Pickup would be nice for free items.
    Was mainly hoping for a nice egg move. I get a bunch like Charm, Helping Hand, Pursuit, Simple Beam, Trick and Tickle. Pursuit seems like the best one. Which has a gentle nature. Not that bad.
    The one with Tickle has an Impish nature. Should be solid for Zigzagoon. The last one I caught is Adamant but it's Egg move is Helping Hand... eh... it's got no attacking move atm. Headbutt at level 11. Which would be rubbish if I wouldn't have the option of catching a Taillow after Petalburg City.... hmm...

    Actually let's just actually plan the team out. Zigzagoon is maybe a permanent member depending on Normal types availability.
    Swellow is definitely a permanent member, because of Fighting types + Fly HM. Zangoose is on the squad too once I get to the Daycare and breed one.

    Other Normal type options in ORAS:
    -Slaking. Would not mind using it. Used a whole bunch of them in Indigo Disk not long ago though. Here I'd probably just have them know Giga Impact and demolish things.
    -Exploud. Would like to use this. Have used it before, but it's a mixed attacker and my team is rather looking Physical heavy.
    -Delcatty. Cat. It's on the team. Period. Already used it before too, but idc.
    -Dodrio... Safari Zone... that's just too late imo.
    -Spinda. Already used one in Sun. Not particularly thrilled at having one again, but could be a final spot pick if there's nothing better.
    -Wigglytuff. Don't think I ever used one. It resist Fighting and is good against Dragons. Dual Normal types are not that plentiful in this game, might have to take it for some diversity.
    -Castform. Never used one. Would normally consider it's availability too late. But I'm gonna DexNav for a Protean Kecleon as I've always wanted to use one. Castform is before Kecleon.... Well, it's an option.
    -Kecleon is on the squad and should be my last pick up.
    -Girafarig. Last original option for a dual type. Safari Zone or a Mirage spot though. Too late--- wait... when does Soaring in the Sky unlock? Ah nvm... after Kyogre. Had it been when you get Latias/Latios I would've considered it.

    That seems to be it for during a playthrough. Not gonna look at postgame options. Oh right... was looking through the HM moves list to see who to get as an HM slave... Mudkip can just do that. I'll keep it in the back once it's served it's purpose otherwise. Currently looking at these:

    -Either Exploud or Slaking

    No room for both Castform and Kecleon so I'm going with Kecleon.
    Going with Wigglytuff due to having never used one and it being an useful dual type.
    Kinda wanted to use an Exploud again, only ever used one long ago in RSE. However, Slaking and Kecleon are the only ones here who can learn Cut it seems... how does Zangoose not learn Cut... wth? Then again that would've been too late anyway. Pretty sure the Cut trees are fairly early... iirc cut trees were optional in this game though? *shrugs*
    Slaking can learn Cut, Stength and Rock Smash though so... *double checks to see if it can learn Giga Impact in gen 6* Yes, well okay then. Still wanna use Exploud though... Might have trouble getting a 2nd Moon Stone actually. hmm...
    Delcatty is on the team no matter what though.

    I'll see what happens I guess. Might not go with Wigglytuff if I can't get a 2nd Moon Stone. Might end up benching Slaking or perhaps Exploud. The rest of the team is kinda set though. Zigzagoon is definitely a temporary team member though.

    I catch a Wurmple in the area and move on to Route 103. I fight some wild Pokemon while trying to register a Wingull. It takes like 12 encounters for one to show... sheesh. I box it and the Wurmple.

    ---Session 2---

    On to Route 102.
    Youngster Calvin. Zigzagoon. Zigzagoon vs Zigzagoon huh. Tail Whip - Tackle. Pursuit - Tackle. Pursuit crits.
    I catch a Lotad and go back to ditch it and heal. ZiggyZags has been handling the fighting for a while now despite being only level 6 now... probably would be faster with Mudkip leveling it up a bit more first, but if it can do it by itself it's going to. Guess mudkip is sort of benched already. I'll shove it into a box when Zigzagoon is level 7 or 8 I guess.

    Back to Route 102.
    Bug Catcher Rick. Gonna be here a while with just Pursuit... it's just a Wurmple though. Two Tail Whips and 2 Pursuits beat it. Wurmple spammed Tackle the entire time.
    I catch a Surskit in the grass next. Back to the PC to ditch it and grab the 2 Zigzagoons I haven't released yet. I'm gonna need some items to sell for money. Almost out of Poke Balls. I sell an Antidote and 2 Revives I grabbed off of the Zigzagoons I DexNavved and buy 10 Poke Balls.

    Back to Route 102.
    Youngster Allen. Poochyena. Tail Whip - Tackle. Tail Whip - Tackle. Pursuit - Howl. Pursuit - Tackle. Pursuit.
    Taillow comes in. I stay in and Tail Whip. Peck. I use a Potion and it Growls. Pursuit - Growl. Tail Whip - Peck. Pursuit - Peck. Pursuit.

    Lass Tiana. Zigzagoon. Another Zig vs zig =O
    Tail Whip - Tackle. Tail Whip - Growl. Pursuit - Tackle. Potion - Tail Whip. Sand Attack - Tackle. Sand Attack and Tackle crits and Zigzagoon barely lives on 1 HP. Potion - Growl misses. Growl - Tackle. Tail Whip - Tail Whip misses. Pursuit - Tackle. Pursuit. -.-

    May shows up and we stare at some passing Beautifly. I heal at the PC in Petalburg City and talk to everyone inside. I then talk to everyone I can find without triggering the Norman dialogue. I head back to Route 102 for an item. A Potion.
    On the way back I get a hidden Pokemon, which is Ralts. I'm not sure I can weaken it so I toss a Poke Ball. It Growls me so should be fine now. A couple Pursuits and Growls later I throw another Poke Ball. A bronze 'caught them all' symbol appears. Done here for now then.

    Back to the PC in Petalburg to shove Ralts into a box and temporarily ditch Mudkip. I'll pull it back out when I need it for HM's.
    I heal up and go to Norman. We talk in the Gym and I do the Wally catching tutorial. I get the PlayNav afterward. I check the house next door for interactions. Oh I can already Super Train. Zigzagoon is a temp though, ditching it the moment I get Taillow up to the same level.

    Route 104. I talk to a guy and Taillow shows up as a hidden Pokemon straight away. I look at Taillow and Swellow's dex entries and call it Grace. Then the thought pops into my head to call males Will and females Grace. Lol, works for me. seems Taillow is the only new Pokemon here right now.

    I temporarily put the new Taillow in the lead for a little bit of switch training.
    Youngster Billy. Seedot. I switch Zigzagoon in. Harden. Bide - Tail Whip. Bide second turn - Tail Whip. Bide fails and I use Pursuit. it Bides again, but Pursuit faints it. Taillow is next so I switch my own Taillow in.
    Back to Zigzagoon as it Growls. Tail Whip - Growl. Tail Whip - Peck. Tail Whip - Focus Energy. Pursuit - Growl.Pursuit - Peck, which crits and it lives on 2HP. Pursuit finishes it.

    Back to Petalburg to heal and then back to Route 104. I find a Heart Scale, Potion and Antidote on the sand. Mine now. =P
    Probably selling that Antidote. I give a kid one of my Potions. No reward, but I got plenty atm so idc.

    Time to start Dexnavving Taillow's Search level up to level 30. One shows up with Supersonic. I catch it just in case it has a decent nature, but supersonic kinda sucks.
    What egg moves would actually be nice here... Roost could be nice, but you get a Roost TM at some point. Steel Wing. 90 accuracy kinda sucks, but it would help with the Rock gym coming up potentially. Though do I really wanna do that with Taillow. Slakoth with Hammer Arm as an Egg move might be better if I can catch one.
    Egg move Taillows that showed up: Refresh, Mirror Move (caught it), Boomburst (caught it), Defog, Pursuit (caught it), one with Roost showed up but a Zigzagoon decided that they were more important... Whirlwind, Rage.
    I pick up a Scrappy Taillow along the way. Hmm neutral STAB Normal hits on Ghosts instead of non-STAB Dark type hits. Could actually be better. I'd probably not make use of Guts anyway. Gotta pre-status it somewhere. Too much of a hassle without a Flame or Toxic Orb.
    Another Scrappy one shows and it knows Steel Wing. Caught it thankfully. It can also learn Steel Wing via TM, but I just want a decent amount of nature rolls =P
    I get one more Scrappy Taillow to show up. This one has Pursuit. Used my last Poke Ball.

    I check the Taillows in my PC. The very first Scrappy one has an Adamant nature. The others are Relaxed and Naughty. I named the Scrappy ones Scrapper. Naughty wouldn't be terrible, but an Adamant one is sitting right there, might as well take it. =P
    Just wish it would've been the Steel Wing one. No attacking moves on it so training it is gonna be not so fun. Zigzagoon will have to stay for a while longer.

    I do the Super Training Tutorial with Zigzagoon and unlock all the core trainings. Gonna go do the Attack and Speed ones with Taillow. And any remaining EV's into Sp. Def I guess. The Attack course is pretty easy. The Speed course has me miss some shots every now & then but after a couple runs I'm familiarized with it too.

    After what feels like hours I finally max Taillow's EV's out. Egads.
    I try to DexNav chain Wurmple thinking them easy prey for Taillow... ah right... no attacking moves.
    Let's see how much exp I can get off of Rich Boy Winston then. Zigzagoon. I switch to mine. It Growls. Pursuit - Tail Whip. Gonna be another of these battles huh.
    Growl - Tackle. Growl - Tackle. Tail Whip - Tackle. Tail Whip - Tail Whip. Pursuit - Tail Whip.
    Gotta heal and get rid of those Defense drops so I swap in one of the Pickup Zigzagoons. I Potion the next turn. It tackles both turns.
    Back to Zigzagoon. Tackle. Tail Whip - Tackle. Pursuit knocks it out at last.
    Taillow levels up and learns Focus Energy. Need 2 more levels for Quick Attack I think.

    I grind the patch of grass on the way back to Petalburg for Experience. Turns out to be level 9 instead of 7 for Quick Attack.
    Afterward I heal at the PC and go to the Mart to buy 10 Poke Balls.
    I head into Petalburg Woods and save and quit.
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    ---Session 3---

    I go right for the hidden Potion and back out South for the Poke Ball. Then I go back in.
    Bug Catcher Lyle. Wurmple. Quick Attack - String Shot. Quick Attack. Another Wurmple. Focus Energy - String Shot. Quick Attack crits and faints it. A third Wurmple. Quick Attack crits again and faints it.

    I pick up a Paralyze Heal and catch a Shroomish for the Dex. I talk to the Devon Researcher and then I get used as a meat shield for a Team Aqua Grunt.
    Poochyena. Focus Energy - Howl. Quick Attack crits and faints it. I get the Exp. Share. I go into my bag and turn it off. I don't have False Swipe atm so I don't want my low level Zigzagoons getting Exp. in case my Taillow becomes too strong to hurt a Pokemon without fainting it. Can't remember when you get False Swipe.

    Bug Catcher James. Nincada. Focus Energy - Harden. Quick Attack - Leech Life. Quick Attack crits and faints it.
    I pick up a Balm Mushroom nearby and an Ether. I've reached the exit, but go back as I need a Slakoth so I can teach it Cut later.

    I get one fairly fast through Dexnav, but the area isn't marked off as having caught everything... probably Silcoon/Cascoon?
    I get a Cascoon but an unfortunate crit faints it while weakening it :sadwick:
    I encounter and catch a Silcoon as my next random encounter though =O
    I eventually catch a Cascoon. Felt like way too much effort for just catching something for the Dex.

    I run back to Petalburg and ditch Shroomish and Slakoth. I put Cascoon & Silcoon in the back and ditch the 2 Pickup Zigzagoons.
    I turn the Exp. Share back on and run back to and then through Petalburg Woods.

    After exiting Petalburg Woods I get an Echoid Voice TM from a kid. I go behind the flower shop and pick up a Poke Ball, Super Potion and X Attack. I enter the flower shop and get a Persim Berry and the Wailmer Pail. I take the berries in front of the shop and plant some new ones.

    Lady Cindy. Zigzagoon. Focus Energy - Tackle. Quick Attack crits, but it lives with a couple HP and Tail Whips. The lady uses a Potion of some sort on it. I Quick Attack twice to win.
    Lass Haley. Lotad. Focus Energy - Growl. Quick Attack - Growl. Quick Attack. Shroomish is next. Quick Attack - Tackle. Growl - Absorb.
    Quick Attack and Effect Spore Paralyzes me. It Leech Seeds me. I switch to ZiggyZags. It Absorbs. Tail Whip - Absorb. Tail Whip - Leech Seed. Tail Whip - Stun Spore. I switch back to Scrapper. Absorb. Taillow avoids the Leech Seed and uses Focus Energy. Quick Attack crits and 1 shots it.

    Scrapper wants to learn Wing Attack after that battle. Yes, please! I have it forget Supersonic. I dash all the way back to Petalburg for a free heal as there's still a trainer ahead. I buy 10 Poke Balls at the Mart again while here. I sell of a Balm Mushroom, Tiny Mushroom and a Paralyze Heal. I buy 10 more Poke Balls.

    Time to head back to where I was on Route 104.
    Twins Gina & Mia. Lotad & Seedot. Scrapper Wing Attacks the Seedot. ZiggyZags Headbutts the Lotad. Lotad lives and uses Bubble. Wing Attack faints it next turn.

    Fisherman Ivan. Magikarp. Focus Energy - Splash. Wing Attack crits it gone. Magikarp. Wing attack faints it without a crit. Magikarp. Wing Attack.

    I get a Chesto Berry from an old lady and harvest the nearby Berries and replant some. I pick up an X Defense and head into Rustboro City.
    May comes out of the Mart for a chat. I go into the Mart to talk to people and get a False Swipe TM. Sweet.
    I get the Cut HM from the Cutter. Funny... that's what I called Slakoth. I heal up and the PC and check if I can teach anyone False Swipe... nope. Looks like my only planned team member who can learn it is Zangoose. Well, won't be relying on that anytime soon then :sadwick:

    An Ace Trainer gives me a Float Stone and a kid gives me a Premier Ball. I return from the top floor and the Ace Trainer is replaced by a fatter Hiker. Forgot about this xD

    I get a Quick Claw from the teacher at the Pokemon Trainer's School. After exploring the city I go onto Route 115 and pick up a Zinc.
    Back to Rustboro City and onto Route 116 I go. Gonna be getting my Skitty here :love:

    Youngster Joey. Zigzagoon. Focus Energy - Growl. Wing Attack crits and faints it. Machop... poor thing. Wing Attack deletes it without critting.

    Was about to fight a Lass, but a Skitty shows up in a DexNav spot. Not sure I can weaken it with Taillow so I switch to Zigzagoon and it Sings me asleep. Pursuit isn't STAB and only 40 Power so it should live that just fine I think? It Sings me asleep again after 1 attack of mine... how's it even hitting those? -.-
    And again after Cute Charm triggers. I switch to Taillow and try tossing 1 ball. Nope busts out, still in Green HP after all. And back to Zigzagoon. And I eventually weaken it enough to catch it. I nickname her Cat-Errant after Knight-errants and Delcatty's love for roaming.

    I look Delcatty's abilities up to decide what I even want on it. Cute Charm relies on being hit physically by an opposite gender Pokemon. Potentially powerful, but as already demonstrated by the ai while catching it... the ai is the only one to get good rng. Cute Charm is too unreliable to trigger and even if they become infatuated the ai would probably just hax it way through.
    Wonder Skin could be good..... I mean it sounds good on paper, but... Ugh Normalize also only sounds decent on paper. Sure you get STAB on everything and a power boost. But if the opponent resist you, you're stuck being not very effective with no way to bypass it. Foresight still helps with Ghost types, but I think having super effective coverage is gonna be more useful so that just leaves me with Wonder Skin, which is kind 'eh' as well. I guess I'll just take whatever has a good nature or egg move and leave the ability up to RNG. They all got downsides.

    What's it got for Egg Moves. Baton Pass, always handy if I can get my hands on one with it. Fake Out, but it learns that via level up too so... Oh Sucker Punch would be nice too. Wish, as well.
    Level up moves. Pre-SwSh so once I stone evo it it's not gonna learn any... Play Rough at level 46... Play Rough misses way too much for me on my playthroughs, pass. Double-Edge is strong but has too much recoil. Assist is too random. Yeah Wake-up Slap is the last levelup move it has that I actually want tbh.
    Return would be my go to Normal move here, but is TM only so might take a while. Substitute via TM could be decent too.

    Well whatever, let's progress for a bit.
    Lass Janice. Marill. Wing Attack - Bubble. Wing Attack.
    Bug Catcher Jose. Wurmple - Wing Attack. Nincada - Wing Attack. Silcoon - Wing Attack.

    I start using DexNav for Skitty to get the search level up. Silcoon and Cascoon evolve along the way and I turn the Exp. Share off again.
    I pick up a Repel at some point and encounter a Whismur. Thought those were only in the cave tbh? I try Quick attack, but it faints. No problem... was planning on chaining it in the cave anyway.
    I catch a Nincada for the Dex.

    After knocking out a bunch of Skitty the first one I catch is one with Uproar. In the end there's only a 10 point difference between Delcatty's Attack and Sp. Attack. Depending on the natures I catch making it a Sp. Attacker might be an option too. Not using the first one I caught though, Relaxed nature so minus Speed. I catch a couple Cosmic Power Skitty's along the way.
    I get a Baton Pass one, but it runs due to me saving the game lol
    Another one shows up soon enough. I catch a Wonder Skin Skitty with Sucker Punch eventually. Good to have it as an option at least I guess. After which another one shows up but with Last Resort and 3 star potential. Level 18 though. I catch it and then another one with Captivate later on.

    I then randomly decide to keep DexNavving Skitty, trying to see if I can get a shiny. Gonna take a while probably. I box Taillow at some point as it's getting way to high level and is about to evolve in like a couple levels lol
    I switch to using the temp Zigzagoons and one evolves into Linoone eventually. Should help with beating down the Skitties faster. I got my Search level for Skitty up to around 250 at the end of this session :woop:
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    ---Session 4---

    I was still working on bumping up my Search Level for Skitty, but I bumped into one and it was my 328th Skitty =D
    It was not one of those level bumped ones that happens every 5 levels so... I think that means that in the 301-400 Search level range that means I had an 1/803.93 chance.


    I started calling them Etcatera somewhere along the way... but the shiny one I called Aristocat =D
    I go to the PC to put it on my team so I can go Super train it's EV's. Careful Nature. Not the best, not the worst. It raises Sp. Defense and lowers Sp. Attack. I can work with that. Physical attacking Delcatty it is. In that case I think Normalize could've been the better ability, but Cute Charm will do I guess.

    Time for Super Training. Let's see... what to focus on. Could go bulky with Defense, Sp. Defense and HP I guess, did the same with Froslass in SV and that worked out very well. I'd still like it to be able to attack though.... eh. Let's see 252 into Attack. 128 into Defense and 132 into Sp. Defense? Actually no. It gets Calm Mind via TM. Just gonna sink 252 into Attack and 252 into Defense and Calm Mind first turn when using it I guess ? Remainder goes into Sp. Def.

    I finish Super Training Skitty and put it into the lead. I Box the Gluttony Zigzagoon temporarily and enable the Exp. Share. Time to fight the remaining trainer on Route 116.
    Hiker Clark. Geodude. Uproar - Defense Curl. Uproar - Defense Curl. Uproar. Another Geodude. Uproar - Rollout. Uproar - Rollout. Uproar - Rollout. Skitty faints and I Revive it as it needs the Exp. I send my one of my Pick Up Zigzagoons that's evolved into Linoone by now in to finish it off with Headbutt.

    I pick up an X. Sp. Attack. I go inside the tunnel and pick up a Dire Hit and then catch me a Whismur on the way to pick up a Poke Ball.
    I switch train Skitty up to level 12 on some wild Whismur and head back to Rustboro.

    I tried to DexNav in the cave, but nothing showed up and then I remembered how cave DexNav encounters work... pass. I'll do it on the Whismur on Route 116 then.

    ---Session 5---

    I sell off a bunch of Escape Ropes my Zigzagoon/Linoone had picked up and buy 10 more Poke balls. I go harvest the berries I planted and plant new ones. Then it's back to Route 116 for some Whismur DexNavving.

    First one I catch is a 3 star potential with Smokescreen as it's egg move. Eh, let's see... mixed attacker and it learns Boomburst. Gonna wanna go Special then. So Extrasensory or Fake Tears would be nice then.
    Snore... why bother when it gets Rest and Sleep Talk via level up. Endeavor could be okay. The rest is better off if I go Physical with it.

    A Whismur with Circle Throw decides to end it's battle with me lol
    Might be a problem. It's got 10 egg moves. So 10% chance for a potential shiny one to have it... if it has an egg move. Only way to stop it is Ingrain or Suction Cups. I'd have to import a Cradily via Bank... It also gets Roar at 29 though. Probably won't reach that level from chaining... I hope?
    Oh actually... better idea. Shedinja. Just gotta level a Nincada to level 20. Circle Throw won't work on it =D
    Only thing I can do atm without using Bank.

    I keep Skitty in the lead till it reaches level 16 and then put Nincada into the lead to start switch training it up. I did not teach Skitty DoubleSlap because of it's accuracy.
    I start training Nincada, but this is gonna take a long time it seems. I then realize I could DexNav for a higher level one. A level 16 one shows up. That's 10 levels higher than mine. And apparently it's still too weak to handle level 6-8 Whismur itself now. (<---I forgot here that Leech Life just sucks in gen 6 =P)

    Nvm... Nincada takes forever to level up. I reach Search Level 100 on Whismur and Nincada hasn't even leveled up once through Exp. Share.
    Guess I'm importing someone from Omega Ruby.

    I went to OR and bred a Lileep and leveled it up to level 13, then I sent it over. It's just gonna help me with any potential Circle Throw Whismurs and then will go inside the box.
    Or perhaps I'll keep it as a catching Pokemon. Might come in handy for catching something that knows Roar.
    The rest of the session is just Whismur DexNavving.
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    ---Sessions 6 & 7 & 8 & 9---

    Pretty much just nothing but growing berries and grinding up the Search level for Whismur.
    Yep that's all. Busy days and I got lucky with that shiny Skitty in 328 Skitties fainted/caught apparently.

    ---Session 10---

    I beat up 9 more Whismurs and the 10th one decides to sparkle for me and have green accents. I did not pay attention to it's egg move.
    It's too low level to have roar but could still have Circle Throw. I switch to Lileep for it's Suction Cups immediately.
    It takes a while as Lileep ignores half my instructions due to not having any badges, but I get it down to the border between yellow and red and then throw a Premier Ball and in it goes.


    Gonna look up the odds for it just out of curiosity... 901-999 search level range, and it was the 10th one so I gotta look at the every 5th one column... 1/84.24 chance. Oops no that's with the shiny charm. Without it it's 1/121.70
    I got my Search level all the way up to level 940 before finding one :sadwick:

    I run back to the PC so I can ditch all my temporary mons (the Linoone I used for DexNavving is level 46 fyi xD) and challenge the gym with just my permanent members. The Whismur is level 16 so I don't need to level it. Mild nature.+Special Attack, -Defense. Not crazy about that Defense drop... but at least I get a boost to Sp. Attack, which is the attack stat I will be using for this Pokemon. Extrasensory for the egg move. Would've liked Hammer Arm or Circle Throw to make the 1st gym easier, but... Geodude has poor Sp. Defense and Nosepass' Sp. Defense is worse than it's Defense so... should still be a solid option for beating them easier. Might be a good move in the long run. It's unfortunate this Pokemon doesn't seem to get any Sp. Attack boosting moves.

    Gonna need to EV train it first though. 252 into Sp. Attack, obviously. I think I have to go full into Defense just to compensate it being lower than Sp. Defense as well as being hindered by the nature. What remains goes into Sp. Def.
    For some reason the footballs during Whismur's super training had yellowish/orange spots instead of black? Dunno what that means. And occasionally it would shoot the black one and I'd barely get any score for it.

    Once I finish with the Super training it's off to the Gym and Roxanne greets me upon entry. I talk to the gym dude and then challenge Youngster Josh to a battle.
    Geodude. Extrasensory and it lives on Sturdy, but flinches. Another one finishes it off. A second Geodude comes in. Extrasensory and it faints.

    Next gym trainer. Youngster Tommy. Geodude. Extrasensory and it lives on Sturdy and Tackles Yodeler the Whismur. I finish it off with Astonish.
    Schoolkid Georgia. Geodude. Extrasensory and it faints.

    Gym Leader Roxanne. Geodude. They really love Geodude in this gym huh. Extrasensory and it lives due to Sturdy and Rock Tombs Whismur. Roxanne uses a Potion and I Astonish. Extrasensory finishes off the Geodude. Nosepass comes in.
    Nosepass Hardens... poor thing, that ain't going to help you against my Whismur. Extrasensory sends it into yellow HP and then finishes it off on the next turn after tanking a Tackle.

    She gives me the Stone Badge and a TM for Rock Tomb. Never gonna use that.
    I talk to the gym dude again and leave. A Team Aqua Grunt runs off, chased by a Devon Researcher. I run after them and get roped into retrieving the thing the grunt stole.

    Halfway through the first patch of grass I see the cut trees and go back to get Slakoth from the PC and teach it Cut. I turn the Exp. Share back on and also grab Nincada from the PC. A false swipe Shedinja for catching can still be useful. Only needs 2 more levels, might as well just get it for now and then box it again until I need it for catching something.

    I arrive at Rusturf Tunnel and talk to Mr. Briney. Into the cave I go and I pick a fight with the grunt.
    Team Aqua Grunt. Poochyena. I'm forced to switch from Whismur as it's only attacking moves are Extrasensory and Astonish. I switch to Aristocat and Poochyena Bites it. Uproar takes 2 turns to faint it and it Howls in between.
    Scrapper levels up to level 21 and wants to learn Aerial Ace so I have it forget Wing Attack.

    I get the Devon Goods back and Mr Briney charges in as the grunt runs off. I exit the cave and the Black Belt is no longer blocking the entry to the Tunneler's Rest House so I head inside and talk to the people.

    I follow the path with cut trees back to Rustboro.
    Schoolkid Jerry. Ralts. Extrasensory - Double Team. Extrasensory misses and it Double Teams again. I switch to Scrapper and Ralts goes for Teleport. Aerial Ace ends it.

    I check my bag and teach Echoed Voice to Yodeler. I have it forget Astonish.
    Schoolkid Karen. Echoed Voice and it lives on a sliver of HP. Stun Spore, of course. Absorb - Echoed Voice... nope Paralyzed. I use one of the Full Heals my Pickup Zigzagoons/Linoones found for me. Leech Seed. Echoed Voice faints the Shroomish next turn.
    Whismur comes in. Pfft. It's not even got the green accents mine has! I click Echoed Voice completely forgetting about Soundproof... :woop:
    It uses Pound and I faint it with Extrasensory next turn.

    I find a hidden Super Potion and an Ether lying around and pick the Chesto berries from the bushes. I run back to Rustboro and talk to the Devon researcher. I get a Great Ball. My zigzagoon/linoone already gave me a couple Ultra Balls, you know... stingy researcher xD
    He drags me along to go meet the president of the Devon Corporation. He gives me the BuzzNav function... not sure I've ever used that tbh... and a letter to deliver to Steven Stone in Dewford.

    I talk to everyone on the way back out. May jumps me when I exit and repeats the info the president just told me... pretty much.
    I check Route 116 again as I remember the scientist giving you a certain type of Poke Ball there. Nothing. Too soon I guess.
    I go back to Rustboro city and towards Petalburg Woods. I cut down a tree for a Revive.

    Inside Petalburg Woods I take the alternate cut tree path back. I find a couple hidden Tiny Mushrooms, a Great Ball, an X Attack and a little girl gives me a Miracle Seed.
    Yodeler wants to learn Supersonic, but I pass on it.
    I check the Balm Mushroom spot again and there's a new one.

    I arrive at Mr Briney's cottage on Route 104 and interrupt his dance routine with Peeko. I tell him to head for Dewford.
    Upon arrival he recommends to check out the Gym. I save and end my session on the dock.
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    ---Session 11---

    I head inside the houses to talk to people and receive a Silk Scarf. Putting that on Skitty for now. Taillow can have the Sharp Beak whenever I find it. Maybe a Metronome for Whismur? That's in Mauville iirc. Anyway... a Fisherman gives me an Old Rod.
    I tell the Trendy Saying kid about Float Stone songs just for funsies and then talk to the people in the house =3

    I head out onto Route 107 and pick up the... Super Repel. I then fish for Magikarp... and get a Tentacool :woop:
    Level 5... even my Cut HM Slakoth probably can't weaken that without fainting it. I toss a Great Ball and catch it for the Dex.
    I fish up a Magikarp after nothing bites for a couple times. Level 15. I switch to Slakoth and Cut it twice and toss a Poke Ball.
    I think that's all for now.

    Back to Dewford Town to heal up and shove Tentacool into a Box. Then I head North and go onto Route 106 towards the cave.
    I pick up an invisible Heart Scale and then fight Fisherman Ned. Tentacool. Acid - Extrasensory.

    I pick up a Stardust near a Backpacker and then fight him. Backpacker Graeme. Slakoth. Extrasensory faints it. Should probably let Skitty do some stuff now. Extrasensory is gonna be good in the gym. I switch Skitty into the lead after the battle.

    I run along the shore to pick up a Protein and fight the Fisherman. Fisherman Elliot. Magikarp. Uproar faints it. Tentacool. Uproar sends it into yellow HP and it supersonics me. Skitty keeps going with Uproar and doesn't let itself be confused =D
    I spam A on the way back and pick up a Poke Ball. I keep forgetting where this thing is lol

    I head into Granite Cave. I get TM070 from a Hiker. Flash. I talk to some Ruin Maniacs blocking a passage and catch an Abra, Makuhita, Geodude and Zubat for the Dex. Seems to be all atm so I leave again after clicking Tackle on a Makuhita with Skitty just to see how much it does. 1 shot.

    I run back to Dewford Town and heal at the PC. I shove Abra into a box as I need an open slot for when Nincada evolves. Let's see. Skitty is level 19, Whismur is 19 as well and Scrapper is 21. Nincada will be evolving soon as it's 19 too. Good, the faster I can have a False Swiper for catching stuff the better.

    I head to the gym. Should be easy with Whismur's Extrasensory and Taillow. Let's see if Skitty can do it though.
    The gym dude tells me that "Going against him (Brawly) with Normal-type Pokemon is asking for trouble. Fighting-type Pokemon will lay a serious smackdown on Normal-type Pokemon."
    I don't exactly have a choice, I'm doing a Normal types playthough :woop:

    I walk up to the first Gym Trainer. Battle Girl Laura. Meditite. Tackle sends it into red HP and it uses Confusion. Another Tackle and it avoids fainting with Endure. It then Detects... why is this trainer trying to stall me? Is my Skitty that threatening? :fufu:
    Endure fails and Tackle faints it next turn.

    Black Belt Hideki. Machop. Tackle sends it into yellow HP and it uses Focus Energy. Another Tackle faints it.
    Battle Girl Tessa. Meditite. Tackle faints it. Scrapper levels up to level 22. Machop comes in and lives Tackle in red HP. It uses Foresight.... not sure why, but okay. Tackle faints it next turn. Skitty levels up to level 20.
    Taillow evolves into Swellow after the fight.

    I go for a quick heal at the PC and then run back. I challenge Brawly and he wants to see what I'm made of. I'll show him I'm made of love for Skitty! :love:

    Gym Leader Brawly.
    Machop. Attract - immobilized machop :woop:
    Tackle almost faints it and it's immobilized by love again lol. Brawly uses a Potion and I Tackle it back down into red HP. One more and Machop faints. Makuhita comes in. Attract feels a bit cheap. I Tackle it and it lives with a sliver of HP. I then see my Silk Scarf get Knocked off. Tackle faints it. Easy clap for Skitty. What's a Fighting type gym to a Skitty? :sneaky:

    Brawly gives me the Knuckle Badge and he gives me Bulk up. Unfortunately nobody can learn it.
    I heal at the PC and then head back to Granite Cave. I deliver the letter to Steven and he gives me a Steel Wing TM. I then leave again.
    Could teach Steel Wing to Swellow. Already past Roxanne though... do I still need it ? Probable not... 90 Accuracy for 70 power. I'll pass for now.

    I talk to Mr. Briney and we head for Slateport. I talk to a Sailor on the beach.
    Sailor Huey. Machop. Tackle - Foresight. Another Tackle and it's gone.
    I start spamming A on the beach and find a Revive, a Heart Scale and a Great Ball. I ignore the house for now and pass it to pick up the PP Up. I start heading back to fight trainers.

    Sailor Edmond. Wingull. Tackle and it faints. Machop. Tackle - Foresight. Do they not have any Fighting type attacking moves or something ? No they should have Low Kick... Well whatever. Tackle finishes it.
    Tuber Ricky. Zigzagoon. Down with the false ZiggyZags! Tackle removes it.
    After the fight my green eared Whismur evolves into a lavender colored Loudred. It wants to learn Bite. Could be okay coverage for the time being. I have it forget Screech.

    I talk to some kids and one gives me a Soft Sand. I find a hidden Ether and a Heart Scale near an old geezer walking his pet Zigzagoon.
    Tuber Lola. Azurill. One Tackle and it's gone. That's it for the beach itself.

    I head into the Seashore House. My Skitty demands more tribute. All shall fall before it's might! I talk to the woman on the left first.
    Delinquent Destinee. Sableye. Foresight - Fury Swipes. It Detects. It's scared... Yes.... cower in fear before my Skitty! :fufu:
    Tackle sends it into yellow HP and it uses Fury Swipes again. Detect. Ha! You can't stall your demise! Tackle faints it next turn.

    Next trainer. Street Thug Blair. Poochyena. Tackle faints it. Proof that felines are better than canines ~nya! Carvanha is next. Tackle faints it, but I take some damage from Rough Skin.
    Nincada finally levels up afterward and evolves to register both Ninjask and Shedinja in my Dex. Ninjask is getting boxed at the next PC. Shedinja will linger for a bit as a False Swipe mon. Though I'll be teaching Zangoose it as well. It's mainly for the period in between I guess.

    Next trainer. Beauty Johanna. Goldeen. Tackle and it lives in red HP. Guess even fish are better than canines ~nya! One more Tackle faints it.
    Sailor Dwayne. Tentacool. Tackle and it faints. Machop. Again. Sailors really love it huh? Tackle and it lives on a sliver of HP and Low Sweeps me. Finally, a Machop that uses a Fighting move! Skitty still outspeeds despite the Speed drop and Tackle faints it.
    Aristocat wants to learn Faint Attack. Ghost and Psychic coverage that can't miss. Sure, why not. Probably don't need to keep Foresight then so I replace it. Got a Scrappy mon anyway.

    Tuber Simon. Azurill. Tackle and it's dead.
    I talk to Mr. Sea and get some Soda Pops.

    I enter Slateport City. Ah I love this music. I talk to people and explore it. I find an Alakazite.
    I can't remember when you get the Amulet Coin, but I can buy a Luck Incense to earn more money already. I give it to Loudred for now.
    I get Effort Ribbons for Skitty, Loudred and Swellow from a lady at the market as well.
    A TM shop. Hone Claws could be okay if one of my party can learn it. I sell of my Stardust, Balm Mushroom and Tiny Mushrooms to the guy and buy it. I contemplate selling the 2 Sun Stones I got from Linoone's pick up ability. Maybe later. I also buy the Confide TM on a whim. Nope none of them can learn Hone Claws. Zangoose should be able to though I think.

    I leave the market and start checking houses. I get a Soothe Bell from a lady in the Pokemon fan club. A reporter asks about Skitty and I tell her it's Pure Bliss. I heal up at the PC and dump Ninjask into a Box. Next I check the Mart and buy nothing as I'm kinda broke :woop:
    I enter the shipyard and get told to go to the Museum. I pay the entrance fee and start talking to the Team Aqua Grunts for the Thief TM.

    I head upstairs and talk to Stern. Two Team Aqua Grunts show up.
    Team Aqua Grunt. Carvanha. Tackle faints it and I take some Rough Skin damage.
    Team Aqua Grunt. Zubat. Tackle faints it. Carvanha is next and I switch to Loudred to earn some more prize money. Echoed Voice faints it.
    Archie shows up and blabbers on for a bit and then Team Aqua leaves.

    I hand over the Devon Goods to Stern and leave and re-enter the upper floor to talk to the normal NPC's here.
    I then do the same on the lower floor. I tell a reporter that 'Shinies rule!'

    I check out the remaining buildings and get a Torment TM in the Contest Hall. I try to leave Slateport and I get forced into a crowd gathering around Lisia. I get the Contest Pass and the Pokeblock Kit. Hmmm... My team doesn't have very good Contest moves atm tbh.
    Maybe later.

    I step out onto Route 110 and save and quit. Will probably do an inventory of which of my team members could do which contests next session.

    ---Session 12---

    Well I was worried about not being able to max out a contest category due to not getting high enough quality Poke Block like back in RSE. (I played contests to death in RSE and didn't try them in ORAS... yet =P)
    However according to Serebii: "In this game, there are no limits to the amount of PokéBlocks you can give your Pokémon, so if you wish, you can max each stat of the Pokémon."

    Well then. All I need to do is see if any of my Pokemon have decent contest moves currently then. One annoyance here is that the move reminder still costs Heart Scales... I think.

    First gotta determine which Pokemon to try and use for what Contest.

    -Skitty/Delcatty. Both Cute and Beauty contests if possible. Currently only 2 Cute moves. Uproar and Attract. Only 2 Appeal hearts each. Eh. Captivate is 4 hearts, but not learned until level 43. Dang, looks like I actually need to wait for that if I want it. Play Rough is 3 hearts and brings down the energy of Pokemon that move before me. Return is also 4 hearts though. When do you... oh god Pacifidlog ? Confide is a 3 star Cute moves... could ditch Uproar for it if Skitty can learn it.
    As for Beauty moves the only one so far that I like is Flash which is 3 stars. Oh Serebii has a contest dex so I don't have to click every move to see what type it is... wish I'd known sooner lol
    Let's see. Echoed Voice is 3 hearts too. I actually got the TM for that. Two 3 hearts moves might be enough to win Normal Rank. It's best Beauty moves (Icy Wind & potentially Water Pulse) are locked to Move Tutors though... not sure which Move Tutor.

    I teach Skitty Confide via TM and have it forget Uproar. Funny. I bought that on a whim and I'm actually using it now xD
    Guess I have to wait for Captivate to evolve it... which kinda sucks. Wanted to evolve it as soon as it had Wake-Up Slap and I had a Moon stone.
    Seems I'll also need to let it learn all it's new moves from now on to keep my options at the Move Reminder open later on.

    -Zangoose is probably the best fit for Cool. Okay nvm. I see Exploud can get the elemental fangs and they're all 4 heart cool moves. And I don't mind doing Cool with Exploud as well at all.

    -Whismur line. Tough seems most fitting. Strength and Rock Smash are good Tough moves, but I have neither atm. There's also Pound and Stomp for Tough.
    For Cool there's the elemental fangs, Brick Break and Roar could be useful.
    Boomburst and Hyper Beam startle other Pokemon and have 4 hearts, but you can't move next turn yourself.

    -Kecleon seems the most fitting for Clever. Not gonna be catching that any time soon though. I'll look at that later.

    Can't do Tough with Loudred just yet, but... Extrasensory and Howl are both Cool moves. Only 2 hearts, but like... might be enough to win Normal Rank.

    First things first. Pokeblock making time. I got at least 40 berries each of Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Oran and Persim. No green or Yellow berries so definitely not doing Clever or Tough yet xD
    Might have a problem with red berries if it needs to be different ones.... nope 4 Cheri berries works. Oh it's just an animation now? No need to do a minigame huh. Eh, makes the grind easier at least.

    I stop making Red PokeBlock+ when I got only 10 Cheri Berries left.
    I do the same with Pecha and Persim Berries, but I don't get the + behind them. What about two of each. Nope still no +. Oh well. Suddenly 4 Persim berries made a Poke block+. Guess it's RNG then? All the Cheri ones were getting the + in their Poke Blocks though :unsure:
    Blue PokeBlocks are next. I got 80 Chesto Berries, gonna take a bit I guess =P

    Apparently affection can influence Poke Blocks effectiveness... haven't checked my squad's affection at all yet lol
    I open Pokemon Amie to check their affection and then pet Skitty for a bit and play Berry Picker, Head It and Tile Puzzle on the easiest difficulties. I suck at Head It apparently. Also pretty bad at Tile Puzzle I guess, but at least that was fun =P
    I get all 3 of my team member's Affection up to 1 heart.

    Then I go to the PokeBlock Kit. I feed Skitty Pink Pokeblock+ until the Cute symbol stays sparkly. I assume that means it's maxed out. Then I do the same for Blue Pokeblock+
    After that I start shoving Red PokeBlock+ into Loudred's big mouth until the Cool symbol shines =3
    Seems to take about 15 PokeBlock+ ?

    I run back into Slateport and head for the Pokemon Fanclub. I talk to the old geezer on the couch and get a Blue Scarf. I then talk to him again for a Pink Scarf. And again.... nope still Skitty. I switch Loudred into the lead and talk to him again for a Red Scarf.
    I switch them back around before leaving and then head for the Contest Hall.

    I talk to Lisia and her entourage. Then I head for the clerk and Lisia comes over for a talk. I still need to give my mons their Scarves though. She drags me into the changing room and gives me the Contest Costume. Just one costume for every contest? =O
    Or perhaps it just forces me into a Cool contest for my first one... idk. I give Skitty the Pink Scarf to hold and Loudred the Red Scarf.

    I talk to the left clerk. Apparently this for with playing with other people. I then talk to the right clerk.
    I enter Loudred into the Normal Rank Coolness Contest.

    Normal Rank Coolness Contest.
    My opponents are a Poochyena, Electrike and Aron. The crowd goes wild on Loudred's entry.
    I use Extrasensory on the first turn. Then I use Howl, which works great if I'm last, but I'm first. Third turn and I'm second =O
    Well I'll just keep alternating. 4th turn and I'm second, but now it's Aron in front of me. I Howl. Stingy Electrike makes me lose my hearts this round, which puts me in last for the 5th round. I opt to repeat Howl as I'm in the last slot. It gets me 6 hearts, but I don't excite the audience as a result. Might've gotten more had I just excited the audience... still won though =D
    None of the others excited them... I did notice most of them not using Cool type moves. Could just be a Normal Rank thing I guess.

    Lisia calls me over to the changing Room. After she finishes talking I talk to her and see a battle option =O
    Upon exiting the changing room I get the Cosplay Pikachu. Ahhhh right. Must've done at least some contests then. I definitely had one of those in OR. I talk to some people near the exit and get an Old Gateau, a Rage Candy Bar and a Rawst Berry.

    I check if I can enter Loudred into a Super Rank Coolness Contest at this location... I can =O
    Probably gonna lose it, but I'll try I guess.

    Super Rank Coolness Contest.
    The opponents are Sandshrew, Doduo and Kecleon. I get to move first again so I had the best appeal again.
    1st turn: Extrasensory. 2nd turn: Howl. Ah someone else finally uses a Cool move. The Sandshrew and Kecleon.
    3rd turn: There's 4 stars on the Excitement bar and I'm 3rd in line but the two before me don't use Cool moves so I get to excite the audience with a Spectacular Talent. Doduo tries to Acupressure again after me, which got him 6 hearts last time around, but only 1 this time. Must be because of that 'Spectacular Talent' thing? oh well. Turn 4: I Howl. Doduo uses a Cool move this turn.
    5th turn: Well I'm 3rd in line. 2 stars left on the excitement bar. If both of the mons before me go for a cool move I'm not exciting the crowd. If only one does I'm golden. If neither does the mon behind me can get it. Oh well.
    I Extrasensory and am the only one using a Cool move this turn.

    Still won that pretty easily. I'm not gonna do the next rank yet though. Hyper Rank should be tougher. Don't think I'm winning that with 2 heart moves lol
    I get called over to the changing room again by Lisia and as we chat some snobby blonde guy shows up who's jealous of me apparently lol
    Afterward it's back to the clerk for a Normal Rank Cuteness Contest. Oops forgot to check for people at the exit.

    Normal Rank Cuteness Contest. Skitty makes magic hearts appear and the crowd goes wild :love:
    My opponents are a Wingull, Slakoth and Zigzagoon. Attract makes the remaining Pokemon nervous and I'm first up so might as well use it. It makes the Slakoth too nervous to move. Zigzagoon actually has a Cute move. Oh my. 2nd turn and I'm in 3rd. I click Confide. Slakoth uses Encore after me and gets another Star onto the audience. I'm in first for the 3rd turn and only 1 star remaining. I click Attract, but don't make anyone Nervous. Skitty gets the audience bonus with it's 'Spectacular Talent'.
    4th turn and I confide again. 5th turn with 3 stars on the board. If I use a Cute move and the next Pokemon does as well they'll get the audience bonus. Feint Attack isn't a Cute move and 'works great if the user goes first this turn'. I click Feint Attack. Hearts denial for the one in 2nd I guess ? =P The Zigzagoon in last gets the audience bonus now.

    Super Rank Cuteness Contest. The opponents are a Swablu, Spoink and... Barboach. Weird pick there. 1st turn: Attract. Nobody got nervous :sadwick:
    2nd turn: I'm in the third slot and I Confide. 3rd turn: I'm in the second slot and use Attract. 4th turn: I'm in second again and click Attract... ah oops I seem to have repeated a move? 5th turn: I confide and get the audience bonus and the 'Spectacular Talent'.
    Still a fairly easy win despite my messing up.

    I switch the Pink Scarf for the Blue Scarf afterward. I teach Skitty Echoed Voice as it says it can be used repeatedly without boring the audience. Should only need 1 move then, right?
    I then access the PC and shove the Cosplay Pikachu into a Box.
    I save and end my session.
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    ---Session 13---

    Normal Rank Beauty Contest. My opposition is a Zubat, Slakoth and Dustox. Skitty make the crows go wild again, as they rightfully should =D
    I just click Echoed Voice every turn. On the 3rd round some of them suddenly use Beauty moves and steal the audience bonus from me :sadwick:
    Easy win though.

    Super Rank Beauty Contest. I make the competing Spoink, Roselia and Swablu take in Skitty's Beauty =3
    Well I'm just gonna spam Echoed Voice again for 5 turns.
    During the 3rd turn I'm second in line and can potentially get the audience bonus if the Spoink before me does not use a Beauty move. It doesn't so I get it =D
    Another easy win.

    I give Skitty back it's Silk Scarf and Loudred the Luck Incense. I get a Pinap Berry, Figy Berry, Nanab Berry and Mago Berry from a line of people on the way out.

    Back to Route 110. I catch a Plusle, Voltorb, Electrike, Oddish and Gulpin for the Dex and see some Team Aqua Grunts run off.
    I switch Loudred into the lead before the first trainer.
    Poke Fan Isabel. Plusle. Bestow - Extrasensory. It lives and eats an Oran Berry. I click Echoed Voice but get Encored first. Extrasensory faints it. Minun comes in. Switcheroo - Extrasensory. Spark - Extrasensory... or it would've been had it not gotten the Paralysis... and Loudred instantly being unable to move... *sighs* Encore - Extrasensory.

    I use a Full Heal, talk to the old lady and then run left to Route 103.
    Aroma Lady Daisy. Roselia. Extrasensory and it faints. It wants to learn Stomp afterward so I have it forget Echoed Voice for a little while as I can reteach that via TM.

    Twins Amy & Liv. Plusle & Minun. Plusle uses Swift. Minun uses Spark. Skitty uses Tackle and Loudred uses Extrasensory on the Minun. Plusle uses Spark and Paralyzes Loudred, but Skitty's Tackle finishes it off in 1 hit.
    I teach Skitty Charm instead of Echoed Voice hoping to keep it as an option at the move reminder later on this way.

    Poke Fan Miguel. Skitty. Poor thing isn't even shiny! I forgot to heal the Paralysis. Skitty uses Attract. Not dealing with that combo so I send my own Skitty in. It's Double Slap misses. A Tackle faints it.

    I pick up the Guard Spec and talk to the Kindler and Fisherman.
    Fisherman Andrew. Magikarp. Extrasensory. Magikarp again. Extrasensory again.
    I run back and check the Cut Trees area. I grab some Chesto and Leppa Berries from some berry trees.
    Then I run back to Route 110 and enter the Trick House.

    I get told I'm being watched and talk to a table to make a man appear! I head into the room behind the scroll.

    Lass Sally. Gulpin. Extrasensory.
    Wait... 'hack and slash your way to victory with the Slash you just learned'? Does Gulpin learn Cut? *checks* No, it doesn't xD

    I pick up a Lava Cookie and find the next trainer to fight.
    Battle Girl Cora. Meditite. Extrasensory faints it.
    I get to the scroll for the code and pick up another Lava Cookie.
    Youngster Eddie. Nincada. Stomp doesn't faint it, but does flinch it so I just Stomp it gone next turn. Geodude is next. Extrasensory and it lives on Sturdy of course. It Mud Sports. Stomp ends it.

    I write the secret code on the scroll at the end and go through the door to pick up the Expert Belt and talk to the Trick Master for the Taunt TM. I leave the Trick House and go back to Slateport to heal up at the PC.

    I run back to where I was and take the grassy passage underneath Cycling Road.
    Youngster Timmy. Poochyena. Stomp faints it. Aron. Extrasensory faints it. Electrike. Extrasensory.
    I pick up a Dire Hit and an invisible Full Heal.
    May challenges me to a fight a bit to the North.

    Pokemon Trainer May. Slugma. Extrasensory. Wailmer. Extrasensory. It lives in yellow HP and starts a Rollout. Extrasensory faints it.
    Grovyle. Mega Drain - Extrasensory. It lives in yellow HP. Quick Attack - Extrasensory.
    My Cut Slakoth evolves after the fight. *shrugs*
    May gives me the Dowsing Machine. I pick up an invisible Great Ball shortly after.

    Collector Edwin. Lombre. Extrasensory. Nuzleaf is next and I switch to Skitty. I get Faked Out. Tackle 1 hits next turn.
    I pick up a Revive.
    Psychic Edward. Abra. Bite.
    I pick up a Poke Ball just a bit to the North. I talk to an old geezer and pick up the Leppa Berries from the trees. I talk to the kid and then the Fisherman.
    Fisherman Dale. Tentacool. Extrasensory. Wailmer. Extrasensory faints it.

    I plant a Leppa, Pinap and Figy Berry and then I enter Mauville City. I see Wally run off.
    I explore the city and get the TM for Round. I get the Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip dolls as well. I buy an Ultra Ball with Poke Miles. Might as well use them.
    I let Loudred get a massage. When I get near the gym I turn back and go to the upper floor. I find a Luxury Ball under a... radio tower?
    A guy interrupts my rooftop exploration and tells me to stick my hand out and gives me a Nugget.
    I check the bottom two staircases as well. I find a Max Repel under another radio tower like thingy. I buy a Metronome for 1.000 from a dude in a black suit. I answer Yes a bunch of times to a... Hex Maniac...? I get a Poke Toy.

    I go downstairs again and check out TV Mauville. After that I continue exploring the place and get a Vs. Recorder from a guy at the battle institute. I get the Mach Bike from Rydel. I find a Move Tutor, but it's for starters only... the pledges I guess? Another Move Tutor next door which only teaches to Pokemon I got from a professor.

    I check out the food court. I don't see any worthwhile rewards for this, but I might as well do it once while I'm here.
    Youngster Cutler. Slugma. Extrasensory and it faints. Loudred wants to learn Uproar and I have it forget Howl for now.
    Schoolkid Nitzel. Oddish. Extrasensory.
    Youngster Ham. Taillow. Uproar.
    Schoolkid Meena. Goldeen. Uproar.
    Fairy Tale Girl Meggi. Jigglypuff. Uproar.
    I get a Nugget and a Figy Berry for the ordeal. Sounds like a losing business model to me. I pay 1.000 for food and you give me a nugget? =O

    Time to check the central area. I get a Globe for my base. I get the Sky Drop TM in the Poke Mart from a Hex Maniac... or Delinquent maybe. There's a bunch of TM's on sale here, but I lack the money. I sell off the 2 Nuggets I have and one of the Sun Stones.
    I buy 10 Great Balls, twice. I buy the Charge Beam TM as I see Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff can learn it. Seems to be it's only way of raising it's Sp. Attack through a move. Competitive might get it to raise to, but if the opponent never lowers my stat it's not gonna happen. What's the chance... 70% chance to raise Sp. Attack? Yeah I'm gonna buy that.
    Getting one with Fake Tears as an egg move could also work, but that's not determined yet. I'd rather have the TM on hand.

    I pick up an X Defense behind the statue in the square. I go talk to the people in the PC and heal up.
    I then play with Swellow for a bit in Pokemon Aimie to get it's hearts up to 2 like the others.
    After petting and playing for a while it's still not up a heart. I go North to the gym and Wally wants to fight me.
    Pokemon Trainer Wally. Ralts. Uproar. Done.

    I receive the Rock Smash HM afterward. I go inside the gym and talk to the gym dude and then save and quit.

    ---Session 14---

    I go back to water my planted berries and ditch an Electrike hitching a ride in my party into the PC.
    Back to the gym.

    Guitarist Kirk. Magnemite. Extrasensory sends it into yellow HP. Thunder Wave. It Volt Switches out. Electrike. Extrasensory 1 hits it.
    Magnemite is back and tries Volt Switch gaain. Extrasensory faints it.
    Youngster Ben. Electrike. Extrasensory.
    Battle Girl Vivian. Meditite. Extrasensory.
    Guitarist Shawn. Voltorb. Rollout - Uproar. Voltorb faints and another Voltorb comes in. Spark - Uproar.

    Time to go heal at the PC and then back to the gym. Hmmm no. Skitty doesn't have Wake-Up Slap just yet. Either next level or the level after that... so I head East out of Mauville to fight a couple trainers.

    Aroma Lady Rose. Oddish. Tack and it's gone. Roselia comes in and I switch Skitty into Loudred to get the prize money boost =3
    It Stun Spores. Mega Drain - Extrasensory.
    Skitty levels up and I have it learn Wake-Up Slap and forget Charm. I'll leave the other trainers for later then.
    One quick heal at the PC and it's back to the gym.

    Gym Leader Wattson. Magnemite. It lives Wake-Up Slap only thanks due to Sturdy. It Thunder Waves. I Full Heal the next turn and Wattson Super Potions the Magnemite. Wake-Up Slap gets survived by Sturdy again and it Thunder Waves again. I just Full Heal again. It Volt Switches out of here and Voltorb comes in.
    I switch to Loudred. Voltorb uses Charge and then Volt Switches. Dangit. I click Uproar wanting to bop it out of here. Magnemite comes back in and it gets fainted anyway lol
    Voltorb comes back in and Volt Switches again. Magneton comes in I'm stuck in Uproar which sends it down into yellow HP. Voltorb is back. Ah, Soundproof. Well whatever, it did good damage to Magneton. I switch Skitty in and it Volt Switches back out again. Magneton tries to Supersonic, but misses. Wake-Up Slap faints it.
    Voltorb is back. Nowhere to run now you stupid ball. Skitty tanks the crit from Voltorb's Volt Switch like a champ and then destroys it with a single Tackle.

    I get the Dynamo Badge and the Volt Switch TM. I ain't touching that, you were a nuisance with it Wattson xD
    Wake-Up Slap really helped Skitty here, but seeing a resisted Uproar do so much damage to Magneton quite surprised me.
    I run back to the PC and heal. I teach Rock Smash to Cutter the HM Vigoroth. Would not have minded teaching it to Loudred, but HM's can't be unlearned until Lilycove. This seems safer.

    Time to breed Zangoose. But since I'm doing that anyway, there's an egg move I'd like on it. Night Slash. I do have a Scrappy birb that can deal with Ghosts, but having a 2nd Pokemon that can deal with them won't hurt.
    I run all the way back to Slateport and take Mr. Briney's boat back to Route 104. My only options for this are either to progress further and get a Seviper with the move. Or go DexNav Slakoth and hope one with Night Slash as an Egg Move shows up. Which is why I went all the way back to Petalburg Woods. I can do this without progressing.

    I do see Egg Moves straight away on the Slakoth. Probably takes quite a while for one to show up with Night Slash.
    Huh. 5th one that showed had it. I False Swipe it with my catching Shedinja and it goes down to Night Slash as expected. I do catch it, but would've preferred a male one.
    I encounter and faint a few more just to see if it shows up again on a male one. Would save me some rebreeding. I faint about 7 more until the Search Level reaches 15. Well the 15th one actually has it again, but it's also female again.

    I cut my losses and take the Mr. Briney express back to Slateport. I then run all the way back to Mauville and head West out of the city for the daycare. I put Ditto and the Slakoth in the Daycare and breed up 3 eggs. I cycle circles in Mauville for a while until they hatch.
    Two males and a female. I release two of them and keep a male one.
    Next I put Zangoose in the Daycare with Ditto. Need to make it a female one. I breed up 4 eggs and pull Zangoose out of the Daycare again.
    I keep circle cycling through Mauville again until all 4 have hatched. 2 females and 2 males. I keep the Impish female. Decent nature. Pity I don't have an everstone yet.

    I shove the male Slakoth and the female Zangoose into the Daycare. Now I just wait for one with a decent nature. Guess I'll try... 15 eggs?
    I don't have a Flame Body Pokemon here so I'd rather not do more than that. Adamant or Jolly would probably be best. Attack is it's best Stat, but it's got pretty good Speed too.
    Oh great... they don't like each other all that much. Gonna take a while to get the eggs then.
    While hatching them I contemplate a nickname. I eventually settle on Shredder. It's claws somewhat remind me of him and it sounds cool =3

    I check them out after hatching all of them...
    Well there's a Careful one amongst them. I'll take anything with -Sp. Attack in favor for another stat on this Pokemon.

    Time to start Super Training it. I max it's Attack first. After that I train 100 EV's into Sp. Defense and the rest into Defense.
    I then play with Swellow and Zangoose for quite a while in Pokemon Amie, but Swellow refuses to get that 2nd heart. I just want the exp. boost....
    I get Zangoose up to it's 1st heart though.

    I then head South out of Mauville to pick my planted berries and replant 1 Figy and 2 Pinap. I need Yellow PokeBlocks. Pinap should be yellow.

    I put Zangoose in the lead and check my bag to turn the Exp. Share of, but it already is. Gonna switch train it up with Swellow as it's 2 levels lower than Skitty and Loudred.
    I save in front of the berries and quit.
  • 47,984
    ---Session 15---

    I harvest the berries and plant new ones. Might as well go do Cycling Road while I'm here.
    Beauty Melissa. Goldeen. I switch into Swellow and Aerial Ace it.
    After the fight I move the Luck Incense from Loudred to Swellow. I pick up the Manectite.

    Triathlete Sloan. Plusle. I switch into Swellow and Quick Attack it.
    Triathlete Jaboc. Voltorb. I switch into Swellow and Quick Attack it. Magnemite comes in. I switch back to Zangoose and then Swellow. Swellow gets knocked out by hitting itself in confusion followed up by a Thunder Shock, with Magnemite living in red HP. Loudred finishes it off with Extrasensory.

    Back to Mauville to heal then. And then back to the Cycling Road.
    Triathlete Anthony. Magnemite. I switch to Swellow which takes it down with 2 Quick Attacks despite Paralysis.
    Triathlete Benjamin. Voltorb. Switch into Swellow and Quick Attack.
    Triathlete Dolph. Minun. Switch into Swellow and Quick Attack. It just barely lives and Encores so I just Quick Attack again :woop:

    I heal up at the PC in Slateport and go to the Trick House to talk to a plant and make the geezer appear. I don't buy the Escape Rope.
    Black Belt Yuji. Makuhita. I switch to Swellow and get Whirlwinded back into Zangoose. Gonna be annoying huh? Back into Swellow and it Force Palms. Aerial Ace faints it. Makuhita comes in.
    Back to Zangoose and then into Swellow again. Aerial Ace faints it after taking a Low Sweep.

    I head into the Rock Smash maze.
    Schoolkid Georgie. Shroomish. I switch into Swellow and get Stun Spored. Knew that was coming. Aerial Ace faints it. Beautifly comes in and I do another back and forth into Zangoose and Swellow. Aerial Ace faints it after taking an Absorb.
    I pick up a nearby Rage Candy Bar. I use a Lava Cookie to heal Swellow's Paralysis.

    Pokemon Ranger Sebastian. Cacnea. I switch to Swellow and Aerial Ace it. Aron comes in and I switch back to Zangoose and then to Skitty.
    Skitty tanks the Rock Tomb and fires back with Wake-Up Slap. Seems this Aron didn't have Sturdy.
    Pokemon Ranger Sophia. Swablu. I switch to Swellow and Swablu just barely lives Quick Attack. Well... one more then. Roselia is next.
    I switch to Zangoose and back to Swellow. Aerial Ace faints it.

    I check the scroll for the code. I pick up the other Rage Candy Bar before exiting. I get a Hard Stone for my effort.
    I exit and re-enter to check if I can do the next one. I talk to a cupboard to make the guy appear. It lets me go in, but I don't think I can do this one yet... isn't it Strength related. I ignore the Escape Rope purchase again. It's Dark. Flash related ?
    I teach Flash to my catching Shedinja as I don't feel like sacrificing any of Skitty's moves. I heal Swellow with a Soda Pop.

    Lass Robin. Oddish. I switch to Swellow and Aerial Ace it. Goldeen is next. Another back and forth to Zangoose and Swellow. Aerial Ace faints it.
    A double battle with Ace Duo Pike & Shiel. Carvanha & Numel. I switch Zangoose into Swellow and have Loudred use Uproar. Carvanha Screeches Swellow before Uproar faints it. Numel uses Magnitude. Aerial Ace faints Numel next turn.

    I pick up a Lumiose Galette and go into a dead end to fight a trainer.
    Schoolkid Ted. Ralts. I switch to Swellow and Aerial Ace it.
    Shredder wants to learn Hone Claws afterward so I have it forget Quick Attack.

    I take the hidden passage to the scroll for the code and pick up the nearby Lumiose Galette.
    I run to the end and get the Trick Room TM from the trick master. That's actually gonna be good for Kecleon... if someone can learn it.
    I re-enter the house and talk to a window to make the dude appear. I pass on buying the Escape Rope yet again. Strength puzzle time now so I leave as I don't have it.

    I heal at the Slateport PC and make some Yellow Poke Blocks. With 8 Pinap Berries left I stop making them. I feed 5 Yellow Pokeblock+ to Yodeler and then start feeding it regular Yellow Pokeblock. Hopefully I've got enough to max Toughness. All 25 of them is exactly enough apparently. I take Loudred to the Pokemon fanclub to get the Yellow Scarf.
    I have Loudred hold the Yellow Scarf and head to the contest hall.

    Normal Rank Toughness Contest. My opponents are Makuhita, Slakoth & Aron. The crowd goes wild for Loudred.
    1st turn: I use Stomp. None of them use any Tough moves and a Cute move brings the audience excitement back to zero.
    2nd turn: I use Bite. Not a very good contest move, but it allows me to alternate. Slakoth actually uses a Tough move.
    3rd turn: I select Stomp. Last in line now and one of them finishes off a combo move and the last Pokemon before me steals the crowd bonus from me :sadwick:
    4th turn: I use Bite and startle the Aron in front of me.
    5th turn: Still in 3rd. Could've gotten the crowd bonus, but the stupid Slakoth uses a Cute move again. On the plus side at least he unnerved the Pokemon after me. I stomp again.
    I win, but it's closer than I'd like. That Makuhita put in a bunch of combo moves. Not convinced I'll win Super Rank easily then.

    Super Rank Toughness Contest. My opponents are a Kecleon, Corphish and Trapinch. Loudred impresses the audience again.
    1st turn: I click Stomp. None of them use any Tough moves.
    2nd turn: I click Bite. Someone uses a move that removes my hearts and only one of them uses a Tough move :sadwick:
    3rd turn: Last in line again. None of them use a Tough move. I clicked Stomp.
    4th turn: In second and I click Bite. Trapinch is before me and gets the audience bonus which seems to prevent it from being startled by my bite :sadwick:
    5th turn: In second again. I click Stomp. I get startled by the one behind me and lose a heart.
    I manage to still win the contest, but if not for the PokeBlock bonus I'd have lost.

    I unequip Loudred's Yellow Scarf and teach it Echoed Voice and have it forget Stomp. Looks like so far nobody can learn Trick Room.
    I get an Old Gateau, Nanab Berry, Soda Pop and Pinap Berry from the people on the way out.

    I take the Cycling Road back to Mauville. I head East out of the city and explore the little area here. I find a hidden Heart Scale.
    Fisherman Wade. Carvanha. Only 2 levels higher. Let's try a Fury Cutter on it. It crits and faints lol
    I move the Luck Incense to Shredder the Zangoose.

    Guitarist Dalton. Magnemite. Night Slash sends it into yellow HP and it Thunder Shocks. Night Slash faints it. Whismur comes in. Scratch - Howl. Scratch faints it.
    I pick up a Stardust from the beach. I talk to the Aroma Lady again and she wants to fight again.
    Aroma Lady Rose. Oddish. Fury Cutter - Stun Spore. Acid - Fury Cutter. Roselia comes in. I switch to Loudred. Poison Sting. Extrasensory faints it.

    The Guitarist wants to scrap again... didn't I just beat you =o
    Guitarist Dalton. I switch to Skitty and have it Wake-Up Slap the Magnemite gone after tanking a Thunder Shock. Back to Zangoose for the Whismur. Howl - Night Slash.

    I run back to Mauville to heal and then run out West onto Route 117.
    Teammates Anna & Meg. Zigzagoon & Makuhita. I switch Zangoose out and send Swellow in. Loudred faints the Makuhita with Extrasensory. Zigzagoon uses Baby-doll eyes on Loudred. Swellow faints it with Aerial Ace.
    I harvest the nearby Pinap berry trees afterward.

    I catch a Roselia, Illumise and Marill for the Dex.
    Pokemon Breeder Lydia. Wingull. Hone Claws - Mist. Scratch. Shroomish. Fury Cutter and it lives on a sliver of HP, but misses Stun Spore. Fury Cutter to faint it. Azurill comes in. Fury Cutter faints it despite not being very effective.
    Goldeen is next. Fury Cutter. Budew. Fury Cutter. Skitty. Fury Cutter :sadwick:

    Triathlete Dylan. Doduo. Night Slash sends it into yellow HP. It uses Rage. Night Slash faints it.
    Bug Maniac Derek. Nincada. Scratch - Leech Life. Scratch. Dustox comes in. Hone Claws - Confusion and it gets the Confusion of course. Scratch - Confusion. Scratch. Beautifly comes in. Zangoose hits itself and gets Stun Spored. I switch to Swellow. Gust. I finish it with Aerial Ace.

    I pick up a Great Ball and Revive. I find a hidden Repel and pick up the Mawilite.
    Pokemon Breeder Isaac. Whismur. Hone Claws - Screech. Hone Claws - Echoed Voice. Scratch. Zangoose wants to learn Slash so I have it forget Scratch.
    Makuhita. Fake Out. Slash faints it next turn. Zigzagoon. Slash. Aron. Night Slash - Rock Tomb. Slash. Poochyena. Fury Cutter. Taillow - Wing attack - Slash.

    I heal up at the PC in Verdanturf and start talking to the townsfolk. I buy 30 Heal balls at the Mart and 10 Nest Balls. I sell off the Stardust. I get the Attract TM at the Contest Hall.

    I enter Rusturf Tunnel.
    Hiker Mike. Geodude. Hone Claws - Magnitude. Night Slash - Rock Polish. Night Slash. Machop comes in. Slash.
    I pick up a Max Ether. I approach the young lovers and have my Pokemon Rock Smash the boulders gone. I receive an Aggronite in return.

    I run through the tunnel back towards Rustboro. I exit the tunnel and receive a Repeat Ball from the scientist.
    I dash back through the cave and help a bug maniac find his glasses.... or not. Black Glasses for me then. I pick up the HP Up and go back to Verdanturf. I heal up at the PC and head back to Mauville.

    I head North out of Mauville and come across some Aqua Grunts running off.
    I challenge the Winstrate family to some battles.

    The Winstrates' Victor. Taillow. Slash. Zigzagoon. Slash.
    The Winstrates' Victoria. Roselia. Slash crits.
    The Winstrates' Vivi. Goldeen. Slash. Shroomish. Fury Cutter - Stun Spore. Leech Seed - Paralyzed. Headbutt flinches. Mega Drain - Slash. Numel comes in next. Flame Burst - Slash crits.
    The Winstrates' Vicky. Meditite. Pity Zangoose is Paralyzed. I switch to Swellow and take a Force Palm which Paralyzes Swellow. Aerial Ace finishes it off.

    I head inside afterward to chat to them and receive a Macho Brace. I head back to Mauville to heal up at the PC and then head back to Route 111. I save in front of the Rock Smash rocks and end my session.

    ---Session 16---

    I Rock Smash the rock and progress.
    Picknicker Irene. Plusle. Slash. Illumise. Slash.
    Interviewers Gabby & Ty. Magnemite & Whismur. Slash faints Whismur and Extrasensory sends Magnemite into red HP. Magnemite paralyzes Zangoose with an electric attack. Extrasensory faints it.
    I tell them SkittyIsLove for the interview :love:

    Camper Travis. Sandshrew. Rapid Sin - Slash. Rapid Spin - Paralyzed. Swift - Slash.
    I heal Zangoose with a Full Heal.
    Backpacker Emory. Taillow. Slash.

    As I enter Route 112 I come across May. She shows me Mount Chimney and heals my Pokemon. She also gives me the Strength HM.
    Completely forgot you get it from her.

    Camper Larry. Taillow. Slash. Zubat. Slash.
    Zangoose wants to learn Revenge. Fighting type coverage is more useful than Bug coverage so I have it forget Fury Cutter.
    Picknicker Carol. Gulpin. Slash.

    I catch a Numel and Machop for the Dex.
    I taught Zangoose False Swipe instead of Revenge. Would like Revenge for coverage, but need False Swipe for catching stuff and Hoenn has too much coverage for Shedinja to be very useful here.

    Hiker Trent. Geodude. Slash - Rock Polish. Hone Claws - Magnitude. Slash. Another Geodude. Night Slash triggers Sturdy and Geodude Rock Polishes. Night Slash to faint it. Geodude #3. Night Slash and it lives with a couple HP. Rock Polish. Slash.

    Hiker Brice. Numel. Slash. Machop. Slash.
    I talk to the Team Aqua Grunts and then bike back to Mauville to heal at the PC. I get a Soft Sand from the Rock Smash rock on the way back.
    I go check on my berries South of Mauville. I pick the berries and go back to Mount Chimney without replanting them.

    I enter Fiery Path. I catch a Grimer, Slugma and Torkoal. I try for a while for the missing mon, but it seems to be rare as all I keep getting are the aforementioned + Numel & Machop. I leave the cave.

    Street Thug Jaylin. Mightyena. Slash sends it into red HP and it Roars Zangoose into Swellow. Quick Attack finishes it off.
    I pick up some berries from the trees and am back on Route 111.
    Ace Trainer Wilton. Electrike. Slash. Makuhita. Fake Out - flinch. Slash. Bagon. Slash.

    I come across Aarune and get introduced to Secret Bases. He gives me the Secret Power TM.
    I leave immediately afterward. I don't have enough decorations atm and why would I bother making the tutorial one into my secret base.

    Fairy Tale Girl Cece. Spoink. Night Slash. Mawile is next. Slash - Vise Grip. Night Slash - Sweet Scent. Slash - Bite. Slash. Couldn't be bothered to switch out tbh xD
    Ace Trainer Brooke. Wingull. Slash. Numel. Slash. Roselia. Slash.

    I harvest some berries and talk to some people near the house. The kid gives me a Razz Berry.
    I enter the house and rest up with some random old lady to heal my Pokemon.... totally safe, right? -.-
    Afterwards I ride my bike up the nearby sandy slope.
    Backpacker Deon. Linoone. Slash.

    I pick up an Elixir at the end of the path and run back.
    I head to Route 113 and come across May. She heals my Pokemon... kinda unnecessary, but okay.
    I catch a Skarmory, Spinda and Sandshrew and then move on.

    Youngster Neal. Trapinch. Slash. Electrike. Slash.
    Fairy Tale Girl Franny. Kirlia. Slash.
    I pick up a Super Repel and an invisible Ether.

    Ninja Boy Lao. Koffing. Slash crits. Koffing - Crush Claw. Koffing - Crush Claw.
    Zangoose wanted to learn Crush Claw so I had it forget Slash. 50% chance to drop Defense 1 stage sounds pretty nice.

    Parasol Lady Madeline. Numel. Crush Claw.
    Youngster Dillion. Aron. Crush Claw - Roar. Vigoroth? Nah, that's just an HM mon. I send Skitty in. It Roars again... Vigoroth again... ....look you're not fighting Vigoroth, Aron! It's move fails... missed it, but was that another Roar? =O
    Anyway... Wake-Up Slap knocks Aron out.

    I pick up a Double Team TM, a Max Ether and a hidden Nugget.
    Ninja Boy Lung. Nincada. Crush Claw. Ninjask. Fury Cutter - Crush Claw crits.

    I pick up a Hyper Potion and enter the Glass Workshop. The person inside gives me the Soot Sack. Plink! Plink!
    I run around outside for a while but the counter never updates. I look it up and only the big ash piles counts. I run through one and check. 9 out of 239 grams.
    I proceed to collect enough for the Blue Flute and then ditch the place =P

    I arrive at Fallarbor Town. I heal at the PC and talk to a Bug Maniac for some Honey. I talk to the woman in front of the PC.
    Zangoose has caught up so I shove the False Swiping Shedinja into a Box.

    I try to explore the town but get forced into a meeting with May. I get tasked with saving Professor Cozmo. I buy some Hyper Potions, 10 Great Balls and 10 ultra Balls at the Mart. I sell off the Nugget. I buy 10 Quick Balls.
    I get a Berry Blender for my Secret Base at the Contest Hall. I find a hidden Nugget in town. I ignore the Move Reminder for now.

    I enter Route 114 and enter the Fossil Maniac's House. I get the Dig TM. I exit the house again and save and quit just outside.
  • 47,984
    ---Session 17---

    A dapper looking dude gives me the Roar TM. Never using that =P
    Fisherman Claude. Corphish. Crush Claw. Wailmer. Crush Claw.
    Fisherman Nolan. Gyarados. I get Intimidated obviously, but Crush Claw lowers it's Defense one stage. It was already a two hit despite the Intimidate so I just Crush Claw again :woop:

    I pick up a hidden Revive. I catch a Lombre, Seviper & Swablu for the Dex.
    I harvest some berries and some dude gives me a Nanab Berry. I find an invisible Carbos.

    Teammates Tyra & Ivy. Roselia & Azumarill. Crush Claw sends Azumarill into yellow HP and Extrasensory faints Roselia. Azumarill Aqua Tails Loudred. A Crush Claw to finish it off.
    Poke Maniac Steve. Aron. I switch to Skitty and Aron Roars.... this shtick again huh? -.-
    I just send Skitty back in as Aron Protects. Protect again. Wake-Up Slap sends Aron into Sturdy and it Iron Heads. It Protects again. Tackle to finish it off.

    I head inside the house and receive a Lotad Doll. I talk to Lanette again to move Organize Boxes to the top in the PC. Why don't they just let you do that straight away? so weird.
    I make a quick ride back to the PC in Fallarbor Town to heal up.... and then back again of course.

    Time to head into the mountains =3
    I smash a Cracked Boulder with Rock Smash to pick up a Protein.
    Camper Shane. Minun. Crush Claw. Volbeat. Crush Claw.

    I find a hidden Comet Shard and Rare Bone. I pick up an Energy Powder.
    Kindler Bernie. Slugma. Crush Claw. Wingull. Quick Attack - Crush Claw.
    Hiker Lucas. Geodude. Night Slash - Rock Throw. Night Slash. Another Geodude. Night Slash - Smack Down. Night Slash.
    Hiker Lenny. Machop. Crush Claw.

    I enter Meteor Falls. I pick up a Full Heal and I catch a Lunatone. Seems I actually have the right version for them. Gonna need to farm them for a Moon Stone in a bit then. Let's deal with Team Aqua first though.

    Aqua Admin Shelly and Team Aqua Grunt. Grimer & Mightyena. Crush Claw crits and faints Grimer. Mightyena Snarls and May's Slugma uses Incinerate. Crush Claw faints the Mightyena. Carvanha comes in. It Aqua Jets May's Slugma gone. Crush Claw faints it.

    After the cutscene I get forced back to Fallarbor Town... well I was nearly out of Crush Claw PP anyway.
    I get a Smack Down TM. May offers me a free trip back to Mauville. I pass. Need to explore Meteor Falls a bit more.

    I head back to Meteor Falls.
    Upon arrival I first pet Zangoose and Swellow a bit and feed them... whatever those things are called. Swellow gets up to the 2nd heart at last. Zangoose still has a way to go. I then have Skitty hold the Soothe Bell as I'll wanna max it's affection/happiness for Return later on. I give the Silk Scarf to Swellow for now.

    First to search the remaining area of the cave that I can currently access. I pick up the Moon Stone.
    I teach Thief to Swellow and have it forget Growl and move it's item over to Loudred and then start Dexnavving Lunatone.
    One shows up holding a Moon Stone at search level 7... lucky =O

    I exit the cave and explore the new area of Route 115.
    Battle Girl Cyndy. Meditite. Night Slash - Mind Reader. Night Slash.
    I find a hidden Heart Scale. I pick up a Great Ball and harvest some berries.

    Black Belt Nob. Machop. Crush Claw.
    Collector Hector. Zangoose. That's what you're bragging about? My Shredder whoops it's butt with a Crush Claw. My Zangoose is better :sneaky:

    I head to Verdanturf through Rusturf Tunnel and then Mauville. I heal up at the PC and head North to the cable car. I pick up a Guard Spec and head inside. I take the cable car to the top =3
    I talk to the hiker and go outside. I find a Zinc behind the building.

    I explore around and head for the first Team Aqua Grunt that I have to fight.
    Team Aqua Grunt. Poochyena. Crush Claw. Grimer. Crush Claw.
    I turn the Exp. Share back on after the battle and then go pick up the Incinerate TM.

    Aqua Admin Shelly. Grimer. Crush Claw. Carvanha. Crush Claw.
    Aqua Leader Archie. Mightyena. Crush Claw - Assurance. That's gotta be like 1 HP that it lived on.... Night Slash faints it. I switch to Skitty as Sharpedo comes in. Screech - Wake-Up Slap. Golbat. Confuse Ray - Attract. Immobilized - hit itself in confusion.... lol.
    Wing Attack - Tackle. A little under half? Between that and the Defense drop from Sharpedo... I switch to Zangoose. Air Cutter. Crush Claw crits and faints it.
    I decline teaching Skitty Assist.

    I get the Meteorite back and Archie wanders off. I try to enter the cable car building to reset the area for the trainers and the old lady next to it heals my party. Convenient, but she's not letting me enter -.-
    I step into Jagged Pass and go back. I pick up a hidden Protein. No other people though... do you need to beat Flannery first?
    Oh well. I enter Jagged Pass and save and quit.

    ---Session 18---

    I find a hidden Full Heal.
    Hiker Eric. Graveler. Night Slash - Bulldoze. Night Slash - Rock Throw. Despite the first Night Slash sending it into Yellow it somehow lives the second one... oh well, one more Night Slash then.

    I pick up a Full Heal.
    Fairy Tale Girl Nellie. Skitty. Crush Claw. Jigglypuff - Crush Claw. :sadwick:
    I catch a Spoink for the Dex.

    Picknicker Diana. Gloom. Crush Claw. Swablu. Crush Claw.
    I exit Jagged Pass and ignore going to Lavaridge. I go to the right instead.
    I pick up a Nugget and talk to the Kindler. I then ride my Bike back to Mauville and get an Ether from the Rock Smash rock along the way.

    I heal at the PC and swap my bike at Rydell's. I then head back to Jagged Pass.
    I use the Acro Bike to access a Super Repel and a Flame Charge TM.
    Expert Shelby. Meditite. Night Slash. Hariyama. Crush Claw. It lives in red HP and gets it's Defense dropped. It whirlwinds Swellow in. Aerial Ace.

    I pick up a hidden Great Ball.
    Camper Ethan. Gulpin. Crush Claw.
    I pick up a Max Ether. I use the Acro Bike to reach an X Defense and a Rock Polish TM I could've grabbed with the Mach Bike too.
    I think that's everything here.

    I enter Lavaridge and tell a Black Belt that I understand him. I then tell him I don't and get a Swords Dance TM. Zangoose already learns that via level up, but I guess I'll see who can learn it before the gym.
    I enter the Mart. I buy 20 Super Repels. I enter the PC and pass on buying MooMoo Milk.
    I find a hidden Ice Heal at the hot spring. I heal up.

    I accept the egg from the old lady. Still got an empty spot. Might as well just hatch it.
    I receive a Charcoal from a geezer in the herbal medicine shop.

    Time to enter the gym. I talk to the gym dude and put Skitty in the lead for a bit.
    Kindler Cole. Numel. Tackle - Amnesia. Tackle. Slugma. Tackle - Ancient Power. Tackle. Flame Body burns Skitty, but the fight is over anyway.

    I heal Skitty's burn and search for my next target.
    Ninja Boy Hiromichi. Koffing. Tackle - Flamethrower. Wake-Up Slap - Clear Smog. Tackle. Skitty really needs a better normal type attack lol
    Kindler Axle. Slugma. Wake-Up Slap - Incinerate. Tackle. Skitty needs to be healed now so I switch Loudred to the lead.

    Battle Girl Sadie. Meditite. Calm Mind - Extrasensory. Fire Punch - Echoed Voice.
    Ninja Boy Shoji. Koffing. Extrasensory.
    Ace Trainer Zane. Slugma. Echoed Voice - Overheat. Echoed Voice. Kecleon.... what are you doing with that ? =O
    It lives Echoed Voice just barely and Loudred barely lives it Slash. Echoed Voice faints it.

    I put Swellow into the lead next.
    Kindler Andy. Numel. Aerial Ace.
    I arrive at Flannery so I leave the gym to go heal up my party =3

    Back to the gym to do the 'puzzle' again. I zip back to Flannery and watch her be all awkward and nervous.

    Gym Leader Flannery. Slugma. Focus Energy - Sunny Day. Aerial Ace faints it, but Swellow gets burned by Flame Body. Unfortunate.
    Torkoal comes in and I switch to Loudred. Uproar faints it in 1 hit. Numel comes in and Uproar faints it.

    She gives me the Heat Badge and an Overheat TM. Too much of a 1 hit wonder, probably not teaching it to anyone.
    I leave the Gym and May shows up to give me the Go-Goggles. She offers me a fast backtrack to Petalburg again.

    I look up Jigglypuff's levels... level 18-20. But they can be boosted by the PokeRadar so that's more of a minimum. Should be able to do the Desert area without costing Jigglypuff the exp it might need to catch up, given the water routes I can go to after beating Norman.
    I decline the backtrack and go to Mauville to switch bikes again. I also heal up at the PC. Then it's back to Route 112 for the Desert.
    The Rock Smash rock gives me a Star Piece along the way. I put Skitty back in the lead.

    Camper Drew. Graveler. Wake-Up Slap - Bulldoze. Smack Down - Wake-Up Slap.
    I catch a Baltoy for the Dex. I find a hidden PP Up and Protein.
    I catch a Cacnea and Trapinch for the Dex.
    Skitty wants to learn Covet. An upgrade for Tackle so I forget Tackle to learn it.

    Picknicker Becky. Cacnea. Covet misses and it uses Ingrain... Sand veil, I guess...? Covet - Payback. It barely lived so... Covet.
    I find a hidden Stardust and I find the Sandstorm TM.
    Ruin Maniac Dusty. Baltoy. Feint Attack. Sandslash. Crush Claw triggers Cute Charm and I click Covet. About 1/3rd ? Sandslash is immobilized and I use Wake-Up Slap. Immobilized again - Covet and it barely lives. It uses Dig and I use a Super Potion. Sandslash gets immobilized again... guess I didn't need to heal then... Crush Claw misses - Covet.

    I talk to a Bug Maniac for some Safety Goggles. I find a hidden Rare Candy and Revive.
    Picknicker Heidi. Sandslash. Covet - Fury Swipes. Covet - Fury Cutter. Covet misses - Rock Tomb. Covet.
    I grab the nearby Claw Fossil.

    Camper Cliff. Skitty is low health so I switch to Loudred. Fury Swipes. Uproar.
    I use the Mach Bike to go up the nearby sandy slope.
    Black Belt Daisuke. Machoke. I switch to Swellow. Vital Throw. Aerial Ace.
    I talk to the Hex Maniac... just a comment on Mach Bikes. Seems to be it here.

    I head North to heal up at the old lady's place. I go back into Fiery Path for the Strength boulder and come across Aarune again. He gives me the Nature Power TM. I teach my HM Vigoroth Strength and start shoving the boulder.
    I find a TM for Toxic along the path and a Fire Stone all the way at the end.
    I leave the cave again and go back up to Mount Chimney. I check for people again... nope.... were the trainers at the top just an RSE thing then? :unsure:

    I run back to Lavaridge and talk to May and travel back to Petalburg with her. I switch Swellow into the lead as it's lagging behind the rest a bit. I go pat and feed Zangoose to see if I can get it up a heart. I manage to and now all 4 party members are at 2 hearts.

    I enter the Gym and talk to the gym dude. I enter the Speed Room.
    Ace Trainer Randall. Delcatty. X Speed - Aerial Ace. It somehow lives on 1 HP ? Quick Attack finishes it. :sadwick:
    I enter the Zero Reduction Room.
    Ace Trainer Parker. Linoone. Guard Spec. - Aerial Ace. Quick Attack.
    I enter the Strength Room.
    Ace Trainer Jody. Zangoose. X Attack - Aerial Ace. Quick Attack.

    I run back and enter the Defense Room. I switch Loudred into the lead.
    Ace Trainer Lori. Linoone. X Defense - Uproar.
    I enter the One hit KO Room. I switch Swellow back into the lead.
    Ace Trainer Berke. Zangoose. Dire Hit - Aerial Ace. Quick Attack.
    I teach Skitty Heal Bell over Attract. Not sure I'm keeping that.

    I run back again and enter the Accuracy Room.
    Ace Trainer Mary. Delcatty. Aerial Ace - X Accuracy. Quick Attack. Making me faint another Delcatty huh :sadwick:
    I enter the Recovery Room.
    Ace Trainer George. Linoone. Aerial Ace - Covet. Quick Attack.
    I leave the gym to go heal at the PC and then run back in.

    Gym Leader Norman. Slaking. Aerial Ace - Yawn. I switch to Zangoose as it loafs around. Crush Claw and I get the Defense Drop as it Yawns again. Norman heals Slaking up and I switch to Skitty. It loafs around and I Wake-Up Slap. Yawn - Wake-Up Slap.
    Vigoroth comes in and I switch to Zangoose again. Yawn is annoying lol
    Crush Claw faints it. I pass on teaching Zangoose Detect. 2nd Slaking comes in. Crush Claw - Chip Away. Crush Claw - loafing around. Crush Claw.

    I get the Balance Badge and a Retaliate TM. Norman escorts me out of the Gym. Wally shows up. His father gives me the Surf HM.
    Wally drags me off all the way to Mauville. You jerk, now I need to backtrack further! At least May asks if you want to...
    I've got different plans. Route 118 can wait.

    I kinda wanna teach Skitty Retaliate, but it's only got 5 PP... I'll pass.
    I heal up at the PC and shove the egg into a box so I can grab Mudkip and teach it Surf.
    I head to Rustboro via Rusturf Tunnel and go North. I save on the beach of Route 115.