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[Other Question] Issues starting game created in Pokémon Essentials

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    • Seen Apr 11, 2024
    I am making a Pokémon fan game and I am having issues playtesting. When I select "New Game" then it shows me a section of a map(basically trees and darkness). I am wondering how I can fix this to show the proper starter sequence. Any suggestions will help.
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    A bit late, but my guess is that you set the "Player Start Position" in a map that is not the "Intro" room. To fix this, go to the intro room where the start sequence is supposed to occur. Right click anywhere in the event layer. Select "Player Start Position." It should put a box with an S in it within the room.

    It should look something like this, where the boxed S denotes the player start position.
    Issues starting game created in Pokémon Essentials