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[ASM & Hex] Need Help Animation Pokeball

  • Age 30
  • Seen Apr 22, 2024
Hello a few days ago I tried to change the design of my pokeballs for the one used in CFRU (I don't use CFRU since I have advanced my hack rom), well the case is that I look for the table, change everything and it looks like this:


Now there are certain pokeballs that don't have this problem like this:


Since it allows to have 3 image frames while the others do not and they go to an image that is after the table:



What I want is that they do not go to that animation as they do in "radical red"


Investigando me encontre con que hay una rutina aqui en:

Investigating I found that there is a routine here in:

4BEF4 which is in charge of the animations, when I went to its location I found a routine that calls the tables, I make the corresponding changes and it does not work, does anyone know what my error is?


4BEF4: 00 49 08 47 XX+1 XX XX 08

70 B5 0A 4D C4 00 2D 19 09 4B E8 88 00 F0 EE F9 08 4B 98 42 08 D1 08 4B 28 00 00 F0 E7 F9 07 48 07 4B 20 18 00 F0 E2 F9 70 BD C0 46 6C 05 26 08 05 88 00 08 FF FF 00 00 35 F0 00 08 CC 05 26 08 79 F0 00 08