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[Freelancer] Open to Create Fakemon/Pokemon(s), story ideas and so forth...

  • Age 31
  • Seen Sep 26, 2021
Hello there folks, I'm Slaynoir. I'm 29 and live in the USA. I've been wanting to make my own game for awhile now, but I think if I helped some others out maybe I'll get a better idea of how a game is built/etc. So I'm looking for help and to give help in exchange. As I'm pretty unsure of any kind of techy stuff, I'm not confident that I'll be useful there. Though I am a fast learner! So if someone felt like helping me, I can try it ;D

Anyways, feel free to pm me here or at [email protected] for further information in regards to anything you may have of interest.

Oh, and it'd help if I show you some examples hmm? I do both digital and traditional artwork, so here are a mix of both. Hope I can be of use to you!


These are three major pokemon in my story of Pokemon Unchained. I can do this kind of style for your sprites. I think it's pokemon-ish?


Just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for. :)


Example of my hand drawn art.


Here's the extent of my hand at detail and so forth.

If you're interested at all, lemme know! :D
The one fakemon sounds like your saying Ovarian. I cant draw for the life of me, but I do pokemon names, dex entry, dex descriptions, n naming some signature moves.
I have this one fakemon which is ghost/fighting, and has the ability Phantasma which is basically turns Normal moves into Ghost type n has 10% chance to flinch the opponent.
I can do all the writing, and I have about 60 written out and with your art skills I think we can collaborate pretty well. I can also help with the storyline. Have the starters been announced yet???
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