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Pokémon Epitaph


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Engine: Pokémon Essentials
print (2).png

Welcome to Pokémon Epitaph! This brand new Gen 4-style Pokémon Essentials Fangame has you explore a Scandinavia-Inspired Region known as the Arvunn Region, which is known for its deeply rooted culture and connection to nature among both people and Pokémon.

This game is currently in Early Development, but we plan to have a cast of 120 new Fakemon, a host of which are new Regional Forms, and an expansion on Exploration Mechanics such as Diving and Hidden Grottos, and a new battle mechanic in the form of Rune Forms.

Dev Team
Lead Developer » WispyShrooms

Lead Artist » Bird Morpher Games (Fakemon)
Artist » Wispshrooms (Advertising, Logos, Fakemon Concepts)
Artist » Miss. Fortune (Assisting)
Artist » frogology

Composer » Emnity

Pixel Artists
Spriter » WispyShrooms(Fakemon)


Mapper » WispyShrooms

Team Building
Balancer » Energyzd

Pokémon Epitaph's story is one of Traditions vs Advancement as you find yourself trying to find an identity within a constantly evolving world where You, your Sibling, and your Best Friend get accepted into the League Program as the day your journey begins your long time family friend, Professor Fir, arrives at the dock within your small home town known as Berkana Town with a gift:


The gift of three starter Pokémon! The Water Snake Pokémon Vansaic, The Fire Pup Pokémon Inferdur, and the Grass Pony Pokémon Ponush.
With this gift her only request is for you to assist her research in the Pokedex and strongly encourages you to follow the Path of Champions to claim the 8 gym badges and face the Region's Undefeated Champion, Baldur.
Yet, beyond your small town you'll find there are a lot more challenges awaiting you as an ancient, forgotten prophecy begins to come true. Do you have what it takes to pick up this vast region's forgotten Epitaph?

The Evil Team of the Game, Team Berserker.

Berserk logo.png

Team Berserk is inspired by the Vikings and is an organization known for its brutal methods in battle as they collect powerful Pokémon for some unknown goal, though there have been some theories. Some people believe they want to take over the region, while others believe it is something much bigger. What is known is the Pokémon they use tend to be as wild as the people in the team themselves with some even blaming Team Berserk for a recent phenomenon known as Rune Pokémon. These energy-infused Pokémon tend to be far more powerful than the average Pokémon, yet also are much more untamed making them especially dangerous.

The Aesir Foundation

Aesir Foundation logo.png

Throughout your journey you'll encounter The Aesir Foundation, a newly-formed organization with the goal of gathering powering trainers to assist in quelling these Rune-Infused Pokémon and investigating the strange ruins within the region. They believe a possible connection to this new phenomena is in the form of wormholes opening in certain spots within the region to a new dimension known as the Astral Realm.
This strange Ultra Space-inspired land is almost a parrel to the region is meant to act as an "open world" esq section akin to the Wild Area or Safari Zone from the base Pokémon Games. This almost secondary region is even host to its own native Pokémon in addition to Ultra Beasts making a return and the addition of some new ones.



Now, what do we need?

Concept Artists (Trainer or Fakemon)

Coders (Eventing and Mechanics)

Music Composer(Preferably for the Gen 4-style of music)

Pixel Artists (Fakemon/Trainer Sprites)

UI Designers

Writers (Dialogue and Story)

Balancers(For Dex, Teams, and encounters)

We hope to see you soon!

Please Contact wispyshrooms if you are interested or join the Discord to follow progress or contact us there!


Some Extra Things To Showcase!


Fakemon showcase.png
Additional Credit for Tilesets​

Spoiler: Tileset Credit

Spoiler: Additional Credits


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i sent frienship request in discord since i would like to helping in testing ideas and concepts