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[Theory] Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.

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    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.

    I had this idea in the shower so it's gotta be a good one. Anyway here are the teams and strategies I've cooked up.

    *I'm gonna be assuming the apocalypse consists of speedy, fast-running zombies that can easily surround you but can't really swim*

    Water Transport/ Bell dinging, mobile water cooler
    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.
    What's the purpose?
    Well, it's pretty clear given its characterization as the "Transport Pokemon", but it's mainly gonna be used for traversing bodies of water. But if I just needed a Pokemon that could swim I could've used just about any water type. Lapras is a caring and intelligent Pokemon and it's in its nature to help people ride it for long instances of time, which is what makes it better than most other surfers. Additionally, it can use Sing for general quality of life as I'd imagine it'd be pretty hard to rest your head with the threat of zombies looming over your head constantly. Heal bell could combo with Sing to speed up the recovery of any sicknesses or injuries when you're asleep. Sparkling Aria from its name alone makes me think it is pure, basically distilled water, which should prolly be safe to drink. And Blizzard is a quick and easy solution to deal with any threats that show up when you're out and about across the sea.

    Air Transport/ Nanner' printing machine
    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.
    What's the purpose?
    It's got wings, four of em, and it's gonna use em to fly. Aside from that, using its Harvest ability and Sunny day it's gonna be printing nanners for days. Seed Bomb can be used to bombard zombies from above or maybe even other airborne Pokemon. And last off, since its wings seem rather leafy and thin, I gave it Synthesis so it can heal up if it scrapes one up or something.

    Land Transport/ Lightning-fast Campfire Kindler
    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.
    What's the purpose?
    It's basically just a get-away vehicle when things are looking dicey. Flame Charge can be used to kick up a gear or two, and Flare Blitz can be used to mow through hoards of zombies. Agility *really* takes things up a notch and High Horsepower is for when you just wanna hit something with exactly 1 horsepower.

    Living battle suit/ Pregnant woman zombie movie trope
    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.
    What's the purpose?
    It's a bit of an odd pick, Kangaskhan. I was looking for Pokemon that could cleave past large numbers of zombies at once, I thought it would be ideal if I, myself, could be completely protected from attacks while also dishing out mean hits. That's where Kangaskhan comes in. A trainer can easily fit inside its pouch while this thing wallops things with large AoE moves like Earthquake and Aqua tail. Wish can help it recover its strength for long battles of attrition and Giga Impact is there for good measure.

    *I know Giga Impact has a rest period, but in the anime, they never really show it happen so I'm gonna ignore it too*

    Scout/ Flashy boi
    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.
    What's the purpose?
    I wanted to have at least one Pokemon with super good observational abilities. I was stuck between Noivern's echolocation, Slurpuff's amazing nose, and Orbeetle's telepathic radar. But I decided to pick Watchog anyway because although its recon potential is much lower than something like Orbeetle, observation is in Watchog's nature and it's able to keep a strict, unrelenting eye on everything for long periods of time. That kind of stamina can't be topped by any of the other options in my opinion. Additionally, it can use Flash to distract some zombie's attention. Lastly, since Super Fang deals true, unresisted damage to even steel types, I thought it could be a nice discrete way to crack open padlocks or door locks.

    Doctor/ Medic! Medic!
    Pokemon in a zombie apocalypse.
    What's the purpose?
    Last but probably the most important member of the team, Audino. There's not much to say, it just heals with Heal Bell and Life Dew. I'm guessing healing moves might be able to heal infections? But if that were the case the apocalypse would've never really been a threat. Alternatively, I could use Heal Pulse instead, but Life Dew sounded cooler. Loud and bright moves sound counter-intuitive in an apocalypse where one would try to stay discrete, but I felt it would be nice to have a Pokemon that could be super loud or super bright to draw in attention.

    So that was all I came up with after racking my brain. I would love to hear your thoughts. Until the next post!


    The Legend Awakened
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    f this

    me and my Rayquaza migrate to a different planet while deeming this one a lost cause, I give Rayquaza the order to nuke Earth

    sorry guys
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    • Seen May 23, 2024
    A very nice list! I made the mistake of reading through your entire list before making mine, since you've basically convinced me on 5 of 6 of the Pokémon in your party, beheheh. I'd love to lie on a lapras while it rocks me to sleep and sings. I'd love a flying source of fruit that I could feel safe standing on even in the air, since it doesn't fly very erratically. Lapras, Tropius, and Kangaskhan are all very long-lived Pokémon, and would likely keep you perfectly safe with the medical help from Audino until the end of your days! I You have options to safely traverse land, considering I don't think a zombie could grab you through all of that fire. I wouldn't use Watchog as a lookout, though, if I had the choice—Audino has excellent hearing already, I'd assume you'll always sleep with Lapras in the ocean anyway, so there's no need for an overnight watch.

    I'm going to be making my list without using any Pokémon you already mentioned, just because your choices were so good and I don't wanna copy. :D

    (I almost went on a huge tangent instead, where I'd pretended I had to start with nothing but six Pokéballs. Almost!)

    For fun, let's assume that zombie humans, since they'll really mostly just be scratching and punching, basically count as normal type attackers, plus dark type when they bite, with essentially an Ability that has a chance to infect you if you're hit by one of their attacks (especially bite!). Additionally, the zombie virus can potentially spread to any organic Pokémon, in addition to humans, with a single bite (just to make it more fun >:D). I doubt humans are considered very high level, even if they're trained fighters—so zombies aren't exactly PvP viable. So in addition to having to defend myself from zombies, I'll have to defend from the likes of infected (or just hostile) level 100 Nidokings, Charizards, Gyaradoses, Salamences, etc., as well. Just to make it a bit more difficult! I'm not allowed to give the same item to Multiple Pokémon, either.


    1. Honchkrow Lookout / Support / MINIONS, TO ME!
    Ability: Insomnia (Moxie)
    Item: Leftovers
    Double Team

    Fly gets STAB and Honchkrow is a physical attacker. Enables it to stay in the air to not take damage while the team isn't healing.
    Tailwind is simply a support move to make the rest of the team act more quickly, since Honchkrow doesn't have many attacking moves that afflict wide areas of targets; I'd rather he be a support Pokémon.
    Double Team to waste the zombies' time trying to hit the shadow clones, giving us time to run.
    Whirlwind won't do damage, but it will toss multiple zombies into the air to glide them far, far away, ensuring they're never able to get close enough to bite.
    Honchkrow's ability means he doesn't ever have to sleep, and can keep watch to alert us of danger. His hidden ability raises his attack every time he defeats a target, meaning he can pick off zombies one by one safely from the sky after he's used all of its supporting moves, if he has to. Honchkrow is essentially a crime lord and comes with a free flock of murkrow that will obey his commands, giving us additional lookouts while Honchkrow returns to the surface to rest his wings. A Honchkrow's Murkrow-summoning cry is loud enough to wake me up instantly, and has the added benefit of summoning any nearby murkrow in a large area to assist, which will not only be nearly unhittable targets to distract the zombies from us, but will also be instructed to spam Air Cutter to slice down huge numbers of zombies at once.
    Item is Leftovers because Leftovers are OP. Presumably, Honchkrow will often be out of range of enemy attacks, which also means out of range of healing moves. Leftovers combined with Fly will help heal to mitigate the damage Honchkrow inevitably will take if he needs to assist on the ground.
    Against zombie Pokémon, however, Honchkrow could probably not hold his own. Instead he'll mainly be spamming Tailwind once to boost the team, then two Whirlwinds to delay any melee attackers, then Tailwind again.


    2. Blissey Food Supply / Drood Healz / Pally Tankz / STAB Machine
    Ability: Natural Cure (Healer)
    Item: Rocky Helmet
    Life Dew
    Helping Hand
    Hyper Beam (was Last Resort)

    Life Dew healz all da Pokéz 25%.
    Soft-Boiled healz self 50%, 'cause blissey can't really escape all that quickly and is grounded, but it's an insane tank with this move.
    Helping Hand increases the damage of her target's move to 1.5 times its original damage. Now that's a lotta damage.
    Last Resort is an insane Same-Type Attack Bonus move (1.5 times damage for moves of same type due to STAB) with 140 base power whose only requirement is that it has used every other move at least once—that's what I chose before I realized Last Resort was physical damage. Instead, Hyper Beam will do. She will keep us alive for three turns and then annihilate. Mostly a move for when there's a huge Pokémon that's been converted, rather than for swarms of human zombies.
    Blissey's ability Natural Cure effectively (hopefully?) means it's immune to the virus, so long as I can return her to her pokéball before the infection starts to take effect. Blissey's hidden ability Healer (again, hopefully?) effectively means we're ALL immune to the virus just by standing next to her for long enough. She is able to single-handedly be the tank and the healer, and can still manage to dish out insane single-target damage. Blissey already carries the entire team at this point, but that's not all! Blissey frequently lays eggs (the same ones it uses in Soft-Boiled to heal), which are not only edible for humans, but DELICIOUS, incredibly nutritious, and it supernaturally enhances your mood (at least, according to the Pokédex). She will work her heart out to ensure we're all safe, comfortable, and healthy. I gave Blissey the Rocky Helmet to deal small amounts of damage to everything that comes in contact with her she can just sit there and heal, and she'll still slowly kill all the swarming zombies. Stylistically, though, instead of an actual Rocky Helmet, I imagine full spiky plate mail armor that's painted black.


    3. Alakazam Destroyer of All Things / Foreteller of All Things / Computer of All Things
    Ability: Inner Focus (Magic Guard)
    Item: Life Orb
    Focus Blast
    Dazzling Gleam
    Calm Mind

    Assuming humans are normal type, which I'm almost certain they are, Shadow Ball wouldn't do anything to them. Whether zombies are normal or dark, or some other nonexistent type, I chose Focus Blast instead, since it would likely just make them explode instantly. Focus Blast has an accuracy of only 70%, but you don't need to aim very much if there's a swarm of zombies. Psychic is just there for single-target STAB against other Pokémon. Dazzling Gleam affects all adjacent enemies, but not allies, meaning Alakazam can stay close to the team, benefit from healing moves, and blast zombies away with light without being a nuisance. He doesn't even have to worry about hitting any of the swarming murkrows!
    Inner Focus prevents Alakazam from flinching, which would be a common occurrence if zombies are constantly using the supereffective bite against him. His hidden ability Magic Guard prevents all indirect damage, which is why I've given him the Life Orb. Life Orb would normally inflict damage to Alakazam every turn in exchange for the power boost it gives, but nope! Insanely high speed, insanely high special attack, STAB, AoE, and the 1.3 times damage boost from life orb all without penalty. He also completely ignores damage from poison, burns, weather, constriction (which a zombie could reasonably attempt), recoil, or lasting effects like fire spin or whirlpool. (He doesn't ignore damage from confusion or Struggle, though.) Only problem might be Alakazam's low defense, since all of the zombies' moves are physical. Though I don't really trust the Pokédex, it says that Alakazam not only outspeeds supercomputers in computing power, but also sees the future of anything it looks at. If that were true, any Alakazam could probably cure the virus itself if it had access to a lab. If, according to the Pokédex, Alakazam literally remembers everything, then it could remember the moves it knew when it used to be Abra, surely: it can just re-learn teleport on the spot at any time. Plus, his spoons have the added benefit of increasing the taste of whatever's being eaten with them, which when Blissey's egg is the food, creates a dangerous lasting addiction.


    4. Smeargle Esteemed Baroque Painter / Trusted Colleague / Illusionist
    Ability: Own Tempo (Moody)
    Item: Safety Goggles
    Life Dew (via Sketch, Blissey)
    Whirlwind (via Sketch, Honchkrow)
    Dazzling Gleam (via Sketch, Alakazam)
    Transform (via Sketch, a wild Ditto)

    Yeah. Smeargle is essentially all of the best parts of each previous Team Member combined. Plus Transform. Why Transform? Well, if Transform requires you to see the thing you're transforming into... and if Alakazam can telepathically show you creatures from its infinite picture-perfect memory bank... Oh Yeah. It's big brain time.
    Own Tempo makes it immune to confusion and intimidate. Swarmed by zombies? Smeargle doesn't care. Not scared in the slightest. The only thing Smeargle could improve on is her stats. I doubt EV training is going to be readily available in apocalyptic times. Moody sorta solves that, giving a sharp increase (+2) to a random stat every turn at the cost of a decrease (-1) to a different random stat. So Smeargle can just wait, spam heal with Life Dew alongside Blissey, Whirlwind away zombies with a whisk of her tailbrush with Honchkrow, and decimate zombies with Alakazam (while standing near Blissey so as to be unaffected by disease), and then randomly just say, "Nah, I'm bored of this. Alakazam, what's Mewtwo look like again?" And all of the sudden, (though the stat benefits from Moody go away), the zombies are the ones running for their lives as Smeargletwo starts tossing them around. Oh, and the Safety Goggles are just sunglasses, since she is the coolest member on the team. Safety Goggles protect against damage from weather as well as status effects from spore/powder moves (so if the virus ends up being fungal and airborne, that, too).


    5. Golurk Silent Protector / What, you thought Honchkrow was gonna carry me everywhere? / ICBM
    Ability: Iron Fist (No Guard)
    Item: Choice Band
    Dynamic Punch
    Phantom Force

    I was going to say this team was getting a little OP, but then I imagined zombie Cynthia and zombie Garchomp attacking me, so I had to add this Golurk. Its ability Iron Fist (it was either that or Klutz...) gives a 1.2 times boost to "punch" moves, so I was basically forced to give it dynamic punch since its other ability (No Guard) means it is literally impossible to miss. Dynamic punch has a base power of 120 and a base accuracy of 50%, so... Yeah, that helps. But I doubt I'd be using it, since for a ton of zombies, Golurk would probably just be locked into Earthquake by Choice Band until the combat ends—Choice Band increases its already insane attack to be times 1.5 of what it was + STAB damage for an additional times 1.5 + a base power of 100. Only problem is that Golurk has to be far from the team when it uses this move, as it affects all enemies adjacent to it. It can pick people up with one hand in the anime (though I'd feel safer if it used both when carrying me) and the Pokédex claims it can fly at mach speeds. Since fighting for our lives against zombies doesn't have a lot of battle rules, I guess it could just... drop the Choice Band at any time it wanted and unlock itself, right? If not, maybe Alakazam could grab it telekinetically. I could imagine luring a ton of zombies into one spot and watching Golurk fly straight down into them at mach 2, using Earthquake as it hit the ground like a bunker buster—only imagine, though. I don't imagine that'd be good for Golurk's health.


    6. Mawile Cuddle Buddy
    Ability: Intimidate (Sheer Force)
    Sweet Scent
    Play Rough

    Though her Intimidate lowers attack, I doubt zombies would be affected by it. Sheer Force adds 30% damage to moves that have additional effects, but ignores the additional effects. This affects Play Rough, giving it more damage instead of a 10% chance to reduce attack. Sweet Scent is just to get rid of the zombie smell after having survived an attack, but it could be additionally useful if a zombie Pokémon spammed a move like Double Team or Minimize. Her second mouth could be useful to eat the wall of an abandoned PokéMart to salvage supplies.

    Was tempted to include Wobuffett to be an unkillable tank, but figured Blissey would already be the tank, so I chose Mawile instead for increased quality of life :3
    On THAT note, know of any other places to talk about Theory ideas? Thought I was just here early, but then I realized this was posted a few months ago and has still only got one reply. G'day!

    Honorable mentions: Rotom for infinite battery life; Chandelure for infinite warmth and to burn zombie corpses to make sure they don't get back up again

    TL;DR: Honchkrow warns | Blissey heals | Alakazam Sp. Atk. | Smeargle B) | Golurk Ph. Atk. | Mawile :3
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    Holy crap.
    I've been dead on this site for a while since I was busy with exams and stuff and I really wasn't expecting such a heartfelt response lol

    I absolutely love your ideas
    This is exactly what I was hoping for, people making scenarios and teams of their own after seeing mine and it's really cool to see people doing exactly that

    Hyper beam blissey is *chefs kiss*