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Gumshoe Satyr
October 14th, 2008, 12:54 PM
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Imagine that you're in a world without pokemon. (I'll get to the pokemon part later.) No pokemon.... No pokemon professors..... No pokemon anime..... No nothing. Noone in your world has even heard of these things.

One night when you and several of your friends are heading home from a concert, you see a light in a laboratory that's been abandoned from before you can remember. You shrug it off at first, thinking that it's just some kids exploring it. Suddenly, there's a bright flash of light and a roar like thunder, but there isn't a cloud in the sky.

"What was that?" you ask your friend, but they're are just as confused and curious as you are. After hesitating for several seconds, you beckon to your friends and say, "Let's check it out!"

Reaching for the doorknob, you find the front door to be unlocked and open it, tiptoeing silently down the hallway. The light at the end of the hallway is getting close now, and the light is growing brighter. Almost to it, you turn around and motion your friends to stay close and keep quiet. Slowly, you poke your head around the doorway....

In the brightly lit room, you see computer monitors and pieces of equipment that you don't recognize. Along the walls are rows of cages with strange animals that you've never seen before. Your eyes lingering on a fox-like creature, you notice it smile at you a bit. A tall, thin figure in a lab coat is standing with his back to the door looking at a rainbow-colored wall of shimmering light. You gasp when you see it. It's the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. Your friends start muttering behind you, wanting to see for themselves what's happening, and you shoot them a warning glance to silence them.

Your head whips back around as the scientist-looking man begins to speak, motioning at the wall of light, "This one is so perfect... so stable. I should be able to spend much more time there this time!"

There? What's there? And where is there? you ask yourself.

The man stalks over toward the cages, still not noticing you and your friends. Stopping at the fox-like creature's cage, he gives a power-hungry and almost manical smile. You begin to feel like it wasn't such a good idea to come here.

"With these creatures from that other world, I'll soon control both worlds! Noone will ever call me crazy again!" The animals cower in their cages, making you feel sorry for them.

"Come on," you whisper to you friends, turning your back on the mad scientist. "Let's get out of here. This is over our heads." Your friends nod in agreement and start to back away but suddenly stop, their eyes growing large in fear. Turning back around, you jump back a little when you see that the tall man is right behind, smiling sinisterly.

"Interested in my experiments, eh kids? Well, I've got one that I know you're going to love. Any volunteers?" Before you can answer, blue gas pours from a gun-like device in his hands, making you feel dizzy. One by one you and your friends collapse, unconscious.....

When you wake up, everything is different. The laboratory is gone, replaced by a dense forest. Strange creatures are all around you but none seem surprised by your presence. Even your body feels strange. Looking down, you are horrified when you see that your clothes are gone and thick fur is in its place. Running to a nearby pool of water you realize the truth. You are one of those animals that the scientists kept in the row of cages. What has happened!?

Your Mission: Your mission is to stop the scientist from over both the Pokemon world and your world and finding a way to reverse the process that put your minds in the bodies of Pokemon, while avoiding dangers like Pokemon trainers, evil organizations (Team Rocket, Team Magma), grumpy wild Pokemon, etc. Sound simple, right? I thought so.

The Dreaded Rules:

Basic PC and RP rules
Be active. Please post every one or two days. If you know you're going to be gone for a while, PM me.
No, you can't be human or Legendary. There's no way the scientist knows how or even has the capabilities to capture Legendaries yet.
No godmodding, bunnying, powerplaying.... I think you got the idea.
If you're going to gone for a while, I will allow someone to bunny your character to a limit.
Only pre-evolved pokemon at lvl five. No pokemon that don't evolve. They're too powerful to be captured by someone who knows little about pokemon (the scientist if you didn't understand who I was talking about) so sorry Absol fans. Maybe next time.
Since I'm choosing a popular choice as my pokemon (Eevee) I'll allow one other person to be an Eevee (Maybe we can be siblings or something. I don't know), but it's first come first serve so no slacking and then whining about it. Other than that only one character per pokemon species.
I've decided to allow SUs to now be posted here and that the OOC will be for comments, suggestions, etc. Also after you post your SU, stick to it! That's what there're for.
Mild violence and romance. No tearing each other apart or anything. Kids do read these things, you know.
Please be realistic. Don't jump off a twenty-story building and land safely on your feet. Also please try to stick to the plot.
You will start out at lvl 5 and will learn new moves as you go along. TMs/HMs and Tutor moves can be learned, but you can't "accidentally" stumble across the move. You have to show through your posts the process of learning the particular move. Look the OOC thread for more details. PM me before you evolve or learn any new moves.
I reserve the right to deny any SUs and change these rules if they need it.
Have fun!!!

The Sign-up Sheet

Name: (Pretty obvious)
Age: (Around 15-18 but I will accept other ages)
Gender: (Hmm... What could this possibly mean? Oh, and please don't put a male in a female body or vice versa. It's confusing...)
Species: (What pokemon you are now. duh)
Appearance: (Both human and pokemon. Remember, your pokemon appearance isn't affected by your human appearance.)
Personality: (At least a paragraph)
History: (Two paragraph minimum)
Other: (Not needed for acceptance)
Region is decided now so RPers signing up now don't need to add it
Rp Sample: (Very important!)

My sign-up:

Name: Calin Jackson

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Species: Eevee (will probably evolve eventually. haven't really decided on which one yet though)

Appearance: As a pokemon, Calin looks to be only about one year old (in human years not pokemon years) so people who don't know him treat him like a kid. At a little less than 1' tall and 12 lbs, he is slightly smaller than the average Eevee. Other than his cream-colored forefeet and maroon eyes, he pretty much looks like the typical Eevee.

As a human, he's about 5'9" tall and weighs about 160 lbs. His blonde hair is short and slightly spiked, while his eyes are bluish-gray. For clothes, he wears a plain dark red shirt, blue jean, and black sneakers. Around his neck, he wears a necklace with a silver cross.

Personality: Despite not being the oldest in the group, Calin tends to try to step in and take charge whenever he feels a leader is needed. Although he is kind and caring, he speaks his mind and doesn't beat around the bush. Also he likes to be right in the center of whatever's things are going on, rather than just sitting on the sidelines and watching. If he has a problem, he tends to leave his friends out of it and tries to solve it on his own, especially if he feels that they have nothing to do with it or that they might get hurt if they try to help. He can't stand to see anyone hurt or mistreated and will almost always step in and help. He can be somewhat of a hothead at times, but when it's one of his friends that make him angry he tries to show restraint with mixed results.

History: Coming from a family in the upper middle class, Calin always felt pressured by his successful parents. Every word they said seemed to be a challenge or test to help him in life, and his parents are consistently visually disappointed when he doesn't finish in the top ten of whatever he is doing. Nothing he ever did seemed to be good enough to impress them. As a result, he became very independent, not letting anyone help him with any problems and challenges that he has, in an effort to gain so kind of recognition and praise from them. - When he began to gain friends in school, pressure that he felt alleviated slightly as he learned the joys of hanging out with people his own age, but he still struggled with asking others to help him on issues that he had trouble on. Although he was glad to help any of his friends with anything that they needed, he hardly let them help him in return. As the years went by, his parents began to understand the strain that they were putting on him and backed off a bit to give him some room. Little did Calin know that simply going to a concert with his friends would change his life forever.

Other: Because of his young appearance as an Eevee, other pokemon tend to treat him like a kid which he resents and tries to convince them otherwise.

Region: I guess my vote goes to Sinnoh

Rp Sample: Who do you think wrote the plot? XD

Namora as Calin the Evee (me)
ShadowYashi as Bianca the Meowth
Pikataro as Gale the Eevee
Timeless as Kalec the Ponyta
atoms2ashes as Joseph the Duskull
pumpkinziggy as Sandra the Wurmple
Nidoking OriginGiratina as Ava the Togepi
Goulerbot as Maverick the Treecko

October 18th, 2008, 1:39 PM
Name: Bianca Stone [No relation to Steven Stone]

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Meowth

Appearance: Bianca takes the appearance of a standard Meowth. Standing at the height of 1′04″ and weighing 9.3 lbs. With cream-colored fur brown colored paws and tail tip. She has an oval-shaped head, whiskers, no nose, black-and-brown ears and a gold oval coin embedded in her forehead.

While in Human form; Bianca weighs 170lbs and stands exactly 5 feet, she's pretty short for her age and often gets mistaken for someone younger, with a slim build and brown mocha colored skin. Her eyes are brown and her hair is a dark brown bordering on black, which falls to her waist. Her main outfit consist of a red and white cap, a sleeveless button up black shirt with black fur running along the back of her neck, fingerless black gloves that run up to her elbows, a sleeveless red vest and a black skirt and some red and white knee length boots with black buckles.

Personality: Personality wise, Bianca is an all around nice girl, she's very open and trusting and loves making friends, though she's a bit shy at first but once she warms up to people, gone is the shy insecure girl. Bianca also has a tendency to speak what's on her mind and she's a bit slow on the uptake but is always open to most ideas and tries to think with a glass half-full rather than empty. She's also abhors senseless fighting and violence often tries to be a peacemaker and sway others away from their evil path, she can't hold grudges and hates feeling guilty and she will snap at you if you annoy her but all in all she's a great girl with a big heart.

History: Bianca has always lived in her older twin brother Jake's shadow, their parent's always comparing his success to hers and on the outside she tends to not allow what they say get to her, even though countless of times Jake tells her to ignore them and just be herself, which she does but still, deep down it hurts to know that she will never get praise from her parents unless she becomes someone she's not.

To escape from her parent's constant expectations Bianca often hangs out with her friends, the only ones aside from Jake to accept her for her and not someone else, she sometimes act's like a mother hen, constantly fussing over her friends. Always thirsting for adventure and excitement Bianca occasionaly wondered and hoped that one day she could go on a fun life changing adventure, well one-day while out with her friends, she got her wish and it went horribly wrong.

Other: N/A

Region: Sinnoh

Rp Sample: Ugh. Why does my head hurt. Bianca thought as she opened her eyes groggily. What the heck happened, the last thing I remember was finding that lab with weird creatures and a bright light. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts Bianca sat up slowly and bought a paw to clutch her furry head........



Bianca's eyes snaped open as she scanned her surroundings, she was in some unnamed forest. Why am I in a forest and why am I a furry! She glanced at her hand-turned-paw, it was a light tannish brown, ending at the wrist, which then turned cream as she gazed up her arm, she turned and glanced at her other arm, which mirrored her right. Glancing down at her stomach Bianca noticed, that it also way a cream color, along with her feet, which looked just like her arms.

What am I? Bianca wondered as she looked around the forest, looking for a puddle, or something that could be used a makeshift mirror. A flash of blue caught her eyes and she looked ahead, to see a stream, Bianca went to stand on her hind legs, her knees knocked together shakily and Biance took a small step, but she quickly fell flat on her face. Okay, whatever the heck I am, its not a two legged animal. She thought with a slight frown before placing her paws on the ground and testing them as she placed her right front paw forward and then her left, she quickly got the hang of it as she padded towards the stream.

When Bianca made it towards the stream she was shocked speechless, staring back at her was no longer a brown-skinned girl, but a cream colored cat, with big oval shaped slitted amber eyes and a cream tail with a brown tip. "I'm.... I'm a cat!" she yelped leaping back away from her reflection "What the heck happened to me!"

Gumshoe Satyr
October 18th, 2008, 4:52 PM
ShadowYashi: I really like your RP sample, and your character's personality kind of reminds me of a character I have on another thread actually, especially the mother hen part. You're giving everything a great start so, of course, you're Accepted. Remember to put any comments, suggestions, questions, etc. in the OOC thread in the lounge.

October 18th, 2008, 5:44 PM
Name: Gale Hana
Age: 14 (close enough XD)
Gender: Girl
Species: Eevee (you DID say someone else could be Eevee :D)
Appearance: *Human* Gale is about 5'6 at most, an she's average in terms of size. She has long, straight blonder hair and sapphire blue eyes. She likes to wear a white t-shirt, green camo pants, an black slip-ons. She'll also usually wear a white kitty-eared cap with the outfit, and will occasionally add a white kitty tail. And no matter what, Gale always wears her good luck charm, a blue topaz necklace on a silver chain. *Pokemon* She looks like any other regular Eevee. Brown and tan, fox-like with rabbit-like ears, bits of fluff here and there, etc. However, she has a tan marking on her forehead that resembles a diamond (the shape).
Personality: Gale is quiet, shy, and gentle towards other people and Pokemon. She only acts cold towards others when they treat her that way. They usually do, but only because Gale may sometimes smell (will explain in History). Gale usually tends to help others out, even if they don't want her to. And she will even help out those who insult her if she thinks they REALLY need help. Gale is also tactical and likes to plan out strategies before making any moves.
History: The first eight years of Gale's life were a blur. She only remembers being in an orphanage for four years, and then finding herself in the wild. Overtime, she learned to "bond" with nature. She adapted the ability to survive in any climate, any terrain, and adapted the scents of nature (which would explain why she smells most of the time). She still wears actual clothing nonetheless, which is the only non-natural thing she is involved in.

Gale prefers healing others or herself with berries (or using ancient healing methods) rather than using current healing methods. She thinks they're just artificial, and that they will only make the healed worse off than they were before.

For the past four years, Gale decided to travel around where there was civilization. No one really welcomed her, but that didn't matter. People even tried getting her to take a bath, but once again, she found that "artificial". Gale hopes that someday she'd meet someone who didn't care if she smelled or not or "bonded with nature". She also hopes to find a living relative... Then she stumbled upon the lab. It was a mystery how she found it, but she considered herself lucky. She assumed they had computers that could track down the location of anyone, even any of her relatives...if there WERE any, that is... Hoping to get some info. of some sort out of it, she went inside, only to find it was her biggest mistake.
Other: Gale is actually a good singer, and she put together an ocarina, so she can play that well, too.
Region: I prefer Johto, but...
Rp Sample: -Chapter One: The Beginning-

Where am I? My parents... Is that them over there? I can't tell. Wait, they are! Mom, dad, wait for me!!! Stop!!! I'm right here! Wait...please...

Gale awoke with a start. She looked around at her surroundings, and realized she was in a cave.

"Riiiiiight..." she muttered. "This is where I slept tonight..." She sighed, and looked outside the cave. "Well, today's the day I get a Pokemon. I'm gonna name it Twi, regardless of what it is." She walked outside the cave, and looked at the bright sun through her peripheral vision.

"Today's a bright day. That could be a good thing, or a bad thing." Noticing the nearby town, Gale sneered at the people walking in and out of the local Pokemon Center. She really couldn't see what was so great about those kinds of places anyways. They give processed drugs to heal those who are injured, I know they do. Gale scowled at the thought, but walked toward the town anyways. She approached one of the passerbys, and asked, "Do you know how to get to Sunrise Town?" The passerby looked at Gale with a disgusted look, then ran off.

"HEY! Why'd you look at me like that, ya creep?!" Gale shouted as he ran inside the Pokemon Center. A second later, one of the nurses came rushing out.

"My goodness!" the nurse exclaimed. "You're filthy! Come with me so you can wash up." The nurse grabbed Gale's wrist and started to pull her towards the Pokemon Center. Gale immediately bit the nurse's hand, causing her to retract it from Gale's wrist, and Gale dashed off.

"I'll never go into one of your death traps!" Gale called as she burst towards the town entrance. "You'll never get me to go there even when I have Pokemon. NEVER!!!" She ran through the town entrance into the wild, hoping to never see such a nurse again.

After running at least five miles away from the town, Gale began growing tired. She couldn't bear to think of what was going on in such dreadful places. She then slapped her head and groaned, "I still need to get to Sunrise Town..." She looked at the sign, which just happened to be a few feet away from where she was standing.

"Sunrise Town... THAT FAR AWAY?!" Gale exclaimed. Exhausted, she decided to lie down. It was then that some person, the same one who tried to get her into a Pokemon Center, noticed her laying there. He walked over to her, stared at her, then sent out his Fearow. He quickly covered his nose and remarked, "Take my Fearow to get there. And when you're done, release it. I don't want your stench to be on any of my Pokemon." He ran away, coughing, and Gale looked at him, her eyes full of malice. She turned to the Fearow, who didn't seem to notice the stench.

"Well, can you take me?" she asked the Fearow. The Fearow nodded, and Gale got on. It was a blur after that, since the Fearow was going oh-so-fast.

Sunrise Town wasn't as strange-looking as Gale thought it was. After landing, she let the Fearow go, and stared at a large building. Assuming that was where she needed to be, Gale walked towards the building and entered it. A man, in his twenties or so, was standing beside a few PokeBalls. Gale scanned at the man, and figured he was the professor who had sent the letter. She then realized she had to wait in line with the rest of the trainers. Most had their noses covered, and Gale growled, knowing it was probably her that caused it. No chivalry whatsoever, she thought. She glared at some of them, then calmed down, listened to the professor's speech, and waited. Waited...

By the time Gale got to the front, the professor apologized to her. "I'm sorry," he said, "I don't have any other Pokemon except this one." He pointed towards a single PokeBall. "It contains a Squirtle." Gale sighed.

"Well, as long as it's a Pokemon, I'm fine..." Gale took the PokeBall, and walked away. She then turned her head around. "Thanks," she called to the professor. "Well, Squirtle," Gale said to the ball, "you're mine now. And you're gonna be Twi, OK?" She glared at those who held their noses as she passed by them, then looked back at the PokeBall and smiled.

"Well, guess our adventure begins, then..."

Hope it all works out. You DID say in the rules you'd allow one more person to be able to play as an Eevee, correct?

October 18th, 2008, 6:13 PM
The Sign-up Sheet

Name: Sarah

Age: 17

Gender: female

Species: Aipom

Human character: http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o303/Sarahpom/Artwork/pokemonme.png (minus the Aipom on the shirt at the moment)
her height is about 5 foot 6 inches.

Pokemon: if she can look like the character sheet I've created for her http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o303/Sarahpom/Artwork/MO_D_41485.png but to look like a Aipom with the eyes and mouth and not the way I've drawn her here, if not I'll look like a normal colored Aipom but maybe with the same hair style though.
her height is 2 feet and 10 inches, which is about three inches taller then a normal Aipom.
Attacks: Swift, Scratch, Sand-Attack and Dig
she would like to learn Iron tail and Thunder

Personality: Sarah is mostly caring toward her friends, loving person, but can be very quite at times if she has nothing to say or nothing to ask of others, she'll keep to herself until someone ask for help or looks as if they need help then she'll ask if they'd love help or not. Sarah can get very ticked off very quickly if someone makes her mad in the wrong way and well tend to get very angry very fast, but as long as you stay sweet and caring or nice and not make her mad in any way she'll be just fine and will stay your friend as long as you want her to be your friend. She loves to try to make friends but it seems to be rather hard for her because of the way she acts, she some times act likes if she's still 8 years old, playful goofy, and Hyper.

History: Being the Middle child out of 5 kids, and being the smart one out of three of the kids, she finished high school early and has been helping out around the house while her Mom, Dad, Older Brother and Older Sister works while she stays home with the two younger kids whom aren't to much younger then she is.
Sarah likes to go out and explore different areas of town and is always out and about, window viewing, exploring the woods near her home. She always tries to be whom she is and not what her older Sister and Brother do, her parents want her to carry on what they do and try to be like them, they go to school they got good jobs, she wants to be able to flow with what comes her way and live her life the way she wants to live it.

She loves to draw, so she's always out side drawing birds, cats, or what ever tends to seek her eyes the most, and if she's not drawing her head is in front of a TV watching it or playing video games, she likes cute things, animals, and trying to make friends, she doesn't have very many but what she has is better then no one.

Region: I say Sinnoh

Rp Sample: (sorry if some of my grammar is wrong or some misspelling, I'm very bad with grammar and just can't seem to fix it, everything always seems fine to me, and I love to role play)
There Sakuya was heading back home in Sandgem Town, her little sister was getting her very first ever Pokemon and she really wanted to be there for her, and maybe even travel with her.

Sakuya had left home about the same age Angel is going to be leaving, but she had went to Hoenn region to get her very first Pokemon, along the way she had traveled with only one friend which all they wanted to do was contest, Sakuya went for badges but once in a while did a contest just for fun, she found that she really liked it, after getting badges from Kanto reigon she started to do contest by the time she was done with it, she is now heading home, and hasn’t gotten any Sinnoh badges of her home region.

She was still a few miles away from home but it would only take her about a hour to get home from walking distance unless someone came along and gave her a ride to her home town

Meanwhile Angel woke up and looked outside “Today is the day I’m going to get my very first Pokemon, oh man I can’t wait to get my very first Pokemon, I really want a Chimchar!” Angel said as she got dressed

She soon made her way into the kitchen where her Mom was making some food “Hey sweetie, so today is the day you get your very first Pokemon right?” she asked

“Of course Mom, can I eat after I get my Pokemon, I’d love to shear my food with my very first Pokemon, I’d love to get a female Chimchar at the most, and name her Anny” Angel said

“Will with the luck of your bother at the Day Care center with Granny and Grandpa you might even get something special” she said with a smile

Angel’s Mom knew that she was getting a Shiny Chimchar but she didn’t want to spoil the surprise so she kept it to herself

“Will I’ll be right back then Mom, I’ll see you in a bit” Angel said and walked out the door and headed to the Professors lab, but he wasn’t there “I guess he’s out studying by the lake again” Angel said and decided to walk to the lake instead

She made her way to the lake and there he was Professor Rowan was looking at the lake

“Hey Professor, what you looking at?” Angel asked out

He turned to see Angel “Oh hi there Angel, oh my I totally forgot about today, I’m so sorry, but um will I’m looking at the lake, there is suppose to be a Pokemon here that is hidden at the lake somewhere and I was just looking around to see if I could spot it, but come on lets go back to the lab I can look later” He said

As they both walked back toward the lab and made it inside

“Will here you go, you said you wanted a Chimchar right, will your little brother sent this one, he says it’s a very special Chimchar, it knows how to talk, and you’ll see something else when you let it out of its ball” Professor Rowan said handing Angel the pokeball

Angel took it from his hand “all right come on out Chimchar” Angel said tossing the ball up in the air and a light came from the ball letting out the little Chimchar as it sparkled and sat there

“Hi, I’m Chimchar, its good to meet you” she said

“Oh wow, You do talk!! And OMG your shiny! Kenji was able to get you for me!” Angel said

“Yes, he thought me to talk, and yup I’m shiny, and pretty!” she said

“OMG yes very pretty, OMG when I see Kenji when I head to that town I must give him a big hug!!!!!! Oh yeah before I forget how does the name Anny sound to you?” Angel asked her

“Oh that name sounds very pretty, I like it, so my name is Anny, I like it I’ll go by it now! Thanks for naming me my friend” Anny said jumping onto Angel’s head

Angel liked this very much “I don’t think I’ll ever put you inside of your pokeball, your going to travel with me every where I go!” Angel said

“Aww thanks, I’d be happy to beside you, every where you go” Anny said

“That’s so wonderful, any ways Professor have you heard of any news on my sister yet?” Angel asked

“Um she did call her not to long ago, she said she was about a hour away, she had to help some Pokemon along the way which delayed her a little but she should be on her way” he said “Oh and before I forget here are your five pokeballs and pokedex, please get some good Pokemon info for me, your sister has done a wonderful job on that for Pokemon that live in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn, so I hope you do the same for the Sinnoh region alright?” he asked

“Alright!” Angel said

October 18th, 2008, 8:31 PM
Antekleon [Leon]
Leon is a blonde haired blue eyed ten year old and his body shows various amounts of scars from all the trees he's climbed. Scrawny and short for his age, he's often picked on by other kids but he simply responds with a sweet somewhat toothless smirk, as is his nature. While he's almost always covered in bruises, he manages to keep his clothes rather clean. He normally wears something durable but something he can climb in. His favorite outfit is a white long sleeved thermal tshirt under a black short sleeved dark blue hoodie with the Blackthorn Dragon's Den Emblem on the back, slightly worn but still very much visible.

While his blonde hair sometimes gets into his eyes with its sometimes obnoxious length that just loves to get into his eyes with its obnoxious-ness, it doesn't stop him from moving and neither do the cacky tan cargo pants that extend to just over his knees. He gets into absolutely everything and his sneakers, white with red outlines and flashy red lights, show the damage. They're partially ducktaped together. On his back, he carries his pokemon, or he will when he officially leaves Blackthorn, in a tan and green sling backpack. All in all, the boy who stands at just over three feet tall, packs much more energy and spirit than it seems. His lithe form make him almost seem malnourished but don't leave him alone with your thanksgiving dodrio or by the time you come back it'll be eated. All. Up.

Well. He's a fluffy birdy, rather small for his age, and aside from the white scar on the back of his neck, he's a pretty normal birdy. Except for the fact he's half the size of a normal swablu and yet this still manages to get him stuck in things like airducks. Seriously. Those things truly hate him...

Even though he's only ten years old, Leon already has two very distinct parts to his personality, one that most people see, and a darker side most people wouldn't want to see. Most of the time, he's a curious ten year old who gets into anything he possibly can. He'll climb any tree, he'll explore any unexplored territory and he'll do it no matter the cost to himself, with a few exceptions. He's a curious little rascal and while the saying goes that curiosity killed the skitty, it's not exclusive to such fuzzy pokemon because even now that he's covered in feathers and squawks because his fluffy birdy-ness prevents him from doing things [Like fitting into tight spaces without getting stuck which still happens often because he's just too stubborn for his own good] he still does them. And gets stuck.

Leon is a mediator. While he was rather forced into it, the boy mediates between any and all conflicts, not taking sides and preventing or trying the best he can not to let it get beyond a certain level of angry. He won't stay out of it if it looks like it's going to get bad and heaven help

History:Born to an average upper middle class family, Leon really doesn't have much of a secret, or so it would seem. A father high in the Dragon's Order of the Clan in Blackthorn City, a mother who can cook better than anyone else in the city, it's been proven in tests you see, an elder brother who now runs with the Pokemon G-Men, along side the legendary trainer Lance, and a fuzzy house-pet Pikachu who would surgically [static electricity if you want to be technical about it] attach itself to you at the first sign of a bad day, there was nothing really he lacked. But then again, every family has its dirty little secrets. At a young age, Leon watched his parents argue over the unkempt state of the house and stepped in, to mediate, to stop the fighting, and soon turned himself into the one and only pillar that that entire family began to heavily depend on. Not allowed to show weakness, his boyhood was taken from him and he forced himself to mature as best he could. Sure, he still has his boyish quirks from time to time, but when it comes to matters of more adult-porportions, he's the child nobody expects to perk up. He can go from silly and giggly to serious and mature in about ten seconds. He can keep his cool, even when people twice his age are freaking out but that doesn't mean he can always do it. Sometimes, well, he's ten.

Because he's ten, well, he runs away every once in awhile, for an adventure, to get away form his home for just a little bit. Sometimes he goes just out to the Ice Cave, wanders around a little bit, or sometimes he goes as far as Mahogany Town, just for a change of pace. But, well, one time he went a little bit farther than normal. He went in thru the air ducts, of a small seemingly abandoned factory on the outskirts of town, finding the gate latched tight. As he crawled, he began to hear noises and crept further after them, skinning his knees raw in the process but the curiosity and the growing noises were too much for the curious midget to ignore. Creeping further and further, he managed to peer down thru the ventilation and his eyes simply grew wide. there was a man, a scientist, in typical scientist garb and, well, he was doing something that wasn't very nice, to be honest. There were Pokemon, crying, all locked up in cages. Tears sprang to the boy's eyes, the cries of the pokemon beginning to get to him. Whimpering, he waited until the man had seemingly left before he wiggled out of the airduct, climing onto the top of the row of cages, running along them, desperate to find a way to let them out. He didn't see the man coming, he didn't know anything was happening until there was something sweet smelling under his nose and the world spun black.

When he woke up, he was partially made out of clouds.

He has this thing for berry-flavored muffins. If you give him one, he'll do whatever the hell you say for as long as you has teh muffins.
Rp Sample:Partially gloved bleeding fingers tightly clutching the edge of the cliff, blood trickling down the pale limb, dripping towards the ground so far dfsown below. Grunting, as anyone would when faced with a nasty fall to a sea of churning water filled with the chaos of battle. Clenching her teeth together, she painstakingly pulled herself up onto the ridge. Catching her breath, she pushed back the stray dark green strands of hair from her eyes, firmly tucking them behind her ear. A few moments later, when the pressure in her chest had finally subsided to a tolerable level, she lifted herself up on still shaking legs and began to brush off the blood and dirt from her black tank top and now badly torn acid wash jeans. Cracking her neck, she checked herself over for any serious injuries, slipping her hands out of her gloves.

Her palms were bleeding, her arms and knees, where they peaked out from the tears in her jeans, were covered in bruises and a fine layer of filth but nothing was broken. Sighing, she slipped her raw hands back into the gloves, hissing lightly through clenched teeth at the pull it had on her skin, ripping it further as the leather settled into place. Bending over, she tied the laces tighter on her metal-toed boots and straightening up, wandered to the edge, the wind catching her hair and blowing it into her eyes.

It wasn’t a pleasant site. A good forty feet below, on the water’s edge and on the nearly vanquished coastline, it was almost too hard for anyone, let alone her, to look at. Dozens of silver-clad humans were enveloped in a fight with an assorted number and color of trainers, pitting their Pokémon against one another with no regard to the storm billowing up around them. It was coming from the tip of the other mountain on the island, the source of that storm, and it wasn’t dying down anytime soon. Battle cries and the deafening thuds of blows connecting with flesh, fur, skin, metal… it brought the girl to her knees, tears slipping from her amber eyes and falling onto the ground her hands trembling as she brought them to her eyes, mashing the leather into her face.

She didn’t even notice his hand on her shoulder.

Turning sharply, surprise and hostility coming through her expression regardless of the tears still streaming down her cheeks, she relaxed when she noticed the two men both nearly twice her slim 154cm height, one in a black shirt-less suit adorned with a silver ankh like buckle with a blue bandana covering his brown hair and the other, a redhead, in a maroon and grey long sleeved tunic, reaching to just below his knees and a small red mountain emblem just above his heart. Her guard visibly dropping, she staggered back up to her feet, licking her parched lips once before speaking, her voice quiet, almost timid, a sharp contrast to her normal demeanor, “It’s as bad as it looks like, isn’t it.”

The red haired man nodded, crossing his arms across his chest, “Yes, I’m afraid so… Cyrus has gone mad with the power of that stone. He’s determined to gain control of the ancient Pokémon slumbering here.”

The other man chuckled weakly, pointing over at the mountain, “At dis rate, da seal won’t hold, you know? Den we’re going to have some preeeetty major flooding on our hands, yah?”

“When… when?” she lifted her hands to stare at them, her eyes blurring over as she focused on her cracked and bloodied fingertips, “I should’ve done something, I should’ve acted sooner…”

Maxie reached out, placing his hand on the smaller girl’s shoulder, pulling her back from the edge, “Mika this isn’t your fault. You couldn’t risk exposing yourself; Giovanni couldn’t allow Cyrus to know that the Black Emerald was in Sinnoh, there wasn’t anything you could’ve done or can do… If you reveal yourself now, well…”

Her shoulders sagged, her head lowering in defeat, “I know… I know but…” her eyes lifted, staring intently into the waters below at a young boy with light brown hair who was in the midst of the fray, a pikachu firmly attached to his head, watching as he struggled to stay upright, “But…He’s-”

October 18th, 2008, 8:49 PM
Name: Kalec O'Neill
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Ponyta
Appearance: Human: He stands a little over 5'10 and is of a medium build. He has some muscle but it's from working on a farm (explained in History), so he's no muscle bound fiend. His eyes are dark brown. He has chin-length, brown hair with blue highlights in it. It is constantly falling into his eyes but can't be bothered to get it cut. It's usually messy as he's too busy to really care what his hair looks like; or the rest of him for that matter. He is usually seen in blue jeans that are a bit frayed at the ends and a black, grey or blue tee shirt. Those shirts often have sawdust or hay on them. He generally looks dusty unless he's dressed up for some occasion. He also wears dark brown paddock boots(at work) or runners and a dark grey hoodie is around his waist as he's up pretty early in the mornings.

Pokémon: As a Ponyta he is the shiny version with a blue mane and tail. His fur is white and his hooves are dark grey. He stands 3'05 at the withers, so a tad taller then most Ponyta's. His eyes are the same colour they were as a human. There is nothing special about his overall frame but he has a long scar on his left hip. He doesn't know how the Ponyta got it.
Personality: Rather sarcastic, and he keeps to himself if he can help it. A definite loner type and it is very hard to win his trust. He also seems, tired a lot. Not physically tired, just sick of life and what it's dished out to him. If you say/do something truly dumb in he'll bite off some sarcastic reply though. That said, if you manage to engage him in intelligent conversation he can be rather amiable to be around. He's not a quiet person, just hard to get to know. Just... think before you talk. His humour is rather morbid and obviously sarcastic (usually at himself). He is also good on putting on a 'pleasant face' for the clients where he works. Not good to say what you think when your getting paid you know.

Under his hard outer core he is very loyal and will defend what he believes in. If you manage to become his friend he will always have your back. He is also a good listener to his friends or those who just really need someone to talk to. He is definitely someone who knows how to keep his mouth shut about things you don't want generally known. He acts like he doesn't care but it is only because of his history he acts this way. With his horses he is very caring and gentle with them it is because people have hurt him many times he is so cold.
History: His parents died when he was ten and he moved in with his uncle. His parents weren't exactly the doting type-upper class socialites-so his nanny basically raised him. She came from England so as a result he has a slight English accent. He did all right in school and it was an ok time in his life as his parents basically ignored him so long as he got decent grades. He parents died in a car crash on the way back from some theatre show. The cops didn't say they were drunk but it was implied. After that he moved in with his uncle.

His uncle did not like his joining their family and basically used him as a free babysitter/barn hand. He had a younger cousin who he deeply cared for and would take beatings from his uncle for him just to keep him from harm. He also loved the horses he worked with on his uncle's farm. His uncle raised Quarter horses for racing and stock work. Kalec spent most of his time in the barn when not in school and as much as possible stayed out of his uncle's way. Then his uncle, wanting his son to prove his 'manliness', put him on one of his high-strung racing colts. He was thrown into a fence and killed. His uncle refused to think it was his fault, and since Kalec had trained the horse, blamed him. Kalec was 14.

It nearly became intolerable for Kalec to live there when one day a few days after he turn sixteen, his uncle had another one of his rages and Kalec, unable to take it anymore, fought back. He floored his uncle and knocked him unconscious. Scared for what might happen to him when he woke up he grabbed his few belongings and left. He has been working in a stable on the other side of the country, ever since.
Other: He can play the piano.
Region: Johto
Rp Sample: "Kaaaaaaaaaaalec! Kaaalec?! KALEC!" a woman's voice screeched out from the end of the aisle.

Kalec sighed, 'What could she possibly want now?' he thought, straightening in King's stall. King flicked an ear at the ruckus and snorted. He didn't even bother to raise his head from his hay, long used to Alicia's shrieking.

"I agree King." He said patting the bay's rump and leaning the pitchfork against the wood wall, walked to the stall opening.

The barn was not the biggest but it was clean and the owner was one of the few of the higher-class barns that truly cared for the horses' welfare. It was an older wooden barn with a low ceiling. The stalls were a decent size though, and took a goodly amount of time to clean as Bill, the owner, made sure the employees did not skimp on shavings.

"I'm in here!" He called leaning over the wheelbarrow so she could see his head.

"Ah There you are!" she said, simpering. She walked down the aisle, her black riding boots clicking on the concrete floor. She had a knee length leather coat on and a light purple turtle neck sweater. A riding whip was in her left hand, which swung elaborately as she walked. "I was looking all over for you! I don't have time to exercise Sampson today so do you think you could? I would really appreciate it."

She stopped outside the stall and smiled a smile that probably got men to do for her just what she wanted. Kalec just wanted to snort and laugh at her. As it was he smiled pleasantly and said,

"Sure, how long?"

"Oh an hour or so," she said flippantly, waving her right hand around. "I'm sure you know what's best, though work on his extended trot would you?"

"Not a problem." he said nodding, "Have a good day."

"Thank you! Cheerio!" She said, faking an English accent on the last word.

When she had turned and left, heels clicking the whole way, Kalec turned and ground his teeth, snatching the pitchfork of the wall. 'I love you Terry but some days I wish you hadn't been English. Gah!' Kale shook his head. 'Hate that bloody woman. Sampson deserves better then her.'

He worked with a will to finish King's stall, the last for the day. He added more layers of sawdust to his clothes as he worked and King, bored with eating, decided now was a good time to play 'try to steal the pitchfork'.

"King! Not now you brut!" he laughed and shoved his head away. King just bobbed his head and continued to try. His blue tee shirt then got slobbered because King kept missing and getting his shirt.

Kalec distracted him by pulling out a carrot from his pocket and throwing it in his feed bowl. King tuned away and Kalec finished the rest before he could get bored again. King looked disappointed when he backed the wheelbarrow out and Kalec patted him on the nose. "Your owner is coming today, no worries."

King snorted and went back to his hay as Kalec locked his door. He hurried through the rest of his chores, wanting to get everything done and himself cleaned up before the concert tonight.

Hope everything's ok. If you'd rather the Ponyta was not shiny I'll change it.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 18th, 2008, 10:03 PM
Pikataro: Yes, I did say that one more person could be an Eevee since I felt like being one this time, and I knew that it was a very popular choice. Your SU is good, but I have two problems with it. The first is that you have your necklace as an Eevee. Maybe I wasn't clear enough on it-this is the first thread I've created so far so I guess I can make a couple of mistakes- but you aren't transformed into an Eevee. Your mind is transferred into the body of an Eevee that is already alive so unless you can give me a good reason for why Gale still has the necklace, I'm going to have to ask you to change that. Secondly, I'm a little concerned about that you haven't placed Gale into the scenario of coming home from the concert with a group of friends and going into the lab (Since you've been basicially saying that she doesn't have any friends at all. Maybe you could say that someone say you alone and asked you to come along if you want to push to whole no friend thing.) Unless we get someone coming in late in the story, I don't everyone to follow that. I know that you're a good RPer so don't be upset by any of this. If anything, I blame myself for not being clear enough. For now, you're Pending. Let me guess.... You're going to evolve into a Glaceon, right? XD

(Have the others on soon)

October 18th, 2008, 10:10 PM
It's OK. I'll edit it now. It's better criticism than someone else gave me once O.o

October 18th, 2008, 11:00 PM
Name: Joseph Grimm (Not my real name, mind you)
Age: 13
Gender: male
Species: Duskull

Dark, short hair, stands at about 5 feet. With drooping eyebags always found on his face, he doesn't really care about his looks. Seen wearing a loose white shirt and black pants, he never bothered to buy any other clothes apart from the ones he already owned. He has dark brown eyes and has a medium build.


As a duskull, standing around two feet from the ground, his personality hasn't changed. He loosely levitates around to move. His body, composed of nothing but mere darkness with a touch of solidity, is short, with his arms always at its back, like a normal Duskull.

Personality: Very reluctant and sarcastic, he practically has no care for anything rather than his own state. he is easily accepting, and has a so-so kind of vibe. Although he is like this, he is loyal to his (very few) friends when he was human.
But occasionally, he is seen actually smiling. Most of the time, he merely frowns at things around him. He has an astounding courtesy towards others, be it friend or foe. The words he use most of the time are "Oh Really", "Aaand?", "What's your point?" and "Oh joy..."

History: Being the youngest of his family, he is always pushed around by his other two brothers. He is always asked to take out the trash, wash the dishes, and so on. When his parents died in a car crash, he ran away from home in such despair.
While running, he met his best friend, Duke, who was the son of a Policeman who lived a few blocks awahy from his old home. He was offered to stay at their house for the time being, which he gratefully accepted. Duke's mother, Linda, told him he was a great help in the household, by doing all the chores.

Two months later, Joseph was legally adopted by the said household, thus replacing his old name "Brown" with "Grimm". His new brother Duke, was of course very happy with his decision of being adopted by the family, and often offers him to do what he often does, like sports, video games, Arcades, and the like, but Joseph always (but kindly) declines all. On the night when he heard thunders outside, he and Duke wen out to investigate. When they reached the laboratory by walking in through the back door, a bright flash met their eyes, and fell unconcious on the floor. When Joseph woke up, he was a bit shocked by his appearance, in which the other creatures unapproached him. But Duke was gone.
Other: N/A
Region: Sinnoh
Rp Sample:

Waking up from the flash, Joseph found himself floating eerily in thin air. He asked himself 'How is this possible?' and then came a huge shock for him--He had no definite limbs.

"W-Wha?" said his trembling lips, as he turned around to see every visible inch of him. When he noticed it was too dark to see, he was in a cave. But when he went out, he noticed, it was also too bright to see. So he merely found a small basin of water and checked his reflection.

He wore a skull mask, and had only one eye revolving around the sockets. his body looked like a black cloak of some sort. He looked like a Grim Reaper, only without the scythe. While checking his reflection carefully, something popped up suddenly from the water,



A bluish hankercheif with eyes and a horn talked to him. 'A ghost?!' he thought 'And this one looks...less threatening.' So he greeted back to the Ominous Puppet Ghost.



The ghost revolved around him, checking him, and stopped, as if it had a conclusion.

"So...you're not from around these parts huh?"


"Great! New travelling friend!" said the ghost rather cheerfully. "I'm Shuppet by the way."


"Yup! Shuppet! What's yours?"

"I'm J-Joshua."

"Joshua...wierd name! Lemme guess, you're from France? No, Cambodia! Oh, how exciting! A foreign friend! Wait, you ARE foreign, aren't you? But you look like a normal Duskull to me..."


"Why do you look so downright surprised? Unless of course an eeebil wizard magicked you into a Duskull..." said Shuppet sarcastically.

"No...why of course! I was merely kidding you! Of course I'm a Duskull!" he lied.

"Wow, you're a really great actor! I hope we could be great friends! I'm from Johto myself. Long way from Johto to here, though..."

"Johto? My, that's very far."

"Yup. Oh look, the sun's setting! We could leave!"

And he noticed. The eye-burning sensation he experienced during day was gone. It WAS safe to go out.

"Well don't just levitate there! Let's go!" said the Shuppet.

And without saying anything, Joshua followed.

October 19th, 2008, 6:53 AM
Name: Sandra Omen

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Wurmple

Appearance: Her human appearance: Sandra's skin is very light-colored. She is rather short, about 4'11", and has a slim build. She has short blond hair, about shoulder length, that is quite straight. Her eyes are large and light green, and she has light-colored lips. Her nose is small and neat. Sandra's shirt is long-sleeved, and colored green, with a blue butterfly in the middle of it. Her shirt is one size too large, so it looks rather big on her, except for the arms, since she has long arms. Her hands are small, and she wears black gloves over them. She wears gray sweatpants, and they go down not quite to her ankles. Each pant leg has a white stripe going down the outside of it. Sandra has large feet, size 7 or so, and wears long, black socks and light gray running shoes.

Pokémon: Like this: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/pkrs014.gif (http://veekun.com/dex-images/dp/265.png)

Personality: Sandra is impatient, and doesn't like to wait very much. She can only wait ten minutes or so before she starts jumping around and talking about the thing she's waiting for, if she's excited enough. She is rather cautious, and prefers to analyze things thoroughly before getting into them; in other words, she always looks before she leaps. She doesn't like to get involved in things that are none of her business, and usually just avoids those kinds of situations altogether. Sandra checks for dangerous situations also, and if she does find one, she steers clear. However, her curiosity can sometimes get the best of her, which often gets her into trouble. She cares for others moderately, but usually fends for herself. However, when she's down, she needs friends to cheer her up, so she likes making new pals, but doesn't exactly spend all her time with them. She is calm, and doesn't have much of a quick temper. Sandra is fascinated in animals.

History: Sandra lived in New Hampshire for the earlier years of her life; about until she was... six or seven, she can't quite remember. She was the youngest of her brother, who was 2 years older than her. Usually, he bothered her and teased her about things that she enjoyed doing, and acted as if they were her whole life. She hated what he was doing, but didn't bother to speak up, until one final day of enduring it, when she was 9, she snapped, and explained to Mom what had been happening since she learned to speak. She was furious when her mom said to do nothing about it, and to just ignore it, so she decided to give her brother a lesson. When he bothered her the next day, she turned back and cried, "You know I hate those things! Now stop before I..." And that was where she got stuck. Her brother seemed shocked until that part, where he laughed out loud. After that, however, he seemed to forget about the whole thing.

Pretty soon, Sandra made some friends of her own, and when she turned 15, they went to see a concert. As always, she got a bit jumpy in the middle, and all she could do was hope that they would ignore it. When the hour or so of loud music and sitting still for painfully long, she finally got to be hyper outside, which is when she spotted the lights on in the lab. Curious, she kept staring at it, until her friends finally asked her what she was gawking at. As Sandra showed them, she seemed to get all tense, as if it were a situation she didn't want to get into. But her friends dragged her into it, and she had no choice but to follow. And then she got into this mess.


Region: Hoenn

Rp Sample:

Sandra slowly cracked her eyes open, and then they flew open. Why was she so low to the ground? By the feel of it, she wasn't lying there on her stomach. Speaking of feel, there was an odd sensation that told her she had ten stubby legs with no knees. Deciding to test it out, she took a few steps. She ended up moving like a caterpillar, and being forced to crawl with all ten legs.

Sandra almost cried out, but controlled herself, and just made a small gasp. What was this? And why could she hardly remember anything? Just the color blue...

Suddenly, a screech came from the air. She looked behind herself, where the cry had come from, and there was a giant, red-white-and-blue bird with a forked tail and an angry look in its eyes.

And it was diving straight for her.

There was almost no way she could get away now. By instinct, she lifted her rear end. She felt it touch the feathers, then skin of the bird, and finally, the deterred avian soared far off, deciding not to mess any more with its breakfast.

Sandra sighed, relieved. That was definitely a close one. But of all things, why did she have to turn into a larva?

Well, look on the bright side, she told herself. At least you have some way to defend yourself.

A bit happier, she noticed that she was practically starving. There was a maple tree nearby, and the leaves looked very appetizing, sparkling with taste... but why?

Probably because of my body, she thought.

But now, it didn't matter. She just had to find a way to survive until she became a cocoon or a chrysalis. Hopefully the latter, since she liked butterflies better than moths by a little bit. But now, she only cared about food, and started making the long, tiring climb up the thin trunk of the tree. It was a while before she reached the first leaf, but it was worth it, and she began chewing on it. At least it didn't taste bad, so she decided to eat a bit more.

Before she knew it, the leaf was practically gone. Her stomach was full now, so she climbed over to a different leaf and hid herself under it, at the base of the branch, and decided to get some rest.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 19th, 2008, 8:28 AM
(Geez, you people are signing up faster than I can look at them)

Aipomfan13: The thing that I've noticed with your SU is that you tend to list your sentences and separate them with commas, rather than with periods, question marks, and exclamation points. When you write like this: My name is Aipom, I like bananas, my favorite color is purple, you are creating run-on sentences, which are complete sentences that are put together into one sentence without the use of conjunction (and, or, but, etc.) It needs to be something like: My name is Aipom, and I like bananas. My favorite color is purple. For now, you are Denied, but if you can correct this mistake in your RP sample- and I sincerely hope that you do- I will accept you. Just to let you know this is the part of this job that I hate..... Hope to see you RPing in this thread soon :).

Mika: I haven't seen all of the Pokemon shows-and I probably haven't even come close-, but I'm under the impression that Dratini are water-based, Dragonair can fly, or I guess glide, for short distances, and Dragonites are the ones that can finally move around on land. I really like Dratini, but I don't feel like I should overlook this. If you can show me an instance where this pokemon was moving like you said, I'll accept it. If not, please change it. You're Pending for now.

Timeless: I don't mind you being a shiny, but you will probably be the only one. As you probably can already guess, I love Ponyta! Actually, I love just about all fire types, but Ponyta was the first Pokemon I RPed as so it holds a special place in my heart. No, this doesn't mean I'm going to evolve into a Flareon. I also like just about all of the eeveelutions. I really liked how you had someone who works around horses to be put into the Ponyta's body. Just remember that you're going to be bigger than most of the other Pokemon. I'll try to remember that and give you enough room to manuever at all times, but just keep it in mind. Also love the British accent. You're Accepted. I liked your RP sample but try not to start your sentences with Kalec, he, she, it, and the all the time. Try to start more with participles and prepositional phrases to make your sentences more interesting. participle: Patting the horse's neck, Kalec saw a woman approaching them. preposion: Before Kalec could finish his work, the owner showed up.

atoms2ashes: Ok, I am going to accept your reason for how Joseph got to the Pokemon world. He either need to arrive sometime before or after the others though. If you do want him to find his brother, I'd prefer that you find a friend to post a SU and RP as him because I didn't really want anyone to have two characters. You can leave your RP sample the way it is, but I just want to make sure you know that there's no France or Cambodia in the Pokemon world. Your Pokemn appearance didn't really tell much, but I know that sometimes it's hard to say much more than he's a normal Duskull. Anyway, you're Accepted.

pumpkinziggy: Hmm... A Wurmple certainly isn't what I expected, but I like it. Until Sandra evolves into a Beautifly or a Dustox, you probably need to keep your character near another Pokemon-my choice would be the Ponyta- so she can hop on anytime we need to get somewhere fast. I'll have to remember that bug Pokemon evolve faster than others. PM me when you think you're ready to evolve, and I'll try not to keep you in the cacoon for too long. You're Accepted.

Pikataro: Like atoms2ashes, you need to show some sign in your first post that you arrived either before or after the main group. You're Accepted. Welcome to the party :).

Whew, now that that's over, I'd like everyone to take a look at the OOC thread for this story because I'm going to address some issues in it that have come to my attention.

October 19th, 2008, 11:35 AM
Name: Azure
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Chimchar
Appearance: Pokemon Appearance- Looks almost like any ordinary chimchar. If you looked at Azure and any other chimchar's you probably could'nt tell the difference. With only one exception, and that she keeps her azure blue eyes. Azure stands at only 1 foot 7 inches.

Human Appearance- Azure has brown hair that is straight and shoulder-length. Like her name, she has bright azure colored eyes. She is average height, five-foot, 3 inches. She wears a white shirt with red short sleeves and long blue pants.

Personality: Azure has a lonely personality. She spends most of her time alone and to herself. She's shy and doesn't talk much to others, resulting in a lack of friends. Despite her shy and timid personality, she can be out-going with her few friends she does have, almost like a different person entirely. But her friends don't always hang out with her, because they would rather talk to their other friends. Their actions pain Azure, but she's too shy to ever tell them that it bothers her. She finds it hard to accept new friends because she thinks that they'll wind up forgetting her like other friends.

History: (Takes place soon after preset storyline) Azure has spent most of her life in silence. Her mom ignores her, like pretending Azure doesn't even exist. Her brother isn't fond of her, and usually makes fun of her or makes her feel worse for herself. She lives in a small town in California, where she has lived her entire life. When Azure was six years-old, she made a best friend in first grade. Two years later her best friend, Jackie, moved far away. And haven't spoken to eachother since.

Years later, at fifteen years-old, one of Azure's "so-called friends" invited her to come to see a movie. Azure would keep thinking to herself "I'm only being invited cause she has no one else to go with". On their way to the theatres, a flash of lightning came from the sky. Right by that old lab....Azure was frightened, and pretended to ignore it. But her friend new Azure was only pretending. Her friend decided to force Azure to go and check it out. Azure was reluctant and refused, but after a large amount of persuaion, Azure decided to go with her friend into the lab. Mostly because she was too shy to finally disagree. If she only refused, she wouldn't have ended up in the mess she had tangled herself in. Azure had no time to think about this, as she blacked out.

Region: Kanto Region
Rp Sample: "Gah...." Azure mumbled in a low voice. She noticed she was lying on the ground. But why the ground? She opened her eyes to see what looked like a rocky mountain. "Mountain? I thought I was....In the lab...." Azure took instant note of the lab. How she walked in, and saw strange animals and a scientist looking man. And remembered that she blacked out. Just then the sound of wings flapping became evident.

Azure winced her eyes in pain. She was being attacked....by birds? Azure struggled to get up. Her body felt different, lighter in fact. She looked at herself. "Ack! Were are my clothes?" But then she noticed something worse. "I'm...I'm orange!" Her thoughts were cut short because of the birds attacks.

"Attack, attack!" The birds screamed.

Azure tried to run, but her legs felt too short, and her arms to long. She couldn't run correctly. "What happened? Why...Ow!" The birds pecked mercilessly at Azure, and angered at the birds, Azure spit fire out at them! The birds were frightened and flew off.

Azure was scared as well. She covered her mouth in disbelief....And she said..."I've become a fire-breathing monkey gah!!! She screamed loudly, which echoed throughout the canyons.

(Sorry about the ember attack. I'm not sure how to change the RP sample though)
If I need to add more, let me know. I have to leave so I cut my RP sample short. Let me know if I have to fix something, thanks! Ok, I edited it!

Gumshoe Satyr
October 19th, 2008, 11:58 AM
chanchimi: Everything looks good except that I want want everyone to start out at lvl 5 so you can't quite use Ember yet (I probably allow you to learn it pretty quick though). Other than that detail you're good to go so you're Pending for now. If you take a look at the OOC thread, you may understand some things a little better. Since you're deviating from my preset storyline a bit, you need to suggest in your first post whether you were there before my group or after. Oh, I almost didn't catch this. You would hear the Starly saying actual words, not "Star star."

October 19th, 2008, 12:27 PM
Oh, I decided to change my species.

Name:Niki Tkio
Appearance: *HUMAN* Nikki has long, flowing brown hair. Her eyes are also a brown color. Her skin is a natural color. She has a petite frame witch completely contradicts her persona. Nikki stands at the height of 5'9". Witch to her is pretty natural. Her dad was 6 foot and her mom 5'8". She is said to be the spitting image of her mother.No matter how many times she disagrees she is told that over and over. For clothes she wears black sleeveless top. Underneath that is a white undershirt. She also wears black pants, that are a bit to big, but billow in the breeze. (Like Aladins :) )

Buneary are small furry mammalian Pokémon with long ears. They have two types of fur covering their bodies: a light tan fleececovers much of their lower body, feet and the tips of their ears. They also have smooth chocolate colored pelt on the upper half of their body. Most artwork depicts the right ear standing erect while the left is flopped over.
Personality:Niki, is a total rebel. She absoulutely hates being told what to do. She likes, to be different, in fact strives to be different. She loves the uniqueness in people. She hates people who act like someone that they aren't because she wants to know people for who they are not who they pretend to be. Niki likes to have a good time, and hangout with friends, you know just talking and laughing. Second chances. Second chances are something that Niki gives out sparingly. She thinks people have the ability to change, but not everyone has the potential. She will only give a second chance to one she sees whom has potential to change. She loves to express herself through art, this includes drawing, painting, singing and playing insturments.
History:Niki was an only child, and got lots of attention from her parent. At a young age she loved it, always doing the best she could for them. She attended a school-she forgets the name of- and brought home a's all the time. Her parents where impressed, and would always but her gifts. They were fun gifts such as toys and stuff. When she grew older she got a trip to a private beach-who's name she never took the time to learn- There she met her first real friend, but they sadly had to leave eachother when she had to go back home.

As she grew older, she became more rebellious. She didn't like all the attention, it grew old. She didn't like because she could never go anywhere without her parent's knowing or without her having to check in every five minutes. She also got a bunch of friends, and goes places with them. Niki liked the idea of friends, staying out later, not having to check in every so often. Most of her friends were guys at a younger age, she doesn't really know why. One day Niki had an accident with a creep. He had offered her a ride, she declined and he followed her. Luckily she had taken kung-fu classes, so she pummeled him when he got out of the car.
She has a crush on Calin (if ok)
Region: Sinnoh
Rp Sample: You have seen my work. If you want me to get one I will.

October 19th, 2008, 3:20 PM
I'm reserving for Scorupi right now un will be done tonight

Gumshoe Satyr
October 19th, 2008, 3:40 PM
Lostt: Everything sound's good to me, and I know that you're a good RPer. Also the crush is fine with me. Just don't go any farther than PG-13. So, obviously, you're Accepted. One day Niki had an accident with a creep. He had offered her a ride, she declined and he followed her. Luckily she had taken kung-fu classes, so she pummeled him when he got out of the car. My favorite part. lol

Important Notice: Ok, I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready to get this thing started. Not counting those on reserve and/or pending (which surprising doesn't affect the winner) the results of the region poll is*drum roll*:
Kanto: 0
Johto: 2
Hoenn: 1
Sinnoh: 4

So Sinnoh is the winner! I want us to start in a small forest that surrounds Sandgem town (for reasons that will not disclose yet.) We will be scattered around so the first posts should be about you getting your bearings (maybe some of you freaking out XD) and eventually finding each other. From this point on, OOC post are not allowed, though you can tack on little OOC comments on a post to explain some things in that particular post. In other words, you can't post something that has no IC material. Blah blah blah blah blah. I just need to stop talking and get this show on the road.

IC: "Oh... My head," Calin groaned, shifting his weight slightly. Lying on his back, he could feel soft grass underneath him. "Where am I? I remember a lab, but what happened after that?" When he opened his eyes, he could see tall trees all around him, their leaves blocking out most of the sun. Rolling over onto his stomach, he almost immediately realized that something was wrong.

"Geez, the ground is a lot closer than it used to be. The trees seem so huge, too. Why does my body feel so strange?...." Looking down at his hands, he still sat for several seconds, while his strangely sluggish brain tried to work everything out.

"Woah!" he yelled, jumping to his feet. "Where'd my hands go!?" Where his hands used were small, cream-colored paws. Craning his neck even more he could see that the paws were connected to legs that were covered in short, brown fur. Feeling something behind him, he turned his body in a semi-circle and saw that he had a bushy tail, covered in the same brown and cream-colored fur.

"Wha... wha.... what happened!?" he stuttered, unable to believed what his eyes were telling him. Even his voice sounded strange, sounding more like a little kid's than a sixteen year old's. "This is a dream, right? It's got to be a dream.... This can't possible be real. I don't even know what I am." Seeing a small pond nearby, he walked clumsily over to it. A couple of feet away from it, he tripped over a rock and fell down onto his stomach. "Ouch.... Walking on four feet feels so weird. Man, if this hurts, could it be that this isn't a dream?" Picking himself back off the ground, he continued over to the pond and looked down at his image.

In the pond, he saw a fox-like creature with a round head, maroon eyes, long pointed ears. Brown fur covered his whole body except for the cream-colored furry collar around his neck, the tip of his tail, and his forepaws.

"I'm cute? Am I a fox? I look kind of like one, but I've never seen any that look like this. What has happened to me?!" It was at that moment that Calin remembered his friends. After splashing enough water in his face to clear his head, he started walking around through the forest to look for them.

"Biaannnca!....Leeeon!...Kaaalec!....Saannndra!....Nikiiii!.... Where are you guys!? Are you here?" Calin yelled, looking for any sign of them. When he didn't get an answer immediately, he sat down on his haunches with a sigh.
Seeing a bush moving out of the corner of his eye, he leaped back onto his feet, ready for anything. Out of the bush came one of the strangest creatures he'd ever seen, but this was a record that would be broken many times over in this place.

"What are you looking at, kid?" the beaver-like creature said, crossly. At almost twice Calin's height, the strange animal seemed to be almost four times his weight as well. He had brown fur covering most of his body, four plump legs, two small, round ears, and large front teeth sticking out of his mouth.

"You can talk!? Animals can't talk!" Calin said, backing nervously away from the creature. He just couldn't believe what was happening to him.

OOC: Ok, I'm going to stop here for now. I wasn't sure who all my character is supposed to be friends with so if I got it wrong, just tell me, and I'll change it. I'm eagerly waiting for your posts now.
Gallade of the sand (Just going to call you Gallade from now on if that's ok): You are Reserved.
Chanchimi: You are Accepted.

October 19th, 2008, 4:10 PM
"....Ah....Ah....Achoo!" Azure sneezed, waking her from her sleep. She opened her eyes and surveyed the area around here while lying on her stomach. The terrain looked rocky and dusty. Was it a mountain? A canyon?

"Where the heck am I? I was just in that....Lab, and I remember, fainting." She tried to process her thoughts in her head. Her thoughts were cloudy. She decided to try and stand up. But something was wrong. Azure tried to get on her feet, then immediately fell forward. Annoyed, she fell to the floor. She seemed to notice that thing looked bigger. But maybe it was cause she was on the ground.

"What is wrong with my body....Why am I in a canyon?" She questioned to herself, while trying to stand up again. There was a boulder next to Azure she grabbed on to keep balance. While balanced, she looked at her arms and legs. "My...my arms! They're orange, and hairy! My feet are so small, my arms....So long!" She was getting scared of herself, and what she became. Azure felt her face with her had, and felt her ears. "My ears are gargantuan! I...am I, a monkey?" She was trembling now.

In her fright, she didn't notice she had a flaming tail which was singeing the boulder. Just then the boulder moved! Azure turned around to see it, and the boulder had a face resembling a dinosaur, and it arms and legs popped out as well! Azure was now scared out of her mind.

-Okay. I think that's good for now. The boulder was a Golem!-

October 19th, 2008, 4:47 PM
(OOC: Yeah, Yeah I know to not go past Pg-13)

I/C:When Niki woke up she, felt refreshed. Headaches were something that she just never seemed to get. Looking around she saw only trees,"What in the world? How am I...but I was just at that l-" then it had hit here. The lab, the scientist, he must of thought she was dead, then disposed of the body. "Hah, well he under estimated me" she said in a proud voice, and walked on through the forest. She came upon a running stream, witch made her very thirsty. The girl stooped down to scoop up some one water, but realized that her hands were paws. "What the f-" she stopped staring at her reflection in the lake,"this is really weird..well I am thirsty so I should drink up the water.." she scooped some up, sipping it and then swallowing it.

What exactly am I? I look like a bunny...Niki wandered aimlessly through the unknown forest, the trees were no doubt bigger, well not so much them bigger as she was smaller. The ground under he feet felt cool, and it soon felt natural. The girl found herself getting hungry, and soon found a berry bush. She sniffed, they smelt good, they didn't smell poisonous. "Well, I guess I got to chance it.." she jumped off the ground to reach the rather high berries. "Woah.. this is fun,I can jump really high.." she grabbed some berries, and put them on the ground. She repeated this process, long after the berries that she could reach were gone.

Nikki scooped the berries off the ground and held them in her arm. She continued on through the forest with a sense of pride. "This life ain't half bad.. I am all alone.." then she grew a bit sadder. "B-but Calin is gone.." She sat down on a stump to mope for a while. She ate a couple of berries, then just let them drop to earth. "Well, we were both at the lab, maybe he is somewhere nearby.. all I have to do is meet up with someone who looks like me.." she got up a new smile on her face,it quickly faded though.

October 19th, 2008, 5:44 PM
Lol... For some semi-new people... You guys sure are detailed... XD Okay... time to get cracking... Uh... and is it me or is part of the story/plot missing?

Name: Zephyr Mornstar
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Larvitar... I can't help myself for going for the to-be strong Pokemon... XD
Zephyr stands a good 5 feet and 1 inch making her average in height compared to other girls. Her attire is a simple sleeveless black shirt with double white line designs around the collar and sleeveless arm. She also wears a pair of tan cargo pants with a white cloth-like belt that hangs somewhat loosely and white and black running shoes with white socks. Her three measurements are of an average girls' (I don't even know the average hehehe...) Zephyr also likes to wear her brown hair in a rising ponytail rather than a downwards way with a light blue ribbon and her amber eyes are but an inheritance from her beautiful mother.

Zephyr's Larvitar appearance is the same as any with just a few unique changes. Her armored body is more of a yellow green color closely resembling a shiny but not and the holes on her sides are a comma shape rather than a diamond. Her height is also shorter than a regular Larvitar putting her at 1 feet and 8 inches high.
Zephyr is a bit on the tomboyish side and almost no one has seen her feminine side except her mother, father, and little sister. However, she still does the usual female grooming like any other normal girl. She can be overreaching sometimes but knows well her limit. Zephyr can be complicated when it comes to boys though. She isn't into boys as much and strives to be a good role model for her sister. Zephyr abhors her sister's pranks even if they are only to catch her attention. She is tenacious and hates losing which developed her "Never give up!" motto. She does have some trouble with her sense of direction making her not much of a leader.
Zephyr comes from a family of four comprising of herself, her mother, father and younger sister. They led a normal and stable life in the city. Zephyr and her sister would attend school while their parents work a morning shift and then when Zephyr comes from school with her sister, Fuuko, they'd clean the house and prepare dinner... or rather lunch according to their parents odd track of time. Life there was happy but the three would have trouble being able to make Zephyr have an interest in boys. They had a devious plan for the upcoming day but little did they know, Zephyr had overheard the little plan. The next morning, Zephyr attended school as usual and after school she made her usual route home. Along the way, Zephyr's bag gets snatched by a young man and he starts to sprint off with Zephyr running after him. The man tries to escape his tracker by running into a laboratory of some sort. She loses track of the man inside the dark, chilly building and decides to sneak around. Some strange noises prompt her to cautiously make her way towards the source. Zephyr mistakenly stumbles upon the strange man only to be engulfed by blinding white lights. Little did she know... the mess her family had gotten her into... she will never see them again... perhaps. (I added a twist of NOT having some friends there... heheh if that's okay...)
Other: My sense of Sinnoh is terrible since I have not played it yet... so yeah...
Region: Uh... I think this doesn't matter anymore... XD
RP Sample: Errr.... XDD
Zephyr felt like she was in a prison of eternal darkness... but not until it's interrupted by a soft breeze brushing off her arms and legs. She slowly opened her heavy eyelids and finds herself on her left cheek staring at some blades of grass. Some dirt had also managed to get into her mouth while she inhaled causing some strange sensations throughout her body for the indescribably good taste of dirt. However, a fuzzy fog floated around inside her head as she groans and reflects on the current events.

"W-what the heck happened...? And where's my bag...?" Zephyr mumbled to herself. She then summoned all the strength she had to pull herself off the ground and stood wobbly upright looking around her surroundings. Everything seemed larger to her... Much larger in fact. Zephyr glanced around and finds a nearby pond with a beautiful scene of a mirror reflecting the sunlight. Sticking her head out to douse herself with some refreshing water, she stops and stares at the nerve wracking face staring back at her.

"AHHHH! What the?!" Zephyr screams out with disbelief. She had somehow turned into a small armored creature... but how?

Zephyr decides to wander about through the forest around her. She ruffles through some bushes which made tiny cuts which she barely noticed and waits to see if she would be able to find any other creatures nearby...
Hm... I'll throw in some more if need... I'm half asleep thanks to staying up during the EARLY morning... I need a nap soon...

Nidoking OriginGiratina
October 19th, 2008, 5:47 PM
Name: Ava Dahir

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Species: Togepi

Appearance: As a human, Ava has white hair that stretches just beyond her shoulders. Her hair reminds you of a fresh dawn. Ava wears a pointed hat that is colored white with a dark grey Poké Ball design on the center-front. The hat sags backward a bit at the top. Ava's face is round and flat. Her eyes are large and innocent, shimmering sky blue. Her nose is small and delicate. Perched atop it is a pair of large, round glasses with black rims. She is about five feet tall, slightly less, and has a slim build to her body. She wears a midnight-blue shirt, and it's easy to expect stars to glimmer from it at any time. The shirt has short sleeves, almost sleeveless, exposing Ava's long arms. Her shirt goes down past her waist slightly, and she receives many comments on how it's too long. She wears khaki jeans, with legs that reach halfway down her shins. Her feet are equipped with tightly laced running shoes, clean and pure white.

As a Pokemon, she has more white on her shell than the average Togepi.

Personality: Ava is cautious. She carefully examines a problem before jumping into it. She pinpoints the advantageous spots and uses them to excel. Despite this, she overlooks at least one thing about half of the time. She can be nervous at times, hiding from new people. However, she's usually warm and welcoming, friendly towards anyone who is friendly back. No matter who, Ava doesn't turn her back on people who need her help. She's easily concerned about others, and when she is, she is constantly asking about the person. Ava is bright and happy, but can get tired easily if she thinks she's doing the wrong thing. She liked to sketch in her sketchbook before she got into this. She drew about 75% of the time, some of it being when she wasn't supposed to...

History: Ava lived in Michigan when she was young. Her parents were kind and hospitable, but careful not to spoil her. When Ava was 8, she instantly was hooked into drawing the moment she set her eyes on that cool sketchbook. When she was 11, she started seeing not as well as before, and received some glasses. She was afraid to wear them at first, but then thought that they were naturally part of her personality. Her older sister started calling her an owl, but Ava didn't mind. She usually just ignored it. Her friends at school were envious of her, saying that she looked nicer with glasses than without.

Not long ago, Ava won a drawing contest and obtained four free tickets to a concert. With her friends and one leftover ticket, she urged the group into the back row so they wouldn't blast their ears on the front row. However, her friends slowly lured Ava more toward the middle so they could hear better. When Ava spotted the lab, she persuaded her friends to investigate. They sneaked towards it, and were fascinated by the lights. That's when she got into this mess; she can't remember much before this.

Other: None

Rp Sample:

Pure black.
There was no way Ava could see. How would she get back to the world where was she supposed to be?
Ah, there it was. Light. So refreshing. Was there more? Of course there was, silly. How could Ava be so foolish as to only think there was a bit of light in the world?
Slowly, more light came. Ava could see completely.
Wait a minute. Where was she? Why was there so much light? Ava didn't recognize any of her surroundings. After all, she had just woken up. Wait, woken up? No wonder it was dark. She hadn't opened her eyes. Ava mentally kicked herself.
She looked to one side, and then the other. The trees weren't distinguishable as to what kind they were. There were strange things all around her, and she didn't know what to do.
Ava put her hand to her head. It didn't reach up. She had long arms! How could this be?
She finally got the sense to look at her hands. They were tan-white and stubby, with dull points instead of fingers. Her body was round and white, with rounded triangles in random places. Some were red, some where blue. Her torso looked somewhat like a short egg. Her feet were attached to the bottom of her torso, with no completely visible legs to hold them. Ava's feet were long with two toes, somewhat like a paw. What was this?
She jumped up from her sitting position and ran around, screaming. Her shouts were strangely high-pitched, but she didn't care. She just wanted to know what the heck was going on with her.

October 19th, 2008, 5:56 PM
Kalec – Ponyta

A great many curse words flooded through Kalec’s mind as he slowly came too. Some of which hadn’t been used since living with his—hopefully comatose—uncle; and that was saying something. His head seemed to be spinning at a million miles per hour and he was very glad to be lying on the ground, or he would have promptly fallen there. With his head spinning like it was he didn’t notice that his body didn’t feel quite right. His forearms were longer then they should have been and he seemed to be unable to move his fingers. Since he wasn’t thinking quite straight (and he was right pissed at that seriously disturbed old man) he imagined doing rather inappropriate things to the senior involving leather, locks and peacock feathers.

When his head slowed down to a couple of miles per hour he blearily opened his eyes. There was a prevalence of green to either side of his face which he slowly recognized as grass. His face felt too long though. By the light it seemed to be around mid-day. Although…his eyes didn’t seem to be working properly; he couldn’t see in front of him but out to the side was the blurry image of a healthy green forest.

‘Did the koot hit me round the head or something?’’ He questioned; blinking slowly, ‘Did that creepazoid have us out all night? And where’d the bleep did this forest come from?’’ With no answers forthcoming he waited until his eyes finally agreed to focus.

On a far to long neck he lifted his head and promptly noticed three things.

For a couple of feet in front of him and a slightly wider area behind him he couldn’t’ see but otherwise he had 360 degree vision. That view showed him to be in a small clearing full of grass with trees surrounding it as far as he could see.

The human body was incapable of lifting its head this high while still lying down without some serious gymnastic training. Of which Kalec had none.

And he seemed to be on fire.

With an undignified yelp (which honestly sounded more like an equine squeal) he lurched sideways and tried desperately to put out the flames by rolling. But the more terrified he got, the bigger the flames grew until the ground around him was scorched.

He gave up rolling and tried to get to his feet but they didn’t seem to want to hold him. His legs felt all funny like his knees were substantially shorter then they should be and his legs seem to have gained an extra joint that bent backwards. Not to mention his arms seemed to have nearly lost the elbow and his inflexible wrists was attached to extremely long, stiff hands.

He overbalanced with this confusing jumble of body parts that no longer made sense and crashed to the earth. Trembling he just lay there on his side, trying to make sense of what was going on and wondering what the heck had happened to him.

When he had gathered his jumbled thoughts back together he lifted his head and looked over his body. Parts were still on fire but he gritted his teeth, fighting down another freak out and just stared at himself. It was impossible but somehow he had ended up in the body of a small pony whose mane and tail seemed to be on fire. And not normal fire, but blue flames flickered upwards from his tail. Now that he wasn’t terrified they weren’t burning anything either, just….there.

“Aye…this is making more sense by the minute.” He joked, trying to calm himself down even more.

Now that he realized he had somehow inhabited the body of a fire-pony he pitched himself up into a sitting position before lifting his hind quarters off the ground. Turning his head he looked over himself once more. He noticed he had a long jagged scar down his left hip. In his human body he certainly didn’t have one there so he figured he must be somehow ‘borrowing’ this creature’s body.

“Right bloody impossible this is.” He muttered, flicking his new tail. He was still trembling (though he was trying to fight it) but faced forward and tentatively took a few steps. Remembering how the horses walked he emulated them (walking about his burnt clearing) until it felt natural.

Stopping in the centre he gave a huge sigh and shook himself vigorously. He nearly fell over again but with some scrambling stayed on his feet. Gulping, he wondered again how he had ended up like this.

It was then he heard the faint yelling of someone over the rustling of the trees. He flicked his ears forward (another weird sensation he’d have to get used to) and made out what sounded like his name. He paced forward, cautiously breaking into a trot. It was mostly like jogging, just with his hands on the ground, so he quickly made his way forward around the trees until he broke into a clearing. There was a small brown and cream fox there and a large rodent that looked oddly like a beaver without a tail. The fox was backing away from the beaver-thing, looking quite alarmed.

“Eum…someone call my name?” he asked, looking between the two.

October 20th, 2008, 2:48 AM
Joseph as a Duskull

The night has come, and the cool, chilly wind entered through his two sockets. Shuppet also seemed lively, well, he IS a ghost...

Travelling almost at the speed of light, the leaves of the trees flying in the wind that they passed.

The truth is, Joseph doesn't know exactly where he and Shuppet were going, but it was hard to stop and ask--the wind felt lively!
Then Joseph realized, these were one of the greatest things he ever experienced in his life.

"Joseph! We're here!"

"Um, where IS here exactly?" asked he in his reluctant tone

"We are..." Shuppet could hardly control himself "In a graveyard! Of other Pokemon!"

'Pokemon? what's that? A new species of mammal?' thought Joseph rather blankly

"My uncle Dusknoir lived here, but..." Shuppet looked at the ground "He isn;t here anymore...he had to do his job somehwere else..."

"Oh..." although it didn't seem like it, Joseph was listening very attentively.

"But since he isn't here, we could use his house during daytime!" shouted Shuppet abruptedly.
Ahead was a small shack, which looked very old, and seemed like no one ever bothered to clean it up. The gravestones around it blended in with the vibes that the shack emnated, but to Joseph, it seemed like a good thing.

Shuppet went inside first, then Joseph tried to open the doorknob, which he realized he couldn't do anymore.

"Don't just drift there! Go inside! You're a Duskull! Can't you just levitate through the walls? C'mon, I have to show you something!" said Shuppet angrily

It was true, of course he couldn't feel the doorknob, he wasnt human anymore. he was a small Reaper-like creature that could walk through walls.

Inside the shack was a scorched wooden interior, webs from strange green spiders that had smiley faces on their abdomen. There was a fireplace, and a table where some objects rested.

Shuppet showed first the pictureframe.

"This is a picture of a 'spun' and a 'firk' which my uncle got from his travels when he was a Dusclops."


Shuppet showed next the locket...

"And this is a 'luckit' that my aunt Froslass got when she was a young Snorunt..."


Then she showed next the black object on the table.

"And this is called a...er...a 'kumerah'...yeah, that;s it! A kumerah!"

"Uh-huh" this time, all along, Joseph wasn't listening...

"I think my uncle said they all came from...uh...'hummans' I think..."

Joseph's big red eye bolted. Did Shuppet really mean 'hummans' or 'humans'?
But he never bothered to ask...

Gumshoe Satyr
October 20th, 2008, 4:58 AM
OOC: Uzumaki_Naruto and Nidoking OriginGiratina- I was having trouble with my computer last night when you guys signed up so please look at the corrected plot post and let me know when you're ready to have me look at your SUs.

Everyone who has posted so far is doing a good job. Just go ahead and continue what your doing but remember that we all need to meet up with each other eventually so start thinking of ways for that to happen

IC: Just as the beaver-like creature was about to speak, a flaming horse trotted up to them. “Eum…someone call my name?” he asked, looking between the two. Calin was so startled that he didn't notice the other animal starting to walk away until he was several feet away.

"Wait! I've got a million questions to ask you!" He tried to run after him, but tripped over his feet and landed hard. For a few minutes the beaver-like creature turned around and looked at both him and the pony in turn saying, "Sorry, kid. I've got a motto that say's when things start getting weird, it's time to hit the road and seeing both a wild Eevee and Ponyta definitely count as weird. With a flick of his short tail, he disappeared through some dense bushes.

Picking himself off the ground and sitting down, Calin looked down at his paws, thinking. An Eevee? Is that what I am? Then, I guess the other thing is called a Ponyta.... He said that I called out his name. Could I have found one of my friends? Which one though?....

I'm Calin," he finally said, "I guess I might've called your name because I'm looking for my friends. Hopefully you're one of them.... If you are than you shouldn't find this question strange, but did you use to be human?" With his tail twitching like a cat's he waited for the Ponyta to answer. Ok.... why is my tail twitching? Almost like this body has a mind of its own sometimes.... This is so weird.

October 20th, 2008, 6:55 AM
-Gale~Eevee- (Gale's POV only for the beginning post)

"My head. Oh, my achin' head..." I moaned, getting up from what seemed to be a VERY deep sleep. I looked around, and everything seemed...bigger. Was I still asleep? No, that couldn't be right. I don't think anyone could feel pain in their sleep. Growl... Grumble... Gurgle-spoit... Ah, my stomach's grumbling. Better find some food.

Spotting some nearby berries (as berries help cure many things!), I began walking towards the berry bush, only to feel something dragging behind me. I spun around, nothing. It was just then that I realized I was walking like a baby would. I looked down at my feet, only they were BROWN. And they looked more like fox paws by the second. There was something big and bushy behind my paws; I'm assuming that's what was holding me up. Frightened, I ran over to the closest pond, and peered in.

"Ohmygod, what the heck happened to me??? I'm some sort of fox!!!" I exclaimed. I frantically pinched myself (as best I could; lousy paws!), tried ramming into a tree, etc. etc. But nothing. I was stuck as a fox-like creature.

Then I noticed the strange marking on my forehead from the reflection in the lake. It was diamond-shaped. But I guess that really didn't matter now, did it? It was already bizarre that I was in this form.

Then it hit me. The lab. The lab I entered, hoping for information. That's when I lost consciousness. That's when I woke up as this...creature in the middle of nowhere. It was the most possible assumption at the moment, unfortunately...

(Ergh. Would've posted this earlier, but was busy at school, so...)

October 20th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Niki was not even hungry after those few berries. Well, I guess being small has it's advantages.. She began hopping through the forest,it sounded like pip,pip, and would make a 'plopping' noise every so often. The sun was shining bright, the birds calling.Feels so soothing... she thought in complete awe. The forest was a bit confusing, but Niki just hopped around wildly. Rustleshakerustle The Buneary turned to see what the noise was and then heard some one say,"Stop it you bafoon, you are making it hard to sneak up on the Buneary." Then she heard a slapping sound.

"Who ever is there come out, Now" she demanded. No one came,"Don't make me go out and find you." Still no one came. "Alright, I will count to three, when I reach three you had better be out of those bushes.." she hopped a bit closer and began counting."One..." a few seconds passed,"Two.." Then the bush rustled some more and out came two more pokemon. "What the hell are you guys?" she asked him.

One of them spoke up,"Don't play dumb with us, you stupid Buneary..you know very well what we are, it is you kind of people who make the boss sick, you kind of people I tell ya' it would be in your best int-" he was cut off by his 'boss' clamping a hand on his mouth.

He turned to his underling and whispered,"Shut it you." Then he returned his attention back to Niki. "What, my friend here was trying to say," he laughed a bit trying to make himself sound unsuspicious,"I am,well my name is..." he didn't know what his name was, everyone just called him boss. "As, I was saying his name is Larry, what is yours lovely lady?" he asked.

"First of all do not call me lovely lady!" she yelled at him. "Second of all, my name is Niki, and what the hell are you guys? They look like a bunch of monkeys! she exclaimed in her head. That is exactly what they were, a Primeape and a Mankey.

"Oh, Oh what are we?" the boss stammered. "I am a Primeape, and he is a Mankey..."

"OK, well what am I?"

"You? A Buneary silly.." the boss said wondering why she had asked.

"A Buneary?" Niki asked

"Yeah, a pokemon like the twoz of uz.." the boss explained, pointing at him and his friend."Why-a don't cha memba?" he said, completly changing his 'accent'

"Well, I all remember is the lab.. and that weird guy, and those animals... and C-calin..."

"Who-a is the Calin?" he asked, continuing with the fake accent.

"Only the coolest guy ever.." she told him.

"Oh, so he wouldn't mind if we borrowed ya for a few seconds would he?"

"W-what do you-" she was cut off by the bag-like structure placed over head. "Let, me go" she screamed, not knowing if she was heard. The pokemon began to lift her up, so she began kicking wildly, then heard one yell Ow. That one was the boss.

"She is one heck of a fighta'" he said to himself."Hey, uh do ya wanna run? I know we could take her, but it is against the gentle men code.." he told his underling, not wanting to sound afraid.

"Yeah, lets go.." agreed the mankey, and the two ran off.

"Gentle man code..pfft kidnapping isn't against the gentle man code?" she said quietly to herself. She stayed in the place, until she was sure that the two were gone. "Finally, I think I am going to take a nap.." she found a nice,grassy place and curled up falling asleep.

October 20th, 2008, 2:20 PM
Breathe Bianca, Breathe. Think calm unnerving thoughts. The girl turned cat paused for a moment and blinked after she inhaled and exhaled a couple of times "Calm and unnerving!" She shouted clutching at her now triangular cat ears "How the hell can I be calm when I wake up in the body of a cat!" Bianca was hysterical, she began pacing back and forth in front of the stream, a habit of hers when she gets a bit jumpy, she begins to pace. "This is not good, why am I a cat, why am I like this.... I mean I like adventures and twists and stuff but this is just too much!" she growled out as her claws involuntarily flexed and Bianca jumped slightly, it felt like her nails just grew, stopping with her pacing Bianca sat back on her haunches like she saw most cat's do and glanced at her paw, which now had three claws protruding from it.

She flexed her paw, much like she would as though she were squeezing something and the nails extended slightly. How weird. "Umm how the heck do I retract these things" she murmured. Maybe I have to calm myself. Bianca took a deep breath and exhaled, and the claws retracted back into her paw. I still can't believe I'm a cat. She thought with a slight frown as she gazed along the bank of the stream. I'm kinda thirsty. Smacking her lips Bianca padded over towards the stream, bending her head down to lap up the water "This still feels weird" she murmured to herself, lifting her head slightly after she'd finished drinking.

So now what do I do?

Bianca sighed as she placed her front paws forward and rested her head on them, watching the stream idly, it was so empty in this area. I wonder If there is anyone like me. As soon as she thought that, a slight rustling noise caught her attention lifting her head to glance backwards and a flash of brown caught her eye. A raccoon like animal was staring at her... out of fear? Why's it just standing there. Bianca wondered blinking at the raccoon. This raccoon-like animal had a mixture of dark and light brown fur with zigzag patterns running along its body, on its back was a large amount of strange peach looking fruits "Hey.... ummm what's wrong?"

“Hey, Meowth! You gotta get outta here, Shinx and his gang of bullies are coming this way!”

“Meowth. Shinx? What the heck are those?” The raccoon said nothing, but quickly ran towards the bushes and discarded the fruit and then turned to answer Bianca's question, but before the strange raccoon was able to reply, but was cut off when 3 different animals came charging through the bushes. One of the animals was a large, plump beaver like animal with brown fur covering most of his body, four plump legs, two small, round ears, and large front teeth, which were gnawing on a piece off wood at the moment the third animal was a tiny gray bird with dark wings and head, the most interesting thing that caught her eye however, was the white spot on its chest.

The last animal, who looked to be leader of the group, reminded Bianca of a lion cub, Its fur is mostly blue, yet there is black fur under its torso. It has a long black tail with a gold four-pointed star on the end. Its forelegs each have a gold ring around them, tts fur is mostly blue, yet there is black fur under its torso. It has a long black tail with a gold four-pointed star on the end. Its forelegs each have a gold ring around them. It also had large, oval ears with gold, star-like symbols on them and gold-pupiled eyes, and a pink-red nose, along with tiny tufts of hair that looked like a developing mane.

"What in the world!?"

"Toldja you wouldn't be able to hide Zigzagoon, now where'd you stash our berries" the Shinx sneered the Zigzagoon, the beaver and bird standing faithfully by his side that was hiding behind Bianca stammered out "I'm n-not telling y-you three nothing, those b-berries are mine!" the beaver stepped up this time "Lier, you stole those from us" while the bird added a "Yeah, you stole em" Their fighting.... over berries? Being the maternal person she is, Bianca stepped forward "Umm excuse me, but what in the world is going on!?" the Shinx blinked and stared at Bianca "What's a Meowth like you doing all the way out here?"

"Meowth?" she murmured blinking"Is that what this cat is called?" the bird nodded "Yeah, how do you not know what you are" Bianca brushed the bird's question off and asked another one "I'm sorry, for ignoring you birdy, but what are you guys? I mean I get that, that raccoon thing is a Zigzagoon and that Lion is Shinx... but what are you two called?"

"I'm a Starly, not Birdy! And that's Bidoof" Starly pointed to the beaver gnawing on a large piece of wood, he merely nodded "Alright, now what are you guys arguing about... maybe I can help?" This question seemed to bring the fire that died out in the Shinx out as he snarled at Zigzagoon "yeah, that thief stole our Pecha Berries and we want them back!" Bianca turned towards the Zigzagoon who was looking at Shinx with wide angry eyes eyes "I didn't steal anything! You took them from me and I was just taking them back!"

"Pecha Berry? You mean those peach looking things?" Shinx nodded furiously and glared at Zigzagoon "I knw you took em', now hand them over!" Shinx, Bidoof and Starly each took a menacing step forward towards the Zigzagoon and Bianca stood infront of the quivering Zigzagoon, giving the 3 a hard stare "Now wait a minute! I will not tolerate violence, especially if the problem can be solved in a calm and reasonable manner. Now tell me what's wrong! Zigzagoon, you first"

Shinx looked embarassed while Starly and Bidoof stared at the cat nervously "Well, I found this bush full of berries and I was gonna eat them but then Shinx came along and stole them from me!" Bianca looked at Shinx expectently "Is that true Shinx" Shinx coughed and looked away "Well, it might be kinda true" Bianca's eyes lowered slightly "So you're a bully" Shinx fell over while a bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face "N-no! I'm not... I was just hungry!"

Bianca shook her head and sighed "Zigzagoon, bring me the berries" Zigzaggon looked at Bianca skeptically, but she gave the racoon a warm smile "Just trust me" Zigzagoon nodded slightly and disappeared, comming back with a bunch of Pecha berries Bianca's slitted cat eyes glanced over the berries as she counted them out in her head "Okay, there are 12 berries in total and four of you, why not each of you get three, that way you will all have some berries and no one goes hungry and there will be no arguments about who took what" she explained to the group.

"That sounds..." Starly started

"Kinda..." Bidoof added

"Smart!" Shinx and Zigzagoon finished.

Bianca had to resist the urge to roll her eyes while she smiled. Its like they're little kids. "Thanks Meowth!" the group chimed as they each munched on their berries "My name is Bianca" she corrected "and your welcome... well I guess I should get going" I wonder if the others got turned into animals like me? "Hey Shinx" she called turning back slightly to look at the berry munching lion "Yeah" he replied swallowing his second berry "Umm, are we an endangered species or something, I've never seen animals like you before" Shinx laughed "You are one strange Meowth Bianca, don'tcha know that your a Pokémon"

Bianca blinked as she walked through the forest, one word occupied her mind.


Gumshoe Satyr
October 20th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Mika: Please change your SU because your character isn't from the Pokemon world so he shouldn't know anything about it. So get rid of the references to Blackthorn City, Mahogany Town, Ice Cave, Pikachu, etc.

Uzumaki: Yes, your RP sample is a little short, but I think I still got a pretty good idea of your writing skills from it. You're Accepted.

October 20th, 2008, 3:34 PM
Kalec - Ponyta

'Right, so wherever we are it is completely bonkers as we're the weird ones. Mind,' Kalec tilted his head to the right just slightly and saw his entire right-hand side. 'Perhaps flaming ponies, err... Ponyta, are not common even here.'

He shook his head and shut his eyes, thinking it would be a long time until he was used to his new type of vision. Not to mention the rest of him. 'Hopefully I won't have to though, if we can get the heck out of here.'

"I'm Calin" said the Eevee, interrupting his thoughts. He was still looking at his paws, probably just as confused as Kalec was. "I guess I might've called your name because I'm looking for my friends." He looked up then, his eyes showing his almost desperate need for some good news, "Hopefully you're one of them.... If you are than you shouldn't find this question strange, but did you use to be human?"

His tail twitched, like a cat's would, even though the rest of him was stone still. Kalec nodded, "Aye, it's me Kalec. Human may have been a tad excessive of a description, but this is ridiculous." He looked out over his back. "My arse seems to be... aflame."

OOC: Since him and Kalec are friends he's more open then he'd be with someone he doesn't know, hence the joking around. He hasn't told anyone his history though.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
October 20th, 2008, 3:48 PM
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October 20th, 2008, 4:16 PM
Sandra's eyes slid open. The world was a blur at first, but then, she began to focus, and contrast came through. But why was everything suddenly so huge? And how was she laying on her front, but standing at the same time? Speaking of standing, she twitched her feet a little bit. Instead of two, though, it felt like she had ten legs! She screamed, but it came out as a high-pitched squeak. Maybe she had just lost vocal cords overnight. But still, that wasn't natural. Her mouth also felt weird, and it felt like she had been sitting on a cactus. She had to stretch herself to look along her long body and at her rear. Her body was bright red, her belly gray, and as a matter of fact, she did have ten stubs of legs. But most startling, there were two spikes on her bottom.

Again, she screeched, but just as last time, it came out as a squeak. When she heard flapping overhead, instinct told her it wasn't a good sign. Finally, she dared to look up, and there was a giant, brown bird heading straight for her. Something came over her, and she uncontrollably stuck out her rear, feeling the spikes touch the bird. With a cry, it flew off, into a tall tree.

Sandra sighed with relief. Suddenly, a patch of green caught her eye. For some reason, her mouth began to water when she just stared at the bush. But she didn't eat leaves!

Or did she?

Maybe her new form liked eating leaves. She didn't know exactly what she was, but she would think while she had breakfast.

It was tiring, but she managed to slither over to the base of the bush and crawl up until she reached the first tender leaf. Cautiously, she put the tip in her mouth as if it were a lollipop. She was thinking about wincing, but it actually tasted good. Not so dirty-tasting as she had expected, but rather juicy and moist. Carefully, she cut a piece off by closing her mouth and began chewing on it, which helped her think.
She thought she should put the facts together first. Okay, so she was long, and had ten legs; a bird tried to eat her for lunch, and she thought leaves made a good meal....

Something came to her. She was some kind of caterpillar! Well, a caterpillar's life was simple; just eat until you're a cocoon, and become a moth or a butterfly. She hoped it was the latter; she liked butterflies a lot more than moths. But maybe, it wouldn't matter now.

Before long, she had eaten the whole leaf. Her belly was comfortably full, maybe even a little more than that. Instinct told her to either rest on this branch, or explore the ground.
She thought exploring sounded more fun. So, she slunk back down the trunk of the bush. She cautiously left its shelter as she emerged into the open. For some reason, though, she felt tense and unsafe out here, so she hid under the bush again. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to go outside. But she decided to go against instinct for once and explore outside. When she did, though, there was a huge creature that appeared to be on fire. It had big, black feet, and looked somewhat like a giant dog; a horse, maybe. As much as she would like to help, she was forced to flee as it rolled over. As it left, however, curiosity got the best of her, and she began silently following it. When it stopped, she hid in a bush nearby and watched with interest. She didn't know what it was doing, but maybe it wouldn't want to eat her for once.

October 20th, 2008, 4:43 PM

Walking around, the confused Gale noticed another fox-like creature over by the nearby woods. Only this fox was red and had five tails. It also looked a bit more...feminine, in Gale's opinion. Gale walked up to the creature and said, "What ARE you?"

"I'm a Rokon. Vulpix, if you prefer. You didn't know that?" the fox asked wearily.

"Do you know what I am?" Gale asked. The Rokon looked at Gale strangely.

"Are you testing me? Anyways, you're an Eievui, or Eevee." The Rokon continued to eye Gale strangely.

"An...Eievui? Is that a new breed of fox or something? And is Rokon also a new breed of fox?" Gale asked the confused Rokon.

"Um... I have no clue what you're talking about. We're Pocket Monsters. Say it with me. Pocketto, Monsutas. Get it now?" Still confused, Gale shook her head. The Rokon sighed.

"You're hopeless," she (you could tell by her voice) said to the distraught Gale. "Anyhow, what's up with that marking on your head?"

"I don't know. It was just there when I first looked in that pond over there." Gale raised one of her paws and poked it in the direction of the pond where she was near when she had waken up. The Rokon yawned, and Gale saw why. The sun was setting. Already? she thought, letting out a small yawn.

"Anyhow, strange Eievui, how about staying with me tonight?" It was an offer Gale couldn't refuse, especially since she had no idea where she was or what was to happen to her...

Gumshoe Satyr
October 20th, 2008, 5:07 PM
Nidoking: Ok, you're Accepted. I'm interested to see how you're going to do Togepi. Hope to see your first post soon!

Nidoking OriginGiratina
October 20th, 2008, 5:44 PM
Pure black.
There was no way Ava could see. How would she get back to the world where was she supposed to be?
Ah, there it was. Light. So refreshing. Was there more? Of course there was, silly. How could Ava be so foolish as to only think there was a bit of light in the world?
Slowly, more light came. Ava could see completely.
Wait a minute. Where was she? Why was there so much light? Ava didn't recognize any of her surroundings. After all, she had just woken up. Wait, woken up? No wonder it was dark. She hadn't opened her eyes. Ava mentally kicked herself.
She looked to one side, and then the other. The trees weren't distinguishable as to what kind they were. There were strange things all around her, and she didn't know what to do.
Ava put her hand to her head. It didn't reach up. She had long arms! How could this be?
She finally got the sense to look at her hands. They were tan-white and stubby, with dull points instead of fingers. Her body was round and white, with rounded triangles in random places. Some were red, some where blue. Her torso looked somewhat like a short egg. Her feet were attached to the bottom of her torso, with no completely visible legs to hold them. Ava's feet were long with two toes, somewhat like a paw. What was this?
She jumped up from her sitting position and ran around, screaming. Her shouts were strangely high-pitched, but she didn't care. She just wanted to know what the heck was going on with her.
Ava looked to her left, and saw two strange creatures. One looked like a floating cloak, the other one looked like a blue-gray tissue being held up by the head.
Ava wandered over to the two from behind. She squeaked and waved her hands. "Might you be able to help me out here?"

October 20th, 2008, 6:18 PM
"This walking on four legs thing ain't all that bad" Bianca mumbled to herself as she treaded through the unknown area. I just wish I knew where everyone else is, or what they've been turned into. The cat sighed as she walked "I still can't believe I have a tail" she glanced back at the slightly curled appendage as she willed it to waggle back and fourth "Haha that's kinda cute. Who knew having a tail could be so much fun!"

"Aye, it's me Kalec. Human may have been a tad excessive of a description, but this is ridiculous." Bianca's ears twitched slightly as she recognized the voice. Kalec!

"My arse seems to be... aflame."

Bianca snorted and stiffled a giggle "That's definitely him" she glanced at her surroundings as her ear twitched in every direction, glancing straight ahead "Maybe he's up there" Bianca shook her head and then nodded "Okay. I'm going!" she declared before running straight. Hey, I'm a pretty quick kitty! A grin slowly found its way to her face, too caught up in her thoughts to notice Bianca wound up crashing face first into the back of someone's leg, sending the girl falling onto her back.

Oh how she hated Inertia and its laws. Bianca held her nose less face(she just realized that and wondered how she was still able to smell) and groaned "Oh gosh. That's it I take back everything I said, being a cat sucks" It came out slightly nasally since she was still clutching her nose, which tingled abit "What the hell happened to us always landing on our feet!"

"And what the heck did I run into!" glancing up Bianca gulped when she saw a flaming horse behind and the poor girl shouted the first thing that came to mind "FIRE!"

October 20th, 2008, 6:31 PM
The Rokon led Gale to an area inhabited by many more of these strange...Pocket Monsters. Gale twinged at the thought of being called a "monster". She then noticed some others, and they seemed to be confused for some reason. Maybe they're like me, Gale thought.

"Those guys over here are lost too, apparently," the Rokon said to Gale. "Look, a Nyasu (or Meowth), and a Ponyta, and I think there was another Eievui around here, but he doesn't seem to be here at the moment. I think one of my pals found a Mimiroru (Buneary) too... Anyhow, they all seemed to be in the same state of confusion as you," the Rokon concluded. Gale looked over, and then to her other side. Varieties of puppy-like Pokemon were playing around. The Rokon noticed Gale's curious expression, and responded, "The reddish-orange one is a Gardie (Growlithe), the black one with white parts sticking out is a Deribiru (Houndour), and the wolf-like dog is Pochiena (Poochyena). They've been with me for forever." The Rokon sighed. "And hopefully you'll stay with us, correct? We don't really have many friends like your kind around..." Your kind? What does she mean by that? Gale thought.

"Um... Can I think about it?" Gale asked. The Rokon smiled.

"Sure! Of course you can! In the meantime, why don't you get something to eat?" Gale was pretty hungry. It was then she noticed a tree containing some berries. "Oh wow, how tasty-looking," Gale murmured. She then shook her head quickly. Wait! What am I saying? Those things are foreign! They could be dangerous for all I know!!!

"What's wrong?" the Rokon asked, noticing the grim look on Gale's face. Gale shook her head again, slowly this time.

"Oh, nothing. Guess I'll give them a shot." She plucked a berry from the tree with her mouth and took a small bite from it. It was the juiciest thing she had ever tasted since the beginning of time. She suddenly had a craving for more, and got more from the tree.

"Whoa, slow down. We don't want our berry supply disappearing quickly!" the Rokon exclaimed. But she couldn't help but smile at the delightful Eievui that suddenly came into her life.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 20th, 2008, 6:43 PM
Nodding, the Ponyta answered,"Aye, it's me Kalec. Human may have been a tad excessive of a description, but this is ridiculous." He looked out over his back. "My arse seems to be... aflame."

Feeling his whole body grow limp with relief, Calin smiled a little at his newly found friend. He'd been slightly intimidated by the fire pony's size and blue flames, but if it was Kalec, there was nothing to worry about. "So I'm guessing the flames don't hurt you. Everything just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Look at me. I look like a frickin' stuffed animal!" He waved his paw in front of his body in emphasis. "If we find any of the girls and one of them call me cute one time, I swear I'm going to scream!"

He fell into a sullen silence, his large ears pinned flat against his head. Calming down a bit, he added quietly, "I just don't know how this could of happened..... I remember the lab but after that nothing.... What should we do? What can we do?"

At that moment, what looked like a cream-colored cat crashed into one of Kale's back legs legs, landing on its back. Walking around Kalec to get a better look, Calin heard the cat groan, "Oh gosh. That's it I take back everything I said, being a cat sucks. What the hell happened to us always landing on our feet!"

Though the voice was strange and seemed slightly nasally, he thought he sensed something familiar about how the cat spoke but didn't know quite what it was. As she looked up at Kalec, she added, "And what the heck did I run into!" Seeing the blue flames on his behind, she yelled, "FIRE!", making Calin jump a bit in surprise. She definitely hasn't seen a Ponyta before, and she called herself a cat. Could it be? This voice is different, but other than that it sounds just like Bianca.

Taking a chance, he ran up to the cat and tried to calm her down. "It's ok! It's ok! That's the way he's supposed to be! Bianca, is it really you? It's Calin." He studied her face, looking for some kind of reaction.

OOC: Yashi did her post just as I was doing mine so I had to add to mine a bit.

October 20th, 2008, 6:53 PM
"Kerekku? Bianka? Kerin?" Rokon pointed to the three. "The Ponyta is Kerekku, the Nyasu is Bianka, and the other Eievui is Kerin. Speaking of which, what's your name?"

"Gale. Gale Hana," Gale answered softly.

"Geru? Interesting name," Rokon responded with a slight giggle. "Oh, and you can just call me Roko. It's much easier for me." She smiled again, then ran over to play with the Gardie.

"Those three seem to know each other..." Gale muttered, looking at the three Roko had named. "Translating Roko's accent, they're Kalec, Bianca, and Calin. Hmm. Well, their names have nothing to do with their species, so maybe they are like me..." Gale sighed. "It'd be nice not to be the only human here. In this world of 'Poketto Mansutazu'..." She noticed Roko was sleepy-looking. "Well, I bet Roko's been through a tough day. I haven't physically, but mentally..." Gale yawned. "I should hit the sack soon..."

October 20th, 2008, 7:00 PM
Azure stared in shock of the rocky monster (Golem). The creature glared at her with a look of hatred.

"Ah....A....Ahh!" Azure screamed loudly as she began to run away from the beast. To her dismay, the monster was chasing after her! She looked back at it. It's arms and legs were back inside of it now, and it was rolling down after her!

Azure couldn't run fast or well enough. She kept falling over and tripping. But all of a sudden, she felt a flash of strength jolt through her primate spine. It was like focusing all of her energy! The monster kept tumbling down. Azure, with a boosted strength, began to run like the wind! Not in a human way, but with hands first like a monkey!

"Whoa! Whoa! I, I can run! Whoa!" She dashed faster and faster. But so did the monster. It was catching up. Closer and closer it came. And now Azure's short burst of energy was fading and in a last-chance effort to ditch the rock monster, she dived behind a tree. The monster kept rolling and hit the tree with such force, it flung Azure to the edge of a cliff! "Agh, no!" She cried in pain. The monster walked slowy to her and knocked her of the cliff. Azure had fell in the sandy shores of a beach. But was soundly knocked out.

Before she was knocked out, Azure had wondered, "why of all things, did this have to happen to me?"

October 20th, 2008, 7:30 PM
I'd like to reserve myself as a Leafeon plz.

October 20th, 2008, 10:23 PM
OOC: I'm LATE! UWAH! Time to get cracking! Special entrance of one of people's favorite pokemon! Hahaha...

Zephyr still hung around her bush she had settled in and observed the forest before her. There were vast amounts of trees as far as her eyes could see and she knew full well that she was no longer in the city. The feeling of loneliness out in a weird place started to edge into her spine.

Some rustling noise came from the bushes just behind her making her feel uneasy. Zephyr eyed the bush to see what would emerge. Were there going to be more creatures that look like her? Or was it just her imagination? A yellow tail popped out partially from the bush and that confused Zephyr greatly. Then a creature started to emerge from the thicket and was sniffing at the ground. It was a yellow mouse looking like creature with two patches of red on it's cheeks and it's tail was a thunderbolt shape. Zephyr focused looking at it so hard that she didn't see the large rock beneath her feet and tripped on it when she was edging closer to it. She flipped over and out of the bush landing flat on her back right in front of the yellow mouse.

"Hahahaha! Hahaha... Hehehehe..." The yellow mouse laughed so hard after seeing the full scenario unfold before it. Then the mouse started to walk over to Zephyr and helped her up.

"You are one clumsy Larvitar..." It said in a voice Zephyr had trouble identifying as female or male.

"Larvitar? Is that what I am?" Zephyr asked curiously.

"My.... you don't even know what you are? Hahahaha... Oh I'm so sorry. My name is Volt. I'm a... what am I again?" The mouse said with a straight clueless face.

"Uh... I don't know... I've never seen your kind before..." Zephyr stated and Volt almost bursted out laughing again.

"I was just kidding. You really have no clue as to what you are or what I am do you? Well, I'm a Pikachu and an Electric type Pokemon. And you my friend are a Larvitar of the dual types Rock and Ground... We are just some of the Pokemon around this part of the forest." Volt explained trying to sound knowledgable. Zephyr tried to register all the information into her brain but still she didn't know what the yellow mouse meant.

"Okay... I'm a Larvitar... whatever that is... and you're an electric Pikachu...? and we're both... Pokemon? Does that mean you can use electricity? And are you boy or a girl?" Zephyr asked consecutively and made Volt laugh yet again.

"It's so much to put into words... Yes I can use electricity... and I'm a boy... Wait, what does that have to do with anything?" Volt was starting to like his new friend. "I'd like to ask you the same last question."

"I'm a girl of course, mind you. My name is Zephyr." Volt smiled at the odd name for a Larvitar and gave Zephyr a thumbs up sign. "Anyways... Are there any uh... humans around here?" Zephyr was curious if she was the only erm... human in a Pokemon's body.

"What's a human?" Volt asked tilting his head to one side. "I've heard of them but I've never seen one."

"Nevermind I asked." Zephyr was going to get nowhere if this... Pikachu didn't know anything about humans as to her not knowing anything about... Pokemon. She sighed and looked at the cheerful Volt with much distress.

"I think I'll uh... Take a walk." Zephyr said to Volt.

"Mind if I tag along? I know this place very good and you might get lost in here." Volt was eager not to let this interesting Larvitar run off somewhere. Zephyr sighs and nods to Volt who quickly joins her side. She didn't know where she was and this Volt might be useful.

"I'll introduce you to some of my friends. They'll be happy to meet someone like you." Volt patted Zephyr on the back but she wasn't very excited.

"I hope they aren't as weird as you..." Zephyr laughed weakly.
Edited- I found some typos in there... Hahaha... writing in the dark is fun! And I also didn't know if there were actually trainers so... yeah... XD

October 21st, 2008, 2:05 AM
I'd like to reserve a su, please. I'll hopefully have it up tomorrow.

October 21st, 2008, 3:23 AM
I'd like to reserve myself as a Leafeon plz.

(She only accepts FIRST stage. And besides, the Eevee position is already taken by me, since she allowed one other person to play as Eevee. But I could be wrong... Sorry to take charge, namora, but... |X)

"Geru!" Roko called. "Come over here! We've found some yummy berries for you!!!" Gale groaned at the name, even though she knew Roko was like that. Gale calmly walked over, where five berries were placed out. One looked like a peach, another look like a cherry, one looked like a citrus fruit, one looked like a plum, and one looked like an apple. But they were all discolored. Gale sighed.

"What's wrong? Roko asked. Her friends (who she called Gardi, Deri, and Pochi) were all looking at Gale with confused expressions. "They're only Pecha, Cheri, Sitrus, Lum, and Leppa berries..." Since when were some of these fruits berries? Oh right, I guess they have special food of their own in the Pocket Monster world... Gale thought. She calmly walked up to the peach-like berry and took a small bite out of it. Whoa, this tastes just like a peach! Gale merrily thought, finishing it. As for the others, they all tasted good, except for the Cheri berry, but Gale didn't like cherries, so that was understandable.

"Hey, by any chance do you have any strawberry-like berries?" Gale asked. Roko looked at her with an odd expression.

"You mean a RAWST berry? Well, you see... A mean Buoysel (Buizel) took all of them from us, and we really can't do anything because we're...Fire Pocketto Mansutazu..."

"Fire Pocket Monsters?"

"And Buoysel's a Water type..." Rokon sighed.

"What type am I?"

"Boy, you're a strange one. You're Normal. Only weak against Fighting types..."

"Then I'll stop that Buoysel!" Gale exclaimed, her eyes all fiery.

"In that case, take Pochi with you. She has a bone to pick with that bully too!" Pochi nodded.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 21st, 2008, 3:58 AM
Bamachi: Pika's right on what she said, although I would've corrected you myself if I'd still been on at that time. I might eventually pick a co-moderator so that, hopefully, there'll almost always be someone to look over new posts, but I think I'll wait a little longer. You are Reserved until Thursdayfor any first stage Pokemon that hasn't been taken already, if you're still interested.

Goulerbot: Nice to see someone else that I've RPed with before. You are Reserved until Thursday (though you probably need to get it up as soon as possible.)

October 21st, 2008, 11:24 AM
Kalec - Ponyta

Turning his head back to Calin he saw him go limp with relief and give a wobbily smile, "So I'm guessing the flames don't hurt you. Everything just keeps getting weirder and weirder. Look at me. I look like a frickin' stuffed animal!" Calin waved a paw over his frame and Kalec smirked. "If we find any of the girls and one of them call me cute one time, I swear I'm going to scream!"

Kalec held back his grin as Calin fell into a surly silence, his ears pinned against his head. He was not a happy pussycat. Not that he looked like a cat but the saying fit. His ears lifted a bit in a few moments but his slouch looked more miserable, "I just don't know how this could of happened... I remember the lab but after that nothing.... What should we do? What can we do?"

'Damn good question' thought Kalec, quite unsure himself as he only remembered the same amount of information (well... minus the part where he tried to hit the guy...). Opening his mouth to give some kind of sarcastically-cheering reply, something crashed into his back legs.

Snorting in surprise he craned his head around to see just what it was. To his amazement it was a cat, or something quite similar. Calin walked around him to get a better look at the creature. Clutching her nose and groaning she said, "Oh gosh. That's it I take back everything I said, being a cat sucks. What the hell happened to us always landing on our feet!"

'Eh you didn't exactly fall...' Before he could reply, she continued talking, "And what the heck did I run into!" Kalec watched her look up and her throat bobbed as she gulped.


Kalec leaped forward in surprise at the outburst and to prevent her from trying to do anything. He landed and skittered around on his front legs to face the cat-thing. Amazingly he managed to keep his footing and noticed Calin was talking to her,

"It's ok! It's ok! That's the way he's supposed to be! Bianca, is it really you? It's Calin."

"Bianca?" He asked, cocking his head looking her up and down. "Well least your normal." he stated. It was then he heard some sort of noise in the bushes off to his left. Turning his head he flicked his ears ahead, listening intently. He snorted, and walked cautiously forward, sure he had heard something. "Eh if there's someone there come out. I don't think anyone here is carnivorous."

October 21st, 2008, 11:59 AM
"It's ok! It's ok! That's the way he's supposed to be! Bianca, is it really you? It's Calin." Bianca had barely caught onto his words as she was about to scream again, the girl turned cat blinked at the fox/cat looking animal "C-Calin.... is t-that you?" she whispered watching the animal nod, it had a bushy tail with a cream-colored tip, and a furry collar that was also cream-colored, along with brown eyes and big ears "Dude... your like super fuzzy and super cute!" she squealed, her fear forgotten and female instincts kicking.

Bianca wrapped her arms around Calin’s neck and hugged him tightly, rubbing her cheek against his own while she balanced on her hind legs, surprisingly she didn’t fall while she held him “You’re so adorable! I just wanna take you home and put you in my stuffed animal collection” after that mini episode, Bianca had let go of Calin, once she placed the boy back down she quickly stumbled and wound up sprawled on her stomach.

"Bianca?" Kalec asked, cocking his head looking her up and down. "Well least your normal." he stated. It was then he heard some sort of noise in the bushes off to his left. Turning his head he flicked his ears ahead, listening intently. He snorted, and walked cautiously forward, sure he had heard something. "Eh if there's someone there come out. I don't think anyone here is carnivorous."

"I don't think I'm carnivorous...." she murmured to herself before bursting into a fit of giggles “Hahaha I’m so glad I found someone I know!” she rolled over giddily and went to sit back on her haunches while she glanced at both Calin and Kalec “So what Pokémon did you guys get turned into? I’m a Meowth, a cat Pokémon apparently” she told them both, with a wave of her tan colored cat paw and twitch of her ears and tail for emphasis.

October 21st, 2008, 12:42 PM
"They definitely seem to know each other. Roko, any chance I could get acquainted with them before I leave with Pochi?" Roko thought it over, then replied, "I guess so. But to be honest, none of us know anything about them whatsoever..." She sighed. "They just seem to be too attached to each other to notice us. Then again, we're outcasts, which would be why we aren't noticed much..." She drooped her head, and Gale gained a sad look in her face. She walked over to the three creatures.

"Hello. I'm Gale," she said to the three, trying to start up a conversation. "One of you is a Nyasu, one is a Ponyta, and one is an Eievui like me, correct?" She continued. "And you, Nyasu, are Bianca; you, Ponyta, are Kalec; you, Eievui, are Calin, am I correct?" She noticed Roko watching from a distance. Soon, Gardi, Deri, and Pochi joined her.

"And those guys over there," Gale put up one paw and pointed at the four, "are Roko, the Rokon, Deri, the Deribiru, Gardi, the Gardie, and Pochi, the Pochiena." Gale smiled, hoping they would recognize her as someone like herself.

October 21st, 2008, 3:02 PM
OOC: I think I'm going to speed things up and join you guys because I'm running out of things to think up of... XDD

Zephyr couldn't believe that she allowed Volt to join her... He was like a T.V. that wouldn't turn off but he did occasionally crack a joke or two that made Zephyr laugh. They had been wandering around for a while and Zephyr was beginning to think they were lost regardless of what Volt said about him knowing the area.

"Where are we?" Zephyr asked giving Volt a cold stare.

"Hm... We're lost... Yep... We are TOTALLY lost... Hahaha...." Volt couldn't help himself and laughed loudly. Zephyr place a hand to her face and sighed. She should had figured that Volt didn't know what he was doing. Then she decided to take some action.

"Okay stop laughing Volt." Zephyr said loudly forcing the Pikachu to stop. "I want you to climb up that tree there," she pointed to a large tree with many branches near it's base trunk, "And do some scouting for me." Volt look a the tree and then to her nervously but Zephyr grabbed a large stone by her and started to throw it up and down ready to fling at him. Volt gulped and started his way up the tree jumping from branch to branch as he ascended higher up. After he thought he was high enough, Volt peered around the lower ground.

"I see a group of pokemon gathered over there." He pointed towards the direction they were at and Zephyr positioned herself so she was facing that way. " I see... a Ponyta... hrm... two Eevees... A Vulpix, Growlithe, Poochyena, Buneary, Meowth and Houndour... and some others..." Zephyr was yet bombarded with more weird names she had to figure out making her feel light-headed.

"Okay okay... Come down now." Zephyr watched as Volt was a frozen in place. She was surprised that the chatterbox Pikachu was afraid of heights but wasn't sure and decided to confirm her thoughts. "Don't tell me you're scared of heights?"

"W-who said I was afraid of heights..." Volt shouted back. Bingo. Zephyr stomped her foot as Volt made his way down slowly but surely. As he stepped on a branch that was near the base of the ground, it made a cracking sound. A second later the branch broke and Volt started plummeting downwards towards Zephyr.

"A-ahhh!" Both shouted together. Volt landed splat on top of Zephyr. Both were caught in a daze as they danced around for a good minute before shaking off the impact.

"Ugh... I hate heights... Oops..." Volt slipped. "But at least we can start going now that I've landed on the ground."

"You sure are troublesome, you know that?" Zephyr brushed off the excess dirt that had gotten on her. "Let's go." And with that they both walked towards the group of pokemon that Volt had saw earlier.

They passed through some thick bushes... It was more like a wave of bushes... There was no end to the large thickets. Zephyr started to run through the thick bushes with Volt following closely behind her. A good 5 minutes pass and the bushes began to clear up making Zephyr smile. And then suddenly... She tripped on a big stone beneath her feet sending her flying a few inches off the ground yet again and Volt did the same as well. Zephyr passed through the last bushes in midair along with Volt and landed once more on her back as she stares at the group of pokemon Volt had seen.

"Hahahaha... You did it again, Zephyr." Volt laughed while rubbing his back.

"Oh shush Volt." Zephyr was embarrassed that she tripped twice the same day over rocks.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 21st, 2008, 4:34 PM
Apparently hearing Calin's words, Bianca blinked at him and whispered, "C-Calin.... is t-that you?" After nodding and giving her a slight smile, she squealed "Dude... your like super fuzzy and super cute!", forgetting her initial fears. He was very happy to find her, but his smile faded at the words "super fuzzy" and "super cute." Ugh, I knew this was going to happen. At least Kalec looks cools with his fiery mane and tail.

As bad as the the first statement about his appearance was, the next was even worse. Before Calin even knew what was happening, Bianca stood up on her back legs and gave him atight hug around the neck, rubbing her cheek against his while saying, You’re so adorable! I just wanna take you home and put you in my stuffed animal collection!”

Blushing and trying to wiggle out of her grasp, he whispered pleadingly, "C'mon, Bianca. Kalec is watching.... You're squeezing me too hard..." Over her shoulder, he shot Kalec a don't-you-dare-laugh look. Fortunately, it wasn't long until Bianca let him go, and then she lost her balance, sprawling onto her stomach.

"Bianca?" Kalec asked, cocking his head looking her up and down. "Well least you're normal." he stated. At that moment, Calin heard a noise coming from some bushes nearby, and in the corner of his eye, he saw Kalec flick his ears ahead, listening intently. Wonder what it could be... Apparently talking to whatever was making the noise, Kalec said, "Eh if there's someone there come out. I don't think anyone here is carnivorous."

Beside Calin, Bianca murmured, "I don't think I'm carnivorous...." she murmured to herself before bursting into a fit of giggles “Hahaha I’m so glad I found someone I know!” After rolling over and sitting on her haunches, she asked, “So what Pokémon did you guys get turned into? I’m a Meowth, a cat Pokémon apparently.” I guess she's not very concerned about whoever or whatever is in the bushes. For all she know, it could be a great, big dog thing that'll chase her up a tree! At that thought, Calin had to fight back a wave of laughter.

Before he could answer her question, another creature walked into the clearing, causing him to jump a bit in surprise. "Hello. I'm Gale," she said to the three. "One of you is a Nyasu, one is a Ponyta, and one is an Eievui like me, correct?" She continued. "And you, Nyasu, are Bianca; you, Ponyta, are Kalec; you, Eievui, are Calin, am I correct?" Eievui? Is that the same thing as an Eevee? Noticing a fox-like animal and three other strange creatures, she added, ""And those guys over there," Gale put up one paw and pointed at the four, "are Roko, the Rokon, Deri, the Deribiru, Gardi, the Gardie, and Pochi, the Pochiena."

"Whoa, another Eevee!" Calin yelped, his reaction delayed by the other Eevee's questions and stream of introductions. "Yeah, my name's Calin. Is Eievui another name for Eevee?" Just then a mouse-like creature and what looked sort of like a rock with arms, legs, and a horn fell into the clearing. Sitting on his hauches and shaking his head, Calin muttered, "Could this day possibly get any weirder?"

October 21st, 2008, 5:25 PM
"Huh. You don't have a diamond-shape mark on your forehead. Is it normal for other Eievui to have no mark on their forehead?" She noticed the cute dinosaur-like Pocketto Manzuta (OOC: Sorry; I LOVE Larvitar XD) that was with an electric mouse-like Pocketto Manzuta.

"Well, I think your mark is abnormal. And to answer your question, Kerin, 'Eevee' is another name for 'Eievui'," Roko said, suddenly behind Gale. "Oh, and Geru, that's a Yogirasu, or a 'Larvitar' as some call it... And the mouse critter is a Pikachu. Interesting names, huh?" Roko looked at Gale expectantly, as if waiting for her response.

"Cool... Oh, and what do you mean by 'weirder'?" Gale asked, her question now directed at the other Eievui. "Don't tell me...you were once human and you're now a Pocketto Manzuta like I am?" She was hoping this Eievui was just like her. The same went for the other critters she had encountered.

"OK... First off, 'human'? Is that like, your original species?" Roko asked.

"Yeah... Well anyway, I should get that Buoysel..."

"It would help..."

October 21st, 2008, 7:29 PM
(OOC:We should all meet up pretty soon and then start travelin together)

IC:Niki woke up from her short nap, and stretched. "Ah, that felt so good..." she yawned. The forest was so quiet,really peaceful. It felt really tranquil, it just made her want to live like this forever. Soon, she came upon a large group of other creatures like her;they were quite far away. She didn't want the same incident as she had with the monkey pokemon. Well they could be good, guess I'll take the chance.. She moved up on hop, still no one heard her. Another hop, still no one noticed her. Hop! Hop! Hop! Hop! Crunch! Oh.. man.. that was bad Some of the creatures turned their heads, others did not. Niki just got closer and said,"Hi,do you guys well... I don't know how to put this.... hm... maybe...no.." it took a while before she realized that she was thinking out loud. "Well, do you guys remember anything about a concert? or lab?"she thought it came out wrong.

(OOC: Sorry, not much to roleplay on...)

October 22nd, 2008, 2:06 AM
Name: Maverick (Only people who are in Pokemon: Hybrid chronicles will recognise the name, and besides, another world, another Maverick, right? Thinking in parallel universe sort of thing…)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Treecko
Appearance: As a pokemon, well, he’s pretty much an average Treecko in appearance, with a slight difference. He’s about 5 centimetres above average height for a Treecko.

As a human, he stands at 155 cms tall, and has brown hair. His skin is rather pale and his hair is long enough that it’s hard to see his ears. As for clothes, Maverick wears a red shirt, some faded denim jeans, and a blue jacket with a picture of a pair of piercing red eyes.
Personality: Maverick is a very cautious sort of person, and will always think things through before doing them. Speaking of thinking, he’s pretty average in knowledge, not really specialising in anything in particular. He’ll need a lot of convincing to do something that’s out of his reason, and that’s quite a lot. In other words, though he’s cautious, he’s quite stubborn.

While he won’t start any battles, if something attacks him, you could bet a million dollars on his retaliation without losing a cent. (A scent if you’re a Growlithe) Apart from these flaws, he’s usually quite and optimistic person. You just need to offer him something good.
History: From a young age, Maverick exhibited an optimistic touch, one that could almost never be broken. He was educated rather strictly, with his knowledge being shared out between various areas. (You could almost call it an EV training of sorts, if you’re that much of a pokemon fan) This was limiting, as when he lingered behind in other subjects, such as, say, maths, he would stop doing everything else just to catch up. This was insisted to his teacher at school every year, and it took a while for this to happen.

As such, he was the perfect person to play a prank on, or so his prankers thought. In fact, right before the crucial moment of such a prank that involved a thumbtack on his chair, he saw the thumbtack, picked it up, looked at it and flicked it away. Though such things were easy for him to take care of, he would refuse to do something such similar unless a sort of reward was there. He figured that as such he could always say that he was forced into it. Anyway, that sort of explains what happened at the concert. He wouldn’t have gone if hadn’t been offered an incentive of some sort, and the first thing he’s gonna do when he finds out where his friends are is say, “So, you call this a reward?”
Region: No need for this anymore, but if it was still do-able I would have gone Hoenn.
Rp Sample: (From the very same Rp you referenced while accepting ShadowYashi, Pokemon: Hybrid Chronicles)

Maverick stood there, waiting for Ashley to reply. She had obviously been in deep thought, so Maverick decided not to interrupt her. After a while, she said,
"Maybe after I get something to eat, Mav. I didn't get any breakfast." Maverick considered this, and understood. He hadn’t had anything to eat, either. He decided that it was a reasonable statement. He spoke up, saying, “Yeah, I suppose your right. I didn’t have anything either, so maybe later. I’m gonna get some rest, to.” With that, he promptly headed off to his dorm without a thought. He lay down on his bed, thinking. “Ashley seemed surprised about how well I’m taking this...” he murmured. He tried to get to sleep, and about ten minutes later, he drifted off.

He was awoken after a while, in a rude fashion, with rude in this case being woken up by an extremely noisy Loudred hybrid. “GET UP, YOU! I DON’T MAKE ROUNDS OF THE THIRD FLOOR FOR NOTHING, YOU KNOW!” Maverick rolled over in his bed, and shoved his pillow over his head. He knew that painfully loud voice. The hybrid to whom it belonged normally made rounds of the third floor like this. Maverick had been puzzled when, a week ago, the hybrid stopped his routine. Those were some of the best days he’d had for months. Maverick dreaded the inevitable return of that Loudred hybrid.
“I’M WARNING YOU! YOU’RE GONNA MISS A CHANCE TO EAT IF YOU DON’T HURRY UP!” Maverick slowly turned over again, groaned, and said, “Maybe if you go away!” It was hard talking to this guy. He always assumed that he was talking normally, and everyone else was mumbling. “SORRY!? SPEAK UP A LITTLE! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” There he went again. “I said, I’ll do it if you leave me alone!” And when he wasn’t like he was acting now, he always said that everyone else was louder then him, which is of course nonsense. “FINE, FINE, I SUPPOSE I CAN LIVE WITH IT.” With that, the Loudred hybrid exited Maverick’s room. Maverick checked the time. “Hmmm… I suppose I could go look and see if there’s anything new around the place until the it’s time for dinner.” He mumbled to himself.

While wondering around the complex, Maverick found what appeared to be a poster. Hmm... A dome that’s meant to resemble the outside world… when it opens I better check for cameras. He continued walking, and stopped outside the door to the basement. Curiously, he heard voices, not just the usual scream. "So, this ones here for medical reasons as well?" A voice said. Maverick leaned in closer to the door. He could tell this was not ordinary. "Partially. It seems the treatment plan we had worked out for him failed. His body took the sudden loss of his paint and saw it as a problem, and focused most of his energy towards paint production. His body hasn't stopped though, and the overproduction is putting a massive strain on his artisan sack, which will ultimately lead to what we were trying to prevent." Hang on... paint!? That could mean only one thing…this is Jiro they’re talking about! But what exactly are they trying to prevent? "That’s not the only reason why he’s here though." The doctor continued, "His battle simulation records have been off the charts. The fact that he knows a wide array of moves from several different pokemon gives him quite a good deal of potential... sadly, he seems to lack the self-confidence to make good use of that potential. We were thinking of merging him with a more aggressive type of pokemon, to promote some offensive improvement. Pity too. He’s one of our most compliant experiments too... even if he had access to his full potential, we doubt he would use it against us..." “Alright, that seems a bit different to what I was expecting…” “WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? ARE YOU PLANNING ON EXPLORING THE BASEMENT!? I’M AFRAID THAT’S NOT ALLOWED, YOU KNOW!” Maverick sighed. It seemed from now on he would never be able to eavesdrop on what was going on in the basement, which would make it harder for him. A lot harder. Maverick replied in a hushed tone, “No, you! This is a much easier way of finding out what’s going on down there!” In reality, Maverick obviously already knew, but it was his best chance of getting rid of this super loud weirdo. “WELL, YOU’RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE A LOT QUIETER THEN THAT TO GET AWAY WITH IT!” Maverick grinned, and then replied, “A deaf person could hear you over the noise of an explosion! You’re the exact opposite of a quiet person!” To this, the annoying Loudred shouted, “WELL, BE A BIT QUIETER, THEN. I CAN PRACTICALLY HEAR A SCIENTIST CLIMBING UP THE STEPS!” Maverick put his head up to the door again, and heard, surprisingly, the sound of footsteps going up a flight of stairs. “Run!” Maverick shouted, in a panic. “NO WAY! WE CAN HOLD OUR OWN AGAINST THEM! THEY’RE JUST SCIENTISTS!” Maverick went into panic mode. “Alright, but it’s your fault if you get caught! Mark my words, that place is deadly! If you want to live, run!” With that, he fled for his life, heading strait for the dining hall. He really wished that hybrid would quiet down sometimes. He could have been caught! When he reached the dining room, he sat down to eat his food, which tonight was just some sort of shapeless blob. Maverick wondered how this stuff passed for food! Man, these past few days have been interesting. I wonder what’s in store tomorrow?

October 22nd, 2008, 3:17 AM
(Well, most likely Gale's gonna be traveling with the "outcast" characters I made up, since she herself is quite the outcast...

Sorry, got nothing at the moment X_x)

Gumshoe Satyr
October 22nd, 2008, 5:06 AM
Lostt: Relax, I've got things under control. I was just allowing an appropriate amount of time for our characters to get their bearings. Besides, it's not like Calin can just say, "Hey, let's go on an adventure together!" Well, he can, but I don't think it's going to work too well without knowing where they should go. I do my stories like a book (because I read a lot) so there are going to be exciting times and challenges, but there will also be calmer times. I'm not going to provide every source of excitement, so sometimes you need to provide your own challenges for our group. If you're not sure about how to do it, put it in the OOC thread, where it can be discussed.

Pikataro: First of all, no strictly OOC post in the RP thread. I don't want Alter Ego or any other moderator to come in here and infracting this thread for that post. You almost broke the "no one-line post" rule in the main RP rules for the forum. Secondly, I've already said in my list of issues in the OOC thread that you can control NPC's for a limited amount of time. I'll never object to you going on a mini-adventure with them (unless we really need to get the story going), but you can't have them join up with you permanently or for a long time. In fact, that kind of control is leans more toward PC control without a SU than NPC control, and before you object, let me explain my reasoning. When you control a NPC, you contol everything they say, do, and in some cases, feel. The only real difference is that you can't say what they are thinking, which isn't much of a compensation. Really the only real difference between a PC and a NPC in a RP forum is the amount of time you're allowed to control them.

Goulerbot: Nice SU. The best thing was I didn't have to read your RP sample because I already knew what it said. XD Ok, I'm just kidding. Anyway, I'm glad to have a grass-type on the team now. You're Accepted.

October 22nd, 2008, 4:41 PM
Kalec – Ponyta

After asking the bushes to introduce themselves another Eevee walked out, spouting off a bunch of names and definitions. Kalec couldn’t keep it all straight as it almost sounded like an Oriental language of some sort. He picked out his name among the bunch and if he had an eyebrow he would have arched it, as it was he lifted an eye ridge slightly at her forwardness. He certainly hadn’t introduced himself and he didn’t appreciate being eavesdropped on. So didn’t speak as he had no idea who these people were (even with a mixed up jumble of names) and right now didn’t care to try and find out.

So he backed away from the gathering and watched the others interact. He did NOT like crowds and this was quickly becoming one. Then, to top it all off, two other creatures literally stumbled into the clearing. This was slightly amusing so he smirked and watched as they picked themselves up, arguing while they did it.

"Cool... Oh, and what do you mean by 'weirder'?" asked ‘forward-Eevee’ as Kalec paid attention to the conversation again. "Don't tell me...you were once human and you're now a Pocketto Manzuta like I am?"

Her attention was on Calin, but Kalec nodded anyway. Then the red fox like creature with one to many tails asked, “"OK...first off 'human'? Is that like, your original species?"

“Yeah… Well anyway, I should get that Buoysel…”

“It would help…”

Kalec just shook his head, feeling like he had been dropped into a conversation, stirred around a bit and tossed out the other side. It was irritating the heck out of him so when he asked the question, “Boy-sell? If you were human shouldn’t we be looking for a way back home?” It came out a little harsh.

Then for a finishing act, a bunny-creature came bounding into the clearing. ,"Hi, do you guys well... I don't know how to put this.... hm... Maybe...no…" Kalec rolled his eyes and was about to make some snarky remark (as he fast falling into a bad mood) when she corrected herself. "Well, do you guys remember anything about a concert? Or lab?"

“Yes, I think four of us were there.” He looked over the others, unsure about Gale’s other companions or the two others.

October 23rd, 2008, 1:42 AM
Joseph the Duksull

Surprised at the strange word, Joseph began remembering what had happened before he became a so-called duskull.

Duke was with him, they went into the building, a great flash of light appeared in his eyes, he fell unconscious, but what about Duke?

"Gee, Joseph, if I had hands I would slap your face into reality right now. WAKE UP!"

"I'm awake! Geez, can't you see I'm daydreaming!"

"It's nighttime! And we don't sleep during night! Don't you know that?"

"Uh...of course...silly of me..."

"Yes...silly of you...Oh! And I want to show you something else!"

"Don't tell me it's another 'humman' object..." he said in a way you can sense he wasn't having much fun.

"It's not. It's...Oh, okay, it's another humman object but at least it's another picture!"

"Of what?"

"I dunno...It looks like an emo Gallade without a hat and a Mankey with a body of a Wobbufett...I dunno, but I'm really curious what they look like in person..."

Looking confused, he asks...
"Why do you keep showing me these kinds of things?"

"To show off of course! Not many pokemon are amazed of me..." And Shuppet does an astounding imitation of Moaning Myrtle from a certain movie Joseph watched.
"Sigh...I'm a girl with but a few friends..."

Shuppet was a girl?! Joseph thought...

"But luckily, I have you. Thanks for listening to my yaps and all, I'm just a very yappy ghost."

And she gave a small eerie kiss on the side of Joesph's skull mask. This made him blush, and had an odd gush of affection for her...

"Let's go..."

And they went out of the shack together.

"Gotcha now you sneaky ghost!"


A tall fox-like creature, with blue fur, and black prongs came with a sack and a facial expression that looks like it wasn't here for a simple tea party...

Nidoking OriginGiratina
October 23rd, 2008, 6:37 AM
Ava hung her head. The first person she saw ignored her. She stepped slowly through... somewhere. Who would help her reverse this. She sat down next to a tree and pouted. Finally, Ava got the urge to look up, and she did. The sky was bright and happy, like she should be. The light danced around in her deep black eyes. She would have to be bright and optimistic, like the sky. She would find a way out of here.

Ava stood up and skipped across the grass. Someone would come and help her, and she would be fine.

October 23rd, 2008, 10:48 AM
Weird. I think the weirdness scale has reached a whole new level with this predicament. Bianca thought snorting softly before going to take a seat next to Kalec. So many Pokemon had materialized within a matter of moments, it was hard to follow with the conversations and she was utterly and hopelessly lost when Gale began saying certain things in some other language.

Bianca felt her ears flatten back and she lowered her head slightly she felt a headache coming on and she had a feeling it was because of her being a cat, her hearing was heightened and she could hear a bit more than she normal would when she were a human "Oh man all this talking... I'm going to have to get used to this heightened sense thing" she mumbled to herself resting her head on the ground and covering her ears with her paws.

“Yeah… Well anyway, I should get that Buoysel…”

“It would help…”

What's a Boy-sell? The girl turned cat blinked trying to process what the other Eevee, Gale, had said. Is it some type of floatie? Shaking her head, thinking its best not to wonder otherwise her headache will just increase. I'm hungry, I wonder if I can find some of those Pecha Berry things like Zigzagoon and the other's had. Nodding to herself she stood up on all fours and padded over to Kalec "Hey, I'm gonna go find us some thing to eat... I'm starving" as if on cue, she heard her stomach give a grumble in response and she blushed, looking away with a cough "Yeah, so anyway I'll be back in a few!" with that said Bianca walked off, had she stayed behind a few seconds later, she would've seen the three new additions that stumbled into the group and she wouldn't have missed the question about last night's trip to the concert and the finding of the lab.

"Ugh...where the heck can I find some berries I'm hungry" she moaned as she walked around the forest looking for lunch "Would it be lunch? Maybe Breakfast, its still kinda early" she murmured to herself looking up at the sky, which was as bright as ever, Bianca had begun to lower her head and look forward when suddenly something large, shiny and red caught her eye.

An Apple Tree!

"Awesome! And they look so good too" It was in the middle of a very large and very spacious clearing. The tree itself was big, the trunk was very thick and stood about maybe 3 to 5 stores tall, the branches were nice and healthy and the apples just looked goregeous. Now how am I going to get an apple. She wondered staring at the tree, contemplating on weather or not a simple HeadButt would do the trick. No... I'd kill my brain if I attempted to butt that trunk. Bianca frowned thoughtfully before she glanced at her paws and blinked "I am such an idiot" she murmured palming her face "I can just climb up the tree!" the cat declared placing a paw on the base of the trees trunk "B-but I've never climbed before" she told herself nervously "A-and what if something goes wrong."

"Hahaha. A Meowth that can't climb, what a riot!" Bianca scowled to herself and looked up to glare at whatever Pokemon was mocking her. It was a small black crow looking bird with a crooked beak, bushy broom looking tail and a feather crest shaped like a witches hat and around its neck was a beige cat claw with thin brown string looped through its base "Just what's so funny you stupid crow!" she shook a clawed fist at the bird, who just laughed even louder as it sneered down from its spot on a branch a few feet above Bianca.

"I'm a Murkrow, you stupid cat" the Murkrow hissed, not really liking her calling him out of his name "Whatever" she replied still glaring at the mocking crow "Dumbkrow, Stupidkrow, Murkrow, same thing" she shot back narrowing her gaze at the bird. Murkrow growled and flapped its wings as it began to hover in the air "What, are you running away?" Bianca grinned triumphantly when she saw the Murkrow fly out of sight "Hahaha I showed that stupid bird."

She was caught of guard however when she felt a stinging sensation at the back of her head. The Murkrow had came back with a vengeance and was pecking at her head ruthlessly Bianca winced and brought a paw forward to Scratch the black bird, anticipating this Murkrow quickly pulled back and managed to dodge the attack except one of Bianca's claws had gotten caught on the string from the necklace around its neck. "Hey! Let go!" Murkrow cried trying to yank its necklace away from Bianca's claw.

"Well, if you just hold still for a second I might be able to..." she trailed off with a devious smirk and then yanked on the string and pulling the flailing bird closer "You know what, no. I won't let go I can pummel you more easily this way" she then brought her free paw forward to Scratch at Murkrow, catching the bird in the eye. Murkrow screeched and flailed harder while Bianca's grip on the string tightened, due to all the pulling the string snapped and Murkrow took off into the horizon screeching something about revenge.

Bianca sighed in relief and looked at the large claw in her paw "What the heck is this for... some kinda necklace maybe" she murmured looking at the snapped ends before she somehow managed to re-knot the string and place the necklace around her neck "This claw looks pretty wicked" she admitted as it rested against her chest "I'm kinda worried though... wouldn't this account as stealing since I took it from him" she mumbled with wide eyes only to have her stomach grumble in response. Bianca groaned and looked up at the apple tree "I guess I'll try climbing it" she padded up to the base of the trunk and placed her paws forward and gripped the wood with her claws, in a matter of seconds Bianca had awkwardly climbed her way up the tree until she had made her way to the branch Murkrow had been perched on.

There it was. A big, shiny, healthy looking red apple Bianca's stomach cried out angrily and she plucked the delicious looking red fruit. Mmm it even smells good! Bianca felt like she was floating on cloud nine when she had bitten into the apple, it was so sweet and juicy! Too bad for the girl turned cat however, for she had only managed to take one bite out of the mouth watering fruit before it was sent flying out of her hand and rolling across the ground of the clearing.

"Hey What the heck was that f--"

Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Murkrow was back. Hovering before her glaring at her nastily with his beady red eyes, she noticed, that the left eye had a jagged looking scar running from the top of its eyebrow to the lower are of his eye making it look like a thunderbolt whenever he closed the eye and the scars connected. But that wasn't what made Bianca want to wet herself, no, it was the group he bought back with him. There was at least a dozen of them, Murkrow's and one other big Mafia Don looking Murkrow, aside from the one she scarred, the Murkrow were hovering ominously in front of the apple tree. Oh crud I think I just angered the son of a crime lord. Bianca thought while she stared wide-eyed at the scarred Murkrow.

"Here's the cat who scratched me and stole my Quick Claw Uncle Honchkrow" Murkrow pointed a wing at Bianca and the flock of black birds had parted to allow the Honchkrow to fly through, he landed on the branch Bianca and Murkrow currently occupied with a loud thump. Honchkrow was big Bianca had noted, with a feathery collar that resembled a long white beard, a straight beak, unlike Murkrow's crooked one, large circular eyes, red tail feathers and a crest that resembles a Fedora Hat "I see. So it was you who scarred and stole from my nephew young Meowth" Bianca gulped and opened her mouth to speak but one look from Honchkrow shut her up.

Honchkrow was regarding her with a critical eye and Bianca couldn't help but think. Is this the part where they throw me in the bottom of a lake now. While her ears flattened against her head out of fear "Umm if you want, I can give the claw back and be on my way" she offered softly, flinching under the hard stare the bird was giving her. When Honchkrow nor Murkrow said nothing Bianca went to pull the claw off from around her neck but Honchkrow had stopped her "No, no I see that there is only one way to solve this problem" Honchkrow raised a big feathery wing, the underside was red as well she noted, and pointed it at Bianca.


That was the last thing Bianca heard before she saw Murkrow smirk wickedly from the corner of her eye and Honchkrow brought his wing down harshly to knock her backwards off the branch and as Bianca felt herself falling, her vision becoming obscured by a sea of black feathers.

October 23rd, 2008, 1:07 PM
"C'mon, Pochi!" Gale called to the startled Pochiena. She immediately dashed towards Gale, and they began on their mini-quest. "So, where does Buoysel live?"

"His name is Sel, na. He lives in the forest over there, na." Pochi lifted a paw and pointed it towards the woods. "Be careful, na. He lives by a pond, and is powered by it, na. You do know what attacks you have, right, na?" Gale was a tad confused because of Pochi's dialect, but could understand "Sel" would be a bit more powerful than she expected.

"Attacks? No, I don't know..." Then, as if someone had written the words up on a chalkboard stationed in her head, Gale immediately answered, "Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, and Wish."

"Good, good, na. Helping Hand would come in handy for me, and Wish would come in handy for you, na." Pochi smiled at Gale, and they continued into the woods.

Every now and then, an owl-like Pokemon would fly past them.

"Hoho, na. Or if you prefer, Hoothoot, na. They won't harm you if you don't harm them, na. But watch out for their evolution, Yorunozuko (Noctowl), na. They'll attack anything that looks like prey, na," Pochi explained. After walking in silence, Gale froze. Straight ahead was a crystal-clear lake, more beautiful than the one she ended up by.

"Be careful, na. This is Sel's home, na," Pochi warned.

"Boyoboyo, are you right, Pochi," a menacing voice said from behind them. The two turned around slowly, and a large two-tailed weasel was right in their faces. Gale looked annoyed.

"What is this, a Pocketto Manzuta version of Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog?" Gale asked.

"Boyoboyo, I don't know what you're talking about, Eievui, but it better not be an insult!" Sel shouted.

"I think it's more of an insult to Tails..." Gale muttered. This only made Sel more furious.

"Be careful, na," Pochi whispered to Gale. "He has a short temper, na..."

"I'm aware of that," Gale whispered back.

Gumshoe Satyr
October 23rd, 2008, 1:42 PM
By this time, it seemed to Calin that what the other Eevee had called Poketto Manzuta were coming out of the woodwork, each asking questions or just joining in on the conversation. Covering his ears, he tried to block out the almost unbearable noise. I guess it makes sense that having such big ears improved my sense of hearing but what's going on now is ridiculous! I can't even hear myself think!

Gale had asked him a question, but now she had her attention turned back to Roko the-what was it?- Rokon. "I need some space..." he muttered to no one in particular. As he walked out of the clearing, he noticed that Kalec was staying out of the conversations and that Bianca had wandered off on her own. Guess they can't stand the noise and crowd either... Except for his four friends, Calin really wasn't much of a people person.

When he came to a large, flat rock, he leaped on it, stretching out on his stomach. As he laid in the sun, he tried to work out everything that had happened so far. Hearing the fluttering of wings, he was a bit startled when a small, gray bird landed next to him. "Hi, Calin. I'm Comet the Starly." Oh, great... Another species and name to remember.

"How do you know my name?" he growled, stiffening his body a bit. He wished that this busy-body Starly would mind his own business.

"Oh, it's all over the forest by now. Lots of bird Pokemon overheard what was going on and spread the word. I've been watching and listening for quite a while now, and I think I know of something that might help you." Hmm... I guess Pokemon is shorter than Poketto Manzuta.

Trying to ignore the fact that this bird had been spying on him and the other Pokemon in the clearing, Calin curiously asked, "And? Please tell me what you know."

"Well... There's this lab that's run by this guy name Professor Rowan. He's got these red, rectangle-shaped things called Pokedex that you can use to learn all about Eevees or other Pokemon."

Shaking his head at Comet, Calin said, "No offense, but after what happened at the last lab, I don't think I want to go to another one. Besides, wouldn't taking a pokedex be stealing?"

"Nah... The professor's real nice. I like to sit on his window sill and watch him work. He study's Pokemon. I don't really see how you can survive without the pokedex if you really used to be a human. Besides, you can always return it after you're done with it." Pointing with his wing, Comet added, "It's just a little ways in that direction in a small town called Sandgem. You can't miss it. Should I go get your friends so they can help?"

Swayed by Comet's logic, Calin decided that he had no other option than to do what the Starly said. "No, don't tell my friends. I can handle this myself. They don't need to be bothered."

"But-" Comet started to say, but Calin was already racing toward Sandgem. Shrugging, the Starly took off and flew toward the clearing, where Calin had come from. "Foolish Eevee...."

October 23rd, 2008, 2:18 PM
"Boyoboyo, time for your demise, little Pochiena and Eievui!" Sel shouted. "AQUA JET!!!" Water suddenly surrounded him, and he blasted towards the two at full power. Gale closed her eyes, anticipating the impact. However, she only felt a bit of water touch her. When she opened her eyes, Pochi was in front of her. She had blocked Sel's attempt at hitting Gale.

"Don't worry about me, na," Pochi said, collapsing. "Just take care of Sel..." She lost consciousness after that.

"Give me those Rawst Berries, Sel!" Gale shouted at the fired-up Buoysel.

"Hmph. THAT'S the reason you two came out here? Well, sorry, but I'm not gonna give 'em." Sel laughed maniacally, making Gale mad. She ran up to him and wapped him in the face.

"Feel the rage of my TAIL WHIP!" she shouted, continuing to hit him back and forth with her large tail. Sel staggered back and landed on the ground. "And now," Gale muttered. "Tackle!!!" She lunged at Sel, completely knocking him back into a tree. He looked stunned, and then tried to get up, but collapsed. Gale sighed.

"Pochi, you OK?" she called to the still-unconscious Pochiena. Seeing how she got no response, she sighed. "Time to get the Rawst Berries..." She noticed a small basket by the tree where Sel lay, and walked over to it. Inside were a variety of berries, including many Rawst Berries. She smiled merrily and put the basket in her mouth. Then, she released the basket by Pochi, opened Pochi's mouth and put her tail inside it, and picked up the basket again and headed back, Pochi being dragged along.

October 23rd, 2008, 2:53 PM
Kalec – Ponyta

After being ignored by the Eevee he believed was called Gale, Kalec’s temper went up and he could feel the flames on his next growing warmer. Much like they did when he freaked out and they scorched the ground. He shook his whole body and tried to go to a ‘happy place’ as he didn’t want things around him bursting into flame. He calmed down a trifle and watched as Gale and the black wolfish looking thing went away.

"Hey, I'm gonna go find us some thing to eat... I'm starving" Kalec looked down at Bianca and heard the faint grumbling of her stomach. She looked away and coughed, probably blushing under her fur. "Yeah, so anyway I'll be back in a few!"

“Bia-” He didn’t finish his sentence as she took off into the bushes. ‘Am I the only one with a brain around here? You don’t go taking off into the bush alone in territory you know nothing about! Gah!’

Shaking his head and turned to tell Calin where he was going to go when he noticed he was talking to a small grey bird. He didn’t hear what was said but Calin seemed to make his mind up about something and he took off as well.

“Right. This is bloody ridiculous.” With a snort he decided to go off after Bianca as Calin would probably far better by himself then she would. Nothing against her, just she seemed more apt to act before thinking then Calin.

He trotted into the bush Bianca had leaped through, the branches scratching at his sides. She wasn’t that hard to follow as her paw prints were in the dirt under the trees. She had wandered a bit and he wondered if he’d ever catch up to her when he heard what sounded like a great deal of crows cawing.

Breaking through the bush and saw a great flock with a smirking HUGE crow (with a hat to boot) watching as the smaller black ones attacked something. Through a break in the wings he saw what looked like cream fur and an ear.

He cursed and his temper came back with a force, his flames practically exploded on his neck and he could feel their heat. Glad to finally have something that deserved a beating he charged the group and screamed a loud piercing whinny. They tried to scatter but a few got in the way as he tackled the black mass flying over Bianca. He leaped over her possibly unconscious form and came to a skidding halt, spinning around to face the thoroughly confused birds.

“Oh yeah bunch of heroes you are then, fighten’ ten to one. Why don’t you come try taken me on for size eh? See how well it goes for yea.” He raised his head, unafraid as his anger was possibly overriding his sense.

October 23rd, 2008, 3:27 PM
Returning from the battle with Pochi still being dragged, the three other "outcasts" ran to Gale. From the looks of it, Gale had won, so the three were cheering around her. Then their attention turned towards Pochi.

"Is Pochi gonna be OK?" Roko asked.

"Yes, she'll be fine," Gale replied. She noticed the Ponyta, and forgot she was asked a question by that same Ponyta earlier. She walked up to it.

"Sorry, but I had to go fight some bully Buoysel. I don't really care about being human anymore; this is more fun, if you ask me," she said, finally answering the Ponyta's question. She walked back over to the four outcasts (Pochi was coming to; she couldn't figure out why she had fur in her mouth, but assumed it came from Sel), and then laid down by the tree. The foursome trotted over to her and all fell asleep aside her. Feeling the warmth of their bodies (pretty much because most of them were Fire types, with the exception of Pochi), Gale soon fell asleep.

I'm in a dream, correct? Well... Where was I, before that lab? Oh, right. I was just traveling throughout the land, searching for the answers I was hoping to receive. But I didn't get what I wanted. Then, the lab, and now this... Gah, can't think about this anymore...

October 24th, 2008, 12:02 AM
Maverick slowly awoke, and brought his hand to his forehead. He felt a slight pricking sensation, and his eyes snapped open. His immediate reaction was, “What!? Why on earth is my hand green!? And what happened to my thumbs?” Looking closer, he saw that the prick he had felt was due to tiny hooks on his hands. “Huh!? This just isn’t right…” He looked around, and saw he was in a forest of some sort. “A forest? But I last remember being in a lab!” He got up and walked toward a small pond. When he looked inside, he got the fright of his life. “Wha-what has happened to me?! I look like some sort of… lizard… maybe a gecko of some sort.” At this, he realised that most lizards walked on all fours, and had a strange idea. He got down on all fours and started crawling. It felt… more comforting… then he’d expected. After that little idea, he got back up, only to hear a voice from behind him. “What’s the matter? You can’t crawl? How pathetic… especially for a Treecko.” Maverick whirled around to see that the owner of the voice wasn’t there. “Come out! I’m not scared of a simple voice, so come on, show yourself, you scared weirdo!” At this, he saw a very surprising thing. A purple figure appeared out of nowhere, but the thing that frightened him the most was those glowing red eyes…

“Alright, so what did you do, you weirdo? That invisible trick… come on, how’d you do it?” The purple figure replied, “first off, I’m Gengar, not weirdo. And that ‘invisible trick’, as you called it, isn’t a trick. Watch.” At that the, ‘Gengar’ vanished, and from his back Maverick felt a terrible pain. Immediately he turned around and saw Gengar again. “Alright, you’re goin’ down!” He then attempted to use his arm to wack this crazy ghost out of the sky, but Gengar vanished, and his arm passed straight through him. “It’ll take more then that to take me down!” Then, Gengar slammed Maverick away. He landed in a group of other strange animals, including a giant horse that had blue flame as it’s mane and tail, with more fire on it’s legs, a strange fox-like creature, a cat, and another fox-like creature. He said weakly, “look out… there’s something over there…” With the last of his strength, he pointed toward Gengar, and collapsed into unconsciousness.

October 24th, 2008, 4:08 AM
All Bianca could see was black.

Oh gosh. Did I die? I didn't even tell Jake I loved him.

Only because she hadn't opened her eyes yet. Pain raked her body as she tried to move, when the cat was sure she was in too much pain to even lift herself she settled on opening her eyes at least, which seemed to be as just as hard as sitting up, because pain wracked the back of her skull. Wincing Bianca groaned and slowly opened her eyes, light from the sun hit them and she quickly shut her slitted pupil's "Ugh, what happened to me... I feel like I just got attacked by a bunch of crows" Bianca groaned and weakly rolled over onto her stomach, biting her tongue to swallow the down the cry she wanted to emit from the pain.

She tried again, to open her eyes. Her vision was slightly blurry but it quickly cleared up after she blinked a few times and tried to concentrate. Just what happened. It took her a moment to remember but when she did her eyes flew open and her head snapped up, hurting her neck in the process since she was sprawled on her stomach, Bianca glanced around for Honchkrow and his cronies "That's right! That Honchkrow knocked me off the tree!" inhaling sharply she struggled to stand, all four of her legs wobbled weakly and she came tumbling back to the ground in a heap. Well it seems I'm incapacitated at the moment. Bianca thought with a scowl.

"I should have died... who saved me" she looked around once more to see Kalec fighting off the Murkrow. How the heck did I miss that? That fall must've jumbled up my senses. "Wait a second...." Bianca had noticed something off about this picture. Where'd the big bad Honchkrow go? "You're a pretty stubborn kitten" a voice murmured from above her.

Said kitten had to crane her neck upwards to meet the steely gazes of Honchkrow and his nephew Murkrow, they were hovering a few feet above her, giving her glares so hard that would it put the coldest winter to shame "You'd be dead if it weren't for that Ponyta over there" Murkrow floated beside his uncle and scoffed "Can I attack her now Uncle?" Murkrow got ready to dive bomb Bianca, said girl froze, but Honchkrow thrust a wing forward and halted the attack "Not now, you will have your revenge Nephew, but for now we pull back. I'm afraid that Ponyta might snap and incinerate us all if we attack the Meowth any further" Murkrow pouted but nodded none the less and Bianca let out a breath she never knew she was holding and Honchkrow sneered at her from above.

"Don't be to quick to rejoice young Meowth, next time we meet no one will be there to save you." Honchkrow and Murkrow ascended higher into the sky, Honchkrow then began to caw loudly and the flock of Murkrow stopped attacking Kalec and flocked around their boss instead. Honchkrow took a deep breath before speaking "Let it be known to all Krow's" he pointed at the crumpled Bianca's form "That this kitten is now an enemy of mine and should you see this cat, come and tell me so I can deal with the problem accordingly" after that was announced Honchkrow took off, with his flock of drones following him.

"Oh my god. I think that crow just put a hit out on me" she whimpered glancing at Kalec with wide eyes.

October 24th, 2008, 6:09 PM
Kalec - Ponyta

With his challenge he got a chance to get a good look at Bianca's assailants. The big 'head' crow was mainly covered with navy blue feathers. He was currently puffing out his feathers, possibly in anger and the bright white chest feather made him look like he had a beard. The shape on his head he had taken for a hat was made of feathers. When the crow was aroused (as he now obviously was) the feather splayed out to form what looked like a hat. His short tail was barded with red on the tips of the feathers. His yellow beak was fairly long and arrow straight. The look he was giving Kalec, his red eyes sneering and assessing, reminded him of his uncle.

His ears pinned flat to his head when he made this deduction. Not knowing why, he snaked out his head low to the ground and bared his teeth, snapping at the air. It just felt right to do. His flames reached a new temperature as he looked over the birds that were probably going to attack him.

The fat crow probably wouldn't attack, if he were anything like his uncle. His uncle would only beat him when he couldn't find someone else to make his life hell. So there was no need to fear attack of the large claws on those longer (and assumedly) more manoeuvrable black legs. The smaller crows were pitch black with their own smaller crown of feathers. It was shaped into a witch's hat, with none looking the same just the general theme continued. Their eyes were also red but their beaks were crocked. Less piercing but possibly more pain. Their claws and legs also were not terribly long, just enough to grab a branch with some security.

'Fatty' (as he now decided to call the head crow) from his perch gave a nod to the hovering crows. Only one stayed back as the rest descended on Kalec. Kalec reared up and yelled a fairly unflattering phrase at them and plunged ahead into the flock.

They were aiming for his eyes so his put his head down and bucked like mad. When the birds came to close to his face he snapped at the blindly, reaching for the sound of their wings. That sound was overpowering along with their squawks and caws but when they were close to his head he could clearly hear the rustling of their feathers together. A few he caught in his teeth and he tossed them with squawks marking their distaste. He felt a fair amount of pain when they landed a hit, mostly on his sides, lower legs and back. They stayed away from his neck and rump, as his flames were quite painful.

Realizing this, he flicked his tail all over his back, bashing a few birds with it. The smell of burnt feathers filled the air. No matter how hard he fought, they kept coming back. He started to plunge around the clearing, getting clear for a few moments before they surrounded him again. His efforts were not totally in vain as a few were on the ground, out of commission.

Then inexplicably they lifted from their assault and flew up into the sky to where fatty was. Kalec raised his head, sides heaving, as he tried desperately to get his breath back. The injured ones also managed to get off the ground and followed their brethren. He stepped forward, ready to fight again (though he honestly didn't think he could for much longer).

"Let it be known to all Krow's" he pointed at the crumpled Bianca's form with a claw, "That this kitten is now an enemy of mine and should you see this cat, come and tell me so I can deal with the problem accordingly" With that unpleasant final word he and his cronies flew out of view.

Bianca looked over at him as he finally let his head fall, sides not heaving quite as bad but still sucking in quite a bit of air, "Oh my god. I think that crow just put a hit out on me" she whimpered, her eyes wide.

"That...appears...to be so... I'm afraid." he said, tiredly walking over to her. "Still, take heart" he lifted his weary head, smiling a little, "he wouldn't...have left...if it was a...simple affair...to end you. So..."

Looking up he and noticed that the tree 'Fatty' had been sitting in, was what appeared to be an apple tree. In the before-mentioned fight, some apples had been knocked to the ground. He wandered over to one and took a bite, hungry now with relief and no longer irritated.

"I'm hungry, and they probably won't be back for a while. So let's eat and try and find out where that crazy Calin has gotten to eh?"

October 24th, 2008, 8:07 PM
"I'm hungry, and they probably won't be back for a while. So let's eat and try and find out where that crazy Calin has gotten to eh?"

"Well where ever he is, I hope he hasn't gotten into a lot of trouble like I did" Bianca winced as she lifted herself onto her haunches, by now most of the pain had ebbed away but she still felt like she was getting pricked by needles every time she took a step forward, following Kalec towards the Apple Tree, spotting her now rotted half eaten apple lying forlornly in the grass "Stupid Krow's, ruined everything" she sighed before picking up one of the fresh apples lying on the ground and taking a bite out of it.

"Well I guess some good came out of being attacked... I mean I managed to swipe this wicked looking cat claw" with a free paw she lifted the Quick Claw off her chest "I think that Murkrow called it a Quick Claw" her eyebrows furrowed in slight annoyance as she took another large bite from the apple, getting your but kicked was tiresome she swallowed before speaking again "I don't know what it does, but it looks cool and maybe it could help us find Calin or something."

Bianca glanced at Kalec, who looked tired and worn out, she stopped munching on her apple and looked up at the flaming horse "I'm sorry Kalec. I didn't mean for you to get hurt because I wandered off and got into a fight with a flock of Murkrow's and their Boss Honchkrow" she frowned and looked at the ground "I didn't think that Murkrow would attack me or retaliate with his flock like that. I'm really really sorry that you got hurt because of me" she mumbled softly.

October 24th, 2008, 9:28 PM
"Eep! It's a Reaper Cloth sack!" shouted Shuppet, while still struggling inside the sack the fox-like creature held.

"That's what you get for stealing Apples from our food stock!"

"What?! Ghosts don't even EAT! We're DEAD you MORON!!"

"Shut up!"

Joseph felt all the anger in the world rush to his head. He could not control his emotions. He felt that he needed to save her, and just one bad look at the creature, who looked back, he instantaneously got intimidated.

"Free. Her."

"A-And what if I d-don't?"

"Best. That. You. Not. Know." He was so angry. He couldn't control the way he speaks...

"W-Well...You're just a puny Duskull! I'm a fully evolved Lucario! Whatcha gonna do, boo me to death? HAHAHAHAHA!"

And without thinking, Joseph let out a very angry attack. He almost controlled the wind...No, he fully controlled it, giving out a repulsive gush to the Lucario.

"O-Ominous Wind?! Whose child are you?"

The attack made him drop the sack he was gripping tight, thus making Shuppet being free.
The Lucario attempted to escape, because the wind toppled a Gravestone unto Lucario's poor foot, or paw, or whatever...
But a ball of dark matter attacked him once more, so he toppled onto another Gravestone, but with a smaller size, so he tripped backwards.

"Don't you dare harm my daughter! Else you subject to me!"

A grey doll was running towards their direction, apparently becoming tired, running with her short stumpy legs. It was distinct that it was female by the moth eaten black ribbon on one of her grey triangular prongs.


"Shuppet, dear, I was soo worried about you! Why didn't you come back home right away?"

And she grabbed the levitating ghost to her grip, and offered a hug.

"Mommy, I made a new friend! And I think he's foreign. His name's Joseph!"

She looked at the wee grim reaper with her great red eyes, and smiled with her yellow mouth which appeared to be a zipper.

"And Mommy, he saved me before you came!"

"Why...Thank you! You don't know how dear Shuppet is to me!" And a tear fell from her eye.

"Um...No problem, Ma'am..."

"Oh dear, it's getting early!" she glanced at the setting moon. "Shuppet we need to be in Jubilife before this Saturday! Your Uncle Sableye can't wait to see you again!"

"Oh okay, but can I say goodbye to Joseph before we go?"

"Of course."

It was like Shuppet knew why he couldn't go, without telling her. She floated to the front of his face, and whispered...

"Joseph, you're a travelling ghost right?"


"Well, I lied yesterday when I told you I was one. I'm sorry, i shouldn't have. We have to go, Uncle Sableye has a BIG temper ya know, and..."

she once again kissed him.

"...I'll miss you. But it's very possible we'll meet each other soon! Very soon! Well, bye..."

And mother and daughter drifted off into the morning fog, but he still heard them lightly whisper...

"You and Joseph make a REALLY good couple, dear!"

".....You really think so, mom?"

But he also needed to hide. The sun was rising, it was too much for his being. He travelled in the shade of the forest nearby, and so on...

Until he found...

Is that a horse on fire?!

October 25th, 2008, 3:01 AM
(Ergh. Why does everyone call Lucario "fox-like"? It's friggin' dog-like!!! Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of Lucario (though I LOVE Riolu) and dogs, but I'm a HUGE fan of foxes~)

When Gale woke up, she found herself in a strange area. It seemed to hold...civilization? At last! Gale could finally see if anyone could help her out. She went up to one old lady and wagged her tail affectionately.

"Aw, are you a cute wittle Eevee?" the woman asked, patting Gale's head and then walking off. Gale scowled.

"I'm TRYING to change back to normal, darnit! And it's EIEVUI, not EEVEE!!!" Gale called after her. But it was pointless. She did not yet know that to humans other than those who were transformed like her, it only sounded like she was making sounds like an animal back in her world would. Gale then realized that she hadn't traveled here while she was asleep, and she knew she never sleep-walked. She bolted back over to where she had woken up (or at least close to it), and noticed a piece of bark. It had a strange language written, but Gale could somehow translate it.

"Sorry, Geru, but this is where we part. If you really are human like you say you are, then these people should be able to help you. Just talk to them and they can answer your questions. Goodbye... ~Roko, Deri, Gardi, and Pochi," Gale read. "But... THESE HUMANS CAN'T UNDERSTAND ME!!!" she screeched. She then sighed, and laid down.

"It's pointless..." she muttered.

October 25th, 2008, 6:32 AM
Sandra analyzed the horse with fire on him, listening to his conversation with a cat. The cat appeared to be somewhat different, with a jewel on its forehead that looked like some kind of coin. It was odd, and again, Sandra's curiosity got the best of her. The larva crawled over to the cat, stopping near its paw. With big, cute eyes, it looked up into the cat's questioningly. After a while of staring at it like that, she asked, "Who are you?"

Then she noticed some apples on the ground next to her. She slithered towards one that was not taken by the horse, and began eating through it, contentedly munching around the core. First, she got through the green skin, then started on the white, fleshy inside. It was rather sour, much different than leaves, but she liked it. It reminded her of something in her past, but she couldn't recall it exactly. All she knew was that it was delicious.

Finally, she had eaten everything but the core. It was a scrumptious meal, surely. And now, she was no longer hungry. The red worm continued to watch the horse and the cat with interest. She was no longer confused about her form, since she tended to go unnoticed. But she kept a careful eye out for any more birds, just in case they might try to eat her again. She was much too young to die. Hopefully these creatures wouldn't kill her either. Cheered up a bit, she backed up, but still watched.

October 25th, 2008, 10:12 AM
Kalec - Ponyta

"Well I guess some good came out of being attacked... I mean I managed to swipe this wicked looking cat claw." Kalec looked up at her from his apple and cocked his head, peering at the claw around her neck. He nodded, his mouth too full to say anything. 'Ehh, I suppose,' he thought, 'though I'd prefer not to have my butt nearly handed to me for any reason.'

Moving on to the next apple as he finished, she continued, "I think that Murkrow called it a Quick Claw." Her eyebrows furrowed in slight annoyance as she took another large bite from the apple. "I don't know what it does, but it looks cool and maybe it could help us find Calin or something."

"Perhaps it makes you faster, being called Quick Claw," he said, nosing the apple and turning his head to look at it. It smelt ok, but he still trusted his eyes more then his nose. Even if his nose had gotten quite a bit more sensitive compared to when he was a human.

As he finished nosing the apple and took a bite he saw Bianca glance at him out of his left eye. "I'm sorry Kalec. I didn't mean for you to get hurt because I wandered off and got into a fight with a flock of Murkrow's and their Boss Honchkrow." She frowned and looked at the ground, "I didn't think that Murkrow would attack me or retaliate with his flock like that. I'm really, really sorry that you got hurt because of me" she mumbled softly.

"No worries Bianca, I needed kick a few heads in." He smiled at her. "It was gettin' a bit irritatin' for me back there, "He tossed his head back in the direction they had come. "Havin' an excuse to beat the uh... well you get my meaning; was relieving. Even if it didn't turn out quite as planned."

As he turned back to his apple he saw a long red worm come inching out of the forest. The top of it skin was red and it had a white underbelly. There were spikes on every section of its frame, though they didn't look too threatening, more like a warning. The warning was well deserved too; it had what looked like two yellow stingers in its back end. It also had a horn on its head but it didn't look like it had poison in it. He didn't bother to raise his head, as bugs (even really big ones) didn't bother him. Besides, it looked friendly anyway. It spoke to Bianca and from its voice he determined it was female.

Even though she spoke to Bianca, he answered anyway. "'M Kalec." he said, before finishing off his apple. He moved on to the next when he saw a flickering out of the corner of his right eye. Startled he raised his head and peered into the gloom of the forest.

He couldn't quite make it out, but it almost looked like a skull floating in the air. He snorted not quite believing his eyes and said, "Eum is there anyone there or am I talking to bushes again?"

October 25th, 2008, 10:12 AM
Sorry, but I have to drop out.

October 25th, 2008, 11:40 AM
"Perhaps it makes you faster, being called the Quick Claw"

"Well I don't really feel all that fast... so I don't think it makes me quicker with running" she replied running a paw along the claw "Maybe....Maybe it has to do with that fighting we just did... well, what you just did....." she trailed off unsurely

"No worries Bianca, I needed kick a few heads in." He smiled at her. "It was gettin' a bit irritatin' for me back there, "He tossed his head back in the direction they had come. "Havin' an excuse to beat the uh... well you get my meaning; was relieving. Even if it didn't turn out quite as planned."

Bianca laughed softly "Yeah, things back there was getting kinda confusing, I hardly understood what those other Pokemon were saying.... I guess.... even though I kinda sorta got my butt handed to me by a bunch of crow's, I had fun" she grinned "It's kinda weird though... why did those crows seriously look like they just came out of a Mafia movie, like The God Father?"

She went to pick up another apple but a worm had crawled its way over to her, The top of it skin was red and it had a white underbelly. There were spikes on every section of its frame and had what looked like two yellow stingers in its back end. It also had a horn on its head, strangely enough, it reminded Bianca of a Caterpillar and she didn't mind most bugs, it was spiders she feared, she found this one extremely cute and she had to resist the urge to hug the bug when it looked up at her cutely and asked who she was.

"I'm Bianca" after Kalec had responded she replied to the worm with a soft smile, turning to watch the bug eat the apple "What's your name?" too engrossed with this conversation she barely registered Kalec, who was questioning weather or not he was talking to the wildlife again.

October 25th, 2008, 3:10 PM
Joseph - Duskull

The flaming horse looked back and seemed to talk. He asked "Eum, is anyone there or am I talking to bushes again?"

"Yeeesss...You're talking to bushes agaaain. Of course someone's here, silly!"

And he reappeared in the eyes of the horse, it being a bit surprised, which is fully understandable, since it's not everyday you see a floating skull.

He floated eerily through space, with the horse the only witness, since the cat and worm behind them didn't seem to notice...


And he smiled a bit, ever since Shuppet left, he felt a bit lonely and wanted some new friends. But he doesn't think his plan is going too well. Moving on...

"My name's Joseph. What's yours?"

Gumshoe Satyr
October 25th, 2008, 5:57 PM
OOC: Ok, I finally finished my post. Enjoy.

It wasn't long before Calin got to the town the Starly had spoken of, though it was so small that village would've probably been the proper word. As he searched for the lab, humans around him eyed him with a strange interest, and at one point a young boy pointed at him and shouted, "Look, Mom! An Eevee! Don't they evolve into of different types? Can I keep it?" Sighing, the mother answered, "No, son. You can't keep it. You know that wild Eevee's are very rare. It most likely already has a trainer." Although Calin didn't really understand what they were talking about, he was very glad that she said no. Evolves?.... Rare?.... Trainer? Hmm, it seems that I still have much to learn.

A little while later, he came upon a huge building with a wind turbine that he knew must be the laboratory. It certainly does look a lot better than the one back home did. The other one was a dump.... To the right of the front door, Calin saw the open window that Comet had told him about, but it was about four feet above the ground. After a couple of tries and a running start, he finally managed to scramble through it onto a table underneath. Looking around, he realized that he must be in the professor's office since it had a desk and a computer. In the next room, he heard the voice of a middle-aged man and younger voices of a boy and girl but couldn't quite tell what they were saying. With one last look through the window he'd climbed through, he realized that it was almost sunset. Crud! I'd better make this quick. It won't be very easy to find my way back in the dark, and Kalec and Bianca might start getting worried.

Creeping into the next room, he saw an old, scientist-looking man talking to a boy and girl about ten years old. On a table in the center of the room were three Pokemon he'd never seen before. On the left, was a orange, chimp-like creature with a swirl pattern on its belly and a flame where its tail should've been. Next, there was a blue Pokemon that reminded Calin of a penguin chick that looked almost like it was wearing a suit because of two white circles on its front. To the right, a turtle-like Pokemon with a plant growing out of its head was sitting. In front of each Pokemon was a bowl of what looked like cat or dog food, but Calin guessed that it was some kind of special food for Pokemon. Although he tried to resist it, the food smelled awesome to his Eevee self, and it took all the willpower he had to keep hidden. Should've ate some of those berries before I came here.....

"Sorry to come so late, Professor.... We got a little lost on the way. Mark's coming, but he won't be here till tomorrow," the boy said, embarrassed, looking down at his feet.

"Late? Is that what you call it!? We stopped because Luke wanted to look for Pokemon, we got chased by Beedrill, and then we got lost," the girl muttered, obviously irritated with the boy.

"That's ok, kids. It happens sometimes.... What really matters is that it's time to pick your very first Pokemon. So, what'll it be? Chimchar, Piplup, or Turtwig?" Professor Rowan asked, pointing to each Pokemon in turn.

"You pick first, Laura. It's my fault we're late."

Smiling broadly, Laura exclamed, "Then I'll pick Chimchar! It's always been my favorite." She patted the Pokemon on the head as the professor handed her an orb shaped object.

"Well, I pick Piplup, and it's not because it has an advantage over Chimchar. It just happens that I've always preferred it over the other starter," Luke explained, as the girl raised an eyebrow when she heard his choice. He happily excepted the same orb shaped thing that had been given to the girl.

Reaching into his coat pocket, Rowan sighed, "Darn, I forgot to get the pokedexes for you guys. I'll be right back. They're just in my office."

Calin's heart jumped a little when he heard footsteps coming toward him. I don't think he's going to be happy about seeing a wild Pokemon his office! I need to hide! Running in a circle a couple of time, he dived under the desk just as the professor entered. Opening one of the desk's drawers, the professor pulled out two red, rectangle-shaped objects that Calin knew must be pokedexes. Rowan started to walk out of the room but stopped, looking at the open window.

"When am I going to learn to stop leaving this window open," he grumbled as he slammed it shut, not knowing that he'd just trapped a frightened Eevee inside. He walked out of the room without another word. As soon as he saw the window shut, all of the joy Calin had felt after seeing where he could get a pokedex disappeared. Why did that old dude have to shut the window today of all days! When he heard the voices in the next room get even fainter, he decided to try to break the window. Throwing his body against it, he only ended up with a bruised shoulder and a wounded ego. If I wasn't so darn small, this window wouldn't hold me back! After a few more tries, he knew that it was futile and decided to find another way out. Sneaking back to the other room, he saw that the Turtwig was the only one in the room.

"Hi there, " the turtoise Pokemon said, kindly. "You can have some Pokemon food if you want. The new trainers brought there own food for Piplup and Chimchar, so you can have what's left." With his stomach growling loudly and the food smelling so good, Calin found it impossible to refuse the offer. As he walked forward, he noticed a black backpack much too small for a human. "What's that for?" he asked, pointing a paw at it.

"Oh, the professor puts that on a Aipom or a Chimchar, and they climb fruit trees and put the fruit they collect in them. He uses that fruit to feed us Pokemon at this lab. I'm sure the prof. wouldn't mind if you borrow it. We've got lots of them just laying around."

Struck by the Turtwig's kindness, Calin grabbed the bag and jumped onto the table. After a few moments hesitating, he managed to convince himself to try the food. "Wow, this food is great! I'll have to bring some of this back for my friends." He ate his fill and shoveled as much as he could into the backpack that was, thankfully, already open. "Thanks a lot, Turtwig. I've got to go now. My friends are probably starting to worry about me." Grabbing the top of the backpack in his mouth he carried off the table and back into the office. He then pulled the drawer open with his mouth and felt his mouth close around two pokedexes.

Dropping them in his bag, he came face to face with an angry Piplup and Chimchar. "What is that Eevee doing with those pokedexes!?" he heard the professor yell somewhere behind them. Oh, boy.... This is trouble.

October 25th, 2008, 11:59 PM
OOC: Hahaha... Darn... I can't keep up now... You guys are posting left and right like crazy.... I'm dropping out as well... It was fun while it lasted! But as a farewell...

Zephyr stares at Volt who also only stared back. She took another long gaze upon the blue sky above her before coming to a fact that she will forever be trapped in the body of the Larvitar. She took a deep sigh and concluded her thoughts.

"I guess this is it for me... No going back home... nothing... I'll be a Pokemon forever... might as well get used to this world now... Let's go, Volt." Zephyr said to the carefree pikachu and walked off into the deep and thick forest.
OOC: Well... If you guys want to use Zephyr though... feel free to... she'll be a NPC as of now... Gosh... I might just use her for a different RP.... XDD

October 26th, 2008, 12:06 PM
Kalec – Ponyta

Thankfully, the bushes responded.

"Yeeesss...You're talking to bushes agaaain. Of course someone's here, silly!"

The floating skull fully took shape and came forward a bit, though not actually out of the shade of the trees. It was good thing something was there, as to have the bushes actually talk would have been…exceedingly odd. In this place though, Kalec would not have been totally surprised if they had.

The skull became less transparent and Kalec could see it was an off white colour. The rest of his body was very insubstantial and seemed to consist of what looked like a grey clothe bag attached to the skull. Weirdly, the creature seemed to have only one eye which roved between the two eye holes. Kalec blinked once or twice to make sure he wasn’t seeing things but no, it was moving between the two sockets. His arms were very short and ended in ripped tendrils which may act as his fingers.

“Well that’s good, never can be too sure here.” He responded, still a bit shocked.

“Hello” He said when he reached the edge of the forest. “My name’s Joseph. What’s yours?”

“Kalec.” Looking over, Bianca was too engrossed in talking to the caterpillar to notice his conversation so he continued, “Um, did you by any chance get here via a lab and a er….disturbed old man with a blue light?”

October 26th, 2008, 10:19 PM
Joseph - Duskull

“Um, did you by any chance get here via a lab and a er….disturbed old man with a blue light?”

The horse...er, Kalec knows! Joseph was excited with delight. He was not alone. Kalec, and possibly even the cat behind him, who was still fiddling with the red worm, too.

"Lab, yes. Light, yes. Evil generic villainous scientist, unfortunately, no."

The cat and worm still haven't noticed, so he asked Kalec for himself...

"So, what do you know about humans?" he asked curiously. There was a slight possibility for Kalec to like him. For a fact, he knew Kalec was a human name, however unique. Unless of course these "poker-mun" were named after humans.

Before the scarred Kalec had answered, Joesph looked behind them, and saw a pile of apples. For a fact, even if he's a ghost, he was hungry. And those fresh fruits teased his hunger quite well.

"Um, mind if I, take a bite?" he asked, "oh! Wait, I need to check if a still have my digestive system." and he did something that made Kalec look quite disgusted.

"Okay, I still do! Mind if I take a bite?"

October 28th, 2008, 12:12 PM
Bianca had suddenly became aware of the specter that was drifting beside Kalec, while she sat beside the worm, checking out what looked to be his digestive tract she grimaced and looked away but then eyed the Ghost Pokemon curiously.

It had a small hooded masked form in a black robe with a crossbones drawing on its back and the mask reminded her of the front of a skull, though she was somewhat creeped out at the fact a single eye was floating between the eye sockets in the mask.

How... weird. Bianca thought before shifting her attention to an apple and she began rolling it back and forth between her paws, watching transfixed as the red fruit rolled back and forth across the grass, she had a feeling it was her cat like nature surfacing because when she had hit the apple a bit to hard, it rolled a few feet away and she pounced on it, falling onto her back and tossing the apple in the air and catching it again.

"This...this is kinda fun" Bianca murmured as she tossed the apple into sky and then grabbed it with her mouth when it came falling back towards her "Haha who knew playing with your food could be this much fun" she giggled around the apple, before taking a big bite from the fruit. Though it wasn't until after the deed that Bianca realized what she had done and she laughed sheepishly upon feeling the stares of Kalec, the Ghost and the worm's eyes on her "Hehe. I'm a Cat, what do you expect" she chuckled nervously

October 28th, 2008, 12:23 PM
(Ergh. Why does everyone call Lucario "fox-like"? It's friggin' dog-like!!! Sorry, I'm not a huge fan of Lucario (though I LOVE Riolu) and dogs, but I'm a HUGE fan of foxes~)

When Gale woke up, she found herself in a strange area. It seemed to hold...civilization? At last! Gale could finally see if anyone could help her out. She went up to one old lady and wagged her tail affectionately.

"Aw, are you a cute wittle Eevee?" the woman asked, patting Gale's head and then walking off. Gale scowled.

"I'm TRYING to change back to normal, darnit! And it's EIEVUI, not EEVEE!!!" Gale called after her. But it was pointless. She did not yet know that to humans other than those who were transformed like her, it only sounded like she was making sounds like an animal back in her world would. Gale then realized that she hadn't traveled here while she was asleep, and she knew she never sleep-walked. She bolted back over to where she had woken up (or at least close to it), and noticed a piece of bark. It had a strange language written, but Gale could somehow translate it.

"Sorry, Geru, but this is where we part. If you really are human like you say you are, then these people should be able to help you. Just talk to them and they can answer your questions. Goodbye... ~Roko, Deri, Gardi, and Pochi," Gale read. "But... THESE HUMANS CAN'T UNDERSTAND ME!!!" she screeched. She then sighed, and laid down.

"It's pointless..." she muttered.
(Just using this as a guide for what I should do next.)

Exhausted from this long and annoying day, Gale headed north out of the town she had wound up in, and realized there was a lot more going on in that direction. It was almost dark, and lights were blaring over where Gale was near. Curious, she walked towards the light, and discovered it happened to be a HUMONGOUS city. Noticing a sign, the amazed Eievui walked up to it and read it.

"'Jubilife City - The greatest city in all of Sinnoh!' Wow, opinionated much?" Gale said sarcastically. She felt two arms grab her, and lift her up. When she turned her head, it was a young boy.

"Oh boy, mommy! I can give this Eevee away on the GTS! Maybe I can get a Bidoof for it!" the boy exclaimed. Gale groaned.

"No, you are not going to put me up on some trade market!" she yelled, scratching the boy in the face. As he screamed and put his hand up to his face, Gale jumped away from him and ran as far as she could, until a large building stopped her in her tracks.

"'Jubilife Station'," she read, peering at the tall building. "Well, worth a shot..." She walked in and took the time to gaze upon the many features: TV sets all around, photo galleries, records... Gale had seen such before back in her world, but the technology here seemed to be much greater. She stared in awe.

"Now, I wonder if there's anything that can change me back?" she wondered out loud, heading into a room that said "Top Secret - Deadly Experiments Going On!"

Gumshoe Satyr
October 28th, 2008, 12:56 PM
Giving his audience a nervous smile, Calin faced them and said, "Well, would you believe that I need to borrow these pokedexes because I used to be a human don't know anything about Pokemon." The professor and two young trainers gave no sign at all that they had understood the young Eevee, but the three Pokemon, after Turtwig caught up with the other two Pokemon, shook their heads and looked at him even more suspiciously. "No? Really? Well, I don't know what to tell you because it's the truth. I'm not just a little Eevee kid. I'm a sixteen-year-old teen named Calin." Again the three Pokemon exchanged speculative glances with each other while the humans seemed clueless. Should've known that other human wouldn't be able to understand me like this....

Grabbing the bag with his mouth and taking a tentative step back, Calin looked up when he heard the girl speak. Laura gave Professor Rowan a determined look and said proudly, "Don't worry, Professor. Chimchar and I will stop it. No way we'll going to let an Eevee steal from you!"

Patting the Piplup on the head, Luke agreed, "That's right! Piplup and I are behind you all the way. Get ready to catch a thief, Piplup!" The penguin Pokemon stepped ahead pushing one wing against the other as if it was cracking its knuckles. "I'm ready for action," Calin heard it say in a chirpy, male voice.

"I really don't think....," the professor began, but he was too late. At the same time, the two trainers urged their Pokemon forward, and Turtwig followed obediently.

"Have a little taste of my Scratch, thief!” the Chimchar shouted in a femine voice, charging toward Calin. He tried to side-step the chimp-like Pokemon but winced as the its nails raked across his left cheek. "Ha, I got ya!"

Shaking off the attack, Calin growled, "Well, if you want a fight, I'm going to give you a fight!" He charged at his opponent and threw his body against her in a full tackle. Wow, that felt more powerful than I expected! Jumping onto the window sill to avoid a blow from Piplup's wing, he snarled, "Three on one, huh?" As the Chimchar attempted to hit him with another Scratch, he jumped to avoid it, but stopped and writhed in pain when the attack hit the window, making a screeching sound like a nail on a chalkboard. Darn these big, sensitive ears! His thought was cut off as Turtwig tackled him.

Giving him an apologetic look, Turtwig muttered, “Sorry kid, but I have to stop you. I can’t just let you take stuff from Prof. Rowan….”

As Calin struggled back to his feet, he wondered how he was going to get out of this mess.

October 28th, 2008, 6:45 PM
Joseph - Duskull

After the cat finally caught his attention by its balancing act, and after he completely digested his apple (which of course made his digestive tract visible), he finally spoke up.

"Hello..." such a short thing to say. But the cat waved back in a way.

Before he tried saying another word (Which took a while, since Joseph isn't very chatty) someone spoke behind the bushes...

"Hey! Look it's a buncha Pokemon!"

"Got the pokeballs ready?"

"Yup! Espeon seems ready too!"

"Then let's go catch those Pokemon already!"

"Oh, alright, Espeon, on the count of three, one, two--"

Before it said anything more, Joseph summoned another repulsive gust of wind. Which shook the bushes, and revealed two people. There was also a pink cat beside one, which instantaneously fainted.


"Dude, that Duskull used ominous wind! Sweet! Now I'll go catch it! Pokeball go!"

The other person tried throwing him a capsule-like ball, which he called a PokeBall or something.
But before he even tried, Joseph intimidted him with his Leer, and without arguing more, the two, and the pink cat, ran away.

"Geez, what kind of idiots were those?"

(Ugh, I'm brain-dead)

October 29th, 2008, 6:25 AM
Sandra continued to listen to the conversation. It sounded fascinating...

When the ghost-like creature said something about checking if his digestive system was still there, Sandra still watched. She was quite disgusted, but her face stayed in that position all the same. She was sure she had a digestive tract, at least.

When she saw the humans approach, she panicked, and crawled around in circles. When the ghost spectacularly blew the bush away, it revealed a pink kind of cat. Sandra's panicked movements caught the cat's attention, and it watched momentarily.

Then, all of a sudden, the humans fled. Thankfully, Sandra blinked into the distance.

This was the first time she got courage to speak. She turned to the creature that had apparently created the wind. "Thanks!" Sandra squeaked.

October 29th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Joseph - Duskull

The red worm, in a while, suddenly spoke. No wonder the cat was rather interested in it. It was very cute, as its voice squeaked.


"Er...you're welcome."

It was quite awkward, since he had not heard the worm make even a tiny bit of sound, ad now, he is, in a way, conversing with it.

His stomach rumble once more, and decided to grab another apple from the tree, which he ate joyfully, he had not eaten any familiar food in a while since the incident.

After finishing his apple, he acted up another chat with the others with him, a flaming horse, a red worm, and a brown cat who likes playing with her food.

"Sooo..." Thus thinking of what to say,"Anyone here heard of Jubilife?"

Th others shook their heads, and left Joseph in disappointment. The bushes rustled again, and out came the pink cat, and followed by other screams.

"Espeon! Espeon, c'mon, breeding with Jolteon ain't THAT bad!"

"You! Duskull, Ponyta, Meowth, Wurmple, you guys, hide me! Quick!"

Gumshoe Satyr
October 30th, 2008, 4:50 AM
OOC: Ok, I've seen some disagreements about what time it is, so the official time right now is that it's almost nighttime, just dark enough for a ghost Pokemon to feel comfortable. The main group has been sitting around and talking for almost five days, and, truthfully, it's getting a little tiring, so let's move things along (even though that Espeon thing is pretty funny XD.) Here's an event I'm sending you:

A Starly (Comet) has just flown in and is flying around Kalec and Bianca's heads, saying, "Trouble! Trouble! Your Eevee friend needs help. I can take you there. C'mon!" (he doesn't know that Sandra is one of their friends yet.)

Ok, after that brief moment of control, you guys can control him as you like. My thought is that he followed Calin to the lab, so he knows exactly what's going on.

October 30th, 2008, 4:39 PM
Sandra nodded to herself, and then heard something in the distance. Espeon... Jolteon... what were those things?

"I haven't heard of Jubilife," she replied, shaking her head.

"Quick, hide me!" Someone said. Sandra ignored the obnoxious remark.

Suddenly, a bird flew in. It was the same kind that had tried to eat her. Sandra screamed slightly, and cowered, but was relieved when it didn't mention her. Thankfully, she turned to it. "Eevee? Hmmm... sounds interesting."

After a moment of thinking, she said, "I'll go." Then she asked, "Where is this Eevee?"

October 30th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Bianca watched the Starly flutter frantically above their heads, shouting about Calin being in trouble. "Trouble! What kind of trouble!?" she asked shooting to her feet "No time to explain! Just Follow Me" the Starly then shot off in the distance, heading towards the Lab. Bianca was going to follow the Starly, but stopped when she head the worm speak up.

"I'll go." she then asked, "Where is this Eevee?"

"I guess the Starly's gonna show us." Bianca glanced back at Joseph and Kalec expectantly "Are you guys coming too, or are you gonna stay behind and wait for us" she asked picking up Sandra and placing her on her head "No offence, but if Calin is in serious touble, I don't think you'd be fast enough on your own, you don't mind if I carry you do you?"

Nidoking OriginGiratina
October 31st, 2008, 3:29 PM
((Sorry, I can't get on as often as I used to.))

Ava wandered around sadly. There was no way anyone was going to help her out of this mess, mainly because there was no one here to help her. No one was paying attention to her.

She came across a rather large group of strange creatures. She wandered up a horse, who seemed to be on fire, and jumped up and down. "Excuse me, can you help me?"

October 31st, 2008, 3:33 PM
Sandra turned her head to the egg-like newcomer. "Oh, hi, I'm Sandra," she greeted. "I used to be a human, but I can't remember how I got like this!" She grinned sheepishly.
"Just come along with us," she offered. She turned her head towards the horse. "Can we ride on you? Would you be comfortable with that?"

October 31st, 2008, 4:24 PM
Gale heard the starling-like Pokemon as she entered the room (her rabbit-like ears were very sensitive to sound), and she heard it say something about an Eevee. She groaned at the fact it didn't call the species "Eievui" like Roko did, then remembered Roko left her to possibly die. But, was it her that was in trouble, or another one of her kind? Gale wasn't quite sure.

"Well, it's probably not me," she assured herself. "After all, I don't think I'd get in trouble here, and since when did I have friends?" She looked at what seemed to be the "experiments". The scientists were out of sight, so Gale could do whatever she wanted to.

"Warning. Pichu that knows Volt Tackle experiment going underway..." Gale said, reading one of the labels. "How cruel, using Pokemon like that... Wait. I could be next if I don't get out of here..." She looked around, and realized the door had closed behind her. Being too small, she tried to jump and grab the knob, but without a tall enough body (or apposable (sp?) thumbs), it was pointless...

"I'm stuck in here. This is bad. People better not find me..." Gale immediately closed her mouth. She didn't want to curse herself any further than she had already.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
November 1st, 2008, 6:30 AM
"Are you sure?" Ava tilted her head to one side, which moved it--and thus herself--at the same time. "There's a bunch of people here, so we should be safe."

Smack was her tiny hand on her side. She couldn't reach her head, so what good would it do to try? She had never used bad grammar like "there's a bunch of people here" before, so why did she have to do it now? Stupid.

Gumshoe Satyr
November 2nd, 2008, 5:50 PM
OOC: Ok, sorry I haven't been on. I've been watching a ton of Halloween movies with my mom, and everytime I had time to get on, my bro was on, and you have to pry him off the computer with a crowbar whenever he's on.

Some of you are doing really short posts (You know who you are) and need to try to lengthen them some more.

IC: Staring at Turtwig with his dark, maroon eyes, Calin tried to think of anything to say to him that would explain this whole situation but realized that it was hopeless. There was no way that any of these Pokemon would believe anything he said now that they thought he was just a common thief. Just as he was about to continue fighting, Calin heard a tough voice that turned his blood cold but at the same time, seemed slightly comical to him. A moment later a huge, six foot tall Pokemon came into view that looked like a cross between a rhino and a dinosaur. Walking on two legs, it looked like it used its short arms for powerful attacks. Calin flinched a little when it spoke again, unsure of what to do.

"So this little Eevee is what's causing all the commotion," it said in a thick Arnold Schwarzenegger-like accent, and Calin bit back a laugh because it sounded so weird and funny to him. Spinning his horn like a drill and taking a menacing step toward the nervous Eevee, the Pokemon growled, "You think I'm funny, eh? You dare to laugh at a Rhydon?" As much as Calin hated to give in to a bully, he knew that it was foolhardy to try to stand up to this battle-hardened Pokemon and hurriedly shook his head. "I didn't think so," the Rhydon laughed, knowing that he'd easily won this battle of wills. Calin burned fiercely with rage, and it took all the willpower he had to keep himself from charging at the bully and teaching him a lesson. I'm going to get stronger someday, and when I see him again, he's going to be sorry he ever met me, he vowed silently, which placated him a bit.

"No way, Rhydon. You're here for me to research your evolution, not to fight a little Eevee. Return!" Just as Calin was feeling slight irritation at being called a 'little Eevee' for the second time in less than a minute, he gasped as a red light went from the round object in the professor's hand, similar to the ones given to the trainers, to the Rhydon, and the big brute disappeared. For a few seconds, he looked high and low, trying to figure out where the Pokemon had gone, but the only explanation he could think of- and it sounded almost completely ridiculous to him- was that he was inside the red and white object the professor had, though it was so small, he couldn't figure out how.

Her wings glowing ominously, Piplup said, impatiently, "Alright... I've had enough. Let's finish this!" At the same time, he and Chimchar charged at Calin, trying to cut off his retreat, but he leaped over their heads, hitting Chimchar across her back with his tail as he went past. "Way too slow!" he yelled, triumpantly. Despite the scare with the Rhydon, he was actually having fun fighting the other Pokemon, and by the look on their faces, he could tell that they were enjoying the challenge as well. Problem is that I'm outnumbered. I don't see how I can win... As if to clarify his thought, Turtwig attempted another tackle, and he narrowly dodged it, panting with the unaccustomed exertion. He wasn't going to be able to last much longer. Suddenly, he felt strong arms wrap around him and pick him up and saw that it was the human boy, Luke.

"I gotcha now you naughty Eevee!" Wriggling and squirming, Calin felt the boy's arms tighten around his body as he tried to hold onto him. Well, as they say.... Desperate times call for desperate measures..... He quickly nipped at the arm closest to him, and Luke dropped him but more out of surprise than pain. "No, you don't!" he shouted victoriously, though he new that the people couldn't understand him. He picked up the bag and ran as fast as he could toward the opposite end of the house and hid under a bed to catch his breath. In the other room, he could hear the people and Pokemon searching for him, muttering about how slippery the strange Eevee was.

November 3rd, 2008, 3:08 AM
When Maverick awoke, he was slightly amused that no-one had seemed to notice him. He was about to raise a bit of conversation, when a noisy bird flew up above them, and screeched, “Trouble! Trouble! Your Eevee friend needs help. I can take you there. C’mon!” Mav considered this, and then thought that maybe this ‘Eevee’ might be someone he knew, that arrived in this strange world the same way. He quickly asked the bird, “Hang on, maybe you could clarify? I’ve kinda been out for the past… oh, I dunno, maybe ten, twenty minutes. What’s this ‘Eevee’s’ name?” The bird hurriedly replied, “I think he said his name was… Calin! That’s it, Calin.” This quickly clicked his mind into the right frame. If this is Calin… then I’m not alone here! He replied, “Alright! Take me there!” The bird replied, “Grip hard on my feet! Alright! It’s time for us to go!” Mav did as he was told, and shut his eyes for the whole journey.

When he got there, it was a bit of a rough stop, as the bird just dropped him. After getting back up, he dusted himself off, and headed toward the building. On the trip here, he gathered a bit of information, such as the fact that the bird was called Starly.
Then, he paused. I’m supposed to bee a Treecko, according to that Gengar fellow… Tree… Gecko… Hang on! If I’m supposed to get in that lab, then my abilities should work great here! The thoughts slowly coursed through his mind, until he got the idea that he should try and climb up the window, and find a way in. He attempted to do so, but couldn’t break in, no matter what he tried. Then, he heard a sinister voice from behind him. “Oh, it’s you, that weird Treecko again.” Twisting his head around, he immediately regretted doing so. I just think of him, and he appears… great… “Good thing I know how to use mind reader… kekeke!” Maverick shuddered. That laugh somehow made a chill run down his spine… He replied, “Look, I really don’t need you around at the moment. I’m kind of attempting a daring rescue, so bye-bye!” The Gengar jumped at this opportunity. It readied a strange pulse of dark energy in its hands, and fired at the door, clearly smashing it to bits. “That should help you get inside!” This Gengar was proving a lot more helpful then it first appeared. Maverick quietly thanked him and walked through the door to the room.

Maverick gasped. This was complete and utter devastation. There wasn’t much standing still enough for him to identify what was going on. It was rushing past his eyes way too fast. Then, he started to get a grasp of things. He saw a little fox like creature, in the grasp of a person. He supposed this was Calin. To his surprise, Calin nipped at the person’s arm, letting him free. Calin had picked up the bag, and quickly ran into another room, under a bed. Mav saw this, and reasoned he should help out, as Calin was the one he was sent to save. He rushed under the bed, right next to Calin, and said, “Hey, you call this a good idea? I should of listened to my conscience when you got me to come to that creepy lab, ok, Calin? Oh, and before you ask how I know it’s you, a little bird told me-literally.”

November 3rd, 2008, 4:52 AM
Finally using her wits (and a bit of acid found in a test tube), Gale was successfully able to break the door down. She burst out of the doors and ran out the building. A starling-like appeared in front of her.

"Heya! So, you're out of trouble, huh?" it asked.

"Um, yeah, of course I am," Gale responded. "But you were giving a warning earlier, correct?" The bird nodded, and Gale sighed. "I don't think it's me you're thinking of..." she muttered. "After all, who'd wanna help an outcast out?" The starling-like Pokemon pecked her on the head.

"Hey! So if you're not in danger, that means this other Eevee is!!! You better save it!!!" The starling Pokemon flew off, and Gale quickly yelled "It's EIEVUI, for heavens sake!!!" Seeing how that was pointless, though, she tuned her ears into the many sounds around her. Human voices, no... Some sort of bird cawing in the east, no... What seemed to be a Pokemon with an Austrian accent... Gale looked up in that direction. The other Eievui. But by then, the one most likely with the Austrian accent disappeared. Vanished. Spirited away. Gale turned to a human who held out a ball-like thing, and then turned to the other Eievui, holding some sort of digital encyclopedia. I need to get my hands on that thing, she thought. If I can, I can learn more about this here world and these Pokemon... Deciding to go sniper for a while, Gale hid like a ninja behind some of the buildings, waiting for the perfect opportunity...

November 3rd, 2008, 5:06 PM
Bianca watched as Kaelc nodded his head and lowered himself to the ground to allow Sandra and Ava to ride him, but Bianca was becoming impatient at the moment, Starly had left them and these two were a bit slow and needed to move faster in her opinion, but only because she was worried about Calin and wasn't thinking straight. She ignored the Kalec's flaming behind, completely hellbent on rescuing Calin and grabbed Joseph(somehow) Ava and Sandra and quickly hauled the three onto Kalec's back and then hopped on herself "We're all ready Kalec" she signaled with a wave "Alright" he murmured before taking off to follow the Starly.

Thank the lord Bianca had enough sense left in her to hold on, because she would've been sent flying off Kalec's flaming backside, she grunted softly when Ava rolled back into her stomach, due to the sudden jerk and Sandra's small body smacked into her the cat blinked and removed the Wurmple from her face and held both Ava and Sandra gently, Joseph seemed fine though as Kalec dashed through the trees, at which Bianca believed to be an inhumane speed because everything had gone by so fast as though it were a blur. Oh man, I figured he was fast, but this is ridiculous...

"Took you guys long enough"

A high-pitched voice broke her sudden thoughts. Bianca blinked and stared at the Starly floating above them through the trees, he pointed towards a large lab in the distance "Calin's in there, but becareful, there's no telling what the Professor might do if he spot's all you guys, maybe it would be safe if those who aren't so blatantly obvious should go and the rest stay here" Comet glanced at Kalec warily.

"Ohh. Okay then... ummm how about I go and you guys stay here"

When she got no reply, Bianca gulped and took a deep breath "Alright, I'm going in and If I'm not back with Calin in 10 minutes I want you guys to give em hell!" she gave the group a nervous smile before running off to Profosser Rowan's Lab. "I gotcha now you naughty Eevee!" Bianca had just come within range of an open window, when she heard a voice cry out. Eevee!? It must be Calin! Using her natural cat reflexes Bianca leaped onto the windowsill and what met her feline eyes was total, complete utter chaos.

There were a total of 6 bodies running around a lab, which looked like a Hurricane had swept through, they were all running like chickens with their heads cut off and crying out 'Where's the Eevee' Bianca scanned the main lab room briefly before hopping down on the cool labratory floor "Calin! Are you in here!?" The cream colored cat padded through the lab, looking for her friend "Caallliiiinnn!!!" she was so caught up in screeching for Calin, that Bianca failed to notice the rambunctious Chimchar and her trainer "What is this, foreign Pokemon invade the lab today? Chimchar use Scratch on that Meowth"

Chimchar lundged at Bianca who cried out and jumped away from the chimp's claws "Hey! Cut that out you stupid monkey!" she exclaimed, matching her claw for claw until the two were at a stalemate "Hmm your pretty strong Meowth" Binaca just glared at the Chimchar. Grr I don't have time for this, I need to find Calin! I wish this Chimp would.... go to sleep or something. She thought giving the chimp a fierce stare, Bianca felt her pupils suddenly shrink while she stared at the Chimchar for a good minute and suddenly it dropped like a rock, asleep.

"Chimchar" the chimp's trainer cried as it ran to the fallen Pokemon.

Bianca however ignored them both and ran off in search of Calin.


(I hope you all don't mind me pretty much controlling your characters >.>;; Sorry the end is so rushed, but my mom was kicking me off as soon as I was almost finished this)

November 3rd, 2008, 8:48 PM
Sandra was about to crawl onto the horse when she was flung onto someone's back. "WHEEEE!" She cried happily. Apparently, she had grown more playful since becoming this larva thing.

Curious about herself, she began thinking. Who am I? How did I get like this? I asked this before, and I only remembered blue....

It was a bit clearer now. The night, a flash... but that was it. A mad scientist, maybe. But who knew, maybe these guys knew.

"If I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm Sandra. And do any of you know what or who I am, or how I got to be like this?" She was very puzzled, and highly doubted that anyone would reply. But she kept her hopes up, just in case.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
November 4th, 2008, 5:03 PM
((Short? These are the longest posts I can manage. Of course I've entered the NNWM now, so I'm slightly more literate...))

Ava glanced around at all the action. She was startled by a noise that she was sure only she heard, and leaped onto the ground, shaking and doing her best to cover her spiky head with her miniscule arms.

She looked up momentarily, voice trembling. "H-hi, S-s-andra..." She shook herself off and stood up, walking happily around in a circle. "My name's Ava~ Nice to meet you~" She began singing various "lalala~"s with her high squeaky voice. She looked very happy, but was truly just ignoring everything and cowering inside her joyful little mind.

Gumshoe Satyr
November 4th, 2008, 7:20 PM
OOC: Hey, I consider myself a pretty easy-going RP master, but you, Nidoking, consistently post around the bare minimum allowed in this forum. I hate to criticize, but I know I have to sometimes because that's part of my job. If you've truly entered in the NNWM, I congratulate you, but you should know then that detail is incredibly important and more often than not the more detail you have, the longer the thing you're writing will be. Length is one of my pet peeves because sometimes it can cause a sort of domino effect. You don't other RPers much to work with, so they, in turn, have trouble doing long posts. I love reading other people's posts, so I can't help feeling a little disappointed when it takes me five seconds to read one. I don't want to make you mad, but I just want to keep things running smoothly with no thread warnings (Yeah, I know I'm too paranoid about that, but I don't want to take any chances. XD)

Anyway, speaking of easy-going, I've come up with a new bunnying policy to help things go a little smoother-at least in my mind. Just bear with me on this, ok? Anyway, I was talking to one of our RPers about it, and I finally decided that my current idea of bunnying was too strict, and since I know that you're all on the edge of your seats at the moment, wondering what my new policy is, here it is: Minimal bunnying is now officially allowed! Although you can get a character to agree or disagree with something your character is saying, you cannot do entire conversations. Also you can't force a character to do anything that goes against their personality, and if I or the person you're bunnying asks you to change something, you have to with no complaints. (At least post the change in the OOC or in the IC post, so I know what's going on)

IC: Startled, Calin had to bite back a yelp of surprise when a lizard-like Pokemon rushed under the bed and sat next to him, but he was even more surprised when it said, "Hey, you call this a good idea? I should of listened to my conscience when you got me to come to that creepy lab, ok, Calin? Oh, and before you ask how I know it’s you, a little bird told me-literally.” Oh, great.... Now I'm talking to lizards. He mentioned the lab. Well, it can't be Kalec because I already found him, so I guess this could only be.... Maverick?

Glaring at the green Pokemon in irritation, he growled, "Hey, don't blame all this on me. This happened to all of us, Mav. You think I like looking like something you'd get from the Build-A-Bear Workshop? If you want to know how I know its you, I already found Kalec, so it could only be you. By the way, he's a flaming horse called a Ponyta, which looks much cooler than an Eevee."

Sighing, he continued in a slightly lower whisper, "Anyway, the reason I'm in this other stupid lab is because that Starly- I think his name was Comet or something- said that if I got on of these things called pokedexes, it would tell me all sorts of useful things that would help us survive in this place- at least until we find a way to get back to normal and get home..... wherever that is.... That bird never did warn me about the Pokemon that professor kept around here. I definitely would like to have known about the Austian Rhydon. Uh... I'll explain about that later" He gently lifted one of the Pokedexes from the bag to show Mav before placing it back inside.

His ears twitched as he heard his name called and what sounded like a fight started in the next room. "What's going on now?" he wondered aloud.By that time, he'd caught his breath, so he crawled out from under the bed, his ears focusing on the smallest sound.

"Calin!?" He gasped as he recognized the voice.

Turning back to Mav, he muttered, "What's Bianca doing here!? If she's not careful, she's to be attacked by all three of the professor's Pokemon at once, just like I was. Ready for some action?" Taking a deep breath, he rushed toward Bianca's voice, nimbly dodging to the side when the Piplup's trainer jumped out and tried to grab him. "Heads up!" he called as the Piplup charged toward his Treecko friend, its wings glowing with energy.

November 5th, 2008, 7:54 AM
Following the one Eievui, wherever it was being taken to, Gale hid behind anything that came into view for her. That encyclopedia-like thing was going to be of great importance, as she believed. At some point, she thought she was almost found out, but rather, it was just her imagination. I'm going paranoid from this experience, she thought miserably.

Her sniping led her to a lab, where the Eievui was conversing with a gecko-like Pokemon. And when she heard the Eievui say something about the Ponyta looking much cooler than an Eievui, Gale shook her head in disapproval.

"Nah, Eievui's are much cooler..." Gale muttered. She suddenly stopped, making sure they didn't hear her. Fortunately, it seemed like they hadn't, so she let out a small sigh. Then the one voice rang out. It belonged to the Nyasu, Gale decided. She made sure she kept out of view. All that mattered was that encyclopedia. But, WAIT!

TWO encyclopedias? There was the one she had seen earlier, and then one lying on the desk. Relieved, Gale realized it'd be best to take the one just lying there. She crept up to it, snatched it with her mouth, then ran back to where she was hiding/spying/eavesdropping before, unnoticed by anything, or rather, anyBODY...

(Sorry if it's kind of short. I'm at school, I'm not supposed to be on this site, and I have limited time 'til the next class.)

November 5th, 2008, 11:02 PM
Maverick was waiting for a little reply, but he got something a lot longer then he expected. “Hey, don't blame all this on me. This happened to all of us, Mav. You think I like looking like something you'd get from the Build-A-Bear Workshop? If you want to know how I know it’s you, I already found Kalec, so it could only be you. By the way, he's a flaming horse called a Ponyta, which looks much cooler than an Eevee.” Mav heard him sigh, and then continue. "Anyway, the reason I'm in this other stupid lab is because that Starly- I think his name was Comet or something- said that if I got on of these things called pokedexes, it would tell me all sorts of useful things that would help us survive in this place- at least until we find a way to get back to normal and get home..... wherever that is.... That bird never did warn me about the Pokemon that professor kept around here. I definitely would like to have known about the Austrian Rhydon. Uh... I'll explain about that later." He gently lifted one of the Pokedexes from the bag to show Mav before placing it back inside. After that, his ears twitched. Mav tried to listen, but obviously Calin had sharper hearing, although at least he could hear a crash.

Turning back to Mav, Calin muttered, "What's Bianca doing here!? If she's not careful, she's to be attacked by all three of the professor's Pokemon at once, just like I was. Ready for some action?" Taking a deep breath, he rushed toward Bianca's voice, nimbly dodging to the side when someone jumped out and tried to grab him. "Heads up!" he called as a Pokemon that looked like a penguin charged toward Mav, its wings glowing with energy. Mav was alarmed, especially since that pokemon had seen them under the bed. The penguin pokémon’s attack smashed him off his feet, but after hearing Calin’s warning, he jumped strait back onto his feet. He attempted to pound the creature with his arm, but it dodged. Then, Mav asked, “Can I at least know the name of my new enemy?” The penguin replied, “My name, you know, is Piplup.” Then, a revelation came to his mind. It seemed as though the pounding move he had used… deserved some sort of… name… While hurriedly dodging his enemy’s attacks, the word ‘pound’ floated through his mind, and he accepted it. He ran out from under the bed, and in a desperate attempt to escape his opponent he climbed up on top of it. However, the Piplup jumped up using a few tables. He neared Mav, and slowly forced him to back into a corner. Mav shut his eyes, and prepared for the final blow…

OOC: I won't be posting again for a week... can't really tell you why. You know, internet security, blah blah blah... that sort of thing.

November 6th, 2008, 5:48 PM
Sandra looked up to the... Ponyta's head. "So... where exactly are we going?" She was bumped by his galloping, and was almost thrown off, but luckily, her feet were rather sticky; but not enough to bother the Ponyta, of course.

Her belly growled, and she realized how hungry she was. With each bump, the hunger slightly grew. But she had eaten... rather recently, right?

Suddenly, she remembered reading a book as a human that caterpillars needed to almost constantly eat. That meant that if she grew enough, she would get to be a cocoon, or, even better, a chrysalis! Oh, such excitement! How she would love to be a butterfly!

"Anyone have a leaf or something?" she asked, looking around. But she was going too fast to grab anything nearby. Instead, she just lay down and rested her head on the horse's shoulder. Now that she was so small, riding on a horse was like being on an elephant, or airplane of some sort. She really couldn't tell which from this perspective. It was no insult to the Ponyta; she was just considering.

"Would you mind telling me your name again?" she asked shyly.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
November 6th, 2008, 7:54 PM
OoC: You should see other people on the other forums...
And by the "bare minimum" do you mean the four-word, twenty-five character limit? I'm well over that, but I'm sure you're exaggerating :/

Ic: Ava, even though she was tucked contently on the back of the flaming horse, began to wail.
"The horse is on fire!" she cried, "And I'm hungry! The barn's going to burn down and nobody's going to do anything about it! I wanna go home, ma! School is too dull! The chickens are drowning and I can't find the right tree! I stubbed my left toe on a checkbox! The button on my jacket is too thin and it won'd get through the candy bar!"

She changed her voice into a stern, deep one. "Young lady, go to your room right now. The horse is frozen in ice, you're bloated, the barn is flooded, there's firetruck and firemen in your bedroom, you're sitting on the roof, you could balance school's gyrocopter on the tip of a sharpened pencil, we don't own any chickens and no one ever has, we live smack in the middle of a forested desert, what's a checkbox, nobody has a jacket nor buttons and you're allergic to chocolate. Go dunk your face in a bowl of cereal."

And then, back in her high-pitched joy, she rolled around on the back of the horse laughing her head off. "Nobody doesn't like a bit of comedy drama!"

November 6th, 2008, 8:02 PM
Sandra had a fit of laughter, falling onto her back. "How funny can you get?" she asked.

"Let me try. May I?" she squeaked.

In the most normal, monotone voice she could, she said, "I like pies, but there aren't any floorbards for singing with. Why do I get the feeling that my fish lives in the toothpaste bucket because it's looking for the light?"

Then, she cried out. "I just made up a haiku!"

The caterpillar began to recite it.

"I think dirt's yummy.
It has nutrients, so why
Can't we eat the dirt?"

She rolled around for a moment, laughing.

Then, she said, "Darn it. Now I'm hungry." She dared not recite her poem any more, but when she tried, she just stared at the leaves longingly. "I'm hungry!" she cried sadly.

Nidoking OriginGiratina
November 8th, 2008, 5:22 PM
Ava laughed with Sandra.

"That was as funny as mine! I personally, myself, would prefer not to eat dirt, but whatever you think,"

Her stomach growled, and she sighed. "I'm hungry too, but there's bound to be some food around here."

She lay on her back and looked innocently at the sky. Why had she been placed here? Why was she like this? At least she had made a friend to keep her company, but that wouldn't prevent her from starving to death before she had a chance to even find water.

What would she do?

November 9th, 2008, 12:13 PM
“I’m safe, but only for a bit…. I need to find Calin and get out of here!” Bianca was running through the lab rooms in a frenzy ducking and dodging that old guy with the shock white hair. He had spotted her after that Chimchar’s trainer cried out and was now throwing strange red and white balls at her. What kind of crazy world are we in. “I mean doesn’t that count as animal cruelty or something” she murmured running blindly past another room “And where the heck is Calin!”

Bianca sighed and skidded towards a halt, glancing at her surroundings, she was in the middle of the hallway and there was various rooms that she had already run through, except for the one to her right. Maybe Calin might be in there. She thought getting ready to peer into the room but out the corner of her eye she caught a flash of red and white “Oh crap!” and flung herself into the room and Professor Rowan muttered a few curses because he missed the Meowth.

“Crazy old man!” she growled to herself before scanning the room “Calin!” Bianca’s eyes widened happily when she saw the Eevee, but he didn’t hear here because he, along with a green Gecko were trying to dodge a blue penguin. Both had managed to get out the way, but then the Penguin turned and attacked the Gecko, with glowing white wings, who looked as though he wouldn’t get away in time. Battle instincts kicking in Bianca charged at the blue bird and rammed the bird away, but had butted the Penguin with her head, sending it tumbling away.

“Piplup! Are you okay!” the trainer cried out

Bianca ignored the girl and her bird and the Gecko and ran over to Calin and hugged him tightly, before quickly letting him go and thwapping him in the back of his head with her paw “Don’t scare me like that!” she exclaimed looking into his eyes, he was staring at her wondering why she hit him “Its bad enough already that I was reckless and now I’m being targeted by the PokéMafia and that I’ve been deemed public enemy number one to all Murkrow and Honchkrow” she sighed “I darn sure don’t need you to get hurt or something by pulling a stupid stunt like this…” she grumbled in a scolding tone, her maternal nature coming out “Now who’s the Gecko and why are these people and Pokémon attacking us?”

(Bleh its short and rushed ._. but I've kept you waiting long enough)

Gumshoe Satyr
November 9th, 2008, 6:50 PM
OOC: Nah, I liked your post Yashi. Bianca seems like the perfect person to knock some sense into Calin when he needs it. XD

Before Calin could help Mav, a cream-colored streak rushed past him, ramming the Piplup away. The Meowth walked over to him and hugged him tightly, and he had no doubt that it was Bianca. Quickly letting him go, she thrwapped him against the back of his head with her paw. "Ouch! What was that for?" he asked, staring at her quizzically and rubbing his head with his own paw.

“Don’t scare me like that!” she exclaimed, looking into his eyes. Noticing his confused expression, she continued, “Its bad enough already that I was reckless and now I’m being targeted by the PokéMafia and that I’ve been deemed public enemy number one to all Murkrow and Honchkrow” she sighed “I darn sure don’t need you to get hurt or something by pulling a stupid stunt like this…” she grumbled in a scolding tone. Calin flushed slightly in increasing irritation. Here he was being criticized by two of his friends when they didn't even fully understand why he'd come in the first place. Plus, his pride was aching a bit from having to be rescued by not one but two of his friends. Actually, he was more upset with the entire situation than with his friends, but he couldn't tell if they realized that.

“Now who’s the Gecko and why are these people and Pokémon attacking us?”

Calin's mood lifted a little as he introduced his two friends. "It's Maverick, Bianca. Isn't it great? Now we just have to find Sandra if I don't miss my guess." He grinned as the two exchanged a greeting, which with Bianca could be anything. Stiffening as the Piplup began to stir, Calin added, "As for the other question, I suggest we continue this dicussion somewhere safer. Let's go." Grabbing the bag again and leading the way, he saw the front door in shambles, and when he glanced back at Bianca and Mav, Bianca shrugged, so he figured that Mav somehow had something to do with it.

As Calin ran toward it, he saw Turtwig blocking the way and slid to a stop, dropping the backpack. When the tortoise Pokemon saw him preparing to fight, he shook his head. "I'm not going to fight you this time. I really enjoyed your company earlier and wanted to let you escape as one last show of friendship, though when my new trainer is with me, I can assure you that this won't happen again. I can't imagine why you'd want to steal that human device, that pokedex, but you don't seem like a Pokemon who'd do a thing like that without a good reason, so I hope that it helps you." Standing aside, Turtwig muttered sadly, "Now go...."

Moved by the Pokemon willingness to disobey orders, even if it was temporarily, he froze for a second. "But-"

"GO!" Turtwig shouted suddenly, jarring Calin and his friends a bit. From somewhere in the back of the lab, Calin could hear running feet and shouts and knew that they didn't have any choice but to leave now anyway.

"Go ahead. I'll be right behind you." Calin said to his friends. Before following them out the door, he walked up to Turtwig and laid his paw on the Pokemon's shoulder, whispering, "Thank you, Turtwig. I hope that we meet one day soon as friends again when all of this is over...." Brightening a bit, Turtwig nodded to Calin before pushing him toward the door. Picking the backpack up again, he looked back at the kind Pokemon once more. Smiling to himself, he ran to catch up to Bianca and Maverick. At least I made one new friend, even if it didn't last long.... Maybe we will be able to be friends again one day after all.....

November 12th, 2008, 2:25 PM
Once the trio had safely made it outside the lab Bianca decided to take charge and lead the way back to Kalec and the others, but making small idle chatter while they made it back to the group “Okay, so I think were all together.” She murmured to Mav and Kalec “There’s umm 8 of us I think, its me Calin, Kalec, Mavrick, Sandra, she got changed into a large red worm and Ava, she is some sort of spotted egg thing and Joseph, he's a grim reaper looking ghost! I guess Gale, but I dunno what happened to her maybe we’ll meet up with her along the way” Bianca said.

“But that leads me to another question….” She paused thoughtfully “Where exactly are we gonna go Calin and what are those things you took from the lab for?” Bianca scanned the area, they were not to far off from where she the group, she could hear Ava and Sandra chatting a ways off with her heightened hearing “And that guy we saw the night before we got turned into Pokémon, what are we gonna do about him huh?” her eyes narrowed as they made it near the clearing where the others were "I'm back guys! Operation Rescue Calin is complete and we found Mavrick!" she exclaimed padding over towards Ava, Kalec, Sandra and Joseph.

November 12th, 2008, 3:22 PM
Gale, in the meantime, took the time to look up info. on the others.

"Let's see... Meowth (it should be NYASU), Ponyta, Eevee (EIEVUI), Treecko, Turtwig, Piplup, Starly... Man, this stinks..." she muttered. She had been following Calin for the last few moments, wherever he was headed towards. She made sure she kept her distance, especially when she realized some of his other "cronies" were following him as well.

It was then that she heard the Meowth say her name. Gale paid closer attention, but discovered not much was said about her. Well, I am unknown to them; they all sound like they get along, she thought. She also scowled when she mentioned someone was a grim reaper-like ghost. People used to call me a grim reaper based on my demeanor in my present life... Sighing, Gale continued to follow them.

She got curious with what else the Pokedex could do, so she opened it up and began toying with it. Eventually, the screen turned off, and when she tried turning it back on, nothing. "Shoot," she murmured, and tried pressing all the buttons at once. Nothing. Suddenly, a large three-dimensional map came up, and Gale assumed the red dot was her current location.

"Well, this may prove to be useful," she quietly said. And thus, she continued to follow Calin and pals to wherever they may be headed.

November 17th, 2008, 12:15 AM
Maverick waited, but no such final blow came. Instead, he heard someone dash past him and knock the Piplup away. The Piplup’s Trainer cried out, “Piplup! Are you ok?” Mav slowly opened his eyes and saw that it was Bianca, who had become a cat like pokemon, had done the save. She had rushed toward Calin, but what happened after that he didn’t see, as he was busy climbing down from on top of the bed that he had been fighting on. He didn’t join them just yet though, as he saw a computer document. That might be useful… came the thought. He climbed up to the computer’s desk, and quickly printed off a copy, hoping that no-one would miss one sheet of paper. He jumped back down just in time for Bianca to mention him. “Now who’s the Gecko and why are these people and Pokémon attacking us?” Calin had replied, "It's Maverick, Bianca. Isn't it great? Now we just have to find Sandra if I don't miss my guess." Mav heard what sounded kind of like a groan, and realised that they’d have to get out quickly. He was about to say so, but Calin beat him to it. "As for the other question, I suggest we continue this discussion somewhere safer. Let's go." Calin led the way, and stopped for a second when he saw the door to the lab in splinters. Calin looked over at Mav and Bianca. Mav decided to keep quiet for the moment. Then, the Turtwig spoke up. "I'm not going to fight you this time. I really enjoyed your company earlier and wanted to let you escape as one last show of friendship, though when my new trainer is with me, I can assure you that this won't happen again. I can't imagine why you'd want to steal that human device, that pokedex, but you don't seem like a Pokemon who'd do a thing like that without a good reason, so I hope that it helps you." He then muttered something, but Mav couldn’t understand it. Calin paused for a second, then said, "But-" "GO!" Turtwig suddenly shouted. Calin turned to Mav and Bianca, and said, "Go ahead. I'll be right behind you." Mav obeyed, and looked down at the sheet of paper he was now holding in his hands. He grinned to himself, and read the heading in his mind again. How to use a pokedex… His thoughts were interrupted by Calin, running back to join the little group.

Bianca had started to say something, but Mav didn’t really take notice. Not until they reached the others, anyway. Then Bianca had started to shout a bit. "I'm back guys! Operation Rescue Calin is complete and we found Maverick!" At this, Mav couldn’t resist a little bit of a joke. “It’s a bit hard for you to not find me, what with-" He was immediately cut off by a shudder that ran through his body. “Wow, is it just me, or is cold around here?” This was punctuated by another shiver. Heat, I need heat…” He rushed over next to who he assumed was Kalec, muttering to himself about the fact that he was now cold blooded. Then, behind him, materialized a familiar purple shape...

Nidoking OriginGiratina
November 17th, 2008, 8:38 PM
Ava didn't know what was going on right now. She muttered a quiet squeak and gazed nervously around. Blurs were moving past her eyes, btu she didn't know why.

"Where are we?" she screeched, close to tears. She turned out that she was sitting in the middle of the floor, still unnoticed. No one was paying attention to a tiny thing like her. Would she even survive something like this? While she was dreaming, she might as well get used to it.

She twiddled her tiny arms around and gazed down at the round shell that coated her body. She lay backwards on the cold ground. She couldn't help repeating it.

"Cold ground. Cold ground. Cold ground. Cold ground. Cold ground. Cold ground. The ground is cold." She shivered. "Why am I even talking? This is just a dream." Her head pounded. She had never been this anxious before.

Suddenly, she screamed. "HELP!"

November 17th, 2008, 8:48 PM
Sandra shouted, "Yay, mission complete!" She crawled off the horse, which was rather awkward because she had to go down his leg, and tried to jump, but could only get her forelegs off the ground. Then she landed on them, and her rear shot into the air. "Aah! Cold floor!" she cried. She looked over to Ava. "You think so too? So it's not just me?"

Then Ava screamed, and Sandra tried to cover her ears, but couldn't. "Jeez, could you please not shout? I'm more sensitive than I look." She suddenly got the feeling that someone was following her, and stuck her spikes out, but nothing came. With a sigh, she crawled on top of Ava's head, and closed her eyes. She wasn't asleep, but just needed some rest.

Suddenly, her eyes snapped open, and she said, "I'm still hungry, by the way. Anyone got a leaf? Or can I at least go outside? I kind of need some time to work things out mentally. Being a caterpillar is stressful, you know? Oh, wait, right, you don't. Sorry. None of you have ever been a caterpillar, have you?"

Gumshoe Satyr
November 24th, 2008, 1:36 PM
OOC: Ok, I've had computer problems, tests at college, and an essay to write, but I think things are under control now. Anyway, I need to get things moving along now.

IC: "So, there's eight of us in all... Wonder what happened to that Gale, that Evee girl.... Hope she's ok because I don't see her anywhere around...." Calin mumbled softly to himself as he walked along beside Bianca and Mav. He couldn't help but feel a little down after leaving Turtwig behind with the knowledge that he might have to fight the kind Pokemon one day. Things just never seemed to be getting any better. Well, perhaps together they'd find a way out of this mess, though it seemed near impossible.

“But that leads me to another question….” Bianca continued, jerking Calin back to reality. “Where exactly are we gonna go Calin, and what are those things you took from the lab for?” Up ahead, the group was waiting, and Sandra, his friend who'd apparently become some kind of worm or caterpillar, and some girl named Ava seemed to be having some kind of conversation. “And that guy we saw the night before we got turned into Pokémon, what are we gonna do about him huh?” her eyes narrowed as they made it near the clearing where the others were "I'm back guys! Operation Rescue Calin is complete and we found Mavrick!"

At that time, everyone seemed to be talking all at once. Mav, Sandra, and Ava were talking about being cold, though Ava was screaming and repeating the same thing over and over again, which was freaking Calin out. Plus, Calin realized that he could see right through Joseph at times, which freaked him out even more. Taking a deep breath, he tried to calm them down as best as he could, "Whoa, everyone! Just relax. Everything is going to be just fine." He didn't quite believe it himself, but he hoped that it would at least get their attention. "I'm going to show you what I found, but first things first, we need to find some shelter. Then, I will answer any questions any of you might have." At this, he glanced at Bianca and nodded at her, knowing that he had yet to answer her questions.

Before Calin could say anything else, his eyes grew as large as watermelons as he noticed a roundish, purple creature behind Mav. "Please tell me that somebody knows who or what that is." He scanned the group nervously.