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Originally Posted by demonparia View Post
Hi, I'm not totally sure if this is a 'simple question', but when I was using a custom tileset (Kyledove's DS Gen-esque tileset) for FireRed I had loads of problems with it, and I've fixed all of them except one.

On the custom houses, when opening the door, it glitches the tiles of the house to the left and right of the door and makes them look like a door animation on the glitched tiles, one frame of the door animation per tile.

Walking out of house

Outside of house

It makes the line of tiles to the left and right of the door messed up. I talked with a friend about it and he suggested something about editing the animation manually, but he hasn't been online to explain that. I really need an explanation and a way to fix it, because there's no way I can release a hack with this...
I'm having the same problem, so I can't help on that. xD

Here's a question that is MUCH more simple than the questions I have been asking around here.

If someone lets me use a map of theirs from the map rating thread, how exactly do I use it if its just an image?

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