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Quote originally posted by emeraldcharizard:
I really enjoyed this short hack. Humourous and worth playing all the way through.
Just wondering How long did it take you to make this???
I did it in bits over a period of three days. I think I say somewhere in the hack that it was about fifteen to twenty hours overall.

Quote originally posted by 1158:
Hmm...This is interesting...Just like your hacking style...Anyway,well done,Cutlerine!
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Quote originally posted by jakrodriguez:
I might as well make a walkthrough for this on youtube ill post a link when i at least get a the first episode up
If you like.

Quote originally posted by voltachu:
Awesome mini-hack, I love your Gurren Lagann references!
Ah, references. At the moment, I've got this habit of quoting Macbeth and Hamlet reflexively whenever I can make a line fit. This whole reference thing is starting to get out of hand...

Quote originally posted by Zetsubou Johnny:
I forgot how much i loved your writing. You actually make the pokemon universe a bit fun. Snakewood was a bit to dark for my taste ((and for me that's saying a lot)) but this game is perfect. I can't help but wish it were longer. Btw I love The Killers, nice reference.

15 hours for a hack, that's pretty amazing. Is a chapter 2 where you have to stop gary out of the question? I'm frankly more scared of him than i was of team rocket.

...Poor professor...
Hm. I do have another mini-hack in the works, but it's got nothing to do with this one. But I do like the idea of revisiting Gary. Originally, he was just there to

Quote originally posted by BungiePhantom:
After the fade to black screen I found out I can still move so I went downstairs and went all the way back to mt. moon just to find the same scenario play all over again, darn

It was a great short hack though I definitely had some laughs
Yeah, I know you can do that. I should probably stop it.

Quote originally posted by pokegirl42:
yes i love crazy. but hate team rocket. Nice mini hack. good job
I'm not their biggest fans, but everyone knows who Team Rocket is and so does everyone in-game, which removes the need for any sort of set-up. They also had a conveniently nearby leader in the form of Giovanni and their own sprites already in-game. So you can see why, in a limited amount of time, they were the best choice for the little story I had planned.

Quote originally posted by YouListeningROMs:
A wonderful little game to play in your free time. Worth a look-see.
Thanks. That's exactly what I was aiming for, so it's really good to hear that I'm managing to hit the mark.


For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.