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"The power of mega evolution... Will it change the future?"

Neil/Tyra, a gifted scientist of Ivara Region, is trying to create a powerful Pokemon called Mewtwo. Neil/Tyra did it. However, this is not enough for Neil/Tyra. Because he/she want to make Mewtwo stronger. He/she want to turn it into a Pokemon which can mega evolve without ordinary mega stones, but unluckily, he/she has no money to keep it up. When he/she thinks that he/she has to give it up, a man called Kasper showed up. This man is a businessman, what's more, he is the leader of Team Delta, a mysterious organization of Ivara Region. He said that he can help Neil/Tyra to finish his/her experiment. Neil/Tyra has no choice, he/she joins Team Delta. However, he/she is still wondering, why did Kasper help him/her? Should he/she trust this man?
New regions(Ivara, Lande, Sevii Islands), new gyms(Of course)
All mega evolutions
Some 4th gen, 5th gen, 6th gen and 7th gen Pokemon
Some new tiles(Maybe a bit rough,it's not easy to draw them...)


Tools Used:
YAPE 0.9
...and some more tools(I cannot remember if there's any other tools used)
MrDollSteak - New Type hack
Percy, who helped me to add the Repel System.
Punkysaur, who fixed the beginning introductions.
Jambo51/jirachiwishmaker - Pre-battle Mugshot
jiangzhengwenjzw - Expand Trainer sprites, party delete routine and so on
Strange Kid - 40% of the grammatical corrected dialogues and the backsprites of players(In fact, he made some more amazing sprites for me. However, for some reasons, I couldn't use all of them.)
...Did I forget anyone?

The following Pokemon are not obtianable in the main storyline, so I decided to make them obtainable in the Adventurers' Club. Enter the passwords, and you'll get them.
Suicune: 7X9B5L4K08
Entei: 55V3Y7I823
Raikou: 12DE7F4G1K
Type: Null: 6TY79855C7
Keldeo: 9B7YJ015C9

Support Bar:

This cover is made by Aron_90. I'm very appreciated for this.

Some trainers doesn't know how to use items properly.

Download link of the Beta5.59(UPS file):

The walkthrough of this hack:

P.S:This hack is 100% completed. I think most glitches are fixed now.
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What is out there?

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I need to find time to play all of these awesome rom hacks getting released lately!
I'm still currently playing one of your other games. Great storyline dude!

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Sweet hack man. Story is great, battle backgrounds look sweet, tiles look good. Really love the city in row 3. So far my favorite city. Great features man. Getting now to play. Good luck with it.

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WOW. I'm completely blown away by those battle backgrounds, they look utterly incredible! Nice to see a split-storyline as well, those are always great =) Good luck with this project!
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Going to play this when it's finished. It looks amazing. I've beat both Victory Fire and Resolute, but this one looks improved. I love the trainer sprite (Looks like a edited version of Prof. Avery from Resolute. :P) Anyways, good job on this one. Keep progressing (:
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I've started playing it and I noticed a bug. If you loose on the first road, you end up in the next city. Whatever, my first impressions of your hack were very good though, but I'm stuck. I talked to Kasper in the city, but now I do not know where to go. Can you tell me where I have to go?
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Woah! So many new hacks comin' out!! Anyways, I really like those battle backgrounds but the sprites kinda looks Off for a reason, It looks so jagged and wavy. Might I suggest using MrDS's sprites in his 6th Gen Sprite Resource project? I'm not a spriter but this hack is seriously looking GOOD...


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Dude, This Totally Awesome i love the Battle Background & the Split-Storyline,
1158, Good Luck With This:) i'm Supporting This
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This looks great. I love everything but the pokemon sprites in battle they need some work. I suggest using Chaos Rush and Mr.Dollsteak's sprites because of how good they look, \and for the fact that they will make this look so much better. That being said; keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will end.


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I would like to point out that when I played it during the beginning bit when you and the aide talk to the intruder the aide (female in this case since i was playing male) wound up with a pallet error but in that room only because when i got back to the first room she was fine. I shall look to see if it happens when playing female as well.

EDIT:It occurs with the male aide as well.

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Good one dude , the storyline is really original , the tiles and the battle backgrounds look awesome too . Good luck !!!

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