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Originally Posted by Jokedon View Post
I dont like to have too many tabs open, slows down the browser a lot. So usually not more than three...
As a heavy tab user (See above.) I can say it won't slow down as much as you think... Tabs only noticeably slow down the browser if you exceed the amount of RAM on your computer and it starts swapping in and out of the page file/swap file. If you don't do that, you are pretty much in the clear.

This is what Conky tells me when Opera has 65 tabs open:

In addition to the tabs, I also have the built-in IRC, E-Mail, and Feed clients running as well as a very AJAX-heavy VLC web interface. Two of those tabs are Google Plus which polls often, and another two are which are very JavaScript heavy when you have a lot of images in an album you are viewing.

Opera's RAM usage is at 1.5GB because of the tabs and is still using less than 5% CPU. That 5% is only because of the additional things I have running in it non-stop, and not necessarily because of idle tabs.

tl;dr - Feel free to do as you like, if you want tabs, use em. It won't have as adverse an effect you think it will.
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