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Quote originally posted by ArthurWaine:
For everyone having proglems with 'quote' Sh*t download links 'unquote', please use your brain and click the 'mirror link' button :) It has... well... a mirror link :)
Please use your brain before accusing us of not using ours. Not every download has a mirror, and not every mirror works.

I'm having a strange problem with XSE. I have a working 1.0.0 version, but when I tried to Google version 1.1.1, one of two things happens. Either the download gives an error when trying to extract, or the program closes onesecond after it opens. Doesn't even give an error, it just quits. This could be due to the fact that none of the downloads I've tried haven't been from reliable sources. I honestly can't find any good links. Even the update option in XSE can't detect updates.

Does anyone have a similar problem or at least know where to get version 1.1.1? I just don't know what went wrong.
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