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Old July 2nd, 2013, 08:47 AM
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Just do what I am supposed to do like other mods here and not screw anything up.
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Old July 2nd, 2013, 10:09 AM
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I think I'd be pretty harsh with verbal warnings (not so much infractions because I like to give people chances) but less harsh than I used to be when I modded.
When I was mod, I looked though every new post in my section every day after school to make sure no one was breaking any rules and to make sure no flamebaiting or flame wars broke out, and PMed the appropriate people to give them a heads-up depending on what I found. Haha.. talk about being anal. I'd be too lazy/busy for that now. But back then the DCC was VERY active and there was a bigger chance of that happening. I'd be much more lax now, but I dislike when people -deliberately- break rules.. however if they want to appeal it, they'd be more than welcome to oblige. I think events and emblems are fun! I would TOTALLY make an ego-emblem called Kura-Rage.. I am sure quite a few people know what that would entail! Hahaha!

I also hate when threads are closed instead of moved. I'd be more lax on the thread-revival rule if it was relevant and not just for a bump. I think the 4 word rule is important and it helps wean out spam. I would also encourage some real discussion and make sure emblems are handed out to those who have some well thought-out posts or topics. Hmm.. what else... I would like another shot at maybe reviving the IRC through member-held events- but I could do that as a member instead of being a mod. Not sure what else I'd do as mod.. I don't care about profiles and I wouldn't change my theme. I already have enough PM space and a blog so.. I dunno.. I wouldn't go too crazy laying the banhammer on anyone or anything haha... >_> or so you'd.. think >:3..
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Old July 2nd, 2013, 11:01 AM
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Originally Posted by AWsquared View Post
Say you were promoted to moderator or other staff , what kind of mod would you be? In other words how you handle modding duties? Would you be lenient and shrug things off , mostly give warnings and not infarct people for simple mistakes? Or would you be strict and punish any rule-breaking you can find?

What's one thing you love to do the most? Giving out emblems? Having bigger profile pictures or fancier usertitles? Closing threads?

If you're already on staff/former staff, what kind of moderator are/were you? Answer the same questions as above , but from your perspective of being on staff.

1) If it was just minor things I would just give off a warning. However if the severity is high enough I'd have to be responsible and hand out the punishment accordingly. Sticking with minor stuff however if it was a repeat ordeal and the person doing it won't change then the infraction would have to be issued.

2)Having the responsibility of making the forums a happy and safe place to be /generic answer.

3) Not here but in a local forum I was the head administrator of the site. Skins, rules, contests hiring, firing. Almost everything on a daily basis. It was fun despite the occasional Advil taking.
Old July 9th, 2013, 03:05 AM
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I was quite a lenient mod back in the day. Partially because most of my responsibilities were about boosting posting rather than dealing with troublemakers. But even when a few troublemakers did arise, I didn't give out all that many infractions. Instead, I preferred verbal warnings. For the most part, they seemed to get the job done as well: there were very few repeat offenders of the 'No Listing Rule' once I'd had a go at them! Indeed, I can probably count on one hand the number of infractions I gave out as a mod! :D
Old July 10th, 2013, 01:23 AM
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I would be playful, not at all intimidating and I would give people warnings. If they ignored me completely, then I would call in the big guns. >:T

I would love to hand out Emblems and stuff. That would rock!
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Old July 17th, 2013, 10:35 AM
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I'd take the rules literally without much room for lenience. Yellow cards are the only warnings, as far as I'm concerned (assuming they haven't expired). I don't really suffer noobs poorly, I just see it as a mechanical job. If it proves feasible, I'd even prepare a list of standard responses for closing, moving, merging or splitting threads (can mods here even split threads?). Mind you, I wouldn't be a copout about that; if I can do anything but close a thread, I will; and if anyone asks for help, they shall receive. Of course, the flipside of my nature is that I'm not one to boost a section's activity or anything like that; I'd be better off going straight to S-mod. I don't expect I'd bother with emblems at all.
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Old July 17th, 2013, 12:27 PM
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I barely spent 6 months as a mod, but man were they fun. I read every post in Pokémon Trivia/Forum Games and took as a mission to warn/infract everyone who posted more than 5 posrs breaking the four words rule. Guess I was so obssesive the highers decided to make me stop by giving me a promotion!

I became much more lenient after that, though.
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Old July 17th, 2013, 12:44 PM
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Unfortunately, I close a lot of threads compared to the other staff, I think. D: There's really no place for a rule-breaking gallery / shop to go on PC.. so moving threads isn't an option. :( Luckily for me, tom foolery doesn't make a highly regular appearance in A&D.

But I try to avoid it as much as possible. I usually tell the thread maker that they need [insert criteria] for their gallery to remain open and give them some time to finish it. If they ignore the thread / don't log on again / ask to close it (usually because they need 15 posts), then I'll lock it with a message that I can reopen it when they have the means to comply with the rules. So I try to be as accommodating as possible. Seldom do I hand out infractions though, as none of my regulars really do anything that's infraction worthy! n_n; I prefer verbal warnings over bringing down the hammer, definitely.

So I'm pretty lenient all and all. If I absolutely must take some kind of moderation action, I always try to be as polite as I can and communicate openly. Save any severe incident that must be handled immediately.

Anyway, I definitely like all the perks of being staff, but I think my favorite thing is helping people-- as cheesy as that sounds. And even though I don't do it much, giving emblems is pretty fun. :)
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Old July 17th, 2013, 01:02 PM
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Being mod sounds kinda boring. Also there's this great unanswered question hanging around: how in the world are there so many people posting their stuff on the wrong place and why seem some normal users (mostly newcomers) to break the rules (which not always happens on purpose) even though nearly everywhere you get to hear that you have to obey them and most of the time there's also a link provided that directs you to those rules?

I guess I'd go the strict way, warning where warning is needed and so on. That's the guy I am.

But admin is where it's at: installing plugins, parsing users posts like crazy, having all the powers and responsibilities :P
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Old July 17th, 2013, 05:57 PM
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I would ban everybody just for fun and over run the forum. >:3

Nah, umm, I suppose I would only really give warnings if someone does something stupid, if it's called for a short ban, I wouldn't permaban something, I would let someone else make the call for that. But to be honest, I wouldn't really wanna be a mod, having to check up everything all the time and keep law in check, haha. I would just rather explore the place and just contribute into posting, instead of enforcing the rules, so I'm happy with just the report button.
Old July 17th, 2013, 07:12 PM
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To be a forum moderator you need to have a experience when it comes on moderatong a forum, and giving a warnig to those who breaks rules and regulation is my duty.
You need to be fair with others giving them second chance is ther rights but after that chance and still not following the rules & reg them its time for you to give that member a lesson.

Being a moderator isn't that simple, you need to have a patient and most of all you need to have a time specially moving wrong section post to the correct section. Helping others who need a help(but when it comes to financial i guess both of us have that problem xD)
Oh well doing the job is really what you need to do.
Old July 17th, 2013, 08:04 PM
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I'd probably handle it the same as I used to, which is give someone three warnings, and then the forth time they break a rule I start handling them infractions. That's for smaller rule that are broken. If it's something heavier, then I might only warn once, and then infract. If they curse out someone, or spam on purpose then I just infract - because if they're self-aware then they don't deserve so many chances to clean up their act. -w-

Obviously, spammy threads are just locked, but I'd explain to them why I did.. probably through PM, if not in the actual thread.

I guess I'm lax, I'm definitely not super strict.

- also Drew.

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Old July 19th, 2013, 09:33 AM
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I'd be lenient, but firm. I stand by a "You were warned" "Second time? Infraction" method of doing things. You get one shot. You cannot say you were not aware because the rules are all over the place + you received a verbal warning. If you should continue to behave in a manner unfit for the forum, then you deserve to be infracted. If you keep doing the same error, you'll be infracted until suspension / expulsion.

Mod perks I like? HTML member titles, bigger avatar and closing / moving threads. Though, 150x150 avatar from supportership is good enough for me.

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Old July 19th, 2013, 03:54 PM
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Give out free fried chicken (or food of their choice) to PC Supporters, and provide all members with a complementary Crazy Straw.

...I promise you, if mods did this, I would die of happiness.

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Old July 19th, 2013, 03:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Slash Beast ∞ View Post
Give out free fried chicken (or food of their choice) to PC Supporters, and provide all members with a complementary Crazy Straw.

...I promise you, if mods did this, I would die of happiness.
they'll need addresses and gift cards rather though

but if they could pull that off

did u no there r 21 letters in the alphabet
o i forgot 5

Old July 19th, 2013, 04:04 PM
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Originally Posted by droomph View Post
they'll need addresses and gift cards rather though

but if they could pull that off

hey man

more power 2 tha userz


"You are trespassing on Line Ark territory. Pull back immediately...or we will respond with lethal force."
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Twitter is also welcome. Note: Probably more vulgar, NFSW, and Fighting Game related!

Old July 21st, 2013, 03:45 AM
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When I first started my job as a moderator for Other Entertainment back in the day, I was pretty strict. Not because I necessarily felt the need to be, but in order for me to have any kind of work at all, I had to be more strict than I felt was necessary. Otherwise, my position would have been really pointless. Back then, Other Entertainment just wasn't a go-to forum for anybody. Nowadays, some people have made it their home forum, but back then, those members weren't here, and despite how hard I tried, I couldn't make that forum what I wanted it to be, and what I felt it should be. My frame of mindset was simple. Everyone here listens to music, watches TV, and reads. Why wouldn't they want to talk about it?

I went on demoted leave of absences so many times because I got frustrated and wanted time away from dealing with things. When I came back from one of them, I was added as an additional moderator to Other Voting Polls. I don't really remember much of what I did here. A little while later, I was promoted to smod.

When I was promoted to smod, my views on the forums shifted dramatically. Even though I was already headed in that direction anyway, because of things going on in my life, I didn't view things as that big of a deal around here. One of the threads that I made when I became smod was the Moderator Guidelines. Its by far my most favorite thread that I've created here, and in it, I made a sort of guidebook to someone's first days as a moderator that they would be able to look at as a reference for how to handle problems. I used myself and how I deal with issues as a basis on it.

The thing I love the most about my position is definitely HQ. I've wanted to become part of it for a long time before I finally got the chance, and I think I'm better suited for smod than I am for mod. If I was a mod again at this point in time, I don't think I would be a very good one. I don't view things as seriously as I think a moderator should to be able to do their job as well as I would expect them to. As far as the rules are concerned, I don't care about upholding the majority of them. The only one that I care about is respecting each other, because I feel that that is the only one that should matter. If someone posts in a thread that's been dead for two years, so what? If someone doesn't have four words and twenty-five characters in their post, who cares? Those things, I don't deal with the way that the rules say we should. Most I'd do is remove the problem. I feel like punishing members by infracting them for things that aren't important to me is unnecessary because, more often than not, I view infracting to be unnecessary.

Unfortunately, because of how honest I can be, the way that I structure my thoughts, and because of how strict I was when I started, I feel that that kind of follows me and people just assume that I'm much stricter than I actually am.
Old July 21st, 2013, 04:01 AM
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I never infracted anyone during the six months I served as the moderator here. Didn't even hand out any official warning. Most that I did was PM the member concerned and notify them of their error so they can mend their ways. And most usually did. So I never had to do much, haha.

I was pretty damn lenient, I think. There was a thread in the staff forums where all the staff members were asked who in their opinion was the strictest and the most lenient staff member. My name was brought up when it came to the latter category, haha.

Though I probably would've been really strict to anyone who did something serious. Like posting Xrated stuff or stealing artwork.
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Old July 21st, 2013, 04:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
One of the threads that I made when I became smod was the Moderator Guidelines. Its by far my most favorite thread that I've created here, and in it, I made a sort of guidebook to someone's first days as a moderator that they would be able to look at as a reference for how to handle problems. I used myself and how I deal with issues as a basis on it.
Wow, there was no such thing before you arrived? That thread is so incredibly helpful and I'm really happy that you took your time and effort to make it, then.

Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
As far as the rules are concerned, I don't care about upholding the majority of them. The only one that I care about is respecting each other, because I feel that that is the only one that should matter. If someone posts in a thread that's been dead for two years, so what? If someone doesn't have four words and twenty-five characters in their post, who cares? Those things, I don't deal with the way that the rules say we should.
Well, the rules are there to give members a hint of how they should act here, right. Some rules are not as important as others (compare pr0n rule to thread revival rule for example), but they are still necessary imo as guidelines and for keeping the forum tidy.

Before I was modded, I was posting a bit crazily much in Pokémon General, I think :x And I still want to say I do! I post in nearly every new topic, unless I really don't have anything to say, and I make new threads as soon as I get an idea for one. Thankfully, a lot of people are making threads now, so there are always something interesting to post in. So generally, I don't behave different from when I wasn't a mod, except that now I can make things happen instead of just complain about things I think should happen, haha...

I have only been a moderator for a month now (not counting the time I was moderating Roleplay Corner, a couple of years ago, because that was a bit different) but I have hardly given out any infractions. I banned one :p Idk, most of the time it's just people posting in the wrong place or not reading the rules properly, so I'll move or lock threads a lot. I would feel weird infracting someone for being a bit clumsy with where they post stuff. Spam is a different thing though; if someone posts less than 4 words and obviously doesn't mean to contribute to the discussion, or if someone is rude or completely offtopic, I don't have many qualms about deleting it. I guess you could tl;dr it as: I'm chill enough.

I have a few favorite things about being a moderator on PC. One is to be able to give out emblems. Admittedly, I've given out quite a few during this month xD Emblems are fun, that's a fact in my head even though some people shrug and say they are tired of them. I love receiving emblems and I like giving emblems out. I made some for Pokémon General and I'm always scouting for members who might deserve them :3

And of course, the staff team. Before, I thought it was a bit redundant how old staff welcomed new staff members and seemed to suddenly want to be friends with them and become part of the gang and yada yada
But now it's not that strange to me anymore. Of course staff should strive to be friends with each other; we work together. We're not a clique, we're colleagues. If we have fun at work, we become more eager to do our job well and it promotes communication between h-staff and mods (at least for me it has) which is great when it comes to picking up on ideas for the forums and events.

My favorite thing to do as a moderator though... is to lock or move a thread :x Don't know why but it gives me satisfaction hahahhaa um. And the bolded username is delicious. All members should have bolded usernames. We'd all look delicious.


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Old August 1st, 2013, 09:02 PM
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Bumping up this thread since I haven't answered myself hahaha.

If I were ever a mod here or on any other forum I imagine myself being one of the more lenient staff members. I wouldn't ever infract people unless they really needed it. If the post was constantly breaking a rule over and over again, only then would I intract them and eventually if they kept it up then a ban. Other than that then I'd most likely only PM the person that they're breaking a certain rule and not to do it again or give them a warning. If the person is posting in the wrong section or posting something that doesn't even fit in PC at all, then I'd just move or close it for them. Merging threads is probably something I'd rarely do cause whenever I look at merged threads, they don't seem to blend in well. I would also try to not come intimidating and encourage people to come to me if they have any questions or issues. Moderators and staff should be approachable right? You should be to come to them for any questions or concern you may have cause they know the forums well. Or at least that's how I see it and that's how I'd try to be as a moderator.

I'd definitely take advantage of the perks. One I'd love a lot is the custom usertitles. I would probably have to get another staff member to help me for a while cause I'm in no way knowledgeable when it comes to coding and HTML stuff, but I'm sure I'd be used to it after a few times. I'd also love having a larger profile picture and avatar. 130x130 and 150x150 is definitely not enough for me and I've always wanted a bigger profile picture/avatar. Giving out emblems would be fun too for me. I'd probably make an ego emblem if I'm on staff long enough.

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Old August 2nd, 2013, 06:27 AM
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Before the forum I come from got trashed by a certain hacker and we had to migrate to Xenforo, yellow cards were never given out. It was either a verbal warning via PM or an infraction.

As such, if I were modded here, I'd never use yellow cards... it'd be a quick warning for a first offence and then an infraction for whatever happens next. PMs make yellow cards redundant as is. This is similar to how I moderate Pokemon Showdown servers: I warn first and then lay down the law, so to speak.

If the offence was of sufficient magnitude, however, I'd just go straight to an infraction (like on Showdown, where I go straight to a mute or a lock or even a ban). No use in warning for something major; it's a waste of time and gives some sort of encouragement to the user who may fall under the impression that you're not firm / assertive / whatever enough.
Old August 2nd, 2013, 02:24 PM
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I would be a terrible, terrible mod. I'd be way too timid to actually give someone infractions. I'd probably just be like "hey can you not do that please thanks." Well, unless they do it again, and then it's like "I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT WHY ARE YOU STILL DOING THAT OH MY GOD DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME I AM MOD HEAR ME ROAR GRAAAAAAAH" *angry wiggly arms* and then ban them.

Also it'd probably be awkward if I had to PM one of my friends about breaking a rule. I'd probably say, "hi um yeah you broke a rule if you could not do that again that'd be great kthanx bye"

So yeah, no one ever make me mod.
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Old August 4th, 2013, 07:39 PM
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I'll make sure to abuse my power as much as possible before screwing off.

As for how I'll feel personally, nothing will change except for the blue/yellow color in my username. With the flexibility of being a mod there also comes a responsibility, therefore I will try to do even better to help the community.

If I'm being dead honest I do want to be a mod... well, who doesn't? But I've only been here for 5 days so I'll bide my time.

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Old August 14th, 2013, 11:01 PM
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I Would mostly give warnings and not infarct people for simple mistakes i at one point had 8 infractions for very small things and a friend Umbre0n was interacted for such little things he left as of now i have been infraction free for 7 months i would let everyone under a year of bring here warnings change curses with a similar word like ship I can't fudging stand these fudging returns for the occasion slip up (we all have done it) I will not stand for harassment disregard of the rules (not ignorance) and spam
Old August 15th, 2013, 11:44 AM
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Heh, I realized something over time. While I did say that I work with the three strike system, there are moments where someone does something that makes me go "you clearly just didn't bother to read the rules or the OP or something". It's moments like those where I go with a two strike (yellow then red) or even once I just went over to an infraction. So common sense does prove to be a factor in my deciding what to give trouble makers.
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