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August 15th, 2007, 12:24 PM
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"Jun, Meilin, it's alright. I've been prepared to join the Goddess for some time now. Don't cry. Please, don't cry. You'll make me cry..." the bed ridden woman said. Her face lacked any color and her blonde hair was drenched in sweat. Her blue eyes were faded and worn, like a child's lost doll. She was bundled up in several woolen blankets, yet she still shivered. She was obviously very ill.

"But Mother... you can't leave us. Father needs you. You've seen how he's acted since you grew ill. He's going mad, I swear. The country needs you. You're their Queen. Without you, I don't know what'll happen. I..." the blonde girl next to the dying woman began to cry. Tears flowed down her cheeks, following the same path as the tears before them. Jun reached forward and grasped onto her mother's exposed hand. The woman had little strength to return to clasp, instead smiling at her daughter.

"Mom, I love you," said the girl seated next to Jun. Unlike her sister, Meilin looked nothing like the woman. No tears had drenched her cheeks, but it was obvious she was incredibly upset. "Without you, I.. don't know what I'll do.." Meilin stopped talking, choking on her own words. She resisted the urge to cry, instead opting to clench on the side of her chair.

The woman smiled. It was her greatest joy to die with her two daughters at her side. But, it was obvious they were in danger. "Before I die, I have one final request of the three of you." Now a third person was visible in the room. He was a hulking mass of muscle, but his face showed sadness and concern. "Sir Anton, this is addressed to you in particular. I want you to take my two flowers here-" the woman coughed, then continued, "And take them as far away as possible. They can't stay here too much longer. It's too dangerous..." Her eyelids began to feel heavier and it grew almost impossible to keep them open.

"But why my Queen? Won't it be import--"

"Emma, snap out of it. Karg wants us all ready to move out in ten minutes. You've barely packed anything," a voice said, breaking Jun out of her daydream. She shook her head and looked around, looking for the source of the voice. Standing in the doorway to her hut was Meilin, looking as impatient as ever.

"Well Clementina all I'm bringing are a few Vulneraries and my Shiyaiba. I don't want to be bogged down by too much. Especially since we lost most of our horses to those bandits the other day," Jun said, using the alias Meilin gave to the other mercenaries. It would of been unwise to reveal their true identities when they first arrived, so they used different names to conceal themselves.

Meilin shook her head and left the doorway, disappearing into the growing crowd forming outside of her tent. Jun stood and walked to where her sister had just been standing. She sighed. I can't believe we're going back to Koga-Na. I'm sorry Mother...

Jun peered into the crowd. They had recently recruited a vast amount of people and she recognized only a handful of them. "Here we go..."

August 15th, 2007, 2:24 PM
"Even a this hour, it's SO hot." The almost annoyingly high voice of Aila Lianne Woodridge pierced the painfully silent, but deadly desert air. "My hair is all sandy, my clothes are a mess, and I can't see where I'm driving this horse!" Her escort, Kayle Algan Siona, let out a deep sigh at the frail girl's constant whining. How quickly she forgot that she was riding HIS horse, and he was trying to follow after in armor that made walking in the sand quite difficult. Though he wouldn't say anything, that was too out of nature for him. Despite her current attitude, Aila was an innocent, good natured girl with a noble cause, and it was because of those traits that Kayle had decided to escort her in the first place. It was not until five days after they started traveling together that she had revealed to him her will to save her family. Being someone who lost everything, that didn't change Kayle's resolve, but rather strengthened it.

But alas, they were now traveling through Haaj, the desert country, and lady luck was nowhere near on their side. They were almost out of water and food, and had yet to see anyone or anything in at least three days. They had just narrowly escaped a group of bandits, whom chased them into a state where they couldn't identify their location on a map. "OW!" A voice shouted from the ground below as Azure took a step forward. The shout was sudden and shocking, and so Azure reared up into the air, knocking Aila off and butt first into the sand. Kayle took his horse by the halter, and kicked the location that the sound had come from, another "OW!" reaching the ears of the group. The ground stirred for a moment, spooking Azure further, and a body appeared, apparently being that of a young girl. Her hair was pink in colour, though her attire was of a rather strange gothic butterfly design. "Who's there? Where am I?" The girl asked with a hint of irritation in her voice as she looked plainly at the two companions and the horse after standing. While her eyes were of a yellow colour, that seemed nearly void of life. At the same time, however, she had a large, black tome underneath her right arm that was clearly that of a Shaman. "Fine then, I'll give my name first. I am Lucine Corona." She kept her last name a secret for, if anyone knew of her lineage, should we quickly be killed. "Unfortunately, I'm blind, and I got lost and before I knew it, I found myself caught in a sandstorm, which quickly left me covered. Luckily it didn't cover my face, so I was able to breath." This story was, of course, a farce. There was a mercenary camp she had been keeping an eye on, and had buried herself the night before to listen in on the discussion of two of the members who had come out that way.

"Kayle, and my campanion is Aila." The brown haired young man before Lucine said almost coldly, his lance at the ready. There was a chance she was dangerous. No normal child would carry around a dark magic tome, blind or not. "I am a freelancer, and Aila's escort- GET BACK HERE AILA!"

"Wow, your outfit is so cute~ You must be rich to afford such clothing~ Though, how do you get changed into such a complicated outfit if you can't see?" Aila, being as naive as she was, jumped right in and began hassling the girl, who's pale skin turned a bright red at the girl's question.

"ANYWAYS. I'd like to request your services, freelancer. I'm capable of defending myself with this tome, but I can't travel on my own in such a place as a desert for fear of a replication of last night. Could you possibly escort me until we reach the next town?" The shaman girl asked, as her lifeless eyes scoured the area as if they longed to see the land once more. Kayle, seeing no other choice, agreed, letting the two girls ride Azure. After traveling for ten minutes or so, they came across a camp composed of small wooden huts, clearly in the middle of nowhere. Kayle saw it as an opportunity to acquire more supplies, and lead the group right in to a large group in the middle, shouting:


August 15th, 2007, 3:04 PM
Zen was quite disgruntled, one could tell by the childish pout on his face as he stomped on the sand, Sykes walking beside him silently and watching the hunchbacked pirate brood with amusement. With his axe strapped securely to his back, every now and then, Zen would straighten and look around, though he was a good half head dwarfed by his friend, even when standing straight. It had been a long journey, and Zen had dragged Sykes out to look for his old home. Sykes gave Zen no hints as to where it was, as he couldn't even remember the details himself, other then it was on the border with another country, where the sea could be, at the very least, walked to within three consecutive days. However, that was certainly not the case with the town they were at, and Sykes gave no notion to Zen, that the logic that he'd been kidnapped by pirates, sea loving plunderer's, meant that his hometown had most likely not been this blossom in the middle of nowhere.


Sykes looked away from his friend who straightened at the sound of, 'water', and coughed, before Zen shrieked 'WATER?!?!?!' at the top of his lungs. Zen was just about to shout when he heard the cough and immediately spun around, staring at Sykes with a gaze that looked as though he might be trying to see if lasers would come out of his eyes and melt off Sykes' face.

"I hate the desert. HOW DID YOU STAND TO LIVE HERE FOR EIGHT. FREAKIN. CURSED. YEARS?!?!?!" He made just as much of a scene as the other three, though not quite as much when they were combined. Grabbing Sykes' shoulders, the ironically older man shook his friend back and forth, the thief standing quite still with his arms folded and gaze blank, "WHERE'S THE SOUND OF WAVES?!?!?! THE SMELL OF SALT?!?! THE SHIP? WHERE IS THE SHIP?!?!! HOW DO YOU MOVE AROUND?!?!?"

"We walk." Sykes dead panned, and Zen spun around again, leaving the amused assassin slightly out-of-sorts after being lobbed back and forth like a ragdoll. Zen slapped his hands to his head and let out a cry of anguish.


"Da'n, an' I thought I wun no land lubber, kiddo looks laike he's gon wet 'imself." Said a tall and bulky pirate with a heavy black bushy beard laughed, his heavy scars etched over with tattoo's. His attire was simplistic enough, a pair of trousers and a white shirt, along with a black and white striped bandanna that was tied around his shining bald head and covered his right eye.

"He's not accustomed to solid ground." Sykes stated the obvious as Zen continued to freak out about 'Land, as far as the eye can see'. When he finally realized that he was not getting any closer to home by making a scene, he slumped back to the two spectators who had made no notion to stop him, made no notion to indicate they were embarrassed to be traveling with such an immature man who could hardly be labeled as an adult, and made no notion of acknowledgment to the people around them.

"I want to go home." Zen scrunched up his face at Sykes and the captain of their band of pirates, D'ernjay.

"I ain't the wun settin' thin's up in'na land lubber's land," D'ernjay replied with a hearty laugh, "'Side's, land ain't juz fer pillagin' 'in burnin' kiddo. Pe'ple..." He looked around and whispered to Zen, "live on land."

Zen's face, once excited for a secret, fell.

"I'm not THAT stupid!" Zen stamped on the ground indignantly, bringing up a cloud of sand and dust which had both him and D'ernjay coughing a fit, while Sykes sighed, waving the particles of land away from his scarf which hid and protected his face from suffering a battle with sand.

"Aw it ain't so bad kiddo. Juz givvit a day er so, yew'll get used ter it." D'ernjay choked out after the sand had settled again.

"I want to see the wide open sea." Zen hung his head and Sykes looked up.


"I could certainly spare some." Sykes said so quietly that only Zen and D'ernjay could hear him. They weren't exactly near the announcer's in the first place, and D'ernjay laughed again, Zen blinking and wondering how on earth that was funny. Sykes stared at Zen with a pitiful look before explaining, "I could steal some, bright light."

"Oh!" Zen clapped, "That's RIGHT. Your a... well. YOU KNOW."

He laughed, now that the joke had passed.

August 15th, 2007, 3:05 PM
"EXCUSE ME! CAN ANYONE SPARE ANY FOOD OR WATER? WE'RE A SMALL GROUP TRAVELING THE DESERT, AND I'M AFRAID WE'VE RUN OUT OF SUPPLIES." Anton, who had just taken a seat on a nearby chair, turned his head to the newly arrived knight.

Is that man crazy?

"Karn, I'll take care of it," Anton said to the man standing next to him. This man was around 5'11", covered in numerous scars, and seemed to be approaching the age of fifty. Despite his age, his body was rippling with muscle and a large Steel Blade was slung from his back. He nodded at Anton, but did not take his eyes off the newcomers.

As Anton walked over to the man and his two female companions, he could not help but to think they were in the same situation the Princesses and him had been in two years ago. Lost and without supplies and desperate for help. But in their case, they had a local escort them to the band. These three had foolishly entered the camp without an escort. If it had been any other group, they may have been slaughtered on the spot. Luckily, the men & women of Karn's Band were moderately trusting and waited to attack upon inspection of the intruder's motives.

Anton's armor clinked and chimed as he walked, and the sand beneath his feet maybe it difficult to walk, despite the two years he had spent in the desert already. A Steel Lance was attached to a leather strap that was slung around his body and was in a position that was easy for Anton to grab his lance from. He smiled at the three, attempting to show he had no intent of attacking.

Then, he responded to the man's request, "Ah.. I see. Yes, the desert has a nasty habit of swallowing a group's supplies whole. Alas, we too are limited on supplies. But, lucky for you, we were about to leave camp and start on our way to a nearby village to pick up some supplies. If you'd like, you may venture with us and buy some supplies. We know the Haajian desert like the back of our hands so you can be sure we won't lead you astray. And, by the way, my name is Stephen, a member of Karn's Band." Anton bowed in a knightly fashion and then stood up. He looked at the pink-haired Shaman on the back of the horse and smiled. Then, by a quick examination of her eyes, he noticed they seemed almost dead.

Must be blind. Anton turned from the trio and looked at his leader. Karn did nothing but stare. Then, he subtlely nodded and motioned for Anton to come back to him.

Then, the harsh mercenary spoke, "I have a few questions myself." Karn moved from where he was standing and made his way towards the group. As he passed Anton, he padded his shoulder and moved forward. "Why, by chance, are you three here in the desert. You, in particular, young Shaman? If my memory serves me correctly, a local boy from the nearby town said he had seen a female Shaman camped out only a few miles from here. And if my old brain serves me correctly, you seem to fit the description he gave," he said to Lucine with a discerning look.

"And you, young lady," he said, motioning to Aila, "you're outfit is not fit for desert traveling. You remind me of Stephen's companion Emma. She arrived two years ago wearing a thin, flashy dress as well. But, like her, I'm guessing you've learned the hard way that the more skin protected and the lighter the material the better." Karn let out a slight laugh and turned his attention to Kayle.

"And why are you traveling with these two young woman? Kidnap them? Forced them to come with you? Or perhaps you're their brother. If so--"

Meilin walked over, and interrupted her leader, "Whatever their purposes for traveling Commander, if they were ill-intent, they probably wouldn't of announced their arrival would they? If they were wise assailants, they would of resorted to a more stealthy approach, wouldn't you agree?" She smiled at the boy on the horse and winked. "Let them travel with us. Perhaps they'll join us past the village. As you always said, any recruit is a good recruit." Karn grunted and turned. Without a word, he returned to his original post.

"Fine. Travel with us. But, if I find anything out that makes me distrust you, you all are on your own."

August 15th, 2007, 3:48 PM
"Ah, my apologies." Kayle began, somewhat troubled by the interrogation provided by the group's leader. "My name is Kayle Algan Siona, son of Frederick and Tabitha Siona, ex-emissaries of Yunai. While I function as a Lance Knight, I am currently a freelancer escorting these two young ladies. If you need recruits, I would gladly join your little band for the right place later on, but for now I have a rather aimless job I must accomplish." He glanced back at Aila and grinned.

Aila dismounted the horse, and approached the man and woman duo, curtsying appropriately before regaining her usual stance, heal staff in her right hand. "I'm Aila Lianna Woodridge! I know my story may seem a little strange, and I hope you'll bear no ill will towards me, but I used to be an Ascanth soldier. You see, my entire family was enlisted into their military against our will, and I snuck away so I could figure out a way to save them... That's when I met Kayle. Oh, right!" She shoved her staff outwards in excitement towards the one fact she had forgotten. " I'm a Cleric, so if you need any healing done while we're traveling together, don't be afraid to request as much from me." Aila then stepped back, allowing Lucine to step forward.

Lucine was already in a good mood. She had stumbled upon a happy little band to spy on, and she had located the whereabouts of one of the few deserters Ascanth was searching for. "I go by the name of Lucine Corona, I'm a Shaman from Yunai. I had an unfortunate accident. Due to my lack of sight, I accidentally hit a bandit while training in Yunai. He knocked me unconscious, and when I awoke, I was out here. Then I stumbled upon these two almost fifteen minutes ago." She foolishly made her proclamation without making eye contact. The way she looked at it, they couldn't accuse her of anything just yet. Without proof, all they could do is be suspicious of her.

"As you see, we mean you no ill will, and would be delighted to stick with you until the next town. However, unless our situation undergoes a drastic change, I'm afraid we'll have to go our separate ways afterwards." Kayle spoke honestly, and graciously, before bowing out of courtesy.

August 15th, 2007, 6:01 PM
"Uwah. Hot hot hot."

Wiping the sweat from her brow, Illet clung the the back of her wyvern companion. The breeze of the speed of their travels didn't seem to help cool her off, it just seemed to bring on more of the outragous dry wind. She lowered herself on the back of the arial dragon in an attempt to hide from the blowing heat, only to find that the back of his neck wasn't any cooler. In response to the girl's phrase, the wyvern glided closer to the ground from the height it had been before. Still, this proved to be of no avail, seeing how the heat from the sand and the wind which pushed the grains towards there faces seemed even more of a discomfort.

"Uwah. Sand."

With a snort, Dalmaskoth rose again higher into the air with a mighty flap of his wings. Unable to make up her mind, this process repeated itself; constantly up and down, the silver haired girl could find no refuge from the desert heat. The two had started for a trek to Yunai, but in a sudden change of heart, Illet had decided upon a trip to the place that she had heard of from an old man along Ascanth.

"The beach has lots of sand." She had told the fisherman who lived nearby. Kneeling down, Illet shifted the sand between her hands.

"Hah, if you wished to see more sand, you should visit the desert!" The old man chuckled lightheartedly.


"You and your little friend there -Hark! Did I say little?- You and your friend there would see lots of sand if you went over to Haaj."

"Haaj..." Picking up the sands between her hands, Illet rose. Suddenly, she threw her hands out towards the ocean; the sand flowing with the breeze. "I'm going to Haaj. Dalmaskoth. We're going to more sand." The wyvern who lay attentively on the shore opened his one eye at her and snorted. As the girl walked towards the wyvern and the travel case that was beside the creature, the fisherman scratched his head. Hadn't she just come here two days ago? What an impulsive girl! Slipping on her beast skin leggings and placing the sack on her back, Illet signaled for the wyvern to stand.

"Miss! Do you plan to leave now?" Undistracted by the man, she mounted the wyvern, "Don't you need some water to take along with you?" Already in what oddly only seemed as ten minutes ago he had mentioned Haaj, the wyvern began to flap it's grey wings.

"No Mister Fishman Sir, there's enough water here thanks." Riddled by her totally irrelevant and curious reply, the old man eyed the girl strangely as she flew into the sky.

Now, Illet was thirsty. Deserts didn't seem to rain, and the sand never seemed to have an ocean near it at any end. This was a very odd desert from the way she had originally thought of it.
Every now and then, Illet saw a group of bandits or a wandering caravan. The caravans always seemed to attack poor Dalmaskoth with arrows when they were close to landing, so asking them for water didn't seem much help. The bandits at least let the wyvern land. Upon landing, still on the giant wyvern's back, she would ask them for a drink.

"Ehh?!?! The wyvern just talked?!?!"

"He did! He did!!" Such outbursts were followed by much commotion among the renegades. All the while, Illet was too hot and tired to get off of her traveling buddy. After these little huddles between the bandits, they usually brandished their swords, saying how a talking beast would bring so much money. Illet was always curious about this talking wyvern they mentioned, but Dalmaskoth always seemed to leave when such a thing happened. Luckily though, she'd heard an outburst to her left about 'water'.

"Dalmaskoth. The group to the left of here." With a slight pull of the wyvern's left horn, Dalmaskoth growled and slowly turned towards the left of the desert. At a closer view, it seemed to be a group of four girls and two guys, another small group was a little ways away. They hadn't shot arrows at her yet; they were obviously busy talking. This was a good thing. A couple feet away, the grey wyvern flapped it's wings in descent as Illet climbed up towards the dragon's head with her arms resting on his two horns.

"TRAVELERS, WHERE IS THE OCEAN THAT THIS SAND LEADS TO?" Illet cocked her head a bit quizzically at the odd group that didn't seem to be a caravan nor were they bandits. They might be friendly.

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OoC// I hope you're near me. xD; I didn't really understand what you were saying, because David didn't seem to notice that my group of people aren't near him, and I'm not sure where the extra two girls came from.

IC// Zen stood up straight at the sound of the word 'Ocean', like a bloodhound who'd just noticed the presence of a duck.

"OCEAN??!?!" Zen yelled at the Wyvern Rider, "WHERE?!?!?!"

D'ernjay shook his head and said, "We ain't headin' fer home, nee'ther we know er dun know where the home is." Deciphering that as, 'We aren't heading for the ocean, even if we know where the ocean is,' Sykes shook his head as Zen looked toward him, as though demanding he contradict this statement. They were here as mercenaries, and the only one looking for 'home', was Zen.

"SPEAKIN' AH WHICH." D'ernjay roared, putting two thick callused fingers in his mouth and whistling an ear deafening and painful screeching sound, it was as though the town was being pillaged. Pirates, some drunk, some half drunk, peered blearily out of the pubs and various shops, as though asking their Captain, 'what now, you hunk of meat?' D'ernjay smirked at the sight of his men, such a merry and large group, and he called over a man half his size, though still quite burly in terms of build. He leaned over and the man spoke into his ear, D'ernjay nodding every now and then as Sykes moved towards the group of traveler's who had denied his offer to help with their supplies, apologizing for his joke.

"It was mere jest, I do not ask of others to bear the burden of running from the law if they wish not." Sykes said in a proper and quiet tone, much different from D'ernjay's loud, booming, and heavily accented one, "I am curious, were you carrying anything of particular value, Shaman, when you were attacked?"

Zen, seeming as though he'd completely forgotten about the ocean and the wyvern rider, whacked Sykes' shoulder roughly sending the much thinner man a few steps forward. Alas, nudging, whacking, and punching was a common sport amongst the pirates, who seemed to rather delight in the fact that Sykes had no qualms with taking a few steps in the direction opposite the attacking force to steady himself. Something most pirates were too prideful to do.

"Don't say that the minute you meet someone! You don't make friends that way. The way you ask, is first, you introduce yourself," Zen turned to the group of travelers as though to show Sykes how to introduce himself, "Hi," He said in a very false 'observe-my-actions' sort of way, "My name is rather long, so you can just call me Zen. I'm a pirate, and I'm really not too accustomed to being so far away from a body of water. See? Add a little tidbit about yourself afterwards, it always helps."

"My apologies." Sykes said, stopping. Zen seemed to expect more, so he kept his eyes on his friend attentively waiting for his introduction. Sykes simply ignored his gaze and stared up at the Wyvern Rider, though whether it was the Wyvern or the Rider, one couldn't really tell. Simply put, he was ignoring Zen, through and through.

"This is Sykes," Zen said cheerfully, "He's a thief, and he's of no harm to your belongings. He only steals things that were already taken from their original owners."

Which technically applied to almost everything.

August 16th, 2007, 6:43 AM


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Hopefully I'm doing this right. o o


For someone who was used to freezing temperatures, this nasty humid ocean-in-the-air weather was not something Adalynn particularly enjoyed. Her blonde hair, while it was pulled up in a tight ponytail, was still finding ways to stick to her face and her neck and every bit of skin inbetween it could latch onto. As much as she wanted to complain and whine, she resisted. She was by far the youngest member of this caravan, it was only because she could dance that she was even in this little group to begin with, and she didn't want to make herself look any worse by, well, acting her age.

And now there was noise. She'd been spacing off, staring blankly into her mother's ring and thinking about various not so pleasent things that had to do with her as a person and why she was in this stupid godforsaken evil desert when the loud became too loud to ignore and she lifted her head, squinting in the light to see what was going on, "Nyu...?" Tilting her head, she adjusted the bangles on her wrists and stood up, brushing the sand from her white and purple tunic before creeping over silently to the center of the commotion. this didn't look like fun work, not in the least. Maybe, maybe if she asked nicely, they'd let her do some of it.

No, Master Karn had come out of his tent. Drat. Now there was no way she'd be able to help, not if he was yelling at people. He hadn't yelled at her, not when she first came to the group, but then again, she hadn't barged in and started yelling for things. No, she'd wandered in and after realizing she'd done so, begged for forgiveness and asked to join. It took convincing, she was young after all, but eventually he'd relented. The cute Adalynn eyes? Maybe. Maybe not. Anyways, she couldn't really do anything, he was yelling at the stupid over dressed people and, as it sometimes did, her curiousity got the best of her and she silently krept forward, her five foot one frame barely visible amongst the tents, completely unaware that she was now standing directly infront of the tent nobody was allowed to enter, staring at the scene unfolding through her large blue eyes. New people were always a source of hope, Adalynn hadn't managed to connect with anyone thus far in the camp and even though she looked like a life size porcelin doll, no true 'fan' of such things had joined or would probably ever join such a group. She was a burden on the group and therefore, was expected to be seen and not heard unless she was needed to dance. As she watched Master Karn yell at the newcomers however, she couldn't help a stiffled giggle when one of the older girls in Master Karn's inner circle all but silenced the man. It got her every time, how such a strong man could be silenced by such a young girl.

Silly Master Karn, she's got you on a leash, doesn't she? Unable to withhold her thoughts as just thoughts, she giggled once more before she was completely silent again.

August 16th, 2007, 1:48 PM
OOC// I'm a bit confused myself...@_@ Are we in the middle of a desert or at the edge of a desert town? Btw, sorry if my posts seem short; Illet's by herself so there's not much conversation with that.

IC// Illet squinted at the man below who seemed to introduce...his partner. It seemed that he'd already introduced himself to another group of travelers, though Illet wasn't really paying attention. She did catch the part of himself being a pirate though. Either way, they seemed to know nothing of where the ocean was from here, and Illet was becoming even thirstier just thinking about it. Backing off of the wyvern's head, Illet jumped off the lizard and onto the desert sand. Taking off her beast skinned leggings, she slid on a pair of sandals from her sack, occasionally looking from the pirate man and back to her putting on her sandals. With a little hop in her step, Illet hop-skipped towards the person who addressed her. Meanwhile Dalmaskoth gave a low growl of exhaustion as the wyvern's wings limped and it laid down tiredly in the sand. Just about a foot away from the pirate, Illet gave him a quizzical runover.

"If you're a pirate, where's your ship? I need water. Pirates have water. Unless you're a sand pirate. But you have no ship so I dunno." Her brows furled with a bit of disappointment. These deserts weren't as interesting as the old fisherman had said. Yes, it had sand, but this was a bit overdoing it. Illet eyed the other group of travelers. Maybe they had water, but maybe this sand pirate man did; the other people would be her second alternative.

August 16th, 2007, 2:07 PM
OoC// I thought we were in a desert town...

IC// "Ohhh no Miss yew dun wan talk bout home when Zenny's-" D'ernjay started, but it was too late.

Zen seemed to suddenly remember his mission here in the Haaj Desert, and spun around to face the Wyvern Rider. Grabbing her shoulders, much like he'd done with Sykes, he shook her back and forth as he lamented, "MY SHIP?!?!? IT'S ON THE OCEAN. THE GREAT HOME, THE MOTHER, THE NATURE, THE GREAT CALAMITY OF PEACE AND LIFE GIVING! WE. WE ARE IN THE GREAT DESERT. THE GREAT DESERT OF DEATH AND NO WATER, LAND FOR MILES, STRETCHING AS FAR AS THE SICKENED EYE CAN SEEEE!!! I will accompany you to the ocean, fair maiden, I long for home as well."

Sykes sighed, and thought for a moment. Was there any water from which they could attack Koga-Na? A body of water that was fit for a ship that was on Holsten ocean waters? Zen seemed more intent on going home, then fighting for the cause. The other pirates would certainly be more comfortable on the ship, rather then in the desert. There was more alcohol on board.

"Why are we here, D'ernjay?" Sykes finally questioned, and D'ernjay shoved his hand into the whispering man's face to shut him up.

"Er, I only bin tew Koga-nah wunce, and back den we walked. Though' it migh' be a bit easier too. But Zenny'd neva' leave ah band ehn'way, so don' think too hard on it Sy'ke." D'ernjay said, pronouncing Sykes name incorrectly, as usual. But Zen was already about to drag the girl in the direction he'd assumed where the ocean was. Before he could though, Sykes reached out a hand and grabbed a handful of his companion's golden blonde hair, saying in a no longer amused, but irritated voice, "Drop it Zennell."

Zen had another fit as he reinstated the fact that no one was supposed to call him by his full first name, and that nobody had that privilege except for the deceased Captain of the pirates he'd been born into. Although he tried his best to flail about to prove his point, to keep his hair connected to his scalp, Zen only blindly tried to slap at the man who held him captive, Sykes standing a good arms width away from Zen.

"Who are you?" Sykes said rudely to the Wyvern Rider, "And if you want supplies, you're competing with the Shaman's group."

"No no no," Zen started again, successfully giving Sykes a good poke in the cheek as he waved his arms about, "You have to introduce yourself before asking for someone's name Sykes! Remember??"

August 16th, 2007, 4:01 PM
"Uwaaah..." Ultimately, pirateman seemed to know that this there was no water near the desert, nor was there an ocean that connected to this sand in sight. But luckily, pirateman said he would accompany her on her trek to the ocean, so maybe he did know how to get there? The shaking from blonde haired man made her a bit more light-headed than anything. The man though said he would accompany her to the ocean though, so maybe he had some special pirate magic or something.

"I don't long for home mister, I don't like this sand land though." Illet quietly spoke, wondering in which direction the taller man was taking her. Before she could find out though, her newfound desert guide was pulled back by his hair and Illet turned to face the dark looking tall guy who pirateman, whose name she finally heard was Zennel, had earlier said was Sykes.

"Who are you?" He addressed her in a cold tone, "And if you want supplies, you're competing with the Shaman's group." Zennel pirateman now seemed to be saying something about introducing himself, but Illet looked downward, placing her hand on her lips in curious thought. Looking back up at him she seemed to figure out a response.

"My name is Illet Dryden. I'm thirsty." She looked away from the the theif, turning towards the Shaman group. "Well, they are more people, so that means more water. I'm one person. I need little water. You are a thief so...you must be good at taking water. So you could take more later." She pointed toward Zennel. "You must have stole Pirateman from the Ocean. That's why he's so sad. Can you steal the ocean and bring it here?" After she finished, she sighed and swiped the sweat from her brow. Talking took a lot out of you.

August 16th, 2007, 6:30 PM
Jun giggled. The people who had recently arrived at their camp reminded her of the people back home. Especially the thief. He reminded her of her father's favorite spy Kenn, who was often found speaking with her father. He was calm and collected, and had to deal with his flaky partner Abigal. He always pulled on her hair and used her full name rather than Abby to show he wanted her to just shut up. But when looking at the blind Shaman, a sense of uneasiness settled over her. Her story made sense, but Jun couldn't help but to question her motives. Shamans were usually not the nicest people. The fortune teller back in her father's court was a miserable old shaman who would rant and complain about anything that bothered her.

But this female Wyvern Rider piqued her interest the most. Back in Koga-Na, wyverns were rare, and there were no units using them in their army. But the Koga-Nan Pegasus Guard was world-renowned and Jun dreamt of riding one. But this wyvern was a beautiful creature. Its grey scales were shimmering in the desert sun and though it was a ferocious beast, this one seemed calm and collected. Jun noticed however that its rider was a peculiar young girl. She spoke using simplistic, short sentences and seemed to avoid conversation.

"Well Karn. You're a liar. You said we were going to leave in ten minutes, but from what I can tell, we've been standing here for at least twenty. I can't believe the great Karn backed out on his word. Tsk, tsk..." Jun said, sauntering over to her Commander with a grin on her face. Karn shook his head and let out a soft laugh. He walked to Jun and placed his hand on her shoulder.

Then he said, "Well Emma, how about this. Clementina, Stephen, Adalynn and you can escort our fine visitors to the nearest village and help them get some supplies. In the meantime, I'll take the rest of the band and head to Koga-Na. I'm sure your smart little mouth can handle it," he said with a mischevious grin on his face. Jun sneered and looked to the motley crew of intruders. "Then, if any of them want to stay with you and join our band, they're more than welcomed." Then he leaned over and whispered into her ear, "But watch out Princess. I wouldn't trust any of them."

"Now, hurry up. Our guests here seem most thirsty," and with that Karn turned and motioned to the rest of the mercenaries to follow him. But Jun didn't move. Did he truly know she was a Princess or was it just a pet name he decided to use for her. She didn't know, but now she had another task. Anton and Meilin walked over to Jun with most queer expressions their faces.

"Umm... if you keep your face like that for much longer and it'll get stuck like that Emma. C'mon, let's get ready to leave. I wanna get this over with so we can rejoin the main group," Anton said. Then he turned to the others and said, "We need to just pick up a few things and then we'll set off for Kor, the nearest town. There, you can pick up your supplies and such. Sound like a plan?"

August 16th, 2007, 7:04 PM
"Ah, yes. A fitting plan indeed. Though, are you sure you wouldn't like some sort of payment? We don't have a lot to offer, but Aila here is blessed with a mother's touch." Aila's eye twitched at the thought of being compared to a mother by Kayle. She shook it off, however, and began examining Lucine in a curious manner. Although, being a blind actor, Lucine pretended to not realize it was occurring. Despite what was taking place behind him, Kayle continued his offer. "So, if there is anything such as clothing that you'd like her to repair, or perhaps wash, I'm sure she would be happy to oblige."

Fully content with her examination of the secretly irritated Lucine, who stood there silently as she listened to her surroundings, Aila picked a new target: Emma. Her healing staff in hand, she approached the girl, despite her being with two others. She was simply fascinated by her appearance. "I'm sorry, Emma was it? I absolutely love your hair! It's such a pretty colour, I'm envious! And your dress! Despite the environment and path you've chosen, you still choose to wear such a beautiful dress! Us girls have to look our best even during battle, I suppose!" Sometimes one would wonder if Aila was too much of a girl for her own good. The fact that she didn't compliment Clementina's attire, however, was essentially Aila's form of an insult.

Lucine listened in on this whole scene with interest. It was obvious that if the need ever occurred, Aila would be the easiest pawn to use. From what Lucine had heard so far, the girl was more concerned with the problems and issues of others than her own; selfless to a fault, excluding when it came to appearances and work ethics. Kayle on the other hand, gave Lucine a vibe that told her not to try anything. He was far too mellow for her to dare attempt any moves on him. Content with what she had learned, Lucine turned around to separate herself a bit from the group, only to walk straight into a wooden pole sticking out of the ground. She stumbled back, landing on her butt, her face a dark red. Sometimes the whole blind thing was more annoying than she would have liked.

August 19th, 2007, 8:34 AM
Sometimes Adalynn was too nice for her own good. Having not heard any instructions as to what she was supossed to be doing in regards to this new unit, she had been staring at the blind Shaman, feeling rather sorry for the girl and when she ran herself right into a pole, well, Ada couldn't help herself. Squeaking a note something similar to an A6, she darted forward, sliding into the sand beside the girl, "A-are you okay? Are you hurt? Nyuuu! I can fix it, I think. Just where? Bad Pole! Hurting the poor lady! BAD!" After staring it down, she gave it a firm kick and, after giving it one hell of a death glare, she turned back to the girl, worry written all over her voice and face as she skittered around the 'fallen' comrade, "Did you break anything? Bruise anything? Nyuu... That was bad luck, I've done that to..."

She put her hand in the other's, "Need some help up? If you're not hurt?" Oh hopefully this girl wouldn't be too scared of her. She wasn't that bad, just, panicy. When people got hurt. Particularly nice lookign people that she wasn't yet friends with, "There are clerics around, maybe they can heal you? Maybe maybe?" Turning back to the others, she blinked, "KIYA. They're leaving us!" Standing, she attempted to help the other up, "Hurry hurry, or we'll get the sandy water and it tastes really really gross...."

August 19th, 2007, 9:01 AM
[[ Well, I just beat Sacred Stones again so my head is filled with inspiration! ]]

Meilin smiled. While the young cleric was fawning over her sister, Meilin would take a quick visit back to her tent to make sure she had everything she wanted to take. Slowly she slunk away from the group and slipped into her tent. The tent was of a modest size, which was befitting for the third-in-command of the band. She had a simple thin bed, a worn carpet on the floor, and a few rucksacks of various items. It was in these sacks that Meilin had kept the few items they grabbed from the castle before they left. She walked over to the first bag and opened it. Inside were a few Vulneraries and a single Elixir. Better bring this bag. Meilin threw the bag to the side and opened the next one. A bunch of old foodstuff and Anton's long forgotten stone collect. Don't need it... She spent a good five minutes going through the various bags, sorting them by which ones were needed and which weren't.

"Aha.. here's the one I wanted," Meilin said, reaching far into one of the last bags. She grabbed something and pulled it out. It was a golden picture frame, carved with numerous pictures of various legends in Nariel's history. Inside of the picture frame was a painting of a young Queen Hariet with a young baby in her arms and a female toddler at her side. "Couldn't forget this..."

"Adalynn, relax. You're not going with them. You're coming with us. So no need to worry about sandy water," Meilin heard Jun yell. She heard Anton's low chuckle and the young dancer Adalynn fretting over the young Shaman girl. Meilin shook her head and stood, placing the two rucksacks over her shoulder that she decided to keep. Meilin took the painting and tucked it into her belt where she would know where it was at all times. Then, she gave her tent one last lookover and nodded, as if she was saying good bye. Then she walked to the door and went back outside, seeing the rest of the group was growing anxious. The Shaman girl was on the ground, her face red and sand all over her cloak.

"Okay," Meilin began, attempting to gain the group's attention, "the town is two miles to the west. Currently, we have little water and little food, so be prudent with the supplies. And to warn you all, the bandits have been increasingly more active lately, probably due to the impending war. As you know, we will be joining Karn after we visit the town. Kayle, was it," she asked, looking at the Lance Knight, "will you by chance be willing to carry some of the supplies for us? We only have so many people and I'm guessing we on foot can't carry it all."

"So, let's be on our way," Meilin said as she began to walk west, the desert sun above brighter than ever.

August 19th, 2007, 9:51 AM
Zen stared after the girl and pointed to himself, "Are we coming too?"

D'ernjay picked up Zen by the back of his vest, and heaved him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, "'COURSE WE ARR. WE GOTTA RON'DE'VUU TOO." Sykes sighed and readjusted his scarf so that it covered more of his face, before turning to the Wyvern Rider with his stony eyes.

"We may find water in the next town. I assume that you are looking for water, rather then the ocean itself?" He said blankly, as D'ernjay marched behind the girl, Zen over his shoulder as the man indignantly shouted for the giant to put him down, "You are free to come with us pirates. We are not here to impede on the mercenary group, as we will take none of their supplies, thus you may ease a wary conscious that you will not be a burden." He dipped his head forward and said, "Follow D'ernjay if you wish to come with us." Turning to face the direction in which D'ernjay was, Sykes ducked down and weaved through the people expertly as he ran with his arms loose behind him, his right hand clutching his dagger. A quaint speckle of shine caught his eye, but he resisted the urge, and continued to catch up to Zen and D'ernjay, who were arguing about whether Zen could walk the distance.

Behind them, the entire crew was slowly swaggering out of the tents and taking them down, most of them half or all drunk, but still getting everything done just as well. This was a skill, a special one, and the Pirates of D'ernjay were particularly good at doing anything while they were as drunk as could be. All except Sykes, who seemed unable to become drunk no matter how much alcohol he consumed- a fact that all the pirates loved to make fun of in dizzy slurs. It was good that at least someone on board was always sober though.

"Cap'n!" Said the squat, meaty pirate from earlier.

"Ehhh?" D'ernjay turned around so fast that Zen almost swung right off of his shoulder, the man in question letting out a yelp as he nearly crashed to the sandy dunes. D'ernjay and the man proceeded to converse in whispers again, or, more specifically, the man whispering while D'ernjay boomed, "OH?", and "UH-HUH", and "I SEE."

Sykes finally reached the front and wrenched Zen out of D'ernjay's grasp as the humongous man was distracted, and turned to the woman who had led the way. He considered apologizing for the pirate's and their way of imposing their presence onto others, but decided that he'd done enough cleaning up today, and turned to Zen with a pitying stare.

Zen ignored it to the best of his abilities, which was mostly just the effort of not saying anything in return as his expression turned all colors of the rainbow while he kept his tongue in his mouth.

Shaking his head, Sykes sighed, wondering just how he'd gotten stuck with such an immature excuse-for-an-adult.

August 20th, 2007, 9:51 AM
As if fate was conspiring to add misery to pain and embarrassment, Lucine heard another annoyance approaching, and was pelted by sand as it landed in the side beside her. She would have been okay if the dancer girl had just asked if she was okay, but noooo. She proceeded to tell the pole off, and even kick it from what she could hear! As if not enough, the girl proceeded to smother Lucine with words of worry. Lucine's vision-less right eye began to twitch once more in annoyance, and she knocked the girl's hand out of her own, before picking up her tome from the sandy ground, and standing up. "I'm fine. Geez!" were her final words before storming off towards Aila's voice. At least Aila didn't smother her.

In the meantime, Kayle was requested to help carry supplies by the one who went by the name of Clementia. "Most certainly. The girls will probably confiscate my Azure for the trip though, but my arms are free." The lance knight replied as he picked up a load off the ground. "The use of my horse would be more effective, I'll admit, but it would be rude for me to make Lucine walk with her condition." Noticing the group was heading out, Kayle surveyed the area for the people he was escorting. He eventually found Aila playing with what appeared to be stray dog out in the middle of the desert, before being dragged towards the rest of the group by Lucine. "Well, I see you two are getting along~" Kayle had his suspicions about Lucine himself at this point, she could use her other senses far too well to be just some run of the mill girl. Not to mention she had no marks on her to suggest that her story was a true one.

"If this is what you call getting along, I'd hate to see what you consider fighting." Lucine remarked at Kayle in reference to the struggling Aila behind her, who was shouting her mouth off about wanting to help the dog. "Get on the horse already." Aila did as she was told, and helped Lucine up, and the continued on their marry way after the small travel group.

August 22nd, 2007, 7:00 AM
[[ I love love love your new theme Archsage. He's like the best character in Okami. Yeah, I'm ready to get going. ]]

Anton was worried. Usually when traveling through the Haajian desert, you would see various caravans traveling. But since they had left the encampment twenty minutes ago, they had yet to see a single group. Anton looked to Meilin who also had a worried expression on her face. Anton and her had always shared similar mindsets, so he knew she had picked up on the silence as well. Then, he looked for Jun, only to find her flirting with the thief who traveled with the pirates.

"So, are you the dark and mysterious type? Or are you the chivalrous and brave type? Either way, that is so incredibly sexy," Jun purred. Anton rolled his eyes and grasped onto Jun's left wrist. She yelped in pain and gave the Knight a stern stare. "What the hell are you doing Stephen?"

"While you were flirting with a damned thief, you failed to notice that we haven't encountered another human, or even an animal, since we left? You know what that means... an ambu--"

Anton stopped, but he had little time to react. The axe flew right at him and smashed into his cobalt armor. He recoiled and took a few steps backward. The axe fell to the ground and caused a plume of sand to be expelled into the air. Jun immediately grabbed for her umbrella and pulled the thin, silver blade from its handle, which shimmered in the desert sun.

"Stephen, are you okay?" she yelled without taking her eyes off from where the axe had come.

"Yes, I'm fine Emma," Anton said, pulling his Steel Lance out of its holder on his back. He shook his head attempted to dispel the shock. "Luckily I have this three inch armor protecting me."

Meilin rushed to the people they were escorting and said, "Anyone here who can fight and isn't drunk, prepare your weapons. We are about to have a battle on our hands!"

August 22nd, 2007, 1:57 PM
OoC// You didn't specify whether the ambusher's showed themselves, so I assumed they didn't. < <

IC// Zen laughed his head off as Sykes narrowed a criticizing eye at the girl. His standards were too high for his own good, and as far as he was concerned, she was much too straightforward to deserve a reply any less then 'bittter'.

"I'd like to think that I'm the irritable and disagreeable type-" Sykes blanched when an axe lodged itself in the armor of the man who'd pulled the girl away. Narrowing his eyes in the general direction the axe had flown, Sykes loosened his scarf and turned to the direction of which they'd originally been heading, before he spun about to look for the attackers. Spinning his dagger so that the blade was behind him, he glanced at Zen who ripped his axe off his back in a swift and smooth motion, swinging it easily so that it sat across his shoulders, looking much like a pirate now with a smirk and expression that was similar to mischievous violence. Sykes turned his gaze away from the other two and stated to D'ernjay that he was scouting ahead to see whether the ambush would move forward, toward them, or ambush them one by one.

D'ernjay gave no notion that he'd heard the smaller man, who swiftly disappeared from his side, pulling out a claymore worthy of D'ernjay's size, and the sound of rough swords and chains with heavy crushing cannon balls on the ends could be heard as the band of pirates pulled out their weapons, all of them harboring similar expressions to Zen. They were pirates, on land or on water. A fight was good news, and no matter how much on the losing side they were, fighting was a game. Games were meant to be fun! They began to head toward the edges to look for attackers to kill, but D'ernjay held up a hand, and the pirates stopped in their tracks.

"We m'ade our compan'ie them mer'canaries. We gon do what they wan, so fallow them orders yew gi't frum'em." D'ernjay stated, and a good 80% of the pirates turned scowling faces at people they assumed were in charge. They wouldn't refuse a direct order from their REAL Captain though. The ones with chains and cannonballs reeled up and swung their chains side to side, keeping a sharp look out for movement. This was something they were well trained it. Movement meant that someone was still alive. And for these brutal pirates, something moving always meant there was something of value to it, or on it.

Arrows showered Sykes as he darted past the ambush, which seemed to never end as Sykes constantly moved side to side, stopping and changing course entirely to avoid flying arrows, attacking swordsmen and axe warriors. The fastest runner any pirate had ever seen, Sykes had easily covered enough ground to have run right into a different camp, one that was not quite so friendly. Stopped with three huge lunking axemen, Sykes didn't even pause to think. Pulling out a vile of purple liquid from underneath the scarf around his waist, he sloshed it across the air and into their eyes, using the falling head of the one in the middle as a step, and turning around, drawing a path for himself again through the attackers, heading back to report his findings.

August 22nd, 2007, 3:54 PM
"Yeah, let's just charge right in for all to see without any knowledge of enemy numbers or units. Stupid thief." Aila murmured sarcastically in regards to Sykes who had stormed off on his own accord. Aila wasn't as booksmart as someone like Lucine, but she possessed enough common sense to know running into the enemy by yourself was about as intelligent as sticking your thumb over a nail you're about to hammer into the wall. Following her snide little comment, the green-clad cleric jumped from the horse, Azure's, back so that the horse's real owner could mount and head out. Of course Lucine was still on the horse's back, nowhere near expecting to have to navigate a battlefield blind on two feet. She was capable of it, just not in a desert where it was nearly impossible to listen to or smell the landscape. Kayle incidentally picked the girl off the horse, and put her down beside Aila, before mounting and placing his steel lance at his right side.

Kayle brought the horse to a trot in the direction of Stephen, Clementina, and Emma, motioning for his two female companions to follow. The two girls did as such, Lucine not commenting at all when Aila dragged her along by her right arm. "I'd like to know what you'd wish of these two." Kayle said to the group leaders in reference to the two spell users. "Aila is a well seasoned healer, so I'd prefer we keep her safe in case Vulnerary stocks run dry. However, Lucine is blind, and I have no idea of her capabilities-"

"Let me fight." The girl butted in coldly. The thought of not being able to fight sickened her, so of course she wanted to get involved. "I'm blind, not stupid. All I need is someone to be my eyes, since the desert makes using my other senses troublesome. Perhaps if you could spare a slow, yet defensive unit to escort me on the battlefield? Someone on horseback would move far too quickly for me to keep up, even on this terrain." It was a hefty request, though one she'd rather have fulfilled. She hadn't been involved in a good fight since her days with Yunai. Ever since Lucine had joined up with Ascanth, she'd been stuck with stupid spy missions.

Meanwhile, Aila began to distance herself from the others, obviously troubled by her role. "In the back by myself again. Sometimes I wish I picked a more useful class than Cleric. I never get to do anything..."

August 23rd, 2007, 7:58 PM
An axe.

Came out of nowhere.

And almost squished the leaders of this little pack.

The innocent child was gone, replaced with a focused obidient dancer who immediatly clasped her bracelets on tightly, the ribbons falling to the sand, light sparkles emmiting around the girl as she did so. Twirling once, to make sure everything was in order, she tottered after Stephen-taichou, her hands clasped tightly behind her, "Taichou-sama? Where do you want me to put myself? With the cleric or with Emma-onee-sama?" Her ring sparkled softly and her feet were already moving in the beginnings of a dance, one that would raise moral and, if her mother's ring was added, prehaps cause a sudden burst of strength or a sudden flair of mystic armour to appear around around the cast-ee. Her position was constantly changed, she'd been told by Karn-shishou to ask either Emma-onee-sama or Steph-taichou-sama for directions. And this is exactly waht she was doing.

She'd shaken off the shaman's words, along with Emma's, and was focused, completely focused. No, that wasn't a tremor in her hands, it wasn't a tremor at all. There wasn't an inch of fear, there couldn't be. That could cause her to lose focus and when she lost focus, her dances could backfire and injure the frail girl and she'd be more of a burden than she already was. If she used her mother's ring more than four times, she'd have to be carried or put on a horse, unable to really function until her spiritual energy recharged. Tapping her toes lightly, trying to establish a rhythem in them, she waited for orders, her eyes darting around wildly for signs of other trouble.

August 23rd, 2007, 8:39 PM
[[ Really nervous about move-in day at college tomorrow. Can't sleep. Finally found inspiration for a post. ^.^;; ]]

"Stay--with Emma and Clementina. Lucine and Aila, stay with them as well. And Lucine, you are free to wreak havoc on whoever you wish, as long as they're a bandit. We can't afford anyone dying right now. Not to this scum," Anton said, rubbing his chest plate. That axe had dented his perfect blue armor, but for now, he had more pressing matters to attend to. He began to search the dunes of the desert, attempting to spot the bandits hidden in the sand. But the impact from the axe had put him in a dank stupor. He couldn't lose focus though. Too many lives were reliant on his command. "Kayle, come with me. We take the front lines. Pirates, do what you wish. But please, be caref--Jesus, watch what you're doing with that sword," Anton said, motioning to the pirate with the large sword. He turned and began to trudge forward, his heavy armor causing him to sink further into the sand. But in his two years here in the desert, he had grown accustomed to it and adjusted his fighting style accordingly.

As he walked forward, he heard the murmuring of the approaching bandits. His grip on his lance tightened. From what he could tell, they had encroached onto the territory of the bandits under the control of the man Elzen. They weren't the most terrible or powerful of the bandits in Haaj, but they're highly aggressive. They were out to kill and pillage. And they often resorted to cowardly techniques in battle, such as throwing axes from hidden positions. Most of them used axes however, so both Kayle and him were at a disadvantage. But they were unruly and disheveled in their fighting style, so using his military training, Anton could outmanuever and outwit them in the batt--

"CHARGE!" Anton heard a female voice scream. He looked and saw Jun rushing forward, her umbrella leading the way and her sword raised above her head. So much for civilized strategy. He watched as she leapt on the nearest unsuspecting bandit, and with one fluid motion, slash his chest. The bandit recoiled and fell backwards, his blood splattering the desert sand. The bandits grew into a frenzy and began to scream obsenities. They charged forward, their axes brandished and ready. "You bastards!" Jun screamed, again rushing towards the enemy.

"I told you to watch Aila and Lucine, Emma!" Anton screamed. She was never one to obey orders, but he had hoped that for once she had listened. Two burlesque bandits were now making their way towards him however, so he would attend to their ugly, scarred faces first. Anton anchored his left foot behind him, holding his lance straight out in front of him in a defensive position. As the first bandit approached him, he shifted his weight to his right and thrusted his lance forward. The lance made its way past the bandit's axe and plunged into the man's stomach. He yelled in pain. The other bandit took the opportunity to launch an assault on Anton, but using his heavily-armored arm, the Knight smashed the bandit across the skull, knocking the man unconscious. He pulled the lance from the bandit's body and looked to Jun, who was fileting a group of bandits that had surrounded her. He hoped Meilin had stayed with Adalynn, Aila, and Lucine. He knew Jun could handle herself, but those three were unaccustomed to desert battle. Anton could not stand to see a woman hurt or even worse, killed.

Edit: Fixed some weird errors I found proofreading again and that I missed before. Don't know HOW I missed them. O.o;;;

August 23rd, 2007, 10:03 PM
OOC: I kind of over dramatized some stuff, but I'm tired and i wanted to show some character development for Lucine, soo... XD

"This is rather unsettling." Kayle muttered to nobody in particular as he removed his lance from the second axeman he had slain. Being a lance user, he was aware of the disadvantage he had against these axeman, and this disadvantage was multiplied rather foolishly by the fact that Azure could not hold a proper footing on the sand. "Dammit!" He narrowly blocked a vertical axe attack from his left with the lance, and pierced the large man's chest quickly and effectively before turning to the sound of half of Aila's guard charging into battle. "I can only wonder what's going through that girl's mind..." Technically, the man should have been worried sick about the safety of his client, but his personality prevented him from letting his emotions get the better of him. Clementina was still with them, after all, and getting too concerned would just detract from his fighting capabilities.

"You think they're going to be okay?" Ailia asked the group she was now stuck with, consisting of Clementina, Lucine, and the strange dancer girl. "I mean, what if they run out of Vulneraries, and I can't get to them in time?!" Lucine just sighed in response as she followed after the sound of the girl's voice. The majority of the fighting seemed to be taking place away from them, which left the girl with a feeling of anxiety. She longed for the feeling of battle, the sounds of people crying in pain. She had all this, yet she was unable to fight just yet. Suddenly, the air seemed to grow more humid, moist, as if some unknown power begged for a thunderstorm. The shaman's lifeless eyes shot open before she leapt towards Aila, whom of which seemed to be the most likely target of an attack.

"EVERYONE DOWN!" The girl shouted as she tried to pull the cleric down, but was too late. A bolt of lightning struck the two girls from above, sending sand high into the air, they're cries filling the air along with a larged rush of hot, humid air. When the cloud of sand began to clear, Aila appeared first, on the ground, and apparently unconscious. As more of the sand cleared, Lucine appeared, back towards the group, with a ball of dark energy gathered in the air before her. The rest of the group couldn't see, but she was holding her tome in her left hand, the pages turning rapidly on their own, and her eyes were closed. She threw her right hand forward, and the dark energy seeped into the ground. The sand finally settled in time to see the silhouette of a mage in the distance be consumed by a dark energy that shot from the ground. "You people are a pain..." The shaman remarked as she turned to look at the cleric, despite her inability to really see her, before falling forward.

Aila finally snapped to once more, and got to her feet, dusting herself off in the process. She quickly noticed her fallen comrade, and ran over to her side. She rose her Heal staff into the air, and a ball of white light consumed Lucine. As it cleared, Lucine was revealed in perfect condition, all of the burn marks on her body gone. Lucine awoke afterwards, and delivered a painful blow to Aila's head, which in turn made the girl hold her cranium in pain. "Stupid! Pay more attention to your surroundings!"

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry everyone! I'm such a burden!"

August 24th, 2007, 2:51 PM
The pirates roared in approval when the man in charge gave them leeway to do whatever they pleased. Gruesome as they were, they had no issues with pausing in the middle of the fight to pillage anything that was on the dead corpses. Zen, uninterested in material things, used his very unique style of wielding an axe by spinning and whipping it about like a baton. The red axe turned even redder as Zen mercilessly beheaded the other bandits. It was kill for kill, steal for steal, when land lubbers faced greedy pirates. D'ernjay essentially did nothing except for crush every other mongrel that came too close to him with the tip of his claymore. Zen swung his axe violently into a bandit who wielded a pathetic dagger in comparsion, and as soon as Zen pulled his axe free of the flesh, Sykes used the axe as a step before he drove his dagger into the face of a bandit and his foot into the face of another. Landing with his entire weight crushing down on that bandit, he twisted his foot, and swept his heel into the bandit's neck with great force. Ignoring the distinct crunch and retrieving his dagger from the face of one of the many dead men, he was just about to head toward D'ernjay to report his news, but his eyes widening, Sykes ducked his head down and pulled his scarf over his face as sand was whipped into the air.

"WHO'S PLAYIN' DIRTY?!!?" Zen shouted angrily as he frantically tried to brush sand away from his face. He shook his head and waved it away, but the shaman soon settled the sand, and he grasped his axe again, looking for any targets in sight.

"Sykes!" Zen said in surprise as the thief stumbled forward, a bandit pulling on his scarf and tangling it ever more around his face. The bandit, accustomed to desert sands, could see perfectly fine right after the dust settled, and seized the opportunity to kill. Unable to see in which direction his enemy was, and not wanting to lunge stupidly and land in a promising position for his enemy, Sykes gripped his dagger in his right hand, which he held behind his back, while trying to wrench off the tangled scarf without pulling his own head off. The bandit drove his dagger into the thief's shoulder, Sykes moving just in time for his foe to miss his vitals.

But now Sykes knew where his enemy was. Pulling out his dagger he drove it into the flesh of the bandit, who was at a sharp left, holding out the scarf so it seemed he stood in front of Sykes. After deciding the bandit was out of sorts enough, when the pressure pushing the dagger down on his flesh was lightened, Sykes dropped his dagger and pulled off his scarf, unknotting the cloth with some difficulty as he heard Zen yelling at the bandit and the squelch of blood, flesh, and a heavy axe becoming essentially one.

After successfully removing the scarf, Sykes wrenched up his dagger, but Zen mercilessly kicked him toward D'ernjay, telling his old friend to report any news while he followed to keep the bandits out of Sykes' way. Ignoring the sharp pain of having a dagger in your shoulder, Sykes kept it there, deciding to bear the double pain of removing it later.

"There's more up ahead." Sykes said, when he finally reached D'ernjay, who looked lightly at Sykes arm and laughed as he pushed his claymore into the body of an attacking man.

"Yew gaw't yerself purdy torn up Si'kez m'boy!" He said cheerfully, "But there's more you say? That's good to know! Means we'll have to get your arm fixed up before we move out again! Go find that cleric why don'tcha?"

"That's hardly a necessit-"

"RIDICULOUS!" D'ernjay roared, felling a few more bandits, "I'm shurr we're all in'terez'ded in how a cleric does 'is work! We'll all watch aft'er'urds."

After all, all the clerics that D'ernjay had ever met got seasick, so he'd never been able to see them heal something. Like a curious child, he'd always been interested. Besides, it'd be faster and more efficient if a cleric healed Sykes, as it would be instantaneous. Or at least, so D'ernjay had heard...

August 28th, 2007, 3:57 PM
Meilin groaned. While she hadn't been struck by the bolt, the impact had thrown her into the air, and thrown her several feet from where she was standing. Meilin coughed and rubbed her eyes as she was temporarily blinded from the sand. She shook her head and looked back to see the young Shaman fall to the ground. Meilin stood. She listened as her armor crushed the small sand particles that had gotten caught in the joints of her armor. She groped her Ji, which had managed to stay on her back despite the impact. Then Meilin walked over to the two magic-users, who had awakened from the blow. The Cleric Aila was grabbing the back of her head, in obvious pain. Lucine was, well, "looking" at the cleric with contempt. She sighed, happy to know that the two were alright. Meilin ran her hand threw her black hair, shaking a few loose sand particles from it. She reached into her pouch and pulled a Vulnerary from it. She pulled the stopper out of it and slowly gulped the contents. She felt the healing effects almost immediately, and the pain from the slight wound on the side of her face dissipated. She dropped the empty container to the ground and buried it in the sand with her foot.


"You two, watch out!" Meilin turned, and found three axe wielders charging towards her. The young Princess ripped the Ji from its holder, and gripped it with both hands. With one quick swing she decapitated the first bandit, whose head fell to the sand with a thud. The other bandit took a wild swing at Meilin, who deflected the blow with the handle of her Ji. She knocked the bandit to the ground and with one blow, she slammed the blade of her axe into the man's chest, who let out a large yelp. The other bandit took advantage of her focus on the screaming bandit, and lodged his axe into her back. Most of the blow had been absorbed by Meilin's armor but it had managed to knock her off balance. She fell to the ground once again, the air knocked out of her lungs. The bandit was relentless, and once again took another swing at Meilin, this time aiming for her head.

"Bastard!" A woman's voice rang, and with a motion of her blade, sliced the man's right arm clean from his body. His axe fell to the ground, and the man gripped what remained off his arm, screaming in agony. Jun then drove her blade through the man's throat, releasing his soul from his body. She then repeated the same motion with the other screaming bandit, relieving him from his pain. She then walked to her sister, who was still sitting on the ground, attempting to regain her breath. "You okay Meilin?"

"I'm okay Jun. How are you?" Meilin said, gripped her breastplate.

"Fine. Haven't take a hit yet. A few arrows came close, but these archer's aim is terrible. A three year-old could dodge them. I'm sorry I kind of ran off on you though. Maybe if I had stuck around, you wouldn't have bee--"

"It's okay Jun. I can handle myself. You just have an advantage using a sword against these axe wielders. I can't believe they have magic users with them. If that thunderbolt had hit me directly, I could of died," Meilin said. Using her Ji for balance, she managed to stand up. Meilin was two inches taller than her sister, standing at a height of 5'10". "Better get back to the girls. Can't leave them there alone. I want to conserve Vulneraries, so I'm going to ask Aila to heal me. You coming?..."

"I'll catch you in a bit. A few more bandits to take care of.." Jun said. With that, she bounded off towards another group of bandits, her umbrella in its shield positioning.

EDITED: Because I'm an idiot who apparently can't read.

August 28th, 2007, 7:25 PM
"They aren't particularly skilled, but their numbers are sheer ludicrous." Kayle commented in Stephen's direction after he fought his way into the same general area. He had witnessed the little episode with the cleric and shaman, and was a little bit relieved when Lucine took out the foe, even with her condition. If those two stuck together, they'd probably form some sort of bond. A bond? What good was one of those? Bonds had only caused him grief in the past, so Kayle never allowed himself to become particularly attached to someone. Snapping out of his train of though, the lance knight sent his spear plummeting through the chest of a mage, before the mage could possibly attack him. Kayle wasn't particularly fond of looking at the face of people he killed. The expression on one's face as their life ends was never pretty, and Kayle found it easier to fight that way. For example, the mage had been a young girl, no older than eighteen. Had he looked at her directly, he would have seen her as a girl, not an opponent, and would have held back. "It's almost as if they wanted us eliminated at all costs. Say, Stephen, what kind of reputation follows your lot, anyways? This isn't exactly your run of the mill bandit attack."


"Did you get him?"

"You can hear well enough to dodge the guy's sword attacks with ease, but you can't hear a staff to his skull?"

"...I was only making sure..." Lucine murmured to herself as she paid careful attention to the sound of the wind. She could hear arrows off in the distance, but it never hurt to be cautious of them anyways, just in case. The sound of quickly approaching feet from nearby put the shaman on guard again. In the end, it turned out to be Sykes, whom of which Aila ran up to, and despite the dagger lodged in his shoulder, swung her staff vertically downwards at the thief's skull.

"Oh look, Mr. Let's-charge-in-all-by-ourselves got hurt! BIG surprise." The cleric scolded the wounded sneak, wagging her finger back and forth, despite the fact that she hadn't charged in, and was previously even more wounded than he was. "But I guess I better help you anyways..." The girl, without a second thought, ripped the dagger from the boy's shoulder in one quick motion, before holding her staff up to the wound. It began to glow, just like things had with Lucine, and the hole in Sykes' arm spewing blood disappeared. "There. Now next time, use your head before acting like an idiot!" The red haired girl turned her back to the brown haired boy, her head raised in a 'you know nothing' gesture. Lucine just listened in, completely confused as to how this girl could have such a conversation in the midst of a battle.

August 28th, 2007, 7:55 PM
OoC// Wow, this post sucks pretty bad. xD

IC// Sykes was silent as he took the blow to the head and then took the pain of getting a dagger lodged in your shoulder ripped out (quite brutally,) and was even silent when she healed it. Without a single word of thanks, Sykes reached out and grabbed a fistful of Aila's hair, pulling her backwards and stepping between her and Lucine, mashing his foot into the face of one bandit and stabbing the face of the other with his dagger. Through all this, he didn't even glance at Aila. Not for her reaction of getting pulled out of the way by her hair when he could've easily grabbed her shoulder, not for her reaction to getting saved when she probably could've handled herself with these weak bandits just as well. Most of the pirates however, were getting tired of the long battle. All games get old. Thus, their looting diminished, and massive killing replaced it, each method of killing more brutal then the next. Sykes, with his tendency to disfigure his opponent's face before he could see it, Zen with his tendency to slice off a few limbs, and D'ernjay, with his tendency to crush the enemy's heads right into their shoulders.

"You know, little girl," Sykes said staring with distaste at Aila, "I do things a little differently then you. I didn't even have parents and I know when to keep my mouth shut about other people's customs. Think, cleric. I'm a pirate. That's my occupation, even if it's not my class."

With that, he turned and addressed the shaman, "I'm not exactly an expert when it comes to magic. Is there no spell you can do to just... get rid of them?"

August 30th, 2007, 3:10 PM
"Our leader Karn isn't the biggest fan of bandits and he's taken it upon him and his mercenaries to cleanse Haaj of them. I personally have led several expeditions in their camps where we wiped them out completely. And by the sheer amount of bandits nearby, I'm guessing this is the group of bandits belonging to Aesello, a local bandit leader. He's despicable scum whose plagued this desert since Clementina, Emma, and I arrived here two years ago," Anton said in response to Kayle's question. He turned and pierced the chest of an oncoming Myrmidon, who yelped in pain before falling to the ground. Their numbers were starting to dwindle. As of yet, the group had yet to experience any casualities, which was exemplary. Usually, with the intensity of the combat being so great, they would of suffered greater casualities.

"Just a few more and I think we'll be in the clear..."

Meanwhile, in Holsten's capital Toliono...

"Queen, we stand little chance against both Ascanth AND Koga-Na. And with Yunai, for the lack of a better word, forsaking us, we're left with few options. It appears this war will mainly take place on the mainland, so our navy is of little help. To add to our woes, it appears that a great number of mercenary bands are on the move towards Koga-Na. In all honesty my Queen, there is little we can do to remedy our current situation," the man said. His hands were nervously fidgeting, and he barely made eye contact with the woman he was speaking with. This woman, better known as Queen Juno, Empress of Holsten and Protectorate of the Eastern Isles, was not your typical fair queen. She was short, stout, and possessed more muscle than a typical woman. Her face, however, possessed an unusual beauty to it. Her hair was a thin, but beautiful chestnut color. Her eyes were a bland brown but they were also full of energy. Her outfit was simply a black leather tunic, grey slacks, and thick cow hide boots. A large ax was hanging from her back, held together by a leather strap. All in all, she was Queen befitting of a nation of pirates, thieves, and other lowlife.

"So you're telling me Gregarius, that my country is to simply step aside and let these other countries decide our fate. Lest you forget, though we are a nation of seamen, we are also a nation of fighters. With a simple call, I would have the pirates of the world at my command. Though we would be out of our element, we wouldn't go down without a struggle. And those bastards on the Yunain council rely for too heavily on ships and other 'services' to completely abandon us. They are a bunch of filthy landlubbers, much like you Gregarius," the queen said followed by a hearty laugh. "What we'll do is send one of our more loyal and powerful captains to Haaj and eliminate the bands before they can get to Koga-Na. But whom... From what I can remember, D'ernjay and his band left on some personal business, so he's out of the question. Albacore is dead. Oh, let's send Hakren. He's vicious, maniacal, and intelligent enough to go into the desert and slaughter some of the greatest mercenaries. As long as he gets women and money of course. Gregarius, be a good boy and send a messenger as quickly as possible."

"Yes m'lady," Gregarius said, before quickly slipping out of the room and into the halls of the castle. Juno sighed and walked to the window of her quarters. Only a few hundred feet away sat the ocean. It beckoned her name. But she had to stay for now. Her nation needed her and though she was tough as nails, her country came first...

Back in the deserts of Haaj...

"Hiyah!" Jun said, bringing the blade of her sword into the shoulder of a nearby male Mage. The magic-user fell to the ground in a bloody heap, his tome falling into the sand opened and tattered. Jun looked around and saw numerous bandit corpses littering the desert sands. It appeared they had killed most of them and the few that remained had disappeared. But it was strange that they hadn't seen a squad leader or anything. Though they were highly organized, the bandits still required someone to direct them towards the ones they were going to kill.

"Ahh.. a pretty young woman. And she can handle a sword to boot. How perfect," a sadistic sounding voice slowly said behind Jun. She turned and found a brutish man, standing around 6'06" and completely made of muscle. He held an unbelievably large ax in his left hand and a simple Iron Bow was slung on his back. He had a disgusting smile on his face. Scars were scattered across his body. He wore nothing but woolen, green pants and thick, black boots. The upper half of his body was exposed to the elements but he appeared to be someone who had lived in the desert his entire life. "It's a shame I'll have to cut your pretty little body into pretty pieces."

"Aesello, so you decided to lead your men into battle. Pathetic. They didn't even leave a scratch. The winds have done more damage to me then your men could even do. Must be poor leadership," Jun said. Her eyes darted around her. None of her companions were nearby, so she would either have to run and find them or battle this guy on her own. But he had that bow with him and he was undoubtedly much more skilled with it than the petty archers in his band. It seemed she would have to go with option two.

"You little tramp," he said, twirling the handle of his ax in between his fingers. He had a deadly sneer on his face, showing a growing anger and rage within him. "When I'm done with you, you can join that Karn buddy of your's in hell..."

"What?" Jun said. Her heart sank. "What do you mean?"

"Before we found your little group, we found that unusually large group of men. We instantly recognized Karn and attacked. For being such a legendary Mercenary, he was incredibly easy to filet. But it seems his little group of favorites proved to be a greater challenge..."

"I'll kill you!" Jun said, charging toward Aesello, her blade pointed forward, aimed for the man's heart. Aesello simply smirked and grabbed the girl's blade and swung her to the ground. He then raised the butt of his ax's handle and smacked her in the head. She let out a loud yelp before falling unconscious.

August 30th, 2007, 7:01 PM
"If that's true, why is the main group of your company heading to Koga-Na. If I may as so assume, have you been hired to fight in the eminent war?" Kayle responded in an oh-so-serious manner. "If that's the truth, then you can expect us quickly gone when and if we get to town. I need help Aila locate someone, someone that can help her family, and helping with the war won't give us that."

"Would you like me to cook you a meal and wash your clothes while I'm using a spell to 'just get rid of them?'" Lucine replied sarcastically as she brought her right hand to her forehead in disbelief at such a stupid question. "If I could use a tome that powerful, I'd be a druid or a summoner, not a shaman. Apparently someone needs a lesson in magic. You could at least bother to learn the strengths and weaknesses of different classes, you know, pirate or not. For example, thief is considered one of the weaker classes. Not exactly a powerful opponent on the battlefield, and basically ONLY good for petty theft." Aila, now free of the thief's grip, and hiding behind Lucine, sighed. She couldn't help but think that those two were kind of alike for some reason. She assumed it was their blunt and insulting attitudes, but it could be something more.

Lucine, though used to it, had excellent hearing. Those rumors about your other senses becoming sharper with the loss of one sense was entirely true, since whether they were deaf, blind, or whatever, they were forced to rely on those senses more. While it was a talent, it was also a burden. Loud, close noises were painful to her, and one of the things that drove her up the wall if she was unprepared for it. With it, she could keep track of a majority of what was taking place around her, and it was useful for spying, or listening to enemy strategy. For some time, she had been hearing everyone, but hearing what appeared to be something along the lines of 'I'll kill you!", Emma fell silent, and the sound of clashing metal was not to be heard. Despite the fact that the female shaman had no actually caring feelings for this lot, she figured bailing out some more people could very well gain her some more trust so that she could spy more efficiently. And, if what she had overheard Stephen say was true, she had a description of the role of this mercenary company to share with her superiors. "Aila, we're going." The girl replied as she grabbed the cleric's right wrist, dragging her away in the direction of where she had heard the girl's cry. "Oi, thief, tell the others Emma is in danger, and make it snappy!"

After a few moments of running, the two eventually came across the scene. Explaining the speed, magic users can inexplicably travel faster over sandy terrain than normal units that lack wings. Some say it's due to their abilities, but in reality nobody knows the TRUE reason. Thankfully, the two girls were able to spy from behind a sand dune. If that had just charged in, they would have easily been shot down by the bow of the huge warrior. "Warrior, a fighter that has exceeded in axeman-ship and picked up the use of a bow. I'm going to cause a distraction, you get to Emma. Hopefully your staff can snap her out of it, because if it doesn't, and nobody comes before then, we're deader than dead meat." Aila couldn't help but utter a giggle at this. It just was so... not Lucine, to say something like 'deader than dead meat'. Following this, Aila nodded as she brought her staff up in ready position, and Lucine stood halfway down the dune and raised her arm outwards as the pages of her tome turned rapidly in the other, just like earlier. As the dark energy began gathering, sand began problematically flying upwards into the air at a rapid rate. If the foe were to catch sight of this, it could be too late. Either way, the darkness seeped into the sand, and the shaman nodded at the cleric as the sound of the energy shooting up and hitting something which was hopefully it's target. If it did or not, there would be enough sand in the air for Aila to get in and heal before the bandit could see again. Then again, this was no run of the mill bandit.

Sand noticeably blasted up into the sky around the scene, and Aila made a dash for Emma's body, tripping over it due to her clouded vision from the sand with an "Oof." Turning to face the unconscious young woman, and raising her staff, the soft light covering the girls body as healing occurred.

August 30th, 2007, 7:26 PM
Sykes sighed and tapped his chin while dodging various attacks and letting a newly arrived Zen hack away at the bandits attacking them. She got him there. Stealing was what thieves did, even if she'd worded it in a rude way. But either way, he couldn't exactly let his pride get eaten by someone who technically wasn't an enemy. That, was more disgraceful then getting his pride eaten by someone who was his enemy. Shrugging, Sykes said, ducking as Zen's axe, dripping red, sliced cleanly in the spot where his head was a split second earlier, beheading another bandit.

"My apologies for assuming you could do something useful." He said with an edge to his voice as he ducked again, Zen crashing his axe into the ground on the other side of Sykes and hopping over to kill some more bandits on the other side. They never seemed to end! But Sykes noticed that Lucine had not snapped a wise retort back at him, and knowing in all good god that she wouldn't let such an insult go, he looked about, wondering what had happened, just in time to see her and Aila running off toward an unconscious mercenary. There was no reason to engage in any further ceaseless banter, as D'ernjay was shouting orders.

"THIS 'ERE BATT'LEZZ GETTIN' OLD." He yelled in his rough bark, "LEZ W'RAP IT UP BOYS!"

And after this order, the only thing that slowed the pirates from killing everything in sight was the fact that if they killed anyone that wasn't a bandit, they'd get their heads handed to them on a silver platter by D'ernjay, who killed attackers and people with money. And looking at the mercenaries at one glance told D'ernjay that they didn't have nearly enough money on them to be worth anything with their wallets snug in his pockets and their corpses left to rot.

"Zen, go watch Aila and Lucine." Sykes said, and Zen wrenched his axe out of a dead body.

"Ehhh?!" He groaned, "I don't want to be a babysitter! Besides," He pointed at the cloud of sand with a pout, "They're doing fine!"

"Just do it!" Sykes snapped as he disappeared in the action again, Zen grumbling in annoyance as he hacked a path toward the two girls.

"WOAH THERE BUBBA." Zen yelled at the top of his lungs as an arrow narrowly grazed the tip of his ear, "THAT STINGS." The stupid exclamation was highly ignored by the fighting crowds around him, but the pirate stared into the cloud of sand with great interest now. Another arrow soared his way, and he yelped, bending back more then his spine would normally allow, and promptly falling head first into the sand. And as many axe-wielder's knew, swinging an axe on the ground was not an easy feat.

Scrambling to his feet ungracefully before slugging a bandit who'd caught sight of his bumble, Zen clumsily groped for the handle of his axe while two pirates attacked the approaching bandits.

Zen narrowed his eyes and peered into the cloud of sand again after he'd gotten a good grip on his axe, standing without a care as most of the other pirates slaughtered the bandits.

"Cleric?" Zen twitched his head to the side as he made his way forward, toward the lump on the ground, about as cautiously as a pirate could manage with bandits on his tail, though the number in general diminishing as each one died.

September 1st, 2007, 2:44 PM
Illet stood bewildered among the new arrival of what seemed to be enemies. The battlefield was a new experience for her, and now was not the time to deal with such things. Her objective stayed simple, yet...was she to leave these newly aquired aquantances that she had just met up with? A few feet away, the giant grey wyvern pounded his wings against the desert sand with a startling growl of fury. Illet and the dragon both knew that they weren't yet up the this challenge, as parched and maxed out as they were. Illet 's expression grew into a scowl; she wanted to help out these people, but doing so in this condition would mean sudden death for both her and Dalmaskoth. Wing pulsating and tail lashed out as a deadly pike, the wyvern's goal was set to get none other than the girl he was supposed to protect out of the area.

"Dalmaskoth? Hmm, I guess so." As the wyvern neared, lifted up by one of his wings, Illet climbed onto the back of the grey figure and steadily rose into the air. Upon ascending, Illet blinked. There definitely were more people there than she had earlier taken notice of. Peering over the neck of the lizard, Illet looked down and grabbed her spear. Knowing her intentions of now wanting to fight, Dalmaskoth snorted and ascended even higher and out of javelin range. Illet sighed, but then again grabbed the wyvern by his horns in the direction of the people she had just met who seemed to be engaged in battle now. She's at least have to tell them her intentions. Dalmaskoth seemed to comply as he lowered ahead of the pirate and the theif. One hand around the neck of the wyver and the other used to amplify her voice, Illet shouted the best she could: "SORRY PIRATE AND SYKES. MAYBE WE WILL MEET AGAIN SOMEDAY." With the last syllabyle, she grabbed back onto the wyvern which sped off towards the other direction. She these people were definitely curious, and the didn't seem to come to the desert just for sightseeing like herself. Pressed against the dragon's back, the white haired girl reflected. She'd see them again, she was sure of it.

September 2nd, 2007, 10:48 AM
Meilin felt it. She was too far to hear her sister scream, but she felt something was wrong. Since the two of them were little girls they had an unusual mental connection to each other. When Jun fell down the stairs many years ago, Jun knew she was hurt, even though she was miles away. She pulled the blade of her ax from the neck of an unlucky bandit and turned, trying to look for where her sister could be. The battlefield was scattered with the numerous corpses of bandits, but she couldn't see her sister. She began to walk back towards the group from whom she had wandered away from while the cleric was healing the thief. Where'd the cleric, shaman, and thief go? She looked to her right and saw the cloud of sand created by the dark magic. Behind that cloud Meilin could see the deadly warrior Aesello wincing in pain from the sand in his eyes. There was also movement within the cloud. WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING THERE!? The cleric was leaning over a crumpled figure in a pink dres--

"JUN!" Meilin screamed and began charging towards her sister. Aesello turned his head, and smiled. He still hadn't noticed the two newcomers near his feet. The loud clanking of Meilin's armor had caught his full attention. He latched his ax to his belt and pulled his bow from his back. Reaching into the container that held his arrows, he pulled a sole quiver and placed it against his bow. He pulled the string back and with one awkward motion, released the arrow. Meilin had no time to react as the arrow lodged itself between her thigh and pelvis bone. Meilin winced in pain but continued to run forward. Aesello pulled another arrow from its container and fired it at Meilin. She raised her Ji into the air and used it as a shield to block the arrow. "You bastard!" Now close enough, she leaped into the air and brought her Ji into Aesello. The Warrior was defenseless with his bow, who found his weapon smashed by her ax. It came down into his chest, and immediately blood began to burst from his wound. She quickly pulled it from his chest and brought it over her head. The Warrior reached for his ax, but the pain from his wound made it hard to concentrate. Meilin, full of rage, brought the Ji down into the top of skull, fracturing it and instantly killing the warrior. The blood splattered, striking the princess in the face and all over her gray armor. The man's carcass fell to the ground, lifeless and bleeding.

Meilin turned to her sister, who could now be more easily seen now that sand had cleared. The cleric's magic had managed to heal her and she was beginning to regain her composure. She leaned forward and coughed. "Meilin.. he's dead.. he's dea..." Tears began to flow down her cheeks.

"Jun, whose dead?" Meilin said.

"Karn.. Aesello said.. said he massacred.. the others," Jun managed to blurt out between powerful sobs. Meilin immediately began to cry. Normally she would of cared that Jun had used their real names, but now it didn't matter. The man who had come to be like a father to them was killed.

"Are you sure?" Meilin said sadly. "Are you sure we can trust the word of a bandit?"

"He seemed sure.. of it..."

"Well, we have to check. We'll find Karn and prove this scum wrong!"

September 3rd, 2007, 9:32 PM

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Death, it wasn't something she wasn't used to. Since she'd been little, a certian prophecy, told to children when a beloved one died, had been ground into her mind, one that had allowed her hear to become semi cold and at the very least immune to showing such dreadful feelings like sorrow and despair. It was simple. The Wheel of Time turns, and ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legends fade to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. People died and time continued to spin its cruel wheel around and around, never ceasing no matter how much people begged. Nothing was different in this situation, nothing. There were no words, no pleas, no chants to bring back the dead. Ada, having been standing and watching the entire ordeal through silent watching speechless eyes, was not doubting the words of the bandit king. She wasn't doubting them at all. Karn-shishou... was probably dead. They had left him alone, leaving him prone to a group assult.

But she couldn't be sad, not when there were others to attend to, to refresh. She wasn't a cleric but she could still give the girls, her beloved 'nee-samas', a bit of a pick me up. Sighing, she regained her composer and tottered over to the girls, her hands clasping behind her back as she greeted them with as good of a smile as she could muster, "Do... you want me to dance for you? It would give you strength, to walk back to camp." but without warning and without real rhyme or reason, attached herselves to the waists of the two girls, her face burried in Jun's stomach for a moment or so before she pulled away, her face red, the older girl's dress damp, and her cheeks a-flame, "I... I'm sorry, I dunno what came over me." Laughing weakly, not fooling any but the greatest of fools, she turned and pointed towards camp, trying desperately to seem her normal self, "Leeeeeeeet's go! To... camp!"

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September 14th, 2007, 9:50 PM
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"Hey Kata, look at all this gold I found. We're going to be rich!" Kaoru said with a bag full of coins. "Quiet! We could get caught." With a worried face, Kata picked up some gold as well. "Hey, do you hear something? Hide!" Kaoru panicked and dropped coins as she looked for a place to hide.

"Look at that, why are there coins on the floor?" One of the guards examined curiously. "Hey, it's a thief!" The guard grabbed Kaoru's wrist causing her to drop her scarf. "Let her go!" Kata stood up and attacked the guard with a wooden stick, but it was futile. He was knocked away like a fly. "Kata, run, there's nothing you can do, please!" The guard tightened his grip as she yelled. Kata quickly snatched the scarf Kaoru had dropped and ran with tears pouring down his face. "Get that kid!" More guards emerged and tailed Kata, but because of their bulky armor, they couldn't touch him.

"This can't be happening" Kata thought to himself as he moped back and forth in a dark alley. Looking into the streets, he notices many guards searching every house and store. He stares back at the castle, "I'm sorry Kaoru, I've failed as your brother..."

Kata quickly wakes up, with sweat running down his face and on to his drenched pillow. "That dream again...why?" Kata stares at Kaoru's scarf, "Where's all my stuff?! Why did this have to happen?" Anger building up inside, Kata leaves the inn and notices the entire village is strangely empty. It wasn't unusual that people didn't want to come out because he was there, but all the buildings seemed destroyed. Searching through the streets for his items, Kata comes across the innkeeper; he was a nice man who didn't hesitate to let him stay, for free too. But he looked different; he had a weapon with him.

"You!" The innkeeper said with a stunned face. "Why do you have an axe with you? And my sword?" Kata said calmly eyeing the Katenou at the innkeeper's side. The innkeeper suddenly swung his axe horizontally, aiming for Kata's neck. Kata ducked, "Do you have my locket too?" He swung his axe once more, but missed. "Hah, you're nothing against us without a weapon!" More men appeared from the other buildings, they were apparently bandits. Dodging the attack once more, Kata stole his sword back and stared into the eyes of the innkeeper. In an instant, he slashed the man repeatedly. "MY LOCKET! GIVE IT TO ME!" The other bandits charged with their axes, while some attacked from afar with a bow. Kata attacked relentlessly, taking every hit he couldn't dodge and killing many. Luckily, he had regained some vulnararies stolen from him; otherwise he would have serious injuries.

After awhile, he pursued what was left of the bandits, hoping to get his locket back. This chase led him to Haaj, the desert country. The dust in the midst of battle put Kata at a disadvantage, but he killed all except for one, which seemed like the boss. Blood dripping from his blade and his face, Kata continued the battle. "Don't be a fool, you saw what I did to your comrades, give me the locket." Kata glared at the brigand with the eyes of an assassin. "Heh, you're injured; you can't do anything, no vulnararies either” He brandished his axe and swung. Kata easily blocked, and countered. Unfortunately, this guy could block, unlike his idiotic allies. Kata then unleashed a series of slashes, though weak, the damage began to take it's toll. The brigand fell to his knees, "I'm not done yet," he let out a one more slash that put a deep wound in Kata's leg. As if with no emotion at all, Kata just stood as he wiped the blood off the blade of his Katenou and watched it shine in the sunlight. The brigand fell, and just lay on the floor, motionless. Kata picked up his locket, and trekked to the nearest town, Kor. "I won't let you go again, Kaoru..." Kata thought to himself as he entered the town.

Kata had left the town as quickly as he entered it, with no money, he could do nothing. He had some vulnaries left, but decided it would be better to save it for a desperate situation. And so, Kata began to traverse the desert until he stood before a what seemed like a battle. There were many there, bandits, pirates, a cleric, a knight, and two peculiar looking girls, one of which had just slain a warrior.

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During the commotion, whilst everyone was dealing with the repercussions involving the clash with Aesello, Lucine had snuck off a fair distance from the others. A raven had arrived, carrying a letter for the girl, asking about her current position and status. It was, of course, written in braille so that she could read it. Setting the new parchment aside, the raven on her right shoulder, she removed a new roll of parchment from within her outfit, along with a feather pen. While she was blind, she had learned to read and write before becoming as such, so she could write fluently based on keeping track of where she was writing. The reply read something like this:

"This letter is to be forwarded to the Ascanth head of intelligence.
I, Lucine Corona Crescentia, am currently located amidst the desert of Haaj. I have recently joined a peculiar mercenary group lead by a man named Karn, who is now presumed dead. I am left with a small fraction of the original mercenary's group, which I can imagine is aligned with Koga-Na based on earlier provided information. I have successfully infiltrated the group, and upon doing so have located a traitor who goes by the name of Aila Lianne Woodridge, apparently searching for a way to save her family from the grasp of our military." She also included descriptions of the entire group, but put emphasis on the descriptions for Stephen, Emma, and Clementina, indicating that she want a special background check on the three. "I await a reply with my orders." With that, she handed the raven the letter, and it flew off towards Ascanth. Content with her message, she returned to the group.

Kayle had returned to meet up with the others, her spear and armor doused with blood. He dismounted, and listened to a description of what had occurred from Aila. "I don't mean to ask this during such a moment, but what exactly is going on? That was far too organized to be any normal bandit attack, despite the lack of skill in opponents. I won't pry, but I have the feeling we're not being told everything." Kayle said firmly. "If you're involved in some sort of conflict we aren't aware of, we'll be taking our leave shortly. The safety of my clients comes first, after all." Kayle's eyes turned to glance at Aila, who was now busy healing the wounded. "That one, she's trying so hard to save her family. With nothing but the name Antonius Francis Haerbroussis III given to her by her father, she's so resolute to travel the country until she finds him, not knowing who he is or what he looks like."

Lucine cocked her head after hearing this. She had attended a military school in Ascanth once before, had she not heard that name there before? Ah well, she didn't want to get too involved, in fear of getting emotionally attached to these people.

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Anton gulped. He had just heard Kayle mention his name. Everything was happening so fast. Apparently Karn had been massacred, Jun had been struck unconscious, Aesello was dead, and now he hears that Aila was searching for him the whole time. His grip on his lance tightened. Should I reveal who I am and put us all in danger? He looked to Aila and sighed. Anything he says could upset the balance of the group. He had to word what he said carefully.

"Kayle, Aila, Lucine, everyone else. I must make a confession to you all. With most of our mercenary group reported dead, there is no point in keeping our facade any longer. My name isn't Stephen. My name is Antonius Francis Haerbroussis III, former graduate of the Ascanthian Military Finishing School and a General of the Koga-Nan Army. These two women here: there name's are not Clementina or Emma. They are the Crowned Princesses Jun and Meilin Kai-Ling, Jewels of the Kingdom. We escaped our kingdom two years ago at the urging of the Queen, which was her dying wish. So we left, traveled across the continent and ended up here in Haaj. We had little food left and we had sold our only horses. An elderly woman saved us and directed us to Karn, who took us in and fed us. We wanted to protect our identities: not so much to prevent harm to us but rather to prevent special treatment from the others. I tell you this now as I..." Anton stopped. He couldn't believe he was saying this. But somehow, he knew this is what was needed.

"I'm.. Jun. I beg of you all, please don't leave us. We've lost so many and you all... fought so brilliantly today. And I'm sure Steph--Anton will be more than happy to do whatever he can to help you Cleric," she said, her energy returning as the girl healed her. She looked to Anton and smiled. "Without you, I would be dead, just like Karn. But now we can't go back. We must go forward. It was the Goddess' intervention that brought us here together..."

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Crap. Lucine thought to herself as the strings unraveled themselves. Why couldn't they have had this discussion BEFORE I sent my findings back to Ascanth? Though this was an important discovery. Those two girls were the rightful princesses of Koga-Na, which would get Lucine a handsome sum of money if she could successfully capture them. However, that would have to wait until she got another response from Ascanth. For now, all she could do is play along.

Kayle stood in thought, holding Azure's reigns in his right hand. This information would be shocking for almost anyone. "I'd like to believe you, but do you have any proof? You understand the claim you make is a hefty one. However, if you can prove it true, I'll gladly take up my arms for you. As for payment, we'll discuss that when our little adventure is all over." He glanced at Aila once more, who was basically staring at Steph- Anton, in awe. "Besides, I think she'll want to go along with you anyways."

"You... You're the one my brother told me to find..." Aila said in a solemn voice in Anton's direction. "My brother goes by the name of Rio Canval Woodridge, and according to his word, attended the Military Finishing School with you. He told me to find you, to help him. I don't understand why you of all people, but please, help me. Help my family before they get themselves killed! Ascanth took them away from me against their will, and I ran away, and..." She fell to the ground, crying, the end of her story finished. Lucine listened in to the entire pity story, shaking her head. She's so naive, thinking the aid of one person can save her family. I think I've been underestimating her though, no run of the mill village girl would be capable of escaping Ascanth, especially from the army...

September 18th, 2007, 5:15 PM
Anton looked at Aila. She looked as if he was a God or something sent to save her from whatever was plaguing her. He shook his head and said, "You're brother sent you to look for ME? You said he went to school with me? Hmm... Rio Woodridge? Sounds familiar. Do you happen to have a picture to refresh my memory?"

"So, you want proof of our lineage..." Meilin said, stepping from her sister to Kayle. She reached into one of the small pouches on her belt and pulled a the framed picture she had taken from it earlier. It was only a painting, but the resemblance to the Queen was undeniable. And seated next to her were two young girls: one slightly taller with long black hair and a short, smiling one with curly blond hair. "This was the official portrait released eight years ago. If you look in any castle, you are sure to find it somewhere. And here, look," Meilin turned the picture around and scribbled on the back in pink ink it said 'To My Beautiful Gems -Your Mother Queen Hariet.'

"Our mother had two smaller versions of the painting made for Jun and I to carry with us. We were so excited with the final product we wanted one of our own. So she gave them to us. But, if you want further proof, if we ever reach Koga-Na as a group, I'll give you further proof," Meilin said.

"It was because of our mother we left. She told us we needed to leave before we could get hurt. Now I see why. She didn't want us involved in this war. But now it seems we're invol- wait, without Karn, do we actually have to get involved in this war. Couldn't we just..." Jun trailed off.

"Well Jun, I think we should return to Koga-Na. See what's happened to our country. I want to see if the rumors are true..."

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