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  • I draw yeah. Just as a hobby thing and not nearly as well as you. I picked it up a few years ago.
    Things are a bit different now for sure. We allow a much wider scope of RP types. All the old stuff is still there too though! You should join one some time ;)
    I'm... surviving haha. I have a bunch of health issues and now also COVID (woo) but I'm also making progress towards some goals of mine which is really exciting. How have you been?!
    Loki-Loki are you watching / reading Hero Academia? O: @ your icon
    I'm so glad that show is gaining more fans. ;w;

    Also, hi it's Drew from like 29342 years ago and I came back around on a new account.
    It's Malaysia, been there before?

    oh btw, have you watch the episode of SpongeBob where he shape as Texas?
    Hahaha really?? Maaaaan I do wonder how they got in then.. guess they're not as picky if it's just a temporary position as an assistant teacher where you don't do much, and where the turnaround is fairly high. Is the application process for JET as long as they say? Spanning around 6-8 months?
    How was your interview? I hear you need to prepare a lesson plan as a sample and I'm not confident enough in my ability as a teacher to get one done right, even if it's just for five minutes haha. But I've heard it's a pretty easy job that isn't too demanding so maybe I'm overthinking as usual.. o.o'

    Yeah, I can see that as an issue too. The Japanese do prefer hiring their own instead of a foreigner unless you're exemplary, have connections, or what-have-you. But that doesn't mean I can't try, right? B]
    just fine. how about you?

    still remember when I ask my friend "what's up" and he said "the ceiling" ●ω●
    Haha really? =o I figured you'd have more hours teaching than sitting in the office! How many classes do you have? And you're an ALT right, so mostly an assistant to the main teacher? How much are you allowed to say in the classroom? Sometimes I feel like ALTs are just there to be exotic and foreign since the kids don't usually see people outside Japan...

    I wonder how competitive being a translator is though. I feel like with the number of foreign residents living in Japan who actually know enough Japanese to be translators is slim.
    Ooh sweet! I don't want to teach personally since I get exhausted in groups for too long, such is the life of an introvert lol, but I wanted to go to language school for a while and then try to find work as a translator. I know a few people who do that. But alas.. it's so so expensive ;.;
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