View Full Version : Rain Dance + Backup

September 15th, 2007, 1:51 PM
(Unlimited deck)

1x Blastoise (Base Set)
2x Wartortle (Base Set)
3x Squirtle (Base Set)
1x Gyarados (Base Set)
1x Magikarp (Rocket)
1x Magikarp (FRLG ex)
1x Kangaskhan (Jungle)
1x Lapras (Fossil)
1x Vaporeon (Jungle)
1x Eevee (Jungle)
1x Eevee (Rocket)
1x Articuno (Fossil)
1x Porygon2 (Delta Species ex)
2x Porygon (Delta Species ex)
1x Stantler (Neo Genesis)

Trainers (21):
2x Switch
2x Potion
1x Blaine's Last Resort
1x Mr. Fuji
1x Energy Removal
1x Super Energy Removal
1x Holon Lass
1x The Rocket's Training Gym
1x Sleep!
1x Gambler
1x Time Capsule
1x Pokemon Center
1x Lass
1x Super Rod
1x Challenge
1x Bill's Maintenance
1x Super Potion
1x Master Ball
1x Card-Flip Game

Energy (20):
20x Water Energy

Strategy: This deck works best when Blastoise and Porygon2 are out at the same time, hence the name Rain Dance + Backup, since Backup allows you to draw enough cards to bring you up to 6 in your hand if you have less than 6 once per turn, and Rain Dance, well, I'm sure you're all familiar with that.

Record vs. My Other Unlimited Decks(all have a creation date of September 7-9, 2007):
Psychic Deck: 1-0
Salquatric: 0-0
Jolraitatric: 0-0
Arcadash: 0-0
Shiftry's Crew: 0-0
Hitmonchamp: 0-0
Nidoking's Court: 0-0