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  • Yeah man tell me about it.. London is freaking crazy. Build-quality here is absolutely crap too.

    Oh VTubers! I never understood the charm but it's all entertainment I guess; especially if animes are just rehashing out the same stories and genres.

    Ah right, that's really good you didn't catch covid. I've been home the whole time so I don't think I did either. My boyfriend did though, which is granted because he's a doctor and at the start of the pandemic they were forcing doctors NOT to wear masks as to "not scare the public." Ridiculous. He got Anosmia (loss of smell and taste) for about 18 months because of it and he still isn't fully recovered yet. A mutual friend of ours passed away at 39 from covid and another was almost hospitalized for low sats and high heartrate from covid. It's definitely deadly so I'm hoping that the vaccines will reduce transmission rates a significant amount!
    That's pretty rad!! You're super lucky you can save by doing that! I would've totally done the same to be fair.. but alas.. kinda hard to do that when you're working in a different country than where your parents are. And saving for a house in London is.. well.. heh.. it's a feat, let me tell you! House prices here are kinda crazy. Zone 2 is like.. bachelor apartments/studio suites that are like 250sqft are pretty much around the 400k GBP mark. It's madness. There are these new apartments going up near me and I looked into them and a one bed starts at 750kGBP (like a million dollars?.. for like 500 sq ft..)

    Always nice to keep old interests :D Do you have a current favourite anime/anime related thing?

    And yeah.. it's covid.. of course it's mundane :( but I'm thankful I am still healthy and well.
    How have you been Don??? :D Like.. seriously, how's life for you now (aside from the whole pandemic thing and everything of course!) What are you doing nowadays? (besides still perusing the Pokecommunity lol..)
    Happy to help!

    My room's pretty small and I'm not on my own quite yet so going small and slow is the way to go for now. Thankfully I don't have a lot right now which means more space to fill up, but I didn't even think about having to move my girls and everything whenever that would happen, I should be keeping that in mind, haha. Thanks for the advice.~
    Those are some huge numbers, I currently have... one, with another one waiting on pre-order?

    I pretty much just started being able to build a collection of my own so the only notable things are a couple figures and the mentioned neso, but I think getting a small Setsuna neso would be really cute right now.~
    I'm so jealous haha, I love the nesos tucked away up top and the shelves! I definitely don't have as much, even less on display, but that's so cool, I hope to get more at some point...
    i hope so. i really miss going to the shop here. it's not like i talked to anyone rly bc anxiety is a bitch, but it was just fun for me and my partner to go and waste some hours. i just got some cards in from that shop today actually. when i quit being lazy i'll post pics lol.
    that sounds fun though. i hope you don't have to drop it, but at the same time, attendance being spotty in times like this is to be expected i'm sure. i've been buying singles from the local shop since you can buy online there thankfully. but i really miss going there and buying snacks and just hanging out with my partner. i miss places in general LOL
    pokemon tcg always pulls me right back in so guess who's been buying a ton of random singles the past few paychecks lol. anyway, how have you been? :)
    Hmm... Cities Skylines took 11 Gb of RAM Last time I tried, and I don't have that many assets haha. Luckily windows allows you to use A portion of your hard drive for extra ram, otherwise my city crashes on the load screen due to insufficient ram lolz.

    Aww Neptunia's my favourite franchise these days
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