View Full Version : Arcadash

September 15th, 2007, 2:48 PM
(Unlimited deck)

Pokemon (13):
1x Arcanine (FRLG ex)
1x Growlithe (Base Set)
2x Growlithe (Neo Destiny)
1x Rapidash (Expedition ex)
1x Rapidash (Delta Species ex)
1x Ponyta (Rocket)
1x Ponyta (Delta Species ex)
1x Ponyta (Base Set)
1x Ponyta (Expedition ex)
1x Persian (Jungle)
2x Meowth (Delta Species ex)

2x Potion
2x Switch
2x Energy Removal
2x Moo-Moo Milk
1x Miracle Berry
1x Bill
1x Goop Gas Attack
1x Digger
1x Super Scoop Up
1x Narrow Gym
1x Lass
1x Thought Wave Machine
1x Energy Search
1x Challenge!
1x Master Ball
1x Professor Elm
1x Energy Retrieval
1x Max Revive
1x Misty's Wrath
1x Defender
1x Poke Ball
1x Berry
1x Strength Charm

Energy (21):
21x Fire Energy

Record vs. My Other Unlimited Decks(all have a creation date of September 7-9, 2007):
Psychic Deck: 0-0
Rain Dance + Backup: 0-0
Salquatric: 0-0
Jolraitatric: 0-0
Shiftry's Crew: 0-0
Hitmonchamp: 0-0
Nidoking's Court: 0-0