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September 28th, 2007, 10:56 PM
Pokémon- Day of Destruction. The Countdown..

A PG-14 Roleplay for possible Violence and Mild Swearing.

The Plot-

These, were very dark and desperate days. Years after the first Pokémon League, in the Region of Kanto. This caused an uproar of power, in the four main Regions of the Pokémon world; The Region of Kanto; Where Beginnings Bloom, Johto- Where Lives Prosper, Hoenn, The Land Of Opportunities, and Sinnoh- Where New Leaves Blow In. This power uprise began to stir up trouble. The greatest Trainers of each Region began to get too confident of their power; Some overruling their entire Regions, Some bringing peace.

Hoenn and Sinnoh, two generally peaceful lands were over ruled my powerful yet cruel Trainers. Though, these two are both along the lines of being cruel and ruling over the entire Region, they are at war with one another, each side hoping to gain control over two regions, and possibly to move on..

The Regions of Kanto and Johto, have found peace with one another. No Ruler, no War. The only things that the Sinnoh and Hoenn Rulers can agree upon, is wanting to take control over the peaceful regions. Though, still at war..

The Kanto and Johto masters, who agree on everything, want to stop the war. They want Peace and Prosper. They have sent ships to the oversea Regions, hoping one day to end this war. If no action is taken, the Pokemon World may come to an end as we know it! The countdown; Has begun.

(Where you come in- You are a soldier on the ship to Kanto and Johto. You get to choose which Region you start with. Thats if you decide to be on the peaceful side. If you chose to be on the HoennxSinnoh side, you are a soldier for one of those regions stationed to fight in the oceans. Which side will you choose to be on?)

Read and follow the upcoming rules, and we won't have any problems.

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2. No Godmodding.
3. All Posts must be at least 4 lines or more.
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5. I support perfect Grammar. I would respect you if you used it too in all posts. Proper grammar people, proper grammar.
6. All talk out of Roleplay must (obviously) be done in OOC.
7. All Sign Up Areas for your character must be at least 3 lines.

Sign Up Sheet-
Name (full)-
Nickname (optional)-
Age (14-15 and up, please.)-
Poke-army Rank-
Home Region-

Pokemon at hand (No more than three.)-
Poke-nickname (optional)-
Gender (if one)-

My Sign-Up Sheet;-

Name- James Ticron Aquar

Nickname- J

Age- 16

Poke-Army rank- Top Soldier

Gender- Male

Appearance- A darkgreen Helmet mixed with a little bit of blue sits atop his flowing, brown hair. The color of his skin is Caucasian, but with a little bit of a tan. His height matches up to 6'0", obviously making him a thin soldier. His weight is about 102ib. He has barely any muscle appearance, but is very Athletic. He has Camouflaged jeans, colored green with shades of blue. His shirt is short sleeved. The color; Like the rest of his uniform; Is darkgreen with few shades of blue. His eye color is a light brown.

Personality- A rather brave one, but extremely foolish. Angry in Failure, rejoicing in victory. He is a high IQ, which helps him get through victory with war plans. Though he is a Top Rank Poke-Soldier, it is very easy to make him snap. He will lash out at who ever manages to anger him. His attitude says, "Never give up!". When commanding those considerably lower than him, he is tough, not accepting failure. Though all of his serious and foolish attitude, he is a very kind person.

History- His Home Region is Kanto, the beginning of all Pokemon Trainers and masters. Born in the outfields of the Viridian and Pallet area's, he hasn't made too many friends in the location. When he was 7 years old, he was playing in the outfields, when he ran into a wild Pokemon. This Pokemon was a Ditto, that meant no harm. Around that age, is when the First Pokemon League Competition went underway, he admired all the powerful trainers, wanting to become one. But like any league of all time; He had to start at age 10. He waited for three years till he turned 10, and traveled around Kanto, only competing in few official battles however. He had no reason to, though he still admired the powerful trainers, overtime he became one.

When he turned 14, while training in the outfields, the radio gave bad news.. It was about the beginning of the over powering war. Since that day, he has trained. He was drafted at age 15.

Home Region- Kanto

At hand Pokemon- Charmeleon, Ditto, Scyther
Nickname- Char
Gender- Male
Obtained- It was his Official Starter Pokemon from Professor Oak's father, the Kanto Leading expert on Pokemon at that time.

Nickname- Dit
Gender- None
Obtained- Explained in History.

Nickname- Scy
Gender- Male
Obtained- When Pat was 13, he was training in a forest with Char and Dit. A wild Scyther appeared, with the intent of battle. Pat made friends with it however, after treating its wounds from Char after battle.

Well, to the people who sign up, have fun.

October 1st, 2007, 4:04 PM
I'll join!

Name-Michael Ray Oza


Poke-army Rank-Brigadier General


Appearance- 6'3" tall. 186lbs.Short spiky black hair, light green eyes, a black long sleeve shirt with a Rayquaza on the back, with a pair of black pants, a pair of black gloves,and Black tennis shoes. A 5 headed black dragon tattoo starts from the center of his back and runs along his body 2 of the dragon heads end at the feet looking like they're going to bite, 2 other dragon heads go along the arms and end at the hands looking like their going to bite, the last head makes it's way up the spine and over the head ending at the left eye looking like it's going the bite the eye out.


History-Served the Military for 2 year and has become feared by enemy troops and respected even by the higher ups. Not much else is known.

Home Region-Johto

Pokemon on hand: Sneazel, Lucario, and Scizor




Poke-personality-Fun loving, But serious when needs to be and Loyal.

Obtained- Sneazel was injured very badly when a 10 year old Ray came across her and took her home and took care of her. She has remained by his side ever since.




Poke-personality-Serious, Loving, and Loyal

Obtained-Lucario was on a rampage, Because it was used as a test subject by the Hoenn side. After a quick battle with Sneazel he was knocked out. Later he found himself at a JohtoxKanto base and after meeting the one who stoped him from killing somebody he wanted to come with him a help stop this war.


Poke-nickname-Crimson Lighting

Poke-personality-Loyal, express herself through fighting, and a Hotheaded

Obtained-She was a wild pokemon and during a scouting mission that Ray was on she attacked him and battled Lu and lose and was caught.

October 1st, 2007, 5:01 PM
Name- Blade Aaron Kelly

Nickname- Ghost

Age- 19

Poke-army Rank- Captain


Appearance- Albino with purple eyes he wears an all black outfit complete with a cloak
Personality- enigmatic and secretive, very often does not talk and enjoys spreading fear and confusion

History-Shunned from a young age for his unusual looks he began his Pokemon career as an outcast. He was obsessed with training and was quickly catapulted to the top ranks of trainers worldwide.

When war began he was enlisted and sent on many solo missions, assassination mostly, as many were scared of the sight of him.
Home Region- Sinnoh

Pokemon at hand


Gender Male

Poke-personality-With a personality and abilities matching its owner, Rotom is his favored Pokemon as it causes quite a bit of havoc easily.

Obtained- obtained when scouting the Haunted Mansion looking for gastly


Gender Female

Poke-personality- With a sadistic and vicious streak and its ability to fit into small places, Sableye is the consumate prankster and setter of traps

Obtained- obtained on a solo mission in Hoenn

October 1st, 2007, 5:26 PM
Would you mind adding more detail to some a few sections? I would like at least three lines to a section, please. For now.. Pending.

Cosmic Tyrant
October 1st, 2007, 8:06 PM
Name: Terry Allen Payne
Nickname: Major Payne
Age: 19
Poke-army rank: Major
Gender: Male
Appearance: Terry stands at 6'8 and weighs at 285 lbs, thereby intimidating a lot of poeple. He has long black hair that just misses his shoulders by a couple of inches, which he keeps in braids. His skin tone is of a molotto complex. His eyes are an intense brown, and he has a black goatee that is well grown.His looks are quite intrigueing,, as all of his regular outing clothes are out-dated. He wears a blue and white sailor hat with a golden anchor in the middle, and a blue and white sailors outfit with gold trimmings all around. The torso of the outfit has over-broaded shoulders, and the leggings have a fitting that's not too loose, yet not too tight either. The footwear that he uses are actually boots that are white, and also have gold trimming. He sometimes dons a white eyepatch, though he only wears that while out at sea. At other times he just keeps it in his pocket. He has a large gold hoop earring in his left ear, and a gold necklace.
Personality: Despite his size and moniker, Terry is actually a pasifist. He never raises his fists in an arguement, though don't think he doesn't know how to defend himself. Terry has harnessed various components of fighting styles, most of which make the best use of his abnormal size, which means grapple city. Keep in mind he only deploys them when in a settlement that can't be handled any other way. Terry is an easy going fellow, and for the most part is quiet. Not shy, just quiet. He doesn't like to talk a lot is all. Because of this, he has few friends. But because of his size, he has fewer enimies.
History: If you were to ask Terry what he wanted to be when he was ten, he would have easily answered "Doctor". But when he was drafted into the Navy at 16, Terry was asily inthusiastic about the Idea of being out at sea. After all, His favorite Pokamon type was Water, so he figured this way he'd get to spend a lot of time with aquatic Pokemon. Before the navy, not much happned to him while living in his region. He was the oldest of three, and by far the biggest. But going to the navy hit Terry and his family like a ton of bricks. However, they were able to adapt to this change. Terry has become very passionate about his work. So much that the general of his branch saw great promise in him. In no time, the Navy general saw Terry rise up the ranks and now, Terry is a major, one of the highest ranks in any branch.
Home Region: Johto

Pokemon at hand: Feraligatr
Poke-nickname: Neptune
Gender: Male
Poke-personality: Neptune is a very agressive Pokemon. Once let out of his pokeball, he starts to get very antsy, just waiting to get into battle. Although Neptune's passion for battling has given him a mean reputation, he's all around a nice pokemon. Once Neptune gets calmed down, people find that he's very playful. Always energenic, Neptune loves to swim when calmed down. But Neptune's patience can only go so far, then it's back to getting riled up for him. But Terry knows just how to calm Neptune back down: Food, and lots of it.
Obtained: When Terry was first recuited into the navy as a buck private, a strange occurance happened. Some poachers from Houen wee spotted at a harbor near New Bark Town. Luckilly, the navy were able to stop the poachers from harming any pokemon. One of the Pokemon was a Totodile, who looked very shocked. Terry decided to keep it, but only if it was okay by the general of the navy. Once he got the general's approval, the bond of Terry and his Totodile had begun. They've been inseperable ever since.

October 1st, 2007, 8:26 PM
King Cosmic-Accepted

Awesome sign up sheet.

Zore- Pending

Could you add just a bit more two a couple of your sections, Zore?

October 2nd, 2007, 5:18 AM
Technology Mayor is the middle class.

October 2nd, 2007, 7:37 PM
I'm back(again again .-.)

Sign-up sheet
Name (full)- Alex Dark

Nickname (optional)- None

Age (14-15 and up, please.)- 15

Poke-army Rank- Major

Gender- Male

Appearance- Alex Dark wears dark colors, a gray jacket over a black T-Shirt, and dark blue pants. He has dark hair, and looks kind of weird, but he's handsome. He wears a silver skull on a chain necklace, which he never takes off. He is of normal size, about 5' 7" in height. He blends in well with a crowd, so if he is being hunted, he is hard to find.

Personality- Alex is friendly, and dislikes fighting unless he has to. He loves his Pokemon, and would give his life for them. He looks kind of like a sad person from afar, what with the dark clothes, but when you get to know him he is cheerful, and a loyal friend. He despises all evil, and despite his dislike of violence, he would go to the ends of the Earth to stop any danger to the planet.

History- Alex started the normal Pokemon Trainer Journey when he was 10, and already knew his dream. He wanted to catch a Cubone, and beat the Pokemon League to become a Master using only three Pokemon. At age 12, he reached this dream, and soon came back home. He lived a quiet life with his Pokemon, then a year later, the war started. Alex was 13, and decided to go off and train. He beat the Orange Islands, and was soon one of the strongest trainers in Kanto.

Alex then decided to go back home yet again, and restart his journey, keeping his Marowak as the legendary trainer Ash kept his loyal Pikachu. Professor Oak gave him a Squirtle, and he trained it until it became a Wartortle. Alex did not like Blastoise, and neither did the Wartortle, so he decided to train the Wartortle to become the best it could be.

Soon on his second adventure, he found the collector Bill. Bill had seen Alex defeat the Pokemon League on television, and congratulated him by giving him an Eevee. Alex loved this Eevee, and trained it, and soon, he evolved it into Jolteon. About a year and a half later, when he was 15, he was drafted.

Home Region- Kanto

Pokemon at hand (No more than three.)- Marowak, Wartortle, Jolteon.


Poke-nickname (optional)-

Gender (if one)- Male

Poke-personality- Marowak is kind of like Alex's best friend, and he would do anything to protect him. His personality is about just like Alex's, but he is more fierce in battle, and one of the most powerful Marowak in Kanto.

Obtained- As a starter instead of the normal three at the beginning of his journey.


Poke-nickname (optional)- Mercury

Gender (if one)- Female

Poke-personality- Mercury is a bit overprotective of Alex, and incredibly loyal. She is way stronger than most Blastoise, the results of extra training. She is also fierce in battle, but more cautious than Marowak. She is also more strategic in battle, and can win by outsmarting the enemy instead of overpowering it.

Obtained- As a starter in Alex's second adventure.


Poke-nickname (optional)- Saturn

Gender (if one)- Male

Poke-personality- Saturn is a mix between Mercury and Marowak. He is very fierce in battle, and about as powerful as Marowak, but also smart and cautious, a trait most Electric Pokemon don't have. As a result, he wins most battles against other Electric types. He can defeat the enemy by either overpowering it or outsmarting it, but mostly uses his smarts.

Obtained- As an Eevee from bill as a gift.

October 2nd, 2007, 7:53 PM
Excellent sign up Wooty.Accepted

October 2nd, 2007, 8:53 PM
Sign Up Sheet-

Name (full)- Ezekiel Zealus

Nickname (optional)- Zeke

Age (14-15 and up, please.)- 17

Poke-army Rank- Co-Captain

Gender- Male

Appearance- If you ever saw Zeke, you'd most likely classify him as "emo". And you're probably right. He always has his orange hooded sweatshirt on so very little people have seen his spiky, red hair. As the hood covers the top portion of his face, a black bandanna is tied around his face and blocks everything else except his eyes, which is the only visible thing on his face. If his personality doesn't drive you away, the sight of those crimson red eyes will. His green cargo pants seem to be the only thing that can fit his long, slender figure as that's all that he wears. He also wears black and white sneakers, but they are very worn out.

Personality- As stated previously, Zeke tends to be very "emo" at times. He rarely talks to people of a lower rank than him, and even the captain himself hasn't spoken much to him. He gets bored very easily and doesn't like to ride things out that can be finished quickly. Whether he's around an enemy or an attractive female, Zeke's mentality is always the same. "Stick to the plan, no distractions."

History- After his mother and sister were killed due to the Hoenn army, Zeke’s father left him with his uncle and went to seek revenge. That was the last he saw of his father. At the age of twelve, Zeke begun his Pokemon Journey but it was cut short due to a violent attack on Sinnoh. All gym battles halted and a draft was being set up for all skilled trainers; Zeke decided to join in on the fight. The war had taken so much from him, and now it was time for him to get something back. He has been at it for five years now.

Home Region- Sinnoh

Pokemon at hand (No more than three.)- Monferno, Flygon, Riolu

Poke-nickname (optional)- Fern
Gender (if one)- Female
Poke-personality- Very talkative and energetic, she gets on Zeke’s nerves a lot. She desperately misses the days when they spent every moment together and that’s the reason why she agreed to help in the war. One of the few beings that Zeke actually talks to regularly.
Obtained- Chimchar was the Pokemon given to him by Professor Rowan.

Poke-nickname- None
Gender- Male
Personality- Can be disobedient at times but when things gets serious, he gets his head in the game. There as been tension between him and Zeke, due to the method in which he was obtained.
Obtained: As a Trapinch, he wasabandonned by a trainer (of Hoenn) that was badly beaten by Zeke in a Pokemon battle during the war. Zeke, however, saw his potential and allowed the Pokemon to tag along. Nonetheless, he misses his old trainer.

Poke-nickname- Pulse
Gender- Male
Personality- Because of his young age, Pulse can be rather childish at times. After complaining about how cramped his Pokeball is, Zeke finally allowed him to stay out of the device. Of course, this meant Pulse would have to follow Zeke around all the time and witness the horror of the war with his own eyes.
Obtained- Hatched from an egg that Zeke found about two tears ago.

October 2nd, 2007, 9:03 PM
Name (full)- Momoshiro Secran Osetaku
Nickname (optional)- Momo; Sec; Taku
Age (14-15 and up, please.)- 16
Poke-army Rank- Major
Gender- Female
Appearance- Red hair and tattered/ripped clothing from living in a forest for (apparently) years.
Personality- Very brave but prefers not to fight.
History- No recorded history of Sec has been found.
Home Region- Johto

Pokemon at hand (No more than three.)- Absol
Poke-nickname (optional)- Shadow
Gender (if one)- Male
Poke-personality- Very brave and loves to fight, but mainly for training, and will only fight if he is forced to, be it honor or power.
Obtained- In a forest in Johto after bumping into Momo.

October 4th, 2007, 8:59 PM
Upon request; Can you please close this thread mizuki? It would be greatly appreciated, seeing as I myself find this Roleplay idea to be stupid compared to the next one I am going to make.

To everyone that signed up; Sorry for the inconvenience. But my next Roleplay will be much better :K

October 5th, 2007, 11:35 AM
Eh. Works for me. I'll join your next one.

October 5th, 2007, 5:49 PM
-closed upon thread owner's request-

it'd be a better idea to PM me next time so I actually notice. xD;