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Cosmic Tyrant
October 6th, 2007, 12:39 AM

In the early 1900, a settlement was established on a dirt landscape we now know as Lavender town. Now the settlement was peaceful enough, but there was one man who kept pushing everyone's buttons. His name was Alec Cedric Ericson, But everyone knew him as ACE. Now ACE had a theory about Pokemon: He thought they were hellspawns threatening to destroy the very existance of mankind, even ultimatly destroying the planets themselves. Now of course noone took him seroiusly, but then he started to take action. He started by killing a wild Pikachu just outside of the settlement. When he returned with the Pikachu's head, people started to get aggrivated. An older man, known as Yazza Fuji, decided to try and put an end to the madness. He established a group of small people, known as The Elite Four, and went on a persuit of ACE, who by now had fled town. During the years spent searching for ACE, Yazza Fuji and his Elite Four found several thousands of Pokemon carcusses scattere throuout the land, though surprizingly the Pokemon slayings only occured in the Kanto region. Yazza Fuji only got angrier as each pokemon courpse was located. Yazza and his Elite Four eventually found ACE near the Cerulean Cave. there was just one problem: He was already dead. and judging by the large knife sticking out of his skull, it was suicide. But it got worse. There was a book in his hand. An ancient tome that had varoius spells. Yazza looked over the page that the book was left on and saw something disturbing. There was a necromancy spell on there that specified a ressurection within the next 100 years. Now Yazza himself diddn't believe in this sort of magic mumbo jumbo himself, but his band of Elite Four were uncertain. Now this incident had sparked a few things that we now see today. The famous tower that now stands in Lavender Town was dedicated to the one man who dared to make a difference, and was now run by his great great grandson. The Pokemon League adopted the name used by the band of couragous followers that stood by Yazza Fuji to the end. The Cerulian Cave is now considered a cursed landmark and is guarded with the upmost security. But noone would have ever guessed that Alec Cedric Ericson would actually return from the dead. Worse yet, he's back to his old hobby again, killing Pokemon because they're "evil" But this time, he's after people, too. The very people who're related to people back in the 1900's in some way. How will this turn out?

YOUR PART: You play the ancestor of one of the following people:

Yazza Fuji
One of the origonal Elite Four
The Mayor
The Pokemart Clerk
The Sherrif
The Librarian

(If you are related to someone who doesn't have a name, you have the power to make one up for them)

Now since ACE is trying to kill you, this is primarily going to be a "stay alive at all costs" deal, but there will be some great twists.

Sign up sheets are as followed:

Full Name:

Pokemon at hand: (No more than three)
Nickname: (if any)
Gender: (if any)
How it was obtained:

Hope people join!

October 6th, 2007, 6:29 PM
Full Name: Credle Fol Agraki

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Ancestor: Elite Four Member; Lance

Appearance: Above all on him, is his hat, that fits him perfectly. The color of the hat, is jet black. In the front of the hat, sits a symbol; A blood red letter 'D'. His hat is always straightforward. Credle's eye color is a perfect light Sea Blue. His skin tone, is Caucasian. The color of his hair, is blond, and so light, that it almost looks white. There are few black steaks, along with a slightly darker blond streak's around his hair. This is only noticeable due to the length of his hair; Matching up to be about 7 Inches. His hair style is rather free styled, maybe with a few slight curls. His shirt, is jet black, and short sleeved. The stitching on is however is a different color, a blood red. Wristbands sit on each of his arms, colored Gray. His pants are casual Levi light blue pants, and black, loose shoes at the bottom with gray lining. As for Credle's detailed body manner, he stands at 6'0". His weight seems to be a little low for his age, at 102ib, causing him to be skinny, though very in shape; Barely able to get tired. On his right pant leg, a sheath for a knife is strapped on.

Personality: Extremely generous and kind; Never one to ever get angry. No on the few rare occasions he does get angry, he lashes out uncontrollably; Especially when it comes to battle. He or his Pokemon don't stop the battle till the battle is won. A lot of the time, due to his kind attitude, he doesn't seem to be serious at all; Though being in the family of an Elite Four Member, he is always serious; But never letting that get the better of him, covering it up with a smiling attitude. Very easy to get along with.

History: The age of 10; A glorious day for anyone. This is the day they get to start their Pokemon Journey. This day was anxiously awaited by Credle, knowing he would be destined for greatness, being of the Agraki family; Being in the Pokemon League Elite Four family of Kanto; One of the greatest family of trainers there ever was, though all the lands. He started out in Kanto, no other place, where he received a Charmander for his first Pokemon from his Grandpa, who was Credle's only living relative. Credle started out on his Pokemon Journey, winning every badge and battle he could. A year later, after having a full team of Pokemon and a bounty of experience, he challenged the Pokemon League Championships. Through battle with his Pokemon and never giving up; He came in second place. But he was still very proud of his accomplishment. Soon after, Credle was told about the other Pokemon Regions, and about the other Pokemon League Championships. He traveled through Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. He came up in Second in the Johto League Silver Conference, but when traveling in Hoenn and Sinnoh, he came in first. His incredible battling skills gave him fame, the Pokemon Officials offering his Elite Four Positions. Though, he declined every time. When he was 14 after beating Sinnoh, he walked into his house with the Sinnoh Trophy. There was an eerie feeling in him upon walking in; All the lights off and the smell of blood in the air. He walked to the front room of his house, which is where his Grandpa sat. The Television was still on, showing a program of past Trainer Battle League History. His Grandpa was not on his seat though. He was on the ground in front of his chair in a pool of blood. He had been killed, and a note was on his body. The note contained the writing, "I am coming for you Credle! Don't look up.... Credle looked down at it in anger, and he crumpled it up, and looked upwards. There, clinging on the the ceiling, was a Madman with a knife, who had jumped downwards, attempting to stab Credle. The trainer barely managed to dodge, and after punching the Madman twice with both of his fists. The Madman made many stabbing/cutting attempts. One attack hit; Credle not managing to dodge. He got stabbed in his left shoulder, severely hurting Credle, and causing him to get angry. He endlessly took swings at the Madman, and started pushing him back. When near the front door of the house, The Madman ran out of the house; With the departure words; "I will come for you...". Credle did research on his family after the tragic event; And figured out the Madman's name; ACE. From then on, Credle trained and trained with his Pokemon for that day.

Other: Credle never takes his shirt off, so his shoulder wound never shows.

Pokemon at hand: Charizard, Dragonite, Kingdra

Gender: Male
Personality: Very calm, always calm. Powerful, but never letting any other emotion get the better of it.
How it was obtained: First as a Charmander from his Grandpa on his birthday. Trained a lot, evolved after Six Months of training, and finally evolving in a trainer battle before challenging the Pokemon League.

Gender: Male
Personality: Over confident, yet trustworthy. Never knowing when to give up, not knowing the bounds to its power.
How it was obtained: While Credle was fishing, in a seemingly rare pond, a Dratini popped out, and battled with Charmeleon. Credle caught it, and knowing what it would become, he trained night and day with it, becoming a Dragonair before the Kanto Championships, and evolving soon afterwards.

Gender: Female
Personality: Flashy, a little but of a show off. When overpowered, it gets angry, and attacks without stopping.
How it was obtained: While at the waters edge in a cave, Credle found an abandoned baby Pokemon egg. Credle decided to keep it. The egg hatched, becoming an adorable little baby Horsea. However, it was around when he got his Seventh Gym Badge, so it was not able to compete in the Kanto Championships. With training, it evolved into a Seadra, during a Gym Battle. It evolved into a Kingdra while swimming underwater, to defend Credle from a nearby group of harmful Mantine.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 8th, 2007, 9:36 AM
Full Name: AJ ( Azul Jose) Luis Valentine
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Ancestor: The Libarian
Appearance: AJ's figure is Five Foot Seven and One hundred and fifty-five pounds, he has a tall muscular Latin figure. I'll start with his head, One of AJ's eyes are blue while one of them are red, this is due to a chemical accident when he was a child. His ears are medium size and he has his left ear pierced with a small golden hoop hanging in symbolism. His teeth are for the most part straight and white with the exception of his most back tooth which is silver. AJ is for the most part ashamed of his eyes so he wears shades most of the time to make sure no one can see his bi-color eyes. His most distinguished feature on his face is the cross tattoo on his forehead, it's plain white with no outline. His hair is silky black and hangs over his shoulders about five inches in a ponytail, he also has white bangs that were dyed that way.

Next stop his torso, He wears a cross pendent around his neck and it hangs on a silver chain. Starting from the bottom up, he first wears a black T-shirt and then he wears a Crimson vest over that which has flames on them and on the back has the words “ Made In Heaven” Over that he wears a white trench coat with a large black cross and the words Fallen Angel on the back. He has black fingerless gloves on over his hands, along with a diamond ring around his left hand's pointer finger.

Now coming to the lower half, He wears black leather pants and long black combat boots, anything besides that down here... Is none of your business, hehehe...

Personality: Apparently by veiw, AJ is a badass. AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every survivor counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'.

History: AJ has led a pretty normal life, he grew up in Blackthorn city. He graduated from college when he was 17, a very young age, that is because he went into 1st grade at the age of three, he was very intelligent for his age. After graduating college he decided to vacation some where, so he traveled to Goldenrod city, and decided to take vacation in Eurteak. When he got back a few months later he found out something very disturbing. In the middle of the city there was a stone monument, on it was a message in blood. " Come out, Come out wherever you are... Because once I find you AJ... I'm going to kill you, like I did to your Family, go look."
AJ felt distressed greatly and ran to his house, he broke down the door and ran inside, he was greeted by the stench of death, and another note. " Your next"

AJ ran to his room and searched his closet finding exactly what he wanted, a Twelve gauge shotgun with his name on it. He loaded three shells and started to search for the madman, he found his way to the living room where he found the bodies and a man sitting in a chair. The man jumped up and stabbed AJ in the abdomen, AJ quickly retaliated and clubbed the man with the stock of the shotgun in the chest and followed up by sending a strong 12 gauge blast into the man's back, another in his leg, the last in the gut, the man fled. After that incident AJ left to Kanto and settled in Lavendar Town.


Pokemon at hand: None

October 22nd, 2007, 1:38 AM
Full Name: Mark O' Ralley, at least that's what he called himself, Gardevoir couldn't bear to tell him anything.
Age: 19
Ancestor: Hatken, one of the elite four.
Almost always carries a green cloak around him, it makes him look a bit conspicious, but in his opinion now a days everyone does, if wanted he can cover himself up completely with this cloak, so that none of his features can be seen, hidden in shadow, it droops a bit after hitting the ground, and it's dark green almost black colour is perfect for camouflage.
Underneath his long brown hair falls just past his ears, extremely scruffy and untidy at the top, since the laser eye surgery a year ago, he had needed glasses over his amazingly vivant green-blue eyes, now his eyesight was far better than a regular human.
He wears no necklace, simply a dark green shirt longsleeved, and brown trousers. He looks just like another regular citizen underneath the cloak. He is quite fit, able to run fast, and for a moderate time, even faster under pressure, he's moderately handsome.
He also carries a backpack almost everywhere, which his cloak fits in still leaving plenty of space. He still wears the cloak mostly just out of habit.

Personality: Confused, dark, yet amazingly kind, cannot stand living up to what he once was. He'll do anything to help, yet usually stays away from people in the shadows, yet when he isn't he's great company, humourous and generous, just about likable by anyone, yet merely contimplating what he once lived like gives him one of the worst feelings.

History:You'll have to find out in the roleplay.

Other:Around his belt is a pouch to hold pokeball, this only has two in, yet one, is cracked in half, and he'll never get rid of it, the other is a luxury ball.

Pokemon at hand: Ampharos (barely ever used /needed) Gardevoir (immensely powerful psychic, yet only moderately powerful when it comes to battle)

Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Personality: Sad, mostly about the life of her master, yet kind, and in fact alike Mark in many ways.
How it was obtained: Mark doesn't know, and gardevoir won't tell him.
Other: She has leveld her utilitied psychic abilities tremendously, and can now speak to humans through her mind, and to one so linked like mark, even from a massive distance. Also she knows teleport, which can be used to teleport just about anywhere in vision without any trouble, or anywhere in good knowledge with a bit of preparation and tiredness.
But it can also be used to teleport OTHERS to her location, but this takes a long time, and drains her almost completely. She also knows kinesis at a marvelously high level, which can be used to uproot small trees, or even move boulders (with difficulty)

Unfortunately, these abilities leave little room for battle knowledge, thus she is not the most powerful battler, yet is still moderately powerful. Usually Ampharos is used for battle, but Mark tries to keep away from battle as much as possible, after what happened with the cracked pokeball.
She is NEVER kept in a pokeball, and doesn't even have one. She knows everything of Mark's past, yet isn't willing to tell him anything, yet from accidental mentions and such he has patched much in.
Also she always levitates above the ground, protecting her from ground moves.

Nickname: Sparky
Gender: Female
Personality: Cheerful, it's hard to tell with her, she has loads of fun when with other pokemon, and loves following Mark around out of her pokeball, since Gardevoir is allowed to roam freely, (as she can teleport to Mark in a second) Sometimes when he thinks it's safe he'll let Ampharos go with her.
Yet Mark has a feeling that she's just in denial, because of his past.
Other: Kept in a luxury ball, which is very pleasant, Mark tries not to use him too much, as he hates battling after....the incident.

So please may I join?

October 30th, 2007, 2:00 PM
(Wow, great RP idea, KC!)
Full Name: Hugo Powers

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Ancestor: The Pokemart Clerk

Appearance: Hugo stands at 5'11 and weighs 137 pounds. He has light fluffy blonde hair, that kind of spikes near the bangs. He also has amazing light blue eyes that seem to lure people in when they look into them. He has a caucasion skin tone. Clothing wise, Hugo tends to wear a plain white, short sleeved button up collared shirt that he keeps buttoned. Over it he wears a black vest, and he wears a pair of black trousers with black loafers. He also has a brown bag that he carries around with him, full of wares.

Personality: A laid back guy, but he can get agitated and become a bit impatient. When Hugo is determined to do something, he sticks with it until it's done. If someone talks to him during times like these, he comes off as rushed and a little hyperactive. He also has a caring side, and if someone needs his help, he'll help them.

History: Hugo was born in Celedon city, and lived their most of his life. His Father was a manager at the Celedon Department store, and as such Hugo grew up with a taste for business. Hugo's father expected him to work at the department store when he got older, but Hugo had different ideas. He wanted to see the world and train Pokemon, but he still had a love for business. His father agreed that Hugo should be able to make his own choices, and supported Hugo's choice to travel, but then Hugo made his father very happy by telling him that he wanted to be a traveling Merchant. He left to begin his travels at the age of 14, and hasn't stopped since. Now at age 18, Hugo is an experienced traveler and merchant, selling items to wandering trainers, and occasionally battling with his pokemon. His main interest however, is finding rare items to sell.

Pokemon at hand: Snorlax
Nickname: Snorlax
Gender: Male
Personality: Snorlax is a very laid back Pokemon. It is usually very happy and likes to give Hugo big bear hugs, despite the size difference. He is a very powerful pokemon, getting Hugo out of many tight situations.
How it was obtained: Hugo befriended Snorlax when he first started his journey. Snorlax was blocking a road for Hugo to get into Pewter City, to try and sell some stock. The Snorlax wouldn't budge until Hugo went and found some berries to offer it. The Snorlax got up and ate the berries, so Hugo began walking towards Pewter, but the Snorlax began following him. Hugo stopped and the Snorlax stopped. He asked it if it wanted to come with him and Snorlax nodded. Since then Hugo and Snorlax have been great friends.

Pokemon at Hand: Vibrava
Gender: Female
Personality: Vibrava is an outgoing pokemon. It likes to act tough and get attention. Regardless, Hugo loves Vibrava a lot.
How it was obtained: Hugo recieved Vibrava as a Trapinch. Hugo's father recieved it as a gift from a man from Hohen that he did business with. Since Hugo's father was not a pokemon trainer, he gave the Trapinch to Hugo so he could train it. Since then it has evolved and Hugo uses her to fly him from place to place.

Pokemon at Hand: Politoed
Gender: Male
Personality: Politoed is a brave and strong pokemon. It loves to start fights, but it is a loyal pokemon, always listening to Hugo. He uses it for sea traveling.
How it was obtained: Hugo caught Politoed as a Poliwag. It soon evolved after a fierce battle with a Viluplume. Hugo then brought Poliwhirl to a museum with him, where it put on a king's crown and evolved into a Politoed.

November 7th, 2007, 12:55 PM
Sounds like an interesting RPG! Mind if I reserve a spot, as the ancestor of Yazza Fuji? (will edit with signup)

November 11th, 2007, 8:59 PM
Full Name: Shilo Maddick
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Ancestor: The Sheriff
Appearance: Shilo is a huge man, being 6'5'' and 300 pounds, pure muscle. Dark skin and dark hair make this man seem more of a shadow than a man. Wears a dark suit no matter where he is.
Personality: Shilo commands respect. He is very impatient with people who are not respectful of others. He tries to make sure that everyone stays within the law, and is willing to harshly punish those that would disrupt this peaceful town. Sometimes acts too boldly and therefore rashly.
History: Shilo is the Sheriff around these parts, and has been sheriff of Lavender Town since his father died 17 years ago. Shilo has not traveled far from his home, and has really only been as far as Pewter City. Shilo's Pokemon were caught using his dad's pokemon, who he has released since then.
Other: Shilo enjoys communicating with all Pokemon, and is perceived as a bit crazy by others. However, no one would ever tell him that, for he has a very intimidating frame.

Pokemon at hand: Machamp
Nickname: Comrade
Gender: Male
Personality: Machamp is always eager to pick a fight. He is pretty much the same as Shilo, and is very arrogant and rash about his decisions. Comrade is the best friend of Shilo, and Comrade is always wrestling with Shilo when they both are training.
How it was obtained: Was a gift to Shilo when he was a small boy as an egg, and has since been raised to a Machamp.
Other: Comrade is rather disdainful of weaker Pokemon, but is always willing to help them if that is Shilo's will.

Pokemon at hand: Gengar
Nickname: Gengar
Gender: Female
Personality: Gengar is very shy of others. However, Gengar is extremely powerful, but does not like having so much power. Gengar is always sorry when it hurts someone, but realizes that some people are evil, and is ready to act towards those people with power and skill.
How it was obtained: After a trip in the Pokemon Tower, Gengar, while she was a Gastly, nearly defeated Shilo's Machoke (at the time, while he was 17) with a Confuse Ray and many Night Shades. Shilo lost his pride for one moment, and begged her to stop. She ran away from the battle and hid in the tower, sobbing over her abuse of the Machoke. Later, Shilo finds her again, and she tells the Machoke how she did not mean to nearly destroy it. She is willing to make up for it, and Shilo asked Gastly to come with him and let him train her. Ever since then, Shilo has helped Gengar find the limitations of her powers, and has trained her to only use her powers if it helps people in need.
Other: Gengar sometimes leaves Shilo for periods of time to return to the Pokemon Tower and converse with the spirits of fallen Pokemon. She is always eager to help them to make up for the Pokemon she has been forced to kill in her duties as a Pokemon of the Sheriff.

Pokemon at hand: Arcanine
Nickname: Angel
Gender: Female
Personality: Arcanine is very loyal to Shilo, and she enjoys fighting crime. She would never let Shilo be overpowered, and would protect him to the death. She never stays in a Pokeball, however, for fear that Shilo might get hurt in her absence.
How it was obtained: Angel was in the Rock Tunnel (as a Growlithe), lighting the way to the exit for helpless travelers with Embers, when she heard a cry for help. Immediately, Angel rushed over and saw a troupe of Gravelers rolling after a small boy and his Machop. They were gaining on the boy rapidly, and Angel saw that they could be killed. Using her speed, Angel ran right into the boy and the Machop and knocked them to the side of the cave. Using a powerful Roar, the Gravelers fled, and Angel ran up to the boy to see if he was alright. Shilo (the boy, if you havent guessed by now) immediately hugged Growlithe tight and asked her if she had a trainer. Angel shook her head, and Shilo offered to train the Growlithe if she would be willing to help him fight crime (eventually) for Lavender Town. Angel barked excitedly, and since then has never left Shilo leave her sight.
Other: Sometimes Angel gets overprotective, and will not let Shilo's other Pokemon fight for fear they might get hurt. This especially makes Machamp angry, and the two have fought over such incidents before. As a result, the two do not get along very well.

November 11th, 2007, 9:39 PM
Okay well...this is my first RP sign up, so excuse me if I'm horrible at it. ^_^.
Man, the other girl got the librarian...

Name: Maxwell Powel
Age: 25
Ancestor: The Mayor(since nobody else is going to take it)
Appearance: Maxel is a strong and tall guy standing at about 6'3 and weighing 180 lbs. mostly consisting of muscles. Tan skin but has horrible hands and crocked teeth. Most people consider him a surfer due to the fact that he is always wearing surger shorts and hawaiian shirts. He wears pooka shells, and even when it's not that sunny, he wears sunglasses. He has two dreamy ocean blue eyes that could make you melt into the floor. His cheat and stomache were incredible, a six pack and biceps and triceps on his arms. His quadriceps were incredibly strong. He was all around perfect in the "muscle department". He has a pierced ear in his left ear wear a silver stud lay. On the left part of his chest, lay a "DC" tatoo he got when he was more of a skater. His hair is blonde, for the most part, most likely because of him always being outside.
Personality: You would think he would be some sort of popular person, but Maxwell (who preferred to be called Max) keept to himself at most times. He is a quiet person. Despite this, he is a very intelligent person. He's one of those surfers who will just sit on the beach on a towel with a Trigonometry book studying all hours. He is in fact, an incredibly tough person, especially when it comes to his pokemon. Anyone who messes with someone that he is friends with, or abuses pokemon, he will not stand for.
History: His great-grandfather was the mayor of Cerulean city during that time period. Max is a very smart person. He graduated college in not 4 years, but only two. He attended the holy grail of all schools, Standford. He took a course in writing and moved onto becoming a writer in his spare time. He does have a real job though. He works as an assistant to the current mayor, who is like a second father to him. Max' father was an alcoholic and left him and his mom when he was only four years old. Only three years later, his mother died of a broken heart. His mother and the mayor (who was not mayor yet) were best friends. He adopted Max as his legal child and he was his new dad!
Other: Nothing really extra about him...

Pokemon at hand: Kingler
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Like Max, Kingler is also a quiet pokemon. Despite that, it is an extremely powerful pokemon and never gives up in a battle.
How it was obtained: Max was laying on the beach studying for an 8th grade math test when he felt this pinch on his leg. He looked down and say a small krabby with a sad little face. His pinched again, but this time on his toe. It pinched so hard that Max took out something from his bag and threw it at the Krabby, thinking it was a can of soda or a water bottle. Somehow, it was a pokeball that was threw at the pokemon and miraculously, was caught. Ever since then, the two have been inseperable.
Other: Kingler sometimes wanders off in the middle of the night when Max is sleeping. It creeps off onto the beach and just stares at the ocean and then hobbles back to the house before Max wakes up.

Pokemon at hand: Octillery
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Personality: Is a very brave pokemon. In the toughest of battles, Octillery shows the most passion while battling. It gets out there and takes on pokemon that are twice her size and twice her power.
How it was obtained: One day, Max was on the beach surfing. When he was riding a rather large wave he fell off. He fell deep into the water and one remoraid noticed him falling. That Remoraid and a bunch of other lifted him up and swam him to shore. That Remoraid saved his life. When he regained consciousness and was told what happened, he took out his pokemon and captured the Remoraid, which later evolved into the glorious Octillery.
Other: Not much more...

Pokemon at hand: Salamance
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Personality: Is very naive. It very often flys into walls and attacks the wrong pokemon. Nontheless, he fights and works especially hard to show Max that he can be an awesome addition to his team.
How it was obtained: One day when Max was typing something on his computer a small Bagon stumbled into the room. It wobbled around for a few seconds until it fell down. Max ran over to it and the bagon opened it's eyes and slapped Max straight across the face. Max knew this was only a playful act so Max decided to catch it. Miraculosly, the pokemon put up no fight at all and it later evolved into the much stronger, but equally naive Salamance.

November 12th, 2007, 7:38 PM
wow. 3 people are 19 year old males, and one is an 18 year old male. There are no women. Hmm.

Fuyuko the Rampant
November 12th, 2007, 10:40 PM
Full Name:Serenity Echirai
Age: Sixteen
Gender: Female
Ancestor: One of the original Elite Four;Serena Echirai

Appearance: Her hair covers down to her butt,the red coloring of her hair makes people believe it is from killing people who gave her useless information on ACE and her sister.Her shirt goes up to her eyes,just barely letting her see.Her pants is the same color as her hair,adding more belief to the rumor.Her eyes show no emotion,on the rare occasion she does show some type of emotion,her eyes seem cold and distant,which is coincidently a pale blue.

Personality:She acts very grim and dark around people.The only time she was ever happy was when she was a child.She does understand though,when she must act kind or serious,and mostly only around her pokemon.Her voice makes her sound as though she had been angry for most of her life.

History:She used to live with her biological parents,but was orphaned at the age of five,because her parents had no time to take care of her,and they decided against wasting money on a nanny,and possibly be cursed with a child whom wouldn't live up to their expectations.Two years after being at the orphanage,she was adopted by a rather large family,but had loving parents.Five more years past,and she grew to love the brothers and sisters she was with,she had grown especially attached to one of her older sisters;Soleil.They were always seen together,they were an inseperable pair.This was because,at the school the family went to,Serenity was bullied constantly by a older girl named Ren.Soleil was the only one who would stick up for Serenity,because the others were scared of Ren,due to the fact she had a large hold of the school because of her popularity.About a year later Soleil decided to leave on her pokemon adventure,giving Serenity her favorite pokemon,so that when Serenity would always have something to remember her by.She always kept it with her,fearing that it might go missing if she didn't have it on hand.Finally on the day of her fifteenth birthday,as she walked through the doors of her house with her siblings,they all saw two very disturbing things.One,being their foster parents on the floor hunched over eachother,secondly a man with a two knives in his hands.The man ran at them,her siblings were already shouting at her to run,and she did quickly,never looking back,worried she might see the man.After she ran for what seemed liked days,she found a note,and it said.Serenity,I'm coming for you...Why don't we see who can find your sister first?...Hahaha...Good Luck...The letter was written in blood,which she feared were a mix of her parents and siblings.

Pokemon at hand: Flygon
Nickname: Orion
Gender: Male
Personality: He is very loyal,and will protect Serenity with his own life.Serenity and Orion are closely connected,Orion sometimes gets posessive and gets angry if another of Serenity's pokemon gets close to her.
How it was obtained: She recieved Orion as a Trapinch from her older sister;Soleil.The only time when she was a child,did she let Trapinch out of its pokeball,was to see what kind of pokemon her sister had given her.She was surprised that the pokemon her sister loved most was a sand ant like pokemon,though nonetheless she grew to love to love her starter pokemon.
Other: She leaves Orion outside his pokeball,slightly feeling guilty that she kept him in its pokeball as a Trapinch for a long while.

Pokemon at hand: Starmie
Nickname: Twilight
Gender: None
Personality: Twilight is the polar opposite of Serenity.She acts very cheerful,presumably.She tries very hard to try and make Serenity happy,or for her to show some type of emotion.In battle Twilight is very serious,she won't stop attacking until its opponents is defeated,possibly hoping that if it does its very best,Serenity will smile.
How it was obtained: While she was fishing on the docks of Petalburg for a Corpfish,she instead found a Staryu.The battle took a while,due to the fact that,the Staryu knew the move Recover,and healed itself every few seconds.Eventually it was worn down enough for Serenity to use a pokeball before the Staryu could use another Recover.
Other: A woman mysteriously asked if Serenity had a Staryu in her posession.She simply let her Staryu out of her pokeball,and the woman kneeled and placed a blue stone over it.A bright light shone,and Staryu was gone,but was replaced with a Starmie.Serenity was about to thank the woman,but she was already gone.

Pokemon at hand: Ninetales
Nickname: Leiko
Gender: Female
Personality: She likes keeping to herself,regularly when she's out of her pokeball,and she's not battling,she chooses to stay close to Serenity,making it seem like she is protecting Serenity like a mother would.
How it was obtained: During her search for her sister,she stopped by at Mossdeep city to stock up on supplies.She saw a lone Vulpix getting sprayed from Wailmers using water gun on it.She sent out Orion,at that point a Vibrava to handle them,defeating them with reletive ease.She picked the Vulpix up and used a Hyper Potion on it,healing its wounds.The Vulpix was soon asleep in her arms,so she decided to capture it since she only had one other pokemon.
Other: Serenity had a Fire Stone and decided to evolve her,right before the Hoenn Elite Four.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 13th, 2007, 2:09 AM
O_O'...I totally forgot about this RP...Well, from what I can see, you're all accepted. There are a few things, however...

@ Madina lake: The elete four member I was reffering to is not of the official pokemon league, but one of the four that accompanied Mr. Fuji, just so you know...

@ Fallen angel: You may start out with no pokemon, but just know that you are required to catch at least one in this RP.

Now for my sign up:

Full Name: Castor Briggs
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Ancestor: Elete four member Drago
Appearance: Castor stands at about 6'0 and weighs in at 220 pounds. He is a little chubbier than most other people, but he isn't out of shape. He has tan skin. His black hair is always kept short and neat. He has angle blue eyes that are hidden by thick glasses with blue framing. He wears a light blue collared shirt with white vertacle stripes, and white slacks. his shoes are white too, along with a few stains that failed to come out. He keeps two bags with him, one light blue, the other white. each bag is kept obsessivly neat. He also carries a journal, in which he keeps lots of notes in.
Personality: Castor is very neat. He does his very best to make sure his belongings are in top order. however as obsessive as he is, he doesn't seem to have that problem with his eating habits. He gets along pretty well with others, but is a little shy, especially toward those of the opposite gender. He is always kind and courtious, though he sometimes is "too" nice, which leaves people to walk all over him. Castor also likes to play the "good rolemodle" in which he trys to help people in a nagging like fashion. This puts people off on him. Castor never seems to stand up for himself, but he'll do anything for a very good friend...
History: Castor has been pretty okay for the majority of his life. He is the great grandson of Drago Briggs, one of the Elite four that helped Yazza track down ACE. His father and mother split up when he was only 6, so living with his mother for 11 years was quite an influence on him. She was always concerned about his social skills, but he wasn't too afraid. Castor never was afraid about other people, because Castor never judged. His mom never thought that Castor would make it big in life, so she had babied him untill he was about 12 and he finally told her that he was indeed growing up. you see, Castor' s mom loved him, but she always demeaned him to try and protect him. This has put Castor off against his mother, but he still loved her.One day, she told him the story about Yazza Fuji and the elite four. Castor was amazed, but was uncertain. So one day he went to the library to find out more about his ansestor. Turns out, he found out about everything, even the curse that they found. Castor became scared, but wasn't too worried...
Other: (N/A)

Pokemon at hand: Tauros
Nickname: Bullseye
Gender: (duh)
Personality: Bullseye is very aggressive. Not to mention a little messy. once let out of his pokeball, Bullseye starts to buck wildly untill it sees a worthy opponet, which he then attempts to ram. Castor does have some control, but n occasions that Bullseye can't be contained, Castor simply returns him. Other than that, Bullseye has some pretty interesting traits. It's stubborn, unchilverious, vengeful, and it seems to always be hungry.
How it was obtained: Bullseye was given to him by his father at age 10 as a present.
Other: N/A

We'll start as soon as Ninetails fills his sheet!

November 13th, 2007, 6:17 AM
Is it to late to join =? well if it is just ignore this

Full Name: Mortis Everus
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Ancestor: Kel Dektane (elite four Member
Appearance: 5'10 in height wieghin 160 lbs. Wears a Cloak other his clothes and has Hair the olor of the night sky. His Eyes are as Red as flames and the seem to dance when you look into them. He wears Pants and a Short Sleeve shirt he has a dragon Tatto on his hand showing his alliengence to BlackThorn Gym.
Personality: Dark and mysterios no one kknows much about him because he shares nothing about himself.
History: After starting his Journey and Collecting his Pokemon he became a Trainer in BlackThorn Gym he went home for a bit to tell his parents that he wouldn't be able to come home for a while and found a message inscribed in blood on his wall.(vestri Parentes Es Mortuus quod EGO vadum Adepto vos Tunc!) the message was in Latin which he had ?Studied in college translated it means, your Parents Are Dead and I shall Get you NEXT!

After that He soon Leaves to revenge his parents death.

Pokemon at hand:Vaporeon

Nickname: Vapor
Gender: male
Personality: Strong spirit and is serios but a times can have some fun if you catch him while his guard is down
How it was obtained: Eevee was Mortis's starter poke and during a fight with a Machamp he found a water stone and used it on his Eevee to defeat it.
Other: N/A

Pokemon At Hand: Flygon

Nickname: Wragoth
Gender: Female
Personality:Reclusive and has a strong liking for pastrys.
How it was obtained: Trapinch was the first pokemon Mortis caught with Eevee he traveled and battled with it until it evolved into Vibrava . During the time that he was chased by ACE his Vibrava evolved into Flygon and made ACE run by using EQ everytime he came near.
Other: She is used by Mortis to Fly him Around.

Pokemon At Hand: Pupitar

Personality: Strong-willed and loves a good challenge. Has a high sense of friendship and protects those that he likes
How it was obtained: Most Recently Caught Poke by Mortis. After Taking out Vapor Wragoth was finally able to make it faint resulting in Mortis thourghing a Ultra Ball at it.
Other: N/A

November 13th, 2007, 7:08 AM
To Lunar Angel: Sorry to be nitpicking, but Quod means because. Use et, that means and. haha, im such a jerk

I wonder if Ninetales will ever come back :(

November 15th, 2007, 5:38 AM
friggin online translator lied.

oh well

I got ti done now

November 20th, 2007, 10:12 PM
i hope this rp isnt dead :(

November 21st, 2007, 9:02 PM
Please refrain from pointless OoC's before the RP has even started.

Cosmic Tyrant
November 21st, 2007, 9:10 PM
Yeah, sorry about this everyone, but this RPG has been up for over a month now, and with the 5 day outage with PC, I'm not even sure half of the people who signed up know this is even still here. Mizuki, may you please close this thread for me? Thank you.