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November 8th, 2007, 6:46 PM
Okay, let's try and make a new BLEACH RP work, since my old one died when I went to Europe in July. I wouldn't recommend reading on unless you're finished at least the Arrancar arc, since this RP takes place during the Hueco Mundo arc, the arc following it. I know the plot is short, but I don't want to give too much away.

Hell. A realm so far away from Soul Society, the Earthly Realm, and Hueco Mundo, yet also painfully close. Hell acts as a final destination for slain hollows that have committed great sins during their human life. What truly lies within the depths of hell is unknown to the Shinigami, but the answers to mysteries are usually discovered with enough patience. Hopefully, those making the discovery don't bite off more than they can chew.

Our story truly begins during the invasion of the Shawlong Qufang and his group into the Human world. In a town nearby Karakura Town, another, less high stake battle was taking place between two Shinigami and a seemingly ordinary hollow. The Shinigami, Kodomo Akarui and Kodomo Kyohaku of the 10th squad, mysteriously disappeared afterwards without a trace, the only clue to their whereabouts being the zanpakutou of Akarui, which was burnt into an unnatural state that resembled charcoal. Further investigation commenced for a day or two afterwards, but with little to go off of, and with preparation for the inevitable coming of Sosuke Aizen and his army, the case was dropped.

That is, it was dropped until her body was found a day after the departure of Kurosaki Ichigo to Hueco Mundo. The body in question was discovered in the exact same location in which it had disappeared. The girl was alive, but she had undergone a bizarre transformation during her absence. Wherever she had been, it was a realm in which it was apparent only those of hollow blood could survive, as her body had taken on an appearance that was unlike either that of a vaizard or an arrancar, but was covered in hollow traits. To make things even more bizarre, her eye and hair colour had changed to a dark crimson. When the girl awoke, she was within the walls of Sereitei, under the care of Captain Retsu Unohana. Not long afterwards, she was taken for questioning and thrown in the care of Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi, whom submitted her to experimentation. She had no memory of what had occurred during her absence, nor was she aware of where her brother was.

After nearly a day of cruel and unusual testing, Captain Mayuri concluded that had been subject to physical and mental alteration at the hands of a foreign form or reiatsu. He also concluded that Hueco Mundo did not possess such a reiatsu, and all signs pointed to Hell being the cause, as it was the only other hollow inhabited realm, and the last thing Akarui could remember was seeing the gates of Hell and a bizarre, demonic looking hollow. Mayuri wanted to continue testing, as this girl also had received a significant reiatsu increase, but at the next Gotei 13 meeting, Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro demanded custody of the girl as she belonged to his squad and took possession of the girl under the condition that he would watch her at all times, and that he would assemble and lead a team for getting to the bottom of the mystery.

Despite Hitsugaya's distaste in the whole idea of running an operation irrelevant to preparing for the coming of Sosuke Aizen, he accepted the deal after witnessing the state of Akurai after the treatment Mayuri had been giving her. He then proceeded to scout out a satisfactory Shinigami group that wasn't busy with other missions. That's where you come in!

1) Follow the proper RP Rules.
2) You may not sign up for canon characters. You may, however, use them as NPCs. There will be exceptions to this rule, however, in the sense that there will be canon characters that only I can control. For example, off the top of my head, Hitsugaya Toushiro is one NPC only I can touch.
3) If you do NPC a canon character, make sure you actually get it right. It annoys me to death when someone acts out of character with a canon character.
4) NO UBERS >O. Your character can not have an OMFG SUPER AWESOME bankai that nobody can ever defeat. If something in your signup seems overly powerful, I may decline you.



ACTUAL: (Your actual age will be approximately 10x the age your character appears)

PERSONA: (Personality)

PHYSICAL STATURE: (How does your character look? What's he/she wearing? Remember to try and stick to standard Shinigami clothing here, though you can modify it to suit your character.)


SEAT: (Click here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characters_in_Bleach#Shinigami_court_divisions) and look to make sure you don't take a seat that's already taken)

SHIKAI: (First release)
BANKAI: (Don't uber it!)
SPIRIT: (You know, how each zanpakutou has that whole living spirit thing. XD)

BIOGRAPHY: (Describe your character growing up in Soul Society.)

SPECIALIZATION: (Does your character excel in zanjutsu - swordsmanship, hakuda - hand-to-hand, hohou - footwork and agility, or kidou - demon arts. Only pick two!)

KIDOU: (Scroll down a ways here (http://www.amalgamrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?t=169) and you can see a bunch of made up kidou and the effects. I asked to make sure if we could use them. Pick three that your character specializes in, though they aren't limited to them. Those with a kidou specialization can posses five)



NAME: Kodomo Akarui


Kodomo Akarui, as Captain Hitsugaya has noted to her once before, resembles the 5th Squad Lieutenant, Hinamori Momo quite a bit in regards to her personality. She is a very easygoing, seemingly innocent, and relaxed girl who is hard to not get along with. Deterring from the Hinamori-esque traits, Akarui can be quite frail emotionally. It doesn't take much to change her mood from happy to crushed, which is amplified even further by her new predicament. Since she grew up being quite popular, she doesn't react well to negative criticism, more often than not throwing out a smackdown of cold shoulder upon anyone who'd dare say something bad about her, her captain included. She can be very trusting of other people, but it sometimes comes to the point where she is naive and impulsive in regards to those she has trust in. She is also a very worrisome girl, scared for the health and condition of others more than her own personal condition. She is an overall well mannered girl. When she speaks, she takes special care to make sure she doesn't offend anyone, often over-apologizing when she thinks she has said or done something wrong. She addresses people using Japanese honorific titles almost all of the time, the only exceptions being her closest friends. She makes references to Shinigami in a lower seat than her as -kun or -chan depending on gender, while any Shinigami seated higher than her she refers to as -sama. She refers to all captains as simply "-taichou", aside from Hitsugaya Toushiro, whom she "Hitsu-kun", which of course annoys him. She also has a special relationship with Lieutenant Matsumoto Rangiku, as she refers to her as -senpai, while Rangiku refers to Akarui as "Aka-hime", due to her Princess-like behavior. Akarui prefers to be called "Aka-chan" by most people she knows. Because she is seen as such a kind, and caring individual, and because she is naive, she is often a target in pranks from other Shinigami.

Kodomo Akarui isn't often referred to as the "gem of the Izutori family" for no reason. Her hair was a lovely forest green that fell down shoulder length, and her eyes, always involved in watching something curiously, were a charming ocean blue that stood out against her flawless, soft complexion. This all changed after her trip to hell, however. Her hair turned crimson in colour, her eyes doing the same while the pupils took on a more feline, demonic appearance. Her skin lost all colour and became white, like that of a hollow. The alterations to her head were not just limited to the colour differences, sadly. A crimson line, perhaps three centimeters in length, ran from the far end of one eye to the other, running over her nose as well. To make her appearance even worse, she possessed the remains of a hollow mask on her head. While one would immediately jump to the conclusion that she was an arrancar, Mayuri explained that the reiatsu was completely different, mixed with Shinigami reiatsu, so it couldn't be true.The hollow mask begins beneath her hair line as a long piece with a width of four centimeters that seems more like it's part of a handband then anything. In the dead center of this band, it extends back over the center of her head, parting her hair, until it stops halfway down the back of her head. This two is four centimeters in width, although it has five small spikes jutting out from the top part, spread out evenly. Her right canine tooth is now slightly larger than the let, so it has a tendency to stick out from between her lips from time to time in a manner that seems more cute than hostile. Thankfully, her arms and hands were spared from all changes other than the colour change, while her feet underwent a complete transformation. Instead of your normal, human feet, were now two feet that seemed better suited for perhaps a lizard, as each foot had three triangular shapes toes made out of the same material as a hollow mask, each toes seemingly sharper than the next. Regardless, she is still a very cute girl if you keep an open mind.

Attire wise, Akarui wears the standard Shinigami kimono, albeit it does not hang as loose as it does for most shinigami, for having it too loose is a hazard for when she uses her shikai release. Thus, her somewhat curvy female body with an average sized chest is outlined by the kimono. Due to the new, inhuman appearance of her feet, she does not wear footwear, which is fine because her feet are solid as rock anyways. She wears a black hairpin on either side of the head to keep her bangs off to the side. Around her neck, she is forced to wear a black symbol with the symbol flower of the tenth squad on it, so that other Shinigami do not treat her as an enemy because of her appearance.

DIVISION: 10th Division

SEAT: 4th

ZANPAKUTOU: Kouki Kisoku (Final Breath)
In it's sealed state, Koukikisoku takes the form of your standard katana zanpakutou, about three feet in length. The only thing unique about it's design is the fact that it has remained a charcoal black colour after being exposed to the gates of hell.
"Strangle!" is the command required to change the zanpakutou into it's shikai stage. While in this form, the blade changes into that of a small sword (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallsword) with an urumi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urumi) rolled up on the other end while not in use. The small sword's blade extends to about three feet in length, and is very thin. After her trip to hell, the blade stained crimson while the hilt and guard retains the charcoal black colour. Also on the hilt is the Izutori insignia in white, the shape of a clover. However, Akarui usually covers this with her thumb. The urumi, like the blade, is crimson in colour. While not in use, all four flexible blades of the urumi are compressed into a rolled up state by Akarui's reiatsu and held pointed towards her. While the urumi is in use, Akarui can recall the blade portion of Kouki Kisoku so that it regresses into the hilt, and releases the seal on the urumi so that it is right to use. This way, she places herself in less risk of self injury. A neat effect of this shikai release is that it allows Akarui's reiatsu to seep from her body and form a shield around her body. This, of course, drains her energy, and it's far from unbreakable, but it's useful against weak hollows. Her reiatsu is also amplified in this form, making her already formidable kidou skills even more powerful.
Kouki Kisoku Metsubou (Final Breath Destruction). While in bankai, Kouki Kisoku disperses into nearly one hundred floating balls of crimson coloured reiatsu in a physical form. These reiatsu balls are nearly 10 centimeters in diameter, and they swarm around Akarui's location, acting as a nearly impenetrable shield, unless a command is given by her. While this nearly cuts her movement ability in nearly half, movement isn't really needed that much. She can control those reiatsu balls in any manner she wishes. However, being a kidou user, you can imagine there is an alternative means to this strange bankai. While casting a kidou in her bankai, Akarui can multiply the kidou's power by two for every ten of those reiatsu balls she absorbs, which has some devastating results if it hits it's mark. There is one great flaw in this bankai though. If she uses all one hundred reiatsu orbs, she will fall into a coma for who knows how long. Why? Because these orbs are essentially her reiatsu. If she uses it all, she will have no more energy to keep her consciousness. Therefore, she can no more than amplify a single attack eighteen times the originally strength. However, she generally refrains from going that high, since if her attack misses, she's screwed.
The true form of Kouki Kisoki is a small girl with skin as green at the evergreen tree. This girl is dressed in nothing more than a simple white robe, and she is usually seen carrying around an urumi. This girl's personality reflects Akarui's own personality, so as you can imagine they get into squabbles whenever Akarui attempt to talk with her.

Akarui never had any memory of her past, of her childhood, of really anything. When she first arrived in Soul Society, she was found in the Inuzuri region of Rukongai by Izutori Kion, a member of the noble Izutori family, one of the four noble families of Soul Society. Kion was a man with a big heart, and couldn't stand to leave a cute, innocent child in such a place all by herself. He brought Akarui back to the head of the family, whom decided to adopt the girl into their family as they had yet to find an heir. From this point on, Akarui was treated as the gem of the Izutori family. It wasn't hard to convert her to their lifestyle, as she had no memory of her past life, nor had she lived long enough in Soul Society to yet know any other way but their own. Life went on as it would for any "Princess". She was taught proper manners, proper etiquette, and ways of the Shinigami until she too was capable of becoming one herself.

She was enlisted in the Shinigami Academy when she physically became a teenager, and it was there that she became exposed to the joys of the outside world, having been confined to Izutori land for her entire stay in Soul Society thus far. She had begun to blossom into an intelligent, kind, well-mannered, yet beautiful girl; the type of beauty that seemed more cute than sexy, for lack of a better word. She attempted to keep her true identity a secret during her time in the academy, making up the false surname of Kodomo to accomplish this. Despite this, her true name was eventually found out, though thankfully the attitude of other students towards her did not change. Even before the discovery, Akarui was a very popular girl amongst her peers. She made many friends during her term at the academy, and was well known by most students in her class and classes in the general year or two above and below her. Even with her popularity, she found no real romance amongst the masses. Since she was such a nice person, she naively never looked for the bad in anyone, and ended up dating a few bad seeds that her friends had to break her away from.

In her last year at the academy, another life changing event occurred. The head of the Izutori family decided to adopt a son to be their rightful heir. The boy's name was Kyohaku, and he was adopted after besting Akurai in a training match. While she was still the gem of the family, she began to receive a much more demeaning role in the family now that Kyohaku has joined, many of her duties that she once possessed having been given to him. She initially resented him for it, but eventually became rather attached to her new older brother because of the brotherly love he treated her with. After graduating, the two were enlisted into the 10th squad under Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro. At this point, Kyohaku began to slack, and thus moved up in seats very slowly as opposed to Akurai who worked her butt off and made it to the 4th seat within a month after training with the Lieutenant, Matsumoto Rangiku, who affectionately referred to her as "Aka-hime" despite the efforts of the brother and sister to keep their heritage hidden by family request, by using the surname "Kodomo" once again. She was also trained under Kuchiki Byakuya for a short time, as the noble Kuchiki family was friends with the Izutori family. It was clearly noted that Akarui had a special talent in regards to kidou use, and she was placed under further training under Hinamori Momo for a short two weeks. All of this training eventually paid off, and she became a Shinigami worthy of her rank.

Akarui and Kyohaku were suddenly sent out on a mission to deal with an annoyance of a hollow one day, and upon destroying it, it was pulled down into the gates of hell. Something at this point went awry however, and the silhouette of something demonic appeared, knocking the two out with a cero blast. When she awoke once more, she was in a medical room belonging to Squad 4, and was undergoing treatment by Captain Retsu Unohana herself. It was at this point that she learned her body had mutated into something that was unknown to any Shinigami book or document, and she was dragged off to the 12th squad for testing. After this one day of testing, she felt like she had been violated in many ways, but it had to be done to locate the source of the mutation. After all, her brother was probably still there. Thankfully, the next day she was taken under the care of her captain, and informed that they were going to get to the bottom of everything...

SPECIALIZATION: Zanjutsu + Kidou

Beniikazuchi (Crimson Thunder)
Description: A beam of deep red lightning is blasted from the user's pointing finger towards the enemy. It's particularity is to make so much noise that breaks the enemy orientation. Its strike is not very strong but the impact can make superficial bruises. It's a good hadou for beginners.
Incantation: Under the celestial ruby, shall my voice roar like a thunder. Hadou #2, Beniikazuchi.

Big Bang
Description: Big Bang is used when the user of the kidou forms a small ball of energy no bigger than the size of a baby’s fist within their palm. When completely formed, the kidou looks like a miniature sun, but it has no heat to it and it doesn’t harm the user. Until it is used, it simply floats off an inch from the user’s palm. However, the indiscrete size and small chant belay the kidou’s true power. When launched at a target [most people take the habit of launching the kidou with a flick of the thumb], the kidou will explode with the power of a half a pound of dynamite. Its overall power is not only able to punch holes in walls, if used by an expert it can be powerful enough to level small cabins and so fast that most of the time it won’t be seen coming. Because of this, the kidou is not only useful for combat situation but for missions where an untraceable diversion is needed.
Incantation: Break the dragon’s jaw, little firestar. Hadou #30, Big Bang

Bloody Vulcan
Description:The user of this kidou starts the chant while keeping their index and pinky finger together with the other three fingers outstretched. During the chant, a small orb of energy appears on the index and pinky finger individually, with a slightly larger orb appearing on top of the three other fingers. Upon completion of the chant, the user expends the furious amount of kidou stored in their body forward as they point the hand at the general direction of the target. The three orbs fly forward, with the smaller two spreading apart and being encased by the larger orb as the user spreads their index and pinky finger apart. The massive amounts of kidou energy channeled through the disruption created by suddenly seperating the two smaller spheres causes what normally would be a massive beam of kidou to split and fan out into a dozen smaller beams. The user can then choose for the beams to cause a medium amount of damage to a dozen targets or less, or can focus all of the beams to converge on a single target, blasting them with massive force. Due to the nature of splitting and converging the energy again, if the user targets only one enemy with this spell, the damage is valued at 1.25x higher than it normally would be.
Incantation: Power of the converging spirits, bend to my will and course my power into the enemies before me and destroy them with my might! Hadou # 44, Bloody Vulcan!

Infurnus - Hadou #11, 135 Kidou
Description: Placing the palm to the ground sends an enormous amount of fire at the person from the ground, creating a pillar of flame. Speed that it travels depends on the strength of the user, and skill with Kidou.
Incantation: From the spirit of the earth, and by the wrath of heaven, be purified. Hadou #11, Infurnus!

Description: Golden chains of dense Kidou burst through the ground and actively pursue and bind an opponent for up to half a minute. Chains can be summoned all at once, or up to five can be stretched out over the span of a minute.
Incantation: Binding formed from the treasures of the land, shoot forth. Pursue the fleeing, hunt the fearful, track the chosen. Leaving them to the fate that has been given to them. Bakudou #63, Kingusari

In addition to the kidou, she can also use cero blasts due to her transformation.

NAME: Ookami Garasu (Glass Wolf)




DIVISION: 2nd Division

SEAT: 3rd





November 8th, 2007, 9:00 PM
NAME: Soeki Sendo

ACTUAL: Dead for 197 years

PERSONA: Sendo is the type of guy who's all work and no play. But, to Sendo, studying bones and corpses is play, and research is far from work. He often blames his cruel and unusual manner of death and konso for his strange personality, his twisted version of fun, and his generally creepy-mad-scientist-like persona, leaving him highly resembling Mayuri in this manner. Normally, the first thing he wonders when he meets someone is what species they are, with their general skeleton in his mind. He prides himself on being able to distinguish a Quincy skeleton to a normal humans skeleton, and never hesitates to show his skull collection. When it comes to the saying, 'everyone has a few skeletons in their closet', it's quite literal for Sendo, who actually has a pile of various different kinds of bones in his closet, varying from Hollow, to shinigami, to the newly discovered Arrancar. Though the mission for most of the shinigami being sent on this quest is to find and recover the other shinigami, Sendo could care less for the other shinigami unless he's even more mutilated than Akarui, showing his sheer disregard for life itself. The only thing he was interested in since the very start was the Hollows themselves, and as the researcher, he's developed a habit of murmuring notes to himself to help him remember things. And over time, this habit of murmuring notes became a habit of mumbling things to himself without even realizing that other people can hear him. And when he accidentally says something malicious, if someone comments, he seems to completely forget that he even said whatever he did. This whole habit of him befuddles everyone, and some people who've had the misfortune to know Sendo rather well have deducted that it's a side effect of the experiments Sendo asked Mayuri-taichou to preform on his skull. On the note of life, Sendo treats life merely as the life of the lab rat before it's ready to be used in experiments and dissections. He doesn't hesitate at all to kill someone, though has, in the past, a great tendency to try his best not to mutilate the skeleton. If he really must break or slice through a bone, he will become annoyingly persistent in going back to get another specimens, to kill in a different place so that he might have a complete set. Though he exudes a creepy air and has a bad habit that rubs off as rude, when Sendo is paying attention, he can be quite the gentleman, and has a strict policy to cater to women before anyone else. Although this policy applies in battle as well, as he often chooses to fight females first, as with Sendo, it is always ladies first. Ego-istic is a good description of Sendo to go further, as Sendo rarely doubts his own abilities, whether as a fighter or a researcher. Though sometimes he can't back this self-important view, this hardly matters to him, as a haughty and 'greater-than-thou' outlook on others is exactly what Sendo finds appropriate to the vermin that are simply pieces of his lab experiments.

PHYSICAL STATURE: Sendo’s flat olive green eyes are always the first thing people notice about him. They don’t seem to catch any light at all, and instead, they simply hold a plain black pupil in the middle that makes him constantly have a severe and sharp gaze, softened only by his heavy eyelids. He’s taller then most everyone in his division, and the fact that he is unnaturally thin to the point where should he breathe in, one could count his ribs, only accentuates his height. Sendo’s eye always seem somewhat glazed over, and coupled with his pale skin that seems as if it hasn’t seen a day of sunshine, he almost looks as if he’s dead. His jet black hair looks as if it alone could be a weapon, for it’s been styled into a spiky cut that gradually goes from pointing straight down, all the way up to where it points to Sendo’s right. On the left, where the stands point to the ground, there is a braid of dark red string that wraps around a very small portion of his hair, the braid held in place with two black beads at the end.

His shinigami uniform is similar to the standard uniform, except the black scarf that wraps around his neck and trails off to a ripped and tattered end, while two talismans written in black ink on white parchment are attached to either side of his chest have strange cryptic markings on them. Around his neck is a silver chain necklace that has a cross hanging from it, the cross made of ivory bones from an animal of some kind. Sendo wears the standard warashi sandals, but the socks he wears with them are black, as is the two fingered glove on his right arm. This glove has only two fingers; one for the thumb, and another for the middle finger, while the rest are merely designed like a fingerless glove. It acts almost like a sleeve, as it reaches Sendo’s shoulder, with the upper hem of the glove sewn into Sendo’s flesh with stitches to hold it in place. On his left hip rests his Zanpakuto, Gaikotsu, attatched to his waist by a single thread belt made of teeth, canines, molars, and front teeth, various different kinds obviously taken from different species.

DIVISION: 12th Division

SEAT: 10th Seat

SEALED: In his sealed form, Gaikotsu takes on the appearance of an average sized sword, though the nakago is two handed, obviously fashioned out of the femur bone of a human. Both edges of the sword are sharp in the western style, and there is no guard, as the bone seems to simply taper off and suddenly become the metal of the blade.
SHIKAI: In his Shikai form, Gaikotsu changes into a 55” long claymore, the blade 7” wide with the same femur as the grip. However, there is an additional bone that acts as a guard, making the shape of the grip and guard together that of a cross. There is a circular mouth on either side of the handle that slowly eats away at the reiatsu in the air, and regurgitates it as olive green blasts of kidou, though if it eats away all the reiatsu in the air near it, it will begin to eat Sendo’s reiatsu. To gather enough reiatsu to regurgitate it all takes quite some time however. He is summoned with the phrase, “Moushide Oujou, Gaikotsu!” (Claim Death, Skeleton!)
BANKAI: "Oujou Ekirei, Gaikotsu Senzai" (Death Plague, Skeleton Garden) is true to its name, as it makes the surrounding area a garden of skeletons. Though only a select few skeletons can emerge all the way, many are simply just from the wrist up, making the flailing hands look as if they’re flowers, while the standing skeletons would represent trees. They can fight, though they’re really only a distraction that is meant to keep the opponent busy while Sendo completes his transformation. When his bankai is complete, Sendo becomes a skeleton himself, and even if he falls apart, he can steal the bones from the skeletons around him to put himself back together. In the end, his bankai is extremely dangerous, as if his original bones are broken, when the bankai wears off and his original bones assemble, they will still be broken when the flesh has replaced itself. In order to defeat Sendo’s bankai, it is a simple matter of cracking his skull, which can only be done with a physical attack, and can actually prove difficult, as Sendo’s skull has been modified to be hard enough to withstand a good amount of heavy blows. (There’s a trick to cracking the skull that only Sendo knows in advance, though the trick can be easily reached through basic logic.)
SPIRIT: Gaikotsu is, unsurprisingly, a skeleton himself. His face is wrapped up in bandages, leaving only his eyes and mouth visible, while his three fingers are elongated into claw-like talons. Other then his hands, however, Gaikotsu looks as if he was once a human, and the ripped, holey yukata he wears that is gray and faded only adds to the speculation of what he once was. Around his wrist is a silver chain necklace with the same cross of bones that Sendo wears, and it is knotted securely in place, as otherwise it would slip right off. Gaikotsu’s poise is far from straight, as he stands with his pelvis forward and his shoulders rolled back, while he juts his head out just slightly past the base of his neck. His personality is basically described by Sendo’s nickname for him, ‘Grumpy Old Man’. Gaikotsu is an irritable zanpakuto, and hates being ordered around, unless it means profit for him. And in Gaikotsu’s dictionary, profit is a synonym for killing.

BIOGRAPHY: In life, Sendo was your average person with a creepy name. But it was his name that came true for him, as he did suffer from death, like any other human, but being murdered and roughly buried under a cherry tree separated him from any average death. He was still only a teenager when he died, but his soul wandered about earth until only six links on his chain were left. He was found by a Shinigami, who, though reluctantly, agreed to sit and talk with him by the cherry tree his dead body was underneath. He found comfort in the idea that the cherry tree could be like his gravestone, and was sent to Soul Society, holding the hand of his own skeleton as he turned into a hell butterfly.

In Soul Society, Sendo wanted nothing more then to be a shinigami, to be able to give lost souls the same patience and hope that he’d received. And it was nothing more then a disappointment when Sendo discovered that his zanpakuto was good for nothing but killing. But many of the higher seated shinigami would give his zanpakuto wary glances, and when Sendo received his position as 10th seat in the 12th division out of the blue, Sendo found out why. If Sendo could fully master his zanpakuto’s ability, he could animate skeletons, and order them to behave the way they did when they were alive. It was a wonderful research opportunity. And Sendo became immersed in learning all the different kinds of skeletons, often asking Mayuri for the leftovers after his strange experiments. And so in his newly acquired seat, Sendo spent most of his time with research, rather then other missions. His skill was boosted much more with every mission that was actually more then hitting the books than if he’d been unseated however, so Sendo was satisfied. Thus, when the preparations against Aizen began, Sendo was uncalled upon. He lead a short amount of research on arrancar, but the matter quickly escalated into something that was unfit for someone in a seat as low as his. But he was perfect to help with the side case of Kodomo Akarui. He helped Mayuri experiment on her, and was assigned by Hitsugaya Toushiro to help discover what happened and why, on the terms that he would do no inhumane experiments along the way.

SPECIALIZATION: Sendo uses a quick combination between zanjutsu and hakuda, even though his zanpakuto is partially kidou based. (He's terrible at kidou.)

KIDOU: Abadon's Kiss - Hadou #72, 2400 Kidou

The user of this kidou temporarily opens a gate to the underworld and unleashes a pack of ravenous spirits to attack the enemy. The user says the chant, and then a twenty foot gate to hell drops in behind them, opening to reveal hazy red portal in which the tormented spirits come out and attack.

Chant: "Gatekeeper to the world below! Obey the blood oath and open the door to my foe's demise! Hadou #72, Abadon's Kiss!

Ancestral Clasp [Grd / Bind / Tar] - Bakudou # 46, 550 kidou

Description: The user points index and middle finger towards their intended target. Once the incantation is cast, the user then stomps on the ground. After which a crevice in the earth will open up beneath the target. Two large bone hands will reach up from the ground and clench around the target concealing the entire body except the head within the bone grasp. The thumbs of the two bone hands will hold the head of the target in place facing skyward. The hold will last a maximum of 1 minute and a minimum of 10 seconds depending on difference between user’s kidou to target’s SP.

Incantation: Ancestors of old, let it be known to all who are present of your continual watch. Reach through the ages and take hold of my opponent. Bakudou # 46, Ancestral Clasp.

Dark Claw - Bakudou #41, 500 Kidou / Demon’s Claw - 1000(counting base 500 for Dark Claw) kidou

(Dark Claw) A pool of endless darkness appears under the target, shadowy claws jumping from the pool. The claws endlessly hunt down the person, following them for up to 15 seconds before they dissipate. Once caught, they drag the target into the pool, a sphere of pure darkness appearing from the pool and levitating in the air with the person for 30 seconds before disappearing.

Incantation: Fiend’s hand of the dark spectre. Return from the bowels of the underworld and do my bidding. Bakudou #41, Dark Claw


November 9th, 2007, 12:00 AM
NAME: Saru Kisaragi

ACTUAL: dead 213 years

PERSONA: Saru is a very active guy, and always talking to someone about whatever he can. Saru barely knows the meaning of the word stress or pressure and much prefers to move events along at his own pace, he wanders through soul society knowing how strong he is without feeling he has to prove himself to anyone but himself. Saru is also not looked upon highly by the women of soul society as he has no restraint when openly telling a girl she is attractive, though his captain frequently attempts to keep this trait in check. When people see him outside, he is usually sitting high atop a building or perched in some almost out of reach position such is squatted balancing on a railing or tree branch. Even though he is in the Stealth Forces of squad 2, his personality isn't what you would expect of a stealth shinigami. Despite his easy going pace of fighting, he can tend to get carried away and forget his own strength. Saru has a strong sense of justice that has stayed with him through soul society, as a result of the reason he died in the first place. He wont hesitate to ask about something nor will he hesitate to trash talk. Even though Saru takes life at his own pace, he does know when to prioritize his actions during a mission. He is very sneaky and has yet to be found unless he wants to be. When Saru isn't trying to hide during missions, his big mouth often gets him into dicey situations against strong opponents, though he will rarely pick a fight and come out of hiding without thoroughly evaluating his opponent first.

PHYSICAL STATURE: Saru has short, thick, shaggy green hair that spirals off center to the right. The green in his hair starts a nice forest green at the root and dyes darker to black as it reaches the tips. He has soft, joyful blue eyes that are wide and often appear lost in thought, and tend to compliment his slightly tanned skin. He'll often have a slight grin on his face while talking or having just completed strenuous activity. Saru is a little below average height, sitting at only 5 feet 7inches. He lacks the muscular build of his upper body that is becoming of most swordsmen and is very wiry and limber in his movements. His exposed arms have multiple slashes of dark scars on them which are the obvious product of Saru's intense and often life threatening training while attempting to master control over his wind element zanpaktou

Saru's Shinigami kimono is worn very basic and fitted tighter than most other kimono. He wears a sleeveless kimono which shows his thin but solidly muscular arms. He prefers no sleeves because sleeves tend to get in the way when wind is blowing everywhere. The torso and waist section fit snug to his body and is tied tightly by his sash to fit his slender body leaving nothing of his actual size to real question. The lower part of the kimono drapes around his legs fairly loosely. The pants fit like a loose pair of karate pants, still resembling normal kimono pants but allowing enough freedom for him to move and retain the shape of a Kimono. Saru never wears shoes or socks with his kimono as he would much rather feel the ground beneath his feet. His zanpaktou hangs behind him on his waist, parallel to the ground. In Bankai, Saru's eyes glaze over completely white and his skin turns an even darker tanned color. The wind is made visible around his body by his exposed reiatsu just like the Shikai form of his Zanpaktou.


SEAT: 3rd

ZANPAKUTOU: Seishuku Kaze (Silent Breeze)

SEALED: a typical zanpaktou, average in every way except for a green handle and small red ribbon tied around the end.

SHIKAI: summoned when Saru calls out Zekkyou Seishuku Kaze! (Scream, Silent Breeze!) Seishuku Kaze is a wind element based zanpaktou, it stays the same length but the blade becomes jagged. It develops a think spike on the back of the blade and the front of the blade changes from a gradual katana curve to a sharp line up and out then a 120degree angel to the tip. It always has winds swirling around the blade. the winds are usually only noticed when Saru releases high amounts of energy and the excess visible energy swirls around the blade with the wind current. Seishuku Kaze is a long ranged zanpaktou, forming the wind into a single blade to cut down enemies.

BANKAI: Naishoubanashi Kaze Gai(Whispering Wind Scythe) an equal sized blade which points the opposite direction of the first, sprouts from the bottom of Seishuku Kaze then a mirrored clone of Saru forms with it. The control of wind is heightened by the now massive double bladed zanpaktou. He gains control of the winds by twirling it over his head and creating massive twisters. The two clones do not mirror each other's movements but do mirror each other's injuries. In addition, each blade on the zanpaktou (top and bottom) represent a part of Saru. If one of the Saru's loses consciousness or all of its reiatsu, the corresponding blade will shatter and the Bankai will instantly end and return to Shikai.

SPIRIT: Seishuku Kaze is represented by a small twin brother and sister pair of twins around the age of 7 or 8. The little girl takes the name of Seishuku and the little boy, Kaze. They wear opposite festival kimonos, Kaze wears a black and purple kimono and Seishuku wears a purple and black. They have dark blue hair and and purple eyes with fair skin. Seishuku and Kaze often mock Saru with childish taunts whenever Saru needs their assistance. They also never seem interested in the battles at hand and would much rather play. Saru never seems to be frustrated with them though and welcomes their childishness.

BIOGRAPHY: Saru was a very involved student during his high school years and was quite popular. He was a very accomplished member of the kendo club and took these skills with him at the university level to compete on their team. While walking to his apartment from practice one day he happened by an old man being brutally beaten by a group of teenagers. Saru rushed to help, but his efforts were futile as the teenagers quickly revealed themselves to each be arms with knives. He was brutally stabbed and tossed into a river.

Upon waking in soul society, it did not take long for him to hear about the Shinigami and the help they do back in the real world. Saru became determined to become one of the core squad members and finally do what he died trying to do which is protect those who can not defend themselves. He eventually reached squad level after many years of training. Saru remained at the bottom of the squad ranks because for years he could not figure out what abilities his zanpaktou held. Saru tried everything he could day in and day out to release his zanpaktou's true power until one day he was almost fed up with it. He swung his zanpaktou wildly into the air in frustration while cursing how weak he was. The sudden rage of emotion sparked something within Seishuku Kaze and it transformed, blasting a large gust of wind down the corridor and demolishing the surrounding walls. The spirit of Seishuku and Kaze appeared before him and guided him in his mastery of the sword. With his training and mastery of giving silent deaths using wind, it didn't take long for SoiFong to ask him to join Squad 2.

SPECIALIZATION: Saru specializes in hohou and kidou, while trying to use the winds to push these skills even further to their maximum power.

Aside from obvious just plain wind manipulation for breaking long falls or pushing enemies back he has these main skills.
Satsu Kaze (Splitting Wind)- Saru's favorite attack, he creates a vacuum of air and uses it to slice down enemies.
Hauringu tatsumaki (howling tornado *Bankai only*)- Both clones join their opposite directions of wind to create a massive tornado out of two Satsu Kaze attacks.
Teikiatsu Bakufuu (Cyclone Blast *Bankai only*)- Saru spins Seishuku Kaze over his head, accumulating wind and reiatsu then releases it all in one powerful slash, creating a large and powerful horizontal cyclone

RP SAMPLE: Saru stepped out into the open, squinting then shielding his eyes and looking off into the distance of the clear beautiful day. The day seemed normal and calm despite the upcoming battle this winter that is looming over everyone's head. All that was circling through his mind was how much he needed to train and get strong enough to fight admirably aside his captain, the stealth ninja expert, Soi Fong. Saru leaped high onto the roof of a nearby building and squatted comfortably to survey what he could see of Soul Society. He welcomed the gentle breeze as it brushed aside his face and moved on. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a Hell Butterfly approaching him. Saru lifted his finger and let it rest gently.

"The captain wants me aye?" Saru said out loud to himself and the butterfly. Saru stood up grinning, "Must be mission time" he finished. He stretched momentarily and raised his hands high into the air. He let the butterfly resume lift of his finger and continue its carefree flight, then immediately took off hopping quickly from roof to roof to see what his captain needed of him.

**Persona, Stature, Squad, Sample, Skills, and Biography fixed**

Scarlet Weather
November 9th, 2007, 3:30 PM
Name: Hiromi Hiso

Age: One hundred and eighty.
Appearance: 18

Persona: Hiso is one of those people who doesn't have an easily described personality. He tends to think that the fate of the world rests on his actions, and conseqeuently he puts himself under a lot of unnecessary pressure. Despite any accomplishments he makes, every mistake weighs on him heavily until he completely loses sight of anything good he's ever done. While this does tend to make Hiso a rather quiet and morose individual, it also gives him a drive to constantly improve, which could explain how he has mastered Bankai at such a tender age (for a shinigami). In addition, this quality also gives Hiso a degree of concentration and effort when assigned a mission, especially a "hush-hush" one, that is nearly unrivaled. An average observor, however, would usually call Hiso completely inactive, as he doesn't tend to immediately sign up for available missions and spends much of his free time staring off into the distance or going for what he calls "sojourns" in remote areas of Soul Society. Their case is further strengthened by the fact that Hiso tends to avoid talking to others or interacting with them on a personal basis. What these people fail to realize is that Hiso doesn't train as often anymore because he has already achieved the maximum power form of his zanpakutou, and the reason he tends to avoid others is that he does not wish to share his burden of sadness and self-denial with them.

When in a rare happy mood, Hiso enjoys sharing his observations about the natural world and creatures inhabiting Soul Society, as well as stories about his past missions, which are surprisingly many when totaled. In fact, most of the myth about his laziness as a Shinigami is inspired by his behavior over three years, at the most, and usually looked upon as a dramatic personality change. Hiso is less then repentant about his recent habits of allowing missions his squad qualifies for to slip past, as he believes that after witnessing some of the atrocities he has seen he deserves a bit of a vacation. Taking his depressive tendencies into account, most others would agree with him. Hiso also displays a rare and unusual gift to perfectly understand the feelings of others, a trait he calls his "seventh sense", his "sixth sense" being the ability to see other spiritual beings. However, Hiso rarely uses this ability unless absolutely necessary. A final defining character trait of Hiso is his dislike of wasted force, believing that anything worth doing is worth doing efficiently. This attitude is reflected in the form of his zanpakutou, as well as his willingness to throw aside his quiet nature when necessary.

Physical Stature: Hiso is only about average height, and his shinigami clothing is fairly stereotypical with the exception of his addition of a bright sky blue scarf around his neck. His hair, which is thick and naturally curly, is a bright silver color. Hiso's eyes could probably burn through metal if he stared at it hard enough, and their steel-gray coloration lends a certain frightening aspect to his rare glares. Hiso's skin tone could probably best be described as "chocolate", and he speaks with a strangely exotic accent. Rather then carrying his zanpakutou by his side, Hiso wears it across his back, as its unsealed form is slightly different from that of most zanpakutou. His also carries a small, leather pouch at his waist containing whatever is needed for a given mission (if anything.) Hiso wears his shinigami kimono in the ordinary manner, though he tends to allow it to fit loosely in order to disguise his actions, although not loosely enough to cause a problem moving. His sleeves, in particular, are large enough that by drawing back his arms slightly he can hide his fingers. While this trait would normally be fairly useless, Hiso combines it with the traits unique to his own zanpakutou in order to further his disguise.

While using Bankai, Hiso's kimono becomes a bright silver color, and his hair lengthens to his shoulders and straightens itself out. In addition, his scarf unravels itself and threads itself through the fibers of Hiso's Kimono, creating an intricate design which appears to be the kanji for "Slice" interwoven with that of the kanji for "Sword". Hiso's eyes become red in this transformation, and his skin tone deepens to the point that his body appears to have become a "photo negative" due to the amount of reiatsu he is unconsciously emitting.

Division: Sixth

Seat: Twelfth

Zanpakutou: Characal (a type of winged cat found in certain myths)

Sealed: In her sealed form, Characal appears to be a sword which resembles nothing so much as a long, metal spike with a blood-channel and crossguard. The blade has no cutting edge except for the very tip, and is designed to block heavy blows that most unsealed zanpakutou cannot handle and then attack with quick thrusts towards the head. To use it requires great precision and timing.

Shikai: Characal's release command is "Cut Away". Rather then growing in size, Characal shrinks to the size of a medical scalpel, before encasing Hiso's body in a layer of reiatsu that interacts with his own, causing his spiritual pressure and physical image to gradually vanish from the sight of the enemy. Characal's blade itself is the only visible object at this point in Hiso's transformation. At full power, it takes about five minutes for Characal to fade completely. While using Shikai in full invisibility form, Hiso's reiatsu is compressed and channeled to the one inch blade of his scalpel. Using Shikai, Hiso's obvious strategy is to build up the pressure of his blade to the point where it can slice through the enemy's defense without problem. Since Hiso himself is impossible to determine the precise location of, he's an almost unhittable target except for the fact that when attacking, his blade's pressure flares up. As Characal is only about an inch long, Hiso must move in fairly closely to an opponent while attacking. Characal's only additional ability is its "Crested Scalpel", which slightly decompresses the reiatsu forming the blade enough that its length becomes that of an ordinary Zanpakutou, giving Hiso better strike range and more power with his hits.

Bankai: Characal's Bankai, Hakai no Characal (Characal of Destruction), is almost a complete reversal of its first form (melt away and attack cautiously). In Bankai, Characal supercompresses its reiatsu to the size of an atom and then releases it, causing a small explosion of spiritual pressure whenever Hiso changes. While in Bankai, Characal becomes a stereotypic katana nearly a yard in length with a thin, yet well-tempered blade. Though its form is still small compared to other bankai, Characal emits enough raw reiatsu to decimate an entire skyscraper with one swing. In addition, Hiso's natural reiatsu is completely unleashed allowing him almost unrivaled power. In this form, he can easily move at speeds comparable to those of flash steps naturally, and also possesses the ability to easily counter most weak attacks with his bare hands. While this form seems nearly limitless in terms of raw strength, it is by nature completely unstable and therefore completely uncontrollable. In order to maintain this form, Hiso must constantly use his reiatsu to either attack an enemy or guard against an attack. In addition, Hiso is completely unable to distinguish friend from foe while using Bankai. As such, he tends to make use of it only when alone. Hiso's reiatsu only permits him fifteen minutes in which he can safely use bankai, and the longer he uses it the more danger he puts himself in. Since Hiso has no way to replace reiatsu lost during bankai and use of his bankai essentially overrides all safety measures in his reiatsu control, he could conceivably destroy himself if he spent more then twenty minutes transformed. It could be said that Characal's bankai is almost the exact opposite of most shinigami: while bankai is usually a form attained by gaining complete control of one's spiritual power, Hiso gains power by releasing his restraints and allowing his spiritual power to take him over. Hiso refuses to use bankai unless absolutely necessary, and even in situations where it could potentially be helpful he refuses to release it unless he is on the edge of defeat.

Spirit: Characal takes the form of a large cat with long, sandy fur. Her ears are tufted, giving her a lynx-like appearance, and her back is graced with a pair of long, delicate wings that seemed to shimmer when she walks. Her eyes are steel grey in the same manner of her shinigami partner. Characal speaks often, to the point that Hiso often wonders whether or not he should ask her to shut up and let him think. Her attitude towards fighting is far more straightforward then Hiso's. Step one: find out who the bad guys are. Step Two: Kill them all. Such attitude diversity is reflected in the difference between Characal's shikai and bankai forms.

Biography: Hiso has never told anyone the circumstances that resulted in his attainment of bankai, but they are part of what makes him who he is today. His story started in the year 1827, the year of his death. He was a storyteller in a wandering tribe of bedouins when he died, killed by one of his own men after it was discovered that he possessed a jewel of almost limitless value. When he awoke, his soul was immediately put through konso by a shinigami with silver hair, much like his own. Strangely, however, when Hiso joined Soul Society he was left with only a dim memory of sand. After being assigned to the sixth division, he occupied the twelfth chair. He never interacted with the other members of his division, with the exception of one: Bell.

Bell was a strange shinigami, one who seemed to think of himself as completely unbeatable. Tall, strong, and vocal, he served as Hiso's role model when the younger shinigami was just starting out, and became a sort of father figure. Hiso, naturally shy by nature as his name suggested, (Hiso means "Whisper") learned from Bell to step out from the sidelines and become more aggressive. Gradually, Hiso discovered his natural talent at Kidou and fell into place in his squad. They fought many battles together, against strange and often violent enemies. Hiso witnessed the attacks of hollows who performed unspeakable acts, killing men, women, and innocent children in front of his eyes. It was on his first real mission that Hiso was forced to watch as a particularly powerful hollow, who had cast him aside like a rag doll, swallowed the spirits of a pair of five-year-old girls. It was only the timely intervention of Bell that saved Hiso himself from becoming a meal. The older shinigami explained to his younger colleague that it was the duty of a shinigami to make sure that accidents such as that did not happen, and to be strong enough that they did not need rescue. (Bell was a bit of a "hands-on" person). Hiso took those words to heart, developing the "nothing less then perfection" mentality that currently exists within him. Unfortunately, Bell never explained that perfection is virtually unattainable and from that day forward whenever something went even remotely wrong Hiso would blame himself for it. Nevertheless, he pressed on, gaining more control over his shinigami power. However, strangely, though Hiso brought Characal to submission through training, he could not quite achieve bankai. Puzzled by this, Hiso was forced to put his thoughts aside as he and Bell were selected for a dangerous mission: retrieving a plus currently in the middle of an area swarmed by hollows.

Hiso and Bell arrived at their destination only to be ambushed by a large group of Menos Grande. Though the two fought valiantly, Hiso's chance at victory was precluded when a stray shot from a hollow knocked him out while he was still camouflaged through the use of Characal. He awoke a few minutes later to find that Bell had been severely injured, and about seven of the hollows were still remaining, laughing in triumph. Enraged, Hiso attacked only to find that his opponents were much faster then he was, and led by a weak arrancar besides. Engaged on all sides, Hiso felt his options were exhausted. His enemies were closing in, and he did not possess the raw power needed to destroy them. In a last-ditch effort to achieve bankai, he pushed his already compressed reiatsu into the smallest form he could think of while his opponents closed in. Unfortunately, Hiso lacked the stability to maintain the compression which resulted in an explosion of reiatsu. Fortunately for Hiso, that explosion served as the catalyst for his blade's transformation into its bankai form. He only sustained it for a period of five minutes, but it was long enough to wipe out the entirety of the opposition. Searchers from Seireiterei found a completely drained and nearly dead Hiso lying next to Bell, in a clearing where there had once been a forest...

While Hiso was unconscious, he dreamed of a world of total darkness and destruction, where a sinsiter being, or possibly many dark beings, began to crush the life out of him. In horror, he ran away, only to find that when he looked at himself, his body had become like that of the dark beings. The nightmare might not have been so bad had it not lasted for all three days of Hiso's unconsciousness. Scared to death, he awoke to discover that Bell had also been killed. Heartbroken, Hiso decided to take a sort of "extended vacation" while he got over the loss of his friend and came to grips with the destructive force of his own bankai. He only agreed to join Hitsugaya after realizing that the results of the trip to "Hell" seemed similar to his own dream, and wondering whether there was a connection.

Specialization: Hiso specializes mainly in Kidou. Though his Zanjutsu is fairly accomplished the nature of his Shikai prevents him from utilizing it to its fullest extent. His other main accomplishment, therefore, is his Houhou skills.

Kidou: (I'm using some of my own Kidou, is this okay?)

Atlas- This spell will conjure a weight (prior to connecting it is visible as a box of rippling air) that falls from the air above the opponent, with an aim to land on the opponent’s shoulders, making their arms incredibly heavy. Thus their capability to strike quickly with their arms is hindered. If it hits, it will visually be invisible.
Incantation: “Weight of the World on your shoulders, suffer your punishment. Bear the Heavens or all shall fall. No rest for the weary, no sleep for the wretched. Bakudou #26, Atlas!”

Eternal Requiem: The user of this kidou performs it by placing one hand over their own heart and then pointing at the desired target. After saying the incantation, the user stamps on the ground twice in rhythm with their own heartbeat. An enemy affected by this kidou will have their ears filled with nothing but the sound of the shinigami's beating heart, which will amplify itself for as long as the user continues to hold a hand over their heart. Eventually, the sound may drive an enemy mad.
Incantation: "Resound, my heartbeat! The City of Dis cries in agony! Bakudou #19, Eternal Requiem!

Cosmos Summit -Summons large pedestals made of stone from the ground to slam into the target.
Incantation: Poseidon, almighty over Earth. Land to sea, shockwaves, immense destruction. To the ends of the land, to the grounds of the Seven Seas! Rise and affront to one's toll! Hadou #19, Cosmos Summit!

Defusion - The user of this kidou charges the energy into them. Rings of reisatsu glow around their body then burst out, slashing out at everything in an atom like formation. The energy blasts are as strong as blades and can cut the skin as one would with a regular zanpakutou
Incantation: The south gate is broken. The north gate scatters unleashing my potential. Ablaze is my soul, impossible to touch. Hadou #15, Defusion

Desert Tomb- This kidou operates in two halves. First, the user draws a circle on the ground with their finger. Next, they stand just outside the circle's edge and clap their hands together before saying the incantation. The ground within the circle's influence will be transformed into quicksand, which will immediately swallow anyone within the boundary of the circle before returning to its original state. The success of this kidou is dependent on the reiatsu of the target, as those with strong enough reiatsu may simply break free.
Incantation: The South Gate Opens! The western plains scatter across the heavens! Show me thy power. Hadou #67, Desert Tomb!

Due to his relatively few years of experience, Hiso made the decision to focus on a few Kido of fairly great power rather then beginning with a few basics. As a result, while he knows the more powerful Kidou mentioned above, Hiso doesn't know squat about using more universal techniques such as white lightning.

RP SAMPLE: (Taken from CARD GAMES, by ACC-M)

"I'm waiting," Judai said as he tapped his foot impatiently. Nicholas, the supposed duelist of darkness, was still lollygagging around with his next play.

"Patience, Yuki Judai. I need only to decide which of my cards to play." Nicholas countered, before selecting one. "I believe I shall set one monster..."

The gigantic card back materialized on the field, its sideways position indicating it was a defensive monster.

"And I shall activate the spell card 'Wings of Dark Angel', which allows me to special summon any Dark Seraph or Dark Cherubim monster from my deck providing that another monster is already on the field." Nicholas finished, inserting the card into its appropriate slot. A scattering of black feathers dropped from mid-air, before gleaming and solidifying into another marble-skinned being, this one much less impressive looking then his Trumpeter counterpart and wholly without armament of any sort. His raiment, however, was virtually identical. "This monster," Nicholas continued, "Is known as Dark Seraph. He may be weaker then most, but as long as he remains in attack position, he is completely immune to destruction through battle. I will now place one card face down, and end my turn." With that, he placed a final card into his duel disk and brought his turn to and end.

"Looks like I'm up, then," Judai responded, reaching for a card from his deck. "Let's wrap this up quickly!"

Draw Phase->>>>>Skyscraper 2-Hero City

A satisfied smile graced Judai's lips as he activated the field slot on his duel disk. "You like field spells, Nicholas? Here's one of my personal favorites. Go, Hero City!"

As soon as Judai finished speaking, the entire interior of the dome began to shake as a large, circular building with a red-domed top that gave it an appearance reminiscent of a large mushroom burst from the floor, followed by identical buildings of red, green, and yellow. Each building continued to rise until they towered over both combatants, creating the illusion that a futuristic city had appeared. The buildings seemed to gleam in anticipation. Judai was only too eager to explain his new field spell's effects to the opposition. "Hero City is a special favorite field spell of mine. Basically, if one of my Elemental Heroes is destroyed by battle, I get to bring it back free of charge during my next standby phase. And then, thanks to Card of Safe Return, I get a free draw every time that happens. Any questions?"

"Only one," Nicholas responded. "How do you feel about losing it?" Judai was about to reply when his opponent flipped his face-down. "Reverse Card, open. Dust Tornado!"

Judai's face fell for a moment as a burst of wind shot from the trap card, completely sweeping away the city he had just played. "Not a bad move. You're better then I thought," he replied not unkindly.

"As are you. I'm not usually picked to fight against pro-level duelists, on the other hand, so I suppose I was asking for that turnaround earlier." Nicholas responded flatly. "Carry on with your move, Yuki Judai."

"With pleasure," Judai grinned. "I summon Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin!"

The new monster appeared on the field in a burst of bubbles and immediately stood to attention. Its blue skin and dolphin-like head gave it a distinctly marine appearance, while its posture and body indicated some degree of humanity. The monster turned to Judai momentarily, crossing his finned arms. You sure know how to pick them, Judai. It said, rolling its eyes. This guy looks like a total nut.

"You have no idea how right you are," Judai replied, his face set grimly. "Could I get some help with removing whatever he's got up his sleeve?"

One Echolocation coming up! The dolphin replied before pulling back and releasing a stream of sonic waves from his mouth. Nicholas stared in surprise as the waves struck his hand, revealing the identity of each individual card.

"Neat ability, huh? While Aqua Dolphin is on my side of the field, I can choose any monster in your hand and send it to the graveyard, provided that it has fewer attack points than a monster on my field," Judai explained. "Since my most powerful monster is Stratos I get to snipe any monster with fewer than eighteen hundred attack points in your hand. And it just so happens that you have one- say goodbye to Dark Cherubim!"

Nicholas watched without reaction as the monster, which resembled a large, black-scaled alligator with several golden wings covered with eyes arranged along its back, exploded in a burst of white light as he inserted its card into the graveyard slot. "Is that all?" he asked, obviously bored.

"Well, not quite. See, when Aqua dolphin wipes out a monster from your hand you take five hundred points of direct damage. And I'm not quite done yet- Aqua dolphin, attack his facedown monster!" Judai commanded. The dolphin obeyed, launching himself at the facedown card before bringing down his arm on it with a gesture akin to launching a karate chop. The card buckled slightly before changing positions, revealing an angel with grey skin, wings, and robes, holding its arms up in a defensive block. The creature seemed to be a young girl who had apparently died in sadness, as tears ran down her face and stained the grey robe that was her only covering. Contrary to the depiction of most female duel monsters, this one appeared to be little more then five years old. Judai nearly balked in surprise. "What on earth?"

"Dark Seraph Miseres. She is by far the most useful monster in my deck," Nicholas replied, still wholly without emotion. "Were Dark Sanctuary still on the field, I could have destroyed either of your monsters merely by summoning her. However, her secondary effect is the next-best thing: while I have another Dark Seraph or Dark Cherubim in play, I may add a card to my hand." His statement finished, Nicholas completed the action he had just described before leveling his finger at his opponent. "Do you wish to attack again?"

Judai stared at the monster he had just attacked, as did his retreating Aqua Dolphin. Something seemed to strike him as he turned to Nicholas, his face a mask of anger. "Hypocrite," he accused, "You say that duel spirits are demons, but there's one in your own deck! What is she doing there if all spirits are evil? Tell me that!"

Nicholas laughed coldly. "If you are referring to Miseres, it is a subject best forgotten. Rest assured, she is completely at my mercy, not the other way around, as it is with you, Judai. Keep yourself from pitying her. She is no more then another card in my deck."

The angel continued to stare at Judai, tears streaming afresh from her eyes.

Judai had reached his breaking point. "You're dead," he muttered, before pointing at his opponent's monster. "Stratos! Wildheart! Attack Dark Seraph!"

"I assume I already told you that Dark Seraph is not destroyed by battle. Why bother attacking him?" Nicholas inquired, emotion still wholly absent from his voice.

"Because I, unlike you, know how to play this game." Judai responded. "Any good duelist would know that just because a monster isn't destroyed doesn't mean that you don't lose life points when it gets attacked." As he finished speaking, the Dark Seraph found himself on the receiving end of a massive downswing from Wildheart's blade, which, while it knocked him over, failed to destroy him. The moment he had pulled himself to his feet, a gale of wind from Stratos's turbines sent him reeling once again.

Nicholas barely noticed the dropping life points on his counter. "A good duelist, Yuki Judai, would have removed Miseres from the field. I could now tribute my monsters for a higher-level monster, you realize." he countered.

Judai lowered his gaze. "I don't want to bring more pain to an obviously tormented spirit," he replied, "Which you seem to have no qualms with doing. Aside from that, however, I did see your hand when I used Aqua Dolphin's ability, so I knew there were no high-level monsters in it."

"For the time being..." Nicholas replied levelly, "For the time being. I believe it is my turn."


Achan stared at Tacey, who had unsuccessfully attempted to make her way past Manjoume. He should be happy that he had successfully one-upped her, and yet his heart wasn't really in it. Sure she had gone behind his back earlier, but did that really make his doing the same thing right? She had a point there. And wasn't doing something just to spite her lowering himself to her level? If these thoughts were all that prevented Achan from crowing in triumph he probably could have brushed them away, but something in Tacey's reaction had caused him to stop. For the first time, he had to consider the distinct possibility that Tacey Edgeworth was a fellow human being and, pompous and misguided though she was, she was no more immune to embarassment and having her feelings hurt than he was. Though he would never admit it, Achan actually felt a little sorry for her. In the same position, come to think of it, he would probably have gone after Judai if Tacey hadn't wished to do the same thing. Though he hated to admit it, Tacey was right. He really was an idiot, though it seemed a bit too late to do anything about it now... or was it? Achan looked closely at his program and made his decision. Tearing a page from the booklet, Achan removed a pen from his pocket and hastily scribbled the words 'I distract you watch' on it before forming the note into a crude minature paper airplane and launching it to Tacey. Without waiting for her reaction, he stepped between her and Manjoume. "Excuse me, Manjoume," he asked, careful not to mispronounce the older duelist's last name, "But why is it that Judai called you 'San-da'? Is that your middle name or something?" He made sure to keep his voice and face the picture of innocence.

November 9th, 2007, 4:50 PM
Everyone so far, reserved. Though I do have a couple of issues I'd like to pick out.

@Evkay: You need to add some more content to your character's persona and physical stature. What you have now is quite vague

@ACC-M: Please follow the form I laid out. Even if you don't like the wording, that's no excuse to go out and change it. Also, if I spell something a certain way, that's how I want it to remain spelled throughout this RP. That means it's zanpakutou. Also, there is no "unsealed" form, and there never has been. The shikai could be considered the "unsealed" form, but in reality there is no real zanpakutou state with that name. And finally, I don't want any invisible blades flying around. It's just one of those things that strikes me as unfair.

Edit: People force me to spell words the American way all of the time... XD Though, zanpakuto and zanpakutou are the only spellings for the weapon that are commonly used, so I want to keep things consistent and stay with one spelling. You're expected to know what's too powerful or otherwise, I shouldn't have to point everything out for you. If I missed something, my bad, I have a lot going on, but I wasn't doing a full scale critique in the first place. Common sense would have suggested that something that almost guarantees an instant kill might be just a little uber in the first place... Anyways, drop it. It's not that big of a deal.

November 12th, 2007, 3:05 PM

Airan Sutorin


Airan is the type of the boy who thinks about the present instead of what his future might bring the past or future. This young man does not like to worry himself with the thought of having to watch his own actions in order to ensure his future is a good one, nor does he wish to look back on the past events of others, or himself, in order to prevent a future mistake. He loves to live for now and his life to the fullest. Always with a wide-eyed grin, the boy is always looking for something to amuse himself, not at all like a serious type. Airan chooses to be the type of person that enjoy's every minute of his entire life that is presented to him at any chance, not by sulking over death or any type of distress that comes his way. Hes a very joyous person with a tendency to be overzealous when battle is upon him, he likes to view such things as fighting as 'play time!' with no remorse about the outcome that follows.

With his luscious silver Layered Fringe hair, Airan is quite a site too behold, his sparkeling grey eyes are his most notable features, they just force people into staring into them endlessly. Though he rarely cares for his looks, Airan tries to stand out from the rest to assert his individuality, his Shinigami outfit to be exact. The outfit, Shinigami, the middle part which bares the chest open till the where the cloth begins, where as regular ones end much sooner then that. The arms are exposed as the sleeves that once covered them up were cut off long ago. Though nearly all of the other Shinigami outfits give off the 'poofy' look, Airan's is quite the opposite. Tightly fastened to himself, with his slender and small body this allows for quick movement during combat.

DIVISION: 3rd Division

SEAT: 3rd Seat

]ZANPAKUTOU: Suchiru Boru {Steel Ball}

SEALED: Like other zanpakutou's Airan's is no different. The only difference that can be noticed that seperates him from the others is the hilt, the hilt has four curved lines against it, North, South, East, and West. At the very end of the curved lines are silver sphere's other then that the Zanpakutou is pretty much normal.

SHIKAI: Amazing sight to witness first hand, though surviving the encounter may prove to be a difficult task. Supin Supin! (Spin Spin!) the release command for Suchiru. The Zanpakutou transfigures into a mace/whip type of weapon, there are a few arrangements to this "whip/mace" however. The whip/mace like material is of pure, as hard as it seems, BENDABLE metal flexible and smooth but weighs what seems a ton! At the very end of this long flexible metal there is a large sphere attached to it, but not just a regular sphere, protounding horns stick out from nearly every direction. You would think it couldn't get anymore amazing then this right? Wrong! Supin Fasutto! after this command, which means Spin Faster, is said whenever Airan whips his Zanpakutou in released form, the large spiked sphere at the end delatches itself from the whip and proceed in a straight line while accelerating its speed.

BANKAI: Supaiki Dorideru! The most devastating form Suchiru Boru can take. Once the bankai is activated, while in shikai form, the whip and the sphere at the end begin to transform into its bankai state. As the sphere disperses in plain sight, it is replaced by a silver 7 foot dreidel, though they bear similar looks like the original dreidel toy, this one has the handle at the top and the bottom as well, with the mid-section being where the most mass is. The mid-section is not bare though, unlike its counterpart, over the entire mid-section there are very sharp spikes protounding from it, able to rip and tear anything it grazes. The whip that was once attached to the sphere that is no more, has been relocated and replaced by two thicker whips, which look more like twelve inch thick metal cables. These black cables are connected at the very top of the handle, and the other one is on the handle at the very bottom, connected also to its tip. According to witness of the Bankai, people believe it to weigh clearly over five-hundred pounds which may or may not be the case for Airan, as the young teenage boy is able to grasp it by the cables and do as he pleases with it, clearly not breaking sweat at that. Thinking that the Bankai is not as strong as it would seem, is a thought that should never cross ones mind, even though a young and small Airan is able to lift such a monstrosity does not mean it isnt heaviest in the least, upon impact, the bankai is able to shatter almost any object it collides into.

SPIRIT: A creature you wouldn't expect Suchiru Boru to be! A being that could send chills into the very core of its enemies if they were to see Suchiru in his true form! She is a..red hedgehog with white tips. Surprisingly, Suchiru is not as scary as one would think if they never encountered her. She is barely the size of a regular basketball, and the friendliest little spirit that you could ever meet. Seeing Airan as more of a big brother, she is ready to please and impress him at any oppurtunity given, she has but one motive and that motive is to not Airan down, ever. Though she looks upto Airan, she is one not to follow in his footsteps, fore she is constantly worrying about the consequences that will fall upon Airan for not carefully watching what he does.

"Yay! Spin! Faster, spin spin!" An excited younger looking Airan was always a boy who loved playing with his toys whenever he had free time, though this day however would be different for him, this was the wrong place and time to bring out his toys. It was after school and Airan was at the neighborhood playground, the playground itself was built at a dangerous location, which was adjacent to the main road. At this time Airan and a few of his friends from school were in a specific area they could play with there favorite toys, spinning tops, this area though was only a few inches away from the road. The tops were not anything to fancy, just ordinary ones that kids would play with against each other calling them "Spinja's", when they collided against each other they were knocked away a short distance, a few inches short. There was a slight breeze in the air which sent shivers running down Airan's back, he simply brushed it off, the kids were enjoying themselves watched the Spinja's "fight", the two fighting were Airan and his friend, Lilian. Lilian's top had the advantage in the little match, and within no time sent Airan's flying, right into the street, with slight jestering and playful teasing from his friends, Airan quickly made his way to the street to pick up his top. Kneeling down to retrieve the toy, Airan wondered how it managed to go such a distance must have been the wind he thought to himself. Cutting him off from his thoughts Airan heard shouting, quickly looking up to see a young man, a high schooler it seemed, in a green uniform running towards him telling him to look out. Confused Airan turned to look to his left when it happened, his face collided with the grill of the car, the young high schooler was too late to save the boy. A boy laid on the road, blood splattered all around, it was clear what happened, clenched within his tiny hands was his prize possession. After that faithful day Airan awoke to find himself in the Junrinan district of what is known as Soul Society.

A few years passed by, and Airan found himself acustomed to his new life and endowed on the situation he was currently in. He understood who Shinigami were, what Hollows were, where he was, and about the Seireitei. What he also understood was that as a spirit he no longer desired the human need of hunger, but oddly, he always found himself needing to put "food" into his stomach. As like all spirits, there taste remains, so it is pretty normal to see a soul eating, in Airan's case though it was a bit different. Whenever food was about him, he vigoursly tore through the meal as if he was starving, it was a tough little life but Airan did not really care. He found himself to like his new life more then his old, no parents to order him around, no school work, he was living the life that he always wanted and that was a lazy one. That all changed on the day Airan met a friend, a friend named Zel. Zel and Airan quickly became the best of friends only after a few days, with Zel being older, at least looking older, then Airan he looked up to him as a sort of big brother type. Zel was looking to making things work for him in the 'now' time, the present. He wasnt really into improving his future or fixing his past, and thus this same way of thinking rubbed off on little Airan at the time. What Zel did want to do though, his dream now that he was no longer among the living, was to become a Soul Reaper, also known as a Shinigami. What drove him to become a Shinigami was the fact that he wanted to look cool, his chances of becoming a shinigami were slim but they were still there, because like Airan, he was hungry, and that meant spiritual energy. He, Zel, met up with a shinigami in the district that took intrest in his spiritual energy and soon enrolled him into the academy. Without a word to Airan, Zel simply left.
A few years later, word reached Airan that Zel was killed by a hollow, saddened for only moment, he quickly brushed it off and simply said "Ah well, what can you do?". By this time Airan hunger was steadily growing, and such was his spiritual energy. The life he once enjoyed, the "lazy life" was beginning to seem dull and odd, it was the same routine everyday, eating food constantly and sleeping. It was time for Airan to follow in his "big brother's" footsteps, but he didnt really look at it like that, he looked at it more of a "time passer" then anything.

After taking the entrance exam, and passing, Airan found himself to be enjoying his shinigami academy life a bit more then it was in the district. He met quite a variety of people here, not any he was too fond of, but ones that he at least felt a bit comfortable with. Among these friends of his was one in particular he took odd liking too, her name was Akarui Kodomo, or rather it was at first. The truth was she was part of the noble Izutori family and was using the name "Kodomo" as a way to hide her identity from being known. Her plan fell through and eventually everyone knew about it, it didnt change much with her though, she was quite the thing around the academy and nothing seemed to change. The two were not close, but they were together talking constantly on occasions. Eventually she graduated and moved onto a squad. Whereas Airan's final year soon followed her's.
Upon graduating Airans squad was the 3rd Divisions, Captain Ichimaru Gin and Lieutenant Izuru Kira. Airan was not impressed easily, and thought of the Lt. to be a coward a person not fit to be Lieutenant. His captain however, stirred an odd feeling inside Airan, Airan looked up to Ichimaru with the same "Big Brother" feeling he had for Zel, constantly trying to mimic the captains "cool" way of talking to people, always attempting to impress the captain when out on missions. Airan struggled through the seat ranks of the 3rd divison, but it wasn't that much of a problem nor was it a difficult task that he could not do.
Eventually after struggling his way to the top, and constant success's on missions, he was soon 3rd seat of the 3rd division despite his apperance, it was a seat worthy of him. During the whole time though he kept tabs on his old friend Akaru, it seemed she was also trying to become strong in her squad and strive to be the best. For a moment Airan was happy for her success.

It was not that long before things in Soul Society started to stir, during the Ryouka invasion it appeared that Captain Ichimaru Gin, along with two other captains, betrayed Soul Society. Abandoning Airan without a word, almost just as Zel did to him countless years ago. This was not the only crisis, the Lieutenant was arrested and detained in a cell. Squads were falling apart and chaos was all over. It took some time, and alot of hard work, but after a few months most of the chaos was under control, and damage was fixed. Though squad 3 was still with no Captain or a Lt., everything appeared to be going fine. That was until news hit Airan of what has become of Akarui this entire time, this not only shocked Airan but also made him feel bad for what has become of her. It was not long after finding out that word of Hitsugaya Toushiro, Captain of Squad 10, Akarui's Captain, was looking for suitable shinigami to investigate what the cause was of Akarui's strange apperance and disapperance rose. Airan felt as though something was telling him to help, he did not want Akarui to disappear without saying a word like Zel and Ichimaru.

SPECIALIZATION: Zanjutsu & Hohou

Daifuku (means, "Rice Cake") - Chiyudo #27, 200 kidou

Description: Daifuku heals muscle fatigue for battles of longer duration. In other words, by forming "oxygen" through a user's reiatsu that replenishes lost energy in a target's muscle tendons, movement is renewed and restored. This therefore enables rejuvenated speed and defense abilities.

Range: Within 2 ft of the target. To cast this, the user guides reiatsu through an open wound, but if none is present, the spell may be cast near the mouth, and if done this way, it creates a sensation in the target like having eaten a Daifuku cake. (>.>)

Incantation: "Cool muscles like the sweetness of the evening and the warmth of the sunrise, let this body replenish... Chiyudo #27, Daifuku.

Fist of Destruction - Hadou #47, 750 Kidou, Arcana special

Description: A special kidou formed by the Arcana, other shinigami have been known to have knowledge of this attack however that in itself has been a rare occurrence. Fist of Destruction takes and wraps Kidou energy around the user's hand. The energy then becomes a bright white. The energy can be extended from the fist for 5ft and the damaged minimized, but the true strength comes from direct contact. When FoD strikes at close range the focused energy will gather into the striking point then explode, blowing apart the stricken object and leaving a searing crater. However, the Arcana were said to have refined the ability so much that it actually tears away at the outer flesh of the user, causing the cracked skin to glow brightly.

Incantation: Judgment of Anubis, god of death, grant me your powers of demise. In my right palm allow me to break through falsehood, to tear though the fabrications of the weak and bestow upon fiends only fatality. Hadou #47, Fist of Destruction

Haneru - Bougyoudo #25, 170 Kidou

Description: The user of this kidou gathers energy into their feet. The energy powers the legs double ones jumping power. The kidou also controls the spiritons around the person’s feet during falls, allowing them to slow their descent even in the spiritual world.

Incantation: Nimble sprite, jackrabbit’s spirit. Strength my legs and help me reach the sky. Bougyoudo #25, Haneru

An estatic person since he was young, Johnny couldnt help but love adventures. A long time ago when Johnny was the ripe age of five, his father, who was a coal miner, was working deep into Mt. Moon, excavating anything they could find, Moon stones and anything valuable. During that day, while Johnny waited for his dad to come home like always an idea came to his head, why doesnt he just go to his dad instead right? Well he had no idea that a coal mining station, none the less Mt. Moon itself, is quite dangerous. From Pewter City, to Mt. Moon, the little boy took on his tiny quest to locate his father. Upon arriving at the entrance and peering inside, he was starting to get a mixed feeling of nervousness and courage. Deep inside the sound of machines could be heard and the vibrations through the ground of said machines could be felt, he followed them, thinking it would lead him to his dad. After walking for two hours, too Johnny two days, he finally found his dad, though he was in a cave with other workers using a very powerful drill. Running through the tunnel he was in, he was closing in on his father's cave entrance, smiling happy knowing he completed his journey, he yelled out to him. This shocked the father to hear his young son in such a place, he accidently dropped the drill which collided with the wall sending very powerful vibrations through it, it caused a cave-in for the father and little Johnny, fore his passage to his father was blocked and the passage he took to get to his father was now sealed off too, it was indeed a powerful drill to perform such a stunt. He cried, he cried viciously thinking he was such a fool to come, his stupidity obtained the better of him he thought. Johnny thought this was how he was going to die, alone, until just then he felt little vibrations coming from underneath him, he moved aside and up popped the head of a little sandshrew. The little sandshrew noticed Johnny was sad and started to entertain the boy, this made Johnny happy and wipe his tears away. After about 30 minutes have gone by, Johnny could hear his father yelling for him, telling him to take cover. As he did, a gigantic steelix plowed through the blockage, his dad saved him. That day he took home the sandshrew as his first pokemon and his companion.

He grew older, stronger, and smarter. Johnny was becoming a man and his father has influenced the teenager alot. Johnny helped his father with the coal mining countless times, and during those times, Johnny would meet many ground type pokemon whom he would play with. His hometown housed the Pewter City Gym, Brock being the leader of said gym. During an excavation, Brock lent his hand to Johnny and his father, during those times, and countless ones after, a friendship with Johnny and Brock was formed. When he was sixteen, Brock told Johnny that he should come to his gym and be what is known as a "Gym Leader Trainer". Able to use benefits from the gym, and also a good place to train Johnny did not turn down the offer and accepted glady. Now that day Brock did not tell Johnny to join because of there friendship, but merely because Johnny was such a skilled trainer, it even crossed his mind that Johnny is very close to succeding Brock, which made him think of the future of the gym.

At current time three years later, Johnny after becoming such a successful trainer, and Brock assisting him to become better, an idea had risen. Brock was informed of a region he did not know much about, one called the "Sinnoh" region, within it held mysterious pokemon he had never seen before, Brock proposed that Johnny go to the land and see the many pokemon, if possible, catch them as well. It wouldnt benefit much for Brock, but he knew Johnny spent almost his entire life in Pewter City, and he needed to leave, to get out, to experience an adventure. From Vermillion to Canalave City, Johnny was very excited to be where he was, a new place, new people, and most of all new pokemon to capture. After wandering about, he has heard of the Solaceon Ruins, Johnny thought this might mean more ground pokemon and without a second notice, he made his way there. Currently in Solaceon Town, he wanders about to the Ruins.

November 12th, 2007, 5:45 PM
Bell, ACC, accepted.
Evkay: You still need more details. And you need to edit your squad and seat numbers, since those are the numbers Akarui has had since this thread went up.
Aira, reserved.

Sorry this is taking so long. Homework and such, you see. x.x

November 13th, 2007, 8:29 PM
NAME: Warabe Kiseki


PERSONA: Warabe is very smart, calculating, and violent, though he tends to act very childish when around others- rarely revealing his true nature. Also, he tends to be rather suspicious, though there are a few he trusts. He has a fascination with blood.

PHYSICAL STATURE: Warabe matches the image he portrays, with innocent seeming blue eyes, a wide nearly perpetual smile, and short blond, nearly white, hair. His skin appears to be lightly tanned. His zanpakutou are kept on the back of each shoulder, within easy reach. He wears a standard Shinigami outfit, with the addition of a straw hat with a red ribbon on the right side.

DIVISION: 8th Division

SEAT: 4th

ZANPAKUTOU: Dageki Ketsueki (Blood Strike)
Dageki is a unique zanpakutou in that, instead of being in the shape of a sword, it resembles two long daggers, both blood red.
In it’s shikai form, Dageki becomes two claws, still red. The claws are coated by a thin layer of blood which continuously renews itself. Dageki has an added effect: “Blood Whip”, which allows Warabe to manipulate the blood on Dageki to form whips for long distance fighting. He can combine the Akekataki kidou with his shikai. Dageki’s release command is “Slice and Dice!”.
Hishou Dageki Ketsueki (Flying Blood Strike). When Dageki’s bankai is activated, Warabe gains red wings with which he can fly, and his whole body, except for his head, is covered by a layer of blood, which, not only can he freely manipulate for a number of offensive purposes, but it heals him. Also, any blood on the battlefield can be added to this layer, meaning the more his opponent or Warabe is injured, the stronger his bankai becomes.
Dageki takes the form of a little kid similar to Warabe, in a blood red kimono. His personality is exactly the same as Warabe’s, except he doesn’t try to hide it.

BIOGRAPHY: In life, before coming to Soul Society, Warabe was a precocious kid who, almost from birth, displayed extremely violent tendencies. He also had high spiritual awareness his whole life, and thus he was able to see the Hollow that killed him, as well as the Shinigami who saved him from becoming a Hollow himself.

Warabe was born in the 2nd District of North Rukongai, and he enlisted in the ShinigamiAcademy because he wanted chances to fight powerful opponents. After graduating and entering the 8th Division, he continued to train in hakuda and rising in the ranks, with the unspoken aspiration to someday be Captain of the 8th Division.

Due to his apparent childlike nature, he was not called on when the preparations against Aizen began. However, he practically begged to be put on Kodomo Akarui’s case.

SPECIALIZATION: hakuda and kidou

"Scarlet Revenge" When the user is injured and bleeding, akekataki will temporarily charge the blood to have an acidic burning property to anything that touches it aside from themselves.

Chant: "Wounds that bleed for vengeance, burn! Bougyoudo #40, Akekataki!"

Chi Chiyudo
This kidou requires a superficial cut or small scratch, any way to access the bloodstream of the patient's body. By touching their hand to the blood coming out of the wound (this is essential), the healer imbues some of his or her healing energy into the blood. This energy is general chiyudo energy. This energy can stay in the blood for 72 hours before dissipating, if not used. The healer must stay in contact with this wound as they work the spell (which takes up to two minutes of energy flooding).

The energy also diffuses into all blood cells it touches. Eventually, unless the patient is bleeding out through another wound, the blood will touch the afflicted area and start to work general healing. This can be used to heal internal damage to a stable level or better, where the body can then take over. Completely healing with this kidou would take up to four uses.

Chant - "Steel is my muscle, yet weak is the body! Now, the sun sets. Will we all stand, or shall you die? Intense sunsets! Chiyudo #24, Chi Chiyudo!"

Bent Soul
The user spreads out both limbs (whether they hold a weapon or not), throwing them out vigorously. As the incantation is spoken he/she then lifts their elbows to face precisely parallel with each other (if used left-to-right) or kitty-corner (if used front-to-back). The effects of the Kidou are to counter any spell applied to those locations (~ 30 cm radiuses, flat) with an equal force of the stored Kidou, and then blasts a spell of equal force back at the user. Because of that, any attack that exceeds the amount placed into this Kidou passes through.

Chant: Away! The light at the end, the darkness beyond. Break! Chiyudo #61, Bent Soul!

Forgotten Punishment
The user of this spell indicates the chosen target by pointing their casting hand with a closed fist pointing down. After finishing the incantation the user then turns over their hand and opens their fist. Five glowing red lights will leave the user’s hand and chase after the chosen target. They will then swarm around the opponent tracing out any and all past wounds. Once every past wound is revealed with a glowing red line, the lights will fade and the wounds will be reopened. The spell only works on a target if they have received even the slightest paper cut. Again this could be potentially fatal, if the target has had several nearly fatal injuries in their past.

Chant: As the flesh of the fighter remembers the wound, so shall your memory be renewed of such afflictions. Hadou # 87, Forgotten Punishment.

Invincible Soul
Description: A powerful barrier of kidou energy wraps around the user’s body, increasing their defenses almost tenfold (figuratively) and washing a healing aura over their body. While wrapped in this shield, attacks from someone with similar or weaker spiritual energy will bounce off the user. Attacks from someone with two times the user’s sp will be stopped in their tracks, and attacks from someone with three times the energy will have to take a few shots at the barrier to crack it.

While, in the barrier a regenerative aura wraps is instilled. The aura will heal most minor wounds in a matter of seconds, and deep gashes will be healed in about a minute. That minute is also the time limit of the spell, and the barrier will dissipate after that.

Because of it’s exhausting effect, the spell can only be used once in a thirty minute period without having a negative effect on the user. If used again before that, the user will be completely drained after the spell disappears again.

Chant: The raging spirit of the warrior and the guardian spirit of the protector guide me. Their great souls grant me strength and lead me to immortality. Chiyudo #79, Invincible Soul.

Police forces around the world mobilize under the direction of one man, the enigmatic detective O, in order to catch the most dangerous criminal ever, Omega. However, Omega may be too much for even O to handle. Not only is he impossilble to catch and too intelligent to trap, but no one would suspect the world's greatest criminal to be in first grade.

A small boy, around seven or eight years of age, walked out of the Yalsame Company building elevator, onto the top floor. Though his eyes were closed, he had no trouble as he strode across the hall. Upon reaching the door on the other side, he opened his eyes. With a sharp crack, the door seemed to blow inwards and then disappear.

"Hmmm... Too easy," He said, smiling while his eyes returned to their previous state, "much too easy." Upon entering the room, he heard a man whimpering from in front of him.

"D-don't hurt me, the man said, "I, I promise I'll--"

"I don't care, Mr. Yalsame," the boy said, "You've done evil, and that's all that matters." Slowly, he walked closer to the man.

"You... You mean I'm going to die?"

"Yes." The boy laughed, a soft, cheerless sound.

"But, who... Who are you?"

"To you, I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am..." He paused for a second, opening his eyes again. "...God!"

Yalsame screamed as his body was seemingly torn apart. After just a moment, he was gone, as quickly and completely as the door had gone.

The boy closed his eyes once more, a sadistic grin spreading over his face. "That was too easy, as always..." He strode to the wall, and, after making a hole in it the same way he had gotten past the door, he jumped out. As he fell to the ground, he laughed again.

"I am Omega!"

November 14th, 2007, 8:09 PM
Evkay, accepted.
pokefan89, declined. You don't have nearly enough information.

I'll start this probably tomorrow night. I'll, of course, allow late signups. So, anyone who has a spot reserved and has yet to finish, please try and finish ASAP.

November 14th, 2007, 8:23 PM
May I ask what is missing?

November 17th, 2007, 2:53 PM
OOC: ...Basically everything. I'm not accepting that little amount of text under each section. It's way too short in length, and serious lacks details. Look at some of the accepted characters to see the general idea of what I'm looking for.

Aira, accepted.

"Rangiku-senpai, why exactly are we in Karakura Town? Hitsu-kun asked us to wait near the senkaimon while he made his report to the Gotei 13..." The crimson haired, crimson eyed, seemingly arrancar girl asked her well endowed Lieutenant as the two rested atop an inactive ferris wheel. "But woooow... It sure is a nice view of the town from up here!" It was hard to believe that this girl had actually just lost her brother, and her humanity (for lack of a better word), based on how she was acting. She seemed more like she hadn't a care in the world, but in reality that was just her way of disguising her misery. She brought her right hand up to her head and stroked the portion of a hollow mask stuck to her head, eventually hurting her finger on one of the spikes. It had only been a day or two, and she still wasn't used to having the mask, nor her bizarre hollow feet.

"Just be silent and wait." Matsumoto Rangiku replied to the 4th seated member in her squad as she kept her eyes on the setting sun. Rangiku was not one to take things seriously, but as of recently things had become a bit too dire. Between the voluntary kidnapping of Orihime Inoue by Sosuke Aizen's faction, the blatant disregard of the orders of Gotei 13 by Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Rukia, and Abarai Renji, and this whole case with Akarui, there wasn't enough sake in the world to keep her easygoing persona constant. Nevertheless, Akarui did as she was told and held her breath. She wasn't really sure why, but ah well.

Then she heard it. The howl of a hollow, and one that was traveling at them fast. The reiatsu became noticeable. It was most likely Adjuchas class based on this new discovery, and Matsumoto was suddenly gone, leaving Akarui with the huge falcon-like hollow that had suddenly appeared before her. It was quite grotesque, actually, too grotesque to bother describing. It didn't take long for the hollow to meet it's match. In fact, Akarui defeated it with a technique off limits to Shinigami, a cero blast.

When the two re-entered Soul Society via senkaimon, they were greeted by a none too happy Hitsugaya Toushiro. "Where were you two?" He muttered coldly, more or less directed at Rangiku. "The rest of the group will be here soon, and it's dangerous to take her out there by yourself."

Her? Akarui repeated in her mind before deciding to speak aloud. "You're mean, Hitsu-kun! I have a name! Besides, Rangiki-senpai wanted to test something! Don't blame her because you didn't think of seeing if I could use cero first!"

"...Cero? Can you?" He murmured back, taking special care to not scold her for calling him Hitsu-kun. This would be an unfortunate development, if she really could. It is a great sin to acquire hollow powers, that's why vaizard were so frowned upon. The ability to use a cero blast would be more than enough grounds to banish her from Soul Society. Hell, the Gotei 13 was already getting enough criticism for permitting her the ability to walk around Soul Society freely in the first place. He crossed his arms as he awaited her answer, a brow raised.

"Well... uh... yeah." Her eyes fell back down to the ground. Her head jolted back up, however, as Rangiku placed her hand on the hollow-girl's shoulder. Hitsugaya was obviously torn with what to do now, and it was obvious by the look on his face that suggested he was thinking, and hard.

After a few minutes, the captain began to speak once more. "We'll continue today as planned. I'll overlook the fact as long as you promise me you won't- What are you doing?"

"I'm pinky swearing~" Akarui replied. She had darted over to the Captain and connected her pinky finger with his own, shaking it up and down. "It's something humans do to make promises." She gave a big grin, revealing the large right canine tooth in her mouth, which stick out from between her lips when she closed her mouth once more. "But... I think I'll have to leave at some point. My eyes, my hair, my white skin, my feet, and this line across my face. Nobody will accept me willingly, not as I am."

"...Let's wait for the others." Hitsugaya played ignorant, and he decided it would only work for now. The truth was, they needed to solve this soon and somehow find a way to revert the effect on her body, or she would be exiled.

OOC: For anyone who doesn't know what the senkaimon is, it's the gate Shinigami use to reach the human world. Anyways, meet outside there. мizuκi was kind enough to sketch a picture of Akarui's mask (http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y39/Daiaki711/akaruimask.jpg), so it's clear to everyone.

November 17th, 2007, 3:46 PM
OOC: continued from RP sample


Saru leaped quickly through the air from building to building as a gentle breeze blowing over soul society seemed to relax his body and flow soothingly through his hair. He closed in on a low temple residency with the appearance of a temple or shrine. Saru could already sense his Captain Soifon's urgency and and impatience with him as he drew closer to the building.

Outside the house, Captain Soifon could be seen pacing restlessly back and forth on the walkway, awaiting her trusted 3rd seat to arrive. Saru appeared before her kneeling low on one knee with his head bowed towards the ground. The captain instantly stopped her pacing and looked sternly at Saru.

Saru instantly began apologizing, "Sorry for my tardiness, Captain. The winds are just blowing so nicely today and I..." He was cut off by Captain Soifon mid-sentence.

"Enough apologizing, you're my 3rd seat now act like it. I have an assignment for you." Captain Soifon said coldly. "It appears there is a suspicious new Shinigami that has been made re-admitted to Squad 10 after a bizarre leave of absence by Hitsugaya Toushiro. This will be an investigation mission, your target is a fair skinned girl with red hair. You'll know her when you see her. We have orders from Captain Yamomoto to watch the new addition closely and take action if need be. You will rendezvous outside the senkaimon and be accompanying Captain Hitsugaya's squad on their latest assignment. Take your best judgment before acting, I trust your decision." She instructed.

"Yes ma'am, I'll find out what i can. And may I add that you look exceptionally radiant today! Are you using a new shampoo maybe?" Saru replied happily.

"Just go." Soifon ordered.

Saru stood up and bowed to his captain then as quickly as he appeared, vanished from sight. Saru resumed his usual preferred method of transportation via rooftop hopping towards the senkaimon. He arrived in short time and landed near the small group that had already formed. Saru smiled at them, observing the group of people and letting his eyes settle on the red headed girl who was his obvious target. Saru quickly stood straight to present himself.

Saru introduced himself with an over exaggerated bow "Captain Toushiro Hitsugaya. I'm Saru Kisaragi, 3rd seat of Captain Soifon's squad #2. Its a pleasure to be under your command for the upcoming mission."

November 17th, 2007, 5:02 PM
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Sendo, along with Gaikotsu. (http://xxcrescendo.deviantart.com/art/Soeki-Sendo-Gaikotsu-Senzai-69610056)

ic;; "And I want a live specimen. If you're so incompetent that you can't catch it alive, then I will settle for a dead one." Mayuri turned his head parallel to the ground and watched his 12th seat carefully to see for any reactions to the grotesque sound of cracking joints.

"Yes sir." Sendo replied, making a show of bowing gracefully, his wrapped hair braid dangling over his shoulder and the tip brushing against the long handle of Gaikotsu. Straightening with a passive expression, Sendo disappeared from his spot in a blur of shunpo, weaving through the loitering shinigami that stood in the hall of the main building of the 12th division. On either side of him, doors flashed passed, shinigami with the latest data on arrancar waved reports in the air, and the arrancar watch shinigami made a big scene about the radar that watched over Karakura Town. Sendo had nothing to do with these people, as though he was 12th seat, he was an essential element of the strange and inhumane operations preformed by Captain Mayuri, as a skeletal structure expert, and one of the few shinigami who didn't turn into a pile of grossed out mush when organs and innards were placed in his hands.

As he neared the senkaimon, he stopped abruptly, kicking up a small cloud of dust as he nonchalantly brushed the settling dirt off of his shihakushō. He glanced up and though no smile graced his sharp features or softened his severe gaze as he stared unblinkingly at Akarui, unashamed.

"I see you are doing well," Sendo said, tilting his head forward teasingly, as he was one of the shinigami who'd assisted Captain Mayuri with the experiments conducted on her, "Hollow-chan."

He'd taken up the habit of referring to her as Hollow-chan, since he often gave pet name's to his experimental subjects. After passing under his scalpel, they were no longer on the same level as himself, in Sendo's opinion, no matter what seat or division they were in.

Not waiting for a response, Sendo turned to the 10th Division's captain, and while he lifted his head high and stared down at the child-captain, Sendo made a show of bowing to him just the same as he did with his own captain, "Soeki Sendo, 12th seat of the 12th division."

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November 17th, 2007, 5:31 PM
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The scarf tied about Hiso's neck fluttered as he slowly stroked his blade. The weapon was nearly half as tall as the young shinigami, and its blade glittered in the sunlight. The reaper of souls whispered, true to his name, as he stroked the blade's blunt edges. "Characal, why the hell did I sign up for this mission?" he murmured to the zanpakutou.

Slowly but surely the spirit of the blade materialized, carrying what appeared to be a dead Hell Butterfly in her mouth. The apparently deceased insect vanished as the winged tabby cat leaped to the shoulder of her shinigami partner. Most likely because you want to know what happened to you when you dreamed. You won't be satisfied until until you know who and what you saw when you handed the reins over to me, she mewed.

"I don't really know whether I want to know. What I saw probably didn't mean anything. It was just a nightmare because I was delirious after using bankai in a weakened state, that was all." Hiso countered, his accent layered with a thick, Middle Eastern tone. "I don't need to know any more then that."

You can't lie to yourself. I am part of you, you know. Characal gently reminded him. Admit it. You want revenge on those beings because you associate them with Bell's death.

"That isn't true!" Hiso shouted. This uncharacteristic outburst was furthered in its strangeness by the fact that to anyone else, he would appear to be talking to himself. Fortunately, the people on the streets of Karakura town could see the brown-skinned, black-robed shinigami no more then his zanpakutou. Hiso returned to his original, soft-spoken tone as he continued. "I mean, that can't be true. I'm not vengeful, not really. Killing hollows is my duty, that's all. I have to make sure that Soul Society and the human world are kept safe at all times. I haven't been fulfilling that duty, so I signed up for a mission, that's all." He sighed once again. "I just wish I knew why I chose this one."

Characal growled, slightly miffed. You can't run from the truth, Hiso. You know that I'm right. Sooner or later, and I'll be proved right. Maybe then you'll stop running from me.

Hiso shook his head. "I haven't been running from you."

What do you call refusing to use bankai? You're afraid of it. Afraid of yourself. Afraid of failing. Have you ever considered that you might learn to control it if you tried using it more often?

Hiso shook his head again. "I couldn't. I can't take the risk of hurting someone."

You simpleton. As I said, I'll be proved right one day. You exist to destroy evil, Hiso. Don't be afraid to use your power to do so. With that parting remark, the cat vanished, leaving Hiso alone. With a sigh, the shinigami turned as he prepared to return through the senkaimon. He couldn't help feeling that if what the spirit of his blade said was true, he probably shouldn't have accepted this mission.

Arriving at Soul Society, Hiso was greeted by one of the strangest sights it had ever been his fortune to make contact with. A girl dressed in a shinigami uniform whose skin had been bleached completely white, with feet resembling those of a deceased ancient reptile and the remains of what appeared to be a hollow mask atop her head talking with the silver-haired Hitsugaya, shinigami captain. To the side, the remains of Hitsugaya's squad could be seen as well as a shinigami that Hiso had never made the acquaintance of before. Stepping forward, Hiso decided now was a good time to make the acquaintance of his team mates. Stepping forward to the strangely afflicted girl, he decided to hold back his feelings of revulsion for a moment and move straight on to the introduction. "Akarui-san, I presume? And Toushiro Hitsugaya?" The Arabian shinigami made a sweeping bow. "I am Hiromi Hiso, here at the leisure of the Sixth Division. I have come to provide assistance as needed on this mission. Please, do not hesitate to provide instruction as needed."

November 17th, 2007, 9:50 PM
This is going to be quite the difficult desicion to make.. This day in particular had Airan full of questions that he knew he himself could not fully provide an answer for. Standing outside of the entrance to Division 3's Quarters, he began to think about the current situation to a better degree. Of course word was about all the shinigami squad quarters of Toushiro Hitsugaya forming a squad in order to investigate the case that was dropped before, which was the case of Akarui's strange dissapperance, and now her re-apperance but in a different physical form. Having not seen her since the shinigami academy day's, he was anxious to be able to see her again and to be able to talk to her about the events that have happened to her ever since. Though this was his desire, he still pondered on his 'questions'.

Now everyone that knows and understands Airan also know that he could careless for the future or past, but he was also not one to simply disregard it altogether. The current situation he had on his shoulders, no more like a burden, was that of who would be able to handle Division 3's leadership and look after them while the one with the current highest position is absent. With no captain, lieutenant, or even a 3rd seat to try and maintain order at the very least worried Airan a little bit, not as much as it would another person. This isnt really why I strived to join the Goeti 13, too look after others as if they were mere children. Pfft as if! With thought in mind, Airan started to hasten his pace to the whereabouts of Captain Hitsugaya, his desicion was made, he was going to help Hitsugaya-no-he was going to help Akarui. Stopping in his short walk, only a few inches from the squad 3 compound, Airan turned to face the building with a cheerful face. You guy's can do it yourself, trust me and take care! Not wanting to make a big scene, Airan scurried away quicker so no one that knew him would spot him.

That question, whether Divison 3 could handle themselves, was not the only thing on his mind, he also pondered upon a few more subjects such as if Akarui would remember him, what if she was horribly disfigured as some have said would he recgonize her? To think such things sickened him, he knew even if it were the case that she was horribly disfigured, he would not care of the matter, friends were friends were they not? Cutting one loose from the "friend" title before even talking it out struck acord in Airan's mind, memories in particular. Airan was already almost there, Hitsugaya's reiatsu was in the air, though it was faint, it was traceable. Using shunpo Airan tripled his pace in order to meet the captain before it was too late.

Landing only a few feet away, he noticed Captain Toushiro and his Lieutenant Rangiku along with a few other odd characters about them, he proceeded towards the group with caution as to where Akarui was. Upon closing the gap between himself and the captain, he noticed that what people have been saying is true, Captain Hitsugaya Toushiro was indeed short, as Airan looked at him right in the eye, he realized this was the very first time he has seen him. "Taicho! I am Division 3's, 3rd Seat, Airan Sutorin. The reason for my apperance is so that I can help further with your investigation of the Akarui case." Finishing what he was saying, Airan began to rose from the kneeling position he had took when speaking to Captain Toushiro. Looking around at the few shinigami that have gathered, he noticed one of them in particular that was completley different from the rest. This made Airan react in a hastened manner, quickly placing his hand on his Zanpakutou with a wide grin spreading across his face, ready to attack the Arrancar in front of him, before thinking to himself. ..Wait a minute..I thought that Akarui was supposed to be here? What is with this creature as well? Its body is odd, yet very human..no way it couldnt be!. Taking his hand off the weapon, Airan calmly spoke to the arrancar type of person in a soft tone. "You, red head..you wouldn't happen to be..Akarui??"

November 22nd, 2007, 4:40 PM
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"Hmph." Akarui spat, first towards Sendo for the nickname of 'Hollow-chan', and then at Airan for not realizing it was her right that instant, which she considered much more severe of an offense. "I thought at least you of all people would recognize me, Airan-kun. I guess it seems everyone does want me dead." She was obviously making reference to the fact that he had almost pointed his blade at her. Her voice hinted ever so discreetly at depression, something only someone who truly knew her would catch, but for the most part she seemed like she was telling him off like a friend would. "I'm not a different person, you know. I'm still me... on the inside."

She jolted forward at full force, nearly plowing into Airan as something dealt her a heavy blow to the back. After regaining her composure, Akarui spun around to catch sight of the culprit, who waved her a seductive wave. "Now you two have been in different squads for a while, you two should catch up~." Rangiku exclaimed happily as she placed her hands on her hips. Akarui sweatdropped, before glancing at her captain whom had remained silent as everyone arrived, only nodding to acknowledge them. She never really could read what that boy was thinking like she could with most people. He was always so calm, so cool, so cold. With everyone as far as he could tell present, he began, with his arms crossed.

"Thank you all for taking the time to join this team. With the imminent threat of Aizen's attack, and with the nature of this mission, we truly appreciate your presence." His voice, per usual, lacked most emotion other than determination. It was a voice of great authority to everyone, and it demanded attention. "As you should all be aware, this unusual girl (Akarui's eye contact with the rest of the group broke at this point) is the 4th seat of my squad, Kodomo Akarui." He gestured to her, and carried on. "As you can tell, she is far from your usual Shinigami, and closely resembles an arrancar. If you have any issues with working with this type of person, I'd like you to leave now, as our mission involves hunting down the cause of her metamorphosis. To do so, we'll need to investigate many things, such as the gates of Hell. Once again, if you have any qualms with this, you may leave now."

November 23rd, 2007, 11:47 AM
Sendo cleared his throat, averting his gaze as he thought towards Akarui's words, 'No need to go overboard with the self-pity there.'

He drummed his fingers on the bone of Gaikotsu, leaning his weight on one leg to indicate that he wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. He was rather disappointed that Akarui had given him very little response towards his pet-name for her. Most people would flip out in anger, seeing as experiments conducted weren't usually pleasant, and it was never really a memory many people wanted to remember. Either way...

"So basically we're on a wild goose hunt to find a hollow that sinned in it's lifetime." Sendo said, unimpressed, preferring the idea of inventing something to summon the gates artificially, "So essentially, we'll only have a fraction of the time to study the gates." He sighed, and folded his arms. What he was most interested in, was what exactly would happen if Akarui was to undergo the transformation process that she obviously had gone through, again. Would she become a full-fledged hollow? Perhaps, she'd become a full-fledged hollow, simply with a concious state of mind?

Sendo looked to Hitsugaya with a bored look, "Regardless, I've no qualms. I've already made my promises that I will preform no further tests on Hollow-chan, so you can rest assured that she's quite safe from the scientific benefit on this mission."

November 23rd, 2007, 1:14 PM
Saru watched in silence as the other Shinigami greeted each other, ignoring his presence. That was okay though, it was better not to get too close to this team, for he was here to do what the others would not have the heart to do.

"These others seem to have a lot more emotional involvement in this mission than I do...This could be difficult if the situation arises where i need to react with force against the girl..." Saru thought to himself as he clicked his zanpaktou anxiously in and out of its sheath and scanning the group again, this time measuring their first impression appearances on strength. He looked at Captain Hitsugaya who had been talking in the background of his thoughts as he addressed the team that would be going on the mission.

Saru crouched low, balancing on his heels with his toes wiggling in the dirt while still fidgeting with his zanpaktou restlessly. He was no so used to standing still or being on flat ground for so long, it was just discomforting. He looked up and finally responded to Captain Hitsugaya.

"On behalf of squad 2 and Captain Soifon, you have my full support and backing, Captain Hitsugaya" Saru responded assuringly while putting forth his best official sounding voice. He really despised this part of any mission... the gathering and waiting to leave. After speaking he began bouncing anxiously then stood up again and stretched high into the air then returned his arm to the persistent clicking of his zanpaktou going in and out of the sheath. He looked around once again to see if anyone else was as ready to leave as he was.

November 24th, 2007, 2:21 PM
"Hey, watch it there!" Airan tried to grab Akarui when it seemed as though she was going to charge into him for what he did, though it appeared she only stumbled so Airan let it be. Looking around at his current situaiton, he began to fold his hands into themselves, but not before feeling a sticky watery substance on his hand. "Guh, thats gross!" Airan was wiping off the spit on his hand which Akarui spat. It was obvious what he did was extremly offensive and hurtful towards her, he himself knew and looked at her. "Aky! You know I know I was just kidding around with the whole pull-my-sword-I-cut-you thing, right? With all the events that has happened its only right for me to be cautious once and awhile, right??" Laughing faintly and rubbing the back of his head, Airan was trying desperatly to redeem himself. "Besides" advancing on her and grabbing her hand, "We'd always be friends, no matter what, it's why im here right??" With a sly smirk, Airan released her hand letting what he said sink in.

Taking notice to the other shinigami, it seemed like everything was going to start moving in effect now. The average sized captain Hitsugaya Toushiro was giving his speech on the events that were just about to take place revolving around this new team. Once Toushiro started when he referred to Akarui as an "Unusual Girl", it made Airan scoff at his negligence towards her feelings. Simply brushing it off, Airan continued to listen to the captain's words. It was clear to him, and hopefully to all the others, Hitsugaya was being very serious and was not kidding around, though this matter was not as important to cover the betrayl of the captains. It was one that should be, and IS, duely noted as something that needs to be uncovered and explained. "Well Taichou, I have no problems with what you have been saying, when do we start?" Smiling at the thought of what could be in store for them in the realm of Hell.

Scarlet Weather
November 27th, 2007, 3:21 PM
OOC: I'm sorry that Archsage needed to "Oi" me to start this off. I am ashamed. *bows deeply in sorrow*

Hiso stared at the mismatched group. He knew from a few run-ins in the past that the one Akarui had scolded for referring to her as "Hollow-Chan" was in fact one of Mayuri's subordinates. He felt like groaning. Mayuri was quite possibly the most disgusting shinigami on the force, and he felt that the captain's unorthodox research methods were grotesque and quite inferior to those of Kisuke Urahara. Given the choice, he might have forgiven Urahara and invited him back to Seireiterei. But the choice was not his, and was not likely to ever be. As his mind wandered down this rabbit trail, he was startled as the new shinigami, who seemed to be of the bubbly, airheaded type, actuallt grasped the hand of the grotesque Akarui. It was hard for Hiso to conceal his revulsion. After all, he couldn't look at the girl without remembering the screeching laughter of hollows, the massive swarm of them, the fight against insurmountable odds followed by Bell's death...

The words of Characal repeated themselves in a sing-song tone to him. You want revenge, you want revenge, you want revenge...

Shut up, Hiso whispered mentally as he closed his eyes so as not to reveal the pained expression in them to his colleauges. Aloud, he turned to Airan and shook his head. "Don't get overexcited. We haven't even made contact with the enemy, and already you seem to be on edge. If you don't relax, you might end up jeapordizing this mission." His statement thus finished, he focused his gaze on Hitsugaya. "Captain, I'm ready to follow you into battle. I must ask you, however, why we are taking the girl with us. Clearly, her exposure to this place has changed her completely. What will happen to her with further exposure? Could it not result in a worse change?"

November 28th, 2007, 2:22 PM
The repeated use of the nicknames 'Hollow-chan' was like a large brick to the head for Akarui every time Sendo spoke it. He was already one of the men who 'violated' her during testing, and now he couldn't even let that offensive nickname go. This was a strange group of shinigami, and Matsumoto aside, she was the only girl. For the most part, the group looked at her with cautious eyes, as if they questioned her intentions, her personality. It made her very uncomfortable. Out of all of these people, the ones named Saru and Hiso made her the most uncomfortable. There was just something about them that suggested they thought of her as almost an enemy. Akarui snapped out of her little train of thought when Airan grabbed her hand, which made the hollow girl's face turn slightly red for a short moment before it faded. What he said was true, but she couldn't bring herself to acknowledge it through words. Truth be told, she wasn't sure of anything anymore. As some of the shinigami pointed out, there was the possibility that she would mutate further, and she decided to speak up. "If that happens... I've told Hitsu-kun he can kill me... But I want to go, even with that risk. My brother is missing, after all." Most of her words came out in a large, sorrowful sigh as she walked to the side of her captain, placing her white hands at her sides.

"That's IF it comes to it." Captain Hitsugaya added as he approached the Senkaimon, the gates opening the accommodate the travels of the missionary group. "Anyways, upon exiting the Senkaimon, we will find ourselves outside the Urahara shop in Karakura Town. From there, we will waste no time. Using Hollow bait, we'll draw as many as possible to our location and fight until one triggers the gate. Our goal for now is nothing more than to examine any oddities, if any, with the gate. Our next move will depend on what we find." With nothing more to say, he stepped through the Senkaimon, Matsumoto and Akarui following suite. When the appeared once more, they were before the doors of the Urahara shop, and Hitsugaya wasted no town breaking the hollow bait, various hollow screams echoing through the air as the three drew their zanpakutou, although Akarui struggled for a moment as her charred zanpakutou seemed stuck, but she eventually got it free.

November 28th, 2007, 2:54 PM
"So she has placed the responsibility upon Captain Hitsugaya to end her life if things get out of hand... Thats a relief, I don't know if i could actually handle killing another Shinigami like that... even if she is from a different squad. But will the captain really have what it takes to finish her if the time comes..."Saru stared into no where thinking seriously to himself. His morals and mission priorities were clashing inside his head fighting for superiority. "Just do the mission Saru...Just do the mission, figure out what we need to, and you wont even need to do the unthinkable to the girl...ya..." He thought to himself with his face showing an obviously distraught expression.

He finally brought his attention back to the present situation. He looked up to see Captain Hitsugaya walk through the Senkaimon with Matsumoto and Akarui. Saru immediately jumped up excitedly and walked towards the Senkaimon. He looked back to the other Shinigami as if trying to see and make sure they're coming. He turned back and stepped through. Upon exiting the other end, he was welcomed by a mass of hollows, Captain Hitsugaya had clearly already broken the bait. The hollows were great in number but all seemed to be relatively weak.

"Sorry Seishuku Kaze, no need to release you quite yet...you would just make fun of me for needing you against weaklings" He said aloud while chuckling softly to his zanpaktou. Finishing his sentence, he drew his zanpaktou halfway before vanishing into the air and beginning combat.

Scarlet Weather
November 28th, 2007, 5:06 PM
Hiso's face paled slightly, though this was masked by the dark color of his skin. The hollows here reminded him so much of the swarm he had encountered on the eve of Bell's death. Gripping Characal's hilt tightly, he lowered the point to face a charging hollow. "Die, vermin," he muttered before passing the pointed tip effortlessly through the creature's mask. The monster screamed and died as Hiso leapt into the air, searching for another hollow. "Captain! Move everyone to a safer distance! I'm going to see if I can't clear our path using Desert Tomb!" he called over the seething hollows as he made his preparations. The swarm of hollows was massive, he knew, but numbers didn't matter provided that he could draw a complete circle. Focusing with his blade again, he shouted the release command: "Cut away, Characal!"

Characal appeared, smirking at her wielder. You have no objection to using Shikai, I notice. This group would be fun to play with in bankai, she mewed.

Hiso shook his head as the blade of his zanpakutou shrank to the size of a medical scalpel and became encased in a purple glow. Slowly, the shinigami began to fade from sight as he lifted his hands in response to a group of charging hollows. "The south gate is broken. The north gate scatters unleashing my potential. Ablaze is my soul, impossible to touch. Hadou #15, Defusion!" he cried. The moment his voice died away, about four of the hollows reeled back as blades of purple energy sliced their bodies, decaptitating at least one and amputating limbs from the others. Not wasting his time, Hiso quickly dispatched two hollows with a quick slash to the neck, followed by a quick shunpo which placed him alongside Akarui, who had hefted a charred zanpakutou. "Tell the others to move back once they see stone pillars falling," he muttered, "Once my invisibility is complete I'm going to see if I can't take care of a few of these guys." His mission accomplished, Hiso plunged back into combat with his scalpel held high, dispensing defusion attacks as needed to keep hollows from his back. It would take another few minutes to vanish, he knew. Once he did, however, it was only a matter of drawing the circle without being noticed.

November 28th, 2007, 7:08 PM
Stepping out of the Senkaimon, Sendo brushed off his hakama and stared expressionless at the swarm of hollows attracted by the bait. He was just in time to hear the sixth division shinigami announce to move everyone back. Sendo personally thought this was somewhat arrogant, but said nothing in protest, nor did he move back. All he did was step aside, out of anyone else’s way, and unsheathe Gaikotsu in silence. Grasping the femur bone handle with both hands, he let the sword spin around his right hand in a circle.

“Moushide Oujou, Gaikotsu.” Sendo’s voice came as his left hand caught the sword so it was pointing upright again. The sword was unchanged, even though the order to release had already been given. Sendo loosened his grip and let the blade fall away from him, grasping it again when it was parallel to the ground, and with his right hand, pulled the handle toward him, while placing the left hand on top of the small square tipped blade and letting it slide across the smooth cold surface away from himself. With the second movement, the blade grew to it’s claymore size, and two extra femur bones grew out from the sides of the first, perpendicular to the ground, a circular fanged mouth set in the dead center of the cross created by the new bones, handle, and blade. Gaikotsu finally released, Sendo let the square tip fall heavily into the ground, and left it jutting from the ground as he let one hand rest on the end of the handle. He was only observing the battle, it seemed, but the mouth on the blade was quite active, sucking in the thick Hollow reiatsu at a painfully slow, but constant rate.

Sendo kept a keen eye out for anything that looked like the Gates of Hell. The gigantic skeletons that were constantly welded into the doors were like a treat to Sendo, just to see those great masses of bones. But now he would have three things to savor when the Gates appeared; The first, watching a hollow suffer a very brutal and gory entry to Hell, the second, the skeletons themselves, and the fresh new reason, the chance to study exactly what phenomenon had caused Akarui to mutate like she had.

He prepared himself to make a very clear description, so as not to disappoint Captain Mayuri.

December 1st, 2007, 3:25 PM
"Gotcha' Taicho!" Responding to the instructions Captain Hitsguaya has just given them, Airan watched as all the Shinigami's made there way through the portal and eventually onto the other side, being the last one before the gate Airan paused for a moment to reflect. This was it. He quietly thought to himself, he was struggling just a tad within himself about 3rd Divisions situation. They can do it, no doubt. Otherwise they wouldn't be in HIS squad.. Turning towards the Senkaimon, a desicion was made, it was time to help a crisis at hand rather then look after a bunch of other Shinigami's. Glancing back towards the rather large squad 3 building as it loomed over others, Airan knew it was time to depart. Hastly making his way to the Senkaimon, he took one look back and then turned around towards the Senkaimon. Taking just a few steps forward, he stumbled into it!

"Ouch!.." Landing flat on his back on the recieiving end of the gateway, Airan rose and brushed himself off. Taking note of the scene he realized that today there was going to be quite a number of enjoyable battles. Looking around he noticed all the shinigami in action, also Akarui struggling with her Zanpakutou. "SO SLOPPY! Ha." Airan was laughing to himself at the sight, but soon turned away to look at the others in action. A shinigami from earlier was getting pretty serious and confident in his abilities, it was confidence to the point of him instructing the rest of us to fall back while he took care of them. Airan shouted in response in a playful tone "Hey BUDDY! Yeah..lets not and say we did." Smiling, Airan was now placing his hands onto his hilt "Ready little sis- whoa" A massive hollow launched himself at Airan without hesitation, this however, did not trouble him. With a sudden side step and a crushing hit to the Hollow's mask, it collapsed. "Geez! No manners or morales, wouldn't even let me finish talking or unsheath, thats what you get!" Sticking his tounge out at the Hollow that was now disinegrating, Airan resumed his pose.

"Lets try this again shall we!?" Grinning, he unsheathed the Zanpakutou without a moment's waste. Looking over at the creepy looking shinigami and his Zanpakutou, it was time for Airan to release as well. "Well since EVERYONE is doing it, why not??" Grinning again, Airan pointed to the sky and shouted "Supin Supin, Suchiru!" With the words spoken, the Zanpakutou started to take its shape. Shoving the sheath into the ground, Airan took a few steps away from it "Oi! Suchiru, you go ahead and hurry up with your changing okay?!" Airan adjusted himself, taking a pose which meant he was casting a Kidou. "Nimble sprite, jackrabbit’s spirit. Strength my legs and help me reach the sky. Bougyoudo #25, Haneru!" With the glow that surrounded his legs, Airan was now ready for some serious combat. "Suchiru! Lets go!" Blinking would have missed the phenomenon that just took place. In a instant
Airan was at his current location, and next right beside Suchiru, which by the way was now released in its Shikai state. Yanking it out of the ground, the heavy spiked sphere at the end clanged against the ground.

What happened next could not be more described then a circus act. Equipped with the speed and jumping abilities the Kidou granted him, along with his own speed and jumping made Airan fight at a remarkable pace. Flipping from his current spot high into the air, he came down hard on a Hollow's mask, crushing its face into itself. Leaping from the Hollow, that was obviously crushed, Airan swung the Zanpakutou into the side of a nearby Hollow's arm, shattering the bones within it. As the hollow screeched in pain, Airan quickly made due with it by swinging the sphere once again, but this time threw it's stomach. Quickly moving, Airan took a jump into the sky too have a view of the current situation. "..Wow, there are quite a few Hollow's that are beginning to surround us! This makes it much more fun, hehe" Returning to the ground, Airan prepared himself for more combat.

Scarlet Weather
December 1st, 2007, 3:53 PM
By this time, Hiso's invisibility was almost complete. Only a dim outline of his features as well as the purple glow of his blade marked his position. Grimly he turned and faced an oncoming hollow and muttered "Raise thy Crest!" as he swung his tiny sword at it. As he did so, the purple blade elongated itself to its former status effectively cleaving the unfortunate creature's mask in two. Without pausing, Hiso returned his zanpakutou to its shortened state and raced past another group, this one leering. The hollow bait was becoming a bit too effective for Hiso's taste. If another group of the demonic creatures came, the inhabitants of Karakura town would be in trouble with the stragglers. As this thought occured to the shinigami his body immediately vanished from the vision of any hollows, as well as any trace of spiritual pressure. Except for the two-inch blade of his knife, he was effectively unseeable. Satisfied that the operation could now be completed, Hiso proceeded to return to the side of Akarui, only to see the other shinigami, the one he had warned about getting too excited. Hiso could see he was becoming a bit overconfident, though he had to admit that the unusual zanpakutou was efficiently disposing of any hollows within his path. Drawing up alongside his ally, Hiso whispered the details of his plan. "Don't bother looking for me, I'm cloaked right now. I'm going to perform a kidou that'll turn the area into quicksand. I advise you to warn the others to move back three meters and keep the hollows at that line so that I can draw the circle more efficiently. If you plan on remaining here while I cast it, be my guest."

His piece thus finished, Hiso lifted his finger. With a thundering voice, he chanted another incantation. "Poseidon, almighty over Earth. Land to sea, shockwaves, immense destruction. To the ends of the land, to the grounds of the Seven Seas! Rise and affront to one's toll! Hadou #19, Cosmos Summit!" As his voice died away, a group of carved stone pedestals covered with ornate designs of fierce-looking deities appeared in the sky, each falling and crushing the life out of a hapless creature of one sort or another. Hiso smiled slightly. This kidou was one of his particular favorites, though a bit overly showy for one whose entire method of fighting relied on invisibility and attacking without detection. Moving quickly, Hiso stepped to the position which he had indicated as the beggining of his line of the circle. Placing his blade on the ground, he began to run in a large, arcing line that encircled as many hollows as he felt he could safely encompass. As he did so, he reflected on the details of Desert Tomb's proper use. In order for a perfect casting of the kidou to be successful, the caster had to complete his circle at the exact point where he had begun drawing it. The target had to remain inside the circle. And finally, the shinigami had to cast the kidou the moment the circle was completed. If he did not, the attack would fail. Knowing that such a large group of hollows would be trouble even for experienced shinigami if he could not reduce their mass, Hiso continued his task.

Bankai! Just use bankai! Five minutes is all it will take, then they'll all be dead! Characal insisted.

"As will my team members. Don't be absurd!" Hiso countered.

A group of hollows turned, recognizing the sound of Hiso's voice.

Cursing his zanpakutou, Hiso pointed a finger. "Bakudou #26, Atlas!"

The hollows staggered momentarily as invisible weights fell from the air, effectively trapping the creatures.

December 8th, 2007, 12:31 PM
Hitsugaya sighed. This group was getting way too worked up over nothing. These weren't even menos class hollows, just your run of the mill, everyday, weak little hollows. While they were numerous, that didn't change the fact that they should have been dealt with without utilizing too much energy. If something out of the ordinary were to appear, and any of these shinigami had tired themselves out on the small fry, they'd be severely disadvantaged. There was one in particular, Hiso, that concerned the captain. The way he was overdoing it, it almost seemed like he held a personal grudge against the unguided souls. Akarui, however, was proving to be a problem for completely different reasons. She was firing off one shot of Beniikazuchi after another, but most of the time her aim was off. She was hesitating. It could have been for a number of reasons as well, considering the trauma she had undergone recently. For one, she could just be distracted due to the trauma, though on the other hand she could be afraid of the truth, of what happened to her brother. There was also the more disturbing possibility that she just didn't want to hurt the hollows. The extent to which she had been changed had never been confirmed, and there was the chance that she had also undergone some mental changes as well. Common sense would suggest removing her from the battle, but Hitsugaya knew her condition was one that needed to be observed and understood, in case it was ever to occur again.


The loud bang was followed by a disturbing roar not unlike that of a hollow, but it was someone different, twisted as if there were nails against a chalkboard scraping in it's vocal cords. In turn, this caused the remaining hollows to flee. The captain spun around just to see the gates of hell erupt a few blocks away into it's apartment like proportions, dying the evening sky a crimson red similar in colour to the hollow-girl's hair and eyes, which was not a usual characteristic of the gate. "Taichou!" Matsumoto shouted to Hitsugaya, obvious panic in her voice. "Aka-hime's eyes glazed over and then she ran off towards the gate!"

"...Dammit!" Hitsugaya shouted as he turned to the rest of the group. He had only taken his eyes off of her for a second! "We're pursuing her, head towards the gate!" Upon arriving at the gate, the captain found himself lost for words. The gate was wide open, revealing the flaming pits of hell. However, it was what stood before the gate that was the most disturbing. Hollows, hundreds of them, their masks died crimson and their bodies twisted to forms similar to demented arrancar. The made no further movements, however, and just eyed the shinigami carefully from a distance as they arrived. On the ground before them, Akarui had collapsed into a semi conscious state, her body apparently ripped up by a blade as some sort. Matsumoto ran over to pick her up, and the girl murmured a quiet apology before passing out. With that said and done, the gate slammed itself shut and sunk into the ground below, leaving the strange hollows to disappear into the world.

Hitsugaya made no attempt to follow the fleeing spirits. What good would it do? There were just to many. He just watched the spot in which the gate had just stood moments before, as if he was expecting it to rise again. "Dammit, just what the hell were those? How did they get here?"

"I think Aka-hime might be responsible..." Matsumoto sighed as she glanced at the unconscious girl in her hands.

December 8th, 2007, 2:42 PM
Saru battled swiftly and quietly as he fought through the mass of hollows drifting in and out of plain sight launching quick lethal blows then vanishing into the air again. He watched the other Shinigami battle with disgust and noticed Captain Hitsugaya's obviously mutual feeling of their fighting styles.

"Releasing their zanpaktou for such a minor situation... what the hell do they think they're doing... are they really that weak or just playing. There are obvious flaws in this team that I need to sidestep in order to accomplish this mission acceptably ---" Saru thought to himself while zipping in and out of battle. His thoughts were suddenly cut short by an ear splitting scream.

Saru immediately turned to Captain Hitsugaya who was yelling for the other Shinigami to follow the hollow girl into the gate. Without hesitation, Saru spun his zanpaktou and sheathed it quickly, and began to head towards the massive gates that were rising ahead of them. Saru's eyes narrowed as his full sprint slowed to a stop beside the captain. Saru stared intensely at the gate, the malicious looking hollows gave no sound... no motion. The hollow girl laying on the ground before them with Lieutenant Matsumoto tending to her. The gate suddenly retreated back underground.

Saru stared blankly into the area where the gates had been. In his years of fighting hollows he had never seen that form of hollow before... and the masks, it was all just unreal. The surrounding area gave way to an eerie silence. A breeze blew softly around the shinigami as Saru's eyes finally shifted to the hollow girl on the ground. She was badly injured.

Saru quickly leaped beside her and Matsumoto and kneeled low, looking at the hollow girl closely for the first time. Despite the hollow appearance, she had a gentle face, not the face of a threat. He reached his hand into the inside of his robe and fished out a small sack and handed it to Matsumoto.

"Here...for her wounds, you'll need to administer the care though, i'm sure she doesn't want some strange boy seeing her like this." Saru said calmly. He stood up and turned around to face Hitsugaya. "What do we do now, Captain Hitsugaya? We may want a stricter plan after seeing what happens when we just unleash chaos in order to open the gate." He said with a serious expression while looking towards the other Shinigami almost accusingly.

December 8th, 2007, 2:58 PM
OOC: For corrective purposes, we're OUTSIDE the gate, not INSIDE.

December 9th, 2007, 12:43 AM
Sendo was strangely one of the first to arrive at the gate after being ordered to pursue the dearest Hollow-chan. No, not for her sake. As the minute he got there, he thought to leap right into the gate and wrench one of those fascinating hollows out, to catch it for Captain Mayuri. But his gaze shot to Akarui, who was badly beaten on the ground, and he thought better of it.

He stared silently at the Hollows, who stared back, in equal silence. The masks intrigued Sendo the most, and he scanned them intently, catching himself a glimpse of what was behind them, though to him he saw only a swirling mass of black darkness. He didn't even notice the gate had shut itself as he lost himself in calculating thoughts, about what exactly those obviously derranged hollows could be the product of. Sendo dearly wanted to try and create one from a regular hollow. But it would be, as the comittee would surely say, 'inhumane'. He was snapped out of his thoughts by Captain Hitsugaya's question, and he paid close attention to the conversation from there on out, as odd as it was for someone like him.

Sendo flared at Saru's words, his accusing gaze, and almost reached out for the other shinigami's collar. He knew that everyone thought that releasing his zanpakuto had been a stupid, energy wasting thing. But it wasn't, and Sendo knew that well enough. And so tightening his grip on the handle of his zanpakuto, which was still sucking kidou from the air, he let a dark and annoyed expression cross his normally indifferent face. Who did those shinigami think they were? Compared to Sendo, who was actually the only useful one here, the only one who could actually study the effects and produce useful results, who were they to criticize him? Of course, he couldn't be sure of this, and so to avoid any unesseccary conflicts, merely swung his claymore to the side, and it returned to it's sealed state, sheathing the sword before he began to speak.

"Regardless of the chaos, I don't think even the most moronic shinigami would assume that the hollows would line-up one after the other so we could kill them in an orderly way, so unless you've suddenly invented a way to keep Hollows from swarming after setting out hollow bait, I suggest you keep you unwanted opinions to yourself. If we had the time to find a way to open the gate, then I would already be working on it." Sendo said coldly, laying a cold and unimpressed eye on Saru before turning to look at Captain Hitsugaya, "It's early, and the mission has only just begun, but I think it'd be for the best if we returned to Soul Society for a short amount of time. Enough for Akarui to heal in 4th Division, and enough for me to extract the kidou that Gaikotsu consumed so that 12th Division can study it. I think it would be in our best interest to give 12th Division more time to gather data, so we know what to expect the next time, and also to avoid anything like what happened to Akarui happening again."

Sendo folded his arms, glancing at the place where the Gates of Hell had once been, before it had disappeared. He wanted one of those masks to add to his collection. Were those masks really crimson? Or were they simply covered in blood? What strange hollows. He'd never truly thought about it. What happened to hollows after they were condemned to hell. Was that what happened to hollows? Those strange twisted beings? Sendo turned his flat eyes to look at Akarui again, having only pronounced her proper name because she was unconcious.

And was Akarui what happened to shinigami who found themselves past the gates to the other side?