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November 18th, 2007, 11:44 AM
Yes! I'm back! I hope this new comic is great!:)

Sprite Comic Rules
5. Joining comics is now allowed. :D
3rd gen sprites can be altered by me to 4th gens!

The Title (http://i11.tinypic.com/89kd1co.png)

The Trainers
From Left to Right.

Age: 13
Pokemon: Treeko

Age: 13
Pokemon: Mudkip

Age: 13
Pokemon: None.
The Gym Leaders
From Left to Right.

No Data Collected.


Chapter 1: To Rustboro City!
Episode 1: Off the ship! (http://i4.tinypic.com/86gox80.png)
Episode 2: Pokemon. (http://i11.tinypic.com/82o279x.png)
Episode 3: The Mission. (http://i6.tinypic.com/879act4.png)

Credit to:
The Spriters Resource,
Nintendo, The Pokemon Company,
Tinypic, The PokeCommunity,
GOD, The Lord!!!
And you lot! All five of you! ;)

Matt Silver
November 19th, 2007, 12:56 AM
OMG! How do those people fit in the small doors?

In future, it looks realllllly wierd (Maybe just to me) to see DP Sprites on the 3rd gen maps, so maybe change? Anyway, the story seems original enough (For a journey or whatever) but it's still early days.
Focus on fine tuning grammar and spelling, but it is mostly good. Keep going though adwajr! Welcome back btw.

November 19th, 2007, 10:47 AM
I am not really for mixing styles... it would be better to stick to R/S/E for this.

November 24th, 2007, 6:17 AM
Me neither . I don't like this much. Its kinds confusing.