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November 24th, 2007, 8:06 PM
Sinnoh, quite a beautiful, most recent region in the world of Pokemon. A large island, like the Hoenn Region, unlike the two connected regions of Kanto and Johto. From these regions, come the marvelous creatures known as Pokemon. Common ones in grasslands, the sea, the sky. These creatures live everywhere in the world, alongside humans, balancing each other out. Engaging in combat, or just as pets, this is how Pokemon interacted with humans.

However, there is a small group of Pokemon that never, if barely interact with Pokemon trainers. This set of Pokemon, are known as Legendary Pokemon, containing immense power, more powerful than the normal Pokemon. Some created in labs for evil purposes, others even from space, these Pokemon's powers baffled even the greatest minds.

Though, there are even groups of humans who let their mind baffles go too far. The baffles and strives for power can corrupt a persons mind, to the point where an evil team if formed. A group so evil, that it will do anything to gain power, whether this being hurting a Pokemon, or trapping it, the evil teams do it for strong Pokemon, to gain power, to make themselves known and feared throughout the land in which they thrive.

The evil team of Sinnoh is known as Team Galactic, an evil team whose attempts at power were thwarted by the average run of the mill trainer standing up to them. The team has been out of business ever since then, a total of two years from the present day. But, just because Team Galactic is out of business, doesn't mean it still hasn't been planning for an evil comeback. It has, for the two years, working in underground procedures, ready for one day to make a comeback.

The leader, known as Cyrus, a rather crazy man, has been watching his target for a good time now, inspecting from the Earth, into the Ozone Layer. The Pokemon he has been examining, is a rather powerful one, known as Rayquaza. This Pokemon has the ability to settle the powers of nature, all while having an immense amount of power at the same time. In the wrong hands, it could decay the earth around it, cause mayhem, rule the region, and the world as we know it.

Who will stop Team Galactic if this feat is accomplished? None other than the average trainers of today, like the trainers of yesterday who battled their way out, coming out on top.

PkmnCommunity Rules.
Good grammar, please D:
If I say denied, I mean it. No having a fit if you are not accepted.
Character control is not aloud. If you do character control, you must show proof from that user.
No active cursing.
No godmodding.
Roleplay posts must be at least one paragraph. Four sentences, not lines.
No fighting, please.
Have fun, comprendé?

Sign Up Sheets
Name: (Full Name Please)

Nicknames: (Optional)

Age: (In a range of 14 to 22. Nothing older, nothing younger.)



Appearance: (If you want to show a picture, make sure you have a description and the picture. No characters from other shows. BE ORIGINAL.)



Pokemon: (Up to four with you from the beginning. You are able to withdraw some later on in the story. No legendaries.)
Moveset: (Keep it legal. No Bronzor's with Fly >>;)

My Sign-Up Sheet
Name: Nathan Grisc Leo

Nickname: Nate

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown/Region: Cherrygrove, Johto

Appearance: http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p219/tuscontripfile123/redsprite.jpg
A black hat sits atop Nathans shimmering blond hair, which seems to be styled with few spikes, but mainly freestyle. The length of the hair, reaches to about the back of his neck, and the sides covering his ears. His eye color tends to be as light as the hair, turning out to be a lighter shade of blue. For clothing, he wears a white collared undershirt, and a black, seemingly zip up over shirt. The zip is usually undone, making some of the white under shirt visible. Black wristbands are also visible. Nathans pants are a darker blue color, and shoes colored a darker red, with a white tip. Nathans height stands around 5'9", and weighs around 121ibs.

Personality: Above all, he is considered to be courageous, yet shy. A rather nice soul, he never hesitates to step into the heat of battle.

History: Like other kids, he started out his journey when he turned 10 years old. Living in Cherrygrove, Nathan lived in a small house with his family, consisting of a mother, a father, and an older sister, about two years older than him. He was an eager trainer from the beginning, rushing out of his house to receive his starter Pokemon, not even wanting to celebrate his birthday. Quickly rushing into the Pokemon Center, he took no hesitation in choosing his starter Pokemon. Since then, he began battling for gym badges, to get into the Pokemon League. In his first League Competition, he fought valiantly, placing in 6th place. Soon after, he traveled to the not so far region of Kanto, to hone his skills, and compete in the league there. He placed in a higher rank in the Kanto League, placing in 4th place, beaten in the semi-finals.
After this, he took a plunge to travel to a distant land, now being three years older from when he started. Nathan traveled to the Hoenn Region, spending an amount of two and a half years there, competing in the league and training by himself afterwards. He headed back to Johto, only to stay home for a month of rest when he heard about the Sinnoh Region. He has resided there ever since, now at 17.

Pokemon: Typhlosion, Cloyster, Absol, Lucario

Obtained: Starter Pokemon as a Cyndaquil, evolving into Quilava before second gym battle, finally into Typhlosion before the championships.
Personality: Courageous, trustworthy.
Moveset: Flame Wheel, Swift, Flame Thrower, Roll Out

Obtained: While Nathan was traveling around Kanto, he ran into a Shellder while swimming. It got mad, and began attacking. Nathan caught it, and used a Water Stone to evolve it before battling Gym 7.
Personality: Able to get angry very easily, but calm when not angry.
Moveset: Bubble Beam, Protect, Super Sonic, Spikes

Obtained: While traveling around a save in the Hoenn Region, Nathan stumbled onto a stubborn Absol. He quickly caught it after battling it.
Personality: Rather stubborn, always looking for a fight, not knowing when to stop in a battle.
Moveset: Razor Wind, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball

Obtained: While in the Sinnoh Region, he stumbled into a cave, which mainly had steel Pokemon in it. Nathan battled a trainer in a blue suit. He won, so the mysterious trainer gave him a Pokemon egg. It hatched before a gym match, into a Riolu. Through friendship, Riolu evolved into Lucario.
Personality: Brave, kind, yet not knowing when to quit in a battle.
Moveset: Psychic, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse

November 24th, 2007, 11:23 PM
Name: Bekham Pythious Garring

Nickname: "Bek"

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Hometown: Mahogany Town, Johto

Appearance: Bek is very tall, standing at just over 6'4. He has medium length brown hair, and light skin.
He has brown eyes. Bek isn't quite muscualar, but he isn't scrawny either. Bek can usually be seen wearing his
tatered old green "Poke'Coke" hat. He weighs in at around 150 pounds.

Personality: Bek has a problem with keeping his mouth shut. He isn't exactly stupid...His mouth just runs a bit faster than his
brain. He really enjoys lame jokes and puns. He isn't quite as confident in his abilities anymore, after his humiliating defeat at
the Indigo Plateau.

History: Bek grew up in awe of the Mahogany Town Gym Leader. When he was younger, he would often spend much of his time watching
Pryce in Pokemon battles at the Gym. It was there that his love of pokemon develouped. One day when he was around 8, He wandered out
of Mahogany and into the Ice path, where he got very lost. He was later found in the cave by Pryce. Ever since then, he and pryce develouped
a sort of grandfather-grandson relationship. It was even pryce who game Bek his first pokemon, a swinub, and who taught him alot of what he knows about pokemon. His older brother Jim left Mahogany when he Bek was 12, to travel to the distant Sinnoh region.

Bek left on his own pokemon journey around 14. Determined to make it to Indigo Plateau, he managed to make his way past all eight of Johtos Gyms,
and finaly make it to the Indigo Plateau. Bryce went in overconfident, and was pretty much destroyed in his first battle at the Johto Championships.
Defeated and humbled, he traveled back to his family in Mahogany. He did a bit of odd training with Pryce, but hasn't competed in any serious
battles since his defeat 1 year ago. Only very recently, he convinced himself to travel to Sinnoh, and to see if he can find his older brother,
who apparently has generated quite a bit of a reputation as a Pokemon Trainer there, and perhaps try his hand at battling again in the Sinnoh League.

PiloSwine, Rhydon, Dragonite, Quagsire.

Piloswine: Victor
Personality: Very Loyal to Bek. Victor continusouly pushes himself to his limits in battle, and sometimes overexerts itself.
Outside of battle, he is very lathargic.
Obtained: Beks first pokemon, a gift from Pryce when it was a Swinub.
Moveset: Blizard, Rest, Take Down, Earthquake

Rhydon: Rye
Personality: Very free spirited. Rye will often get caught up in the exitment of battle, and doesn't always listen to Bek.
Obtained: Caught as a Ryhorn shortly before the Johto League Championships. Evolved midway throught his first (and last) battle.
Moveset: Stone-Edge, Earthquake, Flamethrower, Megahorn

Dragonite: Pratoreus
Personality: A very mischevious pokemon, who takes far more risks than necessary in battle. He usually
comes out on top, and his risky flight patterns have saved the battle more than once.
Obtained: As a Dratini in Blackthorn, after he acidentaly stumbled into the Dragon Cave.
Moveset: Hyper-Beam, Outrage, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower

Quagsire: Quarus
Personality: Like most Quagsires, Quarus is very laid back, and very calm at all times. However, he is very intellegent,
and can take the heat in battle.
Obtained: As a whooper after defeating Falkner.
Moveset: Slam, Earthquake, Mist, Iron Tail

Let me know if there are any problems.

November 24th, 2007, 11:42 PM
Here is whats needed


Though those two needed materials might have been clued in with other Sign Up sheet sections, it is still lacking those two. So, add those two and I will read you Sign Up sheet to see whether I accept you or not.

November 25th, 2007, 9:33 AM
Oh sorry. I was typing it out in notepad and the top must have gotten cut off...

Ok done. :D

November 25th, 2007, 11:13 AM
One more thing: Why does your appearance section have the name, "Bryce"?
But other than that, everything is looking good. Accepted :D

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 25th, 2007, 11:28 AM
Name: Solana Barkington Robinson (I Cant Think Of Anything Else!!!)

Nicknames: Flare

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hometown/Region: Floroma,Sinnoh

Appearance: Long Dark Brown Hair,Blue Eyes.Wears a Tank Top With A Ninetails On It And Hunter Green Jeans.

Personality:Very Brave,Will Do Anything To Prevent Her Pokemon From Fainting.Also Very Friendly.

History: ( I Will Edit This Later.)

Pokemon: Ninetails
Obtained: Floroma
Personality: Brave
Moveset: Flamethrower , Quick Attack , Fire Blast , Tackle

Pokemon: Arcanine
Obtained: Sunnyshore
Personality: Brave
Moveset: Ember , Flamethrower , Fire Blast , Flare Blitz

Pokemon: Houndoom
Obtained: Fuego Ironworks
Personality: Brave
Moveset: Bite , Crunch , Flamethrower , Hyper Beam

Pokemon: Manectric
Obtained: Sunnyshore
Personality: Brave
Moveset: Thunder , Thundershock , Thunderbolt , Quick Attack

November 25th, 2007, 11:32 AM
Didn't get much imagination from your appearance. And make sure that when you type, you have a space in between periods, and Not To Type Like This Please. It looks unpleasant :(


November 25th, 2007, 11:36 AM
Sorry bout that. Originaly the charecter was going to be "Bryce" But it sounded to much like pryce. I'll change it.

November 25th, 2007, 12:08 PM
Name: Levi Ornatè Shorte

Nicknames: Lee

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Hometown/Region: Lilycove City, Hoenn

Appearance: Levi has shiny brown, short hair. His eyes are a sparkling, sapphire blue. He has a thin, lanky figure with a strong upper and lower body. He has a brown shirt with a loose, grey hoodie. On the back of his shirt he has the symbol of a Pokeball. On the front of his shirt there is a picture of his two favorite Pokèmon, Gardevoir and Gallade. He has blue pants that match is glowing eyes. He has sparkling clean, white running shoes. He stands tall for a 14 year old at 5'7". He has a thin, confident, face. He has low cheek bones, like an average American. His skin is a medium tan. He stands up straigt.

Personality: Levi is very outgoing and makes millions of friends. He has friends of all ages. He is a very competitive trainer and will never give up. He has always been helpful. He is loving towards all of his Pokemon old, and new. Levi is very smart. He usually has a smile on his face. Levi is very energetic and active. He is obedient and very observent. He doesn't get mad too often. He always thinks before he acts. Most people think he is fun to be with. At first he appears to be a know-it-all, shy kid. But when people get to know him (which almost everyone does), they find that it isn't true. At times, he tends to get stressed. He always acts calm, no matter what. He is definately and optimist.

History: Levi was born into a wealthy family of five in Lillycove City. He is the youngest of them all. His parents usually ignored him, always paying attention to his sibilings. One day, his oldest sister died. His parents wouldn't tell Levi why though. Levi's parents now were always fighting about their money problems, and how the 'screwed up thier lives and their kids life'. A few years later Levi went to a far away camp in Kanto. He came back and his parents were even more stressed. His parents eventually divorced. His dad had custody all of the boys, while his mom got custody all of the girls. Each kid had visitation rights to their parents. Levi's dad quickly found a girlfriend with two kids, who was also divorced. Levi's dad dated her for about three months, and they got married. Levi's step mom and dad kept on fighting, but never divoreced. Levi would lock himself in the closet and they would never notice. Eventually Levi ran away to his distant cousins. His aunt called his mom, and his mom then got custody of Levi because Levi ran away, without his dad noticing.

Pokemon: Ralts ♂
Obtained: Hatched from an egg.
Personality: This Ralts is a very quiet a calm, unlike it's twin sister. He is a strong battler.
Moveset: Teleport

Pokemon: Ralts ♀
Obtained: Hatched from an egg.
Personality: This Ralts is very active, and doesn't have much sense. Levi has to be sure to watch over her more than the other.
Moveset: Teleport

In Box:

Pokemon: Roserade ♀
Obtained: Hatched from an egg.
Moveset: Petal Dance, Aromatharopy, Grasswhistle, Leaf Storm

Pokemon: Mothim ♂
Obtained: Hatched from an egg.
Moveset: Bug Buz, Psychic, Air Slash, Camoflage

November 25th, 2007, 12:14 PM
Ikasu: Excellent sign up. You are obviously accepted :D

Dan™ [ ダン]
November 25th, 2007, 12:32 PM
Name: Dan

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Hometown/Region: Lavaridge, Hoenn

Apperance: See Avatar and Picture on profile for a more quick presentation.

I'll add description throughout the roleplay.

Personality: Dan is described as a kind-hearted young man with a soft spot for the Foretree City Gym Leader. He won't hesistate to help a friend or pokemon in need regardless of the danger presented. He his calm and rarely loses his cool, a quick thinker who is able to come up with ideas in the most heated of situations.

History: Dan is an 18 Year Old Trainer who was born in the small Town of Lavaridge in the Hoenn Region. His Pokemon Journey began when he turned 10 years old and recived the Pokemon Chimchar, a Pokemon from the Sinnoh region, from the Town's Gym Leader; Flannery.

Dan later met with the Pokemon League Appointed Professor of the Hoenn Region, Birch and recived a Pokedex from him after Birch witnessed Dan encounter and catch a wild Tailow near Rustboro City and asked the boy to do his part in recording all the Pokemon of the Hoenn Region into the Pokedex given to him.

7 Years later Dan has set foot in the Sinnoh Region for the first time after travling throught the Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto Regions and participating in their Pokemon League Challenges and now looks to take part in the Sinnoh Gym Leader and Pokemon League Challenges. Also, not many know that Dan won the Johto Leauge and became, and still is, the Champion there.

Pokemon: Infernape, Weavile, Salamence, Bronzong

Obtained: Dan's Starter Pokemon, recived from Flannery.
Personality: Infernape is a pokemon whom is extremely loyal to Dan, Infernape never hesitates as his trainers requests.
Moveset: Close Combat, Mach Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch

Obtained: Caught as a Sneasel in the Johto Region, evolved into Weavile as finding a mysterious Claw.
Personality: Weavile is a pokemon that most resembles his trainer in terms of personality. He is calm and rarely loses his cool in battle.
Moveset: Ice Punch, Night Slash, Brick Break, Ice Shard

Obtained: Caught as a Bagon in the Hoenn Region, evolved into Shelgon then Salamence during Dan's Hoenn journeys.
Personality: Salamence is a very powerful and proud pokemon who hates losing. In the beginning Salamence tended to go off on its own in battle and disregared his trainers wishes, but after experiancing a tough loss at the hands of a pokemon who listened to its trainer he has learned to trust Dan and fight with him, not against him.
Moveset: Shadow Claw, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance

Obtained: Caught as a Bronzor in the beginning of Dan's Sinnoh journey and quickly evolved into Bronzong.
Personality: Bronzong is a very sturdy and protective pokemon with extrodinay endcurance. Bronzong is very protective of its Trainer and does its best to protect Dan from the dangers he faces with his powerful defenses.
Moveset: Extrasensory, Calm Mind, Hypnosis, Charge Beam

November 25th, 2007, 12:50 PM
Dan: Accepted. We have been friends since like March, so I know that you are one awesome RPer.

November 25th, 2007, 12:59 PM
Name: Santo Mizashi

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hometown/Region: Celadon, Kanto

Appearance: Black hair that goes down to his shoulders, one blue eye, his left, and one grey eye, his right. He wears a white shirt his a light blue stripe in the middle as well as plain white shorts.Santo carries his pokeballs on a belt, along with a small pouch to put items.

Personality: An action loving, sport freak. Santo is a super active boy who'll do anything for action and adventure. If he can go in battle, he will, just for the adrenaline rush and the fun of it. He has his good and bad moments, and loves motivating people. Generally, Santo is always in a good mood and loves to interact with people.

History: Like most of the kids, he started at 10 years old his journey, and Tyrogue was given to him on his birthday as a special starter pokemon. Of course, Santo was excited and lost no time starting to train the day after his birthday. Not long after, he decide to start gym battles. At first, he challenged random pokemon he encountered, then moving on to gym battles. The couple of first weren't easy, but with practice, he managed to get the hang of it, obtaining all eight badges.
Unfortunatly for him, he was eliminated in the first round of the League, not even obtaining a ranking. Not getting down, he decided to move on to Johto when he was twelve, where he did much better, getting rank 8 in the league.
After that challenge, he went back home to train and, since then, hadn't re-entered a league. That is, not until he heard of Sinnoh, a place he wanted to visit and, at the age of 15, finally decided to go there.

Pokemon: Hitmontop
Obtained: Tyrogue was his starter pokemon and elvoved into hitmontop after months of training.
Personality: Hitmontop shares the same personality as Santo, action loving.
Moveset: Rapid Spin, Triple Kick, Focus Energy, Double Team

Pokemon: Ninetales
Obtained: The first pokemon Santo caught, vulpix, before his first gym battle. It evolved before the sixth gym battle.
Personality: Ninetails is a calm pokemon who likes resting. It won't get serious very easily.
Moveset: Fire Spin, Fire Blast, Quick Attack, Protect

Pokemon: Dratini
Obtained: A pokemon he obtained with luck before his 4th gym battle. It wasn't easy catching it, and he sometimes regret catching it.
Personality: Dratini is very stubborn and very, very rarely listens to Santo in battle. It's the only pokemon he's not been able to make evolve, and doesn't know if he'll ever be able to.
Moveset: Hyper Beam, Dragon Rush, Dragon Breath, HeatButt

Pokemon: Flaaffy
Obtained: A pokemon he found injured and became friends with between his 6th and 7th gym battle.
Personality: Very affectionate towards Santo and would do almost anything for the boy.
Moveset: Thunder, Cotton Spore, Iron Tail, Thunder Punch

If it's too short, just tell me, I'll edit.

November 25th, 2007, 1:08 PM
Good sign up Amoss92. Accepted. I like your team, like how not everything on it is fully evolved.

November 25th, 2007, 1:12 PM
Thanks. By the way, I just noticed someone already has Dragonite and Ninetails... Should I modify my team?

November 25th, 2007, 2:05 PM
pokemon master jordan

sex: male
story: a dude who killed ash and pikachu he was the best pokemon trainer their was when he was 19 his girl-friend the sinnoh champion was in a pokemon battle with her boyfriend and lost.
Age: 20

magikarp LV 100
Infenape LV 100
lucario LV 100
Roserade LV 100
and Prinlup LV 100

November 25th, 2007, 2:40 PM
No, there is no need to. Who knows how Pokemon of the same evolution lime might interact from different trainers, so lets leave it as is. Shall we begin?
Note: I shall be accepting roleplayers through out the roleplay.



Ringed an annoying sound through the halls of a small house. The sound was seeming to be coming from one room, an alarm clock, telling the time of 11:45AM. The clock was next to a bed, and sleeping in it was a young man, about the age of 17, with blond hair. Not for long, due to the loud, annoying sound. He jolted upwards, eyes open, and looking tired. With dark circles under his eyes, he seemed to be quite displeased with the annoying sound of the clock, waking him from a slumber.


Grunted the young man, designated as Nathan. He turned his head to the alarm clock, reaching his nearest arm over to stop the loud sound by slamming a button down. He then knocks the clock over the clock down to the ground, falling backwards to fall back asleep. He falls asleep pretty quickly. The room he is in is quite messy, things knocked over, spilled drinks, clothes on the ground, and a backpack sitting against a wall near the bed. A light emerges from a pocket in the backpack, and it quickly takes form as a shell Pokemon.

Once the light disappeared, and the form taken, the Pokemon seemed to be a Cloyster (http://i140.photobucket.com/albums/r37/DuckDettman/CLOYSTER.png). It hopped up on the bed, in placing itself in front of the sleeping trainer. The Pokemon says its name once, releasing an amount of bubbles at the trainer. He gets up in an anger flurry, to see what attacked him.

"Ah, Cloyster. Why wake me up? We don't have anything important to do to--- Oh ya! I promised you guys we would train today at the park!"

Nathan hopped out of bed, grabbing an empty Pokeball from his backpack. He holds it out towards Cloyster, and a red beam comes out, engulfing the Pokemon back into the Pokeball upon contact. He puts the ball back in the pack, quickly searching around for some clothes. He takes out a white collared shirt, quickly putting it on, grabbing a black shirt next to it. He puts that on over the white shirt, grabbing wrist bands to put on as well. Nathan then quickly slips into a pair of blue pants, shoes right after. Finally, a black hat to sit atop his golden blond hair. He was now set, jolting over to the backpack, to grab out four Pokeballs, which he places in his left and right pockets. He walks out of the considerable house. He looks around once outside, with a smile of his face, seeing tall buildings. He was in Jubilife City. He began walking East, heading to the nearest route.

OOC: jordane1... No, get out of here. Denied. This is Roleplay, not a joke. Don't bother posting in here again.

November 25th, 2007, 2:47 PM
Nice that you're interested Jordane, but it's true that you should tone down on your uber. <_<

Try looking at other sign-ups to get an idea of what we're looking for here at PC.

November 25th, 2007, 4:12 PM
A young, teenage boy slammed the door behind him as he left a small building, the building where he was staying. As the smell of the salty sea covered the air, Santo took out one of the four pokeball that were on his belt, making it grow with the push of a button.

"Hitmontop! Kick it into gear!" He shouted, throwing the pokeball into the air. As it openned up, a red light emerged from it, letting a blue and brown pokemon free.With a spike on it's head, it could spin on it at high speed, like a spinning top. A technique used for offensive and defensive use. As it came out, the pokemon shouted it's name, delivering a kick in mid air, no doubt out of excitement.

"Ready to go to the beach to train?" Asked the trainer to his pokemon. "While we're in Sandgem town, we should get used to fighting on sand." Followed Santo, looking at his pokemon who, with a serious smile on it's face, approved the idea. Both started jogging, an act they did daily to stay in shape, something both found extremly important.
After half an hour of harsh running, they arrived at the beach, letting their body fall of the soft sandy ground, exausted from their exercise. But their break didn't last long, as Santo quickly got up, rushing hitmontop to do the same.

"Well, here we go! Ninetail, Flaaffy! Time to shine!" He yelled out on the empty beach, allowing two other of his pokemon to come out, both screaming their name as they came out.

"And I'll keep you for later..." Whispered the trainer, looking at his fourth and last Pokeball before putting it away.

"Well, time to start you three!" Continued the boy.

Sandgem town

November 25th, 2007, 5:53 PM
Bek flipped to the next page in his book. He then read the line aloud:
"A Home is a man's castle, in a MANOR of speaking."
He burst out laughing, and fell over on his seat, his face red. It was about this time that he realized that people were staring. He sat back up on the seat, and hurridly stuffed the book back into his bag. He smiled sheepshily. After a few more minutes a mans voice came on over the Ships intercom.
"This is your Captain speaking, it will be a few minnuets till we hit dock in Sunnyshore city. Its been a pleasure serving as your captain, and I wish you all a very nice day."

Bek got up and left the Lounge that he had previously been occuping. A few more paces and he was outside on the main deck. The city of Sunnyshore was just ahead of the ship. Beck looked down at the pokeballs on his belt. Then he spoke. "Well guys, its time to try again. Maybe we will do better this time..." Bek looked back up. He would do better this time. That was a fact.
It took Bek about half an hour to get off the ship. The Skies were clear, and wingull soared Idly up above. It was far from serene however. The docks were cramed with people. The voices of a thousands of people flooded his ears. Vendors hawked their wares. Boxes rattled as burly sailors moved them about. For Bek, who outside of Goldenrod city, had not really ever been in such a large city, it was very overwhelming. He scurried down the docks, bumping his way throught the massive throng. He made it out of the docks, and into the main city, and ducked into the first building he could find.

There were racks of brochures placed all over the walls, advertising everything from Rock Climbing Expeditions, to Travel Services, and museums. A sign near the door read:
Sunnyshore Visitor Center
A woman behind the counter in the back called out to him.
"Need any help?"

Bek replied,
"Do you know where Oresburgh City is?"

"Oh dear, you are on the other side of Sinnoh. Here." The lady handed him a map, "You'll need to start with route 222, and back track your way to Oresburgh."

Bek walked out of the visitor center, nearly bumping his head on the door. He looked down at the pokeballs at his belt. "At least we know where we are going. Assuming we can get there before the Championships end." Bek began to walk off in a direction that he certainly hoped was west, to Route 222.

EDIT: this is my first RP, so if I ever do anything wrong, PM me about it...

November 25th, 2007, 7:59 PM
Nathan smiles with hands in his pockets, and stops walking for a moment. He looks around his area, seeing the route he was headed too, and another to the South. He seemed to have a look of ponder for a moment; The route he was originally heading to nearest, but the route to the South having more trainers. He started heading for the Southern Route of Jubilife, changing his original course of direction. He pulled his right hand out of his pocket, grabbing out a rather small Pokeball. By pressing the white button in the middle, the ball enlarged to fit in his hand. He drops the ball, and with an emerging flash, out comes a Pokemon just above Nathans height. The light disappears, showing the form of this Pokemon. It seemed to have yellow and blue fur, with a flame on its back. It states its name once, "Typhlosion (http://i168.photobucket.com/albums/u193/Erin_The_Echidna/typhlosion_by_purplekecleon.jpg)".

Typhlosion walked along Nathans side. The two quickly got to the route South of Jubilife. As they entered the route, a few trainers looked in awe at the amazing fire Pokemon. One trainer walked up in front of Nathan, looking at Typhlosion. The boy seemed to be about the age of 14. His brief moment of examining Typhlosion ended, walked backwards, leaving just enough space for a battle to commence.

"I will battle you! Come on out, Prinplup (http://i179.photobucket.com/albums/w287/aqua_sync/dp-prinplup.png)!"

The trainer exclaimed, throwing out an enlarged Pokeball. With a flash, a penguin like Pokemon appears, looking ready for battle.

Nathan takes a brief look at Typhlosion, nodding. The fire Pokemon steps onto the battle field. Other trainers in the area began gathering around to watch the fight. The Prinplup fired off a beam of bubbles from its mouth, but Typhlosion countered quickly, emitting starts from its mouth at a rather fast rate. The starts began to over power the bubbles, quickly pushing back. The stars quickly hit their mark on Prinplup, knocking it back. Prinplup began charging for Typhlosion with the tip of its fin seeming metallic. However, Typhlosion countered by making itself in the shape of a circle, which began moving at a fast rate. The fire Pokemon began moving quickly in the ball shape towards Prinplup. It jumped back firing bubbles from its mouth once more, but it was proving unsuccessful. Prinplup was easily hit with this roll out, the speed knocking it unconscious. Typhlosion stopped spinning before reaching Nathan, winning the match.

"Good job Typhlosion! Well, anyone else want to step up and battle?"

Nathan asked the crowd, but they all backed away.

"I guess not. Shall we continue walking?"

Nathan asked Typhlosion. The two began walking in the route once more, Nathan with hands in pockets.

November 26th, 2007, 5:45 AM
The three pokemon were standing apart from each other, forming an equal sided triangle, while their trainer stood on a rock above. They looked at each other, and seemed to be waiting for something.

"Okay hitmontop, now it's your turn. Ninetails and Flaafy against hitmontop and me." He said, equipping his face with a decent smile. Hitmontop nodded, grunting his name, as the two other pokemon didn't leave their opponent out of sight. All of a sudden, after half a minute of silence, flaaffy made the first move, starting to run towards it's opponent. The wool covered pokemon's tail started glowing. Ninetail, seeing it's companion start out, followed behind, with flames building up in it's mouth.

"Hitmontop, Use double team!" Said Santo, making the fighting pokemon make copies of itself. There were now a total of 8 hitmontops. Flaaffy, with it's iron tail, made three of them disappear, then followed the fox pokemon with fire blast, destroying four of them, leaving only the real one.

"Hitmontop, use rapid spin!" commanded the trainer. The handstand pokemon obeyed and jumped on it's head, starting to spin. To it's suprised, the sand around it started rising, creating a real sand twister, hitting both the opposing pokemon in a direct hit as they were close to him when he started.
Santo, as hitmontop stopped, got down, congratulating his pokemon for their hard work.

"Well, you guys think we're ready for the first gym?" He asked to get a unanimous approval from his friends. Returning them to his pokeball, Santo put them around his belt and, in an instance, was already jogging, wanting to get to Oreburgh as fast as he could, not loosing any time.

"First Jubilife, then the gym." He whispered to himself as he was running.

November 26th, 2007, 8:46 AM
Name: Johan (pronounced yo-hahn) Jackson Sife
Nickname: Jo, J.S.
age: 15
gender: male
Hometown: Sootopolis City
His silky, long black hair glimmers in the sunlight. His tan skin is from the radiant sootopolis sun gleaming down from the skylight in his bedroom. His clothes are from the epi-center of fashion in the worlf, Celedon City, Kanto. He wears a gold track jacket and wears a plain white t-shirt underneath. His Black suede pant legs can be zipped off while shorts remain. Even whn enziped these are still stylish.
Personlaity: Gentlemanly and kind. Is quite content staying at home studying pokemon from his bedroom. He can get iratible at times when someone makes fun of someone or something that he cares for or takes passion in.
History: Son of the wealthy mayor of Sootopolis, Johan would love nothing more than to break free of his island prison and see the rest of the world. He studys pokemon in his bedroom filled with maps of "exotic places" such as Fortree city and The entire Kanto reason. His parents don't approve of this at all but when he heres about a mysterious dragon pokemon that lives in the Ozone he must find it and see it for himself.....

obtained: A gift from the mayor of Fortree City. His dad, when on a buisnes trip to fortree told the mayor of the treetop town about his son, the maor told his assistant to go catch a flying pokemon. Luckily enough for Jo, it was a rare pidgeotto.
moves: Aerial ace, Steel Wing, Brave Bird, Miror Move.

obtained: While secretly on a boat with a friend fishing, Jo realed in him. The friend battled and caught it, then seeing the amazed look on Jo's face, was given as a gift to jo from his friend.
Moves: Hydro pump, Dragon rage, Surf, Twister.

Obtained: Inheareted from grandfather after he passed away. His granfather and him were very close and Johan loved spending time with his grandpa and when he died, Johan was crushed. Ever since that day, Jo has had an emotional scar that in his words will "Never, EVER heal." He treats persian with a great deal of love and care.
Moves: slash, pay day, Hyper beam, relflect.

November 26th, 2007, 10:08 AM
@skyhunter104: If you want to be in this Roleplay, you will have to make much more of an effort for a sign up sheet. Pending.

Dan™ [ ダン]
November 26th, 2007, 12:00 PM
The room the trainer was in was dark, a few dim lights hanging from the surrounding walls did very little in illuminating the scene. There was a small round table in the center of the room with four individuals sitting around it. The first three were shrouded in shadows but the fourth could be seen, faintly. The fourth figure appeared to be young boy looking around the age of eighteen. From what could be scene he wore a mostly red hat with a snow white front, and a matching sleevless red vest with a jet black t-shirt underneath. His lower body, however, was not visiable at this time.

"So that's the story, we want you to survey the Sinnoh Region in Cynthia's absence."

The voice called out through the shadows, it's sound was that of a male not too much older then the visable boy.

"Sir, I know that it's happened in the past, but do you really think something like that could happen in the Sinnoh Region?"

Asked the visible boy with a curious tone.

"With what has happened in Hoenn, Kanto, and even your designated Region of Johto it is very possible that it could happen so Sinnoh, and while Cynthia continues her research on what a group like this could possibly want with that kinda of power, you have to take the job of watching over the Sinnoh Region."

Said the second voice. This voice has a calm, cool demenor to it and sounded a bit older then the first's or the fourth's voice.

"You just need to make sure to keep an eye out for any strange activity going on in Sinnoh, alright?"

Chimed the third voice, it was a young females sounding slightly older then the first and fourth's but younger then the third's.

"Alright,though I'm still not completely convinced there's a group like that around, I'll look out for anything strange."

Said the fourth voice, ending the conversation. The boy pushed his chair back and stood up from it, saying his goodbyes to the other three as they gave him their best wishes and regards. The boy then exited the room. The scene outside was a small museum with two pillars holding the Sinnoh Regions most familair Legendary Pokemon, Dialga and Palkia. The place was the Eterna City Museum.

November 26th, 2007, 2:53 PM
Ring! Ring!

Levi woke up, sweating, and looked at the time- 4:50. Who would call this early? Levi wondered. Levi got up, and answered to call.

"Hello?" Levi asked, tiredly. Then there was an ominous silence, and a click-click. Levi hung up the phone and sighed,"Another prank call-"

Then an agry voiced yelled,"Levi! Was that another one of you idiotic friends!"

"Yes, mom, I'm sorry. I'll ask them not to call this early again," Levi's mom had no idea that it was actually a prank call-and hopefully won't find out. Nor did she know that the other calls this early were also pranks.

Levi went back up to his room, and picked up his backpack. It was 5:00 by now, and Levi figured that he might as well go out and train. He had recently gotten two twin Ralts, and decided that he should start early. He planned to evolve the male Ralts into the swift Gallade, and the female Ralts into a glamorus Gardevoir.

It was ealy, bright, and Andrew decided to stop by the Pokèmon Center to get one of his stronger Pokemon for back-up. He chose to get his Roserade out, and left his worn-out Mothim to rest. He went down to the shore of Lillycove, and sent out all of his Pokèmon-Ralts, Ralts, and Roserade. He went to the water, and noticed a small, cute Wooper wondering around.

"Okay! Let's gette'm Ralts...and Ralts!"

The Ralts Twins walked up to the Ralts, and started Teleporting around the helpless Wooper- or so they thought. The Wooper started attacking- a wave of mud was splashed out onto the Ralts. The Wooper knew Muddy Water! It was strong. Levi figured it was worth cathing, and then he noticed a dark figure come out of the water.

"Hey! Keep your hands off of my Wooper!"

November 26th, 2007, 3:39 PM
Jogging for half an hour, Santo was berely tired, but knew that as soon as he would stop, he wouldn't be able to stand up. As he was doing so, a pokemon crossed his path, running across the dirt road, but instead of continuing, he stopped in the middle, and started starring at the young trainer. The pokemon was rathre menacing and large, enough to scare Santo.

"What do you want, you...What was your name again?" He asked, looking at the pokemon, looking at him from about four meters away. No sound was made, not until the pokemon did one, that is.

"Graveler!" It shouted, putting itself in a ball form and rolling towards the trainer.

"Oh yeah...graveler...Graveler!" He yelled as the pokemon came on him. "What do you want? What did I do to you?!" He followed, sprinting in Jubilife's direction. At some point, the pokemon passed him and blocked the road for him, shouting it's name once more.

"Great, guess I have no choice... Let's see: Fighting won't do much good against it, and neither will thunder. Fire ain't the best choice so all I have left is..." He said, taking a pokeball out and giving it a deep look.

"Ok, I'm going for it..." He whispered, throwing the pokeball in the air. "Dratini! Time to Shine!" He said as it opened, letting a blue, snake like pokemon emerge. It was of great beauty and grace, but didn't seem too happy. Graveler started rolling once more, and onto Santo once more.

"Dratini, use Dragon Breath!" He yelled, but the dragon pokemon didn't listen, only starring at it's trainer getting chased, almost laughing at him.

November 26th, 2007, 4:24 PM
Bek almost slipped. Almost.
Pratoreus let out a loud honk from the pillar of solid rock he was perched on. Bek regained his handhold, and swung himself up to the next ledge. Who's idea was it to put a giant mountain range down the middle of a continent anyways?

He had traveled far in three days. All the way into the middle of Sinnoh. The problem was to see if he could get any farther.

A peice of rock slipped out from under Bek's foot. He caught himself again and steadied himself as the Dragonite let out another loud honk.
"Pest!" yelled Bek. He reached down to his belt and pulled out a pokeball. "You think me almost dieing is funny"? The Dragonite let out another loud honk, seeming to laugh at him. A beam of red light shot from the ball at Pratoreus, retreiving him from the piller.
"Rat with wings you are." He put the ball back at his belt and scampered up the final ledge.

"Great more mountains." Bek said to himself, as he took off towards the next cliff. The skies were turning grey, and it would probably rain soon.

November 26th, 2007, 5:10 PM
Name: Angela Rose Skywalker

Nicknames: Angel

Age: 17

Gender: female

Hometown/Region: Goldenrod City, Johto

Appearance: Angel's hair is a caramel shade of brown, and it goes a few inches past her shoulders, and her bangs are normally kept out of her face. Her eyes are a darker shade of brown. Unlike a lot of people with dark eyes however, her eyes do not look like they are black, it's obvious that they are brown, a chocolaty shade of brown, to be more exact. Her skin is nicely tanned to compliment the rest of her features.

Angel was always pretty short for her age. She is only about 5'0, or if you were to ask her, she'd say "5 foot and a half-of-an-inch". She is also rather skinny, almost to the point where she could be described as scrawny, weighing in at around 65 lbs. She chooses plain and simple attire, normally wearing a tank top and blue jeans. Her shoes a bit more fancy however, black heels, to be more exact. She also carries around a black purse for all of her other small knick-knacks that she can't carry around otherwise. She also has a touch-up of pink lip gloss and mascara.

Personality: Angel has a shy and somewhat timid personality. She isn't the type who likes to just randomly go up and introduce herself to someone, and can sometimes let her shyness take over to a point where she's lost for words. She can be very nice once you get to know her, but she may send out the message "antisocial" at first. She is also very modest, and can't take compliments without blushing... a lot.

Angel won't just trust any old person, however, once you get to be her friend, she trusts you way too easily, and becomes very gullible. If she trusts you and you said the sky is green, she may even go and check. Many people have taken advantage of her for this reason, and also because she is very nice and could hardly hurt a fly.

History: Angel spent the first 6 years of her life completely detached from society because her parents were just too paranoid that something may happen to her if they let her out in the real world. After the birth of her little sister Rachel however, her parents had to mainly focus on the little baby, so Angel finally got the chance to explore the world, only to realize that it was as dangerous as her parents said it was. Because of this, she stayed detached from society for another two years, until she finally got the courage to go out into the world. Many think her history may explain why she is so shy.

Pokemon: Vulpix (Blaze)

Obtained: Blaze could unofficially be considered Angel's starter, even though a lot of the kids in Johto started out with a Cyndaquil, Chikorita, or Totodile. Blaze was Angel's "pet", even though she wad meant to be for the whole family, she liked Angel the most. So at age 9, which was about 5 years after Blaze first entered the family, Angel's parents trusted her enough to take Blaze out on a journey.

Personality: Blaze, in many ways, has a similar personality to Angel. She is extremely shy, and it takes no effort to send her running in the other direction, so coming on too strongly is a bad idea. Unlike Angel, however, she trusts others way too much from the start, you don't have to her friend or anything. She dislikes battling.

Moveset: Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Dig

Pokemon: Shiny Dragonair (Emerald) *if shiny Pokemon aren't allowed, I'll make it non-shiny*

Obtained: When Angel was 12 years old, she visited her parents again. Of course, because she had visited for the first time in 3 years, her parents clung and just had to spend all sorts of "quality time" with their daughter. One of the activities Angel did with her father was go fishing. After having a streak of bad luck, Angel finally got a bite. It was a Dratini. Noticing its pink color, Angel caught it, and it has been a loyal team member since.

Personality: Emerald has more of a prim and proper personality. Sometimes, she really gives off the message that she a little flashy and overly-confident, and sometimes her main message seems to be "Look at me, I'm better than you." A lot of people think this is because she let her rare pink color get to her head. Actually, she is very kind and caring, even if she's a bit full of herself. She's the main battler on the team.

Moveset: Dragobreath, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunder

Pokemon: Clefairy (Star)

Obtained: When Angel was 13, she found a pink egg laying around. She decided to pick it up and carry it around, because she waited for a long time for the parents to return and they never did. It later hatched into a Cleffa.

Personality: It's arguable, but some say Star shares a closer bond with Angel than her original starter, Blaze. This may not be the case, but it comes close. It's all in her personality. Star is a very social Clefairy, always seeming to be chatting in Pokemon language to another Pokemon, even if their species are complete opposites. She is very friendly, but can be a bit snobby and temperamental. If you look past this however, she is a great Pokemon.

Moveset: Metronome, Moonlight, Blizzard, Charm

Pokemon: Charizard (Orange)

Obtained: When Angel turned 16, mom just had to get the perfect gift for "her perfect little Angel", especially that this would be one of Angel's more important birthdays. Her dad had already gotten her a cell phone, and because her parents kind of "compete" to see who get her a better gift, so she imported a Chamander all the way from Sinnoh.

Personality: Orange is about the meanest, toughest, angriest Pokemon you'll meet. There's very, repeat, VERY few people he'll open up to, and he's very impatient. If you piss him off, he'll simply use flamethrower on you. However, he's nothing like this towards Angel. He would sacrifice his life for her. If he accidentally uses flamethrower on her, he'll start crying. He also lets her ride on his back, and he doesn't let everyone do this.

Moveset: Flamethrower, Fly, Seismic Toss, Iron Tail

I hope this is good enough, considering how long it took me...

Dan™ [ ダン]
November 26th, 2007, 5:12 PM
The Trainer let out a long, heavy sigh as he reached for one of his pokeballs. He didn't even know where to begin on a mission like this one. He held out the pokeball infront of him as a beam of red light shot out from it. The light took the shape and form of a Dragon with large wings down on all fours, Salamence was the Pokemon's name.

The powerful Dragon pokemon turned its head to its left to see his trainer, letting out a low roar since it was glad to see him once more. Dan walked over to his pokemon and placed a hand onto its head, giving it a gentle stroke on its head.

"We've got some work to do, Salamence. Mind letting me rid on your back for a little while?"

Asked the trainer with a soft smile. The Dragon pokemon replied happliy with a louder roar and nugded its head into its trainer, telling him to hop on. Dan did just that, he moved over to the Dragons large back and hopped on, letting his legs rest on both sides of the pokemons long neck, placing his hands along the neck as well to hold on.

"Alright! First we'll check out Jubilife City!"

The Dragon replied with a firece roar that shook the ground it stood on slightly as it began to flap it's large, powerful crimson wings, lifting it up into the air. Soon the trainer and his pokemon were soaring high into the sky toward Jubilife City.

November 26th, 2007, 6:56 PM
OOC: Still accepting sign ups?

Ca’Shara Florida




Veilstone City, Sinnoh

A gentle soul housed in a lithe frame, Ca’Shara (http://www.lafautealamanette.org/blog/images/1206_decembre/4080987.jpg)would appear to be a harmless teen at first glance. The humbling presence of modesty lingers in sapphire eyes, serene but brave, gracefully intimidating in a latent fashion. Straight blond hair flows down to the waist, trimmed bangs level across her brow. Pale and soft, her features are a true manifestation of her personality. She wears a long-sleeved skirt dress, midriff in length and pearly white in colour, with a pair of matching cut-out gloves and knee-high boots.

Ca’Shara’s most noted for her reserved demeanour, arising from her inability to trust people easily, making it difficult for her to make friends. Her quiet existence is not without an indignant counterpart that often surfaces when something or someone important to her is threatened. She’s quick to speak out against injustice with words or actions when necessary. Despite the fortunate financial position of her family, Ca’Shara manages to maintain an air of modesty about her.

Born into a wealthy family, Ca’Shara had never faced the hardships of a lack of pretty much anything when she was growing up. Any toy she wished for was handed to her on request. Despite having little to no friends, she lived a happy life thanks to her family’s fortune. It was only when she turned 12, did she recognize the emptiness in her life, the void growing bigger by the day. Ca’Shara became increasingly frustrated by her faltered attempts at filling it by buying more expensive gadgets and playthings. For the first time, she realised the limit of money’s influence on her happiness.

Her father, having been the closest person in her life, noticed the dramatic change in his daughter’s spirits. In an attempt to rid her of the pain of loneliness, he brought home an Eevee one day, which went on to become her closest friend over the following months. With her confidence renewed, Ca’Shara found the strength to set out to become a formidable trainer, with high hopes of meeting new people who she could learn to trust to be her friends. After four years of training and traveling all around Sinnoh, her skills have grown exceptionally well, making her quite the contender in pokémon battles.


Obtained: Glaceon was her first pokémon, given to her as a gift from her father when she was still an Eevee. It eventually evolved into a Glaceon after training and battling pokémon trainers on Route 217.
Personality: Vibrant, caring, can be overprotective at times.
Moveset: Blizzard, Quick Attack, Mirror Coat, Iron Tail.

Obtained: During her travels across Sinnoh, Ca’Shara visited Pastoria City where she would enter the Great Marsh and run into a shy Drapion. The sight was awkward; she had never guessed such a scary-looking pokémon for a timid creature. Intrigued, she made it part of her team with little resistance.
Personality: Timid, friendly.
Moveset: Thunder Fang, Earth Quake, Shadow Ball, Slash.

Obtained: Piplup originally belonged to Ca’Shara’s younger cousin who had chosen it as a starter pokémon. The ecstatic penguin turned out to be quite hyperactive, to the point that her frustrated cousin was ready to return it to the lab for another one. Instead, Ca’Shara stepped in and decided to make it part of her team.
Personality: Hyperactive, playful, clumsy
Moveset: Bubblebeam, Fury Attack, Surf, Mud Sport

Obtained: This victimized pokémon befriended Ca'Shara after she rescued him from an aggressive gang of Buneary that constantly bullied him. She defeated the whole lot of the rascals and carried the hurt pokémon to the nearest Pokémon Centre. Following his recovery, Buneary willingly joined Ca’Shara’s team.
Personality: Friendly, social, loves to interact with other pokémon.
Moveset: Jump Kick, Agility, Attract, Pound

November 26th, 2007, 7:01 PM
@raichuchika: Accepted. Well done sign up sheet.


"Common Typhlosion, lets head south to look for another battle."

Nathan smiled up at Typhlosion, always proud of it, about what it can do in battles, and how it would never let him down. The flames on its back went out, as it was not in battle, it had no reason to be alarm. Nathan placed his hands in his pockets, his face quickly turning to a plain look. After walking for about 5 minutes, the two began to hear a sound, if faint off in the distance. They both looked pondered for a moment, and began heading in the direction, hoping to find a battle, though it sounded like just heavy rocks rolling around. But as the trainer and Pokemon advanced, the sound began to get louder, and maybe the screams of another trainer.

"Well, that doesn't sound too good.. Come on Typhlosion, lets go!"

Nathan and Typhlosion began running. Soon, the saw a Dratini floating in mid air, looking down. Nathan looks surprised to see a trainer running around from a roll out attack, coming from a rock Pokemon. Typhlosion ran forward, quickly jumping forward, to become the shape of a circle. It began spinning, rolling forward, ready to attack. The two got there just in time, Typhlosion and Graveler colliding in a spin. The recoil of the two attacked caused them to stop spinning for a moment, due to such intense power. Typhlosion began rolling again however, as did the rock Pokemon. This time, Graveler had the advantage, as it attempted to propel itself while rolling. The two collided again, and stopped spinning again. Typhlosion stood up, and began walking backwards like it was drunk, when actually the dense rock Pokemon gave it a bump on its head from the collision.

"Alright Typhlosion, stay here. Come on out, Absol!"

Yelled Nathan, tossing out an already enlarged Pokeball, the ball enlarged probably from when he reached into his pocket to grab it. With an emerging light, a dark, dog like Pokemon appeared, with a sickle attached to the side of its face. Graveler saw its new foe, and began rolling once more. Absol released a blast of snow and ice from its mouth, while taking a defensive pose. Graveler, once hit, got encased in a block of ice, stopping it in its tracks. Absol stayed in its pose, charging a dark ball which is placed outside of its mouth. The ball gains mass, and is quickly launched at the ice. The ice breaks, and so is Graveler. Graveler is knocked back a bit, and lays on the ground. It quickly gets up, with a look of anger, but it begins running away, being defeated. Typhlosion gains its ground, as Nathan returns Absol with the touch of a red beam from its Pokeball.

November 26th, 2007, 7:21 PM
OOC: So there are going to be 3 vulpix/ninetails and 3 dratini evolution lines? XD Gonna be special.


As the new comer started battling his assaillant, Santo was deeply relieved, lying on the ground, resting, while watching the harsh battle of some well trained pokemon. When it finally came to an end after an impressive show from Absol, Santo got up, taking Dratini's pokeball and walking towards it.

"I knew you'd be useless..." He sighed. "But I guess I'm lucky you didn't attack me..." He followed, giving away a faint smile. Pointing the pokeball towards it, a red light engulfed Dratini, emerging into it's ball. After doing so, Santo walked up to his 'Savior', putting his hand out for the boy.

"Hey, thanks. I needed that, I guess...Stupid dratini..." He said, hand ready to shake Nathan's.

November 26th, 2007, 8:24 PM
OOC: At least one is a Dragonite, one a Dratini, and one a Dragonair... 'sides, I signed up first. :D


Bek let off a long string of swears to whatever god/gods/aliens controled the weather in Sinnoh. It was still raining on this side of the mountain, and decending was hard in the slick, muddy, dirt of the cliff face. He shook himself in his yellow rain slicker. Not a good day, thought Bek.

At least Quarus was having fun. The strange light blue pokemon slid easily down the face of the cliff, periodicly stoping and waiting for its owner. Get over it Bek, he thought to himself. Nobody wants a whinner.

Bek called out to quarus. "So, what has no tail, and three legs?" The quagsire replied:

"It's a stool! Get it?"
The Quagsire burst out in seeming laughter, although Bek was pretty sure that the Quarus did not get it.

He slid down the last part of the face, and into some sort of alpine forest. He was about to open his mouth when he saw someone standing back in the trees.
"Hello?" Bek called out softly. No one replied, and the figure moved off. Bek and Quarus chased after, but soon lost it amoung the thick trees.
"What was that?"
"Sire?" Replied Quarus, helpfully.
"Never mind, at least the rain has stopped."
Bek pulled off the hood of his rain sliker, and kept moving, Quarus in tow.

November 26th, 2007, 8:32 PM
Nathan turns to the trainer, while Typhlosion glanced over at both of them for a moment. Nathan smiles, holding his hand out to shake the other trainers hand.

"My name is Nathan. And, no problem in defeating that rampaging Graveler. But no need to call Dratini stupid. It probably feels that it is strong. It will learn someday to obey."

Nathan replied, sounding a little smart when talking about how Dratini will hopefully obey the trainer one day. Typhlosion walked over to where Graveler was encased in ice. The shadow ball did not completely break the ice, just broke the area where Graveler was in the ice. It began releasing flames at an alarming rate from its mouth. The flames high heat melted the ice within mere seconds. Nathan took just a glance when it was melting the ice, and while it walked back to Nathan. Typhlosion stood behind Nathan, calmly, but attentive for any attacking wild Pokemon, and attentive of its trainers new friend.

November 27th, 2007, 4:49 PM
The sizzling afternoon slowed down Ca’Shara’s travels considerably. She hadn’t expected to be so exhausted on her arrival at Jubilife City. It wasn’t the distance between the cities; she was used to that by now, the ever-changing weather however, was another question. Small beads of sweat surfaced on her brow in response to the heat. She needed to find somewhere she could rest for a moment and replenish her energy levels. The crashing waters of a city fountain caught the fatigued trainer's eye, an overwhelming urge to approach overcoming her.

She found comfort sitting on the stony edge of the fountain. Gaze in the clouds, she reflected on the last few days of her journey, the subtle splashes behind her dancing in her ears. She’d come a long way from being the lonely girl of Veilstone City. Although she’d made only a handful of close friends, it was a step up from what she had back at home, and still her pokémon were always there to support her when need be. Her lips formed a confident smile. More than ever, she felt ready to collect the remaining gym badges and finally challenge the Elite Four. With her energy and enthusiasm restored, she rose to her feet, skirt blowing lightly in the wind.

“Oreburgh City, here I come!”

But first, she had to pay the local Pokémon Mart a visit to stock up on supplies. The wild pokémon on Route 203 didn’t pose much of a threat but being extra careful wouldn’t hurt. As she approached the entrance, a brash toddler in a yellow baseball cap came running out at full speed. Unaware of her presence, he crashed into her, knocking himself to the ground bottom first. Dozens of small containers tumbled out of his backpack. Ca’Shara, feeling partly responsible, knelt down and helped him gather them. She held turned one of the bottles and read the label: Protein. Good for increasing a pokémon's strength, but why did the kid have so many? Curiosity got the better of her and she sought to find out.

“I’m sorry about that. You should be more careful. Um, I hope you don’t mind me asking… why would you need so much Protein? There's more to pokémon battles than just attack power.”

The kid snatched the bottle from her, tossing it into his shopping bag, a look of irritation plain in his eyes. Normally he wouldn’t talk to strangers, and especially not to one that knocked him over, but he could see the genuine concern in her eyes, even if she was being a little nosy.

“You mean you haven’t heard? It’s been going around town. Someone’s been saying that … that they are going to make a comeback real soon! And it’s going to be twice as bad as what happened two years ago! I need to make my pokémon super strong so I can do my best to protect my family and friends. I’m sorry, but I have to go train. Can’t afford to waste any more time.”

He picked up his bag and dashed off, as hasty and carelessly as ever, leaving Ca’Shara unsatisfied with the information. Since he mentioned the dark events that took place two years ago, she gathered the “they” he was talking about, could only have been Team Galactica. But weren’t they defeated for good? She remembered that day well, her parents had invited family and friends from all over the region to celebrate. Could what this kid had said be true? Or just another hyped-up rumour? It was difficult to tell, considering he didn’t say much about his source.

Whatever the case, she’d have to deal with the situation when it came to be. “Right now, I have to focus on collecting the rest of the badges,” she thought, entering the Pokémon Mart.

November 27th, 2007, 5:36 PM
Santo, glad the trainer was a nice one, shook his hand. As he did, he listened to what he had to say about his calling Dratini stupid, and sighed.

"Well, I've had that pokemon for well over a year now and it only gave me two good battles so far, one of which was when I caught it, and the other was against Clair from the Johto league." conveyed the young man, letting go of Nathan's hand with a shy smile, rubbing the back of his head.

"So, why are you in Sinnoh? Personally, I'm here to claim my title as pokemon master! After arriving 8th in the Johto league, I skipped Hoenn and decided to come right here." Bellowed Santo, taking on a full different attitude, a much more active and adventurous once, almost forgetting that his new friend was in front of him.

"Yeah, sorry... I kind of get carried away easily..." He followed, letting out a shy laugh.

Dan™ [ ダン]
November 27th, 2007, 6:55 PM
It took about an hour for the Trainer and his pokemon to reach Jubilife City. He decided to bring his Salamence down around the outskirts of the city, so he wouldn't cause any alarm to the people of the city. Once on the ground he hopped of his Pokemon and thanked him for a job well done before returning him back into his pokeball. A moment later he took out a second pokeball and pressed the center button on him.

A red beam of light shot out and and took the form of a 3 foot 11 inch tall ape with a flaming upper head, Infernape was this pokemon's name. Infernape was Dan's first pokemon, best friend, and traveling partner. The two did everything together. He smiled and placed a hand onto the pokemon's head, within the flames. He didn't seem to be experiencing any pain at all, the fact that he couldn't be harmed by the Pokemon's flames represented the strong bond the two shared.

"Well buddy, we've got some work to do. Let's start by checking out the city for anything suspicous. If we can't find anything we'll move onto Oreburgh City."

With that the trainer and his trusted pokemon made their way into Jubilife City.

November 27th, 2007, 8:44 PM
Once Nathan and his new friend stopped shaking hands, pulling their hands away, he simply smiled hearing the new ones words about Dratini.

"Two years? Heh. Well, if it gets trampled in a battle, it might learn a lesson, or through friendship. Who knows?"

Nathan said, pondering the Dratini for only a moment. The thought stopped when Santo bellowed about being champion. Nathan simply shook his head, pointing his right thumb to himself, with a rather confident smile. Typhlosion then smiles confidently with its eyes closed, looking rather overconfident. Nathan looked back at Typhlosion for a second, saying "Don't get too overconfident.".

"Also, what year did you compete in the Sinnoh League championships? I came in sixth. It has been awhile since I have been to Johto, and I guess all the trainers that competed have grown up a little since then. But still, if we do get to battle in this years championships, it will be a brawl."

Nathan said with a chuckle, going into a flashback of his Typhlosion battling a Steelix in the final battles. He drifts off thinking about it, probably not paying attention to any conversations.
***Flashback sequence involves visible clouds around the 'screen'.

| In a roaring arena, crowded with fans, in the middle a battle field is set. A Typhlosion and a Steelix, both looking ready for battle, stand ready to face each other in intense combat. A voice comes from a microphone, sounding all over the arena, saying, "Well, these two trainers look like they are ready for their final showdown! Each with one Pokemon a piece, who will come out victorious?"

The trainer of the Typhlosion stands on his side, knowing that he can't mess anything up, while the trainer of the Steelix, has the same look, knowing that one false move could cost him the match. A screen in the arena shows each trainers info., such as fainted Pokemon, how many Pokemon are left, and a picture at the top of the list. Each Pokemon list showed five shaded Pokemon slots, only one in color at the bottom. The judge of the match raises two flags, saying, "Begin!"

"Typhlosion, Flame Wheel!" Exclaimed Nathan, as his fire beast charged forward towards its opponent surrounded in flames.

"Steelix, counter that with a Headbutt!" Exclaimed the opposing trainer. His steel snake Pokemon charged its head forward.

The two Pokemon collided with fierce intensity, both not wanting to give up, attempting to push each other back. The recoil of the collision stopped, both Pokemon hopping backwards. Typhlosion began emitting hot flames from its mouth, as the Steelix blasted out green flames from its. Flame Thrower versus Dragon Breath, a truly intense match of powers. Steelix's flames pushed back Typhlosions, slowly but surely. Typhlosion began to have a look of anger in its eyes, as it was being pushed back, it tried to push out more flames from its mouth. Steelix's eyes dilated, as the flames emitting from its mouth became more intense. Quickly, the green flames overpowered Typhlosion, a combination of both flames surrounding it.

It had seemed that the battle was over, but Typhlosion yelled, rising through the flames, causing them to disappear. Typhlosion seemed vigorous now in anger, wanting to battle more now. Quickly, it shot out an array of stars from its mouth, Swift. Being a normal type attack, it might not do much damage against a steel type, but nearly right after, Flame Thrower shot out from its mouth again, engulfing the starts in flames, heating them up for damage, while the still flames were still existent behind the stars. The speed of the attacks gave the opposing Steelix no chance to dodge, the flames searing past, hitting its sides, followed by body engulfing flames.

Steelix was hit, taking on intense damage. But it was still not out. It rose through the flames, yelling like Typhlosion did. Typhlosions body became engulfed in flames, as it charged for the Steelix. Steelix began charging in with an Iron Tail, but Typhlosion began rolling half way across the field, turning into a flaming Rollout attack, the flames intense. Typhlosion was hit, but it did not stop, though Steelix's tail was holding it in place. Typhlosion rolled faster and faster however, it began progressing. The ball of rolling flames hopped up once the tail failed. The speed added to the impact damage, Typhlosion emerging from the ball once the attack was done. Steelix was knocked down to the ground, but it was not fainted, as the green flames, Dragonbreath from before shot out from the dust, knocking Typhlosion back to the other side of the field into the wall. Dust surrounded it from the impact, but it got back up, walking back onto the field.

Both Pokemon were tattered and beaten badly, but each one had a last attack in them. They attack had to count. Steelix emitted a powerful charged beam from its mouth, consisting of few colors. It was still powerful however, a Hyper Beam. Typhlosion fired off the flames once more, crouching down on all fours this time. The flames were coming out rapidly and more powerful than before. The powers clashed for mere moments, both Pokemon not giving up however. Both Pokemon showed struggle and sweat. A true match. The trainers cheered on their Pokemon. They gave their Pokemon strength, but alas, in a flash, the Hyper Beam became more powerful than before. It shot back the flames, and the intense power of the beam surrounded Typhlosion, attacking all around it.

The beam stopped, as already did the flames. Typhlosion appeared weaker than before, tattered more from the beam. It still looked like it could battle.

"I believe in you Typhlosion, Flame Thrower!" Nathan cheered.

Typhlosion began to look like it was going to attack, a flame about to charge in its mouth, but it fell to the ground, too weak to continue. It had been beaten. Its appearance on the screen turned into black and grey, like the other members on this team.

Nathan walked onto the field, not at all mad in his defeat. Typhlosion was awake now, rather quickly, so Nathan began petting it, telling it that it did an excellent job with a smile. The other trainer walked up to Nathan with a smile, holding his hand out. He said, "Thanks for the awesome match." Nathan shook his hand, smiling. The announcer exclaimed how that was a truly awesome battle, and the true sportsmanship in the battlers.| (Flash back ended.)

November 28th, 2007, 5:40 PM
OoC: Hey, Madina Lake, do you want me to make an OoC Thread for this RP? I'll be willing to make one for you -

Levi wasn't so suprised that it was another trainer's Wooper, because of it's fantastic moves. The Wooper started attacking vigorusly. Eventually Levi sent his Roserade into battle. The Roserade whittled down the Whooper's hit points, making it easier for the Ralts to evade the attacks. Soon the Wooper fainted, which left the African-American hopeless. He dried off, and came and shook Levi's hand.
"Good battle," he muttered.
When the boy was up close, Levi actually noticed that he was a couple of years older than Levi, but very short.
"Yeah," he said,"I'm actually better at Cordinating, I working on my Master Rank for the Tough Contest with my beloved Wooper,"
"Oh," Levi said,"I bet that your Wooper will quickly win! I've never even tried any Contests. I'm used to having an adventure, and I'm not sure how good my Pokemon will be,"
"I think that your Roserade would be exelent! And if you evolved those Ralts into a Gallade and Gardevoir, they would be magnificent together,"
"Oh, well thanks," Levi replyed,"Did I ever catch your name?"
"My name's Glen C. Carver; I hate the name Glen though, just call me Clarince. And you?"
"My name's Levi Ornatè Shorte. I hate my last name though, considering I'm already tall as it is, I mean, come on! Shorte?"
Glen, no Clarince chuckled, and said,"Well, nice to meet you! Call me any time! 678-1075","
"Ok, sure!"
Levi walked away, with a brand new friend.

November 29th, 2007, 4:54 AM
As a question was shot at Santo, the young trainer started thinking, but not for too long.

"I did the johto league about three years ago, I believe." Answered the boy, taking a last look at Dratini's pokeball, giving out a faint smile.

"Well, I remember the one time Dratini fought for me, earning the eight and final badge of the Johto league..." Followed Santo, taking a whole different attitude towards the unstable pokemon. "It was dragonair Vs. Dratini, and for some odd reason, Dratini was full of energy, ready to fight..." the trainer said, entering a flash back sequence.

A blue haired, dragon using trainer was standing on one side of the arena as Flaaffy fell on it's back, exhausted from the battle and unable to go on. Clair, on her side, had only Dragonair left, while Santo had two left: Hitmontop and Dratini.

"Hitmontop, a fighting type will be useless against Dragonair so...Dratini! Time to shine!" Bellowed the boy, sending the pokeball into the air, letting a red light emerge from it to soon reveal a blue, dragon pokemon. Usually, the Dratini would already be ignoring it's trainer but for some reason, it wasn't. Instead, it was eager to battle.

November 30th, 2007, 8:59 AM
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I might not be able to, since I can't be active here constantly. (Ugh, school ;_;)

~To come later. I hope.