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December 14th, 2007, 1:03 PM
...artymon! :]

But fo'reals.
I use to draw Pokemon all the time.
...then i stoped! ]:
But recently i drew squirtle (for my nephew tristen, he loves water types, and this is his favorite Pokemon next to mudkip, and LOL IM NEVER DRAWING MUDKIPS. :U )

done in said! (lineart and colors)
background and slit edits in PS. :U
First time drawin him :c
enjoy hunnies ~

(btw, thats a square watermelon.)

December 14th, 2007, 2:24 PM
Oh no.... big..... liquid...eyes.....can't resist.....saying..."AWWWWWWWW!" Very nice job. And cute. Kept up the good work.:D

December 14th, 2007, 2:36 PM
omg, you drew that? wow. how do you color it in on the compy? like with paintshop pro or something? I cant really find anything to criticise other than the head looks a bit square, but maybe that's your style. It still looks cute anyway xD

December 14th, 2007, 3:53 PM
thankyou ^^ !

Yep, i did ~ haha thats just my style XD it was ment to be a BIT more rounded but i messed up. eh ~
I did the linart and colors in SAI, all done with my wacom tablet. 'v' Then i just gave it a BG in ps elements. thats all ~ >v<
Thanks again hunnies! ='v'=

December 16th, 2007, 12:19 AM
Aww, it's so cute! Just look into its large eyes!

You should definately do more. Cute Pokemon like Psyduck, Togepi, Pichu and Jigglypuff would really suit that style. Maybe you could also do cutified versions of tough Pokemon like Charizard and Dialga or something.

Good work!

December 17th, 2007, 5:59 PM
Shiny. And very cute. I need to learn to color like that.

December 17th, 2007, 6:24 PM
I hereby bow to your coloring skills...for now at least I need to improve on mine a bit