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  • Hey that was a very good movie. Beautiful, emotional. Also that end...

    Oh well!

    I love that feathery Latios you have for avvy.
    Glad to be of help! ^^ Believe you me, I've had more than my fair share of doubt when it comes to writing, so the feeling is completely understandable.
    Sorry if the review feels a bit impersonal and or exaggerated. I have a bit of trouble turning off my "reviewer voice" when doing a review. I was definitely not exaggerating though. I did genuinely enjoy the story.
    Nice, Latias and Latios actually have names now. Giving my Latias a name is something I've been meaning to do as well. She was raised by humans, so it's odd that she doesn't have one. I'm also strongly considering changing Nadroj's name. The thing is that I've managed to turn it into a running gag. The first few times the pair meets someone new Nadroj politely explains that his parents thought they were being creative. After the first few introductions Latias grows tired of having to see Nadroj go on the defensive when his name comes up, so she butts in and says something akin to, "Yes, it's Jordan spelled backwards. It's not that funny. Get over it."

    And I'd love to see your story. Feel free to PM it me.
    It's nice to see you too, person for which time has not dulled a love for the Latis! Yeah, I definitely don't mind doing critiques. Be the change you want to see and all that jazz. hahaha
    Well technically it's a PharmD. It's basically the degree that's needed to practice as a pharmacist. By the time I finish school I'll probably be 100k in debt, so yeah, lots of money being thrown around by the both of us, haha.

    And I get feeling the need to write original fiction. I have a ton of ideas in my head, but I'm not sure how well (or if) they'll translate to paper. Sometimes I wonder if I should've been a film maker. Then for me there's the fact that when writing original fiction, it usually appeals to a much broader audience than fanfiction does, so much so that writing fanfiction is almost doing art for art's sake. Of course the sheer number of readers shouldn't be the only factor when deciding what to write, but I have to admit that it's something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

    I guess the main thing that's kept me going on One Latias is developing the relationship between Nadroj and Latias. The first time around they never really disagreed on anything and almost blended into a single character. Now Nadroj is the reserved, calculating type and Latias is more outgoing, and even a little bit scrappy when the occasion calls for it. They actually have fights, which are surprisingly fun to write.
    Hey, just dropping by to update you on the state of things and find out what's been going on with you. As you probably deduced over a year ago, One Latios is at a standstill. I have the beginning and end in mind. It's just the middle that I can't seem to figure out.

    In terms of other stuff, I'm starting graduate school this month at Washington State University's doctor of pharmacy program. In my downtime I find myself working on the One Latias rewrite. I think this is because the story is about an improbable adventure, which is what I feel I'm embarking on now. I've made it to the part where the Groudon comes into play, so I'd say I'm at two thirds of the way through, considering the fact that I'll be cutting out a large chunk of the (filler) material between the Groudon encounter and the last Prime encounter.
    Balboa park was already on my list, haha. Neat to know about the other places, made notes on them!

    Have booked greyhound so should get to SD about 11:30 am on friday, and got until 7pm-ish.
    Annnnd now I'm going to go to SD on Friday as either day is tough for you, but Bay says Saturday works better for her, so going to try and meet up with her then near SB! Passed that onto Anni as well via fb.

    (Any recommendations for stuff to see in SD, btw?)
    I'd been in contact with Anni via fb who told me about your move (good luck with it!). I may still make the day trip to SD on the 30th (but I'll reconsider that for a bit?), and if you end up being free then "yay", if not ah well!

    (EDIT: Googling to greyhound.com tells me 2.5 hour trips one way at best, 10am - 11:30 and back 7:30 - 10:00pm. So still a bunch of time to go around the place by myself at least, and if a lunch meetup is still doable that's also fine!)
    So I will be in LA 28th-31st July! 28th is out as I'll be off the plane in the morning and so need some time to get to hotel, recover, etc. But either 29th or 30th I can do a trip to San Diego (incidentally, any recommendations on that? I know I can take a Greyhound or train from LA to SD and back, and I'm not terribly far from the main station for both in LA).

    Any preference? The day I don't go up I'll likely visit Bay in SB, and she's fine with either of those days. :B
    I'm unsure if I would rent a car or not for when I am in LA - if not then I'll rely on busses and trains (which I think seem viable enough...). But cool, I'll see about staying around those dates then and we can work from there! =D
    S'up man. How's life? It's been a long time since we've last spoken - I am that bad at social networking :p Have you heard of upcoming GetTogether?
    Alternatively I may stay somewhere in LA and just do a day trip or two of San Diego, that works too (bit closer to where I'd have to get a boat to Catalina for instance). May be a chance I'd meet Bay as well in her area, and LA is better for moving between the two places. :B

    (Yes, it is a weird place I suppose, and a pricey one, but hey!)

    If say I organise to arrive a few days before the conference and book some hotel somewhere in San Diego, would the 29th or 30th July work out for meetups? (My conference starts the 31st in the evening so I'd need to get a boat to there on the day, and after it ends I only have one day before I need to fly to a second conference on the east coast!)
    Hey txt!

    I will be going to a conference early August in Catalina Island, California! And I noticed that's not terribly far from San Diego... :B
    I see, neat. Does that include data collection and analysis?

    I don't know... Not that close, still a while to go, haha. A lot to write up, for instance! Focus rn is a paper I've been writing for a while and some website updates/learning more on data reduction.

    If you get some motivation back and if time allows, what would you work on with writing/art?
    I guess just major landmarks and also Disney World. I was six or something then, haha. Sounds nice. There may be a chance I would go for a conference this year there actually, which would be neat.

    That sounds like a useful skill to have! People seem to break those easily/often. What is your work rn?

    Things are alright. Next week I'll be into my third year of Phd (typically 3-4 years in length here, but the funding is 3.5 years max so that's the more important deadline, haha). Moved out last year too, closer to the uni with a good friend back from high school! And we extended the lease by a year about a month back! Pity every place in Sydney costs a lot. :<
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