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December 26th, 2007, 6:04 PM
So i've had this idea, I started a rp with it in the summer on gaia but it kind of died due to the people that joined being stupid. Anyways, I have this image of an ancient world of Pokemon before technology really took it's place.

There was a monarchy with a king and a queen and they had themselves a prince. blah blah. there were different raced throughout the land such as the gypsies seen as pokemon stealers and those are the only ones I really remember right now.

but, I have a gypsy character and I want to use her in it so I've got a plot here.

I'll make it short and then I want ideas etc.

The prince is old enough to go out on his own in disguise to travel through the land of _________. this will give him the chance to meet with his future subjects without them knowing it's him. Most young people do leave their homes around sixteen to see the world for their own eyes though the prince is a bit late as he is around eighteen. They don't have to go see a professor to get a pokemon either as most people own pokemon in the home to help with daily tasks.

Instead of pokeballs their are stones and magic is used to seal pokemon away in them. Different types of stones hold a stronger chance of keeping a pokemon sealed inside of them or have a special property like say, emerald healed the pokemon while it was sealed inside of it. Diamond would be the strongest holder of all the stones.

The gypsies are being killed off as the blame of stolen pokemon is shoved upon them when really, it's an underground organization that has been stealing the pokemon with an idea in mind, to take down the royal line to make way for a new type of government and world domination.

of course, the prince decides that he's going to take matters into his own hands and with the group he has assembled through meetings during his travels, he plans to go straight for the center of the problem and strike.

Among his group, my character is a gypsy though she is currently working for the evil group who still needs a name. She is working for them against her will, they would kill her and take her pokemon if she didn't go out and steal pokemon for them as part of their task force.

blah blah blah. xD the idea is still forming but I'm open to your input.

December 26th, 2007, 9:00 PM
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