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January 7th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Hi everybody! This is Brad, the GM and inventor of this RPG. This is for discussion of the RPG, as well as my posting of various things having to do with the RP- Team Nova Ranks, Legendaries, etc. This is a bit more liberal in terms of posts-- more discussion, but not too SPAMmy- I don't want it closed.

First question (for TN members)

What codename do you want? I am: Baphomet.

Question for Legendaries: Who wants to be... known about by Nova? It'll help plot formations. As a side note, no one, except legends, knows about Apocalydraggon.

January 9th, 2008, 5:08 PM
Ooh, ooh, Syn was going to pm you about the legendary thing. Can Glaciatrum and Toxadacia be known by them? Glaciatrum would be extremely difficult to find, but Toxadacia would be a perfect target for them, considering how reckless she is.

January 9th, 2008, 5:52 PM
Sure thing. Here is some other stuff.

Hierarchy of Team Nova
BAL- Brad Matthews, Leader of Nova, Codename Baphomet
Ninetales- Lupin, Elite Admin 1
Matt Renders by TDB_Leader- Elite Grunt
MatterX- Elite Grunt
Colonel Dash's Char-

Here is a special report that will part of my 1st post in the RP- starting as soon as I start it. Note: Any one below Elite Admin in Nova should disregard this- it don't apply to them. ATTENTION: DON"T READ IT EITHER< LEGENDS RP"ERS> ONLY ME, NINETALES, and ANY OTHER FUTURE ADMINS shall read it. Thank you.


Revealed Legends

Glaciatrum- An Ice Pokemon- incredibly elusive, hard to find- Lupin will find this one.

Toxidacia- Posion Pokemon- reckless, easy to find- will be found soon. Person on assignment is UbeROB. (ROBOT)

According to this, these two legendaries will be our first targets. From our scouts, we see that they are opposites, and are lesser legends. Therefore, they might be weaker- a test for us, rather, Lupin, to see how powerful they6 are. Then, we wuill fan out, catch the others, including the ones found in the other reports, and catch them. After this, we will conquer this continet, leave Lupin as governor, and Leader shall go off with the new legendaries to take all the other legendaries by force, and bring back all the new species for testing. Then, with all living legendaries found, Arceus and Mew will be caught, and with their power, Nova shall reshape the continents, the universe, life itself in with our vision in mind. HAIL NOVA!!!

Here are meh newest sign-ups- another legend that will not be seen much (POSSIBLY CAPTURED??!?!?!!), and amybe a third legend.

Name: Darthpsych
Gender: None
Description: This is a floating humanoid, covered in armor. The armor is black, and this figure, approximately 8’4”, has Darth Vader-esque armor- without the breathing system. Its hands, infinitely extendable, are made of a red aura of psychic energy. It has no legs, proving it is a ghost. It is the Pokemon of death.
Personality: It is like an emotionless form, cold, heartless, calm, and monotone. It is distant from all others, but it is not evil. It only fights when it must, but it fights with a cold, calculating manner- efficiently wiping the enemy out before the battle takes to long. It obeys orders well, and its type combo is especially convenient. The fact that Nova knows of it makes it even worse- with a loyal soldier, they could conquer the continents much easier and quicker. It was made with one goal- quick elimination of foes so that it can protect others its with. Despite its cold personality, it sometimes breaks form, and socializes. Most of the time, it is with his good friend, Apocalydraggon.
Types: Thanks to his ability, the Supernatural ability, it is Psychic, Ghost and Dark.

January 10th, 2008, 5:31 PM
More legendaries~

Name: Polargent
Gender: None
Description: The center of its body, where its mind is stored, is a large pyramid, black in color, and on the back face, covered the cannons.. In the center of the front face is one large eye, with a blood red pupil. Surrounding the pyramid are rings of golden spheres in both diagonal directions. They are spiked, and the spikes can shoot. On the horiszontal and vertical directions, we have snow and ice, swirling in vortexes. They shoot ice. Although this Pokemon doesn't have a regal appearance, it is still a powerful pokemon, especially with guarding from both of its major weaknesses, Fire and Fighting, due to its Hardcore ability.
Personality: This Pokemon is msyteriosu, hidden, and barely seen. It likes loneliness, and is a calm, cold, hard sort of Pokemon. It doesn't take any crap, and will not hesitate to beat the crap out of something if it has to. It does not have many interactions among others, except hiding and gloomy silence. Inside, it is a happy Pokemon- not sunshine and rainbows, but at peace. However, it keeps the happiness to itself, guarding its inner peace like a miser guards his/her money.
Types: Ice/Steel. In addition, immune to Fighting/Fire thanks to Hardcore ability.
Other: Hides in blizzards- hard to find, harder to fight, not known of by Nova.

More coming!

January 12th, 2008, 7:04 PM
Yay, new ones! Is everything almost ready? Syn's so ready to DO THIS THING. YAAARRRR. >D

Sorry. She's hyper. :3

January 12th, 2008, 7:47 PM
Should I make a 4th? Darthpsych MAY be captured, so I can make a third one. I'm wating for Colonel Dash, and Ninetales' edits, and then we can start. In fact, I'm holding a poll- If I make a fourth legendary, what types (2 max) should it have???

January 12th, 2008, 9:29 PM
Well, no one has ground or rock, do they? That could be one. . .

January 28th, 2008, 8:37 PM
I edited my signups for my legendaries a week or two ago... I took out the part about talking with Arceus/Mew and Primaverde's encounter with Team Nova.

Speaking of legendaries, I can make new legendaries too--I've created lots of Pokemon for fanfics and such. I can make the following:
-Isix: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/isix.gif) A Fire/Dragon-type Phoenix Pokemon who was created to represent regeneration/revival. She has a special ability that gives her a 50% chance of fully healing herself when she's about to faint.
-Nerida: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/nerida.gif) A Water/Normal-type Whale Pokemon who has inspiring and life-giving powers. Arceus would create her as a new sea guardian who isn't as contentious as Kyogre was. (And this is with Primaverde as the unofficial land guardian.)
-Gryphice: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/gryphice.gif) A Rock/Flying-type Gryphon Pokemon who can turn people/Pokemon into stone momentarily by staring at them. Can also turn himself completely into stone--when he does this, he can't be captured by a Pokeball, but he can't move either.
-Beeboh: (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/beeboh.gif) The fastest and smallest of all the legendaries, Beeboh has the power to speed up and slow down time. However, he can't travel back or forward in time like Celebi can. He's Bug-type and has the Levitate ability.

Click on the names to see pictures. Those are my ideas--I can introduce one or two or three or all of them into the RPG if you want.

I can't wait for this RPG to start! After all, if I control a Team Nova Elite Admin and 3+ Legendaries...

And now to answer Brad's first two questions:

1. Codename? Lupin works as both a nickname and a codename. Whew, that was easy!

2. I think it'd be interesting for Team Nova to know about Qingrila. Since Qingrila can travel between dimensions and therefore might appear in an alternate dimension outside Mt. Silver, it would be interesting if someone in Team Nova saw him/her once. (Remember Qingrila can be either gender.) I don't think Lupin will be that someone, since he's already got one legendary to focus on.

And about Primaverde... Since I took out Primaverde's encounter with Team Nova, maybe Team Nova can discover one of her Frutai Trees on Grapefruit Island, say, and link the DNA in the Frutai Berry to Primaverde.

Nobody that's not a Pokemon will know about Auroracle yet.

January 29th, 2008, 12:47 PM
Alright. I've already PM'ed the answers to your questions. I'll start this soon- Colonel Dash has two more days, and then we start w/o him.

January 29th, 2008, 9:53 PM
Wow, so Brad likes Isix! I was so afraid she would seem like the reincarnation of Moltres...

Anyways, I think once Isix and Gryphice enter the RPG, we should have enough legendaries. (Besides, I think Nerida and Beeboh are too cute for their own good anyway, etc.)

And now for their signups:

Name: Isix
Gender: Female
Description: Isix looks like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/isix.gif), at about nine feet tall. Arceus seemed to liken many of the legendaries to gods when it created them, and Isix is no exception. If she were really a goddess, she'd be the goddess of rebirth. After all, she is technically a phoenix, yet has some draconic characteristics as well. Specifically, Isix has a special ability called "Phoenix Ash" that gives her a 50% chance of fully healing herself just before she faints.

Wait... is Isix Arceus' attempt to recreate Ho-oh and Moltres into one legendary? Well, not exactly. Moltres was unable to regenerate itself upon fainting, and Ho-oh had more to do with rainbows and good fortune than anything else. Isix is not about rainbows at all--in fact she leans more towards destruction than good fortune. Like Gyarados, she's capable of destroying entire cities in a range of fiery anger (though hers literally is fiery), although her anger outbursts are few and far between.

Personality: Isix is normally a calm and carefree Pokemon. Her spirit and outlook on life shine as brightly as her fiery body. But unlike the Primaverde/Auroracle/Qingrila trio, Isix prefers to spend her time alone, making little fire patterns on the cave walls, flying around and exploring the caves of Mt. Silver, etc. She's more of the contemplative sort than anything else, yet she wishes she mad more space to fly around in.

It's normally very hard to make Isix angry, but if she does happen to become infuriated for some odd reason, she really does turn into a destructive fireball, as explained in the Description section. Usually after such an outburst, she'll turn into ash out of exhaustion. But then she'll arise from the ashes as a small, bird-ish dragon which becomes Isix again after a day.

Type: Fire/Dragon
Other: So far no humans know about Isix, but she really is anxious to leave Mt. Silver. When she does leave, she'll only come out during sunrise or sunset, when she blends right in with the sky.

Name: Gryphice
Gender: Male
Description: Gryphice is about ten feet tall and looks something like this (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/digipets/gryphice.gif). He's most noted for his Gargoyle ability, which basically allows him to turn himself into stone. While in the stone state, he cannot be affected by Pokeballs, but he can't move either. However, one thing that still works is his Stone Gaze attack, which basically causes freezing. More specifically, it turns the foe into stone for a while, so thawing attacks like Flame Wheel won't remove the state. The only attacks the victim can use while "stonified" are Selfdestruct and Explosion, which of course end up with fainting.

Arceus originally meant to create Grpyhice as a representation of the Seven Deadly Sins, but that plan didn't go through to completion. Yet those seven sins still show up in Gryphice's personality...
Personality: Gryphice is an aggressive and domineering Pokemon who frequently pushes all oppressive foes into subordinance. He frequently sees himself as the best of the best, and will often prove that he is through battling. However, in the rare case in which he does get defeated in battle, he's known to be very envious and vengeful. You definitely don't want to come across Gryphice too often, which is good since Gryphice also prefers to be alone. Then he won't have to deal with any matters of the outside world. But it is said that he likes to sit there and collect rare gemstones as a hobby.

But Gryphice does enjoy the company of non-legendary Pokemon, since they're easy to manipulate and tend to be more obedient. He would prefer sitting around while Pokemon "slaves" constantly bring him food and gemstones, and sometimes entertainment as well.

Type: Rock/Flying, but also learns some ice attacks
Other: This lazy gryphon will want to stay in Mt. Silver for a while, so nobody else will know about him at this point. However, there is a possibility that later on some of his slaves might defy him and escape from the cave, and bring evidence that Gryphice exists.

EDIT: I also noticed something about TDB_leader's signup. Matt has three evolutions of extinct Pokemon, which are not possible from what I recall. (Specifically, he has an evolution of Floatzel, Tauros, and Lairon--all of which are extinct.)

February 1st, 2008, 8:00 PM
You know what... you're right. TDB_leader, if you want to stay, fix those please. Thanks Ninetales. Also, the RPG has started.

February 3rd, 2008, 1:31 AM
All right, I finally posted my first post! The legendaries' parts are a bit rushed (particularly those of Gryphice and Isix), but at least now we know where they are.

Brad and Psychotic Demon: I just had my legendaries try to find your legendaries (except Apocalydraggon, for obvious reasons). I give both of you permission to control my legendaries temporarily while they find and talk to your legendaries (unless you decide you don't want your legendaries found). Just remember to pay attention to their Personalities and the blue part of my post.

*Whenever I post, I'll be using the following colour scheme:

Any part with multiple legendaries (especially Primaverde/Qingrila/Auroracle) will be in black, except for dialogue.

February 3rd, 2008, 7:15 AM
Heh. I saw that you are planning to leave teh continent... without Apocalydraggon. He'll find a way there.... oh yes he will...

Oh, and Ninetales- you sort of ignored the dialouge towards Lupin in my first post. Anyways, good first post.

Sweet Dreams
February 8th, 2008, 3:58 AM
((I PMd Brad, and he said I could stick this in here because the RP needed more members. If you don't like the history, tell me, and I shall change it.))

Team Nova Agent:

Name: Danna

Gender: Female

Description: Danna is a deceptively slight and seemingly frail seventeen-year-old girl, agile and athletic because of it. Her dirty blonde hair reached just past her shoulders and seemed to be steadily turning more orange with each passing month. Paired with sharp, olive eyes that were once so open and trusting, Danna didn’t really seem all that threatening – all bark and no bight. Her usual outfit entailed a plain, loose-fitting and sunshine-yellow T-shirt, a pair of olive breeches that bring out her eyes, and a pair of dirty, brown, though very pliant, boots to complete the outfit. Under these loose clothes, however, were all sorts of concealed weapons, from guns hanging from straps on her thighs to the daggers hidden snugly in the small of her back, tied there by a single band of cloth. Most of her weapons were usually tipped with some kind of paralysis or tranquiliser, and she usually avoided shooting in any vital spots of the target.

Danna also has several, less obvious weapons in her arsenal, however. The ring on her right index finger, for example, is activated by pressure, and shot tiny, almost invisible darts, tipped with a poison that paralysed most of the voluntary muscles in the human, and several Pokémon’s, body - this adds quite the edge to her punches. She also wore a single hooped earring in her left ‘lobe, a distinct white, if quite long, fang hanging from the silver ring. This incisor contained the antidote to most poisons found in the world. It was a useful acquisition indeed.

Personality: Danna’s biggest friction with the rest of the group was that she believed in capturing rather than killing. However, this was not out of mercy, as she liked having the opposition believe, but because she believed that you could always render someone dead, later, if you have to, but you couldn't bring a dead person back to life. Once optimistic and sympathetic, Danna is now a sarcastic, rather dry and cold individual. She reigns in her emotions and controls them with a casual ease, and took a special delight in tormenting the minds, hearts and souls of her captives. All this adds up to her seeming rather aloof and light-footed, somehow.

History: Once a part of one of the small Anti-Nova organisations, Danna used to wince at the mere mention of cruelty towards Pokémon. However, when she encountered Brad and recognised him as the Team Nova leader, Danna could not keep her temper in check and actually got in his face and fervently shouted at him and the use he was putting the new Legendaries to. For some reason unknown to her even now, he asked Danna to have a look around and see if they couldn’t change her mind. At first, she only agreed because then she would be in the perfect position to spy on the group, but slowly her loyalties changed and she started feeding false information back to the growing organisation, whilst updating the Team on their movements and plans.

Her mother had died due to the frequent exposure of leftover toxin in the area surrounding her childhood home. Danna’s father had gone slightly mad with grief and refused to set eyes on her ever again, so Danna was free to do anything she liked without the baggage of “loved ones” to impede her progress.


Species: Kerberush
Types: Fire/Ghost
Evolves From: Arcanine
Gender: Male

Personality: Kerberush, although he disagrees with his owner on several accounts – mainly her preferences in capturing rather than killing, and her odd fancy with mental torture rather than physical pain – is a loyal ally to Danna, and answers only to her, and to Brad on her orders. The savage canine would readily turn on any allies that have become liabilities or just irritating, without any thought of the consequences. More often than not, Danna’s reluctant cry of “heel” comes too late, and the victim is no more than a pile of bloody strips.

Description: The result of an experiment gone wrong, Kerberush is named after the mythical, three-headed dog Cerberus who guarded the gates of the underworld. Kerberush has three, savage carnivorous heads, their permanently bloodstained muzzles filled with wickedly sharp teeth that had absolutely nothing ghostly about them, usually dripping with crimson saliva. Their wild, dark manes flared into a black flame when angered or especially bloodthirsty, and their usually red-tinted, charcoal eyes dilated and lightened with it. With fur the colour of congealed blood, occasionally flickering purple, and the unchanging black stripes that matched the long claws at its padded feet, Kerberush was rightly named.

Species: Sludgix
Types: Ground/Poison
Evolves From: Onyx
Gender: Male

Personality: As Danna’s first Pokémon, Sludgix shares Danna’s frame of mind, and most of her opinions. He preferred capturing rather than killing, and recruiting rather than eliminating. However, he himself employed the method of slow, physical pain rather than to mentally agonise the victim. Sludgix, unlike Kerberush, reflected on the consequences of his actions, and waited until he was absolutely sure that the prey was of no use to him anymore before disposing of them.

Description: As an Onyx, he was exposed to the same toxins that killed Danna’s mother, but instead of resisting, he adapted to them, so when he evolved, his evolution was abnormal. Sludgix was more snake-like than the other evolutions, but also smaller, since his growth was stunted. With smoother, if more slimy, skin, Sludgix spouts long, deadly fangs that grew back whenever broken in a few hours. The furthermost fangs on his upper jaw held antidotes, and is where Danna acquired her ear-piece. The sleeker body’s lumps are a dark purple, joined together by a thick rope-like middle that is rarely glimpsed past the poisonous sludge oozing thickly from it, to create the illusion of having a tar-like, sinuous body. Sludgix’s eyes were dead black with a moroon ring in the centre of each hollow. Thrusting out between them was a rapier the colour of its body underneath the ooze, wickedly sharp and curved forwards, tipped with the same paralysis Danna often used.

Species: Irelectic
Types: Electric/Steel
Evolves from: Manectric
Gender: Male

Personality: Stubborn and unpredictable, Irelectic does as he wishes, ignoring everyone’s orders, including Danna. At times, he can be a total snob and gleefully infuriates all around him, enjoying their irritation and also scolding them for being so uptight. However, when he does work with Danna, they are a formidable duo, his speed and strength a valuable asset to her team.

Description: Irelectic has a very similar form to Manectric though slightly larger, and more sleekly built. The yellow head-piece grew bladed and arched backwards and had turned into a metal substance, along with the smooth, pointed area above the front paws and their steel claws. Irelectic’s hind limbs, however, were still the soft yellow colour they were, although the wing-like shape is elongated and the two are bridged by a current of electricity that can be switched off at a moment’s notice. The blue colour of his body has lightened, and attained a metallic sheen to it.

Species: Glaceon
Type: Ice
Evolves From: Eevee
Gender: Female

Personality: Glaceon was handed to Danna as a sort of extended project so that she could be broken and trained for the side of Team Nova. She is sympathetic and intelligent, although the will of survival bred strongly in her. She knows that it would be foolhardy to put her heart on the line to help the new Legendary Pokémon and wind up a target of Team Nova herself. Glaceon refuses point-blank to kill or even physically harm more than absolutely needed, although she often traps the opponent with a well-placed Ice Beam for Danna, knowing that otherwise she would be discarded as useless. Still refusing to bend to Danna’s will with a grim determination, she has recently earned some of Danna’s grudging respect, along with Danna’s refusal to get rid of her or hand her to some other member to break.

Description: Exceptionally normal, the only unique visible traits of Glaceon’s is the fact that the colour of her fur is slightly lighter and blended together more readily than the others of her kind, and the three jagged and almost invisible scars on her right side that was all that remained of her first encounter with Kerberush.

February 8th, 2008, 4:12 AM
As the title states, you're accepted, Sweet Dreams. You are the second Elite Admin. You're first assignment.

Below spoiler only for SD, Ninetales, and me.


February 9th, 2008, 10:38 PM
All right, I just posted my second post in the search for Glaciatrum. *still can't get over the wolf after wolf joke* You'll all find other interesting conflicts with the legendaries, including Gryphice vanishing from his battle with Brad, Auroracle finding Polargent (wherever it is), Lupin's Umbreon and Absol entering Mt. Silver, and Lupin himself spotting Qingrila. (Note that Qingrila is also trying to find Glaciatrum.)

I also started to describe the three Alakazam protecting Primaverde. They are:

Sundiata--Supposedly the smartest of the three and also sort of the leader. He's a little taller than the average Alakazam, and is a light gold in colour whereas his chest, forearms, etc. look to be made of gold. Currently he's wherever Toxadacia is.
Sumanguru--Often is viewed as a pawn to Sundiata, and supposedly the dumbest of the three. Well, he isn't extremely dumb, still being an Alakazam. And he's noted for his hippie-ish speech. Not to mention he's viewed as the pretty boy of the group, a rich caramel colour with flashy long black whiskers. He's supposed to be with Darthpsych, but count on him to go aloof and be sidetracked... Currently he's with Gryphice on Mt. Coronet--he'll deal with him for a while before finally remembering to look for Darthpsych.
Circe--There are not many female Alakazam, but Circe is one. She's the more mild and quiet one, but she doesn't try to dominate or goof off like her male counterparts. She's an odd-looking pink in colour, much like the colour Cherubi used to be. Anyways, she's currently riding on Isix around the top of Mt. Silver, so any moment now she and Isix might be spotted by Brad and Masteghost...

My Character Radar
Lupin is on a grass-covered ledge on the southeastern side of Mt. Silver--one with one of Primaverde's Frutai Trees on it.
Primaverde is in the icy chamber of Mt. Silver that Auroracle usually inhabits. Brr, it must be cold there!
Auroracle is... wherever Polargent is.
Qingrila is in the cavern of Mt. Silver directly above Auroracle's, scared out of its wits.
Isix is circling around the top of Mt. Silver, having just spotted Brad.
Gryphice is at the top of Mt. Coronet, quite possibly in a staring contest with Sumanguru.
*Sundiata is... wherever Toxadacia is.
*Sumanguru is at the top of Mt. Coronet, quite possibly in a staring contest with Gryphice.
*Circe is riding on Isix in her circle around Mt. Silver. She, though, has not spotted Brad yet.
*Alice and Scout, two of Lupin's Pokemon, have just entered a narrow tunnel leading into the interior of Mt. Silver. They have left Lupin to wander off on their own for a while.

^^By the way, I named the three Alakazam after three sorcerors or enchantresses of Middle Eastern or Greek epics or folklore. In a previous RPG, I made them all male and identical-looking, and they were named Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. Haven't they improved since then? ^_^'

Sweet Dreams
February 16th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Okay, so... Uh... Wow, I feel... Left out...

Maybe I should create a Legendary, seeing as everybody else has.

Well, currently Danna's inside Mt. Silver, and I'm hoping that Qingrila's peaceful effect stays even when it's panicked. Does it? If not, I'm gonna have to edit my post...

February 20th, 2008, 4:51 PM
Uh... Ninetales? Syn? Where are you? Especially you Syn. WE NEED YOU!!!

February 20th, 2008, 11:39 PM
I'm waiting for Syn to post. Otherwise I can't do much with Lupin or Sundiata, because I can't control Toxadacia or Glaciatrum.

Oh wait, there's my other legendaries... *goes to post*

February 29th, 2008, 3:47 PM
We are in boiling water here. Without Syn, we are stalled, because she is essentail to Lupin. We must just ignore the afflicted characters (those paralyzed by the lack of our Psychotic Demon), or, in Lupin's case, reassign them, so that the RPG can contiune. Sy6n is basically gone- her RPG, Ivory Tower, died as well. I belonged to that- I think I might have been the last one to post. But I digress.

I say that Lupin be reassigned- sorry, wolf after wolf ain't working. I knew PD wouldn't be able to post often, but this is bordering on crazy. This is madness. Madness? No. THIS IS SPARTA!!!

Ignore words aft5er crazy. Just 300 reference.

Sweet Dreams
March 1st, 2008, 1:26 PM
There, I'm giving Ninetales something to do with Primaverde and Qingrila. I don't want such a cool RP to die... By the way, what happened to all the others that signed up? I mean, I don't think many of them even posted...

March 1st, 2008, 3:51 PM
*sigh* It looks like this is going to be a trio...

I guess if Syn's not going to be posting... then what do we do about her two legendaries? Maybe Team Nova should just dismiss those two Pokemon as hallucinations or myths, and pretend they never existed?

Yes, I think I'll reassign Lupin to Isix, since two of his Pokemon have already spotted her. So... Let's see, Brad's after Darthpsych (and/or Gryphice), Danna's after Polargent... The only other legendary available that I did not create is Apocalydraggon, who I know Team Nova hasn't spotted yet. So the only other legendaries are ones I've created. Gee, that will be weird--my character going after my own legendary... unless you want to reassign Lupin to Darthpsych instead.

Let's see, if nobody else posts, then that means only three people are in Team Nova: a leader and two elite admins. Maybe at some point I'll create some grunts as NPC's...

Brad, I think in my last post I had one of my Alakazams talk to Darthpsych, and I had Auroracle find Polargent. Maybe you could include your legendaries in a post in the future...?
(This was the reason why I didn't do anything about Auroracle in my most recent post.)

March 2nd, 2008, 7:43 AM
Since Syn is basically gone, her Pokemon were killed by Apocalydraggon. Unless she appears soon, her characters are dead. Hmm... Lupin shall go for Darthpsych, I shall go after Gryphice and Isix 9and Qingrila, but it will be interesting how Brad gets it...) and Danna gets Polargent, Auroracle, and Primaverde.

Yes- legendaries shall reappear in my next post...

March 3rd, 2008, 11:40 AM
Ah, so you had Apocalydraggon grab Qingrila, eh? Hmm, this means either you weren't paying attention to Qingrila's previous actions, or you're curious about Qingrila's other form. I'm hoping it's the latter.

What? How come Lupin only gets one Pokemon, and Danna and Brad get to catch three? This means Lupin will have to catch Apocalydraggon as well! Just kidding--focusing on Darthpsych is fine.

Okay Brad, good, you posted about Darthpsych and Apocalydraggon and Pol... Wait, what about Polargent? Oh well, I guess I'll do something with Polargent in my next post.

About Auroracle... I said she hasn't been discovered by Team Nova yet, so... Oh well, I'll fix that in my next post. She'll be discovered by then.

Hmm... now how did Negatov find Isix after Circe teleported her a couple different places? Oh well, at least Brad will now encounter two of Lupin's Pokemon in the cavern as well. Wait... never mind--they're on his side anyway.

I'll post my post either tonight or around noon tomorrow.

March 3rd, 2008, 1:26 PM
You know what? Polargent has been given to Lupin as well.
Danna shall get Auroracle and Primaverde.
And Apocalydraggon shall harm Qingrila- then a whole new thing will happen...