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February 3rd, 2008, 2:49 PM
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I first started writing this fanfic last Febuary on the NSider Forums. I was an idiot then, and the story wasn't too good. Plus I didn't save it anywhere, so now that the forums are dead, all those chapters I wrote are gone. Ouch. Now I've decided to rewrite it on the Serebii forums, with a lot of cleanup, and now im posting it here, too. Enjoy.

whatever ages a PG rating means, for some possible graphically described scenes of violence and some language.

Chapter Index
Prologue - look down v
Chapter One: The Dragon Master - Page 1
Chapter Two: Escape! - Page 1
Chapter Three: A Great Start, then this... - Page 1
Chapter Four: Of Dreams and Professors - Page 1
Chapter Five: The First Awakening - Page 1
Chapter Six: The City, the Leader, and the Silcoon - Page 1 (sorry for the one-day-delay; i went skiing with my church yesterday.)
Chapter Seven: Battle Under the Moon - coming 2/27
Chapter Eight: Double Battle of the Crater - coming in March
Chapter Nine: Forests, Pokemon and... Team Magma?! - coming in March
Chapter Ten: Reunion - coming in March
Chapter Eleven: Trial by Fire - coming in March
Chapter Twelve: By the Dawn's Early Fight - coming in March
Chapter Thirteen: A Trainer's Worth - coming in March

The Heart of the Enemy
By: Blademaster_Jale


It was a beautiful spring day, the sun shining brightly upon a grass-covered field. It wasn’t exactly a field though, as multiple hills broke the ground into multiple small valleys and rises. This only made it harder for the tall figure that was making slow progress across the area.

The boy was nearly fifteen, yet despite his age he was easily six feet tall and already a dark line of facial hair was forming over his mouth. His brown hair lay untamed on the top of his head, pushed in different directions from the occasional sweeps his fingers made through it. He wore faded blue jeans, with a dark red shirt with charcoal colored sleeves covering his torso. Upon his shoulders hung a black backpack, its many pockets filled with numerous items, some of which had been forgotten. His shoes were worn, and from his belt hung three small red-and-white balls. The boy was a Pokemon Trainer.

He brushed his dark hair from his forehead, looking behind him with dark brown eyes at the many hills he had climbed, the city of Cianwood that lay beyond them, and the land of Johto past that. A small smile spread over his lips as the memories of that land moved through his mind. Chuckling slightly at one certain memory, he began to turn again and descend the final hill, when something caught his eye.

There were maybe ten of the men, all wearing the same charcoal-gray pants and shirt with the dark red hood and vest over them. They were close to fifty yards away, at the bottom of the hill, and were trying not to be seen for whatever reason they might have had. One of them looked up, seeing the boy watching them. He shouted something to his comrades, then broke into a run. Without another thought, the boy turned and ran down the hill behind him, towards a vast tower, a dark cave, and the land of Hoenn.


Far away, deep within the Hoenn region, another teen lay quietly in a metal cage. The cage was fairly strong, its bars thick and meant to hold the strongest of pokemon. The boy looked very much like the other, yet he was three years older and his features looked tougher. His own shoes had been through much more than the other’s, and his jeans were as faded as ever. His belt showed six empty slots, their pokeballs taken. His plain gray shirt was mostly covered by a black coat, the front of which was emblazoned with a sword and shield design, along with the caption “The Legend of Zelda”. His dark eyes, though closed at the moment, showed years of sleeping under the stars, years of travelling, years of pokemon battles.

His body stirred, his eyes opening as his hand moved up to feel a large bump on the back of his head. He slowly surveyed his surroundings; his cage was situated against a rock wall. The air felt warm, warmer than it should be underground. A dim lantern glowed near the mouth of a passage that led from the small cavern, illuminating the figure of a man standing at that doorway, keeping watch over the prisoner. Thoughts of what had happened flooded into the boy’s head.

The three Team Magma members tormenting a Zigzagoon for fun. The wooden plank lying against the wall of a house. The rage pouring throughout his being. He barely remembered cracking that board against one man’s skull, dropping it as he threw a pokeball into another man’s face. The third snuck up behind him, lifting the plank and knocking him unconscious as Marowak pummeled the unlucky second man with its club.

Standing, the boy snickered slightly as he thought of how many bruises those men probably had. Then his hand flew to his belt, feeling the empty slots.

“I heard you gave some of our members a good beating. That Marowak of yours packs a good punch, don’t it? But don’t you worry, boy, it’ll be taken care of. The boss always appreciates new pokeballs on his belt.”

The boy whirled around, looking through the bars at his jailer. The man was holding a fistful of minimized pokeballs in one hand as he threw another up and down with his other hand. A large, worn pack lay against a nearby wall. If they were keeping him prisoner, why leave his bag and pokeballs in the same room?

“Seems t’me you know a thing or two about pokemon battles. How’s bout a deal; you beat me in a battle, and I’ll let yeh free. The boss would catch you anyways, so it’s not much loss on my part. That is of course if you actually beat me. So what do yah say? Wanna take a go?”

The boy smiled. “Sure. I beat you, you let me go. You beat me, your boss gets all my pokemon.”

“Oh, and I forgot to mention… I’ll be using all of my pokemon, but you’ll only be using one.”

The smile widened. “Deal.”


Littleroot Town was far from being a bustling city, with its only large attraction being the Birch Pokemon Research Lab and with only one route leading into town. But it was from this town many trainers began their journeys, as it was the only place for them to obtain their “starter” pokemon and a Pokemon League license. On the main path running through town – it wasn’t even paved, I might add – one such girl was beginning her journey.

Her hair was long and dirty-blonde in color. She wore a pink skirt, with a light blue shirt on with it. From her shoulder hung a brand new bag, loaded with provisions of which she would only need a few. Her face was beaming, the happiness seeming to come from the orange chick pokemon dancing around her heels.

“Ready to go now, Torchic?”


“Alright, then lets get this show on the road!” And so she set off down the path as her parents waved to her from their front door. She had no idea what she was getting herself into.

February 4th, 2008, 6:48 PM
This was awesome! There was very little grammatical errors and they are small. It was very descriptive and I can't wait to read more. Especially if the next chapters called The Dragon Master, I'm definetly reading. Keep up the awesome story.

February 4th, 2008, 7:14 PM
I got to the point where you said that the NSider forums had crashed along with your story, and I felt your pain. The exact same thing happened to me, which is why I'm posting my story here now. Anyways, I'll edit with a critique soon.

EDIT: Not bad. The intro makes me want to read more, which is what every good intro should do.

I only saw one grammatical mistake, which was this:

"On the main path running through town – it wasn’t even paved, I might add – one such girl was beginning her journey."

Bolded part needn't be there, unless you're writing this story from your point of view. You made no indication earlier that you are, so I'm assuming that you're doing standard third-person omnipresent. In this point of view, the writer writes as though he is viewing everything happening in the story, but never actually refers to himself.

Sorry if that sounds nit-picky, but it's really the only problem I saw. Otherwise, this is more or less flawless. Keep the chapters coming!

Minos Yewman
February 5th, 2008, 12:09 PM
Wow, this is good. I can't wait to hear more. Keep the chapters coming as always.

February 5th, 2008, 3:45 PM
thanks for your reviews! and for a moment i thought this would be completely ignored...

@IceDragon: thank you for noticing; grammar and description are easily my two strongest suits. grammar is due to the fact that ive always loved reading, so i notice every grammar error i or anyone else makes. then description is because... well, i just concentrate on it a lot.

@txteclipse: the error you pointed is is partially because one of my favorite series as a kid - redwall - was often written as if being told by someone recalling the event later on, but still from a third person view. because of that, i picked up the habit. im sure you'll see more mistakes like that as the story progresses.

@Minos Yewman: im glad you feel that way; sometimes im worried that my prologue didnt really appeal as well to people as my story itself does. hearing someone say it got them excited to read more is like music to my ears.

@everyone: since i now have readers, ill be sure to post chapter one later tonight, maybe around 10:00 or 11:00pm EST. i cant put it up now, as im posting from my friend's laptop. see you then!


February 5th, 2008, 7:48 PM
Chapter 1: The Dragon Master

The boy stumbled to the bottom of the hill, nearly losing his footing. His legs kept moving, but his lungs were heaving as he gasped for air, but those men were still following him. His feet made dull swishing noises in the grass, his arms pumping as his heavy backpack constantly beat him. The sound of the grass was replaced abruptly by deep clicks. The boy stopped, looking around.

He was standing on a long, wide brick-paved path. Ten yards to his left loomed a dark cave, and far to his right, at the end of the path, stood a huge building. It seemed to be two or three stories high, but behind it the structure climbed far into the cliffside it was situated against. A sign on the road nearby read “Pokemon League; Hoenn HQ”. He broke into a run once more, urging his aching legs to continue. His pause had allowed the men to come closer, however, and a few of them ran ahead of him, throwing pokeballs to the ground.

Trapped. That one word passed into the boy’s head. Ahead of him crouched three snarling Mightyenas, behind him stood seven more men readying their pokemon. He slowly backed towards the only remaining option: a fifty foot cliff towering over the ocean. As seven more pokeballs opened, one of the men sneered.

“So what now, kid? Why don’t you just come quietly, it’d make our day a bit easier.”

“Yeah? So what would you like me to come quietly for? I really don’t see why you nuts are chasing me.” A snarl issued from one of the Mightyena, causing the boy to take a few more steps back. The cliff’s edge was only a few feet behind him.

“What does it matter? The boss just told us to find that Champion kid’s brother and bring him to the base. You come; we get promoted a few numbers. You don’t, we get demoted. See what we mean here, kid? Kid!? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?” Too late. The boy grabbed a pokeball from his belt and hurled himself off the edge.

Loud curses were shouted from the men at the top. The air whizzed by the boy’s face, whipping his hair all around. He opened the pokeball, and a small blue crocodile-looking pokemon popped out.

“Toto? Totototototototo!” The pokemon appeared to be enjoying itself.

“Totodile, I seriously hope you’re happy because you’re ready to hit the water down there.”

The pokemon looked down, noticing foaming water and gnashing teeth that its trainer had failed to notice. “TOTO!” It grabbed the boy’s shirt, scrambling around onto his back as he also noticed the hungry Sharpedo at the bottom of the cliff.

“Oh, shi- Totodile, kill me.”

However, the pokemon was too scared to notice the sarcastic command. The water was drawing closer; any second now their lives would draw to a close.

A shadow flew over them. Strong arms grabbed the boy’s backpack, lifting him up. As his now completely ballistic Totodile continued screaming, the boy looked up at his savior.

It was a large green dragon-like pokemon, with a head and wings that bore a resemblance to that of a dragonfly’s. Flying beside it was another pokemon just like it, and between them flew one more dragon, this one blue with orange wings. It looked much like your typical European dragon, so not much more of it need be explained, except for the fact that on its back rode a man dressed in a sailor’s hat and a long cape. The Flygon dropped the boy onto the Salamence’s back, and then moved so it and its companion flew on either side of their master. As the teen tried to gain a better seating on the dragon’s back, the man turned around, glaring at him from under his cap, his white mustache bristling.

“Are you crazy? What were you thinking, trying to pull a stunt like that? Those Sharpedo could have torn you apart if it wasn’t for me!”

The boy didn’t respond, he was too busy trying to gasp for air. He wasn’t too fond of heights. The Totodile had now stuck its claws into his backpack and didn’t show any signs of letting go.

The man’s face softened a bit, but not much. “That’s right; catch your breath for a moment. I’m sure you must’ve had some very good reason for that cliff-dive of yours.” After a few moments, the boy straightened up, looking a bit pale but otherwise alright. His Totodile finally gave up and collapsed, sliding into his arms. The man nodded. "Right, now that you’ve recuperated, let’s start with why you were pulling a human impression of a Bagon.”

“Well, I’ve been travelling for a couple years now, and I just arrived from Johto. I was walking, trying to reach the Pokemon League Headquarters in Hoenn, when out of the blue some guys dressed in weird red get-ups started chasing me. They really meant it, ‘cause they sicked their Mightyena on me. With nowhere else to go, I hoped Totodile here could manage a bit of surfing from that jump. I didn’t really notice the Sharpedo until I was already flying. Totodile here was kind enough to point them out to me.”

“Ah, now that explains a lot. Those darn Magma’s, what could they be planning now?” The man’s face darkened as he seemed to think about this issue. He suddenly seemed to notice that the boy was still there.

“Oh, excuse my manners. I am Drake, the Dragon Master and fourth member of the Hoenn Elite Four.” Drake held his hand out. Astonished, the boy took it, saying

“I-It’s nice to meet you, sir. I’m Joel Palmer, from Pewter City. When I was twelve I began my pokemon journey, just like most other kids that live near Pokemon Labs. Though, I gotta admit, I don’t battle too much. I also don’t catch pokemon very often, though starters fascinate me. I guess that instead of collecting rare and powerful pokemon like my brother I just get the starters. Oh, and also this one Sneasel that attacked me on the road. That’s all that I have… my Charmeleon, my Totodile, and Sneasel.” The man sat thinking again, then leaned forward and held his hand against Salamence’s head. The pokemon closed its eyes for a moment and shuddered, then opened them and changed course abruptly.

“I’m taking you to Littleroot Town, where my friend Professor Birch can give you one of those ‘starter’ pokemon. Also, your name seems familiar… are you by any chance related to Javin Palmer?”

“Actually, yes. He’s my brother.”

“Hm, I thought so. You look a lot like him, you know. Last I heard he was in Hoenn; he left Lance in charge of the Kanto Elite Four and appointed some new members, since Lorelei and Agatha left.”

“You mean Javin’s here? In Hoenn!?”

“Quite frankly, yes. He stopped by our HQ to discuss something with Steven, then said he would be near Lavaridge to check out some Team Magma movements in Mount Chimney. Your best bet for finding him would be there.”

“Thanks, Drake. I’ll see if I can meet up with him, it seems like ages since I last saw him.” They fell silent. Salamence was now flying over the ocean, with multiple rocks, pokemon and even trainers flying by below them. The dragon must have been flying very fast to be covering so much distance. They began to pass over a village that was floating on the water. People attended to their daily chores; washing clothes, fishing, some even feeding the Corsola that seemed to hold up the town. As Joel watched, a long shadow suddenly passed over the village. Joel nearly jumped in surprise, looking above them for the source of the shadow. He barely saw a green tail vanish behind a cloud, seeming to fly towards a tall stone tower standing alone on an island.

Drake saw where Joel's gaze had now shifted to. “That’s Sky Pillar. The people of Pacifidlog believe that that is where Rayquaza dwells, but no real sightings have been reported in years. Multiple times people have claimed to see it, but after a while even children grew bored of their tall tales.” Drake said no more, remaining as silent as ever as they continued their flight. They passed over a seaside port town close to seven o'clock that evening, and at half past eight they touched down on the grass of the small town of Littleroot. Multiple houses still had lights on, but a couple of them had already settled down for the night. Joel hopped to the ground, his Totodile now safe inside its pokeball.

“Thank you, Drake. You’ve just saved me a long time of surfing and avoiding trainers.”

“No problem, but I suggest you start battling more. You will grow closer to your pokemon, and there are a lot of rewards to those who battle as one with their pokemon.”

“Hmm… Well, you’ve got a good point there, Drake. I’ll try to train my pokemon more, there’s no point in having pokemon if you never use them or befriend them.”

“Right, well I must be off. I suggest you find a place to stay the night, its getting to be a tad late. I think there’s a small motel on the main road here, you could go rest there. They don’t charge much, and the beds are comfortable enough, so why not?”

“Again, thank you. Bye, Drake, and I hope you make it back to the HQ safely.”

For what seemed like the first time, a burst of hearty laughter left the man’s lips. “Come on, do you really think I’d have problems while riding ole Salamence here? We’ll be fine, don’t you worry.” And without another word, his dragon pokemon lifted its wide, orange wings and threw itself into the air, followed by the two Flygon. In just a few minutes they had flown out of sight.

February 6th, 2008, 1:34 PM
Great! Loved reading it - can't wait for the next chapter!

- Jack

February 6th, 2008, 1:35 PM
Hey its me form Serebii. Good Idea expanding your fic.

February 6th, 2008, 2:00 PM
Awesome first chapter! I enjoyed this one alot. And Drake was an awesome edition. Can't wait to read more.

February 6th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Wow. Flippin' amazing.

I like your style of writing. It flows well and you didn't have too many problems with spelling or grammar. I'm gunna keep my eye on this one, and hope for more... No, I'm gunna pray for more! LOL.

February 6th, 2008, 6:40 PM
again, thank you all! wow, someone even gave my fic a rating of five. thanks so much!

anyways, onto individual responses.

@jack1993jack: glad you enjoyed it, and the next chapter will be due Saturday (I'll make that my deadline each week, just like i do on Serebii.)
ps: nice sig; i really like that quote.

@Firetrainer92: nice to see you here, too. also, would you like to be added to the PM list on serebii? i wasnt too sure if you wanted to be added, but if you do ill be sure to do so.

@IceDragon2439: again, im happy you enjoyed it. i have a lot of characters from the games that make appearances, however i can assure you that there will be absolutely no characters that are solely from the anime, like ash. well, Nurse Joy will be included, but thats about it.

@kidstaple: thanks!(im saying that a lot, arent i? well, i really mean it.) my Creative Writing teacher in my high school is very picky about grammar and stuff. one time a guy came in and was talking with some truly horrid grammar, and she really got on his case about it.

anyways, getting back on track here, im now going to start posting chapters every saturday and wednesday, until this thread is caught up with the one on serebii, and then ill resort to my usual 1-a-week thing.
thanks again, and i hope you continue to enjoy my fanfic.


February 9th, 2008, 10:45 AM
Chapter 2: Escape!

“Camerupt, let’s have some fun!”“Kabutops, how about we show this idiot how we earned the title Champion?”“Oh, so you’re a Champion? I’m really gonna believe that. Seriously, I’m quaking in my shoes. Camerupt, use Flamethrower!” Two pokeballs flew from their owners’ hands. The first opened to reveal an orange camel-like pokemon, its humps replaced with miniature volcanoes on its back. Its big, round, dumb face had a lazy look in its eyes, though any experienced trainer knew it hid power. The second pokeball, which narrowly missed hitting the cage bars it flew through, revealed a much less stupid-looking pokemon.This one was brown, thin, and had scythes for arms. From its back sprouted multiple spines, facing sideways instead of straight outward, and its head was shaped like a wide shield, from which two small beady eyes glared. It didn’t even flinch as the Camerupt opened its mouth and launched a massive stream of flames towards it. The scorching fire swept over the pokemon, ramming it into the bars of the cage. Its master crouched near the wall to avoid getting burned by the flaming onslaught.“Heh, that was easy. Alright, kid, gimme its pokeball so I can deliver these pokemon to the boss.”“Kabutops, just use Water Pulse so we can get out of here.”“Kid, ferget it, your pokemon’s fain-” A brown blur jumped from the molten mass of metal that was once the bars of the cage, landing on the Camerupt’s back. It held its claws close together, generating a pulsing wave of water that crashed into the holes of the pokemon’s humps. Camerupt's lazy eyes grew wide and it started bellowing in pain, but the damage was done. Camerupt collapsed, unable to continue.“-ted.” The man gaped at his fallen pokemon.“Who are you!?”“I think I’ve already told you that. Now send your next pokemon out so we can finish this.” The boy stepped through the hole in the cage where the Camerupt had burned it, standing coolly next to his Kabutops.“But it doesn’t take a Champion to know that Flamethrower is doubly weak against the Rock- and Water-Type Kabutops. On the other hand, Water Pulse is a Water attack, and is thus incredibly effective against Camerupt’s Fire- and Ground-Type combination.”“Er, uh, I…” The man shook his head, the quick defeat of his Camerupt finally sinking in.“I don’t need you lecturing me, kid! I know enough about battles to not need you giving me lessons! If your oh-so-powerful Kabutops is Water and Rock, then how’s this? Nuzleaf!” He fumbled to grab another pokeball from his belt, then threw it onto the ground. It opened, releasing a short brown pokemon with a pointy nose and a leaf coming from the top of its head.“What d’you say to that, huh? Doubly effective!”“Ice Beam.” The Kabutops held up its scythe again. This time it glowed a light blue color, seeming to freeze over right before a thin beam blasted from the tip, striking the Nuzleaf and stopping it cold, literally. This time the Kabutops actually yawned, holding its scythe edge up to its unseen mouth as it closed its eyes, breathing deeply and sleepily.“Alright, now I’m mad! Machoke, Granbull, go!” Two more pokeballs, two more pokemon. One was dark purple and looked much like a human, or in this case like Chuck Norris. Its arms and legs rippled with muscles, its entire body a weapon. A weapon emanating power. The only thing that seemed to control its power was a black belt it wore, brimming with and controlling the pokemon’s strength.

Its partner was also purple and stood on two legs, however this one was a much lighter color and looked more like a large bull dog. It had a black spiked collar around its neck and two more around its arms. Its lower jaw was much larger than a normal dog’s should be, its canine teeth jutting out long and straight.

“Both of you idiots ATTACK!” The two pokemon charged, massive fists clenched. Kabutops and its trainer continued standing there, hardly even seeming to notice the pokemon. Right as the faster Machoke reached its target, raising its fist, Kabutops raised its scythe, clothes-lining the pokemon before jumping and bringing its other razor-edged arm slashing down at the Granbull. As the fallen pokemon disintegrated into a red mist and were pulled into their pokeballs, the Kabutops did the same as its trainer walked over to his bag.“How… how could I have lost!? Who the hell are you!?”

The boy slung the bag onto his back, replacing his pokeballs into their slots on his belt. “I told you; I am Javin Palmer, the Kanto Pokemon League Champion. You want proof, or was that battle enough?” The man simply shook his head dumbly as Javin brushed past him, exiting the cavern into the tunnel beyond.

His footsteps echoing ever so slightly, Javin crept through the tunnel. The rock walls were very warm, getting all the warmer as he continued. Electric lamps hung from hooks every few steps, some of them burned out or broken. Multiple other tunnels branched from the one he walked through, which seemed to be the main one. All of the tunnels, however, were on the right. On the left multiple air vents broke through the wall, providing some shelter from the heat of the caves.On many occasions, Javin had the hide behind rocks or crates to avoid being caught by Team Magma members that he found himself constantly encountering. For thirty long minutes he continued through the tunnel, finally reaching a passage blocked by a door and two Magma Grunts. He didn’t even bother hiding from them, simply walking up to the door and reaching for the handle. Unsurprisingly, one of the grunts held his thick arm out, blocking him.“Now where do you think you’re going?”“In this room, obviously.”“Oh, we got a cheeky one here, Bart!”“Ah, what d’you thinks we should do, Cal?”“Maybe we could let him see how it feels to get beaten in the face by a club.”“Or smashed in the head by a plank.” Upon closer observation, Javin saw that the two men seemed familiar. In fact, they were two of the men he had encountered in Lavaridge. The big one, Cal, had multiple bruises covering his face, a broken nose that had been bandaged, and both eyes blackened. Multiple teeth were missing from his crooked smile. His partner, the smaller and wispier Bart, had a large bump on the back of his head, which had sandy blonde hair and was not covered by a hood like usual as he had just thrown it back.“Ah, you two must be the numbskulls I pummeled back in town. Would you like to meet my Marowak again, or can I go through this door?”“Not this time, chum.” That lopsided grin flashed again.“Yeah, we owe yers a knuckle sandwich first!”“Oh, do you? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. You don’t need to pay me back for that last beating, it was completely free.” He placed his hands into the pockets of his unzipped jacket, silently tapping the button of one of the pokeballs on his belt.“No, please, we insist.” Cal cracked his knuckles loudly, flexing his burly arms as he threw back his own hood, revealing more bruises and a greasy mop of dirty brown hair.“Should I hold him for yeh, Cal?”“How about I save you guys the trouble of beating me up and just leave you here? Electivire, Thunderwave!” Another press of the button and a large yellow bear-like pokemon emerged, long black wires growing from its back sparking before it grabbed both men and sent a quick surge of electricity through them. The pair collapsed, unconscious.

February 9th, 2008, 8:55 PM
This chapter was great. The battle showed pretty good description and was funny to read, Javin easily defeated that guy. The end was great, and I like Electivire.

Minos Yewman
February 11th, 2008, 2:49 AM
Hey, Javin won! Well, if he had lost then it wouldn't be much of a story. All the same, keep up the good work.

February 13th, 2008, 5:37 AM
Warning: long chapter.

Chapter 3: A great start, then this…

Route 101, Hoenn.
It’s most often the first place a new trainer from Hoenn would see. It’s not exactly an eyesore, either. The path winds through a long, grassy field dotted with trees and tall grass. The edges of a forest close in on both sides, making it feel like a level from a video game (though I have no idea why anyone would have that feeling). Overall the route is only two miles long, which is why the towns of Oldale and Littleroot have so many residents that know each other quite well. Halfway along the route, just off the path, stood two young trainers who were locked in a Pokemon Battle.“Go, Zig!”“Torchic, time for our first battle!”A pokeball flew into the air; landing in the grass before opening to reveal a small raccoon-like pokemon with spiky fur all colored and shaped into a zigzagging style. Even the pokemon’s smile was jagged. Its opponent was the same orange chick that had recently set out with its trainer on a journey. Said trainer was standing next to it, her confident face carrying a slight smirk.“Alright, let’s begin with Scratch!” The small orange pokemon ran forward on its small legs, its jutting feathers that served as arms glowing.“Zig, counter with Tackle!” Its opponent also ran forward, kicking up dust from the ground as it charged.“Dodge quickly, then hit it!” The Torchic jumped just in time, landing behind the raccoon before unleashing a quick slice with its “claws”.“Zig! Are you alright?” The pokemon had three thin red cuts gleaming on its side, but was otherwise fine. Its eyes showed it wasn’t too pleased, however. Ignoring its trainer, the angered raccoon jumped up and charged Torchic once again. Another command, another set of cuts.“Torchic, lay off now and just dodge its attacks!”“Zig, what are you doing? Stop it! Leave it alone!” The pokemon continued charging full-body towards Torchic, only for its attacks to be avoided easily. Finally, Torchic seemed to have become bored and landed on top of the pokemon, delivering one last attack before jumping away again. Zigzagoon staggered, gave a low growl of pain, and collapsed. Its trainer ran forward to comfort his pokemon.“Are you alright, Zig?” The boy was around thirteen, with light brown hair hidden by a black baseball cap. He wore a gray-tinged green shirt, with baggy blue jeans sagging below his waistline. Hanging from his left shoulder was a torn and beaten red backpack, but it was obviously not originally his. Torchic’s form wavered as it melted into a red mist and was pulled into its pokeball. Its trainer knelt by the boy with his Zigzagoon, concern showing slightly on her face.“Is it okay?”“Oh, don’t worry. A quick stop at the Pokemon Center and he’ll be fine. Would you like to come with me?”“Sure, I was heading towards Oldale anyways.” The girl stood, helping the boy to his feet as he continued to carry his injured pokemon. They set off down the dirt path, their clean shoes becoming soiled.“My name’s Jake, by the way. Jake Thompson. I just got Zig from my dad a few days ago; it’s his Linoone’s baby. I want to be a great Pokemon Trainer like he was, but Zig isn’t very strong yet…”“Hey, don’t worry. If your dad is a good trainer, I’m sure you’ll get to be as good as him. Oh, and I’m Shana Mallet. My dad’s the Gym Leader in Petalburg City, and he’s shown me some pretty good strategies. I couldn’t use any in our battle, since Torchic doesn’t know any attacks besides Scratch and Growl.”“Your dad’s the Gym Leader? Wow… my dad has only beaten a couple Gym Leaders. I think he said something about battling the Petalburg Leader, but he couldn’t beat him.”“Well, my dad’s pretty good, though. It seems to run in the family, though; my cousin from Kanto is one heck of a great trainer. He even challenged the Elite Four, but I don’t know if he won or not. That was nearly three years ago…” They continued walking in silence. Zig snuffled and shifted a bit in Jake’s arms; it seemed to have fallen asleep now. The ground grew steeper as the path climbed a small hill. When they reached the top, the sky had become darker, and the sunset shone brightly over the town of Oldale. It sprawled ahead of them, buildings numbering around fifty. Among the dull brown rooftops two of them stood out; one red and one blue. These two buildings were situated right next to each other, and both were brightly lit. These, of course, were the town’s Pokemon Center and Pokemon Mart.Aside from these two buildings, the entire town seemed rather dull. Every house was situated on one single street, which was made by the path that Shana and Jake were travelling. The road turned into a square near the middle of town, which was where the two main buildings were. From this square two more roads led off to the north and west, both turning from stone to dirt paths once they left town limits. It was a very peaceful scene.The two trainers continued walking, passing houses on both sides. Most of them had lights glowing in the windows, through which people could be seen watching TV, eating dinner, and in one house they were circled around a piano, singing joyfully to a song that was muted by the house’s walls. Every single family, large or small, was joined by multiple pokemon of different sizes and species.They reached the Pokemon Center just as the last dregs of light faded from the sky. The glass doors slid open to admit them, a wave of sound greeting them. The inside of the center was composed of one large room, with an escalator at one end to allow people to enter the upper floor. All around the room multiple glass tables sat, most of which had trainers sitting around them in chairs, chatting amiably. A large desk took up one fourth of the room, and behind it sat a nurse with pink hair hanging in curls on each side of her head. Her nurse’s gown fell short of her knees, billowing out into a flashy miniskirt. She sat next to a lightly humming machine, reading a book and seeming to be in a peppy mood.Shana and Jake crossed the room, passing the other trainers. One or two trainers looked up at them, but most seemed too involved in their conversations or (in some cases) Trading Card Duels. As the pair approached the counter, the nurse looked up and smiled.“Hello, and welcome to our Pokemon Center. Is there anything I can help you with?” She stood to her feet, setting a marker in her book and setting it down. Jake carefully set his sleeping Zigzagoon on the counter as Shana detached Torchic’s pokeball from her belt, laying it beside the resting raccoon. The nurse took the pokeball and placed it into a slot on the machine, which began humming louder. She then lifted Zig and set it on top. The pokemon woke up, yawning slightly, before moving a bit and settling down on the machine and resting again. A scanner moved over it a couple times, and the cuts on its side disappeared. The nurse lifted the pokemon again, setting it on the counter. She then removed the pokeball from the slot, placing it beside Zig.“Thank you for coming, your pokemon are now fully healed.” She bowed slightly. “We hope to see you again, have a nice evening. Or would you like to stay the night here? We have free rooming.” Jake pulled out Zig’s pokeball and returned the pokemon as Shana took Torchic’s pokeball from the counter.“Yes, that would be nice. Do you wanna stay here, Jake?” The boy blushed a bit.“In the same room!?”“No, silly. Yes, we’ll take two rooms.” The nurse reached under the counter and pulled out a scanner.“Alright, please hold out your Trainer Cards.” As Jake reached into his pocket, Shana simply stood there with a questioning look.“Trainer Cards? What are those?”“They’re a trainer’s ID. You can’t enter the Pokemon League without one. Did you get your Torchic from Professor Birch? He should have given you one when you received it.” Jake produced a small card, about the size of a Credit Card, which had his picture on it, along with an ID number, his name, six squares to the side – one of which had a picture of Zig – and eight small spaces along the bottom. The card’s back had multiple lines, as if for holding written data.“Didn’t you get one of these, Shana? I got mine when I registered here.” Shana reached into her own bag, looking through one of the smaller pockets on the side. Here she found a Poke’dex, which is an encyclopedia of pokemon that registered any pokemon she saw or caught. She also found a Poke’nav, which was a map, cell phone, and contest info base all in one and beside it, a rectangular Fame Checker, which is kind of self-explanatory. She noticed something poking out of her Poke’dex, and lifted it out.She flipped the dex open; inside was a small card just like Jake’s and a note. She pulled out the note and read it:Dear Shana;
I hope these will help, I slipped them into your bag when you were becoming acquainted with Torchic. I’m sure your father has told you how to use them, so I will spare you the descriptions. Keep in mind that these are all registered to you, and cannot be replaced. Good luck, and be sure to call your parents when you reach Oldale.
~Professor Birch
PS: That Trainer Card will automatically register every pokemon you catch. All you need do is slide it through the slot on the side of your pokedex, and it’ll register. I have already done this with Torchic.Shana folded the note and tossed it back into the pocket, then picked up her Trainer Card and examined it.http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w...th_shanatc.png (http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w250/jaleblademaster/th_shanatc.png)
Shana handed the card to the nurse, who was running a small hand-scanner much like the ones used at a grocery store over Jake’s.“Is this it?” The nurse handed Jake his card, then took Shana’s and looked at it for a moment before smiling and running the scanner over it, too.“Yep, that’ll be it.” She held out the card again. By now some of the trainers in the room had left for their rooms already, but there were still plenty left.“You can use rooms 29 and 30; you’re lucky you got here; those are our last rooms. Your trainer cards will automatically open the doors now, so they’re all you’ll need.”“Alright, thanks!” The pair headed up the escalator, finding themselves in a long hallway. On both sides of the hall the white walls broke into multiple doorways, each door having a number on it. They set off down the hall, counting up from 1. They finally reached doors 29 and 30, all the way at the end of the hall. Shana slid her card through a small scanner above the knob of one door; it didn’t work.“Here, lemme try mine.” Jake slid his own card through; this time a green light flashed and the door clicked open.“Pretty convenient, isn’t it?”“Yeah, but how do you know so much about this kind of stuff already?”“My dad told me; he did a lot of travelling, which I’d also like to do. Actually, to tell you the truth, I should be in Littleroot right now. My dad said I should go to Professor Birch to get my Poke’dex and an official starter.”“Oh, really? I’m sorry then; I didn’t mean to hold you up.”“It’s alright.” They entered the room; it was a pretty basic hotel room, with a single queen-sized bed, a dresser with a television on it, a window with large curtains reaching to the floor, and a small door leading to a bathroom. In one corner of the room a phone sat on a desk, its screen blank (telephones in the Pokemon World have television screens on them so you can see who you’re talking to. Convenient.) Jake dropped his bag on the bed, then removed his baseball cap and tossed it on top. He turned to Shana, a somewhat questioning look in his eye.“Aren’t you going to put your stuff away, too?”“Oh, right.” Shana turned and exited the room, moving across the hall to her own room. She slid her card through the scanner, and the lock clicked open. Her room was just like Jake’s, except some things were in different locations and one of the curtains over the window had been slightly torn. She dropped her own bag on the bed, then remembered the note. Sitting down at the desk, she lifted the phone off the hook, dialing her home phone number. There were a couple rings on the other line, then a woman’s voice answered.“Hello?”“Mom? It’s Shana.”“Oh, Shana!” The screen flashed on to show a woman in her early forties, with blonde hair reaching past her shoulders. She was smiling rather broadly.“It’s good to see you made it to Oldale so soon.”“Mom, it’s an hour walk.”“I know, but you left near seven and everyone knows how hard it can be to find your way in the dark.”“Actually, I made it here before it got too dark. Anyways, is dad there?”“No, he’s left for the gym again. Since its getting to be time for this year’s rookies, he’s gotta be there to tell them that they can’t challenge him until they have at least four badges. You know, league rules and all that. He’ll be waiting to see you in Petalburg, though.”“Yeah, I’ll be sure to stop by. If I don’t get lost, that is.”“Please don’t say that.” Her mom’s face actually looked worried.“Mom, don’t worry about me. As long as I have Torchic, I’ll be fine!”“Well, I guess you’re right. Oh, I almost forgot! Professor Birch wanted me to give this to you. It's something he's been testing lately, to see if there's something wrong with it, but he says it's perfectly normal. He figured it would prefer being with a trainer instead of cooped up in a lab, so he wanted you to have it. It's just a Wurmple, but there’s something pretty special about it. You’ll see when you get it.” She held up a pokeball, then set it onto a small receiver next to the phone. A few moments later, the same pokeball materialized next to Shana. She picked it up and pressed the button. The ball opened, and a red beam shot out as usual, but among the red light could be seen multiple sparkles, like glitter. As the mist took form, Shana saw what her mom meant.It was a pokemon that looked very much like your average caterpillar, but instead of that species’ normal color of red, it’s entire body was purple. Shana’s eyes widened.“Why is it like that?”“I’m not too sure, but your father – and also Professor Birch – said that its called a Shiny Pokemon. They are very rare, and there’s not really any difference in their abilities. They’re just a different color than usual. It’s not a random color, either; all pokemon of that species would be that color if they were “shiny”. I’m not sure if you remember, but you’ve seen a shiny pokemon before.”“I have?”“Joel’s Charmander was a shiny, too. Charmander aren’t usually yellow; their natural color is orange. His was yellow, don’t you remember a few years ago when he, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Diane visited? He brought it with him, and I think he had just gotten it then.”“I remember, but I forgot that Charmander was supposed to be orange.” She watched as the Wurmple crawled up the side of the bed, chewing on a piece of scrap paper on the bedside table.“Mom, I know I haven’t ever brought this up before, but what happened to Javin?”“What?”“You talking about Joel reminded me. I know Javin went to challenge the Kanto Elite Four, but what happened after that? It was so long ago… I don’t think you ever told me.” Her mother remained quiet, a look of concern showing once again on her face.“He won. He was elected Champion, but after that his location has always been kept secret. It’s been very hard on your aunt and uncle; they can never know where he is. It is a Champion’s duty to continue travelling, to provide an even greater challenge for anyone wishing to challenge him. It’s been even harder, though, on your cousin Joel. He stopped challenging gyms and even other trainers, constantly trying to find his brother. He met up with him in Johto, but they were only together for a day or two. Javin went off with a girlfriend of his to find some pokemon called Mee, or something like that, and Joel was forced to stay behind. Joel stopped looking so much, resorting more to training again, but I think he still misses his brother.” She glanced at the clock.“Oh, is it already Eight-Thirty? I’m missing my show! I’ll see you when you reach Petalburg, right?”“Yeah, I’ll be sure to call!” The screen went blank again. Shana’s mother set the phone back on the hook, then stood up from the desk. She began walking towards the living room, not seeing the three blurs that flew past the window behind her. Had she remained on the phone for a moment longer, she would have been able to tell her daughter that Joel had reached Littleroot.***\|/***

Route 102, Hoenn.

Shana’s feet left slight footprints in the dirt road as she walked towards the city of Petalburg, which could be seen at the very limit of her vision as a thick gray line. It was nearly seven in the morning; she had woken up at six and had breakfast before departing. Jake had left for Littleroot to get an official starter and a poke’dex. He had promised he would beat her to Rustboro City and get his first badge before her, something she had assured him would only happen in his dreams. The route she was now on was much narrower than Route 101, as the edges of the forest closed in near the edge of a wide lake, leaving only ten feet of open space between them. Of course, she was just thinking of how much it would suck if a tree fell over the path when a loud crack sounded.Shana had never seen a tree fall before, but you can probably guess that that statement wouldn’t be true in a few moments. The trunk split right near the bottom, and the tree swayed slightly before leaning precariously towards the path. More loud cracking noises were heard as it fell, dead branches swaying slightly as it crashed to the earth, no more than two yards in front of her. Shana covered her face as some twigs were sent flying. She slowly lowered her arms to view the scene in front of her.The tree must have been dead for a long time, and alive for much longer before that. It was huge, but its center was completely rotted through. Shana stepped towards it slowly, wondering to herself how in the world she would get past it without having to wade through the lake. Then, of course, she remembered the fire pokemon and bug pokemon she owned. Torchic might have leveled up in that last battle and Wurmple was probably hungry. Hopefully, very hungry. She tossed both pokeballs to the ground, and as always they burst open to release their pokemon.“Torch?”“Wurmple… Wuuuurrm.” Torchic eyed its trainer questioningly, but Wurmple appeared to have already figured out what to do. Chunks of bark disappeared into its mouth at an alarming rate as it chewed away at the tree.“Torchic, do you suppose you can use Ember yet?”“Torch? Torch torch!” Torchic turned towards the tree, took a deep breath, and launched a small fireball at the trunk. Wurmple was a good distance away from the burning spot, and thus was completely fine.“Good work, this tree will be out of our way in moments!” No problem, right? She burns away the tree, makes it to Petalburg, continues her journey and lives happily ever after, right?“Ninjask! Jzzzzzk!” Wrong. A loud buzzing noise issued from within the tree, and in moments there were dozens of cicada-looking pokemon buzzing around Torchic and Wurmple.“What in the world!?” Shana fumbled to pull her poke’dex from her pocket, scanning the pokemon as quickly as she could. After a small “ding!” noise, a mechanic voice buzzed from the machine.Ninjask
The Ninja Pokemon.
This pokemon moves around at such a high speed that it cannot be seen, even though its buzzing cries can be heard. For this reason, it was long believed to be invisible.Shana looked at the Ninjask again. They were, indeed, zipping around speedily, but mostly they had now focused on attacking her poor Torchic. They were now completely ignoring Wurmple.“Hey, leave Torchic alone! Torchic, use Ember!” One of the Ninjask was blasted away by a fireball, but the others continued to attack Torchic.“Keep trying, Torchic!” More fireballs, more Ninjask flying back to their tree. But there were still dozens more, and Torchic seemed to be tiring quickly. As it was still chewing silently at the tree, Wurmple had been forgotten. Well, that is until a thin jet of sticky film started covering one of the Ninjask at an insane speed. As the motionless pokemon fell to the ground, a small purple blur rammed into it, sending it flying into another. Shana grabbed her chance."Torchic, Wurmple, return!” The pokemon both turned into the red mist before being pulled to their pokeballs. Shana ran towards the part of the tree which Torchic had burned, climbing over the charred bits quickly and trying not to burn herself. She didn’t stop running until she had reached the fringes of the city and the day had passed noon.

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Great chapter, I like how there are a few more characters. I like the family traveling thing too! Can't wait for the next one.

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sorry this is a day late; i had a ton of computer trouble yesterday. either way, this chapter mainly helps give you more of an idea of Joel's character.

Chapter Four: Dreams and Professors.

Joel leaned back casually in his desk, pretending to listen to the teacher. His eyes were pointed towards the man, but his mind was on someone else.Surprisingly, at age twelve he was rather short, his features were younger and a thin pair of glasses rested on his nose. Around him sat other twelve-year-olds, most of them listening more intently to Mr. McLeet, but a few were also zoned out. The kid at the desk to his left was doodling all over his paper; a full-fledged pokemon battle sketched out on the blank sheet. Joel didn’t really care about that day’s lesson (he already knew about in-depth type match-ups and attack combos) as his mind was focused on the end-of-the-year school dance coming up, and a certain someone he wished to go with.Pokemon schools are formed a good bit differently than ours; namely the fact that most children’s education is filled by the time they reach twelve. At that time they could either go out into the world as pokemon trainers, or continue on to a college to prepare for other occupations, like Nurses at Pokemon Centers or Lab Technicians. Of course, most students picked the first choice.It was near the end of the year, Joel had just turned twelve, and soon he would graduate Trainer’s School and receive his first pokemon. The classroom he currently sat in had thirty desks in it; half on one side of the room and half on the other, with all of them facing the middle. The side he sat on was lined by the windows spanning the entire wall, though at the moment the blinds were drawn over them. On his right sat his best friend, Brendan Patricks, who looked like he was listening to the teacher and taking notes but under the desk was beating the Elite Four on a Trainer’s Portable Simulation, Red Version (Their equivalent of our own Pokemon: Red or FireRed Version). He had short, spiky blonde hair and a bored look on his face. In the seat in front of Joel sat the “class ditz”, Cameron Wertz. She was usually the person who would pipe in with a question that the teacher had just said the answer to. Her brunette hair spilled down past her shoulders and halfway down her back, which was covered by the back of the chair she sat in.There were plenty more students in that class, but at the current moment Joel’s mind was only caring about one of them. She sat on the other side of the room, in the middle of the front row, and directly in Joel’s field of vision. Every time he looked up, it was her soft, beautiful face and smooth, shoulder-length brown hair that he saw.Kimberly Raymond. Her name echoed through his mind. He glanced at the clock; it was only a few minutes until the bell rang and it would be time for his next class, Kanto History. He had to ask her soon, before someone else did.“…And keep in mind, if your pokemon can’t get its moves out in time, the combo would be rendered useless. Isn’t that right, Joel?”“Huh, wha?” Joel snapped from his daydream. The half of his brain that had been listening worked quickly to form his answer.“Uh, yeah, there’s no point in trying a, uh combo if you can’t put it to use.”“Would you mind giving us an example of such a combo?”“Sure, um…” His brain was working furiously “If you commanded your pokemon, let’s say, uh, Geodude, to use Defense Curl, if you don’t throw in the Rollout command in time it could get disrupted mid-move, and the power-up from the combo could be lost or your pokemon fainted.”“Yes, Defense Curl and Rollout is one of the most common and well-known combos out there. I think I’ll grill you a bit more; how about one that we don’t already know?”“Alright, lemme think…” He currently hated his life somewhat, but pieced together his memories in time to spit out a combo his brother had taught him, and wasn’t so well known. In fact it wasn’t even the same kind of combo, and was more of an unorthodox style of battling.“If your pokemon knows both Blast Burn and Protect-““Joel, Blast Burn is not an official league move. It has not yet been categorized as safe. The explosion most often caused by the attack can be very destructive, even fatal if it backfires and hits the trainer.”“But if I could please finish explaining my combo, I’ll tell you how to avoid that.” All eyes in the room were now on Joel. Kim’s eyes stood out among the others, mainly because she was “the girl” to Joel. Mr. McLeet simply smiled slightly, saying“You’re just like your brother was; he always wanted to find ways to contain attacks and use them for more than he should. Go on, I’d like to hear this “combo” of yours.”“Alright, then. Blast Burn is first released as a collected ball of flames, right? It doesn’t impersonate a nuke until making contact with the targeted pokemon, so if you could have your pokemon use Protect and generate the move so it surrounds the opponent, it would contain the attack, increasing its power and concentrating it onto what you want.” There was silence. Brendan was looking at Joel with an almost shocked look on his face. Cameron was bent over her desk, scribbling down notes. The kid sitting next to Joel (he had never really bothered to ask his name, and the teacher never called on him) was now trying to draw what Joel had just described. Mr. McLeet’s smile returned.“Well, if that wasn’t one of your brother’s strategies I don’t know what is. He found more uses for Protect than I thought possible.” A rapidly ringing bell alerted the students that it was time for their next classes.“Remember, you all need to prepare a strategy for me and illustrate it on Friday, I’ll even let you use Dittos to act it out properly.” The teacher’s voice was lost amongst the scraping chairs and sounds of students throwing their backpacks over their shoulders. Joel found himself following right behind Kim as they left the room. She walked directly across to her locker, which was just outside the classroom. She was opening it, turning the knob to each number quickly. It was now or never.“Hey, Kim? Could I ask you something?”


An incredibly loud alarm clock yanked Joel from his sleep. He sat up among the ruffled white sheets of his bed, resting his head in his hands. How many times would he have to relive his school days? Kim had turned him down; they had received their first pokemon on different days and had left in two different directions. She was gone, out of his life, he had to accept that.He threw the sheets off his legs, moving his feet so they rested on the floor. He punched the snooze button on the alarm, then grabbed his bag and sifted through it for some clothes to wear that day.He emerged from his room a half hour later, freshly showered and dressed in his usual faded jeans, but now wearing a black shirt with a band logo on it. He pulled the straps of his bag over his shoulders, then turned and locked the motel room behind him. He walked down the long porch that connected all of the rooms, finally arriving at the reception counter. A man sat there, playing a Nintendo Wii that was connected to an unseen television in the office. By the way he was pointing and clicking with the Wiimote, Joel assumed he was playing Pokemon Battle Revolution. Though it wasn’t surprising, the amount of video games that had been made based on the creatures that formed their everyday lives was staggering. The man looked up as Joel approached the counter and smiled.“Well, did you enjoy your stay, sir?”“Yeah, thanks.” He handed the room key over the counter to the man, who glanced at the key number then turned and shouted over his shoulder.“Hey, ma! Room 9 needs cleaned out!”“Why don’t you ever clean rooms yourself? Lazy boy…” An older woman’s voice called back from some room back in the building. The man turned back to Joel, grinning.“She’s going to clean it anyway; she just enjoys giving me grief. Now you have a good day, and be sure to tell some people about us, we could use the business.”“Thanks, I will.” Joel half turned to leave, but then remembered something.“Hey, could you give me some directions to the Birch Research Lab? I haven’t been here in a while.”“Sure, you just head out onto the main path, head south, and it’s right there on your right, you can’t miss it. It’s only a ten minute walk.”“Right, thanks again.” Joel turned and walked down the wooden steps of the porch and onto the main path. Littleroot’s houses weren’t as close together or as numerous as Oldale’s, and most of them were one-story. But one thing was alike: the houses all looked the same. Sure, they all had some differences in their yards or porches, but otherwise were all alike. His shoes scuffed the dirt path as he continued towards the Lab.It came into view very soon, and Joel could easily see why he “couldn’t miss it”. The building was huge, white, and had a large glass dome on top of it. The dirt path gave in to a cobblestone walkway that led straight to the front door of the building. Wrapping around the back of the lab was a large fenced-in field where hundreds of pokemon ran around freely. The sign by the doors stated the obvious: Littleroot Town Birch Research Laboratory. Joel approached the sliding doors and entered the building.***\|/***

Field work, of all things!

Joel grumbled to himself as he trudged along the path towards Oldale Town. The sun was still far to the east; it would still be an hour or two until noon. Early as it was, it looked to be a very beautiful day ahead. Route 101 was still the same, happy old beginner’s route it was before, but there weren’t any trainers battling this time. However, very close to the place where Shana had first met and battled with Jake, a man in a lab coat was crouching near the path, observing some mushrooms growing there. As Joel approached, the man stood, a test tube disappearing into his coat.He looked to be about middle-aged, with dark, shaggy brown hair and a thin beard surrounding his face. Underneath the official-looking coat he wore simple blue jean shorts and a green shirt. The name tag he wore stated that he was Professor Birch. He turned around and looked at Joel as he came near.“Hmm, now where have I seen you before?” Birch scratched the side of his face, his fingernails making rasping noises against his beard.“Eh, Javin? No, Javin was the Champion kid… You’re Joel, right?.”“It’s been three years and you have trouble remembering me? Hmph, some professor.”“Nice to see you, too. Well, are you looking for Shana, your brother, or some rare and exotic pokemon that doesn’t even exist?”“Well, I know where Shana is, I know I’ll never find Javin, and if I was looking for a rare or exotic pokemon you’d be the last person I’d ask, cause you’d beat me to the ground trying to get it.”Birch sighed. “Yup, you’re Joel alright. So, then, what do you need? I doubt you’re just passing through.” His remark was treated with a grin.“I’ve been looking to add another pokemon to my team, and I’ve got a thing for starters. Think you could hook me up?” The professor chuckled and picked up an old beaten backpack.“You sure are Shana’s cousin; if there was anyone I knew that would fall all over a free pokemon, it’s her. She loves all living things…” his voice trailed off. Shaking his head slightly, he reached into the bag and drew out two pokeballs, one with a leaf-design sticker on it and the other with a flame.“I always bring some of these guys with me, just in case. A boy from Oldale just claimed the Mudkip, so I guess that’s not one of your choices. That leaves Torchic” he nodded at the flame-marked ball “and Treecko. Careful of that Treecko, though; the darn thing’s a rebel. Keeps walking around with a toothpick in its mouth and won’t quit picking on the other Treecko.” A grin had now formed on Joel’s face again.“And of course that just adds to the reasons why you’d want it. Samuel told me you got a Totodile from Elm, and a Charmander from him, so I guess a Grass-Type would even out your team, wouldn’t it?”“Yeah, I guess so.” Joel took the minimized leaf-designed ball from Birch’s hand, pressing the button on it to bring it to its full size. Through the transparent red half he could faintly see the Treecko glaring at him.“Yep. I’m taking this one.”

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It just keeps getting better. I like the addition of Treecko as well. Cant wait for the next one!

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Chapter Five: The First Awakening

The door creaked open as Javin entered the room. It was obvious that Maxie liked grandeur; all around the room were very vivid paintings or tapestries, all featuring rare or powerful pokemon. One single pokemon dominated most of them: it was about twelve feet tall, judging by the scaling in one picture that showed a human standing near it. It was a dark red in color, with a deep charcoal gray belly and black lines weaving in strange patterns all over its body. It resembled a lizard, and stood on two legs. Sharp spikes lined its sides and jutted from the end of its tail and hands. It was truly a fearsome sight. The caption under the photos all identified it as Groudon, King of the Ground.The rest of the room wasn’t much, however. It was simply a rock cavern with rock floors and rock walls. Oh, and did I mention that there were lots of rocks? In the center of the room stood a (metal) desk, on top of which a laptop computer was set up. Multiple papers surrounded the computer, but otherwise the desk was bare. The only source of light and especially of awe came from the back wall, which actually wasn’t made of rock.It was made of some sort of glass, or possibly even a force field. Whatever it was, it was able to hold back a flow of magma. The fiery lava lit the whole room rather brightly, and covered the whole eight feet from the floor to the ceiling. If whatever held it back were to be destroyed, the lava would most likely destroy the entire base that Team Magma had in that volcano.And it had to be a volcano; Mount Chimney to be exact. Javin quickly pieced it together in his mind: Chimney was near Lavaridge, so that would explain why the Grunts had been in the town. When they knocked him out, they could have easily brought him up to the volcano. But still… a base in a volcano? And he thought that Team Aqua having their base in a cave near Lilycove was weird. A smile crossed his face slowly; Archie would just love to hear about this. But first, how to get out?He tried the desk first; the drawers were all filled with papers and CDs, except for one which had tons of pokeballs in it. Javin wondered how many trainers Maxie had stolen from. He scooped them all up and dumped them into his bag; the least he could do was try to return them to their rightful owners. He paused for a moment, then removed his jacket and put it in his bag, too. The magma made it a bit warm in there. He stood up again; there had to be something here, something that could give some clues as to what Maxie was doing, or even better: the location of the exit. He turned on the laptop, and immediately an email appeared. It had already been sent.Operation 11692, AKA Operation Groudon.
Progress: 78% complete.Groudon has been located, and a tunnel drilled to reach its cavern. It has taken up residence in the bottom of the crater; how could we have missed it before!? It is still sleeping; no need to wake it up yet. We have drilled a second tunnel as an escape route if worst comes to worst. Magma Grunt Rank 4 has nearly finished training the awakening tool, and it will be ready by tomorrow, the fourth of April. We plan to begin the capturing process then. The Boss’ office here has been kept well, and #4 has been using it as his headquarters to convince the lower Grunts that Maxie is here. The presence of admins Tabitha and Courtney has also assisted in this effect. Once Groudon is captured, we are prepared to evacuate and destroy the base. All exits will be blocked so as not to destroy the town.
We have had a minor setback; three Grunts entered the town attempting to become intoxicated. They, of course, were successful; however they began antagonizing some local wildlife and were interrupted by a teenage trainer. We do not know the identity of the boy, but we have captured him and brought him to the base. We plan to conduct a scan of his pokemon and also search his Poke’dex; he appears to be a powerful trainer and his poke’dex may have some useful information about multiple pokemon.
Will contact again once Groudon is in successful custody.
Grunt Rank 13, fourth in command of Operation Groudon.Javin checked his PokeNav; it was Monday, the fourth of April. They were capturing Groudon at that very moment. Quickly he switched modes, pulling up a cell-phone option. Surprisingly, he had a signal. He dialed a number as fast s he could.“Team Aqua Lilycove HQ, how may I help you?”“I need to speak with Archie. It’s important.”“May I have your name, sir? He is in a meeting.”“Tell him Javin has found one of Magma’s Headquarters.”***\|/***

A volcanic crater is a hot place. A very, very, hot place. But, with its lovely skylight and plenty of nice, warm lava flows, it’s the perfect vacation spot. Especially if you’re the Pokemon of the Earth and your name is Groudon. Well, except when there’s a bunch of crazy guys in red outfits trying to chain you down and throw little brown-and-white balls at you. Plus the green reptilian pokemon that keeps slashing at you isn’t a great help, either.“Secure those chains; we can’t let it get away!”“Would you quit ordering me around!? Just because the boss stuck you in charge of this operation don’t mean you can start shouting at me like I’m some stinkin’ grunt!”“Oh, just shove it and do what he says, Tabitha!” There were only three people in the crater trying to contain the massive Groudon: the two admins, Tabitha and Courtney, and the grunt in charge of the operation, #4. They were all wearing the usual outfits of Team Magma, except the admins had a ragged dark red cape hanging from their shoulders; the mark of an admin, the highest rank in Team Magma aside from Maxie himself. Under their hoods their dark hair was soaked through with sweat as they attempted to secure the thick chains that were covering Groudon.“Sceptile, Leaf Blade again!” Clinging to Groudon’s side was a large green reptile-like pokemon with a spiky tail, twin leaves growing from its wrists, and bunches of yellow pollen on its back. It was a bit less than half the size of Groudon, around five and a half feet tall, and the leaves on its wrists were long, sharp, and pretty tough. The pokemon raised its right arm, the leaves glowing bright green. It jumped onto Groudon’s head, slashing quickly with the leaves’ jagged edges. Groudon roared in pain, two long and deep cuts running across its neck.“Good, now do it again! We’ll capture this thing and bring it to the boss in no time!”“Not if I can help it. Venusaur, Stun Spore and Protect!” Remember those Protect combos mentioned in the last chapter? A tightly packed ball of vermilion powder flew towards the Sceptile, striking it head-on and smothering it in a cloud of spores. The pokemon seized up immediately, falling to the earth just next to Groudon’s lava pool.“Give it back to its trainer, Venusaur.” Two vines wrapped quickly around the pokemon, lifting it and throwing it in #4’s direction. The man barely ducked in time as the injured Sceptile flew over his head. Ignoring its pained cries, he looked in the direction the attacks had come from.The boy stood there, the one they had captured. His gray shirt was darkened around his armpits and partway down his front. His forehead was covered in beads of sweat. Beside the boy stood a large bluish pokemon that somewhat resembled a dinosaur. On its back was mounted a massive flower, surrounded by long palm leaves. From the base of the flower two vines protruded, ready for another attack.“Y-You!”“Me.”“But wha-? How?” He took a deep breath “How in the hell did you escape!?“That wonderful idiot you had guarding my cage decided to have a pokemon battle with me. His Camerupt burned the bars away, and I escaped. And of course I kicked his butt in the process.”“And here’s a better question; how did you get down here!?”“Leaving your computer on wasn’t too smart of an idea. Seriously; how can you call that tunnel a secret when the directions to it are sitting right next to it?” Another roar sounded, followed by a metallic snap.“Okay, mister ‘I’m in charge’. What do we do now!?” Groudon’s chains had snapped, and the pokemon was now in a very grumpy mood. You see, Groudon is a big pokemon. A very big pokemon. With a very short fuse. Bad combination. Very bad combination.“Venusaur, use a Sleep Powder bomb!” The flower-backed pokemon concentrated, then fired a blast of powder into the air. A bit more concentration, and a green orb surrounded the powder, pulling it all close together into another grenade-like attack. It launched, and once more struck a perfect blow. Groudon swayed, then fell backwards into the magma, asleep. Its body quickly sank into the lava that it loved so much. When it woke up, they would be long gone and hopefully its temper would be calmed. Tabitha looked back at #4.“Oh, man, Maxie is not gonna be too happy with you, number four.”“It’s… gone? How could this happen to me!?” He whirled around to face Javin again.“You… you did this! Sceptile, attack!” the Sceptile simply lay there, still paralyzed. “Useless pokemon… alright then, Crobat attack!” He threw a pokeball up into the air. It opened, releasing a large purple bat-like pokemon with two different sets of wings. The upper set was much larger than the other, but it flapped both pairs in perfect sync.“Air Cutter!” The pokemon darted towards Venusaur, flashing past it in the blink of an eye. It flew back and hovered over its trainer again, all within the space of a few seconds. Venusaur looked at the two long gashes across its side, then looked back at Crobat and glared its hatred towards it.“Use Razor Leaf, then Vine Whip.” Venusaur shook the plant on its back, causing tons of small razor-sharp leaves to fly out, floating to the ground around it. Suddenly, as if hurricane winds were pushing them, the leaves shot towards Crobat like bullets.“Block them!” Crobat covered its body with its upper wings, keeping itself aloft with the lower pair as the leaves slashed past it. Suddenly two vines curled around it, slamming it into the ground then hurling it into the air again.“Good work, now finish it off with SolarBeam!” The sun was shining brightly into the crater, but as Venusaur gathered energy for its attack the sunlight seemed to darken. Just before Crobat hit the ground it was struck by a beam of light brighter than the sun itself. It was thrown against the wall, then fell to the ground, utterly defeated. Tabitha and Courtney simply gazed at the Crobat in shock.“Well, I hope you have fun with your little battle, number four, but we gotta go.”“Yeah, Tabitha and I have a, uh, dentist appointment. See yah! Have fun losing!” Tabitha threw a pokeball in the air, then jumped onto the back of the pterodactyl-looking pokemon that emerged. Courtney quickly climbed on behind him as it raised its wings and beat the air powerfully, raising them into the air. They had nearly reached the top of the crater when a helicopter flew down low over it.“Stop right there! If you do not command your pokemon to land we will force you to do so!” A loud voice boomed over a loudspeaker from the helicopter. Javin looked at #4, grinning.“Magma Grunt Rank Four, meet Team Aqua.”

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Awesome, completly awesome. This chapter has drawn my full attention. The description was excellent and I like Javin as a character. I really can't wait to read more.

I don't want to be annoying or anything but I was wondering if you ever get a chance, to read my story. I just really want some feedback. But only if you ever have time.

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Awesome, completly awesome. This chapter has drawn my full attention. The description was excellent and I like Javin as a character. I really can't wait to read more.

I don't want to be annoying or anything but I was wondering if you ever get a chance, to read my story. I just really want some feedback. But only if you ever have time.alright, if i can get the time ill be sure to read.

EDIT: hang on... so, someone didnt like my fic so they just gave it a crappy rating and left? they couldve at least TOLD me and given me pointers on what they didnt like. i dont really care about losing stars on the rating of this thread, its just that i dont know why i lost them. really; im open to anyone's opinions, positive or negative. in fact, i really want to hear negative comments, as long as theyre accompanied by explanations of what was wrong and what i could do to fix it. i want to improve my writing any way i can.

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Chapter Six: The City, the Leader, and the Silcoon.

Shana gazed in awe at the five-story buildings around her. Petalburg, though branded as a city, was mainly so due to how closely its buildings were built together and the presence of a Pokemon Gym at its center. But, despite it being a smaller city, it was huge to the small-town girl in Shana. She had been there only once before, visiting her father’s gym, but she still found the place overwhelming. The streets were filled with people, but not as many as you would find in a metropolis like Saffron or Celadon City in Kanto. Near the city, the roads turned from dirt to gravel, and then very close by and all throughout the city they were cement. The buildings were mostly apartment buildings or businesses, but one or two small houses lay back out of sight from the Main Street.After what felt like hours of walking but was really around twenty minutes, Shana found herself standing in front of the Pokemon Center. It was about twice the size of the one in Oldale, and was a bit nicer looking. She entered the building to heal her pokemon, and get a map.***\|/***

Well, they could have been less rude about it. Shana thought as she left the Pokemon Center. She did a whiny impression of the trainer who had told her “Your Poke’Nav has a map in it, stupid!” Grumbling, she pulled the red pocket-sized machine from her bag, and turned it on. The screen blinked to life, with three bars with commands in them at the center of the screen. At the top right corner was her name and Trainer ID. Shana looked at the three options: Phone, Map, and Contest Status. She selected the map, and instantly a map of Hoenn appeared on-screen. It was a rather large region, and orange bars outlined where the routes were. Red and blue dots showed the locations of cities or towns. A small blinking image of a pokeball showed her current position; in a red dot near two blue dots. She assumed the blue dots were Oldale and Littleroot. Next to Petalburg, a route stretched west towards the sea, then turned north and ran through a forest before arriving at Rustboro City.She tried pressing the directional buttons, and a square red cursor blinked on near her position. She moved it onto Petalburg, and pressed the “enter” button. The map zoomed in, giving her a sky-view image of the city. Again, a pokeball icon showed her location. Right above her location was a red square and just next to it a blue one. Shana turned around; behind her she could easily see the red and blue roofs of the pokemon center and mart rising into the sky above her. She looked at the screen again; a purple square was located just down the street from her position. According to the legend at the bottom of the screen, this was the Gym. She flipped off the Nav and returned it to her pocket, then set off down the street.The gym came into view after only a few moments of walking. It was a very long, but very low building. Next to it a large sign read “Leader Frank Mallet; Petalburg Gym Leader. Wins: 604 Losses: 27” and beneath it was a very wide sign listing the names of the twenty-seven trainers who had beaten him. Shana noticed a name at the very end of the list that was familiar: Javin Palmer. Javin had been here!? She ran to the door and pulled it open, entering the Gym.***\|/***

If there ever was a place that was bigger inside than it was outside, this was it. The gym was made up of a huge arena; around the edges were hundreds of chairs for an audience to watch battles. The arena itself was made up of a wide stone pit, and on each end was a rectangular cement stand with a pokeball emblazoned on it for the trainers to stand. The entire floor was coated in marks; scorch marks, claw marks, even, at one part, an imprint of a pokemon’s face. Shana winced when she saw that one; there were some trainers that pushed too hard. The front door led out onto the very top row of the stands, and in front of it steps led down to the arena itself. At the moment, the building was empty, but at the center of the floor stood a man and three pokemon.As Shana made her way down the steps, she watched the man training his pokemon.

“Slaking, let’s keep practicing that attack, it should come in handy. Rock Smash!” A huge gorilla-like pokemon raised its massive hand, bringing it down in a fist and shattering a boulder that was lying in the arena. The two other pokemon – one of them a white monkey with a red tuft of fur on its head that seemed to have downed five pots of coffee that morning, and the other a sleek, dark blue bird that was watching the hyperactive monkey with a bored expression – sat on the sidelines, waiting for their turn to train. The man that was their trainer walked over and patted the gorilla on the arm.“Good job, buddy; you’ve almost mastered it.” He turned as Shana climbed into the arena.

“Shana!”“Hi, dad!” Shana ran over and hugged her father briefly. He was in his mid-forties, his short, dark hair graying slightly around the edges. He wore a plain white shirt and an ordinary pair of blue-jeans. His belt had three pokeballs attached, all of them empty at the moment. He had an air of respect about him; something that was often found among gym leaders. He smiled at his daughter.“So, how’s your journey coming? Have you caught any pokemon yet?"“Dad, I only started out yesterday.”“And…? Is that supposed to mean anything? Shana, you have two pokeballs on your belt.” Shana grinned sheepishly.“I know, but I didn’t really catch Wurmple. Professor Birch gave it to me.”“Ah, so you have a Wurmple?” He glanced at his pokemon. “What do you say we train it up a bit? Bug pokemon usually evolve early, and in this case Wurmple only needs a small amount of experience to evolve.”“Really? But… how could you help me?” She looked at Swellow, Vigoroth and Slaking. “Your pokemon would all be too hard for Wurmple…” Frank smiled and reached into his pocket, pulling out another pokeball.“I use this Zigzagoon to train some of the younger trainers around here. It’s not too strong, but it just loves helping other pokemon.” He tossed the pokeball to the ground, and it opened to reveal a raccoon pokemon just like Jake’s. Shana drew Wurmple’s pokeball from her own belt, sending it out, also.“Alright, then! Let’s go, Wurmple!” The purple-colored bug gazed at Zigzagoon warily.“Start with a String Shot attack!”“Avoid it and Tackle!” Wurmple raised its head and sprayed the thin web-like substance towards Zigzagoon. The pokemon dodged most of the attack, but some of it got tangled about its foot. It charged Wurmple, but its leg seemed hard to move properly.“Counter its attack with your own, Wurmple!” The bug pokemon jumped out of the way with surprising agility, ramming into Zigzagoon’s side with a powerful Tackle. Zigzagoon staggered, but managed to stay on its feet.“Good, Shana, you’ve already gotten the hang of battling. Zigzagoon, Tackle again!”“Slow it with String Shot!” As Zigzagoon charged once more, the sticky string was coating its body rapidly. The pokemon collapsed just before reaching Wurmple. The purple bug – if it was possible – was jumping with joy. Shana ran forward and reached to pick it up, but an abrupt shout from her father stopped her.“Don’t touch it!” Frank stepped forward, returning Zigzagoon to its pokeball as he watched Wurmple. A silver light was surrounding the pokemon, covering its entire body. Shana watched in awe as the light grew, then burst so brightly she had to cover her eyes. The entire room was flooded with light for one brief moment, then it was all gone. Shana slowly opened her eyes and looked down. A gasp escaped her lips.Wurmple was gone, and in its place was a spherical cocoon. There was a small hole in the cocoon, through which peered a small blue eye. All over it multiple tough spikes protruded from the shell. Shana’s father smiled at her.“I thought so… Shana, your Wurmple has just evolved into a Silcoon.” Shana reached down and lifted the pokemon carefully in her arms. It didn’t move; it just sat there staring at her through the hole in its tough shell.***\|/***

“Dad, could I ask you something?”“Sure, what is it?”Father and Daughter were walking down the street, having just healed their pokemon at the Center.“On the sign in front of your gym… you know, the one with the names of the trainers who beat you?”“Yeah, what about it?”“Javin’s name was on there… but it was at the very end. Has he been here recently?” Her father was silent for a moment, then he spoke.“Yes, he came to the gym last… Tuesday I think it was. He said he was collecting all the badges from Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and any other region he could find. Of course, I battled him.” He smiled “That boy has got to be the most powerful trainer I have ever fought. His pokemon were incredibly powerful, and he uses amazing strategy. The battle took all of five minutes, but those are five minutes I will never forget all of my life. He said he would be travelling to Rustboro next, and then from there he would head east to Verdanturf and Mauville, and then north to Lavaridge. After that, he said he would go to Sinnoh. Of course, I’ve heard that wherever Javin appears Joel is bound to show up a week or two later. If I see him, I’ll be sure to send him your way. I’ll admit it; I don’t want you travelling alone.”“Oh, come on dad! I’m the same age as you were when you began training!” Frank sighed, then looked down at his daughter.“You’re right. I shouldn’t worry about you at all. You can handle yourself, right?”“Of course, dad. As long as I’ve got Torchic and Wur- uh, Silcoon with me, I’ll be fine!” Her father stopped; they had reached the city’s west gate. Beyond the city limits, Route 104 stretched out, the gravel-and-dirt path snaking off to the north. Beyond that, the sea sat tranquilly, reflecting the mid-afternoon sun.“Shana, before you go, I want you to have this.” Frank pulled something from his pocket and put it into Shana’s hand. He crouched in front of her, closing her fingers over the object.“Give this to Torchic, it will boost the strength and ferocity of its fire attacks.” He sighed, gazing into his daughter’s eyes. “Shana, in this world, there are hundreds of pokemon, and even more trainers. Keep Torchic with you, protect it, and it will protect you. Never abandon it, and it will never abandon you. Pokemon are not tools, but friends and partners. Never, ever forget that, and you will become a trainer as powerful as Javin.” Shana hugged her father, then turned and walked towards Route 104. She turned and waved as her father receded into the distance.“I won’t forget, dad. I promise.” She opened her hand. In it was a wide red stone square. She could feel warmth pulsing from it.“I promise.”

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This was another great chapter. It showed great emotion between father and daughter. I cannot wait for the next chapter.

February 27th, 2008, 7:31 PM
Chapter Seven: Battle under the Moon

The door to the Petalburg Gym opened again, this time yielding a teenage boy to enter the room. He climbed down the stairs, towards the man who was feeding his pokemon in the gym’s main arena.

Frank looked up as Joel drew near. “Hey, Joel, it’s been a while, hasn’t it?” He stood to his feet, wiping his hands on his shirt (they were covered in Slaking drool at the moment) before extending one.

“How’s it going, Uncle Frank?” Joel shook his hand (guys usually don’t hug) before looking at his uncle’s pokemon.

“Not bad, as you can see. My pokemon are fit and healthy, I’ve handed out two more badges to some very much deserving trainers in the past month, and Shana just started on her own journey. How about you?”

Joel was standing, hands in pockets, gazing at the Vigoroth that was emptying its food dish like there was no tomorrow. He shrugged. “Well, I’ve had a couple excitements lately.” Figuring his uncle might get worried, or might tell his mother who would then get worried, Joel tried to make his latest ventures sound safe.

“I was in a hundred-yard dash, I went skydiving, and even got a nice sky-view tour of Hoenn’s water routes.” Frank looked at his nephew, a concerned look in his eyes.

“Alright, Joel, what are you hiding?”


“I’m your uncle for crying out loud; I know that you hate foot-races, you are terrified of heights, and there are no sky-view tours of Hoenn’s water-routes either. Is there something about those three things you’re hiding from me?”

Joel looked away from the Vigoroth, which had now finished eating and was attempting to steal food from Swellow. It had already gained multiple harsh pecks. “Man, you would not believe me if I told you. Trust me.” Frank shook his head, then started trying to pull Vigoroth away from a now-agitated Swellow.
“Alright, then. Knowing you, I probably don’t want to know, either.” He continued struggling with the enraged Vigoroth, then finally gave up and withdrew it into its pokeball. Smiling, he tossed the ball in the air and caught it.

“Vigoroth is a fairly new addition to my team. For a while I was trying to keep it as a Slakoth so it would remain mild-mannered and wouldn’t act up, but then after its laziness and sluggish attacks nearly cost me some battles, I went ahead and let it evolve. You would not believe how much of a hassle it is.” He squeezed the ball slightly, causing it to shrink in size. Replacing the pokeball to his belt, Frank looked back at Joel.

“You know, Javin was here recently. He was one of the two trainers who beat me.” That immediately got Joel’s attention.

“He was? Well, no offense, but it’s not a surprise that he beat you.”

“No offense taken; he is an incredible battler. By the way, there was another trainer that was here around the same time; she said she was from Kanto, too. She had a Wartortle, I could easily tell it was her starter, and she seemed to be your age.” Joel gave his uncle a questioning look.


“So, let me finish. I said she was here around the same time as Javin, and in fact she came in here right when he was leaving. She told me she recognized him, I told her he was my nephew, and when I mentioned his name she asked if he was related to you.” The questioning look did not leave.


“Joel, I’m wondering if you know this girl. She battled a lot like you and Javin do, and she even used one of your strategies. I don’t mean one of Javin’s, I mean yours.” Now he had Joel’s attention.

“Sh-she did!? Which one?”

“That one you showed me the last time you visited; you know, the Tackle-Punch?”

“What!? But, I never showed that to anyone but you and…” His breath caught in his throat. “…Kim.”


Joel’s feet scuffed the dirt as he walked the same path that Shana had taken that afternoon. He breathed in the night air; the sun had set a half hour ago. Some thirty yards away, the dark sea washed against the shore, throwing shells onto the sand only to pull them away again a few moments afterward. Joel looked at the sky; a full moon dominated the sky, most of its circle covered by clouds. Joel continued walking, his rhythmic steps making the only sound aside from the quiet calls of pokemon from the forest ahead.

Suddenly, Joel heard another set of steps syncing with his. He whirled around to see a man following him. He was wearing charcoal pants and shirt with a dark red vest and hood. He stopped, watching Joel from beneath his hood. Neither of them made any noise for a moment, until finally Joel broke the silence.

“You’re from Team Magma, aren’t you.” It wasn’t a question. A slight chuckle sounded from beneath that dark hood.

“Heh, no dip, Sherlock.” He reached into his vest and pulled out a pokeball. Instinctively, Joel’s hand fell to the pokeball closest to the front of his belt. He detached it, pressing the tiny button to bring it to its full size.

“Why don’t you just come quietly? I could use a promotion.”

“I’ll tell you what I told your buddies: not gonna happen. And again, I’ll ask: why are you crackpots chasing me!?”

“Well, there’s no cliff for you to dive over this time, so I guess I have time to explain what little I’m allowed. The boss wants the Champions, you’re related to one. We get you, and anyone else related to them, we have a ransom. Sound good to you? Alright, now come here.”

“I told you: Not. Gonna. Happen!” Joel threw the pokeball to the ground between them as the man did the same. There was a considerable distance between them, but the Magma Grunt’s pokemon made it look like nothing.

It was a huge, metallic snake-like pokemon, at least thirty feet long. Dull steel spikes jutted from its sides at various points along its body, which lay curled under its arched head. The head supported a massive jaw, which had two sharp metal teeth jutting upwards on each side. At the top of its head two ridges ran backwards over its cold eyes. Its constant grin was pointing downwards at its tiny opponent.

This pokemon was a dark blue in color, and had a somewhat humanoid shape to it. Or maybe more like a weasel, as its agile body looked like liquid lighting coiled together. Its left ear was replaced with a long pink feather, and three more of these feathers jutted from its back to form a tail. Its long, hooked claws gleamed faintly in the moonlight as it gazed at its opponent, showing absolutely no fear. In the center of its forehead a gold gem rested. Joel was the first to make a move.

“Sneasel, use Brick Break!”

“Steelix, hit it with Iron Tail!” The agile weasel jumped with amazing speed, neatly dodging the massive tail that swung under it. As it drew towards its enemy’s head, Sneasel pulled its arm back, its claws glowing a dark orange color. A swift punch, and the pokemon fell back, roaring in pain as Sneasel landed deftly on the ground. All this occurred within the space of a few moments.

“Come on, you pathetic junk pile! Body Slam!” Steelix reared up as high as it could, then brought its body crashing down towards the ground. As Joel watched it fall towards his pokemon, he noticed something: Sneasel’s claws were reflecting the moonlight. An idea sprung into his mind as he remembered one of his Evolution Teacher’s lectures: “…some pokemon even evolve when the moon shines brightly upon them. Take, for example, Sneasel. When it’s claws became sharper than razors, they absorb power from the moonlight, allowing it to evolve…”

“Sneasel, jump and use Slash!” The small pokemon flung itself into the air, jumping past the falling Steelix. As it passed its opponent, it dug its claws into the pokemon’s side. Sparks flew as the claws were honed by the tough steel armor. Steelix pulled itself up again, injured by its wasted fall and the twin cuts in its side as Sneasel landed. Neither trainer even noticed the snake, though; they were watching as Sneasel’s claws shone as bright as day. The light spread down its arms and across its back, continuing until the entire pokemon was shining brightly. The light blinded them for one moment, then was gone. Sneasel had changed.

It had grown in size, from a previous three feet to almost four. The feather on its head had multiplied into what was almost a crown, and had even spread into a collar about its neck. Its claws had become sharper than ever; they could slice a hair right down the center as it floated in mid-air. Amongst these changes, its eyes sat coldly. It had power, and was ready as ever to unleash it.

“Alright now, Weavile; let’s finish this! Night Slash!” Weavile jumped once more towards Steelix, fading completely to black. For a moment it was impossible to see it, until it reappeared and threw five quick slashes across Steelix’s face. The pokemon finally collapsed, defeated.

“So, did I beat enough sense into you for you to finally leave me alone?”

“How… in the world… did you do that!?”

“It’s called evolution. Train your pokemon well, and evolve it when the time is right to maximize its abilities. Sneasel was ready, and you just happened to be the unlucky idiot who got creamed. Now are you going to keep standing there or are you going to send out another pokemon?” Now the grunt was angry. He thrust Steelix’s pokeball towards it, pressing the button to fire a thin red beam which pulled it in. He quickly replaced the ball inside his vest, then drew another out to replace it.

“Come on, you worthless excuse for a pokemon! DYNAMICPUNCH!” The pokeball opened, and from it was released a pokemon which was ever-so-slightly resembling to a dinosaur. It stood on two legs, and had a long tail. Its head was capped with a mushroom, which it wore almost like a hat. Its small, red claws rested on its green stomach. Or, at least they were for a moment. It charged Weavile with surprising speed, even compared to Weavile. It drew back its hand swiftly, throwing it forward with incredible power compared to its cute looks. Weavile fell back, clutching its face. It drew its hand away to reveal a huge bruise forming over its eye.

“Weavile, return for now!” Joel pulled his pokemon back to its ball. “I wouldn’t want you getting beat up here. Charmeleon, let’s finish this battle!” Another pokeball flew to the ground, opening to reveal a tall pokemon with a long tail. It resembled Breloom in some ways, but in so many others it was different. It was a deep gold in color, and stood on two strong legs, had two strong arms ending in razor-sharp claws, and had a long powerful tail. Its head looked somewhat like that of a dragon, with a small horn jutting from the back. At the tip of its tail a flame burned furiously.

“What the-? Now, that’s an oddly colored Charmeleon…” The grunt smiled. “I guess I’ll just take that once I’ve captured you.”

“Don’t get your hopes up. Charmeleon, you know what to do.” Charmeleon drew its head back, taking a deep breath as flames gathered into a ball in its mouth. The fireball shot forward, heading directly for Breloom’s head. Just before it hit, a green energy field surrounded the ball and Breloom both. What happened next could only be described as destruction: the flames erupted as they hit Breloom, and for a moment the only thing that could be seen were the exploding fireballs that were created and destroyed, all around the pokemon’s body. Had it not been contained, the attack would have been massive.

When it was all over, Breloom lay on the ground, scorched. Scorched and barely alive.

“What… what have you done!?”

Joel pulled a small bag from a pocket in his pack. Opening the drawstrings on it, he pulled a small round pill out and pushed it through Breloom’s lips. He stood, replacing the bag inside his pack. “It should wake up in a few minutes, good as new. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for the attack to cause so much damage.”

The Grunt watched in awe as Breloom’s injuries disappeared. Shaking his head quickly, he jeered at Joel. “Keep your pity; do you really think I care about that worthless thing?” Joel shrugged, then turned and walked away towards the forest. Behind him, the Grunt knelt beside his Breloom, stroking its head fondly. “Please be all right… please…”

February 28th, 2008, 12:47 PM
Another amazing chapter. I love the description of the evolution. The story is getting better and better and I can't wait for more. Keep up the awesome work!