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February 14th, 2008, 11:03 AM


STORY: Once upon a time, thousands of years ago. There was a world. A world brimming with life, but not life as we know it today. Upon the lush green grass lay peaceful Pokémon, Pokémon that have never seen a human, or the evil things called, Pokéballs which are now known within the Pokémon lands, and the Death Balls, when a human finds you they attack you, then make you weak and hurt before they kidnap you and force you to fight, day after day. But enough at that. Years ago there was a time when there was no such thing as Pokémon Battles, and when the world was natural and peaceful as it was created to be. Pokémon merrily swam through the warm and sparkling sapphire seas. And they flew wieghtlessly through the crystal clear skies and passed the fluffy white clouds.

But then the humans came and ruined the world. They destroyed the lands, polluted the oceans and skies, and destroyed most of the habitats that the Pokémon called home. Currently, there are only a few non-human populated lands that still exist. One of them is called, Glameo. (Glay - Me - Oh) A very large island full with Pokémon, happy Pokémon. But will this island stay peaceful? Now that a competition is taking place for 10 lucky humans to take a cruise to the island and explore it for a week? Will the Pokémon island be destroyed? What will happen?

That, is where you come in.

You have just won a competition to go to the island and explore it, there will be enemys, death, betrayal, sorrow, romance and so on. What you do, is up to you. You may come by me in the roleplay, you may die, you may find an entirely new Pokémon species! But to join, you must fill in this.



RP Sample:

I'll do mine later.

February 22nd, 2008, 5:50 PM
Name: Kamora
Age: 16
Appearance: Kamora has black eyes, black short hair, black pants, a black shirt with a white vest, and black gloves
Likes: Pokemon Contest, training, teaching his Pokemon new attacks
Dislikes: Trainers who talk bad about Pokemon Contest
Biography: Kamora was born in Sinnoh and loved Pokemon Contest as a kid. When he started his journey he became a coordinator and trained his Pokemon to their full potential. Kamora shares a close bond with his Pokemon and when he feels they have had enough will pull them out of battle.
History: Kamora has obtained four ribbons from the Sinnoh contest. He sadly lost his chance to get his fifth ribbon and into the Grand Festival to his rival Tyson. After his defeat Kamora left his contest Pokemon at his parent's house.
Pokemon: Chimchar, Kamora caught Chimchar right before his fifth contest and since he didn't get a real chance to bond with it he decided to take it on the cruise.
RP: Kamora with his Chim, his Chimchar, on his shoulder decided to take the open space for some training. "All right Chim, I want us to train so that after this cruise we can control the Hoenn Contest." Chim jumps off Kamora's shoulder and prepares to perform. Kamora throws up a disk and Chim delivers a flamewheel while holding the disk in his hands. Kamora pats Chim on his head and congratulates him for that flamewheel. Kamora then throws a series of flags in the air and Chim unleashes a flamethrower that leaves beautiful fireworks in the air. Chim cheered at its awesomeness and then turned to Kamora. Kamora patted Chim on the head once more and then gave it a special poffin for the performance.

Guns n' Roses
February 23rd, 2008, 12:06 PM
appearence:black hair,black jeans,black shirt,white sneaker,black hat
like:teaching pokemon new moves and training
dislike:people abusing pokemon and puting them down
biography:slash was born in the sinnoh he likes battling other trainers.He dreamed that one day he will be number 1 one day he wishes to defeat the pokemon league he wants every thing good for the pokemon
pokemon:Slash caught piplup when he was training by a lake he was 12 years old at the time
rp:Slash and piplup are training to deafeat the pokemon league he deafeated all 8 gym's.Piplup gets out my pokeball he is ready to face Aaron aaron uses beutifly first."Quick piplup use water gun"."yes now use bubble beam".We defeated butifly.now he is useing dustox.piplup learned hydro pump."piplup finish this battle with Hydro pump".1 down 3 more to go

February 23rd, 2008, 12:42 PM
K9S8, your application is PENDING work on your appearence more. Guns n' Roses: your application is just silly. And I don't know if you was joking or anything. Infact I think it was a joke. But whatever it was...REJECTED. Please nobody sign up with a silly application like that one.

March 11th, 2008, 2:26 PM
Name: Erin Carr
Age: 20
Appearence: Erin has one of those appearances that guys drool over and girls envy. Her plum purple hair flows to slightly past her shoulder, styled just right. Her eyes are the same color, except a darker shade of purple. Her skin is fairly pale. She stands at 5'6" and weighs 100 lbs. For clothing, she wears a black tank top and black jeans. For makeup, she wears pink lipstick and some black eyeliner.
Likes: Erin likes boys, the Pokemon Meganium and Raichu, and the color black.
Dislikes: Erin dislikes the color brown, the Pokemon Pikachu, guys who stalk her, and she absolutely HATES the Pokemon Ursuring. (see history)
Biography: Erin grew up in Two Island, Kanto. She was a very good Pokemon trainer, in fact, one of the best on her island.
History: Nothing much happened in Erin's life until she was 6. When she was 6, she got lost in the woods. She was then attacked by the Pokemon Ursuring, and never saw her parents again. (will finish later)
RP Sample:

darth meanie
March 11th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Name: David Parker
Age: 17

Appearence: About 6' 1", he has straight black hair, unusually perfect teeth, and always has on polarized shades. Smooth comes to mind when people talk to him, nothing really ever shakes him. He usually wears a blazer over his shirts, but almost always wears jeans. People rarely seem to see him when he isn't smiling. He is generall equipped with a wide array of gadgetry.

Likes: To lead, solve problems, and have adventures. Enjoys when things go wrong.

Dislikes: Monotony, and overly cautious people. Hates being ignored or overlooked. Really hates vulnerability.

Biography: David was the son of two generally well off parents who made a point of having their son do everything on his own. While most children would have angst about such things, he worked with dignity, and when he wanted money, he started his own company, PoKoSoft. He works on creating new software for the Pokedex and Poketch. Although his projects are immensely revolutionary, most people don't trust a teenager to create reliable programs. He hopes he can sell the company to Poketch, he's struggling. He is trying to relax by going here.

History: Didn't I just go over that??

Personality: David is a type A. Often times he seems to run on stress, and he is aggressively outgoing. He tries to be perfect, and make sure that no one ever sees something on his face thats not a smile. His biggest weakness is that when things go wrong, he can't admit weaknesss or ask for help. So far doing everything on his own has worked for him, but he doesn't know that he can't keep up with a small business and the troubles he inevitably brings upon himself much longer. He only barely escaped burnout by coming here.

Pokemon: He has collected a small sampling of pokemon, most of which help with his company, but one pokemon of his stands out. He absolutely loves his golduck. He raised it when it was just a young psyduck, and it is one of the coolest pokemon he has ever had, once winning a Ultra Cup Cool Contest, but never managing to compete at the master level. His golduck, like him, wears shades to try to look and feel cool. They are two of a kind, and surf together on weekends. His golduck is a master of appearance, and a decent, but only decent, fighter to boot. When he needs power he opts to his arcanine, who has an aggressive, strong nature, but is on the small side. Nonetheless, he has a humongous power for any arcanine, and can carry great loads easily. While more docile when working or playing, in battle he is an absolute beast, forgetting allies or limits in a desperate struggle. Finally he has two porygon, a metang, and an alakazam, but he did not bring them to the island, because he needs them to keep shop with PoKoSoft while he's gone. His alakazam was first given to him as an abra though, and he loves the thing to death, as it was his first pokemon.

RP Sample:

Aaron stared down the opponent, a magmortar. While muk had already laid down several curses, the blows from that Gallade had taken a toll, and muk didn't know any moves that could really threaten him. The magmortar began with a fire blast.

" Fire off a gunk shot!" he exclaimed, and muk's arms threw globs of poison at the the flaming pillars heading towards him, which, rather than exploding, extinguished in an unsatisfying glump.

"Turn up the Heat!" the ace trainer shouted, and soon muk was struggling to stop all of the flaming barrages, and his accuracy could only last so long. Aaron had to think of something, and fast. He ran through all of the tactics he had worked on, but none of them seemed to be of any use. He considered recalling muk, but that would force him to use his breloom, and he was only effective if he had room to set up. Then he looked at muk.

Muk was tired, no doubt, but he was a fighter to the end. Aaron remembered the endurance competition, where pokemon were forced to sit on the edge of a volcano. Muk was up against pokemon that could take the heat then, like castform and typhlosion. Muk nearly won though, losing only when he fainted from heat exhaustion, after 6 hours in an exhausting stall with a magcargo. Muk still had stamina, and the ace trainer could see that he wasn't going to win this battle of wills.

"Enough stalling!", the green haired boy shouted, "Earthquake!"

Magmortar jumped up and punched the ground, shaking muk up badly with a super effective hit. But Aaron saw an opening.

"Wait for it muk!" Aaron said, hopeful. Muk grunted in response. Another earthquake came off, and muk fired a gunk shot, right at the face. The magmortar struggled for a second, then heated his face until the the poison was disintegrated, but muk was no where to be seen. The magmortar looked around, puzzled, not thinking to check its back.

"Shadow Sneak!" Aaron yelled, and muk gave magmortar a quick one-two before he could react. The magmortar went down with a dignified thud. Aaron could see muk finally relax, glad that the fight was finally over. The black sludge Aaron had given him and healed his injuries to an extent, but muk wasn't going to be very lively without a nice trip to the Pokemon Center. Aaron called on his delibird and flew back to the Survival Zone.

March 13th, 2008, 6:14 PM
Name: Corail Soleil (in English, Coral Sun. My character with probably introduce herself with the English version of her first name, but I haven't decided yet. For those of you that are prone to ask, it's French. My character's of Irish/French decent)
Age: 18
Appearence: Red, curly hair, slim build from years of in-the-feild research
Likes: Collecting info about pokemon and studying pokemon evolutions
Dislikes: That both Nidoran don't share the same pokedex entry, that there's no baby type for Kangaskhan listed in the pokedex (she's nit-picky)
Biography: Coral hails from Saffron City and is an avid pokemon collector and researcher. She dreams of earning a place in pokemon history for the discovery of at least one new species that will be placed in the pokedex. She occasionally lobbies to get the pokedex corrected (see above). She also hopes to discover the secret to the evolution of the Kangaskhan baby-type (pokemon don't develop. the only way you can logically go from tiny-purple-baby-with-no-scales-or-pouch to huge-brown-scaley-pouched-creature in the pokemon world is through evolution. Nintendo, in my opinion, should address this inconsistancy. For now, my charrie will have to do).
Anyway, Coral only battles for research purposes whenever she's trying to get one of her pokemon to evolve. She doesn't particularly like battling (and as such has no badges). However, that doesn't mean she's incompetant; she's extremely skillfull when pushed into using her pokemon offensively (she'd have to be or else she'd lose the respect of her pokemon, having no badges). In the 8 years that she's been training Coral has been to all the pokemon regions and studied many pokemon. As such, she has a very large collection. However, she's only taking her most loyal friends with her on the cruise.
History: I think they're the same thing, aren't they?
Pokemon: (she battles only rarely and is more interested than research than anything, plus she's had 8 years to train and is very skillfull. I think the levels are warranted and even might be low for a person who's been training so long considering Ash has only been training for half as long and has a REALLY powerful Pikachu, but if you insist I'll bump them down a bit)
Raichu: male, level 45, just evolved after learning Thunder and is getting used to his new form. raised from a Pichu (won the egg in a battle). Thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread and really likes Coral. Moves: Sweet Kiss, Thunder, Discharge, Thunderbolt
Altaria: female, level 42, caught in Hoenn. A bit vain, loves baths. Moves: Dragon Breath, Sing, Aerial Ace, Fly
Azumarill: male, level 38, carefree. Nicknamed "Pikablue" (one of the few she's nicknamed), like to dance and sing and is a general clown. Traded a Vulpix for the Azurill in Johto, evolved under her care. Moves: Bubblebeam, Aqua Ring, Surf, Rain Dance (learned prematurely due to his nature. I figure if Ash's Bulbasaur can learn freakin whirlwind I should be able to get away with that). Loves to battle alongside Raichu.
Charizard: male, starter, level 50 (since he's her starter). strongest on her team. Keeps to himself; very quiet and at times philosophical. Doesn't like double-battles. Moves: Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Slash, Fire Fang
Roserade: female, 37, also just-evolved after learning Toxic. Likes to be mysterious. Obtained as a Budew in Sinnoh but occasionally doesn't follow orders (sometimes just to make Coral wonder why), especially during double-battles since she likes to be impressive and thinks her partners are trying to upstage her. Moves: Toxic, Ingrain, Giga Drain, Magical Leaf.
Grumpig: male, level 43. Nicknamed "Grumpy", though he seems to swing from really happy to angry a lot. Short-fused, takes losing pretty hard and gets depressed after a lose for a long while. Moves: Payback, Psywave, Psybeeam, and Zen Headbutt
RP Sample: Coral watched the waves below bash violently against the cruise ship, not even managing to give the vessel a *bump* sensation. It was really high here up on deck, and though she was sure the waves were taller than her they looked small from up here. Azumarill was enjoying the pool, doing flips and such to entertain anyone who might be watching. Her other pokemon were resting in their pokeballs. She wondered if she'd brought enough pokeballs for the journey. Was a backpack full enough? Maybe she should have brought more than just pokeballs. but, after all, this *was* a new region and it *did* need exploring, and besides, if she needed anything else her pokemon would help her get it. She hoped they'd be able to anyway. Second-guessing herself was second-nature(ha) to her. It would pass as soon as the rush of excitement came from seeing the new land...but it was taking forever to get there. ~I wonder if we're allowed to use flying pokemon to get a sneak peek?~ (OOC: That's the symbol I use for thought. If the gm wants me to use something else I will)

darth meanie
March 15th, 2008, 7:07 AM
Charchic: Last Activity: March 1st
I'm not thinking this is going to go through anymore

March 31st, 2008, 2:58 AM
Is this still opened up for signups or even still active???

March 31st, 2008, 1:23 PM
Well personally I hope this roleplay still will begin, because I'm craving a good pokemon roleplay. So here's my application, and I hope it's not too long. ^^o And sorry that I'm a newbie to this forum, I know that I should be backing off of roleplays till my account is atleast a week old... But I want to roleplay.

--Le Application--

Name: Carol E. Cadena

Age: Sixteen [[16]]

Appearence: Carol isn't a model, her body doesn't have gigantic curves that are eye-candy for the guys. In fact, she has small curves that aren't exaggerated by her clothing since she usually wears a long sleeved button down white shirt and a red sleeveless vest that is on top of the shirt. Her hair isn't silky smooth either, for she just gets her waist-length brown hair and gets it in two high pig-tails. If not then her hair would get in the way. Plus, it looks cool too. Or atleast in her opinion it does. Her skin is slightly tan, for her slim, skinny, yet athletic body has been exposed in the sunlight for much of her life. For she was never too fond of staying indoors and she still isn't.

As for the rest of her usual outfit, she tends to either wear red jeans or a black skirt. And she'll also wear a yellow belt with either the jeans or the skirt, even if it doesn't go with the theme of her outfit too much. As for shoes, she wears a pair of white sneakers that are not only comfortable, but they are good for traveling. Sadly though, they don't make her any taller since she's only five feet tall.

But one of her best features that she has are her emerald eyes that have a tendency to sparkle with excitement and joy. For even the smallest things could make her happy, thus why her smile is also another thing about Carol that could be considered 'beautiful' or 'lovely'.

Likes: Carol enjoys traveling, exploring new places, pokemon, battling, making new friends, taking chances, and anything that she could consider 'wicked awesome'.
Dislikes: Carol dislikes being bored, doing nothing, being indoors, staying in one spot for too long, being alone for too much time, and dull boring people who complain too much about their life.

Biography: Carol was born and raised in Viridian City, although it was much more like a humble town than a large industrial city. Which was why she spent most of her time playing outdoors with her cousin Catherine. And although Carol's parents passed away early in the brunette's life, Carol doesn't show any pain or sorrow about their deaths since she was too young to really remember them. For her mother died immediately after Carol was born and her father shortly after because of suicide.

But the deaths of her parents was the only tragic thing that had happened in this teen's life, for every other aspect of her life was good. She was raised alongside her cousin who was more like a sister than a cousin since she lived with her cousin's family and she left her hometown when she was ten since many other children like herself left on their pokemon journeys at that age. And ever since then, many things had happened to this brunette, including attacks from Team Rocket, battles both lost and won, and new friendships developed and destroyed.

History: Read above and you'll get an idea of Carol's history.

Reason for Going to Cruise: Carol E. Cadena adores traveling and exploring, it's something she naturally enjoys doing. It's one of the big reasons she became a trainer, for she loved pokemon and traveling. And just the thought of exploring some new and exotic land before anyone else just was enough to convince her to go. Anyways she might also make some new friends who have similar interests as her since trainers who also love exploring and pokemon most likely would come too. So why not take a chance and go?

Pokemon: Since Carol has been a pokemon trainer for a while, she has various pokemon stored in her PC. However these are her main pokemon she carries around with her.

Lotto:: Lotto is a ditto that Carol had recieved as a starter pokemon because she had entered in an online lottery. And since she managed to get this rare pokemon she decided to name it "Lotto". It usually is a carefree pokemon who loves to play around with other pokemon and trainers alike.

Rei:: Rei is a Nidoking that Carol had captured shortly after getting her pokedex from Professor Oak, she caught him as a male Nidoran and trained him until he evolved into Nidorino and then finally Nidoking. He's a rather cocky pokemon who thinks he's the strongest pokemon ever, and doesn't like being told that he isn't great.

Shabam:: Shabam is a Kadabra that was caught by Carol when he was a young and weak Abra. And although he has a rather odd name given to him by his trainer, he's very loyal and dedicated to his trainer. He's the silent one of the group, preferring to watch the other pokemon interact instead of socializing himself.

Gina:: Gina is a Gengar that Carol has also trained and evolved during her travels. She's also one of the few female pokemon that Carol carries around on her belt. Gina is a social ghost type who has a tendency to salute and act like a solider in the army, thus why she's so obedient and loyal to Carol.

Zorro:: Zorro is an Eevee that Carol hadn't captured, instead she had found him wandering nearby Saffron City. He's also unevolved since Carol has no idea what she should evolve him to, and he doesn't seem to mind since he seems rather content being an Eevee. He's playful and has a tendency to try and sneak up behind trainers and pokemon to scare them.

Magicittiso:: Magicittiso AKA Magic is a Gyarados. Carol had obtained him while trying to fish for a Chinchou, but she captured him and began to train him until he evolved into the large scary pokemon he is today. But really, Magic isn't that harmful or terrifying, he's actually a friendly pokemon who is more than willing to hang around other pokemon and be social.

RP Sample:
"So ya think ya could beat the great and almighty Carol E. Cadena?"

Anyone watching this five foot tall brunette talking to the door of a two story building would automatically assume she is insane. And who would blame them, for the sixteen year old had narrowed her emerald eyes at the golden handle of the door with both of her hands on her hips. For things weren't exactly going her way. "Listen ya piece of junk, I will open ya even if ya like it or not bud." She told the door, before once again taking hold of the handle of the door and trying to once again pull the handle as she attempted to open it.

After a few minutes, the brown haired girl gave up and let go of the door handle. Letting out a sigh as she turned around, so her back would be facing the door. But then her lips curved in a small smirk as she took out one of her pokeballs and threw it up in the air, making her psychic type pokemon, Shabam, appear. She then turned around and pointed at the door with her index finger,"Alright Shabam, use psychic on that door and open it!" The Kadabra blinked twice blankly, but then he closed his eyes and soon enough the door handle began to glow faintly and in a blink of an eye, the door opened.

Carol nearly fainted when she saw the door open, but then she laughed rather loudly and rubbed the back of her neck in embarrasment. "Oh I was pullin' on the doorknob when the sign on the door said ta push." And she was right, because above the doorknob there was a white sign that very clearly had 'Push' written on it in black bold letters. This made the Kadabra sweatdrop a bit, but then he shrugged it off, for things like this happened often enough to make the Kadabra nicknamed Shabam used to it.

--End of Le Application--

April 4th, 2008, 6:20 AM
Since the RPG master is MIA I think I will take over the RPG for a little while. Since I don't want it to die. I hope thats okay. With that in mind I will remake my sign-up so it doesn't look so crappy. I will also accept people with good sign-ups.

Name: Kameron, likes to be called Kam

Age: 16

Appearence: Kam may look short, but if anyone mentions it he smashes them into a wall. He stands at 5'4 and weights 100 lbs. His skin is a light tan color and he usually wears some glasses to show his smarts or hide his balck eyes. His attire consist of a white shirt with a pokeball on the front, covered by a black and gold vest. Kam wears his black jeans and black shoes with this attire. He has short black hair that makes him look cooler. Kam carries around a black backpack that holds all his contest stuff. He has his pokeballs in a little bag around his belt. Has a pokephone in his pocket to get any box pokemon quicker.

Likes: Pokemon contest, dumplings, grass pokemon, cute girls

Dislikes: People who disrespect contest, evil organizations, legendary pokemon, people who disrespect pokemon

Biography: Kam was born in Hoenn, but raised in Kanto. His family was wealthy and had lots of pokemon. His family had evented a new way to take pokemon with you. They created the pokephone, which holds pokemon like a box would. Just by pressing the number of that pokemon their pokeball is given to you. This device made them rich and gave them lots of pokemon. It was that under the care of these pokemon Kam wanted to become a coordinattor. He found that coordinators had a better bound between pokemon than trainers did. Trainers push their pokemon to their limits to win and may hurt them in the process. However, coordinator and pokemon work together to perform and make the people happy. It doesn't require lots of work and that made Kam happy. When Kam started his journey he took a pokemon he had bonded with most as a child. The pokemon he chose was a Torchic that was very young and also interested in contest. The two travelled along and began to collect ribbons and more pokemon. He eventually caught sight of the legendary pokemon Zapdos, at a power plant where he was training for his second ribbon. Even though he thought it was beautiful it didn't have the right power to fit contest. So kam didn't ever want to see a legendary pokemon again. He and Combusken have colleceted two ribbons and decided to take a break before going to the contest world of Kanto. His father won him a spot on the cruise and so now he plans to find more contest pokemon and lots of new combinations.


Pokemon: a.Combusken, starter that evolved from Torchic b. Skitty, given to Kam by his mother when it started to miss Kam.
He has captured anymore pokemon yet, but hopes the cruise will change that.

RP Sample:
With poliwag now tagging along Kamora was ready to leave Pewter City. As he began to walk out the gate a man with a poster came to him. "Young man, would you like to enter a contest?" as soon as Kamora heard contest he snacthed the poster. The contest was in Pewter City and who ever won would get a rare fossil from the museum. The prize was so good kamora couldn't refuse, but saw that the contest wasn't for another day. With that he decided he would chill at the Pokemon Center until tomorrow then win.

So with the time a little short Kamora summoned his pokemon. "Tomorrow is a contest. I want to know who wants to eneter." Chimchar immediately jumped up and so Kamora decided to take him. With Chimchar's battle skills Kamora decdied to use him in the battle stage. So now he needed rther Poliwag or Bulbasaur to do the appeal stage. Poliwag looked at Bulbasaur and Bulbasaur looked at Poliwag. kamora could tell from their expressions neither wanted to appeal. He had to get one of them to appeal so he pulled out his video tape. On the tape were the best appeals Kamora and his other rivals had ever done. He took them out to the back room and they all saw Kamora compete in the Sinnoh contest and his rivals. the tape was only about thirty minutes. After they had seen the tape Kamora brought them outside for training. "Now who wants to do the appeal stage?" Kamora said hoping to get an answer. He was shocked to find that Bulbasaur and Poliwag still didn't want to appeal.

With that Kamora decided to call his mom, but then a Aipom landed on his head. Kamora looked down at the Aipom and could see it was working on a performance. Looking at the Aipom it reminded him of his Aipom at home that loved contest. Then a female trainer ran up to him. She apologized for Aipom landing on his head. "My name is Suzie and I'm in charge of watching that wild Aipom. It loves to perform, but loses its mind when it starts." on hearing this Kamora asked to borrow Aipom for the next contest. The Aipom seemed to like performing and Kamora thought he smooth out the edges on him. Suzie agreed so Aipom and kamora began their training while Poliwag looked on with a sad face and Bulbasaur slept.

April 13th, 2008, 1:02 PM
The people accepted are arth meanie, Craiger, and LynnCreed since this thread is still open I will continue to accept sign-ups.

April 13th, 2008, 1:08 PM
Character Sheet
Name: Kam Hashi (jr)
Gender: M
Age: 14

Appearance: Wears an Orange vest and a Black Tee-shirt Orange shoes and a Orange hat his pants are black and he also has a Backpack where he keeps all his important items. He also has a pendit that his mom gave him when he stared his journey. An Orange cap to go with his orange and black outfit. Like every other teen Kam likes to have a style all his own. He also has a pair of sunglasses that are usually on at all times. He is a little lighter then Brock. Keeps his right arm sleeve up almost always.

Personality: Some might call him too trustworthy. He’s always helping people weather it be old ladies to grown men. He thinks that everyone deserves at least one chance of trust. He is an extremely optimistic individual who see's the good in everybody. He attempts to see things from other people's points of view, including cold hearted teams such as Team's Rocket. He doesn’t have a problem with speaking his mind also, if he thinks there’s a problem he will speak his mind.

Backgound/history:: He is the son of Prof.Kam (<fanfic) he very trustworthy like his father. He tends to only do things when he thinks that its going to benfit him. Due to his father being at work all of the time hes kinda of a mommas boy always calling her keeping her up to date with current events. Another he likes is contest and gym battleing his friends always tell him to choose but he never can decide which would be best for him. He was once saved by the legendary pokemon Raikou. Once saved Raikou told him he would be inside the spirt of a Pikachu but he would have to find it on a secret islands. This is what brung Kam to on the cruise in search of the Pikachu and the anwser of his near death.

Pokémon: Cubone

Likes:Rice Cakes and american Hamburgers.

Dislikes:Told to do something by a complete and total stranger.

Rp sample:"Pika Pi Pika pi Pikachu" said Pikachu. "Whats wrong Pikachu" I said. Pikachu jumped off my head and onto the sand and started glareing at the ocean.

Suddenly,the water started rising from the beach and the sky turned black.

Pikachu come lets get outta here thats when Pikachu started running right twords the ocean. "Pikachuuuu" I screamed while running after him.

I let golduck out of his poke ball as we both started running into to the huge water not knowing what was going to happen.

" Are you awake" a voice said. Come on Carrie we should tell the Officer Jenny.

"Cough cough" I cough up a little water and see two people in front of me. "Who are you wheres my Pikachu and Golduck?" I demand. Hey kid is that how you treat the people that just saved you the boy said. The girl just sat there stareing at me.

"Saved me" I then remeber what had happen eariler. Are my Pokemon ok? "Yes" the girl says and "My names Carrie" she contuined. "My names Jerry whats your name?" he said.

"My name is Kam and" "Pika" I was cut off by my Pikachu running twords me. "Hey buddy wheres Golduck" I then see Golduck sitting on a rock beside me "Oh" I said.

"So what happend to you" Carrie said. "Oh I was haveing fun on the beach then my Pikachu ran in to a huge wave of water we seen and ended up here" I anwsred

"Well your lucky we should go back to our place so we can find out if any info is on the news" Jerry said.

"Mom where home" Jerry and Carrie said. "Hey honeys oh who is that you got with you?" She said. This is Kam he washed up on the beach after trying to save his Pikachu from a huge tidal wave" Carrie replied. "Hes a lucky, so you guys want anything to eat" she said. "Yes" the three of us said in unison.

After we ate lunch we turned the TV on so we could see the news there where no reports yet so I said just forget about it.
I was about to leave when they asked if I could go with me on journey.
"Sure if its ok with your mom" I said. Thats when there mom came out and said it was ok as long as I keep them safe she said with a smile.

"Hmm next I think I should goto Canalava City so do you guys have Pokemon?" I said. "Yes I do come on out Mantine and Cyndaquil These are my two but Carrie doesnt have any" he said. "I know Carrie I can give you some Pokemon Staravia,Pichu,Elekid and Beedril I just caught from the Johto region so you can have them" I said. After we went to to the computer we went back to the ocean and start on a way to the Canalava city.

Trust we have some new friends so lets hurry so we went off to Canalava city not knowing what was going to happen.

I can add more if you want me too.

April 13th, 2008, 1:19 PM
Add a little more detail to his biography and check your grammar and you'll be fine.

April 13th, 2008, 2:45 PM
Name: Tiger Redford

Age: 20

Appearance: 6ft 4 with a muscular, broad shouldered build and massive, granite like chest that is kept smooth by him. He shaves his hair very very short. A strong chin that often has a slight amount of blonde stubble. He is handsome, though not excessively so, his face slightly marred by a broken looking nose, curtesy of boxing. Bright blue eyes with flecks of yellow. His hands are huge, many people comparing them to small JCB trowels. Though his natural skin pigmantation is a very pale white he spends so much time running, cycling and otheerwise training out doors that he has developed an almost permanent deep suntan.

Usually wears shorts, flip flops and a baggy light coloured shirt. Almost always has a pair of sunglasses on him, whether wearing them or having them hang from the buttons of his shirt. His pokeballs are attached to a belt on his shorts.

Likes: All sports, especially boxing and rugby (he plays/fights in both), training – both himself and his pokemon.

Dislikes: Lazy people, drugs, computers (he never seems to have got the hang of them)

History/Biography: Born in Slateport, in the Hoenn region, his father is a stall owner in the large market, trading in specialty and rare pokeballs. His mother is a nurse in the local hospital.

He is relatively new to pokemon training, being until a couple of years ago sport obsessed. He has had a tyrogue (named Jocal) since his 15th birthday... his older brother (a budding breeder) gave it to him as a present. Though not a trainer he has worked Jocal hard all his life, having him help out with his boxing training at every opportunity.

2 years ago though he decided that he would never make it to the top level of sport and so started looking around for something else to do. Whilst out on a jog with Jocal one evening he got attacked by a wild geodude, Jocal made quick work of it in the ensuing battle and Tiger was amazed to find just how much his adrenaline was pumping from the fight. Realising he had found what he was looking for he immediately set out on his new pokemon adventure.


Jocal the Tyrogue: Given to Tiger for his 15th birthday by his elder brother Rhodri he has been a constant companion, helping in sports training and eventually getting Tiger into the joys of battling. Unbelievable stamina and guts it is actually very surprising he hasn't evolved yet.

Soapy the Marshstomp: When tiger decides to set off on his pokemon quest he gets given a starter pokemon by Professor Birch. They instantly got on very well, Soapy being an extremely energetic pokemon who is always keen to swim as hard and as fast as he could, leading Tiger into learning the joys of a new sport. He evolved from Mudkip after an especially hard battle against a wild Manetric Tiger encountered when out on a bike ride.

Sharpy the Doduo: Was caught when Tiger was searching around in the local safarizone, he was actually looking for find a Girafarig, but as soon as he saw Doduo sprinting through a field he new he wanted a pokemon that could run as fast as that. Chasing after Sharpy he was of course left well behind, but Sharpy liked what he saw in Tigers efforts and turned back, allowing himself to be caught in a safari ball. He often accompanies Tiger on his bike rides, jogging leisurely alongside him and he cycles

RP Sample: Tiger was breathing hard as he turned into what he always thought of the 'final stretch' of his jog, the part where he crested the hill and it was downwards all the way to the home he could see in the distance. Sweat was pouring from his brow, his running vest drenched. Alongside him Jocal barely seemed bothered by the run, still full of energy.

As Jocal started the descent he glanced overt to the rock formations to his right, thinking he saw movement. Ignoring it he carried on, only to be smacked in the back by a small rock. He immediately stopped and turned, as did Jocal, who immediately received a pebble to the leg. Finally Tiger saw what it was that had caught his eye previously, a wild Geodude, who was bounging towards them, throwing rocks.

Jocal immediately lept in front of his trainer to protect him. Realzing they would have to get into their first 'proper' battle as a pair Tiger acted quickly, recalling the boxin training they had been doing so often, and his knowledge of Tyrogues movesets

'Jocal, get in close and use Rock smash' Tiger ordered

Jocal swiftly sprinted the ground between him and the Geodude and, ducking under a wild swipe smashed a heavy sounding punch into the opposing pokemons side, sending it flying backwards a few foot. Geodude Quickly responded by digging its hands into the floor, strong tremous starting to eminate out.

'Its a magnitude attack' Tiger warned 'quick Jocal, leap on top of Geodude and use brick break'.

Jocal was quick to follow his trainers orders, recovering his balance and leaping on top of the wild geodude and, gripping both hands tight together he brought them smashing down in an overhead blow. The Geodude immediately passed out unconcious.

'Great work Jocal, you were awesome' panted Tiger, his adrenaline still pumping, 'but quick, we better get this geodude to a pokemon centre' And with that he rushed forward, scooped the geodude up and started off down the hill, running at a great pace, his earlier fatigue forgotten.

Reason for being on the cruise: Though he has travelled around a fair bit training Tiger has never really felt like he is on an 'adventure' as such, so he entered the competition in the hopes of providing what he felt his life lacked, a new challenge, something to get him excited. He couldn't believe it when he won a place and is now eager to start meeting new pokemon and experiencing a new way of life

April 13th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Add to the appearance and everyone should add why they are going on this cruise when they sign up.
EDIT: You are now accepted MrWall and X-Files

April 13th, 2008, 3:18 PM
Add to the appearance and everyone should add why they are going on this cruise when they sign up.

ok, done and done


April 14th, 2008, 10:48 AM
I will see if I can start the RPG Saturday but I amy be gone. I will try to start it off well.

April 14th, 2008, 6:28 PM
Done and I'll watch the grammer :)

April 17th, 2008, 1:43 AM
Alright K9S8, I've edited my application to include why my character wants to go on this cruise. So if you believe it's good enough for the roleplay, approve it, and if not then I'll happily change anything you want. ^^

Sweet Dreams
April 17th, 2008, 2:50 AM
Hey! I've been off for a while and I really do wish to attend a good RP. I'm asking if you'll still accept me, and if, for my RP sample, I could just recommend one for you or really have to copy and paste? And what's the difference between Biography and History?

April 17th, 2008, 3:39 AM
Any word on this starting? its sounds very interesting...

if you don't want to look after it KS I would be happy to... broke my foot last week so now have 6 weeks sofa bound :(

Sweet Dreams
April 17th, 2008, 2:46 PM
((Ooc: Well, if you don't mind, I replaced "Likes" and "Dislikes" with "Personality". I just couldn't think of much to be seperated into the two. Hopefully that is acceptable.))

Name: Kari (kah-RI)

Age: 16

Appearance: Tall, slight and tanned, Kari looked better suited to a runway than out in the wild, hunting for fearsome creatures. Her dark, wavy hair always looked slightly windblown and reached down to the small of her back. Her eyes, however, were not brown as someone might expect, but a deep ocean colour which looked blue to some and green to others. Of course, she herself didn’t care what colour her own eyes were.

The outfit she favoured for training and journeys to mild or hot climates was a caramel, sleeveless tee and chocolate coloured short-shorts that held quite a few pockets. Usually found on her person was a bag riddled with pockets, the colour of orange leaves during autumn. To prevent herself from becoming too scratched, she donned thin, brown socks that reached up to her mid-thighs and worn, scruffy running shoes. At times, she was known to wear red, cotton gloves.

In cold or temperate climates, Kari wore a lime t-shirt and a flowing skirt which reached past her knees and matched her shorts. She also consented to wear tights as well as short, white socks. A light brown jacket was always handy if the temperature dropped too far for her to be comfortable in her present clothes.

Personality: Often, Kari is fearless and brave when confronted with extreme situations, facing them without one word of complaint – except when she was dealing with the wet and the cold. She absolutely detested being either wet or cold, and although she could live with it, she would whine and grumble for the duration of that particular situation, and several hours after. Apart from these times, however, she really was a quite cheerful person with a fast wit.

For her, making decisions is the harder part of life. Some could lead to many a sleepless night with her wringing her hands in an agony of indecision. Once a decision was made, either by her or by someone else, which she approved of, Kari would carry it out come fire or famine, unless persuaded to do otherwise. Sometimes, she could get extremely stubborn and pigheaded, especially after a bout of cold rain.

History: Kari was born on Cinnabar Island to a poor household with more than enough children. She was the fifth child of a total of eight when her mother died in the last childbirth and left her at the age of four. Raised by an irate sister and a practical, hard-working father, she developed a need to get away from the household and family – just like everybody else in the family.

Luckily, she was saved from becoming a fuming and rebellious teen by one of her older brothers and younger sisters. Their gentle caring and hilarious antics were one of the few things keeping her sane. Her Pokémon, of course, helped her deal with that as well.

When she heard about a chance to get away and prove herself worthy of the world, she took it, barely even glancing at the risks listed. To journey into and discover a new region sounded like a great adventure, free from the stifled life she led with her family.


Name: Fluffy
Species: Arcanine
Gender: Male
Personality: This canine was rash and irritable, not to mention stubborn. At times he seemed to be the embodiment of every bad habit and personality glitches that Kari had. However, like all canines, Fluffy was extremely loyal and sometimes compassionate and willing to listen. He was also one of the best cushions in the world for Kari because of the ever-burning fire present inside him. Caution and tact were two words that were not present in the Arcanine’s otherwise rather large vocabulary.
History: As a pup, Fluffy was found on the beach by Kari as a very young girl. She was six years old when she took him in, or so to speak. He was carried to a small niche to be rested and taken care of, and since everything had to have a name, she dubbed him Fluffy. After a while, their bond grew and his strength returned. They always snuck in times to play on the beach when Kari’s sister wouldn’t miss her.

Name: Jewel
Species: Steelix
Gender: Female
Personality: Jewel is usually steady and calm, as well as patient; she could take provocative gestures and words, and throw them away without a second glance. She was Kari’s pillar, the one that Kari looked for when in need of reassurance. With the wisdom and patience almost equal to that of the Earth itself, she is greatly appreciated by Kari for her hindsight and support.
History: The lads at Kari’s home town had dared her to enter a dark cave and catch the biggest Pokémon she could find. Desperate to prove them wrong when they called her chicken, (it had just finished raining) she agreed, and managed to catch an Onyx without getting killed. Kari gained both the boys’ respect for her that day, and a great friend.

Name: Razor
Species: Sandslash
Gender: Male
Personality: Jewel may be calm and Fluffy may be loyal, but Razor was the careful one. He always looked before he leaped and had saved his teammates hides more than once. He also carefully calculated and judged his next move in an instant when battling an opponent he feels is either strong or smart enough to beat him. He had long ago assessed that if an opponent underestimated you, there was more of a chance for you to win than they did, and so worked to accomplish that. Otherwise, the Pokémon with the most threatening name in Kari’s group was really the youngest and smallest of the lot.
History: One day, as an inexperienced and unruly Sandshrew, Razor wandered down to the beach and its baking hot sand during a low tide before curling up to sleep. Tired, he had not noticed the sparkling blue waves that started to approach the cliff-face until he woke up in pain as the first spray of salt water splashed onto him. He backed up against the cliff edge which was impossible to climb and knew he was done for. That was when a girl riding an Arcanine scooped the terrified bundle into her arms and carried him to safety.

RP Sample: Danna cursed as she ran down the hall, instantly berating herself for that outward show of frustration. Members of the Team were dispersing from the large room where meetings were held, and she knew that she had missed an important announcement. Aside from a clenched jaw, no outwards sign of irritation showed on her face as she grabbed a hold of a Grunt’s arm and calmly ordered him to inform her of what the meeting was about.

Deciphering the Grunt’s jumbled stutter, she gleaned that new Legendaries have been found, and inwardly sighed; frustrated at the Anti-Nova meeting she had to attend. She checked to see if Brad or even Lupin had paged her and given her an assignment concerning the discovery. Five words winked at her from the small, electronic device; New Legendaries: Capture – Mount Silver. She let go of the Grunt’s arm and continued on to the hangar where her own flyer was stored.

Her flyer was rather plain, compared to a few others, who like to lavish theirs with unique decorations, and was therefore nicknamed “The Needle”. With a sharp point at the front that emphasised the long, thin body to decrease wind resistance, and a couple of fins near the rockets for aerodynamics, it did slightly resemble a needle. Two mechanical wings were folded and wrapped around the body, covered in a reflective foil to semi-camouflage the Needle. The foil was also coating the whole ship itself. The wings were shaped like fans and used mainly for saving energy and silence, as well as stopping the flyer in an emergency. It was no battle ship, but one created for stealth and invisibility along with speed and precision. Her battle jet was in another hangar, and would be of no use for capturing.

The Needle didn’t seem to have a door, or she, a key, to enter the clear bauble that contained the driver’s seat, half in the needle, and half out. She pressed her right thumb to a small, gel pad just below the edge of the shield and waited for a moment, letting the machine scan her finger print. With a small whoosh, the hemi circle rotated backwards and allowed her to climb in. The magnets on the bottom of her flyer were also commonly used on the others’ ones as well, to hover gently before using the thrusters and rocketing out to the sky outside.

The Needle was smooth and relatively quiet, which made for a pleasant ride, and she leaned back, smirking slightly.

April 19th, 2008, 6:26 AM
You are accepted and since I'll be gone anyone can start the RPG today.

Sweet Dreams
April 19th, 2008, 5:10 PM
((Ooc: Well, if you're gone, then I'll start.))

Kari clutched at the smooth, steel railing tightly, closing her eyes and laughing as the wind blew her hair away from her face. She was on the deck of the ship, enjoying the warmth of the blazing sun and eager for a first glimpse of the island. Opening her eyes, she gasped as she really did catch sight of a sandy beach and green forests beyond. Quickly gathering herself and clutching at her bag, she scampered off the deck and into the shadowed corridor which held the rooms.

‘We’re close to the island! We’re almost there! Hurry, gather your things, get your Pokémon, we’re almost at the island!’ She shouted, knowing that the occupants of the room would hear her. Sprinting past, she arrived at the training facilities and opened the door. Without bothering to check who was in there, if anyone, she repeated her shouting in a slightly breathless voice.

She knew that the news would travel swiftly with the other trainers and scurried back to the deck. The island they were going to explore was much larger than she expected it to be, which was all the better, seeing as it would take longer to explore. She leaned over the railing in excitement, but quickly leaned back when she saw the expanse of icy cold water below. Instead, she whooped to get rid of some excess energy. This day really couldn’t get much better.

April 19th, 2008, 7:38 PM
Kamora was looking at the sea as the boat started to move away from the port. He couldn't believe he had won a spot in an tournament on a far away island. With that he let Combusken and Skitty out of their pokeballs. The two pokemon cheered as they saw Kamora's face. "We're about to reach the island and then we will catch some more pokemon. Even though we have two ribbons we will still need to work harder and get some cool combinations." said Kamora patting his pokemon on their heads. As Kamora finished praising his pokemon he returned to his cabin for some sleep. As he slept he remembered his encounter with the legendary Zapdos and how powerful it was. He still felt that legendary pokemon didn't belong in contest, but he did think they were an awesome sight to see. Then he had a dream about entering the Grand festival and beating his competitor. He stood tall holding the trophy and his pokemon by his side. Just as the dream was getting good the captain informed everyone it was time to get off the ship and get on the island.

April 20th, 2008, 2:34 PM
Yeah, Carol E. Cadena would have been also leaning against the railing, just like many other excited trainers were doing since just smelling the salty sea water surrounding them pumped up their adrenaline. After all they were going on an island untouched by any other trainers. They were going to be the pioneers of the island. They could become famous. They could even discover new pokemon. So of course everyone was just oh-so-excited. However this brown haired girl was just relaxing on a sun bathing car, her emerald eyes closed as she felt the warm sunlight on her slightly tanned skin.

See, she decided to take a nap before getting to the island, that way she'd be one hundred percent ready for this trip. No matter what happened. Let it be bad whether, some insane earthquake, or an evil organization that is planning to capture the pokemon on the island. After all she had to be ready for anything and everything that could and would happen on the island.

Her nap didn't last too long though, for eventually the sound of trainers loudly chattering about how the island was already in view and how they were almost there woke the slumbering trainer up. "Eh, what?..." The drowzy manner Carol spoke was a tell-tale sign that she was obviously still a bit tired. But then as soon as the words that the other trainers were saying sunk into her head, she woke up. "Oh we're almost here?! Oh shoot!" Okay now the party was going to get started and it was about time too.

Carol leaped out of her chair and slung her green backpack over her right shoulder, not bothering to hook her left arm around the other strap. And as soon as that was done, the small five foot female dashed off towards her room, just to glance once more at her room to make sure she didn't forget anything inside of it. After all the girl was known to be rather forgetful and clumsy.

Sweet Dreams
April 21st, 2008, 3:55 AM
((Ooc: The following is based on practical reality. There's no way a large, luxurious ship can strand itself on the beach and manage to ever get away again.))

The cruiser, being much too large to land on the sandy shore, threw down her anchors when they were still quite far away from it. When they announced that the trainers would be split into two groups to row a couple of floats to the shore, Kari’s blood ran cold. She was quite certain the boat will capsize – with her, it always did. She’ll end up whiny and biting, and that was not a good first impression. She bit her lip nervously, clambering aboard one of the two bloated, yellow, plastic boat-like objects. She was too busy closing her eyes and muttering to herself under her breath, oar in hand, to notice who else was on the raft.

‘Please, please, please do not capsize. For once in my life, I hope the boat I’m in doesn’t capsize. I hate being cold and wet. If I can make through this without getting cold or wet, I swear I will try my best to love my family, although they can be hard to love, sometimes,’ Kari kept prattling on to herself under her breath. Anything to forget the icy, unforgiving depths that lay below. With a jolt, she felt the float start being lowered ever downwards and screwed her eyes shut. Her mutterings intensified as she clutched the oar so tightly that her knuckles were white from the strain.

‘The next time I see him, I’ll give Dad a big hug and thank him and Naomi for what they’ve done for me, and Kyle, and Day, Rachel, Terrance, Rika and Stacy. Yes, I’ll give all of them big hugs and presents the next time I see them, if you’ll only let me get out of this boat trip dry and relatively warm,’ she moved the oars as somebody from the large ship next to them shouted down at them to hurry up and get moving. Kari was very conscious of the fact that the raft was very unsteady and kept bobbing as the tide rushed towards the beach.

April 22nd, 2008, 7:35 AM
Tiger enjoyed the sea breeze as he was lowered down on his boat. he was looking forward to this adventure into the unknown. Until now he had felt that he was missing something, so many people before had adventures just like his own and what he wanted was something new, a real adventure. He raised his bright blue eyes to look at the beach not far away

'this is it' he thought to himself 'this is what I have been waiting for'

Tiger felt the reassuring weight of his 3 pokeballs at his waist. Jocal especially would be excited about this, he was just as adventurous as his trainer. Tiger glanced around at his fellow passangers as the boat hit the water, some looked nervous, others almost as excited as him.

April 22nd, 2008, 12:47 PM
As soon as Carol got out of her room, she noticed that many trainers were murmuring something about taking some little yellow boats to shore since the one they were currently inside of was too big to be sailing over to the shore. Which was fine with the brown haired trainer. "Alright Lotto, come into your pokeball since I doubt that ya will be able to fit on those yellow boats with all those trainers." She told the normal-type pokemon as she took out the premiere ball that her Ditto was given to her in. "Ditto." It waved her a quick goodbye before disappearing with a bright red light. Then the brunette clipped the pokeball onto her yellow belt and moved down the halls until she reached the area where all the trainers were gathering so they could get into one of the two yellow boats.

Carol waited for her turn, and once she was able to get into one of the yellow boats, she took hold of the oar given to her. "This is gonna be fun." She grinned and then placed the oar on the water as she waited for the signal to start paddling to shore. After all she wanted to make it in one piece and as fast as possible. Mostly because she already wanted to get to the island and explore it. But it was also because the brown haired girl didn't know how to swim, although she wasn't scared. If anything happened, she could get one of her pokemon to save her. Anyways what sort of trainer would she be if she was scared of a little bit of water?

As she waited for the signal to take off, her emerald eyes began to look around at the other trainers who were either holding their oars confidently, nervously, or just boredly. Although the girl wasn't sure on why anyone would be bored if he or she was about to embark on one of the most wicked awesome journeys of a lifetime. But whatever, it wasn't her fault that some people in this world were just as enthusiastic as a rock.

April 26th, 2008, 6:13 PM
Awake from his sleep Kamora saw trainers boarding boats. he looked over and saw that people were going to the island. Kmaora didn't want to be left behind so he got on a boat too. He looked around on the boat and found that he had to grab an oar. Kamora was mad, but then he grabbed it and started to row. "I hate doing hard labor. However, it will help us get to the island faster and catch some pokemon." said Kamora rowing over and over. The trainer across from him was a brown haired girl that was having fun. He couldn't believe she enjoyed rowing the oars to the island. He let it go and continued to row. He hoped they would get to the island before it got cold.

(sorry if its too short, couldn't think of much)

April 26th, 2008, 6:47 PM
is it full or might i submit a request to join?

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
May 5th, 2008, 3:42 PM
Can I Join In?

Name: Savanna
Age: 18
Appearence: http://tn1-5.pv.deviantart.com/fs10/150/i/2006/120/4/b/i__m_a_pokemon_trainer_by_Kuroi88.jpg
Likes: Pokemon,Battling,Boys,Food
Dislikes: Being Bored,Sleeping,Complaining People,Explosives,People That Talk Too Much
RP Sample:

Will Edit

May 21st, 2008, 5:04 PM
is it full or might i submit a request to join?

yeah can other people still come in?