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February 21st, 2008, 8:45 AM
part 1
as i walked off into the distance i peered round last corner of trees a shadow like ive never seen before as i walked closer it was not a shadow on the ground i thought to myself this isint nartural for shadow to levitate off the ground and slighty bigger than me as i looked up i saw aqua eyes staring back at me the only words i could say was "who are you.."then all of a sudden it lunged for me a direct hit then i was bolted up right in my bed.

"Phew just a dream"then i heard "Todd wake up its the big day" oh yea its the big day i finally get my pokemon from proffessor rowan so as i get changed im puzzled what to T-shirt with a dark blue jacket now only one more thing left to do breakfast. Walking down the stairs looking at the photos of me mum and dad i wish my dad was still around he went of on his own journey but sadly he was caught in a rockslide got down the stairs and picked up the mail for mam then went in the kitchen yum pancakes and maple syrup "so Todd what pokemon are you going to choose" said mam with pancakes in my mouth i said "what?"I replied "you know the starting pokemon chimchar the fire pokemon,piplup the water pokemon or turtwig the grass pokemon"said mam "i dont know there all so good pokemon"i replied "u cant rush these choices so think about it on your way to the prof's place"said mam "ok thanks for breakfast mam"i said "no problem son good luck on your journey phone me everyday"said mam "bye mam".

Walking off to the lab i was thinking about who to choose then suddenly thud! id walked into a old man in a white coat"im terribly i didnt see you there"said todd he turned round it was professor rowan "hmph so where are you going?"asked rowan "i was on my way to see you about the starter pokemon"i said "ive only got one left if you would like it follow me to the lab"said rowan as i folowed i was looking at a nearby battle it was a trainer with her piplup battling what looked like a starly when we entered the lab with alot of werid looking equipment "the only pokemon i have is turtwig"said proffesor rowan "wow cool"i replied "take this aswell this is a pokedex record pokemon you see and it will explain it to you"said rowan "ok then".

part 2 comming soon....

February 21st, 2008, 6:21 PM
Still the same problems. And now in the wrong section. I would move it, but...

Just listen to the advice Oni Raichu and others will give you on your other thread.